When manipulative mother destroyed the marital life?

 Darryl 40 years old elegant bachelor Lawyer stayed with his widow mother. Darryl’s friends and relatives often asked his mother about his marriage, as he now 40 years old young pleasant guy who has an established career then why he yet not married?


Paola 34 years old, his gorgeous client she is a software developer. She came to him regarding her sister’s divorce matter. When Darryl has fallen in love with Paola at first sight. Paola’s sister noticed that initially regarding the discussion about her case in his private chamber, he always asked Paola to come with her sister instead of her parents.

When her parents asked Darryl that why he insisted Paola to visit with her sister instead of them then he very firmly replied them that Paola’s sister might feel hesitant for answering her case linked up queries regarding her personal marital life in front of her parents that’s the reason he asked for her elder sister Paola to join with her.

The beginning of the love story………..

Later on in chatting and over phone conversation made them close within a few days. Now the thing is Darryl loves her but felt hesitant to disclose about that. He finally told his mother about Paola and his mother told about her interest to met with Paola and he invited her to their house.

Paola dressed up decent as she already aware that why Darryl called up her to introduce with his mother but both were pretending their innocence. Post introduction his mother first asked her that “why she still unmarried as she already 34 years old and looking pleasant? Moreover, she also heard about her younger sister’s divorced matter from her son then why she as the elder one remained left for marriage since long?”

Paola in her humble replied her that “she was engrossed in her career earlier so doesn’t take the decision about her marriage and also her parents were very liberal minded they never forced their 2 daughters for anything.”

On her replied now Darryl’s mother again harshly replied her “your parent’s excessive liberty to their 2 daughters now at present costing them high as one daughter is undergoing in divorce issue and another daughter still enjoying her celibacy.”

Darryl understood that his mother’s humiliation quite embarrassing Paola that’s why he interrupted in middle of their conversation and asked Paola just in the sense of diverting the situation’s solemnity that “he had a meeting with his client after half an hour so if she wants to go back home then he would be now dropped her in her house?”

Paola understood that why he told that “she replied him yes she wants to go back her home now.”

On her way, Darryl asked her “Paola if you have time then would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” Paola agreed because both wants to say something to each other but couldn’t, so they need a private space to share about their very personal issues with each other.

They went at V-Cafe ordered for 2 iced coffee, first time Darryl apologized from Paola due to his mother’s harsh tone, when she affirmed Darryl that “by adjourning the conversation in middle exactly like he does in his profession proved himself that no doubt he is a good lawyer…”

Justification towards his mother……………..

Darryl now in his justification acknowledged her that his mother’s behavior changed just after his father’s death 10 years ago. “His father loved his mother a lot for which whatever he earned forever gave the gross salary in his mother’s hand not only that even from property to each and everything he purchased in his mother’s name.”

 That’s why she was so accustomed of that ownership that forever felt an insecurity and fear that if after her son’s married her daughter-in-law snatched that proprietorship from her. Again when she found that now it’s like a trend in society when son after getting married often left the custody of their old parents then how life became horrific in that cage of old age home.

He also told to Paola that “how mother broke his first love relationship 6 years ago when someone he adored the most in his life and they planned for their marriage and like today he invited Paola in his home to introduced with his mother exactly on that day he invited Neru to introduced with his mother and she behaved in same mannered like she did with her. Also, she badly insulted Neru’s parents over the phone and that’s the cause of his first break up.”

At last Darryl confessed to Paola that “he has fallen in love with her at first sight but dare not to proposed her because he didn’t want any 2nd break up in his life again. So before he proceed further in any relationship he decided to take his mother’s acceptance so that if his mother would treat the same way and Paola rebuffed his love and marriage proposal then he might not feel bad on that as the answer already known by him so he would gladly accept that without pointing finger on none.”

Would she affirmed him?……………

The iced coffee melted to its room temperature, after few minutes pause Paola told him after heard a bold confession “Shall we order for fresh coffee but this time not cold one because your frozen life will transform to tempting one very soon. So better order for hot coffee.”

Darryl with his amazing view at her, eager to heard the more clarifying response from her now. Paola whispered that “his impressive honest and carefree open confession not only mesmerized her along with attracted her profoundly towards him.”

