When relationship help to make life?


 “In this life, we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa.”


Tansy, Laura and Gina 3 daughters of a widow 58 years old woman whose husband passed away a few years back. Who worked in a jute factory where his income wasn’t sufficed for 6 members in the family even he couldn’t be saved enough for his 4 children.

Parents saving for the right shareholder…………..

 So their mother had been carrying the biggest anxiety about his 3 daughter’s marriage expense along with only son Jacob’s education. Her only hope with her younger son Jacob who was studying at 10th.

Among 3 daughters the mid one, Laura hadn’t possessed that much pleasant look in comparison to her 2 sisters Tansy and Gina who were fair with their charming look. That’s why his mother hadn’t faced that much impediment during her 2 daughter’s marriage.

Laura was the only one among 4 siblings who was enough good in her study. That’s why she at anyhow completed her secondary board exams. Where her rest 2 sisters weren’t even completed their 10th.

Their mother assured her 3 daughters that the education was far more important for her only son Jacob in comparison to her 3 daughters because in her prospect her daughter’s whole life expenses would be carried by their husband where they not at all need for higher study for earning to contribute in their family.

What solid cause for such orthodox prospect?……….

Laura’s mother when after her husband’s sudden death due to illness found that her family ebbed away during the crisis. Then she went to the management of the company for providing her husband’s job to her for sustained their 5 life.

They did not agree easily with her such logical request so finally, she knocked the door of the union of the factory where they assured her but placed minimum criteria for that job and that was the candidate should be minimum school passed out.

Then she told them that she wasn’t so literate for that job so would they give that job to their middle daughter Laura on behalf of her because only she was school passed out in her family. As her rest 2 daughters not studied after 10th due to the financial crisis and her son had been studying at 8th standard.

The union of factory finally agreed with her and they gave her husband’s job to her mid daughter 20 years old Laura.

Prime liability……………

Laura now doing her late father’s job. She gave her full salary to her mother’s hand always where her salary’s one part was kept aside first for her younger brother’s education. She wanted to complete her Degree but her limited income was fixed for the survival of 5 members along with her saving for her sister’s marriage with brother’s education so she couldn’t have that liberation to expend a single rupees for her own personal cause.

Her mother’s prime wish was to provide high education to her only younger Son Jacob because she wants to see him established at any cost. For that, her rest 3 daughters were also ready to sacrifice their further education for their adorable younger brother.

Every day after returned from the factory Laura would take the class of her younger brother Jacob. As she was good in the study so she often helped him out from his difficulty in the study since childhood.

The hope of bestowal………..

Here Tansy and Gina rest two sisters now after seeing Laura’s engagement in earning they also now involved in work for the purpose of earn. As their lower education hadn’t allowed them for any official job so they both opted the work where not brainpower only physical labor required. Finally, they went with tailoring work.

Tansy and Gina never gave a single rupees of subvention to their mother. Despite they both preferred to kept their earning along with them only. To disburse an amount of money means to pay it out, usually from their saving fund.

Their Mother even asked often about their income but they both never felt that urge to disclosed that to mother also. As both of them well known that if they unfold their earning then might be their mother would ask to endowed them with their wealth in the family.

Their Laura never dissipated a single rupees for her own medical expenses also. She understood that her elder and younger sister were quite astute. They never dissipated a single rupees even in their mother’s medical expense nor even they ever gift a small pen to their younger brother Jacob also from their earning.

Prenuptial agreement ………..

After 3 years, Jacob hab been pursuing his Degree when Laura’s mother now wanted to settle her elder daughter’s life by arranging her marriage. She was in utmost strain about the fund and well groom for her daughter that who would like to marry her pretty daughter Tansy.

Tansy when aware about her mother’s cause of stress then she upfront told her mother that she doesn’t need to take over stress regarding her marriage because she chose someone as she had an affair with the tailor shop owner’s son who had been handling their garments business.

Her mother after met with the groom and their family finally arranged her elder daughter Tansy’s marriage. During the marriage, Tansy makes up herself with heavy gold ornaments which she and Gina her younger sister made for themselves for their marriage prospect while investing their full earning from their tailoring job.

After a year now her mother gave her younger daughter Gina’s marriage with a well-established guy where Gina also exactly liked her elder sister Tansy made heavy gold jewelry for her marriage intent.

Both the sisters have perceptively invested their hard income in their gold jewelry for their future establishment because they had full of incredulity towards their mother’s affection. As when they found that their mother’s supreme focus was at their younger brother Jacob’s education then they planned for their safe future because they were not liked Laura who dissipated her entire gross in the family expense.

With time predicament changed……….

After 8 years now the circumstances changed, Jacob now became a Software Engineer who had been earning with his 6 figures and her 2 sisters with their husband and children were delightfully leading their lives.

Laura now 29 years old where her mother now had been planning for her marriage as of now she did flawlessly her all duties towards her family. So it’s now her rest 3 siblings liability to take care of their mid sister Laura’s marriage.

Laura who hadn’t so pleasant like her 2 sisters so her mother encountered several rejections while selecting groom for Laura. Few made provisions for their requirement of high cash with the gold asset.

Her mother after knowing all of those now acknowledged to her rest 3 established children withholding the hope that they would definitely contribute fund in that noble cause of marriage for their benevolent adorable sister Laura.

Would they really changed with time?……

 Laura’s 2 sisters now in dilemma about their mother’s open requisition. So they very prudently assured their mother about the rational problems of their personal life. Tansy told her mother that her husband had undergone with the huge loss in his garments business since few months so at that moment for her it’s not possible to provide the fund for her sister Laura’s marriage and for that she felt really bad.

Again Gina portrayed the same way to her mother that her in-laws were decided to voyage for pilgrimage, as her husband had been proffering a big amount for that voyage, so she couldn’t arrange fund for them and for that she felt regret.

Finally, the last hope of ray was Jacob. Jacob after getting his job booked a flat at posh locality for which he was under the debt of bank.

Self-seeking standpoint………..

 In this way years passed by when Jacob also settled his own life by marrying a rich family girl and now he stayed with his wife at his posh residence where only his rich 2 sisters Tansy and Gina were allowed as per their status.

Jacob once offered his mother to stay with him at his posh residence. Then his mother asked him that “would his unmarried sister Laura stay alone in that rent small house or she would also stay in her brother’s bungalow?”

By hearing that Jacob in an immodest manner replied his mother that “his proposal was Only about his mother not for his sister because if he assured about his sister’s accommodation with them in their bungalow then his in-laws might felt awkward in their high-class society. Moreover, Laura was the self-dependent woman then why should he provide favor to her.”

 When emotions not allowed to cross the limit………..

Laura during her initial days in her work field at the factory job, there was a guy named Paul who liked her because of her honesty, innocence and hard dedication towards her family. Both fallen in love but she never dared to expressed her emotions ever to Paul.

He proposed Laura for marriage but Laura who already had enough accountability towards her family rebuffed him, but Paul wasn’t admitted her exclusion.

Paul loved her truly so he decided to persuade Laura’s mother. But the thing was how could he directly go her house without her affirmation and invitation?

His intrepidity allowed him to forthrightly interpret his affection towards Laura to her mother.

 Laura’s mother who disavowed his marriage proposal because she illustrated him about their family’s condition. She made him aware of telling that………

  “We are in difficult situation of scarcity where only Laura is the sole earning member of our family upon whom the entire responsibility of our whole family’s sustainability and if she goes from this family by marrying you today then tomorrow we 4 members of this family will die in poverty because none will come to feed 4 of us.”

Rational promulgation…………

Paul and Laura looked at each other and weighed up the situation. Laura while affirming her mother’s rational statement told him to go back from her life. Now Paul after listened to their opinion again induced her mother by that saying that……

 “If he marries with Laura then he will never interrupt her for contributing her earning to her family in fact then he will be also with dignity endows his allowance to them.”

But her mother disapproved his such benefaction because she made him understood that might be he in his love and affection could think such generous but would his parents acknowledged his such kindness?

“Moreover if he for that moment able to convinced his parents for such generous endowment then why should she and her family going to take their benevolence.”

She also told him that “Laura is her daughter so with pride she is accepting her contribution but if she marry with you then you will be my son-in-law then, in that case, we should never accept your bestowal which will degrade my self-esteem.”

Will he still wait for his love?………….

Laura who tried utmost to made him understand that she had the liabilities towards her 2 sister’s marriage, brother’s education so until she fulfilled her target she wouldn’t think about her marriage.

As the factory job had been given by her mother which she had been doing on behalf of her mother because she wasn’t eligible for that job so she referred her name. In that case, how could be she so self-centered which deprived her morale?

Paul now when failed to indoctrinated Laura and her mother then he declared Laura that he would wait for her completion of accountability until she approbated but would never leave her alone.

 Circumstances forced to take oath……….

 There Paul’s parents couldn’t be swallowed their only son’s such hard taken pledge but still, they agreed because they couldn’t force him into marrying another girl. 

Suddenly Paul’s mother got a heart attack and in her bedridden, she bound her son to take the oath that he would marry within a month before she counts her last breath.

Paul now sacrificed his love for his mother as he gave his word to his bedridden mother so he married a girl as per his parents choice within a month.

After 10 years feeling of bewailing………..

Laura’s mother now repent of her deeds because she realized that how self-involved her 3 children who not bothered for their benevolent sisters and for that only she was the cause for Laura’s unsettlement in life. Laura dissipated all her time and income in her family.

She now announced valiantly………….

Laura’s mother now in her 70 years old wants to amend her biggest misjudgment by exclaimed that she was the mother of only one child Laura whom she gave birth from her womb, so only Laura had the right to solemnize the rituals post death of her.

 Even she told that her 3 children Tansy, Gina and Jacob would not be allowed strictly to touch even her feet or her body after her death unless her soul would not get the peace. In this way, she wants to diminish her sin.

With end arise a new beginning for her……….

 Exactly this happened after her mother’s death when her 3 siblings came to see their mother for last time she was not allowed them by acknowledging them about her mother’s last wish.

In front of society by heard such offended statement from Laura Jacob told her that she might captivate their mother towards herself unless how could it be possible that a mother denied her 3 children by supporting her only.

Her 2 sisters while supporting their brother’s voice also told Laura that “she doesn’t do any excess favor for the family because if their mother would give their late father’s job to them then they would also serve their same dedication towards the family. Moreover, Laura had been still enjoying that earning from her job which made her self-dependent.”

They also told that “their mother had always been over concerns about her mid daughter Laura which she proved with her deeds and last statement, her actions clarified her impartiality affection towards her 4 children.”

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt of it…….Maurice Switzer”

Laura without uttering a single word after that funeral ceremony left that place with those ungracious closed ones far away for forever by resigned her factory job.

As now she had none in this world for whom she would admit such condemnation and for her, she did her all amenabilities so now she freed her from all egoistic relationships.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent……….Eleanor Roosevelt.”

When relationship advice need for arrogant comparision?

When our love towards our children became centric towards their achievement then a transparent unhealthy comparison cultivates in our absence which in future may be the stand as the biggest cause of the destruction of our children. Then might be time will also fail to rectify that mishap as its already too late for its correction and exactly at that moment we only repent for our deeds.


Diego and Raya parents of two teenaged children, Raisa 15 years old girl and Rio 17 years old boy. They both brought up in a nuclear family where only during summer vacation they used to visits to their grandparent’s native home.

Diego and Raya both were working in a software company where both almost leave the house at the same time at 9 am. Diego used his own car for his office so he returned as per his ease at 8 pm while Raya would go with company’s car of pick and drop one so its take time for her returning at 9 pm.

 His grading ……………..

