Instagram New replay Privacy Controls feature for senders!

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature for senders now allows senders to control whether the recipients can view the images or video only once, replay it temporarily or allow it to view in chat.

Instagram New feature

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature has received direct new replay privacy controls giving complete control to users when they send a photo or video from the Instagram Direct camera. The sender can now choose to allow recipients to view the message once, replay it temporarily, or see a permanent thumbnail in the chat log. 

As per the current setting, Instagram allowed all messages could be replayed temporarily but would later disappear. Means users with Instagram can send Stories privately to each other. Users can then replay the Story until it eventually disappears.

On the flip side, Snapchat doesn’t offer users any control over the nature of private chats. Once a user sends a photo or video, the recipient can replay the message for a brief period, but then it disappears forever, but with this update on new replay privacy controls, users can exercise control over the content being shared. 

How to use the Instagram new replay privacy controls feature?

# First open the camera in the Instagram stories

# Switch to the Type mode, which can be found at the bottom next to the other options – Live, Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind and Hands-free.

# Simply tap on the screen, and you are ready to type your thoughts.

At the bottom lift, one will find a circle dot, to change the best suitable color of the background, while the front styles can be changed form the top. Like any other story, the type stories will also disappear from the user’s profile after 24 hours.

How Instagram new replay privacy controls feature differs from earlier?

Previously Instagram introduced a new Type mode to its platform. The feature will allow users to share their thoughts in form of text without attaching a picture or a video to the background. It is to be noted, that the feature is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature

Now, the Instagram Direct camera shows “View once”, “Allow replay” and “Keep in chat” options. As you can see in the above image, users will now have three new options to choose from when sending Stories via Direct. They can choose to allow the recipient to view it just once, allow it to be replayed, or keep it in the chat.

Instagrammers with the new replay privacy controls feature can indulge insensitive content by allowing them to prevent replays that can give people time to take a photo of their screen with another camera without triggering a screenshot alert to the sender.

As per an Instagram spokesperson “All these updates are designed to give people more control of what they share with friends in Direct.” The move is meant to give more controls and freedom to the senders and it is aimed at making users send more sensitive imagery by allowing them to prevent replays.


Now, the Instagram new replay privacy controls feature gives you a better control for sensitive or scandalous photos to keep yourself safe with the “view once” opinion. That way, there’s no chance for someone to figure out a way to record. If you want someone to keep looking, choose “allow replay” or “keep it in chat.”

Why WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature ineffective?

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature ineffective in case if someone quotes your message before you delete it.

If someone has quoted your message on WhatsApp before you delete it, you will still be able to see that message rendering the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature ineffective.

WhatsApp Business app in India for Android

Last year, WhatsApp rolled out “Delete for Everyone” feature to allow its over one billion user base to revoke messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group. Users can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending.

But this feature now has been discovered with its major flaws which really makes you bit upset. As per the report, this isn’t a bug but instead is a part of WhatsApp’s feature. Also, there is no mention of how the feature works in cases of quotes in the WhatsApp’s FAQ.

Why WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature ineffective?

WhatsApp allows users to delete messages sent by mistake within seven minutes of sending it. You can do so by tapping on the drop-down icon of the message and choosing “Delete for everyone”.

However, WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature ineffective means it comes with a major flaw, that if within these seven minutes, that message is quoted then the original message will successfully disappear but the deleted text continues to show in the recipient’s quote. Here, the quote means replying to a particular message.

For example, if you reply to a particular message before the person deletes it, the quoted message will still appear on the chat. While you can still delete the original message, the quoted message prevails. 

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature ineffectiveWhich drawback has found in earlier feature?

 As per the Spanish tech blog AndroidJefe it was possible to recover deleted messages from the Android notification history. “Relying on third-party apps, users could browse the notification log to read purged texts”. The Independent later pointed out that this approach could only recover deleted messages that were read or interacted with.


WhatsApp is trying to make worthful for the users with its upcoming new features but users must be cautious with its usage until the feature has been verified with its drawbacks.

Why Google removed “View image” option from search results?

Google removed View image option button that appeared when you clicked on a picture, which allowed you to open the image alone means from the search results appearing on Google Images on Thursday after partnering with stock photo provider Getty Images. If you visit and operate a search query while selecting an image will no longer give you the option to view that image on its own.