Darryl asked her instantly after that “will she excuse him for the 5-minute break?”

Paola waiting for him while thinking about his extrovert confession when exactly post 5 minutes break suddenly she found Darryl with a red rose in his right hand proposed her boldly “Hey! the princess of my life would you like to accept me as your soulmate for forever?” Paola affirmed with her smile by accepting the red rose.

 Paola in her first introduction with her mother-in-law understood that she had the insecurity about her proprietorship for which she never wished to settled her son’s marital life because she didn’t want to loose that grip over her son. Over possessive towards her son grew with time just after her husband’s death. When she realized that now her only son would be her lonely sustenance of her life whom she dominantly could be utilized as per her wish. Actually, she forever wished that her son would remain a puppet of his mother’s hand. That’s, why she felt insecure and always in her first introduction to her would be daughter-in-law she tried to convey the message about her dominion.

As a lawyer, he finally made his client’s divorce post 5 months and now Darryl and Paola had been planning for their new beginning. Here her sister who had undergone with the bad experience about divorce, forever warned Paola that she must think twice before she takes any final decision about her life especially in the case of marriage. Paola never had taken her sister’s advice seriously.

 Feeling of embarrassment ……………..

Finally, they got married, now the question is would the homely ambiance remain stable like earlier? Next day Darryl’s mother at very early morning knocked the newly wedded couple’s bedroom when Paola in her only red sleeveless gown had open the room. Her mother-in-law without saying anything just entered directly in their privacy with the intent of observing her son’s intimacy with Paola.

As a newly married bride, it’s enough embarrassing for Paola when she found that her lingerie which had been fallen on the floor thoroughly observing by her mother-in-law, actually she tried to weigh the past night intimacy that whether her son came out of the shield of virginity or not?

After that when Paola made the breakfast for all and was about to serve to her husband Darryl, her mother-in-law interrupted her and warned her that “though you entered in my house as my son’s wife but you never try to amend the norms of this house which are strictly made by me only and which my son have been following since ages without any interruption.”

Paola stared at her as she did not understand that what changes she had made within that short span of one day? Her mother-in-law now summarized her that “Darryl was accustomed to his mother’s handmade food only since childhood then how suddenly he swallow a different taste made by some other and due to that she never appointed any cook for her house unless Darryl would deny for having the meal.”

Darryl also agreed on his mother’s statement that she was exactly right in her perspective as his mother only knew his taste profoundly. Paola from that day only made food for herself. Even if they went for outside dinner at weekend again after returned to the home he joined at dinner with his mother, so that his mother wouldn’t feel bad.

Paola observed that apart from bedtime her mother-in-law felt enough discomfort to gave space to her newly married son and daughter-in-law even she never felt the etiquette to knock their room while the couple was engrossed in their privacy. Also during their off days, she by intentionally knocked their room at very early morning so that they couldn’t get extra time for spending on the bed.

Darryl forever gave his full earn in his mother’s hand and the overall expense of the house was only looked after by his mother, even he didn’t have the freedom to buy any gift for his wife. Even the expense of their weekend outing was carried by Paola’s earning only.

Overall at the end of the day, Paola was living with her husband along with clauses implemented by her mother-in-law. Due to this, they left to go for their honeymoon.

Just too much for everything…………..

Paola was ready for her procreation but the news made her mother-in-law enough annoyed she did a trick in the name of caring to her daughter-in-law and intentionally served those unsafe items to Paola which ultimately miscarriage her pregnancy when Dr. acknowledged her later on for the cause of that mishap. Now she had firmly decided that she wouldn’t spare her mother-in-law anymore because she had now crossed her all limits.

Paola, after released from the hospital, went directly to her parents home and told them everything. Now when Darryl came to take her back for home she rebuffed him. First time after a year of their marriage Paola frankly criticised to Darryl about her mother -in-law that “up to now she had been over neglecting all those acts because she loves Darryl and for the sake of love she overlooked her mother-in-law’s each irrational acts like her sudden entrance into their privacy, not allowed ever to made any food for her husband, never gave that freedom for travel and expenses for which they even skipped their honeymoon nor even buy any gift for each other.”