Rio a sharp intelligent boy since his childhood his persistence of excellence always beat the turbulence. His scoring always stuck to above 90%. His class teacher had a big hope on his Secondary board scoring along with his parents as for them his scoring would be going to give them a special honor among in their relatives and in peers group.

Rio was very stubborn by nature. Since his childhood whatever he had demanded his parents without a second delayed fulfilled that. Earlier after passed out with 98% at his 10th board exams his parents gave a trip to Hongkong Disneyland. This time he asked for Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike from his parents and he was damn sure that he would surely get that with his excellence grade.

Exactly that happened he passed out with 95% in his Secondary board exams. He ranked topper in his school where from Principal to teachers all apprehend him with their best wishes for his brilliant future.

Diego after got that good news of his son’s highest scoring immediately called up to his parents. It’s no doubt really a great news for a parent but for Diego, it was like the happiest day of his life seemed like his son had fulfilled the biggest dream of his life.

Diego’s family…………

Diego belongs to a rich family. They were 2 siblings, Diego the younger one and his elder brother Marco, who with his wife and 21 years old daughter Zia lived at their parent’s house along with their parents.

Marco was not so good in his educational career that’s why he did not even get a good job for which his father hand over his own Spice business to his elder son though the majority and all finance regarding issues in that business had been taken by his father only. Though Marco was a devoted son but his father doesn’t have that reliance upon his son’s average brains.

Conditioning for the property will……………

Diego’s parents had a great desire for their children’s high education but with time when they aware that their elder son Marco wasn’t met up to their expectation while the younger one Diego was quite good in his educational career then his father planned their future as per his standpoint.

Their father now crossed his 80 years old so he made the property will for his 2 sons and their family.

 The property got shared in 35:35:30, where he gave 35% share to each of his sons and rest 30% was in their name, and the last significant clause which his father added was that “among 3 grandchildren who show their best scoring in their academic performance would be supposed to get their grandparent’s 30% share in their name.”

When desires get fulfilled without effort………..

Marco solemnized his daughter Zia’s marriage in her early 21 years ages as his father had a strong desire to attend at their elder grandchild’s marriage before their older age could knock the door of death.

Now when they found that only Rio their only grandson whom they adored the most was the sole qualified to meet their expectations then without delayed they decided that at the 18th birthday of Rio they will hand over their 30% share to their adorable grandson Rio in front of all.

That’s the big cause of pleasure for Diego and Raya, where without exercised any effort their parent’s 30% share would be going in their bucket. Where now Diego became the 65% shareholder of his parent’s property.

What about Deigo’s another child ?…………...

Raisa 15 years old daughter who studied in standard 10th. Raisa very introvert and unobtrusive in nature. As her mother used to return home from the office at 9 pm so she often served dinner to her tired working parents. She was quite self-dependent in managing her own task also often she managed cloths of his elder brother Rio.

Even she helped her mother with her household chores. Whenever her parents and elder brother felt sick she used to gave her utmost care to them by leaving her own study. In fact, Raya felt quite good sometimes due to her daughter’s affectionate.

Raisa who wasn’t so good in the study like her elder brother but she never failed in any class only passed with her average grade which was enough cause of abashed for her family.

The Orthodox yardstick for average grade……...

Her parents always depreciated for her average performance in front of her elder brother Rio, which her brother enjoyed a lot. Rio often in prankish told to his parents that “they should give his younger sister’s marriage early as like his cousin sister Zia.”

Actually, such typical thoughts cultivated by their grandfather to Rio. As for his grandfather “if girls failed to show their excellence in education then they should get ready for early marriage because for him why to invest unnecessarily for average grading despite invest for the topper in their study and in all rest things.”

Such orthodox mentality already absorbed their elder cousin sister’s life. Zia always had a wish of becoming a school teacher which her grandparents not allowed her.

Marco and his wife never had that backbone to say anything against their parents whether it’s regarding their daughter’s marriage or whatever. As Marco’s earning was based on his father’s spice business so for that he always being indebted towards his parents and moreover he glorified their every sole decision since ages.

18th birthday………....

Diego and Raya had been planning for their son’s 18 birthday party. They invited Rio’s friends, their few office colleagues and especially to their parents the special guest along with his elder brother Marco and his wife. As Diego was anxiously waiting for that day when his father would be hand over his share officially.

The day finally came when Diego and Raya had been celebrating their elder son Rio’s birthday where they conceitedly proclaimed their son’s highest scoring in front of all.

All venerated Rio when Diego gifted Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike to his son for achieving highest rank with the pronouncement that Rio became the pride of their family. All were in admiration mood about Rio. His uncle Marco, aunt and grandparents applauded Rio.

There Raisa was standing at far had been gazing those as she never got such felicitation in regard to her any small achievement ever.

Finally, the desires fulfilled……………

Finally, Rio’s grandfather proclaimed that he gifted his own share of 30% property to his adorable qualified grandson Rio in front of all. Diego finally became the shareholder of 65% of his parent’s property where Marco his elder brother was enough satisfied with his 35% share.

Rio post acquired the exorbitant acclamation by his father and grandfather turned his angle of inclination. He admitted at the top college of the city where with his new friends’ group his arrogance now seemed in his postures with his new bike.

With time after 3 years, he changed a lot seemed like grandparents 30% property share made him enough stubborn. He now returned home late from his tuition often smoked and consumed alcohol also, but whenever parents tried to pause him he revolts them.

Rio always recounted his parents that “he had been utilizing his grandfather’s earning not their, as his grandfather had given him enough for his amusement then who were they to address all those to him.”

Self-awareness of delinquency…….……..

Rio became a spoiled brat only due to his parents and elders. He inherited his delinquency from his father. Diego and Raya now understood that they were the delinquent of his son haughtiness where Rio now crossed his every limit of his audacity. Not a single penny was left with Rio now due to his prodigal personality.

Raisa who never scored highest but her persistence of average made her high-minded who exactly felt her status in their family like her uncle Marco who still never interrogated about property’s impartial sharing with her grandfather. As he was quite satisfied with his moderate life.

Diego and Raya now realized every second that their over appreciation and overlooked their son’s every small mistake since his childhood and also by fulfilling Rio’s all desires unnecessarily made him aggressive towards life.

Is really highest grade carry symbol of excellence?…….

Rio’s highest grading made his parents covetous for acquired their parent’s share of the property. At the other site, such mastership on the property for an 18 years old was enough sufficed for his cause of annihilation.

Deigo’s father always neglected his elder son due to his average marks in education whereas Marco always beholden towards them on the other side Diego who stayed far from his parents always earned the highest recognition for his good establishment by his parents.

Raisa also never being glorified ever by her parents for her affectionate towards them who never demand anything from her parents but still, they always overlooked her good qualities by measuring it’s with mark cards.

Diego understood finally that in real life the biggest achievement is to be a good human being rather than scoring in mark cards because in practical life only a good human being could able to achieve its goal finally.

When marriage counseling needs in love marriage?

 “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth………..William W. Purkey.”



Vasco and Gianna both working at the same senior secondary school where Vasco 38 years old 5’1” dark complexion unhandsome yoga teacher of junior and secondary classes. Gianna 32 years old 5’4” fair texture with a stunning look. She was a history teacher in the second class.

Gianna who always strict with her students very introvert. Her colleagues often enjoyed movies with dinner during the weekend but she never. Her parents often told her for spending time with her friends but she had never, always following strict scheduled of home to school and school to home.

Her colleagues also get amazed about her such non-interest in the enjoyment of life at her 32 years aged. Though her eloquence attracted all. She joined her job 2 years ago. Both Gianna and Vasco came to school by the same bus at the same time as they stayed in the same way.

The first feeling of love………..

Gianna resides 4 km ahead of Vasco. So every day she catches the bus prior to Vasco. Gianna never observed that one of her colleagues had been traveling by the same bus. She had always drowned in her own thoughts.

Vasco everyday first went to 4 km behind until Gianna would catch the bus he waited for her again in the same way while returning he used to leave the bus with Gianna at the same halt, afterward he returned to his home.

In this way, he had been traveling 4 km twice the same route only for Gianna since 2 years but not yet told her that he really concerned about her.

Vasco has fallen in love at first sight with Gianna but he wasn’t had so alluring in corresponded to her so never showed that desperate to propose her since 2 years. He always glared her from distance withholding the thought that if God had been made him bit shapely in corresponding to her then he might be proposed her valorously. But unfortunately, his unpleasant look always stood as the barrier to him.

His gaped had been notifying often by other peers, even they often queried about his such vision but he shrewdly skipped their wordings. As he didn’t have that prowess to manifest his affection to all.

Time for unmasking emotions………...

Vasco’s parents here now wanted to fix up his marriage so they were searching for befitting bride for him. They already selected few and when they asked Vasco about their selection then he objected as he already finalized someone else.

Now he decided that he would unfold his affection towards her.

 Next day while returned back to his way he stated to her that “since 2 years he had been trying to revealed his feelings towards her but dissuaded due to his unattractive appearance. Though he knew that he wasn’t eligible for marrying with her. Still, he couldn’t be paused himself anymore to clarified about his affection for her because he loves her and wants to marry her.”

After hearing those valiant statements from Vasco she amazed by his intrepidity and replied him that “how could he dared to dream up a reverie about his feelings. Apart from his unpleasant look his height also didn’t stand up to her mark. If they would stand beside then it’s seemed quite waggish to others.”

 So she admonished him for his waggishness and whimsical nature. Vasco, after humiliated by Gianna not offended despite his determination of getting her in his life now, became more strongest than earlier.

Feeling of abashment…………

It’s difficult to suffer the ignominy of defeat. Now Vasco had the discomfort of losing his self-respect in front of his colleagues as he was wide assured that Gianna would utterly be disclosed about his marriage proposal towards her colleagues for the aim of disgraced him in front of the school.

Gianna didn’t unfold about his proposals to any of her colleagues because she wanted to give him one chance for coming out from his illusion also she didn’t want to give the opportunity to peoples for scoffing.

Now her eyes always on his every action because she wanted to see his audacity. Vasco still following his old scheduled of traveling by the same bus with her but the only difference was now that Gianna’s eyes couldn’t skip that.

A year passed by…………..

In this way a year passed by but neither Vasco left his scheduled of following her nor Gianna was ready to read his mind.

Suddenly one day Gianna came with a little child of 5 years at the bus stop when Vasco had been waiting for her though in this one year she never talked for once at least with him. She still acted like a stranger to him.

But that day Gianna came to him and asked him valorously “Vasco you still holding the hope of marrying me right? Because your persistence of following me since 3 years had been agitating me enough now. So today I decided to reveal you one truth about my life afterward I am quite affirmed that you will definitely divert your way and will stop following me for forever.”

Statement flabbergasted him…

Vasco was perplexed about her sudden introspection. He gazed her first time from so close again when Gianna upfront came to him for saying something and it’s a great pleasure to him.

Now Gianna acknowledged him that “the 5 years girl is her daughter Kim with whom she is staying with her parents home because she was divorced.”

The phenomenon of her life dumbstricken him. Now he understood that why she committed so rigid life. But her proclamation wasn’t enough to dissuade his mind from her as he was in intense love with her where nothing would distract him from his hard determination.

Now he asked Gianna “would she like to give the opportunity to this bad looking man for taking care of her and her little angel for forever?”

He also told that “if he would be handsome then she would might not be rejected him brutally because people’s loves to adopt the glittered dazzle one in their life where no place for non-pleasant one but we often forget that the outlook is gifted by the nature whereas the inner perspective is the self-creation by human being.”

Will time could change her perspective?……….

Now Gianna was in dilemma about him so she needs time for answering his proposal. Vasco agreed for giving her time to rethink his proposal.

