Why is honesty important and remarkable?


Just 3 months ago, I went to the ceremony of Annaprasan (first rice eating ceremony) of one my friend Candy’s son. Annaprasan is commonly known as baby’s first rice eating ceremony means the beginning of solid food in your baby’s diet. The religious ceremony is often followed by a fun game where a fun game where a number of symbolic objects are placed on a banana leaf or silver tray which your baby can then pick up. The objects include:

  • Books symbolize learning
  • Jewels symbolizing wealth
  • A pen symbolizing wisdom
  • Clay symbolizing property
  • Food items symbolizing a love for food

Family and friends have a great time cheering the little one while he makes his choice. It is believed that the object your baby picks up from the tray represents his area of interest in future.

Candy did love marriage with Sony.  Sony belongs to a middle-class family whose father Sree uncle worked as a head constable in State Police, and mother Ela aunt a homemaker.  Sony’s younger brother Nabh who working at a BPO completed his BCA.

I entered ……….

Candy and Sony both are good friends of mine but Candy is one of my childhood friend who belongs from an upper-middle-class family. But he is a liberal mind guy who not bother to introduce himself by holding the status of his family.

Generally, I not felt so comfortable in friend’s family function. As all guest were unknown to me and by sitting alone among all seems quite odd. So initially I tried to avoid him by giving the sake of my busyness in work and family but he not at all ready to listen my any excuse of non-presence at his first son’s rice feeding ceremony.

I will sure get bored at that function as Candy and his wife will be busy with their rituals and guests. So, I decided that will go but just for half an hour and then will back.  But after went over there saw apart from me Candy invited few more friends from our friend’s group but when I asked him while he had invited me that whether he invited to any other friends from our group or not, he not told us he wants to kept it as a surprise for all of us.

After passing out from college our friend’s group hardly get time to assemble for fun as all are employed. By seeing to those known faces at the hall we all felt like if we ignored for this function then we might lose the scope for that sudden surprise. Now post excitement of our united with all of us now we started as usual in sharing with each other’s significant happened moments in our life which we might be missed to share over the phone or by Facebook messages

Their Candy and Sony both welcomed all of us and we all congrats them by gifting their baby but Candy failed to participate in our group conversation as he was engaged in welcoming his other guests.

Category of guests …..

Generally, you might have noticed in such family functions where close relatives always tried to make over themselves in the sense of pretending them as their wearing dress, jewelry and rest all accessories is the best among all present over there. They came for spending their full time with inviter. In fact, they are the one who comments often on other invitees directly as they try to prove themselves as what’s significance they carried for the inviter.

Next Friends category who usually tried to skip from such functions if they not yet married because for bachelor its bit boring typed function where you neither get the opportunity of exploring your enjoyment with loud music like happening in Indian marriage functions. They come for formality and would like to stay for a couple of hours, so they make up themselves for such family functions with simple decency.

Now the last category of guests who neither your relatives or friends but still invited, like neighbors and known ones who comes at casual and stays for short timing with the intention of an acknowledgment to the inviter.  For them after blessing the baby with gifts then without wasting their time by stared at others as all relatives and friends were unknown for them they move for lunch so that they could utilize their valuable time in their own life (like to have a siesta) after coming back at home.

Some unusual talk mesmerized all….

It’s around 11 am, the priests were busy with his rituals.  Now the hall was crowded with guests and all were busy with them, none was bothering about other’s gossip and wordings. Suddenly someone shouted loudly by uttering the words of ‘’you are the cause of our ashamed…. Don’t you have any sense?’’

All of a sudden the whole chaotic ambiance turned to silent. All tried to guess and read the face that who told those wordings but none couldn’t assume as all were engrossed in their chattering. So after few seconds pause all again started to their own remained topics. We also by ignoring that again started.  Again after few minutes same voice popped up like ‘’it’s your fault then why should we suffer always like every time and moreover if you couldn’t change your attitude then it’s your problem, not ours………..’’

Again, the whole environment paused suddenly now along with guessing that who uttered so loudly, why so agitated, upon whom and for what wrong act? These are those queries about which all had been whispering at that moment.

It’s 11:10 am. Their priest also paused his chanting then my friend Candy came out from that room from where that voice being heard by all. He instructed the priest that he would carry on with his chanting.

Suddenly Sree uncle, Candy’s father-in-law came out from that room and proceed towards the door to left the ceremony when Candy holds his hand and requested him for not going back without blessed his son. But seemed he was quite offended that ready to left the function. Candy tried his best to hold him for the sake of his Son’s ceremony till end up.

At last, Candy told to Sree uncle that ‘’he now became a father then how could a grandfather could leave his only grandchild without blessed him?’’ By listening that Sree uncle paused his step for further going.

Here all invitees were quite confused about that incident, all were muttering about Sree uncle like what made him so offend that he was being ready to leave the ceremony.

Disrespect of closed one……

In this between Ela aunt, Candy’s mother-in-law also came out from that room.  She told to Candy that why he holds his father-in-law as if he does n’t like to stay over there then let him go. All bit surprised by heard that as it felt like she doesn’t bother about the presence of his husband over there. But Candy tried to stop now his mother-in-law.

Now up to this, all invitees were quite assured that they might meet any family conflict for which such ill-tempered.

There Sony with her baby carrying in her lap sitting beside the priest had been watching her parent’s such irrational behavior at public and Nabh her brother also sitting behind her. Sony suddenly told her mother that why not she kept quiet for the sake of those auspicious moments.

Ela aunt told her daughter that why she always kept quiet when for their father she always faced such ashamed in front of their relatives. Sony replied her that let ignored her father now and let be focused on their grandchild.

Suddenly she asked all that what wrong she did if she expected that her husband would gift their grandchild a 60-gm gold chain?  But her husband could afford up to 24 gm gold chain for that ceremony which agitated her towards him a lot. All glared at her such query. Then Ela aunt started to share her family confidential finance issues with all like….

  • Since from the day 1 of her married life she had been suffering from scarcity.
  • She always wished for top Universities for her 2 children.
  • She and her children never went abroad nor they had any dinner or lunch ever in any 5*hotel.
  • They have Hyundai i20 but she preferred for Mercedes-Benz.
  • She always preferred to an ultra-luxurious life but her husband failed to afford those.

Though she herself in an 18 k Bangalore silk and almost near about 2.5 kgs gold she wore whereas Sree uncle in his simple formal white color shirt with his old model of Titan watch which golden colored band faded to whitish with the simple look.

Morality in profession………….

Sree uncle worked as a head constable in State Police, where his salary is good for sustaining his family but like other colleagues of his department who got promoted in their younger age and taking home double income one from their white earned salary another under table one and which is more than their expected salary.

Sree uncle never craved for his promotion, not even he had ever ready to compromise with his ethics that’s why till date he is continuing his same post and status in his job because he never flatters his superiors to keep himself in their good books for his performance grade in his arena.

As for him whatever he had been earning by his honesty will pay him as a reward in the form of their children’s happiness in life because he always tells one thing that ‘’if he does not take a single Rs. bribe from anyone then there will be no enemy in his life who will ever dare to abuse him by cursing him and his family for taking the bribe.’’

Dissatisfaction with income………

Ela aunt had never been found that satisfaction forms her husband’s loyal source of income. In fact, in her view, her parents did wrong by giving her marriage to a policeman. She always had a desire of rich lifestyle in the affluent society which she missed a lot in her life when she found that her husband who just left his all scope for earning more from his left-hand source of bribe. In his job where all taking the advantage of their uniform whereas he always had been rigid to his moral and ethics, which cost them in their life.

She told to others that his husband bought the car for them after 20 years of job even from the loan amount. Though he never used that for his personal purpose always its used by his family. That much simplicity he carried in his personality.

His ethics and principle of life might have paid for his family. Sony and Nabh also supported to their mother in this view. For them only due to his morality towards his job never fulfilled their desires in their life. Even Ela aunt told daringly that ‘’very few among us who gets the opportunity to earn by his two hand and if anyone after getting that opportunity in life misused that by avoiding that for the sake of moral and ethics then he is really a big stupid who don’t know how to lead the lavish life.’’

Feeling of embarrassment ……

It’s now 11:25 am, their Priest by ignoring Ela aunt’s wordings tried to solemnize the rituals calmly. There the whole ambiance was pin drop silence. All of them felt so embarrassed as Ela aunt’s bold confession about her husband’s morality made quite amazed to all of us. As now a day we hardly met with such strong determined honest person.

Ela aunt was so adamant and loud in her bold shameless confession that she not even bothered for a while also that she was in public and it’s her husband about whom she had been pointing her fingers. Moreover, what people think when they found her so careless towards her utmost close relationship, in fact, she doesn’t have that sense that by abusing her husband she wouldn’t be able to gain the pity sympathy from all despite peoples might be laughed on her uncivilized attitude.

There the priest asked for final ritual of Annaprasan where as per ritual the brother of baby’s mother feeds the first rice to the baby. So Nabh was sitting beside the baby when he was about to feed the baby then suddenly Candy hold his hand and paused him for that. All shocked by seeing that as why Candy interrupted Nabh while feeding his Son?

Before priest asked him for that pause he called Sree uncle who was sitting at the corner of the hall. By heard such humiliation by his wife Ela, made him quite ashamed in front of all which forced him to left the ceremony but due to the humble request by his son-in-law he failed to refuse him. Despite being present over there he made himself detached from all by kept himself at the corner of the crowd.

First admiration of life …….

Candy hold his hand and took him in front of his all invitees he apologized before his father-in-law for such disgraced by his mother-in-law at his Son’s first rice eating ceremony.

Now candy told to all that how his father-in-law probed the case, He was offered a bribe to do the job but he refused to accept it. Just a month ago, when an owner of a pharmacy caught by the corps for his illegal unauthentic supply of baby food then they tried to bribe him to get back the license. But his ethics not allowed him as usual.

He told that ‘’maybe this doesn’t a big issue for us who present over here but its matters to those parents who was about to purchase those baby products even who knows if I bought those unauthentic baby foods for my Son then today in place of Annaprasan ceremony may be funeral ceremony would take place. The value of my son’s life is quite precious than gold.’’

‘’The man who saved many lives could never be so disgraced, in fact, I idolized him for his bravery and honesty. We need people like Mr.Sree who are not corrupted.’’

‘’Moreover, I don’t like that any coward like Nabh, feed the first rice to my son. Who even don’t have the guts to stopped his mother’s irrational statements in the public. It proves that he also supported his mother’s perspective towards their father.’’

‘’So, I decided that the savior of many babies’ life only have the right to feed my son, and I wish for my son that he also follow the same footstep of his grandfather forever.’’

After heard those all honored Sree uncle with a great clap, now priest solemnized the ritual when Sree uncle feeds the first rice to his grandson. Actually, Candy made realized in public to Ela aunt, Nabh and Sony that morality praised the most than corruption and only an honest person could be honored for his unusual act of life, which is far more precious than anything in life and which we couldn’t buy by spending million dollars in life. We might earn money from various aspects of life by utilizing that in short span but to earn a respectable life it took our whole life hard dedication.

Family and friends have a great time cheering the little one while he makes his choice. It is believed that the object your baby picks up from the tray (books, pen, jewels, clay, food items) represents his area of interest in future.  The baby touched the pen, all clapped by forgetting the harsh wordings of Ela aunt. Ela aunt’s greediness made all of us quite discomfort to further communicate with her.

View changed…….

Candy’s such daring confession made him a hero in our friend’s group. In fact, we all personally admire him for his such superb confession in public. As I told at the beginning in such family functions those invitees who came for short span also reluctant to leave the function until its end. Seemed all were quite enjoyed it thoroughly.

I enjoyed the function thoroughly, in fact, Candy’s family melodrama turned that boring function into a different taste but we all admire forever our Sree uncle he is now becoming the inspiration for our friend’s group.

A small perspective changes the life…………

What is the frightening consequence of child marriage?

Alka came to her parent’s home waiting at doorstep begging them for open the door. Her parents not opened the door nor respond to her call. Why they didn’t open the door and for what they were being so annoyed at her? Why they behaved so harsh with their elder daughter?

Jack, Alka’s husband waiting for her outside the gate of her parent’s home along with their 3 children, 6 years, 4 years and 3 years’ daughters.


They married just a year ago, …

Alka 20 years old did love marriage with Jack 28 years old just a year ago, Jack and Alka worked at the same NGO. Yes, the age and numbers of children not at all matched with the tenure of their marriage because Alka did second marriage with Jack.

Jack who belonging to an upper-middle-class family, whose parents runs an NGO of tortured women well recognized in society.  Jack the only child of their parents whose parents now detached their all relationship with their only son because he married a divorced woman having 3 children.

Jack loves Alka than anything in this world. In fact, he left his upper-class family and society for the sake of his love Alka. Alka also loves him a lot. Even many of his friends were quite surprised by his such bold decision towards her love when none of his relatives or parents favored him for such act.