Google removes View image option

This sudden amend falls a big impact on users who love to save the real and live image of Google. The “View image” button was extremely useful for users, as when you’re searching for a picture, there’s a very good chance that you want to take it and use it for your own purpose.

Earlier, when we had the view images option, it was way easier to download images. Now with the removal of the option, Google makes it slightly difficult to save pictures. Previously, to save images from Google, all we had to do is click on the “view image” option on the right-hand side of the page, right click on the picture and then save it. But now, with the removal of the option, Google now wants us to click on the “Visit” option, go to the source website, and right click on the image and only then save the picture.

Why has Google removed View image option?

Google has been facing a lot of trouble due to the instances of stealing the original photos by the users which were taken by the photographers and publishers who complained that peoples stealing their pictures without giving a proper credit to them.

This sudden has change came after Getty Images lodged complaints against Google in the United States and European Union for providing options to download high-resolution photographs of the image provider on the site.

Google is aiming towards curbing these issues. On one hand, the thought behind the move is for good, but it is also creating a lot of problems for people while they are trying to download images from Google.

Also, this comes after Google sealed a deal with Getty Images to improve on copyright disclaimers and on the attribution of someone’s work.

Google also removed its “search by image” button, which appeared upon expanding a search result and enabled users to find the same image on different websites, after the partnership deal, but a reverse image search can still be done by dragging it to the search bar of Google Images, and by right-clicking an image and performing a Google search.

Google removed "View image" option

How Websites badly affected earlier?

Google faced a challenging situation since long that’s why this new change has been taken out so that it could pause on image theft and lost ad revenue issue. The View Image button gave a base to the users, an easy way to snatch images from all over the web and use it for its own vicious purposes and when users just click an image from the site, they don’t see any of the site’s advertisements or even have an opportunity to engage with the content surrounding the image, which ultimately hits to the particular website’s growth in Google traffic ranking.

What is Google’s new way of saving the image?

Now, when you search for an image, you will have to visit the website in its entirety to grab the image for your own personal use. Means instead of being directed to a full resolution copy of an image with a click, users will now need to scroll through a website to find the original image.

Also, there are a few more ways to get the images saved. For instance, to save an image you can directly right click on the image, and click on view image or save image option to download the image, however, you have to compromise a bit on the quality.

There’s also an option called “Open tab in new window” this will directly open the source website, from where we can right click and save the image.

What is Google’s aim behind this amend?

Google’s intention behind the move seems to be two, either stop people from stealing pictures or drive them to the source website of the image so that at least the website can serve ads and get revenue. In the second instance, people are also more likely to see the associated copyright information, if there’s any.


The initiative is for good, but it also has its drawbacks. But, overall, it is good to see Google protecting photographer’s credit along potential and boosting traffic to websites.

Why 14th February celebrate as International Condom Day?

The world will celebrate the three most significant events on 14th February – Valentines Day, Condom Day & Ash Wednesday.

Valentine’s Day is a day when lovers celebrate as loveday by expressing their affection towards their special “Valentine by gifts them with red roses or flower bouquet, chocolates and cards, etc. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Condom DayCondom Day

 Valentine’s Day isn’t the only reason to celebrate February 14th – it is also Condom Day! International Condom Day was started in 2009 and is promoted by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through safe sex practices.

Why international Condom day celebrated on 14th February?

 It is celebrated on Valentine’s Day as it is an ideal time to promote the campaign as Valentine’s Day focuses on romance, passion, and intimacy. Again Valentine’s Day is the second most celebrated holiday around the world, second to New Year’s Day which is celebrated on February 14th of every year.

 Condom Day falls on Valentine’s Day as it’s an ideal opportunity to promote healthy relationships and to remind people about the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. It is Celebrated in multiple countries around the world.

Condom Day is a timely reminder for people to use condoms to protect themselves and their partners and to educate them about condom use and other birth control methods.

Because at the end you are only responsible to keep safe your valentine throughout the year. So be safe with your love life by using a condom.

Well, friends, I’m not giving a lecture on the condom because I think its enough funny if I say what its importance rather I’ll definitely say that don’t be so overconfident during your coition. Because in that crucial phase often its found that you lose your controlling power of keeping hold your seminal fluid.

The most common words & facts

 #The most common excuse that people give against using condoms is it doesn’t give enough pleasure and it is wrong. It has been scientifically proven that there isn’t much difference in pleasure derived whether you have sex with or without condoms.

#According to the CDC, 1 in 20 Americans will get infected with hepatitis B (HBV) sometime during their lives. Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV.