Gianna now talked with him often, even they now spend time while on their way to the bus by sharing their likes and dislikes with each other. Gianna in every aspect had been trying to compare Vasco with her ex-husband.

3 months crossed when Vasco didn’t show his inquisitive about her past. One day Gianna questioned him that didn’t he had any query about her past then he told her “your ex-husband wouldn’t be definitely a good person unless how could he left his cute little baby with his wife and why to remind those ill memories which only gives you pain moreover I wants to become a part of your present and future so why to scratched that past. Moreover you still untarnished for mine.”

The nightmare of past…………….

During her college days, Gianna felt in love with Paul 5’8” tall handsome guy. Due to his flamboyant attitude girls often pay attention towards him. Gianna and Paul after passed out from college decided for marriage as when both found that now their frequent meeting would be interrupted soon.

They did court marriage in absence of their family with the witnessed of their few friends. Now they openly went to the hotel for quenching their physical desires. Gianna often asked Paul regarding their married proclamation to their family but he eruditely eloped from that issue every time.

After 5 months of their marriage now Gianna had been expecting for her pregnancy. She aware of that to Paul when he prompted her for abortion but still he wasn’t ready to unfold about their marital status to none of their family members.

When Gianna interrogated about his cause of evasion then he replied her that his parents would not grant their marriage as Gianna belongs from a middle-class family and Paul coming from a rich status. She just astonished about his opinion because it’s his decision of getting married to her then it’s also his responsibility to address her in front of the society.

When all doors seem closed ……

Gianna alone went to the gynecologist for aborting the baby as she didn’t find any way left for her their Dr. affirmed her that she already crossed her phase of abortion because it’s already late of 4 months. She aware Paul that her pregnancy had lost its abortion termination period so she had to give birth to their child.

Now the real wrangle began when Paul unmasked his real aspiration as he married her because he needs a forever solution of quenching his lust but now it’s become a vexation for him where he wasn’t mentally prepared for surviving the lifelike typical married couples.

Gianna by holding her breath now disclosed the bitter truth of her life next to her parents because now she badly needs their help.

 After listening to their daughter’s daring confessing her parents understood that she already got punished for her biggest mistake of life where only she would pay for that. So without showing their rampage, they showed their maturity where She already drowned in the quagmire fantasy of love.

Gianna under the safest net of her parent’s support took divorced fromPaul and gave birth to her little daughter. Finally, she got released from the college fantasy love.

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best……Marilyn Monroe.”

New beginning …………….

Gianna now after 5 years was enough matured to understand the real definition of love, affection and caring which she found within Vasco who still not left her hand after knowing the past about her.

Vasco who showed his extreme patience of unalloyed love where Gianna had to condescend in front of society by abolishing the term of outlook and status in legitimate love.

Finally, she acknowledged his marriage proposal willingly after 3 and half years when the extra 4 km traveling of Vasco ends up with their marriage.

Vasco asked Gianna on their first night that “might be their grotesque pair would be perceived facetious remarks in public but would she had that hardihood to confronted with those?”

She replied him that “If you accepted gallantly my slanderous sordid past then your unpleasant look not being a big issue in front of mine where your elegance lies in your standpoint towards life which makes you exquisite the most than your physical outlook.”

She realized that she had fallen in love with Paul by viewing his exquisiteness whereas his perspective was enough abhorrent and hideous and there Vasco’s standpoint made him alluring than his physical look.

 “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams………..Dr. Seuss.”

How age difference in relationship matter?

Is Age really matters for love relationship …………..

Florida 5’5” was stunning in her 27 years old with flawless skin, long hairs, had almost forgotten to look at her own beauty as she already committed to her mother that before her younger brother’s settlement she wouldn’t leave the house for marriage.


  Her mother often repent that the family responsibilities did not permit her daughter to settle in her marital life. She never went for parlor because she couldn’t afford that despite that her heart throbbing looks was enough to mesmerize all.

Her education and career………

Florida after did her triple MA in language took tuitions for their family expense since morning to night as she tried few times for secondary school job but didn’t get. One day her younger brother Sam told her to visit the NGO as they need a qualified girl for handing their overall management work.

As the founder of that NGO was about to leave the country for few years so before leaving the country they wanted to give the incumbency of that NGO to some high qualified trustworthy woman. She went next day for the interview at the NGO and got selected very easily.

Florida’s family………….

Florida belongs from a middle-class family whose father had been suffering from blood cancer and mother a housewife. Her father’s such deadly disease gulped their nominal savings. She was in real need of the job for sustained her father’s treatment, brother’s education and family expense.

So without waiting for a good salaried job as per her high qualification, she abided by the situation. Her younger brother Sam who had been pursuing his 2nd year of the degree. Sam’s every small need was being fulfilled by his elder sister only. Florida was idle of Sam’s life.

 Close mate’s affection………….

Dedrick, Sam’s close mate who belongs to a rich family, often came to his friend’s house for followed tuition from his friend’s elder sister. Sam’s family adored Dedrick unconditionally due to his unpretentious nature. Florida took the class of both Dedrick and Sam along in their small drawing room.

After joining at the NGO job she couldn’t afford time for taking tuition randomly but she never skipped to take the class of Sam and Dedrick. Dedrick’s parents also fond of Sam and especially to Florida. Their affection towards Florida’s family was always indescribable.

Dedrick’s parents helped Florida financially during emergencies many times for her father’s treatment. Which Florida returned as per her ease way.

When emotions respond as per age…………

Florida forever strict about her student’s study. She never differentiates between Sam and Dedrick in any matter. For her Dedrick also liked her younger brother. The ear pulling of Dedrick and Sam went on equally throughout her tuition class. Dedrick often in his prankishness used to tag her Hitler sister.

 Slowly Dedrick’s feelings transformed towards Florida. He now likes to stare her looks. His concentration often diverged from studying now, Florida’s bookish wordings not soothing his ears. He was eager to listen few differ words from Florida’s pink lips. He does not even react now when Florida shout at him for his error at the study.

Many times he holds her hands glared her fingers as if her soothing fingers had been touching his face, shoulders……..

Dedrick started imaging her Hitler sister in his fantasy, where he was bold enough to touch his dream girl Florida (where Hitler sister waved out). He kissed Florida’s lips which he loves the utmost because that moist pink lip was the ONLY sensitive sexual appealing part of Florida which was enough exposure to him since long.

While kissing her lips his hands holds her face where his thumb touched her ears, he told to himself that “many times dear you ear pull of mine while studying now it’s my turn to touch your soft ears.”

He never crossed his limit in his fantasy with his dream girl because he now understood that he has fallen in love with Florida where he wants to play sex with her, only when his love also responds to him.

when love needs comfort to confess…….

He Couldn’t understand that how he spelled out about his feelings towards Florida whom he called the sister. He had a fear of her reaction but he Couldn’t wait anymore as now he needs the answer from his fantasy. So he decided that he would acknowledge his emotions to her.

Unlike other days he seemed quite strained throughout the whole class of 1 hour. Florida generally after taken her 45 minutes of continuous lecture gave a pause where now she raised queries regarding her 45 minutes of nonstop speech on that particular subject. First time Florida found him unresponsive. Usually, both Sam and Dedrick always had a healthy competition in class.

She asked him the cause of his absent-minded but he wasn’t capable of replied her query. She was about to leave the room then suddenly Dedrick called her ………….

Sis..ter.. I want to say you few words would you like to permit? She told why not tell what happened? You seemed inattentive during the class is anything wrong?”

“Dedrick in his stammering voice ……would you allow me to spell your name forever by abolishing the utter sister???? You became the cause of my inattentive in everything nowadays. I don’t know whether you going to slap me or throw me out from your house but I m fair and honest in my decision so I do not feel fear from any because…… I Love You Florida…………”

How to harmonized ……….

Florida was incoherent about his expression. Before she expressed her views Dedrick went away. Florida who almost forgot about the meaning of love in her life, when Dedrick the first man in her life who desperately professed her despite being aware the age gap and status about her. She whole night just thought about his said wordings.

 Next day she asked him that whether he won’t aware of her age as she was 6 years older to him. Dedrick told her that he loves her so her age and status all those don’t matter to him and he wants to marry her.

Florida told him that she needs time to decide that as she couldn’t leave her family now as she had the responsibility towards her family. Dedrick was ready for waiting until she affirmed about their marriage.

The first love of life…………….

Florida was quite hesitant in front of Dedrick during their personal moments as her age paused to expressed her feelings. Florida told to Dedrick that she never thought that one day someone would also propose her for love and marriage because responsibilities of life eliminated those emotions from her life.

One more truth she revealed him that she in her young ages also had the desires of love and romance like others and that’s why when Dedrick the first man in her life whom she knows very well as a bestie of her younger brother, proposed her she avowed because might be her quench of love erupted which not allowed her to disagree.

Their intimate moments………….

Both crossed their every limit during physical intimacy ……..Dedrick always loves to suck her juicy lips the most. They did foreplay for long hours in the hotel room.

Florida always loves to sleep on his hairy bust where she often sucked his tits.

“Florida while playing with his rocky erected cock! Dedrick aaa hh hh……….Florida now it’s my turn……she dodged but Dedrick with his strong hands squeezed her tits ………..uufff…..he sucked uu Ummm……….. her each organ randomly.”

“ Florida told now give a pause darling! Dedrick in his extreme moments …..my love the main course is yet not over then how could I? she laughed told, You naughty boy………. now Florida once again squeezed his special private organ in a soft supple way……….finally, their intimate course completed.”

They both undressed under the bed shit avowed for their lifelong relationship.

After 8 years ………………

Florida’s NGO job’s earning made Sam lawyer. He completed his practice under his senior Advocate just a few months ago and now had been planning for his own Chamber.

Her father passed away a year ago. Now Florida’s responsibilities over towards her family as her younger brother now well settled in his life. Their Dedrick who became a Chartered Accountant till waiting for his love Florida to marry her. He now had been getting ready to acknowledge all about their intense 8 years affair.

Would they avowed?……………....

Dedrick told his parents about their affair and decision of marriage to Florida. His parents just stupefied after heard the incoherent decision of marriage with an older aged girl. But they not talked with Dedrick regarding their opinion instead they told Dedrick that they want to talk with Sam regarding their marriage issue as he was the close mate of him.

Dedrick’s parents called Sam in absence of their son and told him “Dedrick and you are bosom so for that intense bonding we also tied up a healthy bonding with your family. As a good wisher for that profound bonding, we often helped Florida financially during emergency though she also returned those cash as an ease EMI without interest.”

“But now the thing is when Florida found that now her father died and she couldn’t borrow money from us for the sake of her father’s treatment then she exercised her ploy by practicing her heartwarming with Dedrick.”

“Moreover as an eloquent she imbued with her honey-tongued for affected Dedrick. As he belongs from a rich status and when she found that she still fighting with her bachelorette then she executes her gambit for her well-settled future.”

“Moreover you are the close mate of our son and also the brother of Florida so in that case, you would definitely aware of their affair and also involved with your sister’s ploy. You both sibling just exploited our son for fulfilling your avidity.”

When dream devastates?………….

Sam after heard all those irrational perspective towards her elder sister now decided that within 7 days he would be solemnized his sister’s marriage with some other guy. But from where he found the groom within a week for her highly qualified 35 years old sister?

He told everything to his mother about his sister’s affair with his close mate and the allegation of Dedrick’s parents towards them. He affirmed his mother about his hard decision about his sister’s soon marriage because now its comes to the question of their social reputation with which he was not at all ready to bargain for his sister’s affairs with a younger rich guy.