 When she did her first marriage?

Neel 42 years old, a government employee got married to Alka when she was 12 years old. One of the relatives of Alka took that marriage proposal for her at her father, when they see beautiful Alka at a marriage function where Neel also invited at the same function.

Alka and her younger sister were coming with their parents to attend that marriage function. Alka wore red silk saree at that day seemed like a 17 years old girl. She carried a good physic which pretends quite older than her exact age.

Why her father accepted that proposal?

Her father who had a small grocery shop, where his income was not sufficient to run the family. Above that, he had the stress regarding his 2-daughter’s marriage. When he got a direct marriage proposal for his elder daughter and most vital where he found that groom had a secure Government job, though his age 42 years old and her daughter 12 years old but by ignoring the 30 years of age gap he accepted that marriage proposal gladly without thinking twice also.

Alka’s mother had strongly opposed on that unmatched proposal but his father was so adamant in his decision that he not also thought for a while that how could his 12 years’ small daughter have coped with such a matured man. Because at any cost he didn’t want to refuse that Government employed groom for her daughter. For him, the profile of Government job is far more attractable than his older age.

As a father he had never been able to give full plate meal to his children then how could he showed his arrogance of rejecting such proposal.

When he found himself that his own entire life had been fighting hard for maintained his family with such low earned so he gave honor to that safest earn mode of a secured Government job for his daughter’s future. As per him at least his daughter would never have met to scarcity and poverty further in her life, she will be always blessed with bread and butter in her rest life.

Next, when he saw the generosity of groom’s parents who don’t want anything (dowry) from them except their daughter, he thought that none other marriage proposals for his daughter would prove as best than this one.

How her mother accepted that proposal?

While for her mother she was ready to fight with their poverty but would never be compromised with her daughter’s future. She wants to educated and established them in their carrier, who always wished that her daughters would be self-dependent in their life.

Moreover, when she found that groom was quite older in comparison to her 12 years’ daughter, who had not yet understood the exact meaning of marriage in her teenage then how could she be able to understand the depth and importance of the marital relationship. She strongly opposed but her husband’s adamancy not allowed to fulfill a mother’s wishes.

After a long controversy between her parents, at last Alka’s marriage was being finalized with Neel. During those days Alka failed to understand that why very often her parents argued about her. She asked once to her mother also but her mother only cried by holding her without replied anything to her.

Then one afternoon her father while doing lunch with her asked ‘’how could she feel when she gets full plate delicious meals two times along with good clothes for wearing?’’ She instantly replied ‘’father it would be a dream for me if any day it will happen to me.’’ Her father told her mother that he got the acceptance of her daughter in her marriage by that way. But as a mother, she understood the immaturity of her daughters said wordings

The first night with her husband ……

Alka got married to Neel on 19 November 2007. At the first night, Alka in her red Banarasi saree sat on the bed. The bed was decorated with red rose flowers. She didn’t know why she had been left alone in that flowered decorated room, so she started playing with those red rose petals on her bed.

As none aware her that she would be going to sleep now for whole life with that unknown stranger whom the world now designated as her husband after those rituals of marriage.  Up to now, she had been quite enjoying with those rituals, foods, and makeup. For her, it’s enough interesting as she received so many gifts from guests. So, she enjoyed thoroughly the day.

By found herself alone in that well-decorated bedroom after a crowd of guests assembled around her throughout the day she took a long breath. Now she felt good by seeing herself in the mirror because first time she had groomed so decent from her top to toe. While seeing herself in the mirror she thought that she would not remove her make until next morning but if she had been asleep suddenly at midnight then her makeup might blot out. so, she decided that she would not fall asleep for the whole night for the sake of her bridal makeup.

Entry of her husband…….

Neel entered the room while she was busy with her rose petals. He gifted gold ring to her. She smiled and told thanks for that golden ring exactly the way she told to all guests when they gifted her.  She doesn’t yet understand the meaning of that gift by her husband at that very special night.

Neel holds her hands kissed her forehead, cheeks, shoulders. She felt little uncomforted as she doesn’t understand the meaning of such closeness of her husband. She muttered but Neel was engrossed to quench his thirst for sex. She tried to stop him as she felt pained but her strength was not sufficient to pause him.

Before she understood anything that why and when a man crossed his extreme when he embraced his intimacy. She amazed at such brutality of physical intimacy.

The feeling of first night……

With the beam of the first ray of sunlight she left the bed and went straight to the mirror. She wants to see herself after that painful night. As she thought last night when she glared her makeup at the mirror that she wouldn’t blot out her decent bridal makeup till morning but everything smashed with that horrific darkness of night.

Yes…. she wasn’t being able to sleep last night because she was in intense pain at her whole body. As the night passed she screamed with her pain. Her makeup erased not by the usage of any makeup remover but surely rubbed out by her husband. She now didn’t like to see herself anymore in the mirror because she found herself as some unknown face. Suddenly that 12 years old girl became a woman within a night. There, Neel, her husband was asleep in very deep sleep.

The pregnancy of a teenage girl or wife……………..

Alka now slowly understood the meaning of physical relationship with her husband. Neel almost every night fulfills his physical desires. After few months, she gave birth to a daughter. Her parents came to blessed their grandchild but she did not feel that urge to talk with her father. Now she became a mother in her 13 years of age.

After gave birth to the baby when Neel’s relatives and friends came to see their daughter they all said the same word while gave the compliment to his daughter that ‘’his daughter seemed exactly like his wife….. as beautiful’’ in comparison to him.  His friends mocked at his age by saying that ‘’now when he will go outside with Alka and their daughter, the road passes will have guessed him as the grandfather of his daughter.’’

He was so angered by heard those mockery words from his friends that he slowly behaved abnormally with Alka. He now stopped to go for outing with his wife and daughter. He felt jealous of her look. In this way days passed by and after 2 years, Alka again gave birth to 2 daughters at adjacent years. So, in her teenage, she became a matured mother who gave birth her first daughter at 13 years, next to her 15 years and finally her 3rd daughter in her 16 years of age.

Many times, her gynecologist recommended her husband that it would be quite hazardous to her health and life to give birth in that minor ages where her hormones also not developed to carry the weight of pregnancy labor. But he never tried to understand those.

Feeling of embarrassment………..

After a year when he went to admitted her elder daughter at kindergarten school their principal also amazed by seeing a teenage mother who came for the admission of her 4 years old daughter where she herself not completed her 18th year’s age.

The principal suggested Neel, that he should continue his wife’s education further because as a mother if she would be well learned one then only she would be able to teach her child in their study. Moreover, when they found Alka a teenage mother who stopped her study due to her marital life. As usual here also Neel overlooked those words.

Her marital life……

Neel as a husband since the beginning of his first night in their marital life, always showed his animalism towards his 12 years, aged wife. He as a 42-year aged man ever had been bothered about the physical hormonal strategy of an immature girl. his monstrous stature gave enough pained to Alka.

He never listened to none’s advised whether it’s his friends, Dr. or principal, not even he ever tried to understand the psychology of her wife. He even beats her many times in closed-door when he found Alka interacts with any outsiders or with any relatives. Especially he tried to keep a distance from his friend to Alka. As they often mocked on him by taking the name of his wife because he had been always insecure about his age.

He not even cared for his 3 daughters as when he found their looks resembled their mother, as beautiful. His brutality attitude had never been melted in front of his daughters also. He even stopped allowing his friends and relatives to his home because he had a doubt that if Alka revealed the truth about him to others. His insecurity goes to such level where he locked his family always at home.

Their marriage was dissolved after 6 years…..

Alka in this way passed her 6 years of fearful marital life, where her husband showed his extreme animalism since day 1 up to now, she didn’t have that freedom either to received phone nor to meet with anyone.

At last one day, she with her 3 daughters eloped from the lion’s den. She went to her parents, but after heard all those her father not ready to give her shelter as he had the fear of his son-in-law. So, she took her 3 children went to a nearby NGO because for her none another place would save her from the hand of her husband and at that crucial phase when she needs a shelter for her 3 little daughters.

Neel when found that she escaped from his cage then he immediately went to his in-law’s home because he was quite sure that Alka would surely go to her parents’ home. But when he found that she also not took shelter in their then he was a bit worried about his cruel act.

Fear of law…….

When he completely aware that Alka now just touched her 18 years’ age. If she complained to police about her husband, then he would be behind the bar as already he did the biggest crime of marrying an underage girl of 12 years old and above that 3 daughters she gave birth at her teenage and most important when she now confessed against him in standing at her 18 years that how brutally her husband with her up to now then he would be arrested for those crimes.

As he understood very well that Alka now became far more matured with time so he left his desire of getting her back in his life for quenching the thirst of his physical requirement for forever.

NGO turned her home…………

She told her all pain to the Executive Director of that organization. They took few signatures upon her confession and finished all legal formalities. Now she stayed there with her 3 daughters also she further started her free education provided by the organization, besides she worked with other women of that NGO who made all handmade useful household accessories for their earning purpose.

In this way, she now passing her days by holding the supportive hand of that NGO. In fact, all in that NGO loves her 3 daughters exactly like closed ones. Very soon that shelter turned home to her and all presents over there were the family members for her.

When life gives one more chance………………

Jack, who worked for that NGO as a Personal Development faculty who gave free education and knowledge in self-esteem development which is more required than any other bookish knowledge for those suffering women.  He loves kids so every day he entered with various chocolates for those children who stayed there. He met with Alka and her 3 daughters by heard all about her past he motivated her in her all aspect, in fact, he spends his maximum time with Alka’s 3 cutest daughters.

He now hinted Alka many times by his wordings that she and her daughters were the most important for him from rest others in his life. But Alka tried to skip his points as she knows far better that she was not eligible for him.

Finally, on the 6th birthday of Alka’s elder daughter, Jack proposed her in front of all at NGO that ‘’would she like to give the opportunity of being called as father of her 3 little Angel?’’ She cried by heard such open and bold proposal.

As Jack proposed a mother not his beloved. she failed to reply him but all presents over there honored him for such generosity because as a 27 years old guy who got ready of such daring to hold the hand of 3 children’s mother aged 19 years.

Love is blind but not deaf …..

Jack heard about her past life and after that, he took the decision after knowing her thoroughly in those one year. He well knows that his parents might not support him in that decision though they are the Founder of that NGO who gave support to infinite women’s life. But when their own son Jack took the decision for marrying a suffered woman then they unmasked their actual perspective towards those tortured women.

As for Jack if his parents in real mean run that NGO for supporting those sufferers then they would support their son’s decision because in real mean then they will prove as an idle for the society.

For Jack Alka was victimized for no fault of hers, she became the scapegoat in the hand of her father who took that worst decision by gave her marriage without her consent and her mother at that very young age when she was unable to understand the real meaning of marriage, physical relationship, pregnancy and their ill effects. Neel, Alka’s first husband showed his animalism to his wife and daughters. Only a beast could beat his wife.

Alka was speechless about his such bold, daring, caring and justified confession against his parents and society. Moreover, Jack personally told her that if she found him suspicious about his love and caring towards her children then she was quite matured now to take her independent decision about her 2nd marriage.

Alka noticed that her 3 daughters also quite comfortable with Jack. Finally, she accepted Jack’s marriage proposal for the sake of her 3 daughters as she thought that it might easy for her in bringing up her 3 children when she will get a strong hand support of her children’s father.

Finally, they did court marriage. As Alka’s first marriage at 12 years old, was an illegal one as per law which doesn’t have any existence in society.  So, in that case, she doesn’t need any legal formality of divorce from her first husband who never dared to confess to law about their illegal child marriage.

First night with her 2nd husband………

Alka was waiting for Jack just thinking about that painful first night with Neel. Jack entered with her 3 children by seeing that Alka surprised that why he took her little daughters in that bedroom.

Jack along with her 3 daughters gave her flowers as a gift. Alka asked him that why he took her daughters in their bedroom though Alka was in stress about her daughters as they had never slept alone without their mother so she was quite worried about her children but not eager to show her feelings to Jack.

Jack hold her hands and told her that from now onwards these 3 Angels will sleep for forever with their parents not only with their mother but also with their new father. He also told her that he wants to win her heart not her body. They 5 slept along at that flower bed.

Is religion matters than humanity?

Jack loved her and her 3 daughters and did his all responsibilities very well. Alka after their marriage went to take blessing from her parents but her father not even opened the door as when he came to know that his daughter married a Christian guy. He in his orthodox mentality not ready to accept a different religion.

Alka understood that her father never loved her unless today he might be obliged towards his son-in-law who gave a new life to his daughter with pride in society. she compared the role of an idle father, first her father’s role towards her, second Neel as a biological father of her daughters and finally Jack as a step farther. She found that in respect of those biological fathers, Jack as a stepfather proved himself as the idle one for her daughters.

But her mother met with them blessed Jack and all of them, as a mother she not bothered now her husband nor to the society. she often comes to meet with all of them alone because for her Alka and her happiness matters only.