 “Not only that she likes her husband always shared her income  also with her mother-in-law so that her mother-in-law’s proprietorship remained as it is forever but after compromising with her each desire of marital life when her mother-in-law now by intentionally murdered her unborn baby in her womb then now she wouldn’t excuse or ever forgive her in this life for this crime act.”

Darryl amazed by her such strong indictment towards his mother as for him his mother would never do such irrational act against his son’s blissful life.

How hard it’s to believe the truth………..

Now the thing was as a son its hard to believe such drastic imputation towards his mother, he tried to summarized Paola that “though he knew about his mother’s over indulgence towards him but it doesn’t mean that she will go to such extent level where she will think to kill her own son’s blood.”

Paola has fallen in love with Darryl due to his open and loud confession about his mother’s rigid behavior which he defined as over indulgence and proprietorship of his mother towards him but he interpreted wrongly because it’s his mother’s obsession.

Earlier Paola thought that Darryl who could show his daring in front of his lover then he would be definitely proved as a better husband in future who wouldn’t behave like other typical mamma’s boy.

But she proved wrong when Darryl denied her accusation towards his mother by dismissed Paola’s statement who recently lost her pregnancy just because of her mother-in-law’s ploy. Finally, she told him that he was the most unsuccessful lawyer who had failed to scrutiny the cryptic truth in his own personal life.

Even she assured him that “his mother never endured any second woman’s presence in her son’s life and that’s the main cause of which she never thought about her son’s marriage till his 40 years. Above when she found that her daughter-in-law had been conceived then her hesitancy raised towards another attachment in her son’s life as she won’t ready to share her son’s affinity with none in this world apart from his mother.”

Paola this time wasn’t ready to agreed with her husband and finally, she gave her ultimatum that either he would take a judgment on that or rather disowned her.





When the blissful affair turned to damned?

Laverna 19 years old gorgeous pursuing her Degree 1st year. Like others, she also enjoyed her college days thoroughly with her group of friends by making lots of fun every day. In that group, almost all got engaged except she left. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t get any love proposals actually it’s all about that craziness of wishing for such Romeo typed typically guy, who fondled her 24*365 even when she dressed up unlovely also.


  Every weekend the group planned for movies then the restaurant. Where her friends always booked for last row seats along with their preferable partners, in the intent of their lovemaking so that they could utilize the ambiance of darkness and silence of the movie hall for their closeness without interruption for nonstop 3 hours.

She observed suddenly their behavior divert towards her. When the common friends suddenly turned to couples and behaved like an alien with her. She felt discomfited when her presence not bothered by them. So she changed her seat so that they get freed from her resistance.

 When they met finally………………

Morris 21 years old tall elegant guy continuing his final year of Degree from the same college. He came with his friend’s group for the movie where he also faced the situation exactly like Laverna.

There Laverna who now sat alone in different lonely row bit far from her friend’s row of seats, when Morris joined her when he found that only one person was sitting in that entire vacant row.

A small love story began, when the coincidence of their introduction revealed at the beginning in their introspection. They both felt glad at least now they could be allowed for the last row of seat in the movie hall along with their friends.

In this way, the journey of pleasant love goes on. Morris never felt tired ever to fondled his love, soulmate Laverna. His commendation begins from her physical alluring look to her intelligence, not only that he even never skipped to comments on her makeover, dressed up, carried accessories, etc.. Laverna felt blessed about her love because whatever she dreamt about her Prince charming, Morris possessed everything within him as per her provision.

Pretends as blissful for such adoration………….

Girls have a rigid habit that during their gossip about their personal affair in their friend’s group forever tries to pretend about their partner’s sovereignty. Where Laverna forever highlighted about Morris’s over indulgence towards her.

Slowly with time, their attachment grew when their love now craving more from their relationship. Their lip kissing, sucking and embracing now seemed not sufficed for their arousal, where Morris failed to control over his ejaculation and both were eager for their physical intimacy.

 Laverna belongs from a mid-class family whose father working in a private limited company and mother a homemaker. Like any other parents, they also had few dream about their daughter’s career and marriage. Her parents often denied to good marriage proposal which they had being offered by their relatives for their young good looking daughter.