Finally, after 3 days, he finalized his sister’s marriage with Edwin 65 years old, a principal of a secondary school who was the client of Sam. Suddenly at the 4th day, he acknowledged Florida that he organized her marriage tomorrow so get ready to go to court tomorrow sharp at 11 am.

Decision thunderstruck her……

Before Florida queried for such straightaway decision to Sam her mother entered at room and summarized her that how Dedrick’s parents started a vicious slander against her.

So she told to Florida that Sam as a younger brother of her felt quite ashamed to spelled out those vicious words in front of her so he took that split second decision for saving her veracious sister from vicious slander from society.

Florida requested Sam and her mother that at least before taking that hard decision of marriage with another guy she wanted to speak with Dedrick as she was quite assured that Dedrick was unaware about his parent’s harsh statement and moreover they both loved each other since 8 years. After spent these long years of intense attachment how could she adopt someone else as her life partner?

After the open confessions about her affair now her mother asked her that how could she love with an underaged guy who designated her as a sister.

Suddenly Sam pointed her that “Only because of you, sister that day I felt so embarrassed in front of his parents that I didn’t found any word to defend against their slander. You are idle of my life since ages then how could you become the cause of my ignominy. Today only for you, our intense friendship abraded.”

Decision solemnized……..

 Florida dumbstricken with his younger brother’s statement. She understood that 8 years ago when they underwent in scarcity suddenly one day Sam offered her that NGO job. She affirmed that job without questioning him about her accomplishment where a Graduate degree was sufficed to meet the criteria for Admin job but she as a triple MA above that criteria confirmed that job because her family was in need of money.

Exactly after 8 years when Sam was humiliated for his sister’s affair, he placed instantly 65 years extreme old aged groom for his sister without had a glance upon his sister’s appropriateness.

Florida always fulfilled her younger brother’s every small wish. Whatever it’s she never said no to him ever in her life since childhood whereas Sam as a younger brother couldn’t be able to fulfill her one wish.

Sam’s ungracious immoral determination eradicated Florida’s life for forever. His egoism became more pretentious than his sister’s blissful life.

Sam could choose a better life partner for her sister Florida but he couldn’t wait for that as he wants to solemnize that marriage during that 7 days. As he never bothered his sister’s compatibility.

Why in those short span of 7 days?……….

Dedrick was out of State for 7 days for auditing a company. When his parents called Sam in their house for humiliating and after that Sam decided that split second decision of Florida’s marriage as he was enough assured that after Dedrick returned from his trip he would not be allowed for that audacity of his Fiance’s marriage with someone else.

Florida knew that both the families took the advantage of her lover’s absence but she was helpless because her own family wasn’t ready to give her at least a daytime so that she could chronicle him about the depth of the situation.

Daydream is not supposed for practical………..

Finally at the 5th day at 11 am the registration marriage solemnized between Edwin and Florida at court witnessed by Sam and his mother.

Dedrick post returned from his auditing trip when came to his friend’s house to met with Florida her mother told him that she got married 2 days ago. Dedrick was stupefied about that statement he asked Sam that why they did so?

As Dedrick never confessed his love to his bosom ever so in that aspect Sam now pretended him as unaware of their affair as he was quite assured that Dedrick’s parents definitely not told him about their confidential meeting with him during his absence.

Now Sam asked his bosom that “why you are getting so hyper my dear friend? Yes, it’s true that Florida is also like your elder sister then why you seemed so annoyed instead of being pleased with that news as she already lately married in her 35 years old. So at least you should must happy about her.”

Dedrick burst with cried told that he loved Florida and they were about to marry then how could she suddenly agreed for this marriage where he already spoke with his parents about them and also planned to tell about their affair to Florida’s mother and Sam, just after coming back from his trip.

Now Sam in his extreme loud told him “my dear friend you already late for your confession. I m your best friend where we shared our each like and dislike then how in those 8 years you played so well behind my back that even I couldn’t smelt your affair for at least once?”

“But the game is over now and its unfortunate that you lost the game and one more thing never tried to interrupt my sister’s marital life ever because now you should keep in your mind that your ever close mate now fully aware about you.”

“So my Eyes are now on you for forever if I found any turbulent in her marital life then I will surely forget that who are you and which I don’t want because I’m not like your parents who never thought for a second before their vicious humiliation.”

Is really age matters for love?…………

Sam couldn’t acknowledge his sister’s affair with an underage guy where Florida only 6 years older to Dedrick but he himself appointed a 65 years old man for his adorable sister where they had 30 years of long gap between them.

Florida told to herself that in real mean now Sam proved as a good Lawyer who did well judgment with his sister by crushing her emotions, who made him Lawyer by wasting her time with age.

She told Sam only one word before she left the house that “You will prove as a superb lawyer very soon as you proved already that there is no place for love and emotion in real life, where none feelings or nothing workout only evidence talks.”

Dedrick cried like a mad he understood that from his parents to Sam all taken the advantage of his non-presence of 7 days. All relationship now dead for him whether it’s his parents or bosom because that sole relationship of his and Florida now died so none relationship matters for him.

Florida now admitted her cruel fate where she definitely slept with her 65 years old aged husband but she forgot the essence of sex for forever. As that temptation was gone from her life with her love Dedrick.

How unplanned pregnancy story embarrasses parents?

 Emily was an intelligent beautiful young teenager girl topper in her class studied at 10th, teachers and parents had a big hope on her board performance. the 1st rank persistence in class since childhood proved her excellence always. Not even she was proud of her parents, but also among her relatives.

How could the pregnancy of her mother become the cause of her ashamed in front of her friends?


Their family……………

Emily’s parents Claire and Ryan were quite young among rest other parents of her school. Claire 40 years old who was by profession a Biology teacher of secondary school and Ryan 48 years old a medical representative.

Ryan and Claire did love marriage and Emily born after 2 years of their marriage during those days Claire taught in a primary school and Ryan was in his beginning at the medical representative field where their income did not suffice to take another child after Emily.

Jia younger sister of Ryan whose marriage responsibility was upon Ryan as their father passed away a few years back so after that Ryan had the responsibility of his mother, sister, and wife.

He and Claire very hardly managed their house with their low earned. After the birth of their first baby, they were really in stressed as Ryan had the pressure of his sister Jia’s marriage where one more additional member in their life stimulated their strain than delighted.

Reaction to good news…………..

Claire still remembered those days when she gets known about her pregnancy news and shared first with her husband and then with her mother-in-law. Ryan as a husband really delighted about that but her mother-n-law after heard that told her that…..

“she had time enough for conceiving then how could she took that decision of getting the mother in that scantiness of life.”

As her mother-in-law thought if Ryan after getting his baby ignore his sister’s marriage responsibility. So her concerned towards her daughter’s marriage was quite justified. Post birth of Emily, Jia had also mistrust about her brother’s intention towards his caring about her.

overtime needs for fulfilling the duties.………….

Ryan now had one more biggest responsibility to brought up his daughter. He now paid his excess hours at work. A medical representative needs to visits variants clinics and hospitals for which they need two-wheelers for their random travel. Whereas Ryan used either public transport by bus or by walking for his random travel purpose because he couldn’t afford two-wheeler.

Even to save the bus fare he preferred for walking. Many nights he couldn’t sleep properly due to his muscle cramps in leg only his wife Claire known about those pains not even Ryan ever told to his mother about that pain because when he found that his mother was more concern about her son’s earning than his health.

Claire couldn’t take part-time tuition class for extra earning after her schooling hours as her baby was small and she needs her mother thorough attention. There Jia who after completing her degree used to sit idle at home whereas her all friends were doing either job or entered for higher study but Jia not even felt necessary to take a single tuition class of lower classes.

Feeling of insecurity……………..

Many times her sister-in-law Claire told her that “she failed to take tuition as part-time extra earning due to her compulsion of attention towards her small baby but you are sitting idle so if I referred your name to my few primary class students for tuition then will you agree to do that?”

So that she could manage to take care of her own small expense but she wasn’t eager to work because for Jia why she would go to earn now where her brother and sister-in-law was working for taking care of her and moreover as per her mother-in-law Jia would not earn at her parents home if she wants to do job then after her marriage when her husband would going to allow her for their requirement, like Claire was doing job in her in-laws home.

Actually, both Jia and her mother had a fear of losing grip on their son’s earning. They thought if Ryan and his wife found that Jia was self-dependent then if he wouldn’t ready to spend on his sister’s marriage where after their childbirth they could now place the excuse for their baby and its expense, then, in that case, Jia would be remained spinster for forever in her brother’s family wherein future Claire might treat Jia as a nanny for her child.

So they want to prove the society and Ryan that Jia was completely dependable on her brother’s income and its Ryan’s responsibility to take care of his sister’s well-established future like his daughter.

The time came to fulfill the accountability……..

Years passed by and finally, the day came when Ryan did his accountability by giving his sister’s marriage with a well-established businessman by investing Lakhs from his hard savings for Jia’s marriage.

Now Emily was 5 years old and started her school. Ryan’s mother was quite happy with her son and daughter-in-law. Jia always carried costly gifts for her mother and Emily whenever she visited her mother’s home with her husband. Ryan’s mother expected the same costly precious gift in returned by Ryan to Jia because of its matter for her prestige in front of her son-in-law.

Though she had the awareness about her son’s earning and their lifestyle but yet often pretend in front of Jia’s in-laws that her son and daughter-in-law both had been earning good.

After 10 years…………

Emily now at standard 10th, Ryan doing good in his job now he had his own two-wheeler. Claire now promoted to secondary school as a biology teacher, where earlier she was science teacher for primary sections.

Jia’s husband bought flat and stayed nuclear with their 2 sons. Ryan’s mother now often stayed for the night at her daughter’s new residence.

Suddenly felt something unusual………..

Claire who was the class teacher of standard 8th was quite friendly with her class than other teachers. She always gentle spoken one for which students of her class never felt any fear from their Biology teacher.

One day while taking the class she fell unconscious on the floor. By seeing that students got scared they tried to wake their madam but couldn’t so they called up to the principal. Principal madam came with the Dr. in her class. After came out from unconscious Dr. told her in front of Class and Principal that she was expecting and congratulate for that.

Claire in front of her class was stupefied. The principal was staring at her. The whole class had been whispering tried to figure out those utters which Dr. Sir told their class teacher madam.

Good news dumbstruck her…..

Claire was awestruck after heard that as she herself not figure out those symptoms. She revealed that to her husband at night after Emily went to sleep.

Ryan after heard that felt like walking on air, he told her that now they both would go to enjoy each phase of pregnancy as during her first pregnancy 15 years back his economic status was not healthy that’s why they couldn’t explore that small enjoyment with the growth of baby every day in its mother’s womb.

They went next day to Dr. for affirmed that. Dr. asked her that isn’t she had been undergoing any physical change within her in those past 3 months. She told that she felt uncomfortable often but avoided as she always busy with her strict scheduled towards her family and job.

she assumed that might be due to the constant workload of family, Emily’s educational stress along with her school job weakened her blood pressure for which she felt that dizziness.

why so condition………...

Her mother-in-law after known about that told her “how could they planned for the second child when their daughter was 15 years old and moreover how would they announced that in front of Emily and to the world?”

Claire was not understood that why her mother-in-law always placed condition with her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy because during her first pregnancy she told her the same utter that “she had time enough for conceiving then how could she took that decision of getting the mother in that scantiness of life.”

Earlier their economic status was stood as the barrier and now their 15 years old daughter became the hindrance of Claire’s pregnancy

How to unwrap the truth…..……….

For Claire and Ryan, it’s embarrassing that how to unfold that truth to their teenage daughter. It’s a serious matter about which they couldn’t hide from Emily. Though they were very friendly with their daughter but this issue was beyond of their friendship discussion.