After a year she now gladly accepted Jack not because he is a good father for her daughters but also proved as a well understandable husband.

How greed and lust cost her life?

Daisy is waiting for Kael since for 2 hours. Today they are going to give a new shape to their relationship after 6 years of an intense affair. She is waiting anxiously for him in her white marriage gown holding white flowers bouquet in her hand. Seems like dreams are coming true. Daisy now called up him, it’s coming switched off………….


Mack living with his 12 years’ son Tej. Tej missed his mother but didn’t dare to tell to his father, as his father did not like to remember his wife anymore. But for a child, it’s hard to judge the right and wrong about his parents.

Mack did love marriage with Daisy 14 years ago, their parents not at all supported to them, as Daisy belongs from a poor family and Mack’s parents don’t found her well matched as per their high status. Daisy who left parents’ home in single wearing by holding the hand of Mack and tie the knot at church.

Mack attached with a recognized organization and earn quite well. Both were happy in their marital life and after 2 years they were blessed with baby boy.

Daisy who brought up in a poor family always wished to see herself as a rich man’s wife, because for her happiness belongs to only rich persons. She thought that after marriage she would bless with Mack’s rich family and she would also get the opportunity to designate herself as rich family’s daughter-in-law where she would be allowed to enter at those events and parties which she had never been seen in her life.

But due to the sake of their son’s happiness, Mack’s parents unwillingly accepted Daisy after the birth of their grandchild. Mack never compromises with his self-respect, so after offered by his parents to stay them along with his family he denied his parents. As after getting married to Daisy he had stayed separately with Daisy in a small rented apartment.

When deprived of desires………

After her marriage when Daisy found that her dream of staying at big bungalow not get fulfilled she dejected but tried to look cheerful in front of Mack. Mack’s decision of denied to stays with their parent’s big bungalow made Daisy quite agitate towards his morality.

Now she not at all ready to see herself as a middle-class family’s wife. As days are passed by her craving goes high. Mack failed now to fulfilled her all unwanted urges. Now friction started between them. Daisy often insulted him as for why she chooses him as a husband in her life as she had been seen those scarcities and poverty very closely in her life since ages. But Mack always consoled her with his love and patience.

Mack at any cost wanted to happy her so he started working hard on fulfilling her all wishes. He started a side business to earn more. Their son now started school. Now they owned a car but small one which didn’t match her choice but for show off to the society she always one step ahead in all those issues. Whereas for Mack all those things don’t matter though he belongs from a high-class family where he was quite accustomed to all those lavish lifestyles but after married to Daisy post separation from his own family he himself thrown his all such desires because he wanted to prove all and Daisy that he had that eligibility to stand on his own without anyone’s support.

Daisy now slowly mingled with high-class women loves to attend those club, parties. She slowly changed her way of living and their Mack for his business expansion often goes to Dubai, even he left his job for grown-up his business. 2 years passed away in this way.

Entry of someone special ……..

Kael, 40 years handsome a finance advisor met with Daisy at an event. Both at their initial days reluctant to disclose their identity of married. Daisy in her 35 years pretending as a single with a sexy look who was in search of a perfect mate. Both exchanged their numbers, hobbies, likes, interest, goals with each other. Now they often met spent long hours at lonely.

Almost 3 months gone when their closeness turned to affair now Daisy had been developing her feelings towards Kael.  Though she had the fear within her that how Kael would react upon her married status when he came to know about that. Moreover, she carried another fear of disclosed her identity truth if by someone else at any party or any event where almost all were aware of her status as a married woman having a 7 years old son then how could she handled that very embarrassing moment. so, she decided to reveal her identity to Kael.

One day when Mack was out of the country for his business, she called Kael to her home when her son Tej was at school and his returned time was at 4:30 pm. She wore a pink chiffon georgette sari. While waiting for him she went on intense brainstorming. It’s 1:30 pm, the doorbell rang up, her heart beats running firstly. She opened the door, welcomed him and made him ease at her drawing room ‘s silence. She offered him coffee and snacks but Kael was not in the mood of had anything. She without delayed just forward to the kitchen for making coffee to him.

Kael while waited for her at sofa his eyeball just supervising to each corner of her house. Suddenly he saw a frame. The image of Daisy with a child where the child kissing her cheek. He took the frame in his hand tried to guess in the meanwhile Daisy entered with hot coffee. By seeing her he placed the frame in its exact place. Daisy noticed that but wouldn’t say anything as she was eager to hear that query about that image from Kael. She gave hot coffee in his hand and told him to sit. While sipping the coffee, he asked her about that child at that image.

How revealed the truth in their intimate moments …..

Daisy was silent waiting for his last sip of coffee, he compliments few good words about her home and to her, now he finished his coffee. Daisy by crossed her fingers told him that the child whom he saw with her in that image is none other than her only 7 years old son Tej. Her husband Mack, a businessman who goes often out of the country. They did love marriage 9 years ago, without their parent’s acceptance. Daisy was quite serious now she waited for his reaction upon her said wordings.

The total ambiance was pin drop silence, suddenly her phone rang up……..Mack called her but she prioritized at that moment’s seriousness so not received that. After heard all those Kael laughed at her and asked why she didn’t tell him up to now about all those? Daisy failed badly when she found that he gave her a parody of a smile. So, she felt reluctant, for further communication to him.

Kael understood that she might felt embarrassed at that moment so he holds her, kissed her forehead and told “darling I want to forgive you as I also hide about mine personal status.’’

She stared at him told why he wants to forgive her, in fact, she should have apologized for her such lie. Then he told her that ‘’he had divorced and have 2 children of 3 years and 5 years old, both the children stayed with their mother.’’  Now it’s her turn of reacting upon his said wordings. But she also showed her maturity when she found that both did the same act of hiding their past and present to capture each other’s attention.

Now both felt light in each other’s warm hug. Kael slowly kissed her forehead, cheeks, lips…..both engrossed in that very special moment. Distance covered very soon from drawing to the bedroom. They physically intimate by forgetting all past and present status of theirs. Both felt the utmost satisfaction of lust from where they not ready to come out. As if both were waiting for that moment.

Now they became utmost intimate to each other. Daisy’s love towards him became intense as days passed by. His all wordings hinted towards her as if she was the most significant person in his life than rest all others.

Engaged by professionally……

Their Mack became engrossed in his business at its full-fledged. He now stayed for months at Dubai. And usually visited 5 or 7 times to home country for a fortnight.  And here Daisy with Kael. Kael now proposed Daisy to joined in his financial advisory business, Daisy also eager and excited to see herself as self-dependent because as a housewife she was quite bored in his regular regime. First time by getting such direct opportunity from someone made Kael as an idol for her life.

Tricks of profit and loss of business……

Kael now made her learned in all aspects of finance business. Very soon within 6 months, she learned those basics. The main goal of an advisor is how to influence your client by applying your wiser ticks of usage of the fund invariant aspects of investment. overall, it’s a selling procedure of your own choice able product and in return to earn handsome commission on that.

Kael always deals with rich profile clients. Earlier he alone goes to meet with them to convince them for investment where many times clients also felt bored upon his random speech about any product.

Now he takes Daisy along with him to their clients and he found that clients now gave a quick and positive response on the first or second meeting while for the same thing earlier he used to visit them many times to influence them as per his recommendation. So now they both started to visits client along.

Daisy now completely changed her lifestyle and look. She now dressed up bold with high heels and dark glasses. She profoundly engaged in her job. Even now they both often used the bed at hotels. Both crossed the limits of each inch of their illicit relationship.

Daisy now quite happy as she was freed from scarcity in her life from forever, Kael always gave her commission amount timely, she never asked for that to him as he was strict in his profession. Now slowly they turned to the partner of their finance business.

Daisy’s desires of lust were increased day by day seemed like she doesn’t want to come back to her simple housewife lifestyle or ever gave full stop on that. Now she became so desperate that even she compromised bed with rich high profile clients to earn in full hands. Their business now going to touch the hike level. Here Kael also quite pleased by getting such extravagant partner. Now they only deal with strong database profiles.

Within 5 years both became richer. Kael saved the bulk amount in his account and their Daisy also saved but not that much like him. As her big amount goes on her own lavish expense.

How relationships changed suddenly?

Tej, Daisy’s son now 12 years old. Mack now permanently shifted his business to India because in those past 6 years, he worked very hard for establishing his business and he did that by earned bulk amount.

He noticed that her Daisy was completely changed from her looks to the attitude in those long gaps of 6 years.

Even her behavior was quite unusual towards him and their son Tej. So, he asked her about that sudden change. But Daisy overlooked his wordings as she knows very well that she was not at all her wife anymore because Kael was everything for her life. Even now she felt that her freedom of going out would be interrupted by Mack.

Mack tried to felt her special by gifting her precious Diamond sets along with 5* hotel dinner which he failed to fulfill in their initial days. So, he wanted to give her all those things for which she often fights with him. He wants to fulfill those gaps.

But for Daisy now those Diamonds and 5*hotel dinner were not so precious like earlier, as she had been using those in alternative days with her business clients. She in fact now more eligible than Mack to get that lavishness of life.

Time for taking decision…….

Daisy told everything to Kael, even she told him that she didn’t want to stay with his husband anymore so would he marry her? By hearing that marriage proposal Kael instantly accepted that now they both were quite excited for their upcoming marital life but Kael only conditioned to her that ‘’she will have left her son Tej, at her husband exactly the way he did by left his 2 children at his wife’s custody.

She agreed with his condition as for Daisy now Kael is her everything not even up to these long she had been proved herself as a caring mother nor a wife. She was so attached to her high-class status that for the sake of its sustained she would ready to leave her family without any second thought. As her brought up in poverty and deals scarcity of lavishness in her marital life taught her well that how to become the richest woman in society within a short span.

Alter her marriage when her rich in-laws separated them from their lavish lifestyle she was quite deprived though her husbands earned quite good but it’s failed to fulfill her unwanted lust of life. So, after getting that opportunity by holding the hand of Kael she doesn’t have any objection even by selling herself every night for finalized the deal with her finance business related clients.

Earn from 3 sources from 1 business………………..

In these way, she earned from 3 sources, first, those clients paid her for that night bed sharing, second, the client accepted their investment product from where she would earn the commission amount and finally her partnership in the business where Kael shared the amount with her from their overall business profit as per month.

Life had been changed……

Daisy told Mack that ‘’she now loves someone else because her loneliness in those past 6 years forced her to fall in love again in her life. Kael was the one in her life who killed that vacant in her life once again and who understood her better than anyone else on this Earth. Now she wanted to marry him soon.’’

By hearing her such daring and bold confession, Mack shocked. He told her that whatever he did it’s for the sake of her because she was earlier not pleased with his job’s earning. So, to earned more for fulfilling her lavishness he was engaged at full-fledged in his business and now when he had everything then why she was ready to leave him and their son alone?

Daisy not ready to listen his any voice that much adamant she was in her decision even Mack wanted her to give a more chance to their marital life for the sake of their Son’s future but she doesn’t bother to any.

Finally, after 3 months’ separation, they divorced mutually.

New beginning or the end is waiting …..

18th June 2015 the day when Daisy and Kael going to exchange rings by making promises to stay with each other for forever. Those rings are blessed by priest first to instill love and faith between the two. But will they able to keep those promises for forever?

She was waiting anxiously for him in her white shoulder cutting marriage gown by holding the white bouquet in her hands. 2 hours passed but his mobile was at switched off mode. Now she worried about Kael, as of now he had never been so irresponsible about timing then what made him so late in that very special day of their life?

Now it’s evening, 5 pm she frightened. Due to intense fear her all desires ebbed. She went back by thrown the bouquet on church gate at her rented apartment which Kael had taken for her until they get married. When she returned at home found a letter at the doorstep.

She shocked after read that where he has written that he diverted his mind and not in the mood to marry a slut …

Suddenly the landlord came and told her that she should be left the flat by tomorrow itself as Kael didn’t pay the rent of that and already he served noticed to Kael to vacant that and Kael promised him to vacant the flat on that day itself.

She without delayed a second just ran up to ATM for withdrawal cash to give due rent to her landlord but while swapping the debit card she found its shown zero balance…………….

Next day she went to the bank for scrutinized about her bank savings details and she found her all cash had been withdrawal within that one month. She understood since a month when she was so busy for her upcoming life planning with Kael exactly in those busy scheduled days he took the signature of her by fraudulently in her all savings docs. Now she hadn’t left any money to either for survival or to pay rent.

Kael’s love brings her on road. She released that the way she left her loving husband and son exactly Kael ditched her. He taught her the real lesson of life after 6 years of affairs where she lost her everything neither she could be returned to her family nor she had the money or data to start up her self-business.