Dauntless act for love ………...

There Laverna and Morris suddenly one day just in their obsession had taken that extreme frantic step of marriage in the absence of their closed ones. As usual, Laverna’s parents break up their all relations with their only daughter for that audacity…….. and it’s quite obvious when their relatives found that for the sake of that good for nothing their daughter Laverna had eloped from the house then how could they show their face in front of their relatives.

 As they both prior planned for that particular date of their marriage in court under the witnessed of their friends, where friends also objected to their untimely marriage by against of their family but when both were already determined about their adamant decision and not ready to listen to them then why they interfered in their personal issues? So they only participated with them in that court marriage and wished them for their blissful married life.

After marriage, the definition of love changed….……..

Morris after getting married with his soulmate when entered at his home with his newly wedded wife then faced objection first by his elder brother and sister-in-law. Their first query towards Morris was “Who will take care of your wife as you already one existence burden upon us whose food to education expense carried by me only above that one supplementary your newly married wife?”

Morris’s elder brother was the sole earning member of their family upon whom he and his widow mother were completely dependable, so his annoyed upon his younger brother’s such adamancy was quite obvious and justified.

Not even they welcomed their newly wedded daughter-in-law nor asked for dinner. Laverna never expected such hospitality from her in-laws but it’s just beginning when so many unexpected scenarios were still waiting for her in her upcoming married life about which she might not be dreamt also.

Mother’s abruptly presence in life…………

Laverna waiting for her husband in his bedroom after humiliated by her in-laws when not even her sister-in-law or mother-in-law had asked for her changing. It seemed like they tried to realize both that it’s their sole decision for living together where no such decorum needs to maintain with their daughter-in-law.

 She felt hungry as its 11 pm and none hadn’t asked her at least for a glass of water. Now she opened her college bag (not any luggage bag) where she had taken 3 sets of clothes only along with her notebook of college where suddenly she saw the lunch box which her mother used to gave her every day for her college.

She took the lunch box and had it with her tears and told to herself “mother you know everything that your Lavee is in hunger! That’s why first time in this life your handmade food quench my hunger with its utmost satisfaction!”

 “Morris entered with few biscuits and a bottle of water for her but she refused told him that her mother came to feed her daughter but she missed to carry water along with her. So now she would only accept that water offered by him.” He amazed by her such replied then understood that she missed her parent’s presence so told all those.

Feeling of utmost satisfaction………..

They both after getting each family member’s harsh comments now anxiously waiting for their coitus. Now she received that utmost pampering by her adorable husband Morris which aid her to washed out her all unkind thoughts from her subconscious.

Morris sucked her pink lips now he undressed his love by his own hand first time with a very slow manner then licked her each organ thoroughly. He failed to continue his foreplay for long as his ejaculation forcedly eager for its mating where Laverna’s desire wants more from his foreplay. Now in that utmost pleasant moment of physical intimacy where they both wants to pause that crucial time of utmost satisfaction.

The real journey begins post first night……….

His elder brother next day called to both in their mother’s room wherein the presence of his mother his brother acknowledged him that “now he no more a collage going (bindass means carefree) bachelor despite became a married man who had the responsibility of his wife. So from now onwards, he would take care of his own family’s responsibility. Why and how he would go to implement that, it’s not their headache? As he didn’t take their advice before execute his marriage so if he could do that then he might also plan for his upcoming life.”

His elder brother was 100% justified in his rational statement because he already had his own children and family’s accountability then why should he going to commit towards his younger brother’s family.

But still, it’s his generosity who for the sake of humanity gave Morris a specific tenure of 6 months for his career establishment and completion of final year exam of Degree. His exam would be going to strat after a month but he never felt the urge for the preparation of his subjects instead his main focussed was now on Laverna’s physic.

 Suddenly regime changed………..

There Laverna whose college and education now paused for the uncertain period of time. Suddenly the regime of her life changed just from the next day morning. Earlier she woke up at early morning and get ready for her college without turned once ever in the kitchen, as her mother was there who feed with her utmost care by her own hand to Laverna, when she was in hurry for the college but now none was there even to asked her whether she need anything or not?