Finally, Claire asked her daughter that “Emi… dear you always had a desire since childhood that if you also have any little brother or sister with whom you could play like others, so now don’t you miss the same like your childhood days?”

Emily replied, “yes…mom that I always miss yet now but with time I adapted the situation.”

Claire again asked her “if tomorrow her ever wishing of getting sibling became true then how could she like to respond to the situation?”

Now Emily just turned her face towards her mother and with curious, she asked: “Mom then it would be yet the best gift from you to me.”

Claire smiled and took her little hand to let touch the womb and told: “Emi…..your wish come to true very soon because of he/she now also eager to see his/her elder sister.”

Emily triumphed over the sizzling news. She was eager to announce in her full volume to the world that very soon she would going to dominates someone because up to now she was the youngest one upon whom all like to show their dominance but now her time came when she also being a tag for an elder to someone officially.

She in her overjoyed just kissed randomly her mother felt like she got the most precious thing in her life. Now Claire and Ryan were tranquilized over the situation.

But Claire requested her daughter that she wouldn’t announce that good news now to outsiders before her mother step in at her 7 months because Claire didn’t want any excitement in her life regarding that news as she already felt quite an unease due to her late pregnancy again after 15 years of her first child.

What were closed one’s suggestions ………..

Jia after heard that told to Claire that “how could she manage her late pregnancy with family pressure. It’s quite shameful for a woman when her elder daughter in her 15 years old found that her mother would be going to deliver another child. So if she didn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of her young child then it’s better to abort her pregnancy. As the right time for the 2nd child had already gone many years ago from their life then why they took that decision of next child in their late ages?”

Claire was surprised about her sister-in-law’s ungenerous views because Jia might forget those days when her brother’s only target of life was to settled his sister’s life for which how hard he managed funds by working day and night constantly. Then during those time how could, they planned for their next child when already that RIGHT TIME was occupied by the strain of Jia’s marriage and family’s responsibility.

Ryan and Claire almost forgot to look at each other because a hectic day scheduled with lots of responsibility and stress not allowed them for romance and sex.

Now Jia’s husband told to Ryan that “if they planned for the 2nd issue then why not implanted earlier? Why now when he was the father of such young girl? Like his 2 sons have only 2 years gap in between them. Moreover, if it’s by mistake happened then he could also be erased that by using strong abortion pills or injections as he is in the medical field so why not utilizing his medical knowledge in his very personal life?”

Humiliation increased with the growth of time……

Now Claire stepped into her 7 months pregnancy which was noticeable by all. Her Colleagues often criticized her late pregnancy that how she being so desperate about her pregnancy in front of her 15 years old daughter.

That day Claire noticed when her 8th standard class students scoffing about her pregnancy by uttering that “Our Biology madam seemed quite monotonous in her theoretical class of reproduction chapter that’s why she executed that reproduction theory in her own life and the result is going to come out with our end of final exam means after 2 months when our final exam will over.”

By heard such parody from outside of class, she felt proud of her daughter Emily who was well-mannered and know how to respect elders than other children.

Suddenly Principal madam called Claire and told her that “her own 8th class students had been scoffing on her pregnancy so it’s better if she takes leave until her delivery because as a Principal of the school she didn’t want to hear any ill remarks against her teachers.”

She tried to fathom the depth of her wordings………..

Claire found that now she had 2 months left for her delivery when her Principal allowed her pre-maternity leave and their also 2 months left for Emily’s final board exam to start so she decided that now she would spend her every moment with her daughter by helping her in her studies.

She was eager to speak with her Emi about her 2 months leave because Emily always had a complaint against her mother that why couldn’t she took leave from her school job just before her exams start so that she could sit with her mother for polishing her subjects as she was well perfect in her study. She was about to speak with her Emi after she returned from her tuition class at 7 pm.

She was about to speak with her Emi after she returned from her tuition class at 7 pm. Suddenly Emily shouted on her mother she told “how could you be so immodest…….have you ever realized that how abashed I was in front of my group of friends when I told them today about my newly coming sibling. They told your parents seemed quite young and sexy till in this age! Look at our parents seemed like almost entered at retirement.”

“Have you ever seen your age means we are all 15 years old teenagers where after few years we will going to touch our 18 years then in this age how could you tolerate such young sibling. When after few years you will turn to 30 years old then your sibling will rock in his/her 15 years ages then in front of him/her you will look like an old woman. Moreover, we all have siblings but with small age difference say 2 or 5 years maximum but in your case its 15 years difference………….”

They also told, “Emily you will see after coming to your sibling your parents will share your each and everything with them then you will be not at all their ONLY adorable daughter so get ready for sharing your room to wardrobe, everything.”

Are they did purposely………..

Claire burst out with cry first time in front of her husband up to now she got humiliated for her late pregnancy by her mother-in-law, Jia, colleagues, own class students and Principal but she didn’t bother to any because her motherhood was far more significant than the world’s irrational words. But today her own blood abused her pregnancy, forced her to feel embarrassed on her deed.

She asked Ryan that would they physically intimate for the purpose of getting their 2nd issue after 15 years of their first child? She told him enough is enough why each and everyone had been accusing her as if she did any crime by conceiving for 2nd child in her late 40 years old.

Ryan and Claire physically intimate not for the intention of getting their 2nd child but after getting known about that they really felt glad but they forget that after a period of time their 2nd issue will need a social and personal affirmation for a place it as honor in our civilized culture.

How the law of Karma gives wounderful justice?

How the birth of a child became the cause of justice by Law of Karma followed by 3 generation? Mr. Bingham the first his son Aidan the second and Bhav the third generation …………

Is there any scientific logic behind the Law of Karma if yes then how?


Mr. Bingham the elder Presbyter of Temple whose wife passed away few years ago lived with his only son Aidan whom he brought up with all spiritual knowledge with ethics and moral principles of life.

Live the life with ethics………….

Mr. Bingham has differed from rest others priests of the temple. He never earned a single rupees from the fake cause of ritual by creating fear in peoples in the name of God in his entire life. After his ritual performance, whatever peoples used to pay him as fees with their wish he accepted them gladly for his sustaining of simple life.

His only motto of life was to awaken the society from the darkness of ignorance by spreading free spiritual knowledge about God and its Worship. He wanted to aware peoples from irrational beliefs about God where they often act like a puppet in the hand of a  priest.

He told to peoples that ”never dare to donate a single rupees or any valuable assets in front of  God because he is the Supreme Almighty who made this Universe. Each and every creature of this cosmos is his own creation who has abundant in his hand to feed his every creature.”

Also told ”if you want to donate anything then help  a poor beggar and a handicapped person because they need you and by helping those ailing person you will indirectly serving God as a donation for the noble cause.”

Became the idol for society…………..

Mr. Bingham’s such unconditional dedication towards the society not only made him famous among all other priests but also society idolized him. He always helps poor by providing them free education and knowledge about modern and ancient society.

He never believes in caste for which during his period as an elder Presbyter of the temple peoples from all caste enjoyed every festive thoroughly because he never paused anyone from entering the temple because for him all have been carrying equal status in front of the Supreme Soul.

So, Mr. Bingham and his family stand as an exemplified of honesty. Though he did not earn sufficient wealth for his family but he earned a dignified life. The Society honored him for his good deeds.

When moral hinders ……………..

Earlier peoples often donates good amount to the temple charity purpose where the bulk fund clandestinely swallowed by other clergymen of the temple but post-Priestly Ordination of Mr. Bingham as an elder Presbyter he paused all those ill acts as for him it’s Sin act because people’s faith gave them that honorable status of priest who served the God with utmost faith for serving knowledge the peoples.

Now other clergymen often interrupted by their elder Presbyter because they very often forced peoples for participating in rituals by contributing their open-hearted donation in the temple donation box. Even they pushed peoples for performing various holistic rituals where they could earn with full hands.

Foundation of Priestly Ordination…………….

Now the time came when Mr. Bingham was ready to hand over the responsibility of his work to his only son Aidan 21 years old, whom he brought up under his patronage. So society was quite affirmed about Aidan that he would definitely follow his father’s footstep for build up a polished fearless society who would surely throw all irrational beliefs about rituals and caste which they had been following since ages.

He often found that priest after getting that honorable rank misused that for satisfying their personal desires where the status is symbolized for aware peoples about God and it’s True Worship. So before he handover that highest post to his son he alert and warned him about the significance of that highest rank.

Post rituals and functions of Priestly Ordination where the earlier elder Presbyter Mr. Bingham Solemnized the rituals and gave the responsibility officially to his son Aidan the new elder Presbyter of the temple. All priests blessed and congratulated Aidan with flowers. Aidan was so happy by getting such honor by all clergymen.

 perspective changed ……

With time after a year when Aidan understood the depth of the significance of his head clergy post where he had lots of opportunities to earn with two hands by utilizing the treasure of the temple. His views now changed.

Aidan now charges fees for his ritual performance from peoples which enhanced its aspiration about earning money with easy way. Since his childhood, he found that his father’s honesty only feeds them 2 times meal with a simple lifestyle where he never asked for money from anyone while performing his ritual performance.

But few clergymen in that temple had been following Mr.Bingham’s principles of honesty and discipline with whom Mr. Bingham performed all free spiritual guidance for awakening the society from the ignorance of superstitious notion.

By seeing Aidan’s greediness other clergymen also untied themselves from the strict norms of Mr. Bingham norms of unconditional service of rituals and spreading of spiritual knowledge at free which he imposed during his period.

They all were really pleased with their new elder Presbyter Aidan. Because after a long time those priests got the way again to earn with their two hands. With time now Aidan with rest other greedy priests became desperate with their ill acts of earning money in the name of ritual and festivals.

Proved as a black spot……………. 

When Mr. Bingham came to know from society about his son’s audacity of earning money from poor peoples by the name of God, he warned him for his greediness. But his greediness went on extreme as days passed by and the day came when he along with few other clergies stole gold idols and jewelry from the temple treasure.

After probe investigation, those assets were found at the temple’s gardener’s small hut who was a lower caste poor lived in a small hut at the backside of the temple with his only 18 years old daughter Keeva.

Whom Mr. Bingham appointed as a gardener many years ago. As Mr. Bingham was not believed in caste rather than humanity so during his ruling period as an elder clergy of the temple he gave the job to many lower caste peoples whereas earlier they not even allowed to stand at the temple premises.

Innocent sentenced for Social boycott………………

Now the poor gardener was placed in front of the management and the society for his judgment. The poor old man took oath in the name of the God for proving himself as innocent but due to lack of evidence he found accused and sentenced for social boycott who would be vacant the town with his young daughter within 24 hours for forever. He cried with loud but all were helpless.

The poor old man now in big worried that where he would go at next morning with his young daughter. He told his daughter at night that he in his whole life followed the principles of Mr. Bingham where with honesty whatever he earned from his small gardening job was pleased with that then how suddenly God became so cruel in his judgment that he had been tagged as a thief.

Humiliated by society…………..

The poor old man couldn’t swallow that allegation and he committed suicide due to lack of evidence to prove himself as innocent.

Next morning the whole society was speechless about that worst incident of the suicide of the gardener. Keeva his daughter now ready to leave the town but before leaving the place he told to all and Mr. Bingham which her father told her last night.

Keeva told them that her father took that drastic decision of suicide because when he could n’t be defended him due to lack of evidence then he thought might be his death would be proved his innocence in front of society.

By heard all those now all priests felt ashamed and repent on their such hard taken judgment about their oldest trustworthy employee of the temple. So now they begging to forgive from Keeva for their taken wrong judgment and requested her to stayed over there but Keeva was shattered from that incident and moreover, now she became alone in this world.