Kael used her roughly when she found that she had an intense desire of lust where she gets ready to compromise with her morals very easily. He made money by utilizing her physic. For Kael, it’s not so hard to read her mind when at their earlier days, he found that how a married woman despite having such lovable husband and child hide her original identity just to fulfilled her lavishness.

Though Kael himself also hide his divorced status to her but for Kael, it’s his past which not at all any existence with his present but Daisy denied her present existence for fulfilling the quenched of her thirst.

How father murder his sleeping baby?

Shame on you……you are the black spot in the name of a Mother……..how could u did this and that’s too with your own only child……………..

It’s 11:30 am….Arya and Eban waiting anxiously for their judgment at High court, from relatives to friends even the press also eager about the final decision. Post many hearing dates of court at last after 1 year finally the decision came out. Press covering the news of a death of the one-month-old baby daughter.


Arya a mother of a one-month-old daughter who left her baby locked at home alone while she was at out for 1 hr…. how could be a mother so careless?.when she came to know that her baby had no more in this world? The court now adjourned up to lunch.

What happened exactly 2 years ago?

Arya a software professional and Eban an Electrical engineer did arrange marriage 5 years ago, after 3 years they blessed with a baby girl. Eban who often goes to New York for the sake of his work and here Arya too busy with her office and home.

Nancy peer and good friend of Eban since long years, but for Arya they have one step ahead than friendship. Eban always helped Nancy in many personal aspects of life as she is a single mother of an 8 years’ daughter, who divorced her husband. In fact, while doing the job when Nancy found troubled for handling her daughter alone, at that phase Eban who suggested her to send her daughter to boarding school.

Now Nancy’s daughter who stayed at Boarding hostel comes twice in a year to meet her mother, Nancy felt alone and Eban always accompanied her. And by seeing their so close relationship Arya always had been a fight with him regarding this issue. But neither Eban ready to leave by giving his accompany to Nancy nor Arya ready to accept both of their only friendship relationships. For Eban Arya always suspicious towards him.

Arya’s childhood…….

Arya who belongs to a rich family her father Rian worked at Reserve bank of India. Mother a simple homemaker was very beautiful and was a good singer. Arya is a single adorable child of her parents. She was the apple of her parent’s eyes especially to her father, who fulfilled her all naggings without ever interrupt her. Arya always loves to listen to her mother’s lullaby whenever she feels tired apart from bedtime.

While returning home from office her father always carried gifts and chocolates for her. She was being studied at the top convent school in her area, at 6th standard, always ranked 1st in her class. Almost 14 states she traveled in that small age with her parents. In one word her bringing up was exactly like a princess.

Will this happiness last for long?

Arya’s parents one day went for a felicitation party of her father’s colleague, the Grade A officer of the bank where all couples were invited. While returning on their way to the home they met an accident and both lost their lives in that mishap. The life suddenly shattered within a second for princess Arya.

One amazing fact might shocked you friends about Arya that she doesn’t know how to cry means she never up to that age of 11 years felt for once at least to cry for anything, as she was quite intelligent in her study and secondary her parents always before she demanded for anything would give in her hand. she became silent.

When closed one unmasked their face…………….

Arya brought up in a joint family with grandmother and her uncle and aunt mean her father’s younger brother and his wife with their 2 sons lived along with them. Like typical uncle and aunt, they also quite jealous of her lavish bringing up. Just after that mishap, her uncle amended the property in his name. Even Her grandmother didn’t have that voice to raise against her son and daughter-in-law in favor of her. She left to going school not even played with friends. Seems that Life was suddenly stopped for forever for her, she not even ready to eat nor sleep, just full stop for everything. Not even her uncle and aunt bothered for at least once for her.

They decided to keep Arya with them for forever as a maid (without paid one). In this way days passed by. Here from school, her principal called to his uncle asked about the reason of her non-attending to school, he told that she wouldn’t’ continued her school further anymore as they decided to change the school because their costly fees were not being affordable by them.

One ray of hope arise …………..

One day while mopping the floor suddenly someone entered at their house. Arya amazed by seeing him she ran up to him tightly hold him as if she saw God. He is none other than Som, who was the best friend of Arya’s father, they both were the childhood friend and worked at the same bank.

For Arya, if anyone in this world who could compete for the same affection and be caring like her parents then it’s only her Som uncle because of Som and Rian (Arya’s father), always carried one entity with the different name. They were so close that even Som always felt Arya as his own child though he yet not married. He went abroad for 6 months due to some official work and after returned when came to known about that mishap from his colleagues he was completely shattered.

Now after seeing Arya in that way he was speechless, he without a second delayed gave one proposal to all of them (grandmother, uncle, and aunt) that he wants to adopt Arya legally. By heard that her uncle and aunt just barked at him as they don’t want to leave their free of cost maidservant so easily. Som without uttering any word just went back but Arya stared at him as if her last hope of survival also left her alone in that darkness.

Next day Som with his lawyer came to Rian’s home and handover the legal adoption docs to Arya’s grandmother. When her uncle and aunt not get readied to sign at NOC paper then Som told to all of them either they signed that NOC and let enjoyed the whole property alone or  unless he would move to court against them that “ how could a younger brother trick fully took the whole  property completely in his name whereas as per law his elder brother’s share should be nominated to his children’s name until and unless they meet 18 years of age in that case court would be taken care of his elder brother’s share as a legal heir.’’

By heard all those her uncle and aunt without continued further any argument just signed at NOC papers because they don’t want to share their property with Arya. In this way, Som freed Arya from the brutal cage of her relatives.  Arya without turning back just hold her Uncle’s hand and moved away from that cage.

The new beginning for Arya……

Arya begins her journey by throwing all sadness while holding her Som uncle’s hand. She again started to go to her earlier school, playing with her friends, her life once again came on normalcy track. Som always tried to give her all that happiness which her parents used to flourish on her. In this way, Som fostered Arya now both were accustomed to each other.

Here Som’s mother when found such attachment of her bachelor son towards Arya, it made her quite worried regarding his marriage as for her which girl would ready to accept a guy who already adopted his bosom friend’s child. She decided that at anyhow she would have fixed up her son’s marriage so that his life could be settled. She once told to her Son that he could send Arya at boarding school because tomorrow when he would marry then his wife, wouldn’t have allowed Arya in their personal life. But for Som Arya was more significant than his own marriage.

How she shared her uncle with a stranger?

After 2 years Som got married to Pia, who was a professor by profession, a very matured sensible girl. While arranging their marriage when she came to know about Arya, she couldn’t have had any issue regarding that 13 years of a child, in fact, she was very kind towards her.  Som and his mother were really pleased with Pia.  For Arya, Som always obliged towards his wife.

For Arya, it does not so ease to share her Som uncle with any stranger, because up to now she was accustomed to her uncle’s only focus of attention. Moreover, Som was not the only uncle for her, in fact, he played all role in her life from parent to friend. Earlier they used to go for the outing at every weekend now she didn’t ready to share her all place with her New Aunt Pia. Slowly she turned to violent towards her uncle whenever she found her uncle was being closed with his wife. She even not ready to talk with her new Pia aunt. Now her arrogance shows transparent in her every move.

One day Som’s mother advised her daughter-in-law that why not she convinced her husband to send Arya at the hostel.  Arya heard those words behind the door. Now Pia told Som to Send her at the hostel, he gave her a parody of a smile and told ‘’Pia why you did so late for saying that as its already 6 months passed off our marriage……I was waiting for such even proposals, so I not at all either shocked or get hurt by your kind advice.’’

Now Som was in dilemma but Arya came to him and told directly ‘’uncle I want to go to boarding school, please send me as soon as possible for you.’’  Som understood her psychology as she was a quite intelligent child but still tried to convinced her by saying that whether she could survive without her Som uncle. Arya told her uncle that now he was not only her uncle also the husband of Pia aunt so his first responsibility was towards his wife rather than his adopted daughter. By hearing that Som realized that she was quite grown up as per her age due to circumstances.

Finally entered at boarding school………

Finally, she went to boarding school, Som often went to meet her with her choice able gifts but she now confirmed that like her parents her uncle too left her for the sake of his family. She completed her education and finally completed her management from top B-school. Som did his responsibilities by spending a hefty amount on her fostering and while doing that neither his mother nor wife even dared to interrupt over that, as he kept both of their wishes by sending hostel to his adopted lovable daughter Arya.

In this way, the ebb and flow of her life are controlled by others. She always had the fear of losing her lovable one when she accustomed to them. Her life remained unfulfilled of intense love which she missed up to now as an orphan, for her Som uncle only did his responsibilities and for which she always grateful and obliged towards him.

 Her Marital life ……..

Som arranged her marriage finally with Eban. After their marriage, Arya came to known about Nancy her husband’s best friend. Initially, she doesn’t have any issue about their friendship but later when she found that her husband would have stayed for nights with Nancy then she objected on that and which slowly turned sour to their relationship.

Eban doesn’t fond of kids, in fact after heard the pregnancy news of Arya he suggested her to aborted that. Arya by heard that reacted but he told her directly that he was not at all fond of kids and not being mentally prepared for taking such Diaper responsibilities.

Even when she told about all those to her in-laws with this hope that at least they would definitely be supported her in this significant issue but she amazed more by their views when as a parent they voted for their son’s freedom rather than turned him to responsible familiar person. Now she forcedly tried to protect her pregnancy but it does not so easy for her when already her all closed ones was against of that.

Moreover, she doesn’t have any parents home where she took shelter during those crucial days of pregnancy, where her mother taught her the dos and don ts of those timings.  Her mother-in-law very trick fully served her rich and spicy food made of papaya where her chances of miscarriage were more than 90% and exactly that happened as per their plan. For Arya, it’s another shock in her life when she again lost her closed one after her parents.

 Will fate again favor her?

Now Arya’s in-laws stayed at their native house. Arya here with Eban again by forgetting the past begins the life once again. After a year, she again conceived now this time she decided to hide her pregnancy news from Eban and all until she crossed the phase of 5 months when there wouldn’t be any chance left for further abortion. Moreover, Arya assumed that might be after coming baby Eban’s perspective towards baby and attitude towards her would take a new glossy shape.

In this way, she ultimately succeeds to give birth her daughter though Eban as a father doesn’t adore her baby. Arya got a new life after getting her baby. She was in real mean now in life was blessed by God. She compared that moment exactly when once her life was blessed by  Som uncle when she almost lost her all hope upon life after her parent’ s death.

By hearing that good news her Som uncle with his wife Pia came to blessed her baby with a gold chain having a diamond pendant. But her in-laws after heard that neither felt necessary to see their grandchild nor even they called up Arya at least once to wish her. But Arya now doesn’t bother for all those as she was so happy with her daughter and she knows very well that only in this world if anyone is happy for her then that’s only her Som uncle.

Will she come out from her insecurity?

Arya always had a phobia of losing her closed one. She became an orphan at the age of 11 years then when Som got married she again lost her uncle, next to her first baby whom she lost due to miscarriage. Though she wasn’t happy in her marital life always had that insecurity about her husband. Now she had the intense fear about her newly born baby that if her baby also left her any day.

Eban never turned to his baby because he not at all loves kids. Arya noticed that many times even while doing household chores when the baby cried alone missed her parent’s presence, Eban being present at home just overlooked his baby’s crying, not even he had ever been taken their baby in his lap.

 When Inhumanity goes to extreme……………

One night suddenly her baby daughter was not felt comfort due to the stomachache. When she tried to breastfeed her she was not readied to suck just cried loudly. As a prime mother, she doesn’t get that opportunity to learn all those babies take caring tips neither from her in-laws nor her parents alive to guide her in all those. So, she often called her pediatrician if she found hard to manage on her own. Here her baby not at all stopped crying for 3 hours.

She asked Eban for taking their baby to Dr. but he didn’t bother towards her words nor at the baby. Now her tolerance level busted on him because for her a wife can tolerate the negligence of her husband towards her but a mother will never have allowed such negligence towards her child from her husband. They both fight for an hour terrifically, first time Arya busted her all anger upon him so ferociously without caring about anything because she got frightened as never had been her baby cried for so long, so first time by seeing that she thought to take her to Dr.

All possible ways seem closed………..

During that time 48 hours of transport strike had been going on at state because of just 5 days ago, budget released and Government declared for reduction of fare cost of all public transport due to cost reduction of petrol and diesel oil. But private players not ready to cut off the cost of their tagged fare.

In this between Eban’s car went for servicing which yet not returned from service center for 3 days. So Eban using company’s car for office.

Arya failed to take her baby to pediatrician due to transport strike. so for 1-day temporary relief, her Dr. recommended her few light dosages of medicines for stomachache as he failed to check up the baby thoroughly. Dr. recommended her few home remedies so that baby could sleep at least for the night and next day she would collect those medicines. Her baby slept after applied those home tips now So she waited for morning.  she sat whole night beside her baby without touching food or water. Their Eban calmly enjoyed his sleep after finished his dinner.