 Her sister-in-law sacked the maid from next day and told to Laverna that “her husband couldn’t afford the expense upon maid so from now onwards all those household chores was being looked after by Laverna in behalf of maid and only after that she would be allowed for 2 times meals until Morris contribute his expense in family.”

She now herself went to the kitchen to make something for her but she didn’t know even how to cook. In this way, her new work scheduled of life began for 2 times meals.

Feeling of embarrassment……….

There with time, Moriss’s behavior changed abruptly he started for consuming alcohol, returned home at late night, then forced Laverna for physical intimacy. Where Laverna whole day constantly worked for her 2-time meals there her husband never bothered about his wife seemed like nothing hadn’t changed for him as he was still in the myth of his bachelorhood.

 Laverna conceived for 4 months which increased her strain level due to her husband’s irrational attitude towards her. She often told him that “she felt quite embarrassed to asked for that 2-time meals from her in-laws above that if they came to know about her conceiving then what self-respect would be left further in their eyes? Already she was enough embarrassed by their sarcastic statements upon his drunk attitude.”

She also told him that if he wasn’t eligible to take the responsibility of her then why he married and spoiled her life? Moreover earlier she tried to coped with that 2 times in suffice meal where she never asked for more from her mother-in-law but now she was pregnant where her hunger not get satisfied by that 2 times in suffice meals. Morris slapped her after heard all those because he didn’t ready to heard those bitter truth from his wife.

Laverna cried because she understood that all Romeos are not meant for taking responsibility of their soulmate. They were suitable only for time pass in their well shaved decent image because they were not made for typical married life.

All emotions washed away very soon…………

 Morris failed to crack his Degree, there 6 months passed away as per his elder brother’s given tenure to him for his establishment in the career. Laverna’s life became a nightmare in those past 6 months. She experienced the torment of love from her college affair. He rapidly forward towards the destruction of his life without bothering about his wife and would be the child. His elder brother and mother also tried often to make him understand the seriousness of family life but his stubbornness ultimately exhausted them upon his irresponsible attitude.

 His overindulgence towards her always attracted the most during her initial college days of the affair which turned to abusive post marriage along with physical and mental torture. His indulgence suddenly washed away after marriage when he realized that how to ease its to spend few peep talks on special someone for mesmerized her in the intent of fulfilling his sexual desires of life but how difficult it’s to take the responsibility of expense for forever of that special someone.

She knew that if she gave birth her child in that unkind atmosphere then her child also would get an avoidance life by them forever when she had a firm belief that her parents never be so inclement towards their child.

 Later 7 months, she finally eloped from his in-laws home and shamelessly knocked his ultimate destination. Yes….. her own parent’s sweet home……So the 4 months affair + 7 months marital life = ends up with the worst experience of life in finally 11months……. When the blissful affair turned to a damned marital life…

Her father opened the door, they not at all amazed by seeing her on their doorstep ultimately in that worst condition where her deteriorates health with dark circled eyes revealed about her worthless marital life.

She felt very downcast when her father told her “hope you seen the world thoroughly but took 7 months time, don’t’ worry it’s never too late to start the life.” Her mother just told her “Lavee go to your room and change first unless dinner will be frosty…”


When to achieve success you forget the world?

Daria 21 years old a meritorious ambitious girl. Her father working in a private limited company, suffering from leukemia and mother a housemaker. Her elder brother Evan, who was doing his final year of Law. Their parents always wished to see their son as a successful lawyer. For Daria, they planned for the teaching profession. Daria never scored below 90% ever in her study life.


Man proposes, God disposes …………..

One day while returned to home from Law college suddenly he met with a frightful accident by a bus. The young son’s death demolished her parents drastically, seemed like they almost lost their all hope from life but still they always pretend that they slowly tried to come out from the trauma in front of their daughter because Daria’s final exam of Degree was at doorstep and at any cost they didn’t want to break her concentration.

Daria passed out with the good scoring of 85%. She affirmed her parents that she wants to pursue Law. Her parents amazed as they already planned for her teaching profession then how suddenly her decision change after passed out Degree. She told them that she wants to complete the incomplete dream of her elder brother Evan. Her parents cried by seeing her affection towards her brother, they affirmed her and in this way Daria took the admission in same Law college. Now her ultimate aim was to achieve her brother’s dream of a successful Lawyer.