#According to the Center for Disease Control, there are more than 19.7 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the U.S. each year.

#By twelfth grade, 65% of high school students will have engaged in sexual intercourse, and one in five sexually active teens will have had four or more sexual partners.

Few vital things to do

International Condom Day 

#Be friendly with your Condom which is made from various materials such as latex, non-latex, lambskin and even female condoms. Condoms, latex and polyurethane versions, are the only method available to prevent transmission of STIs and HIV.

#Keep condoms on hand so that there is no excuse to use them if the situation arises.

#Look out for the marks of quality, expiry date on our packs to ensure that you are purchasing authentic.

#Say the Danish word for condom 10 times fast. Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.

#Make a donation to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA).

#Talk to your children about safe sex and answer any question they may have without hesitation.

#Watch a movie or documentary about HIV/AIDS to understand the benefits of condoms.

Caution for Kenya

Recently the issue of fake condoms has hit the Kenyan market even as the world celebrates International Condom Day.

# You should check the front face of a pack of Trust Studded to ensure that it has a triple-tested icon on the bottom left side and a white stripe with pack content.

#The name “Studded” should also appear in bold at the center of the pack. The pack’s spine should bear content details and only bear PS-Kenya contact details and nothing more.

#Condoms, latex and polyurethane versions, have been the only method available to prevent transmission of STIs and HIV for ages. 

14th February-Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.

Ash Wednesday

Origin of Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday has a non-Christian origin and was accepted into the beliefs of the Catholic Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. The council also settled upon the 40-day fast period as the standard length to celebrate Lent. 

Why is it called as Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person’s forehead, he speaks the words: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust, you shall return.”

It means Ashes are a symbol of penance made sacramental by the blessing of the Church, and they help us develop a spirit of humility and sacrifice.

Alternatively, the priest may speak the words, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.”

Ashes also symbolize grief, in this case, grief that we have sinned and caused division from God.

Is Ash Wednesday Mentioned in the Bible?


Ash Wednesday is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, however, from Biblical times, sprinkling oneself with ashes has been a mark of sorrow for sin. Repentance in dust and ashes often was accompanied with fasting during Bible times. 

The type of fast Jesus himself endorsed was the following, found in Matthew 6:16-18, “Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”


The Bible directly talks about repentance and fasting but doesn’t mention Ash Wednesday specifically. Therefore, Christians are under no obligation to celebrate the holiday. The important fact to remember is that Christians should be ready and willing to repent, fast, and focus on God throughout the year and not just during the Lenten season.

Additionally, Ash Wednesday is not a day of holy obligation, although Roman Catholics attend Mass on this day in order to mark the beginning of the Lenten season. The churches of the Anglican Communion, as well as some other Protestant churches, observe Ash Wednesday. Eastern Rite churches, however, do not observe Ash Wednesday, their Lent begins on the preceding Monday.

Why Valentine’s Day Celebrated On 14th February?

 February 14th… The day when love is in the air and life is good.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year and it is more than just a Hallmark holiday. But do you know where Valentine’s day came from? Why is it celebrated on 14th February? What is Valentine’s symbol? How it became so popular? Was it always about love and good feelings?

From its bloody origins to its sweet, chocolaty modern day traditions, there are few interesting facts you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

How did Valentine’s Day begin?

Valentine’s Day started with the Romans

There are two theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. The first is that

The ancient Roman festival Lupercalia (“festival of the wolf”) is considered to be one precursor to Valentine’s Day. Celebrated from February 13-15, it was a purification and fertility ceremony. Reminiscent of the modern-day exchange of love notes on Valentine’s Day, boys would draw a girl’s name from a box on the eve of the festival and then escort her to the festival the next day or, some scholars say, she would be his sexual partner for the next year. The festival survived the initial rise of Christianity but was outlawed at the end of the 5th century when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St Valentine’s Day.

The second most popular theory about Valentine’s Day origin is that Emperor Claudius II didn’t want Roman men to marry during wartime, in fact, Claudius had banned marriage because he thought it distracted young soldiers. In the spirit of love, Saint Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on February 14.

Why Valentine’s Day Celebrated On 14th February?

Few beliefs derive from this particular month and date,

#During the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia (an ancient precursor to Valentine’s Day), two boys would run through crowds of people swinging strings made from goatskins. If the strings touched a girl, it was divined that she would have healthy children when she grew up. The goatskins were called februa, which means to make clean and from which “February” derives.