At morning, Arya called to chemist for supplied those medicines as soon as but they told that their delivery guys were absent since a day and would also not come that day due transport strike so if she needs it urgently then she should collect it by her own because until delivery boys come, home delivery of medicines wouldn’t be possible to any.

Eban, as usual, went to office without asking for once also about his daughter’s health to Arya nor he had given a look at his baby. Just after he went to the office, Arya thought to go for chemist though her baby now seemed better than last night as she was calmly sleeping.

She thought before her baby wakes up she would take medicines from the shop. So before leaving the house, she minimized the AC of their bedroom by covering her baby with the blanket. Arya applied the humidifier at bedroom before locked the door.

Pros and cons of AC user for infant……

Babies have the tendency of the blocked nose in their first 2 years. Breathing hot steam helps loosen the mucus in baby’s nose to open blocked airways.  As a baby is too small for all those procedures then, in that case, we can use a Humidifier or a mist vaporizer in the room. These keep the air moist which can prevent baby’s nose from drying out, especially during winter. Besides a stiff nose, dried up mucus cab cause nosebleeds.

Mishap or preplanned?

The chemist was 3 km away from her residence she waited for 20 minutes for a shuttle cab then again while returned to the home she failed to get a transport as already half an hour gone now she without waiting for any more for a cab started walking towards home. She had been tried to covered the distance fast because she was worried about her small baby whom she left alone at home.  It took another half an hour to reached her at home.

Almost an hour she was out of the home while entering the basement the security guard of the apartment told her that just now Eban sir also came but left hurriedly. She did not feel necessary to ask about Eban as she was in hurry for home.

After entered the room she took a long breath of relieved when finding her baby had been sleeping calmly till now. But when she took her baby in her lap she found that she was not responding then she shakes her called her loudly but still she doesn’t react to her any reply or action. Arya screamed she called up to the Dr. and told everything by heard that Dr. came at emergency and told her that her baby had already lost her life……………………..

Everything finished in her life just within a second her life shattered for forever. Arya lost her mind, she since her childhood doesn’t know how to cry. When first she lost her parents, now her last hope of life her daughter also left her alone for forever.

Eban blamed her for his child’s death he moved to court for punishing her and to take divorce from her. After heard all, those her Som uncle came to supported her but she in this long one year of court case not uttered a single word against her defense. As per medical supervision, it’s found that due to blocked nose at AC looked room the one month baby failed to breathe so she lost her life.  She had been charged with a serious offense. The court found her act as a serious carelessness towards her one month baby. She imprisoned jail for 7 years………

What was the truth behind the scene?

Arya was very intelligent she never being so careless about her child then how could she left the baby in AC locked room. She used Humidifier and as per medical supervision only babies get rid of the blocked nose when the room is humidified, and before locked the room she used that then why her baby’s nose blocked?

  • Arya and Eban had a long fight about their daughter just the day before the incident at night.
  • Eban that day came back from his way to the office which only Arya knows when her security guard told her about that.
  • Eban loves Nancy but she doesn’t love kid so he already sent Nancy’s child at hostel trick fully.
  • When Arya first conceived, he was not at all ready to accept that so his family trick fully handled her unnatural miscarriage.
  • After the birth of the baby, he and his family never loved or cared about her or her daughter.
  • Even while seeing her baby in her utmost stomachache he not bothered to take her at Dr.

Eban when back from his way to the office on that day he used that mist vaporizer closed to her baby’s nostril so that she stopped her breath by getting such harsh hazardous chemicals. As he wants to get relieved forever from Arya and her daughter. So, he used that trick very wisely so that he get rid of both them at a time in one gunshot.

Arya if tried to save herself from the hand of laws punishment than she could easily place all those grounds as an evidence in her defense then might be Eban today sentenced for behind the bar.

But she didn’t utter a single word in her defense because for her life had already finished with her daughter’s breath so she doesn’t have that interest to prove herself innocent………………

What is the meaning of an illegal affair?

 I was not so young to understand those…..but after seeing those do not know how to react. Then I thought if I say it to others would they rely on my said wordings? This is those thoughts which popped up in my mind just after that incident……..


14th May, the day when I first being humiliated by my relatives …year I not mentioned because it’s not so vital for you friends…only the date I mentioned as it’s imprinted on my mind profoundly.

It is the marriage function of my cousin sister when I was just in standard 8th. As its one of our close relative, so we went 2 days prior to the exact marriage date of 14th May. We both sisters were quite happy as our final exams were over a month ago so we could be allowed to enjoy the function at its full fledge. My both parents were employed; they took 4 days leave for that function.

I exactly not remembered total how many uncle and aunt had attended the function because we generally in our childhood failed to remember all of them along with their relationship with us means like whosoever is my father’s maternal aunt or my mother’s cousin brothers.

Generally, in such functions, we find that all guests as per their age and taste make their own small groups for making fun. My father loves to be with my uncles, mom with her cousin sisters and we both sibling too made a group as per our age group. I with teenagers group and sister with college going one. In this way, we all were ecstatically passed our 2 days.

Entering of main characters……..

Liya aunt who stays at abroad with her husband and 2 sons who were just married and not came for that function because they both were being engaged in their new project launch and her husband usually not preferred to attend such Indian functions where he forced to stay for 2 or 3 days. He once in a year visits India but Liya aunt often comes here for the sake of her relative’s function. We Indians always loves to give special preference and honor to those selective relatives who stay at abroad and we feel proud to introduce them to others.

Therefore, guests love to flock near her to have a clear view of her foreign lifestyle. In fact, Liya aunt carried herself in a very decent way; she looks quite attractive in her 55+ years of age. She always makeup herself from top to toe with all imported brands. I especially love her fragrance the imported perfume she used and her pendant an authentic Diamond which she wore all time.

Her dressing sense was quite bold than us she never bothered what others think about her such skin fitted stripeless tops with her trousers especially when all women wore sari at the marriage function. Maybe she wanted to mesmerize all by her looks. To be honest I too love her look and the way she maintained herself at that age. Not only her looks but also her way of talking also fascinated even a 1-year kid also. I do not think Liya aunt had also a single enemy in her life because her wordings would never hurt anyone.

Seems all male guests at least once wished to talk with her because they want to sit close to her. Why I blamed others when I found my father also being very friendly with her.

There like her someone else also present at that function who could compete her desperately, and that was Aadi, son-in-law of my uncle who came to attend his sister-in-law’s marriage. Aadi who was a ground engineer by profession stayed out of hometown has 8 years old daughter. I used to call him as Aadi bro, he loves to do pranks with all and none felt anything wrong in that because he was the son-in-law of that house. In fact, he was a prankster and mischievous person.

Moreover, he was so handsome that girls and women love to be with him. Many times, while doing pranks he used to touch girls like to touch her shoulder, back, belly even he kisses openly any woman at her cheeks and shoulders and to hug. I noticed that even no woman or girl felt bad when he used to do all those very openly in the name of his prankishness. In fact, for all of them he was very extrovert and prankster so none found anything wrong in all those.

Even he did jokes with me and sis too many times but we both know how to avoid such pranks because we always had the fear of my father as his rigid and strict attitude never allowed us to behaved such casual with boys. Therefore, in that case, we don’t want to spoil our enjoyment with our small mistake by accompanied him.

When both being introduced……

After the formal introduction of Liya aunt and Aadi, seemed the total ambiance refreshed once again. Earlier alone Liya aunt was the center of attraction in that ceremony but now she got her perfect accompanist. Both had that absorbent quality to come close very fast. Seems like both were missing that ambiance of each other. Now after make known to each other they both don’t felt that urge to talk or spend time with others that much engrossed they were in themselves.

Eve of the ceremony……..

All were shining in their ethnic wearing especially women who seemed just competing in their traditional makeover with others, I too wore blue and beige combo lehenga.  But among all ladies our Liya aunt when came out from the room, everyone glared at her for few seconds. She looks different for the first time she exposed herself with the ethnic wearing of mauve color sari along with sleeveless deep round cutting golden colored blouse, opened curled brown hairs, deep mauve lip color, golden high heels with her Kajal eyes looking just awesome.

I’m quite sure that day, none in that function after seen her in that gorgeous look couldn’t predict her exact age, in fact, her looks had been pretending that her age shouldn’t be more than 45 years.

Many of our relatives compliment her even my parents also. I too glorified her told ‘aunt you looking really good! Tell me from where you learned all those makeup tricks’… usually, teenagers have always that eager to learn such beauty tips from those whom they found best looking among all so that they could make over to self as like them. Because girls love to do makeup then what is wrong in that if I too asked her about her makeover secrets. My mother in her slow voice scolds me that ‘how voraciously I asked her so personal things openly and what she thinks that I don’t have any etiquette.’ I just ignored mother’s wordings by saying sorry to her.

Their Aadi who also looked enough handsome in his ethnic wearing of maroon sherwani with beige dupatta. His wife all time seemed busy with her daughter. Liya aunt acclaimed the couple by staring at Aadi that they were looking beautiful among rest other couples. Now in return, Aadi eulogized her by saying that ‘you are looking just awesome my electrifying young lady ….au…nt………’. Aadi’s wife smiled at her husband’s compliment.

I just shocked when………….

All of them were gathered at the hall surrounding the married couple as rituals were going on, priests chanted the phrases loudly, we girls were standing behind the bride carried flowers in hand. The priest then asked for garlands which were not their then one of my aunt suddenly told me to brought those garlands as it might be left inside the room.

I went straight to the room to brought the big tray of garlands while returning I heard some whispering noise coming out from next room.  I just tried to listen those wordings, while going close to the door heard that someone telling……..

 ‘’I was waiting for you and I know you too anxiously waiting for this moment. Come on Aadi …..hold me ….aa…….aa……..Aa…di….i never get such satisfaction in my life… bite me ………ohh Liya! I too need your everything. Don’t ‘bite liya…..its hurt…..uufff …..I just want to play …more…….aa….haaaa…….’’

I push the door I was just shocked by seeing those, my hands loosen it’s gripping and the garland’s big tray fallen from my hands ………speechless…. couldn’t’ believe my eyes. Liya aunt and Aadi brother were in nude doing what…..and their clothes were beside the bed.

They both became addled by getting me into their very intense private moment. Before they reacted to my presence, I just ran out from there. After seeing all those I just bemused, suddenly sister pushed me, she asked ‘where the garlands, I was just silent staring at her asked her wh..a.t? she again asked me where is your mind… you went inside for taking the garlands, then where its, as the priest is waiting …tell me? I replied her in a very low voice that ‘don’t know’ .. she told what are you saying then where you went? I don’t felt necessary to give her any reply because what I say to her when I not understanding what’s going on me.

It makes me bemused……………..

Suddenly Liya aunt told ‘’sorry Panditji (priest) for delayed, here are your garlands; she is not found those garlands might be she wouldn’t have searched it thoroughly. Now you may have solemnized the ritual.’’

She stood beside, I don’t know how to react on anyone’s comment then, she suddenly holds my hand and asked would you like to take some makeup tips from me, as I’m quite free now? I stared at her don’t know what to say her, she holds my hand strongly and took me away from the ceremony hall at outside garden near the artificial waterfalls and made me sat between her and Aadi.

She told me that if I spell out regarding those sequences about her and Aadi in front of anyone then it will be hazardous for my life. ‘’So whatever I had been seen behind the door it should be locked for forever in that room only  and if I tried to play trick with them by telling about their relationship to anyone then Aadi will tell to my parents and all guests that I tried to get close to him at behind the door and when Aadi refused me then I just in revenge mood spoiled his name along with Liya aunt  in the name of illegal affair.’’ Her threaten voice acted like an anesthetic upon me.

I was quite surprised by their original transparent nature. After that incident neither I talked with anyone nor I could make my mind with the situation. Throughout the function, all were enjoying except me because first time in my life I got humiliated and when I was aware that it’s not my mistake that I had seen them in that position but still I hadn’t any word to prove my innocence.

My mother and sister often asked me that either I had any fight with any of my friends or whether anyone told me anything. What I said to them when I really puzzled.

Next day when all guests were getting ready to leave my cousin’s house. Aadi bro and his wife came to say goodbye to all while leaving he just came to me and gave me a doll as a gift and in his low voice told me ‘’be grown up now my little cute baby doll, this is life and just enjoy it wherever you get and in whatever mode you get that just enjoy it fully, don’t ever sit for judge what’s good or worst just be with the time then only your all desires will come true.’’ I just had no words to say him in reply.

Liya aunt would leave at night as her flight timing  was at 10:45 pm, like others she too hugged our parents and sis but when tried to hug me I just back my  one step, she understood so hold my hand and gifted me imported perfume and whispered that ‘’never dare to spoiled her name as she was being so famous in all relatives for her well-mannered attitude, position and status and moreover who will came to believe on a school going 13 years of girl’s wordings.’’ I stared at her.

Just don’t know how to react…….