Justice is waiting ………………..

Mr. Bingham now told to the society that he had a strong doubt upon his son Aidan and other corrupted priests of the temple management about that stolen of gold idols and assets but due to lack of evidence the suspect was acquitted by the management but now he wants to give justice to that poor girl Keeva.

So, Mr. Bingham without delayed a second just abrogated Aidan from the elder priest rank of the temple by using his senior most power of temple management. Because he never compromised with his ethics with none.  Aidan without had been confessing his crime he simply retracted from his false statement.

Now the next significant decision which he took about Keeva is that he fixed up the marriage of her with his son Aidan. All stare and speechless about that 2 decision as Keeva a gardener’s daughter belonging from a lower cast whereas Aidan a brahmin son belongs to Such high dignified family.

 Life changed ……………...

In this way, Mr. Bingham gave justice to Keeva by giving marriage to her with Aidan. Society once again honored him for his impartial justice.

Mr. Bingham told his son Aidan that he felt ashamed of his deeds  and alert  him about his future also told him that he did the biggest sin of his life by putting his crime upon an innocent poor old honest man and for this he might skip from the world’s law but Law of Karma would definitely punish him for his such  serious offence.

Aidan wasn’t bothered about the justice of Supreme as for him he didn’t act anything wrong by stolen those assets from temple treasure as it’s his birthright upon those valuable assets because his father in his entire life never took a single rupees while performed those spiritual rituals at the temple. So for Aidan, those assets were the savings from his father hard work which his father did at free of cost for that temple and as a son he had full authority over his parent’s savings.

Tit for tat…………….

Now Aidan with those stolen assets started his own business of small jewelry shop with 2 workers. During his initial days, he was quite pleased with his business profits so after 6 months he invested his profit amount in that for his expansion of the business.

Suddenly the day came when Aidan’s  2 workers stole the entire jewelry from his jewelry shop. He lost his all wealth as just a few days ago he invested his 6 months profit amount into that business. Now he was on the road. By seeing that Mr. Bingham told to his son that the law of Karma did justice with his son exactly like he stole the assets from temple treasure.

They became poor but Keeva as a wife supported him in his worst situation also. Aidan neither got a job nor he had left fund by which he could start his self-small business. He started to work at a tea stall. Days were passing horrific in hunger and scarcity. In this way, a year passed away. No hope of ray seems for the family.

 The arrival of new life………….

During that time when they fight with their scarcity, Keeva gave birth to a son. Though they were fighting with the dearth but also quite happy by getting a new life in their family. Mr. Bingham named his grandson as Bhav. They all went to temple after a long time with Bhav for taking the blessing of the God.

With the growing of Bhav after a year, Keeva noticed when all child in their 1 year old learned to crawl but Bhav couldn’t. She told about that unusual thing to her in-law and Aidan. They also tried to make him stand on his feet but Bhav neither crawled nor able to stand.

Life became a hard challenged one..…………

They took him to the hospital where Dr. Told them that Bhav would never be able to stand or walk nor even he would be able to do his natural cause on his own in his entire life because Bhav was suffering from Malnutrition where his bone marrow was not properly developed to carry his body weight.

When they asked the Dr. about the reason for such disorders then he told that during the Pregnancy of a mother if she failed to intake proper 2 times meal with few vitamin supplements also then certain disorders found in the baby because improper diet not allowed to develop a healthy physic.

By heard all those Keeva with her full family became wordless. Mr. Bingham once again reminds his son about Law of karma and its justice but it’s unfortunate that they were all closed one of Aidan so it’s affected by his closed one’s life also.

Keeva cried now blamed for her son’s ill health to her husband Aidan who as a man not even eligible to feed properly to his wife and family. For Aidan already life was enough cruel to feed 2 times meal to them upon that one more additional trauma where the income didn’t suffice to bring up ill health child.

Time was not ready for compromise….………….

Years passed by slowly with time they came out from that poverty now Aidan got a  job at a private company. Here Bhav now turned to 11 years. He was favorite to his grandfather. Bhav couldn’t able to went school nor he had any friends. Despite that he never felt depleted, so for Bhav school means his grandfather’s class and his one and the only friend also his grandfather.

Mr. Bingham noticed a unique quality in Bhav that as a child he carried such strong memory power that whatever he taught Bhav always perfectly remembered them without any error as Bhav only able read books due to his physical disability he couldn’t write so only reading and listening was his ultimate goal of life.

Prediction about future…………

Keeva always stressed about her son she often cried and told Bhav that what would happen if his mother died by leaving her handicapped son alone in this world then who would feed and do his all work. By listening such saddest words from his mother one-day Bhav told her…………..

”mother you will soon get the release from a big burden of your life means from your son as I will going to leave my body on my 12th birthday.”

By hearing that offensive word of death Keeva just slapped her son the first time she asked him that how could he thought such worst like burden… death….!As a child would never be the cause of burden for his parents whatever disability the child has.

Bhav told her mother that whether she believed it or not that time will prove but now he wanted to reveal one more truth about the nearest future and that was…..

”very soon he will get a cute sister from his parents within the next coming year.”

Now this time Keeva laughed at his words by telling him that he might be daydreaming that’s why saying such unusual things about birth and death.

When daydream became true…………..

Exactly that happened after a year when Keeva gave birth to a baby girl when Bhav was about to 12 years old. The first time a mother did not feel that happiness after gave birth to her 2nd child. Because she was amazed by such strong prediction about future which Bhav told a year ago. Now she screamed about Bhav’s another prediction about his own lifespan.

Keeva told about her fear to her father-in-law whom she respects the most in this world due to his impartial judgment and justice.

By heard everything from Keeva, Mr. Bingham understood that up to now he only saw the tolerable pain of his Aidan’s life now the Law of Karma is going to justice its utmost cruel and intolerable one with Aidan and his whole family.

He told to Keeva that Bhav knows that he was growing towards his adolescence so as a son how could he allowed that his mother would be taken care of his physical adult body for forever. The child doesn’t feel shame to naked in front of their parents but after certain age means 12 years when their body slowly turned towards adolescence they feel shame to undress themselves in front of their parents.

So Bhav knows very well that now his childhood days elapsed so it’s time for saying goodbye to all but before leaving he blessed her mother for a healthy child in her life so that with time she could minimize her utmost pain by getting someone behalf in his place, her little sister.

Countdown begins ……

Keeva every second sunk with that one thought about his son’s lifespan. She once again asked Bhav that why he told those but Bhav was not eager to explain anything regarding that matter only while consoling his mother he told ”Law of Karma is waiting for justice.”

Only a few days left when Bhav would be touch at his 12th year’s age. As a mother Keeva forget the whole world now not even she gave her full concentration on her newly born baby because everytime she used to sit beside her adorable son Bhav whom she not ready to leave at any cost for that even she was ready to serve Bhav as a nurse for her entire life till her last breath, after all, she was a mother none physical disability could barriers her love, affection and caring towards her child.

Bhav also spends his full time with his little sister, grandfather, and mother now. Today the 12th Birthday of Bhav her mother prepared all favorable dishes only for her son since last night as she did not sleep for a second also for those last fortnight. Every second seemed the most precious thing in her life which she didn’t want to lose at any cost.

Law of Karma did his justice………………..

Finally, the time came just exactly at twilight Bhav slept for forever in his mother’s lap…….

Mr. Bingham told to Aidan now the Law of Karma completed its full justice with him because he stole the assets from temple treasure for which his workers also stolen his jewelry from his shop and he came on the road.

For his deeds, they passed from scarcity and poverty due to which Bhav born with the disorder of Malnutrition.

Another sin when  Keeva’s father a poor old gardener committed suicide in his utmost pain because of the fake blame of stolen assets of the temple for which his son Bhav also left his body untimely by giving him the forever pain of life.

He told finally that none could skip from that intense law of Karma and Bhav took birth in their family to minimize his Sin, now the account of Karma is balanced so he was gone.

Aidan burst with cried the first time he apologized from his father by holding his feet and begging for the life of his dead son Bhav. Now he confessed about his all sin deeds in front of his son’s dead body but it’s too late so he has to accept the justice of the Law of Karma.

How to not care in a relationship?

Looks matter……….    

In the Freshers, Welcome function organized by the final year student, the entire College groomed in an eye-catching way. Boys as usual in their flirting mood welcoming the fresh faces. Odalis a final year student of Commerce and Caitlin just entered the first year of Arts,  suddenly in that crowd, he ran up to her. Then by giving a smile to her, he said Halo! His friends amazed by seeing that how they both communicating as if they know each other. The girl replied Halo! ……………….


The journey begins………..

Odalis was a tall 5’8’’ handsome guy, with fair skin tone so girls often love to response him. He was sanguine that Caitlin would surely reply him like other girls and exactly that happened Caitlin welcomed his interaction.

Odalis in his blue Denim and white shirt with folded sleeves looking heartthrob here Caitlin in her blue and beige combo gown also seemed gorgeous in her 18+ years old. Odalis’s compliment about her look made her impressed.  Within a week their closeness seemed by their friends.

Now both are waiting for each other’s, never missed their college, starts avoiding other friends, always engaged with each other without bothering about anyone’s comments. So, all those symptoms were quite apparent about their intense bonding which is now going to define the friendship into one step ahead.

Love at first sight…….

Post fortnight of their profound friendship now Odalis came with red roses to propose her. Caitlin never forgets that special moment of her life when her first love going to proposed her in front of the class. College guys have an intention to prove themselves like a Bollywood hero in front of all and exactly girls also like Heroine.

Odalis came in a yellow shirt with blue Denim by sitting at one leg in half bend posture where left hand folded his backside by holding the bunches of red roses in his right hand proposed in a filmy desperate way in front of her 1st year class of humanities…………….

 ‘’Hey! My dream fantasy I lost my sleep from fortnight after seeing you so will accept me in your life so that it could give me a calm sleep for forever?”

Caitlin had been blushing with her smile she acknowledged red roses of Odalis. The whole class clapped on their fascinating love.

Their golden lovable moments………

They often used to go for long drives, movies, restaurants. Odalis belongs to a rich family so he never faced for any finance scarcity either for spending with his friends or on his dates. Even now they didn’t feel hesitant for lip-lock in front of their friend’s group at last row of movie hall.

They became famous for their extravagant bonding among rest other couples of their college. Caitlin hypnotically just flowed with his love. Days passed by holding each other’s hands with lots of eternal promises for their upcoming life.

A year passed by Odalis cracked his final year with average and their Caitlin finished her 1st year also with average. Average grade proved they’re constant inattentive in the study.  Caitlin was not had that enthuse for her regular college as her beloved had stopped for college after passed out from there.

Eager for official acceptance …………..

They both now spend time at parks and restaurants. Odalis now wants a permanent solution to Caitlin’s presence in his life but Caitlin wants to see his establishment in carrier whereas Odalis didn’t famish for his career because his father’s established readymade business welcomed him with wide hands open. Though Caitlin wished that he made his separate identity in his career but Odalis didn’t bother for that as for him he was the only shareholder of his rich parent’s properties then why should he crave for the job and earn.

Caitlin told her parents about her affairs with Odalis, the only child of his rich parents and post completion of degree he had now joined his father’s business. By heard all those her parents, not at all found any such unique qualities in the guy for which they would give their acceptance for marriage. For them, the groom should be established and known by his self-identity not the carry forward one of his parents.

But love is blind so those justifications not being cared by Caitlin even her younger sister also failed to make her understand that much adamant she was about her decision that she didn’t want to give time for her career also.