#The popular medieval folk belief that birds choose their mates on February 14 made doves a favorite symbol for Valentine cards. The dove was sacred to Venus and other love deities and was known for choosing a lifelong mate.

#Some believe that Valentine’s Day’s is celebrated mid-February to mark the anniversary of St Valentine’s death.

Which country first introduced Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day was first introduced to Japan in 1936 and has become widely popular. However, because of a translation error made by a chocolate company, only women buy Valentine chocolates for their spouses, boyfriends, or friends. In fact, it is the only day of the year many single women will reveal their crush on a man by giving him chocolate. The men don’t return the favor until White Day, a type of “answer day” to Valentine’s Day, which is on March 

What is Valentine’s Symbol?

Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.

What the red heart symbolize?

Red hearts are a ubiquitous Valentine symbol. Red is traditionally associated with the color of blood. At one time, people thought that the heart, which pumps blood, was the part of the body that felt love. In fact, when the Egyptians mummified their dead for burial, they removed every organ but the heart because they believed the heart was the only part of the body necessary for the trip through eternity.

Who is Cupid?

A common symbol of Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, affection, and attraction. He is the son of Venus, goddess of love, and war god Mars. Cupid in Latin is ‘amor’, which means love. He was originally depicted as a young man who would sharpen his arrows on a grindstone whetted with blood from an infant, though now he is commonly presented as a pudgy baby. This transformation occurred during the Victorian era when business owners wanted to promote Valentine’s Day as more suitable for women and children.

Why we exchange Valentines Day Cards?

One theory is that when Valentine went to prison he sent a girl he had fallen in love with a card saying “Your Valentine,” and some claim this is the inspiration behind it.

Valentines Day greetings have been popular since the Middle Ages where prospective lovers sang their romantic verses or poems to their loved ones. It wasn’t until 1400 when Valentines began to appear on paper, the first one is currently in the British Museum.

The first Valentines Day Card is thought to have been sent from Charles the Duke of Orleans in 1415 and was addressed to his wife. He sent the love note whilst imprisoned in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt, just wanting to say his good lady how much he missed her.

In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.

Few amazing facts about Valentine’s day

#A kiss on Valentine’s Day is considered to bring good luck all year.

 #Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine`s Day became more and more popular throughout the 17th and 18th centuries in England and then in America. Cards and letters were exchanged among friends and relatives on that day.

It is estimated that 15% of the women in the United States who receive flowers for Valentine’s day send them to themselves. There are no figures that tell how many of these women are married, single or in a relationship.

More than 9 million pet owners buy gifts for their pets for Valentine’s day. Now that is what can be called real puppy love.

Teachers receive more Valentine cards than anyone else, even children. Americans exchange over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards each year!

More than 650 million valentine cards are exchanged by children from ages 6-10 each year. Most of these cards are bought in the last 6 days leading up to Valentine’s day.

#True Love Knot

A True Love Knot, or Endless Knot of Love, was a very popular Valentine in England and the U.S. in the seventeenth century. As their name implies, these Valentines were drawn as a knot and could be read from any line and still make sense.

#Valentine`s Day candy dates to the 19th century, when doctors would prescribe chocolate to soothe people`s nerves and calm emotions.

#More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate box has been around for more than 140 years. The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868.

#Ribbon & Lace

The symbol of the ribbon, which often adorns modern-day Valentines, is rooted in the Middle Ages. When knights competed in tournaments, their sweethearts often gave them ribbons for good luck.

Lace is often used on Valentine decorations. The word “lace” comes from the Latin laques, meaning “to snare or net,” as in to catch a person’s heart.

#Flying Robin

It was once believed that if a woman saw a flying robin on Valentine’s day she would end up getting married to a sailor. If a sparrow was the bird she saw she would end up marrying a man that was poor and live a happy life, if she saw a goldfinch then she was to marry a man that was a millionaire. One can only wonder who she would marry if she saw a crow.

#First Valentine’s

It is believed that a mount Holyoke college student by the name of Ester Howland created the first lace valentine in the United States from lace, ribbon and colorful pictures. She has become known as the Mother of the Valentine.


If you’re single don’t despair. You can celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) instead. Meant as an alternative to Valentine’s Day, the holiday is for single people to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status.

 #On February 14, Finland celebrates Ystavanpaiva which is translated as ‘Friends Day’. Forget the romantic undertones – gifts and cards are given and received but by friends rather than lovers. We think it’s a great way to involve everyone.