When life wasn’t ready to give time………….

Daria was engaged in her studies thoroughly when suddenly one day after returned from office her father showed her few images of guys and asked for select any one among them. When did she ask her father that why and who they were? Her father not felt necessary to replied her back. He then asked the same to his wife. Her mother surprised and also asked the same like her that why he showed those images and who were they?

Now her father affirmed them that he had decided to give Daria’s marriage within a month as he didn’t have enough time in his hand. Daria and her mother shocked by his reply. Now the interrogation began suddenly with why and how…….by both of them.

He finally told them that Evan’s unnatural death had taught him an eternal lesson of life that “Life is uncertain so finish your major task without pending it for tomorrow .”

 Her mother protested told her father that “it doesn’t mean that for the fear of tomorrow’s uncertainty we should compromise with our present. Moreover, Evan died just 5 months ago then what peoples would criticize that how could we plan for our daughter’s marriage when they found that also a year not passed after that traumatic incident?”

 parent’s unbending decision ……

Her father wasn’t ready to listen none because neither he disclosed his personal issue nor he diverts his decision about his daughter’s early marriage. Her mother even so annoyed upon her father’s nonlogical decision of early marriage of their daughter when he firmly knew about the significance of their daughter’s career then what made him so stubborn that he even ready to compromise with his biggest dream of a life where he wished to see his child a socially established person.

 Finally, after a few days contradiction, he affirmed that he couldn’t change his decision despite by considering the situation he now wants at least to solemnized her daughter’s engagement with their choice able groom so that after completing the examination of her 1st year of Law, they could ritualize the marriage.

 In that case 3 things would happen at a time like, first Daria would easily crack her 1st year of exam without any stress and second vital aspect was in this between 1 year tenure they both Daria and her would be husband would get affluent time to know each other thoroughly and finally Evan’s death anniversary would also over by that period. So this was finalized.

Suspicious about the intention……………..

Her parents finally select the groom as per their daughter’s eligibility and status. Post introduction to both the family now they finalized the date for the engagement in a very simple way by keeping things in mind about Evan’s accidental death just a few months ago.

Though her mother affirmed about Daria’s engagement and marriage to her father but her suspicious thoughts about the early marriage of Daria was indigestible. She even personally queried her husband often that “why he became so stubborn suddenly about Daria’s marriage issue when she was only 21 years old and also let her complete at least the Law final year exam?”

Promise need for betterment……………….

 But her father never unfolds the significant and hidden cause behind that. In fact one day he called up his wife and daughter in his room and shared significant docs of savings and property along with them but before that he wants the apology from both as he had taken the vital decision of Daria’s life without bothering about their wish.

 “First he had taken the promise from his wife that whatever situation would arise tomorrow she wouldn’t be compromised with them and she would definitely solemnize their daughter’s marriage with their choice able groom Calvin, as per their finalized date after 1 year. Then he told that as a husband he never disrespect his wife’s decision ever in his life but the first time he has shown his adamancy in this vital aspect by going against his wife.”

Next “he had taken the promise of his adorable daughter, Daria, that she would definitely complete her Law and also established as a successful Lawyer and for that whatever impediment would come in her way she must trample all of them without bothering about the world and closed one.”

He told Daria that she might be offended on her father now because first time her father disobeyed her wish but with time hope she also forgives him when she would see in future that whatever he did for her it’s only for her betterment. So his intention was only to secured them.

When life changed after engagement suddenly……………..

Later 4 months of engagement, her father’s health deteriorate rapidly, though since few months his health not supported him. Whenever her mother or she asked for Dr. he denied visiting the hospital along with them or unless sometimes assured them that while returned back from office on his way he would visit the hospital.

Suddenly that day around 3 pm her mother got a call from her father’s office that her father had been hospitalized during the emergency.

 When her mother reached the hospital, Dr. affirmed her that she should call up her daughter and rest relatives as ‘he didn’t have any more time left, already counting his last breath…… her mother shocked queried the Dr. that why he told that?’

Dr. amazed asked her that how could it be possible that as a wife she didn’t aware of her husband’s disease and told her that her husband had been suffering from leukemia.