Whereas Odalis’s parents didn’t have any objection regarding his marriage issue as they never said no for anything to their adorable son. Even for them why should he take stress for business and career when his father and paid employees were there to looked after those things. Moreover, they wished a strain less life for their son and that’s why they were working so hard for his happiness.

 But the question is will their adorable son well manage their hard earned wealth in his life for sustaining his ever bonny blissful life?

The absence of parents blessing……

Odalis and Caitlin get court marriage in absence of their parents. Caitlin’s parents were against this marriage so detached their all relation with their elder daughter. There Odalis parents welcomed their daughter-in-law with open-hearted.

Caitlin enjoyed thoroughly in her initial days with her husband and his family. They went to Malaysia for their honeymoon.  Now they used to go for late night discotheque, pubs where Odalis accompanied by his wife at his drink. Life seemed like a fantasy for the middle class belonging Caitlin. Up to now, she felt proud of her desperate decision of marriage by denied her parents.

Good news for parents……..

She conceived after few days. She was so excited had been dreaming that how Odalis and his parents would be going to cherish this good news for her. For her it’s the happiest moment of her life even she surprised on her fate that how suddenly God became so graceful on her one after another without her expectations.

She was overconfident with her good news about her husband that after make known to him,  Odalis delightedly take her in his lap. She was counting her seconds of his coming back.

Shocked by their reaction……..

Odalis entered the room while embracing her in his hugged Caitlin told him that she is Pregnant. She is waiting for his cherish reaction. He stared at her just leave her from his hug and asked “what’s this and how could you be so careless about such things………..’’ she said not understanding what you are saying?

He said ‘’Caitlin this is not our time for calling us as parents, in fact, we are so young why to tagged our self as parents and moreover we can plan for it after few years. Why waste time in changing diapers? We just have been married now let’s enjoy us….. forget about all those things.’’

She amazed at his thoughts suddenly she came out from her dream first time she found Odalis a differing one. She told her that how much she adored her baby. She now told her in-laws about their son’s view about that good news with this hope that at least they might be delighted with her good news.

But amazed at their carefree thoughts when they told that ‘’their son was absolutely correct in this aspect as he is not fit for taking responsibility for a child in his 22 years age.’’

Now distance begins……..

Now she decided to give birth to her baby because she does not comfort with abortion in her early 19 years’ age. she tried to convince Odalis by showing her ultrasonography report of the baby’s often movement in her womb but he did not feel that urge in all those.

  • Now Caitlin stopped Odalis when he tried to play those sex games which he often used to do with her earlier for long hours in late nights.
  • Next when he found that his wine accompanist beautiful wife Caitlin now stopped for all those also.
  • Now she stopped for going at discotheque and pubs because she needs a full night calm sleep of 9 hours.
  • Even she now denied for long.

Caitlin’s rejection in bed disturbed his random sex life which made him annoyed and her sudden paused towards all enjoyment of life was suffice for his aggression towards her now. He not even bothered about her nor about her health because for him it’s Caitlin’s self-decision of giving birth of a child.

The colorful love turned to faded…………

Days are passed by, Odalis avoidance now seemed transparent by all. He used to back home at late nights from pubs. He never took her to the gynecologist. Slowly the color of love became fade with time. They are often fighting in bed now proved his lasciviousness towards her which now unfold his real intention of early marriage.

Caitlin told him that he should be focused on his career, but his noninterest in business and carrier upset her often.

Caitlin now slowly realized that Odalis about whom she was so confident turned wrong. The colors of love now faded. The love of her life shuddered her. She now begins to realize about her parents justified clarification about Odalis.

The arrival of new life…..

Now the time came when she delivered a baby girl. Neither her in-laws nor her husband felt that urge to give a look at her baby that much brute they were. She cried first time by holding her baby in her lap asked God that why he became so offended on her even she asked that what crime of that newly born soul who even not glared once by her father and closed ones.

Even none of her in-laws nor Odalis himself came for taking discharge her from the hospital only they cleared the hospital bill because they didn’t want any chaos by hospital authority. She understood that now she is no more alone in her life her daughter is there for accompanied her on this journey.


She realized how she fascinated by his looks and romantic attitudes during her college days when Odalis by his charming handsome look tried to mesmerize all. But those were all fake colors of colored glasses.

She visualized for each second throughout her pregnancy that Odalis a spoiled brat self-loving person for whom Love stands for only Sex, Physical intimacy and to enjoy at late nights. He was not a familiar person, in fact, a seducer who exploited her life.

That’s why he had been so aggressive with her just after she conceived because he didn’t have any urge for entangled his life in the family, the baby also he not showed his interest ever in his career. Though he proposed her for marriage because he wanted a permanent solution for quenching his lust. His lecherous attitudes are quite annoying.

Hard decision of life ………..

Now she decided that she will not back to his in-law’s house again where she and her daughter not bothered by him and his parents. So, she went back to her parents’ home where she knows that they might forgive their daughter and will accept them again. Moreover, she wants to correct her mistakes which she did a year ago by marrying such lecherous good for nothing person.

By seeing Caitlin at the doorstep by carrying her one-day-old daughter in her lap, her parents understood that Caitlin released her mistakes but they were parents who have the full authority to scold her but they would never leave her and their granddaughter alone.

Caitlin sends Odalis the Divorce notice papers as she didn’t want any alimony from him because she was sanguine that if she would have claimed alimony from that good for nothing person then that alimony would be paid by his in-laws which she doesn’t want from them. So, she mutually took the divorce from that great philanderer. In real mean now she grateful towards God’s grace of giving her one more chance in life to rectify the biggest mistake of her life.

Who was responsible?

Odalis is a spoiled brat for whom his parent’s patronage was responsible the most because as a parent they always reinforced his all wrong deeds since ages. Neither they interrupt in his study life, career, marriage not even now when he devastated his marital life.

In fact, in true aspect, if anyone is responsible for this breakup then only his parents because if they strongly opposed him at the beginning when he was eager for marrying Caitlin like Caitlin’s parents did when they found that the groom doesn’t have any personal professional identity.

At that young age when both Odalis and Caitlin were in infatuation for them, marriage means only to make fun where no question arises for taking any responsibility. But with the pregnancy of Caitlin, its cleared that he was not ready to come out from the protective armor of his rich parents which made him so lethargic and nonchalant towards his responsibility.

For Odalis and his parents, his 22+ years old was not eligible for taking the responsibility of a child but was eligible for marriage and take the full-time taste of his desires.

She regretted his past realized that college days’ infatuation couldn’t last for lifelong. She completed her incomplete degree now doing the job in a BPO because she remembered till now that Odalis told her after heard about her pregnancy news that ‘’it’s her self-decision of giving birth to a child so only she will take the responsibility of that baby.’’

By earning money and taking the full responsibility of her daughter as a single mother made her proud of herself and thankful to God for giving her one more chance to live the life with her daughter.

How to respect your benevolent slut mother?

Read it then judge it then comment because someone needs the judgment …………..the journey of a  widow mother to a slut………………..

My maid Hantaywee, 53 years old, working in our house for 6 months. She often asked me what I write about others and I replied real-life facts and incidents about whom many times we not felt comfortable to disclose to others. She asked me ‘can you share the utmost pain in my life if I tell you everything?’ I told her yes but are you ready to unfold the utmost secrets of your life, she agreed because she wants the judgment not from law but from all mothers and from the world. So, it’s my small step to give her the perspective of the world…


Hantaywee has 1 son named Jash 24 years old, her son worked in a gold factory at Ahmedabad, stays over there and visits his mother 3 to 4 times in a year during festive for a week. Her husband died 15 years ago, so she brought up her son in a very hard way.

Humiliation for the blame of stealing…..

Jash once 2 years ago stole  5 lakh valued jewelry from the gold factory and fled to another state. Police while searching came to her mother and harassed her for Jash as corps thought that Jash might after stolen that valuable jewelry would come to his home for hiding them in his mother’s safest custody.

But after the probe investigation when corps failed to found that jewelry then they gave Hantaywee 2 months’ time for returned the 5 lakh rupees to the factory owner. Then only the factory owner would take back the police charge against her son Jash. Until and unless the warrant against his name wouldn’t be withdrawal. The Inspector also told her that her son will be sentenced to jail for many years due to this robbery crime.

View changed……..

Hantaywee’s neighbors now avoid her when they found police came often to her home and they had been searching Jash with the arrest warrant. She lost her respect. Now her only intention of life was to unblemished her Jash from that police charge. She called him many times but Jash’s mobile always at switched off mode. She understood that due to the fear of police Jash not dared to talk with his mother.

Hantaywee now in open hand asked for help from her owners. She works almost 16 houses. So after sharing her serious problem with all of them even from a sweet shop owner to a newspaper vendor all consoled her but also criticized her son.

Even now at many houses when she used to went to work she noticed that the housewives whom she designated them as sister-in-law they always kept eyes on her activities till she leaves their home. She understood that they doubt her nature now. She lost her all respect due to her son from her masters and mistress.

How to arrange that huge amount?

Hantaywee was in need but now the question is who will give a poor maidservant 5 lakh cash? Though men always ready to show their sympathy with utmost care towards a needy woman but when it comes to the question of helping her they unfold their real intention of that excess sympathy.

She worked in a house where her master was an Assistant Commissioner of police. She told him everything with that hope of a ray of light and also asked financial help but when he placed her a condition in return for his help she not only surprised but also realized that those who respect so much not because they were masters of her bread and butter as also they are so highly educated respectable persons of our Society.

  • That police officer told her that if she would satisfy his quench of lust then only she would be paid for that. She not replied anything but asked only one thing that she needs 3 days to think about that.
  • Next, she went to her another master who was a big businessman of sari, here also when she asked finance help for saving her son then he also replied the same that if she fulfilled his desire of sex then only he would help her. She here also replied the same that she needs 3 days’ time for thinking about that.
  • Next, she went to another master who was a Lawyer. Here also she met with the same condition in return for his help and again her same replied of 3 days’ time to think about that.
  • Next, she went to her another master who was a builder. Here also the same thing with same replied of her.
  • Last she went to her another master whose wife died a few years ago and he was a priest. only here she was so confident that a priest would never think about such illicit deals with her. But she realized that the world is not like that what we assume as per our perspective. Yes…………here also she received the same deal with her same replied.

Will she find any way in this 3 days?

Hantaywee worked in 16 houses since morning to eve, she thought that if from each house, she gets the loan of Rs.31250 then it’s would be easily solved its need of 5 lakhs. Because she would be then eligible to pay her loan amount to each of her 16 masters by deducting it from her salary where she would be easily freed from the burden of that huge amount of loan within a year only.

After talking with 5 masters she asked 3 days for think about that deal. Now at next day, she without delayed came very earlier at her work. usually, she comes at 7 am but that day she knocked her first working home at 6:30 am because she thought that first by finishing her household chores she would going to talk with her master and mistress about her loan of Rs.31250.

When she told, and asked them for that loan then her mistress told her that now at that moment they couldn’t have that amount and moreover they already have huge expenses in their life like their maintenance of lifestyle, children’s educational expense, their parents medical cost, their bank loan for car and Flat etc.

She asked for that loan from 5 houses on day 1 as after 9 am few of her masters and mistress left their home for their office. Next day she visited earlier first at morning shift to her remained 5 house and she received the same refused tone from them. Now at the 3rd day she went as usual like other 2 days to her remained 6 houses and there also got same replied by all.

Is it excuse or avoid?

Now the thing is she amazed about such common refusing replies by all where all was so eager to show her about their life expense its seemed like as if she had come from any Tax department or any of their personal financial advisor where they opened their spending and expense data sheet to her.