#73 percent of people who buy flowers on this day are men, while only 27 percent are women.  A massive 85% of all gifts for Valentine’s Day are bought by women

#The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red roses are considered the flower of love because the color red stands for strong romantic feelings.

#Every Valentine’s Day, the Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

#220,000 is the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year.

#The condom company Durex reports that condom sales are 20-30% higher around Valentine’s Day.

#Today, Valentine`s Day is the second-largest card-sending holiday each year. Approximately one billion Valentine cards are sent every year, of which women send the majority. Valentine`s Day candy is also very popular. Each year, eight billion candy hearts are made. Every year, 10 new sayings are created for the hearts as well.

Valentine's Day Wishes

How to reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online?

Do you aware of how to reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online? WhatsApp has an amazing trick where you can reply to messages without going online and changing your last seen time mark. 

By using this method you will be marked online and last seen time mark will be changed/updated. However, you can still use this method to reply to a message quickly without opening WhatsApp means without appearing online.

Many times its happened with us that we get engaged with so many things that we deliberately skip WhatsApp messages, in order to avoid the possibility of someone noticing our online presence and trying to hit a chat with us.

And exactly on that busy moment, someone’s important message is waiting for our reply, in that situation their need of help push us to reply them.

 So now you will be glad to know that you can easily reply that particular person but without showing your online presence to others in the WhatsApp contact list. Its a big relief for you especially when your contacts may track your whereabouts via WhatsApp.

Reply WhatsApp messages from your smartwatch

If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can respond to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch and be safe from appearing online. This is even the case if you reply to the message without clicking on Reply by just looking at the whole conversation.

reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online

Two main ways to hide your visibility but still stay active on WhatsApp.

1) Reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online

Switching Off WiFi or Mobile Data connection

#Disable your Wi-Fi, mobile network, or any other internet connection on your smartphone. You can also do it by turning Airplane Mode on.

#Open the WhatsApp and reply that particular person whom you want to reply and Send.

#You will notice that the message will not send. Means it will not show the grey tick mark symbol, instead there will be a clock symbol next to the message. This means that there is no internet connection and thus, the message hasn’t been sent.

#Close WhatsApp completely.

#Now turn on your Internet connectivity or WiFi or by turning airplane mode off in case you have activated it.The text will now send, and the grey tick mark will show up which signifies that the message has been sent. This message will send, without showing that you were online at the time.

Thus, WhatsApp will automatically send your replies without indicating that you were online. This way, it will retain your previous ‘last seen’ status rather than the current one.

2) Reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online from Notifications

Reply from notification feature allows you to send/reply to messages without going online in WhatsApp. Hence replying from notification will not even change your Last Seen time mark.

Reply from ‘Notifications for WhatsApp’

In case anyhow you miss the notification which comes on top of the screen. You can swipe down and go to Notifications Tab. Under the notifications tab swipe left on the message and select Reply.

#Swipe down your mobile.

#Go to the Notifications tab.

#Under the notifications tab swipe left on the message.

#Click on the “Reply” button. 

#Reply to the message. Don’t click on the notification. Instead, input your reply, and then click on “Send”.

Your message is now sent. It won’t state that you are online, but if you click “View” instead, you’ll be taken to the app, and it will show your online status.

Reply to WhatsApp messages on Lock Screen mode

If you get a WhatsApp message notification on the Lock screen when iPhone/iPad is locked then you can simply swipe towards the left of the screen on the notification and Tap Reply.

# If you get a WhatsApp message notification on the Lock screen when iPhone/iPad is locked or lock your screen whenever you want to reply to the particular recipient.

#Simply swipe towards left of the screen on the notification and

# Tap the Reply button to type your message.

#Click the Send button finally.

Your message is now sent without changing your last seen status.


WhatsApp is the most reliable chatting app for our daily usages. Its amazing features and tricks help us to connect with the world in a better and secured way. Hope you will utilize those handy tricks only during your urgency and not in the intent of harassing others.

How to check Aadhaar card usage history of last 6 months?

Now you can cross check Aadhaar card usage history while sitting at home or from anywhere by your one click. It means you can verify where all your Aadhaar has been used in the last six months.

check Aadhaar card usage history

Aadhaar is now one of the significant identity for all of us. As per news report, several cases of Aadhaar data misuse have been found recently. Last month, a racket was busted where scammers were letting people access the Aadhaar database illegally for just Rs. 500.