Her mother didn’t know how to respond to that dreadful situation she called up to Daria when she was at college and told that she should come to the hospital as soon as. Daria post reached hospital found her father counting his last breathe when her mother outbursts by seeing her daughter, told about her father’s frightful disease.

Before Daria would react on that her father’s weaken eyes last time gazed her and whispered: “my little child, nothing will ever pause your way of aim……my blessing will forever with you………” He closed his eyes along with those precious words, seemed like waiting for his daughter to conveyed his last message.

Truth reveals with death…………….

Her father’s death now revealed each act of past that why he was in the sudden hurry about Daria’s marriage, why shared each aspect of savings, why avoided to go for Dr. along with them and why taken the promise from them?

Her mother told Daria that “her father had already aware of his frightful disease leukaemia but he never shared with us because he already knew that just a few months ago we faced a trauma of Evan’s death and if he revealed about his certain death then it’s really horrific for us to accept that, so he did all his pending responsibilities with full plan firmly again he never wants to distract your mind from education when the 1st year exam is at doorstep.”

How to defeat the pain?………….

When father’s death shattered their lives. To accept son and husband ‘s death wasn’t easy for her mother but she has shown her extreme strength in front of Daria so that her mindset never divert from her real aim.

She still remembered every night after she slept, her mother used to sat for an hour in front of her father and son’s image and cried in the low voice so that the murmuring wouldn’t break her sleep and made her feeble with tears.

Daria was in horrific pain but neither she was supposed to drop her exam nor had the freedom to outbursts her pain. Seemed like God had been taking her real exam of life where she promised her late father that nothing could stop her way.

So finally after 2 weeks of her father’s death, she appeared for the 1st year of Law exam with the heaviness in the heart by defeating her utmost pain.

Entering of someone………….

Calvin 26 years old handsome, a software developer. He came along with his family after got the worst news, at the funeral of her father and from that day they came closed slowly to each other. As now they at least continued their conversation over the phone up to 5 to 10 minutes otherwise earlier the call ends up with few seconds only, restricted to Halo!….Hi!….

Later 3 months her result came out with good score. Now her mother wants to solemnize her daughter’s marriage. As she gave words to her husband that after completion of her 1st-year exam she would be ritualized the marriage when already a year passed when they did her engagement with Calvin.

Daria hadn’t ready to leave her mother alone in this phase when her mother emotionally needs her the most but they both tied up with their promise to her father.

Finally, she married with Calvin in a very simple way as neither Daria nor her mother had the mindset to celebrate. As already the family had met with 2 closed one’s death in the adjacent year so by considering that Calvin’s family also affirmed for the simple marriage.

The beginning of new life………………

At the age of 22 years, Daria got married to Calvin. His elder brother Malvin and sister-in-law Gina with their 2 daughters along with his parents all welcomed their younger daughter-in-law Daria with warm-hearted. During initial days she didn’t have any issue with all of them but with growing time she faced many challenges.

Daria after returned from college used to prepared first for evening tea and snacks and then dinner for all, then she served dinner to all of her in-laws and finally after released from the kitchen she sat for study at 9 pm to 12 am. It’s her regime whereas she needs more time for her study which she couldn’t get post marriage due to her family’s responsibility.

 Apart from this her brother-in-law’s 2 daughters, who studied at 4th and 6th standard always come to her for their homework and study, when she sat for her own study at 9 pm after finishing her household chores. Earlier she helped the children in their study, but slowly her study load increased where that 3 hours timing wasn’t sufficed for her exam preparation of 2nd year Law.

Impediment by in-laws………….

She noticed that her sister-in-law Gina who neither do any job nor study then, in that case, she should take care of her children’s study but Gina had never shown any interest towards her children’s study ever because she loves to spend her time with amusement like either in shopping or outing with her friends.

She told about that obstacle to her husband Calvin that if her 3 hours study time also get shared by the children by guiding them in their study, then how could she prepared for her own papers?

Understanding spouse…………

 Calvin after listened those next day with humble he told his mother and all during dinner that “children’s study level is going to increase day by day with their syllabus so why shouldn’t they opt for any private teacher for them who will guide them at evening in their task and syllabus?”