I remembered on my way at express train I sat in the window seat, and the whole long way just thought about them then suddenly my elder sister sat beside me just took that imported perfume from my hand and sprayed on her by seeing that I just snatched that perfume from her hand and throw them out of window along with that doll. She surprised asked me the reason for my such unusual arrogance towards that 2 gifts, where she also knows that how much I love the perfume when its imported one especially. I told her that the perfume is stinky one and the doll looks very ugly like a witch.

 What is the meaning of those terms?

Now after coming back my mind always tried to find out the meaning of particularly those words said by Liya aunt and Aadi bro which I heard from behind the door and those terms were ‘’satisfaction, hold me, bite me, need more, play…….’’ Those 5 terms really puzzled me. Because a 13-year-old girl defines those terms as per Oxford dictionary.

  • For me what more satisfaction Liya aunt needs in her life as she had everything in her posh life then she told about which satisfaction?
  • Why Liya aunt and Aadi bro told that same word ‘’hold me’’ …….. as I remembered they both were quite fit and healthy then from where they both had been falling?
  • Why again both used the same word ‘’bite me’’….. for me, if I bite my sister while doing fight then mother just shouted at me for that then why they both bite each other as they were not at all fighting like we kids do usually then what need of bite and why?
  • I need more chocolates and ice crème when it comes to my choice able eatery items then what they both needs as on that day in buffet dinner more than 45 items was their then about what needs they were asking?
  • And lastly ‘’Play’’ it’s really made me laugh on this particular term as I played the whole day with my friends at the garden on those days but why they want to play and that’s too in closed-door means which indoor game they want to play?

Hope friends now you can understand that for a 13 years old girl its toughest to interpreted those terms as per her age and circumstance. Many times, I tried to say those things to my sister, friends, mother but every time I failed as I really don’t know how to define those words and situation and moreover how could I uttered about anyone’s naked posture………yak KKK KKK

So, I left the idea to told anyone about that night incident due to insufficient knowledge about sex and physical relationship and its related vocabulary.

I was completely surprised about my Liya aunt’s nature because up to now I have known her as the most decent spoken one in her captative accent but she unfolds her mask now I just from my core of heart only hates her, in fact, she is the ugliest woman in my life I have ever seen. And their Aadi, for me he is the biggest flirter who by the name of his stupid pranks just searched out the way to mingle with women and to touch them as per his ease.

Now I really laughed at myself whenever those thoughts pop up in my mind means about that night bed scene, their physical sexual relationship and the situation when they both were so scared from a 13 years old girl that needed to threaten me.

Even once I tried to tell to my sister about that but when sister asked me that what I had seen then I felt so ashamed that even I couldn’t have uttered about their nude posture secrets to none.

 Earlier it’s suppressed in my mind where I failed to share those secrets with my closed ones. But today I have no fear of anyone because I’m now bold enough in my Blog ‘’BRAVERYTRUTH’’ where I have that freedom to tell those bitter truths of life where none have that daring to stop me from exposing or unmasking such characters.

Now friends if you also like me faced certain things in your personal life then you are always welcome to share with me through email …..I will wait for your comments.

How to change the mindset from negative to positive?


Mr. Nair who worked in a steel factory, worked very hard to brought up his 3 children. His major concern was to settle his daughter’s marriage as long as he has his job. To accumulate a big amount of marriage was not so easy for him but still, he did that with his best.Urvi the elder daughter of Mr. Nair and Unsa the mid daughter and Manksh younger son. Mrs.Nair a homemaker. Manksh studying at 12th standard, Unsa just completed her Graduation and now taking tuition of her locality’s children.


Urvi the elder among 3 siblings is best in her studies and she just completed her P.hd. Now she is planning to join at college as a professor. She always looks very simple not even likes to do makeup when goes out to any family function also.

Her mother always used to say  her“ Urvi do some makeup dear.. you would seem  pretty like your younger sister…’’ but she always replied her mother that she doesn’t require any artificial look, her natural look is quite enough for her and moreover she isn’t so bad in her looks then why she needs for all those makeup?Urvi since childhood wears simple dress means whatever her parents give her she goes fine with those not even now she ever select a handkerchief or shoe for herself. Her everything has been selected by her parents.

And their Unsa just the reversed one always she likes to see herself good whether she in-house or at outside. Unsa never likes to live as simple as like her elder sister Urvi. She always bought dresses and other accessories as per her own taste. She not even allowed anyone’s interference in all those things.

Manksh also doing good in the study but he was best in athletics, in fact, he was a District champion in wrestling. Now he would be preparing himself for State level after completing his 12th board exams. Mr. Nair and his family have a big hope for his son’s achievement.

Manksh who got selected for wrestling at State level had been excited about his preparation in the year of 2015. He couldn’t able now to attend his regular vital classes of school but from Principle to Teachers all were supportively cheered up for his goal. As it’s a great honored for their school name that one of their students would be going to play at State level.

Sudden mishap……….

All of a sudden, he succumbed after that mishap. Manksh’s fitness regime of every day begins at 4 am. He left the house for that 3:45 am and returned at 6:30 am. Like other days while returning to the home on his way he met an accident in the year of 2015, 27 Jan. During his powerwalking, while crossing the highway he just trampled by a fully loaded heavy truck……..The traumatic incident iced the Nair family. How parents take that utmost traumatized crucial phase of life when their athletic young son lost his life?

In general, we get to see that in such cases a mother takes a lot of time for coming out from that crucial phase of life and a father who always stands as a strong pillar help his wife to make her normal against the situation.

When responsibilities not allowing for mourning…

But here Mrs. Nair as a mother quite strong than a father.  Mr. Nair who almost lost his all hope from life became a mourner who had been surviving for his 2 daughters. He now restrained himself from rest all things of life, his only motto was now to settled his 2 daughters life by giving them marriage as soon as possible.Moreover, Mr. Nair had been carried a strange fear, regarding his lifespan that if he dies tomorrow without finishing his utmost responsibility towards his daughters then what he will answer his Almighty.

He now started for searching groom for his 2 daughters as he wanted to give their marriage as soon as before he takes retirement. Because he wants to see his both daughters settlement at a time. At any cost, he doesn’t want to delay for that. At last, he searched out his choice able groom for his 2 daughters.

He selected Jeet, a rich business profile groom for Unsa so that her persistence of lavishness would remain for forever.For Urvi he selected Abhi, a highly educated CA well-established groom so that her daughter’s high education degree would be honored.

Here both the sisters don’t want to marry so early so they told their mother to postpone their marriage but she said that their father wants to finish his responsibility prior his retirement. So she couldn’t help out them from that.

Mrs. Nair asked him many times that why he settled their 2-daughter’s marriage so hurriedly and on the same day as both their daughters were not ready to get married so early. Because both wanted to settle in their career before they would tie. Moreover also a year not passed too when the family had lost their only son. Then he told that he had the phobia of uncertain death. So before any mishap again knocks at the door, he wanted to secure their daughter’s life.

Finally, their marriage finalized on 22nd Mar 2016. In this way, both Urvi and Unsa got married on the same day. For Mr. Nair today, he completed his major responsibility towards his daughters, but for Mrs. Nair as a mother it’s really painful that her 2 daughters left the house at same day but anyhow she also knew that whatever her husband did was better for their future and as a wife she had been very obedient towards his husband always.

 Responsibilities over….

Post marriage of 2 daughters, that night Mr. Nair seems quite relaxed and excited he told his wife that as a father today he did his biggest duty and now if death also comes to take him away then also he doesn’t have any objection towards that.

After heard that utter of death Mrs. Nair just reacted on him for his such negative perspective towards life, by seeing his wife’s such loving attachment towards him, he made her understood by consoling her in his hug that it’s only his fear and it’s not necessary that fear would always come to true. Manksh’s sudden accidental death created an intense phobia within him.

Urvi with Abhi and Unsa with Jeet was quite happy in their initial days. Unsa with her husband stayed at their in-laws home. Here company transferred Abhi to another state so Urvi and Abhi now stayed there.

By seeing both the daughter’s happiness, Mr.Nair now bit secured about them. one day suddenly he hands over his wealth and property legal documents to his wife and told her that if any unpredictable incident would happen then she would be get readied to face that.

When fear comes true………….

After 2 months of their daughter’s marriage suddenly one day he got attacked by a major heart attack, not even he gave minimum time to his wife to hospitalized him, in fact when they reached the hospital, Dr. already declared his death.

For Mrs. Nair now it’s really a big issue to handle the situation means she now thought that how she would be going to informed her 2 daughters. As time had given a new happy life to them after passed a traumatic phase in 2015. Then how she would again use that horrific utter of uncertain death about their father after Manksh?

Finally, she called them by hiding the utter of death. She told over the phone that their father got an attack and now he has been stabilized by treatment but admitted at ICU………

For Urvi and Abhi it took the time to reached their as they came by flight from another state, but Unsa with Jeet reached the hospital within an hour. Now the truth revealed after landing at the hospital. Both Urvi and Unsa now became speechless after seeing their father’s unpredictable death.

After finishing all formalities and rituals now Mrs.Nair completely got alone in that house. 2 deaths in a family and that’s also one after another year, first her younger son now her husband. She now had adequate time for her mourn, none of her closed ones had that daring to withheld her mourn.

Mrs. Nair now told their daughters and son-in-law that their father Mr.Nair had been carried a phobia of untimely death after he underwent the trauma of their son’s sudden death. Even he also shared his all legal documents about properties with her, that much insecurity he had been carried for a year. Maybe Manksh’s death taught him a tight lesson about life and death for which he affirmed his own untimely death.

 What made them so different?

After all those now Urvi and Unsa decided that they would be an alternative mode come to their mother’s house at every weekend to stay at least a day or two along with her. In this way, days are passing by.

Unsa who since her childhood always loves to do makeup now completely changed her looks. Now she hardly touches her makeup kit, not even she dressed up like earlier she used to. Looks very simple in her cotton saree.

And their Urvi who since her child loves to live simple in her wearing and lifestyle now completely makeover herself by using cosmetics with brand dresses.

Urvi’s husband Abhi who was a CA by profession suddenly left his job one day without any valid cause. When Urvi asked, he told her that he felt monotonous to his work regime so now he didn’t want to go office anymore. His such strange reply not only amazed Urvi but also forced her to know him thoroughly.

Now for Urvi, the question arose then what he would do further means if he didn’t like that company then would he like to do work from home or either he wants to do self-business because as a CA he has lots of opportunities to explore his ideas in finance field to make money. But her all queries got answered when she found that Abhi was a very fickle minded person for whom interest never stayed for long in anything whether it relates to any person, work or anything else.

Abhi now whole day while sitting at home sometimes with his laptop to chat with his friends just wasted his days. Neither he had that interest to do anything nor understanding about the depth of his profile and also he doesn’t bother about Urvi’s emotions. Slowly he turned into a lethargic person.

So many times Urvi pointed him about his such carefree attitude towards life, but he doesn’t care her any wordings at all, not even he ready to understand that he had already been married so as a married guy he had certain responsibilities towards his wife and family but nothing worked out.

Now Urvi had an intense fear about the sustainability of her marital relationship with his husband. Abhi as a fickle and desperate personnel if any day lost his interest upon his wife Urvi then what would be going to happen? This one thought now slowly changed her lifestyle. She had a fear that if Abhi would felt bored at her casual simple look. At anyhow she wants to secure her marital life, she started to make over her in an elegant look. Every day now she makes up with a different way too mesmerized Abhi.

Their Unsa who loves to see herself in the mirror often now hardly got time even to comb her hairs. Jeet after their marriage revealed his health report in front of Unsa. He was an unhealthy guy whose sickish attitude now made Unsa worried about his lifespan. He all-time needs a proper medical observation for his well-being. Actually, he had been detected by leukemia. She always queasy about jeet’s health, which made her changed the way of living. Now she hardly turned to mirror because she had an intense fear about his husband’s lifespan.

Mother’s one word changed their perception……

Mrs. Nair, as a robust woman with full of positivity, after knowing all those about truth about her 2 daughters marital life now she told  only one thing that ‘’be bold and brave enough so that if  any negative result will be waiting at the doorstep to knock the door of your marital life  then you  should must have that strength to face that with your courageous  and positive attitude, then you will find that negative turned to a positive one.’’

She told her daughters that they both were exactly behaving like their father who never tried to heal his wound, in fact, he tried to give up on the situation. He died untimely because he had the phobia of death. For Urvi she too has the phobia about her marriage sustainability and their Unsa has also the phobia of losing her husband’s life.

’Courage is the most important of all virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently…. Maya Angelou’’

As per her perception if their father doesn’t show so hurried regarding their marriage then he might get that sufficient time to scrutinized about groom’s physical health and their typical habits.

Secondary In the case of Urvi, after taking such highest degree, he not even bothered to explore his daughter’s career unless today she might be in some better position in her professional field.