Why to check Aadhaar card usage history and why it is so important?

 Now its really become vital that you take utmost care about how your card is being used and if at any point of time you get to know that someone is tried to hack your Aadhar authentication history or any instance of misuse, then immediately you can lodge a complaint against him without delay for a second.

As UIDAI says on its website, “This feature can be used to view Authentication details. Fetch your Aadhaar authentication history (Notifications) data.” Now there’s a way to do it while sitting at home. But to avail of this facility online you are required to have your registered mobile number handy.

What can you do with this UIDAI facility?

UIDAI offers you an option to check all the places your Aadhaar has been used in the last six months. If you find any instance of misuse, you can lodge a complaint. To use this facility, you must have access to your registered mobile number.

Step by step guide to check Aadhaar card usage history

  • Visit UIDAIs Aadhaar Authentication History page.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and the security code appearing on the screen.
  • Now Click on the link ‘Generate OTP’. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • The page that will open will ask for the following information-Authentication Type; Select Date Range; Number of Records; and OTP.
    Now choose ‘All’ as an option in the drop-down menu of the page that opens.
  • The ‘Authentication Type’ is a drop-down that will have options including Demographic, Biometric, All, Demographic & Biometric, Demographic & OTP and Biometric & OTP.
  • Choose the option ‘All’ here.
  • In the ‘Select Date Range’, choose the option given on the page.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ after choosing the number of months, you can select maximum up to six months.
  •  Now fill in the ‘Number of Records’, you can request for maximum up to 50 records.
  • After this enter the OTP for authentication and click on submit.
  • Now you can view the history of wherever you used your Aadhaar card for the last 6 months. 


So now get ready to cross-check your Aadhar personal data misuse. In case you find any misuse of your Aadhaar information, you can complain about the same to UIDAI by calling on 1945.

Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C – February 2018

Which is the “Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C” for investment to save the tax? This is the common doubt under many. Hence, let us dig and find out the Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C.

Features of Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80C

  • Individuals and HUF can invest in such Tax Saving Bank FDs.
  • Minimum amount to be invested varies from bank to bank.
  • Lock-in period of such FDs is minimum of 5 years. Premature withdrawals or loan against these FD’s are not allowed.
  • You can choose any Public Sector or Private Sector Banks to invest. However, you can’t invest in any Co-Operative or Rural Banks.
  • You can hold these FDs either in single or joint holding. However, the tax benefits is available only for the first holder and also the post-maturity taxation will be applicable to the first holder only.
  • Interest earned from such FDs will be taxable under the income head of “Income from Other Sources”.
  • There is no maximum limit to invest. However, the maximum benefit available under Sec.80C is up to Rs.1,50,000 for a FY.
  • Auto-renewal facility is not available for tax saving FDs.
  • You can avail the nomination facility for this FD.
  • You can avail month, quarterly or choose re-invest of interest option also.
  • TDS is applicable on such FDs.
  • If you are exempt from paying tax, you need to present Form 15G/H when you open a Fixed Deposit and subsequently at the beginning of the following financial year.
  • Usually, Banks offer a higher interest rate on such Tax Saving FDs. The reason is that 5-year lock-in.
  • Usually, Banks offer higher interest rate for senior citizens.
  • The deposit may be transferred from the issuing branch to another branch but not transferable from one bank to another bank.

Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C – February 2018

Now you fully understood the feature of Tax Saving Bank FDs. Let us move on and find out the Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C – February 2018.

Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C - February 2018

You noticed from above table that Citi Bank Offers the lowest Bank FD Rates. I tried to highlight in green for those banks who are offering more than 7% returns for both general public and senior citizens. Below are the findings to shortlist the Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C – February 2018.

  • For the general public, NSC offers the highest interest rate of 7.6%.
  • Then comes the IDFC Bank which offers 7.20% for the general public.
  • The highest interest rate for senior citizens will be available with IDFC Bank, which offers 7.7% returns. Next comes the NSC, which offers 7.6%.

Hope this information will make your life easy in shortlisting the Highest Tax Saving Bank FD Rates U/S Sec.80 C – February 2018. Do remember that we have visited the respective bank portal and based on the data we published this post. However, we caution to all readers to cross-check the available interest rate before taking the decision of investment.

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7th Pay Commission – What is good and bad for you?