She laughed at her rich masters and mistress about whom she assumed were the kindest hearted one towards a poor maidservant but no she was wrong. Though they all sympathize her a lot when they heard everything from her their self-seeking attitude not allowed to give Rs.31250 to their poor maidservant from their 2 or 4 lakhs monthly salary (maybe more than that but not less than that). Now she tells about that exact figure of their masters and their wives income because they unfold their gross when she borrowed from them and they told her that they were badly in debt.

How did she crack with those deals?

Hantaywee was under huge stress as she lost her all hope from her working place. Their Jash not even called up her so that she would be able to tell him about all those so that he would be returned that stolen jewelry to his boss and made him freed from that arrest warrant. She was awake till late night just one thought in her mind that at any cost she has to release her son from that police charge.

With the first beam of sunlight, she decided that now her 3 days gone, so she didn’t have any way left rather than agreed with her 5 master’s deals.

She did not go for her work that day as she would be visited her 5 masters house. She went to them and told again withholding the ultimate hope in heart that if they would agree to lend 1 lakh rupees cash to their maid which she will return them from her job salary.

Is it humanity ?……..

  • Her master told her ‘’Hantaywee don’t mind if we failed to trust you it’s because of your son’s crime.’’ She asked not understood my lord what is the connection of my borrowed money with my son’s stealing of jewelry?
  • They told her ‘’Jash had been stealing 5 lakhs valued jewelry and he escaped after that where police yet not found him. Now you want 5 lash cash to return the police for the sake of your son to make him free from the police charge. Up to this, we trust yours each said wordings.’’
  • Now ‘’let us assume for the timing that we lend you Rs.1 lakh (1 lakh from 5 people) for this noble cause BUT who will stand as a guarantor for your statement and if you also exactly like your son eloped from here after collecting 5 lakh cash from all of us then who will get back our money in that case.’’
  • ‘’Moreover who knows Jash and you already planned prior for a big robbery from their working place like he steals from his factory and you directly borrowed from your working place means you don’t have any permanent residence address  staying  at rent then in that case if you also leave the place suddenly just after collecting the money  and move to different state and will going to reside over there as  now you both accumulated 10 lakh cash in your hand by which you can easily settle your life again as per your standard of living.’’
  • ‘’So, we don’t want to take any risk that’s why thrown this ‘give and take’ proposal to you and it’s your need, not ours. We have already married and if we want to sleep with another woman then we will pay for that and we feel really bad for you as you don’t have husband above that a poor woman so thought to help you as we are not like others that much humanity we have within us.’’

 Deal with condition finalized………..

They did an illicit deal with Hantaywee that they will pay Rs.1lakh to her and in return, she must satisfy their lust. She asked that up to how long they need from her to fulfill their desire? They told her as they not giving that 1 lakh cash as lend so she not required to repay them with currency BUT in return, she would pay them with her physic means as and when they need her without any excuse she would place herself to them. So it depends on their wish and requirement. She amazed with their inhuman statement.

She understood that now she was the scapegoat in the hand of her 5 masters. Now she also placed a condition before them and that’s ‘’she wouldn’t work as a maidservant further in their house anymore because now it’s hurt her ego if she found herself as a maidservant who worked for their family in front of their wives because for her now she is in business of ‘give and take’ behind the door then why to work as a slave for them.

So, she told them that from now onwards she will not step into their house because she left the job of maidservant from their house.

As from now, they were not at all her masters nor she was the slave for them now they were business partners where both the parties counting its share of profit.

Who would be her first bed sharer among 5?

‘’A priest’s whole life goes in solemnized the holistic rituals. So she thought then a priest might be a pure soul upon whom the blessing of Almighty will remain for forever because for his deeds he never falls under the karma of sin. And she is going to do for a sin for the sake of her son to save his life then if she surrenders her body first before a priest like a Devotee, then God might forgive her this sin.’’

Her body is going to serve first as a devotee to the priest because after he used, her body will become a Sacrament which is now ready to distribute others for quenching their thirst. Exactly like in temple while distributing the sacrament the priest says, ‘’this is not just a food to eat but the physical presence of God’s blessing to you.’’

Also, she requested the priest that she will surrender herself in the daylight to him exactly like we serve the sacrament to the GOD at the morning after bathing. In that way, she wanted to minimize her sin. So she came next day at morning to fulfill the desire of physic of a priest in a white sari.

She once again wore that white sari which she wore just after her husband’s death but later on, she left that white color because Jash didn’t like to see her mother in white so she again wore all colorful saris for the sake of her son. She wore that white sari for her  Chastity.

After 15 years of her husband’s death now she again going to sleep with a man. The sequence of sex faded from her mind which again devastated her drastically. She opened her white saree before the hands of impurity could touch her. They intimated and in return, she took 1 lakh cash by promising him that she will again come to him when he called her as per dealing. After that day, she never wore that white sari again in her life because for her she now lost her Chastity for forever.

She now ready to serve others…………

Hantaywee went next to other masters where they booked the hotel room for the whole night for their enjoyments. They were the really perfect businessman as they know how to value each rupee for that 1 lakh cash, so they used her body randomly for the whole night.  In this way, she accumulated Rs.5 lakh cash from her 5 masters by spending 1 day and 4 nights at the hotel room.

Her private parts pained tremendously as after a long gap she placed her body to various kind of giants. Her breast was paining with bloody marks due to nonstop sucking and squeezing by stiffy hands.

Her lower parts not ready to even sit for the natural cause. But she wouldn’t tell them as her 50+ years ages not allowed her to take that much strength of physical sexual exhaustion, but her son’s life was more precious to her than her own blood and flesh made up the body.

After returned to the home at early morning by surrendering the whole night to them she took hot and salt water bath to kill her body ache but what about her internal organs pain? How could she gulp that pain?  In this way, her 5 days gone.

She gets freed her son………

As she already took a week leave from her working place by telling the lie that she will go to Ahmedabad to visit the owner of that gold factory for request him to take back the police charge against her son.

Now on the 6th day, she went to police station and surrendered the 5 lakh cash to the Police Inspector and released her Jash from the hands of the law. Now the factory owner took back his police charge against Jash.

Only a mother could save her child ……..

Hantaywee released her son but herself entangled in that illegitimate work for forever. Where only death could release her from that in this life. Because she knows neither she would able to tell her son about the arrangement of that huge 5 lakh cash nor she would ever ask that amount from her son.

She called up his mobile number but it’s still coming switched off. She was quite worried about him. Next day at morning while she had been getting ready to rejoin at her work as her 6 days leave got over then suddenly someone knocked her door she thought who came at that very morning.

Son’s confession……..

While opened the door, she cried by seeing her Jash…………. without uttering a single word Jash just hold her feet and apologized for his crime.

Jash told her that he was fed up with his worker job. For 5 years, he had been working there as a worker now he wants to run his own jewelry business for which he needs the fund so he did that crime. After heard his confession then Hantaywee asked him that ‘where is that 5 lakhs valued jewelry?’

Jash told her that ‘she doesn’t need to worry about that as her son was enough matured to handle his life.’ She realized that as a poor mother she would never be able to fulfill his son’s dream of self-business that’s why his son did not feel necessary to answer about her query of 5 lakhs valued jewelry.

Jash for at least once sake was not asked his mother that how could she arrange that bulk amount within short span? It seemed like he already sanguines that at any cost his mother would release him from the police charge.

After spending 7 days with his mother now he again proceeds towards his old factory job, because now his mother unblamed him. So he again went back and rejoined factory.

Is life normal like earlier for her?   Her organs respond to that animalism……….

She now worked for 11 houses as she left the job of those particular 5 houses with whom she cracked the deal. She now changed her get up because her bed partners need that. As whenever she went with them to the hotel for quenching their sex then Hantaywee makeover herself in that way so that none could smell her stinky after that nonstop household chore job since morning to evening.

Hereafter a year her body also slowly adjusted with variant users. They used her each organ thoroughly because of them 1 lakh will repay her each physical parts of her body that much violent they were with her.

Suddenly she diagnosed with a gynecological disorder in her private parts. After examined Dr. amazed that how could she tolerated up to now in those 1 years. As it’s seemed transparent in examining reports that she had been raped thoroughly in those 1 years because a healthy sex report shows quite different than that abnormality of her internal organs.

 In fact, now Dr. warned her that…..

  • Any further animalism act upon her lower part will life risk for her because of her 52 years’ age not ready to take that exhaustion, for which Dr. now decided to remove her uterus from her body by operation then only she could survive.
  • No more heavy works she would do further like to lift up the heavy bucket of water.
  • She wouldn’t be allowed to do work by sitting on the floor.

The post following that instruction carefully along with few costly medicines intake then only her body would be ready for operation after a month.

She couldn’t able to tell about her disease to her son as its quite ashamed for a mother to talk about that privy disease to her child.

But she told to those 5 giants for whom she had been standing that phase of life. Now those 5 giants scared as they thought if she unfolds to the Dr. about them then they would behind the bar for the charge of rape case of a 52 years old woman. So now they released her for the timing until she is cured fully.

But Hantaywee don’t have money by which she made her cure and moreover when those 5 giants offered money for her operation cause then she refused their offers as she knows very well that after get cured they again used her roughly so to stopped that illegitimate game she preferred to live the life with that privy disease, because she knows them well that how brute they were so no more lend from them in this life.

Unmasked the real intention …………

After a year, her son called up her asked about her wellbeing then when she asked him that ‘’when he will come back home to meet with his mother when he told that now he will be going to stay over there for forever as he already married to the factory owner’s daughter, so now he will stay along with them.’’

‘’Moreover, now he has the huge responsibility of handling the factory and family as her father-in-law now gave him the responsibility of his business as he doesn’t have any son so in that case, he is the sole shareholder of his property and business.’’

Hantaywee amazed by his such self-loving thoughts. She busted on him that how could he did that without thought for a second about her mother as she doesn’t have any objection regarding his marriage but surely on his intention to stayed for forever with his in-laws it means he didn’t bother about his old poor mother.

She also told him that she felt ashamed of his shameless and ungrateful attitude towards her mother who saved her life once from the hands of the law, where only she knows that how hard she arranged that 5-lakh cash to give it to the police.

She understood that Jash’s greedy nature made him so blind that when he found that after stolen that jewelry a year ago, not resolved his desire of starts his own business then he used that shortcut trick by marrying the factory owner’s daughter where he automatically without inserting any hard labor became the owner of his father-in-law’s gold business.

Her own blood used her …………………

By heard such loud voice of his mother he told her mother that ‘’please these are all old talks why to remember old memories and as a mother you save your son from the hands of law so what new or unusual thing in that if any other mother would be in place of yours then surely she also did the same thing which you did so please don’t ever count my mistakes and try to make me feel guilty because it’s your duty to save your child from problems so forget all those old memories…………

……. and moreover, he knows very well that from where she got that big amount within short span by sleeping with those 5 masters of her. So, to arrange the fund for a SLUT is not a big deal as she lost her chastity in his eyes and she died for him now for forever.’’

By heard the utter of SLUT by her adorable son she not amazed today because she told him that ‘’ today I feel really ashamed on my womb that how I gave birth of such an insensible person who is so thankless that even forget that the respectable life which he is living in society it’s given by THIS SLUT MOTHER. Who herself choose the shabby life for purifying her son’s life. So, it’s the reward of my deed of this bedraggling life for which the law of karma will judge you, my son ……. Take care always yours and don’t ever remember a slut mother….. if possible then forget me for forever………………’’

Hantaywee now not abused her 5 masters because for her they may be showed their animalism at the bed with her but never till date uttered her a slut because they know it’s a mother who only can do this for the sake of her child but her own blood today tagged her a SLUT… as the World is enough selfish than her fanatical imagination. The inhumanity of the son towards his mother was indescribable.