And finally, Mr.Nair was responsible for his own sudden death because he had been going under stress throughout the life. Earlier, he carried the stress about his job tenure means he wanted to finish his major responsibilities before he retired from his job. After son’ death, one more stress added in his life about his lifespan.

 ‘’A fearful mind could never take any right decision.’’

After seeing that highest level of mental strength within their mother in her 65 years of age who already lost her young son a year ago, and just few days ago, again who lost her ultimate support of life, just made Urvi and Unsa quite strengthened at new way of perspective towards their life to face those phases of life.

Now Urvi had been focused on her motivating utter rather than she make up to get back her husband in right track. She joined a college as a professor. Abhi by seeing that his wife was going out to work he felt ashamed and realized his fault. Their Unsa also left her negative view towards the lifespan of her husband and concentrated on his better medical treatment.

After 6 months the result came out with its positive form. Yes… it’s not any miracle but the reinforce of positivity. Only one positive thought of their mother changed their life.

Jeet now quite better than earlier, his physic now responding good to the treatment and as per Dr., he would be recovered very soon hopefully in the next coming 3 months. Unsa and Jeet now quite happy by hoping for their new healthy marital life.

Their Abhi again joined to his new job now he became serious about his career and his family too. Though it took time but it’s never too late to begin the journey.

‘’It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy …. Jane Fonda.’’


When relationship forced for a forbidden life?


Jaya and Amit had an arranged marriage. Amit who worked in a private company, they have a 2 years’ daughter Hia. Amit’s elder sister Reema already married and have an 8 years’ son Raju, her husband working in a state Government office. Amit’s father passed away 4 years ago, but her mother not dependent on her son for her own expense as she getting her late husband’s pension. Therefore, she was quite independent at her 65 years of age.


Very often her sister-in-law Reema visits her parents’ house to spend time with all, especially for Hia as her son Raju was very attached to his little 2 years’ sister, not only he loves to play with her also Hia too loves his presence. Every Sunday without failed Reema with her son came over there. Sometimes Reema and Jaya go shopping and movie along. Reema often gifted clothes and chocolates to her only niece Hia.

Jaya was delighted in her blissful marital life, both Amit and Jaya love each other too much. In this way, her 3 years of wonderful marriage life was going quite smooth.

Will her happiness sustain for long?

Amit usually after office hours comes straight to home and while returning on his way he often bought toys and chocolates for his sweet baby Hia. He does not have any bad addiction to drinking alcohol or spending long nights with his friends. Just after his office work, he loves to spend his all-time with his adorable wife Jaya and Hia.

That day, unlike other days, Hia and Jaya both were anxiously waiting for him. As its now 8:30, Jaya called him many times but his number was in switched off mode. Now she feels discomfort, as he never used to so late. She called him at his office number but they told that he left over from there at his said time 6:30 pm. Then where he went?

Now Jaya told her mother-in-law and called to Reema. After hearing that, Reema with her husband and son Raju came over there. They all were now quite stressed as it’s 10:30 pm.

In this between Jaya called up her every possible place from friends to relatives everywhere, but all replied same that Amit neither called them nor he went at any of their house or anywhere else along with them.

Then where he went suddenly?

Reema’s husband went to search him along with few friends of Amit at their locality and his office area. However, none response came from anywhere.

There Jaya could not hold her tears now anymore because she now screaming with horrific negative thoughts about her husband. By seeing all those, her mother-in-law and Reema too cried with loud.

Now it’s 12:30 am-midnight, the whole house was screaming with frightening of fear and anguish. None of them in their family neither touched the food nor had slept in that night. Jaya stood like a rock at the gate of their house for the whole night, waiting eagerly for her husband.

Their little Hia cried for hungry as she not eligible to understand the depth of the situation. By seeing that Raju took Hia, in his comfort of the lap and made her sleep by feeding water.

Will the sunrise of next day bring darkness for her life?

Next day at very early morning, Jaya told to that entire she now goes to police station already a night passed and she couldn’t wait for this uncertainty. Therefore, Jaya with Reema and her husband went to local police station for lodge FIR about Amit’s sudden missing.

At the police station, police inspector asked Jaya so many personal things regarding their marital life in front of all, like….

  • How were Amit’s nature and behavior towards all along with Jaya?
  • How was their bonding of relationship?
  • Whether they had any fight between them regarding any issue?
  • How was their physical relationship?
  • Whether Amit was satisfied with her?
  • Has he had any rival at his work field or enemy at outside or in the family?
  • Did he take any Bank loan or he is badly in debt?
  • Did he have any ill addictions like consuming alcohol or drug?
  • Lastly, would he have entangled in any extramarital affairs?

These are those questions, which she faced the first time in her life. Jaya replied to Inspector that ‘Amit is a very good person, he doesn’t have any such ill habits nor he has any ill relations with anyone. In fact, he never did any such work for which his family feels ashamed of him. Moreover, they have very strong love bonding then why should he look at another woman.

Even Reema and her husband told to the inspector that they already searched at all local hospitals but due to God’ grace nothing, such accidental incidents had happened with.

After heard all those Inspector told to Jaya that they already took the complaint of FIR and photograph of Amit, now they could go from there, if they would get any information regarding him then they would inform them.

After police station, they all went to Amit’s office but there also his office colleagues told that neither had he had any fight with anyone nor he had any ill relation with any others, and yesterday too he left office at same time of 6:30 pm, but after that where he went, none of them were aware of that.

Now the series of queries begins in her life…

After giving the confession about her marital life at the police station, now her closed ones mean her in-laws were waiting to throw her bunch of queries one after another.

The first question was asked by her mother-in-law, like

  • What did she tell to Amit for which he took that worst decision?
  • Why he suddenly left his home without informing anyone?
  • What did she demand from her son?
  • How could be it possible that as a wife she does not know about her husband?

Now the second question was asked by her sister-in-law Reema, like

  • What did she do with her younger brother?
  • Did she have a good physical relationship with her husband?
  • Whether Jaya’s family told her brother anything?
  • Did she fight with him?

Here too Jaya replied the same to her closed ones that neither she had any such contradiction between them nor she demanded anything from him and Amit also loves her a lot.

Here 3 more days gone Jaya went to police station to know about her husband along with Reema but they not received any information yet from there. She requested repeatedly but they only consoled Jaya by saying ‘keep your patience’.

In this way, a month passed and in this long month Jaya without failed after every alternate day she used to visit at the police station with this hope that might be this time they show her a ray of light. Even she begged at their feet for getting her husband back in her life, but ultimately no result came out. Only one word that inspector told her repeatedly that ‘keep your patience.’ We are trying our level best to search him.

How suddenly closed ones behave so brutally?

2 months passed now her mother-in-law and Reema quite changed in their behavior towards her. For them, she is responsible for all this unless why their son suddenly left the house. For Reema, might be Jaya did something worst about which when her brother came to know, decided to leave her for forever.

Her mother-in-law knows very well that Jaya and his daughter Hia is completely depended on her pension for their survival. She even started abusing her as an unlucky symbol for her son. Jaya would never have been able to give a reply to her any such harshness.

Both her mother-in-law and Reema now assaulted her boldly and desperately, they abused and blamed her for the sudden vanishing of Amit.

Her mother-in-law now not even touched to Hia nor she allowed that little child to enter her room. Even Reema and her family too behaved in the same way with Jaya and Hia too. Raju who earlier was so close to his sister now he too due to his mother does not turn at Hia.

Little Hia missed all of theirs’s love and caring especially to her brother Raju, but unfortunately, she not able to understand the depth of the situation.

Jaya did all the household chores since morning to night as now neither her mother-in-law nor Reema helped her in any work not even they touched Hia, even if she would be cried for long too then also none of them turned back at her, while Jaya was busy with other work.

Jaya and Hia now became untouchable for them. Jaya understood that now she is no more Amit’s wife as he left her alone, only one identity she has in their family and that is a maid.

Doesn’t she have any other option left?

By seeing all those, Jaya once went to her parents’ home with Hia but there also her one and only elder brother not allowed her as after her father’s death her mother was dependent on her brother, whom he and his wife carrying forcedly as a burden above that how could they take one more burden upon their head?

So ultimately, she came back to her in-law’s home for shelter, she had none another place where she would go to take shelter with her little 2 years’ daughter. She compromised with the circumstances.

In this way 16 years passed away now Hia is 18 years old. In this between her mother-in-law passed away and just after her death Reema and her husband without delayed for a day too harped at her mother-in-law’s home, it seems they both were waiting for that day only, as Amit was not there so her mother-in-law too transferred her all property to her daughter’s name.

They now live at the rented house where Jaya for their survival worked in a small tailor, she stitches clothes for kids and ladies. Hia now goes to college.

Who is responsible?

Jaya in her entire life only got humiliation from her closed ones. She from the very beginning said repeatedly that both she and Amit had been carried a good marital bonding among them then, why her in-laws not ready to listen to her voice?

If we assume for the timing too that Amit got entangled with any other woman and for that he married and started a new life with his second wife at some different place where none could identify him and his chances of being caught is almost zero, because he doesn’t have that daring to face either Jaya and his family nor to the society. Then, in that case, we might stand a valid cause in front of Jaya as the reason for his such ignored towards her.

Next, if we assume that Amit met any accidental death while returning from his office to home, then also a strong question will arise at the mind that how could be that possible because his office and home covered 5 km. As per the statement of their office colleagues, he left office at his as the usual timing of 6:30 pm at evening when roads were full of rush with traffic then if any such accident happened within this 5km, then the local hospitals might have had the record about that but nothing like that happened too.

Jaya only received a degraded life by marrying with Amit, her in-laws blamed forever her where she herself in the trap of that worst situation but as per Reema she might not be good in bed with her brother for which he might opt for a different life with another woman because he doesn’t want to take Jaya and Hia’s responsibly.

Amit, who is the one for whom two life got smashed but he is really a coward or cheater who didn’t have the guts to face his primary responsibility. In fact, our society too blamed for that act indirectly to innocent Jaya that she didn’t have that capacity to hold her husband forever, so harsh like him.

Whereas he is the blunderer who did such sinful act despite that he might be leading a happy and respectable life by hiding his identity from the society and there for his act Jaya and Hia gave the penalty or compensate for their whole life.

She sacrificed her whole life…

Jaya never did that daring of second marriage nor she left her mother-in-law too despite being so humiliated day by day, she didn’t bother for at least once too about her desire. Her only focus was how to brought up Hia, in those situations.

Their Hia in her entire childhood only forbidden by her closed ones, her grandmother, Raju and by all where once there was a time when this same Hia used to be the apple of her closed one’s eyes. She brought up in such environment where she habituated of seeing such humiliation of her mother every moment in front of her eyes without her mother’s fault at all. Both treated as a pariah.

Hia hates her father and it’s quite justified for her, for her Jaya is everything, in fact, Jaya plays all role in Hia’s life apart from a mother like father, grandmother, brother ……. everything. She idolized Jaya. They both are now quite happy with each other and in those 18 years, Jaya too lost her all hope of returning to her husband.

Jaya as a wife did her all responsibilities with utmost dedication towards Amit’s family. However, she was not bound to do that where her husband himself eloped from his all responsibilities towards his own family.

For Jaya, her entire life was entangled with this one mystery that why Amit had suddenly disappeared from her life in this way?

The new beginning of Hia…

Hia, after passing out her Degree now doing a job at BPO, her mother now worried for her daughter’s marriage as she doesn’t have sufficed wealth for giving Hia’s social marriage. Moreover, after paying the rent of house then the rest amount goes in Hia’s educational and bread expense then from where she would get to save from that small job of tailoring.

Though due to her frugal nature she still saved Rs.1 lakh rupees for her daughter’s marriage expense and as per Hia that was enough for her because as a single mother she did her all duties perfectly. Hia’s BPO job now relieved Jaya to a certain extent regarding her savings for Hia’s marriage purpose.

But above all now the biggest issue which is waiting for Jaya is how she would be going to face the groom ‘s family when they asked about her husband, Hia’s father. This one question now stands as a real hurdle for her daughter’s settlement in life.

Ready to go to any extent…

Jaya who already passed her whole life in humiliation now ready to go to any extent for her daughter’s well-being settled life because now she became bold enough to face the society desperately moreover when the matter relates to her only daughter who is everything for her and for whom she up to now gulped all pain and rejection in her life.

One after another, marriage proposal she refused when this only question about her husband stands as a barrier for her Hia. Because she wants such type groom for her Hia who after knowing all those truths regarding about Amit and their financial condition, desperately and gladly accept her Hia along her qualities not by judging with her parents’ past.

Moreover, apart from a mother as a woman, she doesn’t want such coward typed guy for her Hia who after taking the responsibility of a life suddenly left them at the middle in life like Amit did with her.

At last, she got the groom who was eligible for her Hia and for whom their past doesn’t matter to begin the present. In this way, Hia’s marriage finally fixed upon 22nd Jan.