Since last two years, millions of central government employees are eagerly waiting to get an increase in pay as per the recommendations under 7th Pay Commission

Central government employees may hope to get some good news at the beginning of the next financial year in April to expect a revision in salaries when the proposal is likely to be sent to the Cabinet for approval.

7th Pay Commission

The government may consider increasing the salary of lower-level officials, from matrix level 1 to 5, and go beyond the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission.

Government will not pay arrears on pay hike-bad news

As per news, under 7th Pay Commission, our government will not pay arrears on pay central government employees. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will place it before the Cabinet in the beginning of April.

This could bring a bad news for around 50 lakh government employees who were expecting a good news from the Narendra Modi government. 

To recall, the resolution conveying the central government’s decision on recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) on allowances published in Gazette of India on 6th July 2017.

In June last year, the Narendra Modi-led Cabinet approved the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission on House Rent Allowance (HRA) and other allowances for 48 lakh Central government employees.

Based on the report of Committee on Allowances (CoA) and the recommendation of E-CoS, the Cabinet had earlier approved the modifications in 34 allowances in its meeting held on 28th June 2017. All allowances are given the effect from 1st July 2017. It will benefit 34 lakh civilian employees and 14 lakh defense personnel.

Salary will hike under the 7th pay Commission-good news

Central government employees may hope to get some good news at the beginning of the next financial year in April. Salary is to be increased of the employees who are getting salaries from pay matrix level 1 to 5 and the proposal of pay hike will be sent to Cabinet at the beginning of April for approval.

As of now, Central government employees are drawing basic pay as per the fitment formula of 2.57 of the basic pay under the Sixth Pay Commission.

The 7th Pay Commission had earlier recommended Rs 18,000 as the basic salary but the employees, however, want the basic minimum pay to be hiked to Rs 26,000 per month, based on a fitment factor of 3.7.

 Following the implementation of the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the basic pay of Central government employees went up from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000 per month based on the fitment factor of 2.57, and effective from January 1, 2016.

The new scales of pay

The 7th Pay Commission new scales of pay provide for entry-level basic pay going up from Rs 7,000 per month to Rs 18,000, while at the highest level i.e. Secretary, it would go up from Rs 90,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh. For Class 1 officers, the starting salary will be Rs 56,100.

Earlier this week, Finance minister Arun Jaitley submitted the Union Budget-2018-19 in front of the Parliament ad from next month the Chief Justice of India will now get a monthly salary of Rs 2.80 lakh, up from the present Rs 1 lakh per month.

Similarly, judges of the Supreme Court and Chief Justices of High Courts will draw a monthly salary of Rs 2.50 lakh, up from the current Rs 90,000. The judges of high courts, who get Rs 80,000 per month, will now onwards get Rs 2.25 lakh per month as per the said report.

Budget 2018 – Good, Bad and Ugly Effects

Budget 2018 is now announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the financial year 2018-19, including the good, the bad and the ugly effects. Like every Budget, this one too has also its positives and negatives. So the below-mentioned points will highlight us about its good and bad effective features.

Budget 2018


The Good in Budget 2018

# For agriculture 

  • The minimum price offered to farmers for their crops where the minimum support price for Kharif crops hiked by 1.5 times means all Kharif crops will be paid a minimum support price (MSP) that is 50 percent more than the cost of production.
  • The budget provides for a 100 percent tax deduction for farm producer firms with Rs 100 crore turnover.
  •  There is a special impetus to promote “Operation Green”. In total, there has been a record allocation of Rs. 14.34 lakh crores for the agriculture sector.

# For healthcare

  • The Budget 2018 announces a ‘National Health Protection scheme’ to provide health cover of up to Rs 5 lakh to each of the 10 crore poor families per year.
  • Under the Aayushman Bharat programme, a total of 1.5 lakh centers will be set up to provide health facilities closer to the homes.
  • Tuberculosis patients will be provided with a grant at the rate Rs 500 per month during the course of their treatment.
  • The senior citizens of the nation like Incentives for Senior citizens like exemptions in income of Rs 10,000 from Banks FD and post offices and Rs 50,000 per annum exemption for medical insurance under Sec 80D means No TDS for senior citizens on FDs and post office deposits up to Rs 50,000. Also deduction for senior citizens increased to Rs 50,000 for medical insurance.
  • There are plans to set up 24 new medical colleges and hospitals by upgrading district level ones. The budget lists that the PM JivanBimaYojana has benefited 5.22 crore families with more in the pipeline.