 The very special day…

Since morning Jaya doing all work by his own hand, as it seems she was waiting for this auspicious marriage day of her Hia in her life, she invited to Reema and her family but they did not come as they broke their all relations with Jaya and Hia long back.

Jaya doesn’t have any relatives whom she called as well-wisher for her, so she invited few neighbors and few friends of tailoring shop. Up to now, she stitches clothes for others but the marriage costume of Hia made by her mother.

Guests were coming one by one gifted Hia as their blessing with wishes. Hia received many gifts but for her, the costume made by Jaya was the most favorable gift for her. Hia finally went her in-laws home to begin a new life with her husband Ajay.

Now her responsibilities finished….

Jaya now completely get alone in her life up to now she survived her life just because she wants to alive for her Hia, but now she did her all responsibilities perfectly so as a mother she feels proud of her, while thinking those thoughts suddenly she saw one wrapped gift was left over at Hia’s small study table.

What makes her shudder?

Jaya opened the box by seeing that she was just shocked, her hands started shivering, her steps trembled. What was in that box which shuddered her?

The pendant which Hia wore after her birth but it was missing with Amit’s sudden disappearance. Even Jaya searched many times to get back that but with time she assumed that it might be lost by Hia when she was just 2 years old. That pendant was gifted by Amit to Hia at her birth.

when Amit left the house and during those crucial phases when Jaya was completely entangled in searching her husband.

Then how after a long gap of 23 years she gets back that pendant. Jaya now over-sanguine about Amit that he came at Hia’s marriage function to see her daughter from far.

Now I can sleep calmly for forever…

In this long 23 years for Jaya, her husband’s suddenly vanishing stands as a mystery for her life. A most difficult puzzle, which she failed to solve. Sometimes she assumed that Amit might die or kidnapped.

After getting back to Hia’s pendant now for Jaya the puzzle gets solved very quickly. She now understood that Amit neither died nor kidnapped. In fact, he leads a happy life with his second wife and family and he doesn’t have that guts to face her in this life, so he hides self from her and society.

She laughed loudly told thanks to that Almighty that at least before her death he aware her by unfold his character.

But the only agony will remain forever for Jaya that if he decided that he doesn’t want to stay with her then at least he could be left a handwritten for her so that she would never hope for his coming back in her life again.

As a woman, she not allowed any man further in her life to fulfill her desires, after all, she too a human being then why she always withheld herself from all those desires because she has the fear of society?  Moreover, she is a mother so she never allowed for such audacity.

Every night in those 23 years, she at least prayed for his well-being but now she gets released from that. Now Jaya is completely alone neither Hia is beside her nor Amit’s thought. She told lastly to God before going to bed that ‘tonight I sleep calmly with my utmost satisfaction of detachment from my all emotions’.

How suddenly positive relationship changed the life?

Bani………. just will you please keep quiet? Why can’t you behave like normal? We all are tired of your such wordings. At least grow up now, you are going to college? What do others think about your such arrogance?


Bani’s family….

Bani’s father Mr. Zitesh, working in a private company, her mother Neru is a homemaker. Her elder brother Rony studying at standard 10th. Hiten, Neru’s elder brother, uncle of Rony and Bani. Hiten who was very close to his one and only younger sister. He has 2 daughters, Hiten and his wife often came to Neru’s home to meet with Bani and Rony. They both love them a lot.

Bani and Rony have a strong bonding, as a younger sister she always takes care of her elder brother since from childhood. They often fight like small kids. Bani’s parents love them a lot. Hiten’s wife often cooked choice able dishes for Bani to feed her.

Rony is a mentally challenged 20 years’ boy. He always needs special take care all time. Neru all time takes care of her son. Even while doing household chores her one eye is always stick on Rony. She not for a second too left her son alone at the house.

Because he do many such unusual things due to his mental disorder like throwing utensils just after finishing his food, shouting and laughing  loudly  without any reason,  drawing at walls, sucking his thumb, his eating habit quite differs from us, he usually intake 2 plate meal at a time that’s why he is bulky, overall his age fluctuates with his mind development which shows  he still behaves exactly like a 5 or 6 years old boy whereas he is now 20 years old.

How did this happen?

Rony not born with that mental disorder. Zitesh and Neru were very happy when Rony their first child was born. Dr. told that their baby was quite healthy and his weight was completely perfect no such internal defects too he had. In fact, up to 3 years, everything was going quite smooth.

Suddenly one day little Rony started behaving abnormally like he throws toys or whatever found under his gripping upon his parents or who so ever came in front of him, then he not felt necessary to reply her parents when Neru called him like he used to do at earlier. They overlooked those as he was too young only 3years old.

But with time his abnormality showed prominent to them. They went to Dr.and after doing all test they confirmed about his mental disorder.

Is it superstition or fact?

As per Neru its all happened due to her, she was responsible for this mishap. As just after the birth of Rony (as per Indian tradition and rituals) eunuch came to bless her one-month-old baby boy while doing those rituals those eunuchs used to dance and sing with that small baby and bless that baby in return the family of that baby gives them money and clothes.

But Neru don’t believe in such orthodox rituals so she laughed by seeing all those eunuchs and insulted them, so while returned back eunuch cursed Neru that ‘the son for which she feels so happy on his birth very soon it turned into a forever sadness, as today she laughed on their physical look exactly one day will soon come in her life when the world will laugh at her son’s physical look.’

So, the curse of eunuch came to true as per Neru. Once she laughed at eunuch’s looks today the world is laughing at her son’s abnormality.

How a parent accepts that trauma?

For any parents on this Earth, it does not so easy to accept that trauma. For Zitesh and Neru it’s like a disaster which they not at all ready to accept at any cost but nothing is in their hand. Neru who became a rock she forgets to react and smile, not even she talked with Zitesh or with anyone else.

Day by day she too turned like a mad by thinking this one thought that their only son is now proved as a mentally challenged and he will lead his whole life under dependence upon her. Her all dreams about her son now suddenly broke in million pieces.  She now forgets to eat and drink water nor she cooked food for Zitesh and for her only she cooked for her son.

Slowly her body too responded to that. Zitesh almost tried his level best to made her normal but as a father, he failed. Hiten and his wife too consoled her but none’s wordings of consolation worked on Neru. For Neru it’s toughest to come out from that trauma.

How crisis change their life?

Here Hiten who had already 2 daughters his wife again going to birth their 3rd child with this hope that this time God might grace upon them by giving them a gift as a son, as they had strongly wished for son consistently after 2 daughters. But this time Hiten’s wife gave birth to another baby girl. After knowing that Hiten and his wife both got upset, as they have now 3 daughters.

Hiten who worked as a storekeeper in a grocery shop, his earning was not sufficed for running the family of 6 members, his parents, wife, 2 daughters and himself above that one additional member of a baby girl.

As a parent Hiten and his wife had already a big stress of how to settle their 2 daughters by giving them arrange marriage because they were poor and for them to sustained the expense of 6 life was really the toughest issue above that one more daughter means one more biggest issue of accumulation of fund for her marriage expense.

Their Zitesh and Neru was going through tremendous pain for their only son’s illness.  Zitesh was now really worried for 2 life one his son another his wife because Neru was slowly going under depression. Dr.now warned Zitesh that before it’s too late he must take utmost care of his wife for getting her normal. Zitesh already lost all hope of life.

When the sacrifice change their life?

By seeing all those Hiten and his wife decided to give their newly born baby girl to his sister Neru. As they thought Neru might come out from that pain if she gets another newly born baby in her lap. So Hiten and his wife finally hand over their baby girl legally to his younger sister Neru and Zitesh.

Zitesh and Neru were speechless about their such sacrifice. For both, it’s like a God’s blessing in their life to live the life again. They with wide arm welcomed their daughter and named her Bani. They forget their utmost pain slowly day by day.

For Zitesh it’s like a daydream about which he never dreamt and moreover, after getting a newly born baby Neru was quite stabilize in those situations. Only baby Bani made her normal again with her innocence. Now for Zitesh and Neru their only focus was how to brought up their 2 kids by throwing all worries about their son’s disease.

Zitesh by seeing again normal to his wife and family, now decide to do something for his brother-in-law Hiten. So, he gave 3 lakhs rupees to Hiten as a gift money as he and Neru want to see her brother settlement in his life.

After getting that bulk amount from Neru, Hiten now started his own grocery shop business. For Hiten and his family to it’s like entering a new life by throwing the poverty from their family for forever. In this way, Hiten and his wife too obliged towards Zitesh and Neru.

A new beginning of life……….

Zitesh and Neru were not ready to share this bitter truth about their son’s illness and the secret of Bani’s birth with the outside world. As for them now Bani is their daughter though legally but not biologically, so they decided that they would change that rented house and would shift to a different locality.

Hiten and his family often came to meet with Bani and Bani too waited anxiously for her uncle, aunt, and her 2 cousin sisters, in fact, Rony to loves their presence, in this way both Hiten and his wife strongly bonded with Bani by caring the relationship of uncle and aunt.

Here Bani and Rony were growing with time. Rony now started to go for mentally retarded school and Bani now just entered at kindergarten school. Now Hiten too doing good in his business. In this way both the families going well.

Zitesh after few years bought a new flat, now they live there. Rony now day by day recovering as per medical supervision and guidance. Bani too completed her 12th board exams. Their Hiten gave marriage to his 2 daughters.

Rony now 21 years old and Bani 18 years old. Both sibling now stepped in adolescence. Bani is now proud of her parents as she cracked her board exams with 78%. Rony now at 10th standard, as he is doing the study as per his mental capability, so his parents are quite happy with his slow progress.

What was the fear?

Neru always had a fear about the secret of her daughter’s birth that what will happen when Bani came to know the truth about her birth? So, she took the promise from her brother Hiten and his wife that at any cost they would not reveal that truth ever in front of Bani.

Zitesh and Neru later realized that the secret may be unknown to the outer world but what about their close relatives, who already known that from the very beginning. Moreover, at the time of giving marriage to Bani, it will mandatory for the groom to make aware of that secret of Bani’s birth.

Moreover, they thought what will happen if any relative tells that truth to Bani in absence of them. Then it will intolerable for Bani to listen to those truths from other’s mouth. So, both Zitesh and Neru decided to unfold that bitter truth when she will step at her adolescence for capable of understanding those life issues.

Why couldn’t she accept the truth? 

Now Bani starts to going college. So, the time came now, when Neru and Zitesh decided to reveal the truth about her birth. Both with holding their breath told that truth with utmost take care of her emotion.

Suddenly for Bani, all tag of relations changed. Now her parents, elder brother changed from a father, mother, brother to uncle, aunt, cousin and her uncle, aunt, cousin sisters turned to a father, mother, elder sisters. She just laughed loudly on her Fate.

Now the soft-spoken Bani suddenly changed her voice tone, seems like feeling exhausted from the relationships. She often talks harshly with all of them now. She now not at all welcoming her uncle and aunt means Hiten and his wife.

Only Rony is the one with whom her behavior was same as like earlier. She still fights with him exactly like kids, played with him, help him in his study, feeds him. Actually, for Bani the definition of the relationship might be changed for all except her elder brother Rony whom she loved the most in this world and Rony too quiet feel comfort in her ambiance only.

How did she reveal the truth?

Day by day she turned to violence against all of them. By seeing all those Neru once told her personally that if she found her mother Neru as a guilty then whatever punishment she would decide for her mother, it would be gladly accepted by her mother.

Bani doesn’t have any allegation towards her mother Neru because, for Bani,  Neru not went to her brother to ask for his newly born daughter as a healer for her. Moreover, Neru already was in trauma when she came to know about her only son’s mental disability.

Her only anger was upon Hiten and his wife because she understood very well that as a parent their 3rd baby girl daughter became the burden of their life. For her, if they weren’t eligible for brought up a child then why should they gave birth.

Moreover, for Bani may be her parents Zitesh and Neru named that donation of baby girl child as a sacrifice of their brother Hiten but for Bani they not at all did any sacrifice because they don’t have money to brought up their unwanted baby girl child so they very trick fully handed over their baby daughter to their utmost close relative with this hope that they would be praised for that noble cause.

Not only Hiten did all those with the hope of praise but also, they taken money from Zitesh and Neru as a gift offered by them for their better future though he personally not demanded any money in return for their so-called sacrifice even they not also denied when Zitesh and Neru offered them as a gift of 3 lakhs.

It shows that Hiten knows very well from the beginning that if he would do this noble work of sacrifice then Zitesh would pay him a huge amount, without thinking 2nd time because for Zitesh, as a gentleman his self-respect would force him to do that. If Hiten did that in a real mean of sacrifice, then he should never accept that money offered by his sister Neru ever.

So, Bani now revealed one more bitter truth which might not be aware by all. She told that by accepting the money Hiten changed the definition of sacrifice into a solid deal for securing his better future. Her biological parents lost their respect for forever in front of her. Now She gladly accepted her legally adoptive parents as her real parents in front of society.