# For Transport infrastructure

  • Infrastructure outlay increased from Rs 4.94 lakh crore to almost Rs 6 lakh crore.
  • National highways exceeding 9,000-km will be completed in 2018-19 and allocation of over Rs 1.48 lakh crore has been planned for railways.
  • Elimination of 4,267 unmanned rail crossings at broad gauge network. 
  • Regional air connectivity scheme shall connect 56 unserved airports and 31 unserved helipads for a better connected and closer India.
  • Expansion in airport capacity by five times to handle 1 billion passengers. 
  • Package worth Rs 7100 crore for the textile sector. 

# For the rural economy

  • Under the Prime Minister’s SaubhagyaYojana, it is estimated that 4 crore poor people will get power connection.
  • 8 crore poor women will get new LPG connections means free gas connection for 8 crore poor women under Ujwala scheme. 
  • Under the Swach Bharat Mission, the Government plans to construct 2 crore toilets in the next fiscal year.
  • The government has set an ambitious target to provide a house for all by 2022.
  • A total of 1 crore houses are to be built under Pradhan MantriAwasYojana in the rural areas.
  • The Government will expand the PM Jan DhanYojana. All 16 crore accounts will be included under micro insurance and pension schemes for better returns and social outreach.

# To formalize the economy

  • The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Act will be amended to reduce the contribution of women to 8 percent from 12 percent for first three years, with no change in employer’s contribution.
  • The government will contribute 12 percent of wages of new employees in EPF for all sectors for the next 3 years.
  • The standard deduction of Rs 40000 for salaried people. 
  •  The target for loan disbursement under Mudra scheme has been set at Rs 3 lakh crore for next fiscal.
  • Rs 56,000 crore for SCs and Rs 39,000 crore for STs. 
  • Rise in customs duty on mobile phones from 15% to 20%. This will be a big relief for the domestic mobile manufacturers. 

The Bad in Budget 2018

  • No change in personal income taxes. The middle class had expected a change in tax slabs while others had expected to raise of exemption limit in Budget 2018. 
  • The government has extended Corporate Tax of 25% to companies with turnover up to Rs 250 cr in the financial year 2016-17.
  • The government has opted for the wider fiscal deficit at 3.5 percent of GDP for 2018-19 and projected 2018-19 deficit at 3.3 percent of GDP. Higher fiscal deficit not good for government credibility and FDI among other things. 
  • 100% tax deduction is allowed to co-operative societies, the majority of whom have cooked books and shady members.
  • No tax cut for big corporates which could have helped revive private investment as well as create more jobs. 
  • The Education cess increased to 4% from 3% to collect additional Rs 11,000 crore but in turn, has put an additional burden on the tax paying middle class.

The ugly in Budget 2018

# LTCG and DDT on Equity

Govt introduces LTCG tax of 10% on capital gains over Rs1 lakh means the long-term capital gains will now be taxed at a rate of 10% if exceeding Rs 1 lakh.  Also, earlier there is no dividend distribution tax for equity and equity mutual funds. Now it is levied at 10%. 

increase in customs duty on imported items

Urban consumers will have to pay more for almost everything they cover from cranberry juice and iPhones to sunglasses and lipsticks due to higher customs duty  (10% on basic customs duty). The import duty increase would make it a double whammy for consumer products companies that are already reeling under poor sales due to low consumer sentiment. 

  • Prices of imported iPhones and Google’s Pixel smartphones are set to go up by 3-4% due to increase in customs duty to 20% from 15%, though iPhone SE, which is locally manufactured, will escape the price hike. 
  • Import duty on a host of beauty and cosmetic products, watches, including make-up preparations, sunscreens, perfumes, hair colors, and manicure and pedicure products, is being doubled to 20%.
  •  The move will impact global players such as Sephora, South Korea-based Innisfree, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, and Italy’s Kiko Milano which import majority of their products. 
  • Flat-panel television prices are expected to go up by 1.5-2%, escaping any major price increase despite the government doubling duty on LED panels to 15%, since most of the companies have started local assembly of panels by placing the glass top on the panel.
  • The price hike for televisions will be due to increase in duty on parts like the TV cabinet and printed circuit board where it has gone up to 15% from 10%. 
  • The price of toys, games, dolls, puzzles, watches & clocks to cost more. Outdoor sports equipment, footwear, fishing rods, cigarette lighters, silk fabric, sunglasses may also become costlier.