Gina instantly replied “Calvin as far my knowledge you have never taken the class of my children then how could you know about their study pressure and who told you all those? Hope your wife complained you about my children if I’m not assuming wrong.”

Now her mother-in-law replied to Calvin that “we opted for educated bride for you so that she could be helpful for the children in their study at our family but your wife seemed quite discomfort to help the little children in their study, though Gina also a Graduate woman but her children felt more comfortable with their new aunt than their angry mother. Moreover, if we invest on private tutors for children then what’s the use of Daria?

 After hearing all those allegations about Daria, about which they not even spelled for once but their invasion made Calvin and Daria understood that they all were in blaming mood so no used to talk with them regarding that any further instead he with calm finished his dinner and moved away towards his room.

 He has taken the responsibility…………….

Calvin next day called up someone at early morning in their house. He introduced the new lady teacher for the children with all and instructed the tutor that from now onwards she would come regularly to guide the children and for this job only he would pay to her.

Gina and Malvin along with his parents were now quite pleased by seeing that caring about children from Calvin. Daria understood that he saved her by this way.

Is she ready for Procreation?………………

Since few days Daria noticed that she felt weak and nausea often. She thought might be its due to her stress in the study along with her avoidance towards her health made her feeble, so she overlooked that. But her mother-in-law observed that and she called up to Dr., after thoroughly check up Dr. assured them that Daria had been conceiving for 4 months.

The good news made her in-laws enormous pleased. But Daria hadn’t ready for procreation now she was in the dilemma that how could she give her full effort on the study when now her body also needs rest. She told Calvin that she wasn’t ready for this unplanned pregnancy because she wants to first complete her study of Law then only she would plan for their baby.

Calvin next day went to Dr. along with Daria, he told the Dr. that he wants to terminate his wife’s pregnancy. But Dr. assured them that her termination tenure of pregnancy had already passed as her pregnancy continuing for 4 months now if she has taken the risk of abortion then it would be life risked for her. So at any cost, she has to continue her pregnancy.

How to cope with her physic?………..

Daria with the extension of her pregnancy now became feeble. Her mother-in-law now strictly restricted her that she should avoid late night study as it deteriorated the health of the mother and her baby but she never cared. She understood that if her in-laws found her physically weak then they would not allow her for college either for study, so from now onwards she always pretends in front of all that she was enough strong and healthy.

Calvin only realized that she was in extreme stress about pregnancy and exam both physically and psychologically as both were now on the parallel journey. He never slept until Daria finished her study up to 12 am, instead he often gave her soft and supple massage to relaxing her body.

The time came for labor pain along with exam…….

Dr. affirmed her delivery date after her scheduled exam date. So she now confirmed both the date and was relaxed that at least she would first get the scope for appeared the exam.

But due to her over stress, she began her labor pain one month prior than her exact scheduled date of delivery. So finally she delivered her baby boy, 15 days prior to her exam.

Post delivery of her baby she thought that a year ago during her 1st-year exam, prior 15 days of the exam he lost her father and during her 2nd year, exactly prior 15 days of her exam her Baby came in her life.

Is it any coincidence or what? So she reminded again to herself by her father’s last said words about her that ‘nothing could pause her way.’

After a week she got the discharge from the hospital. Now she had one week time left for her final revision. She without bothering about her physical pain or anyone’s statement just immersed in her study. Finally, she appeared for her 2nd-year final exam with a weak physic.

 Agonizing impediment…………..

Post completion of her exam now she has taken her baby in her hand coddled with her motherly touch as of now the baby also missed her mother’s coddling. Finally, after few months the result of the 2nd year of Law came out with the expected good score. Now her journey for the final year began with the new hurdle. But she knew that like her past 2 years hurdles failed to stop her way exactly none barrier would pause her final year of the journey.

Her little baby boy who now the apple of in-laws’ eyes cultivated the extreme hindrance for her with time. Her day began with her baby now instead of thick Law books. As the infant often need her mother for his feeding and 24 hours caring constantly where she couldn’t skip now. Now her workload increased from taking care of her baby along with kitchen responsibility. Also, she declined her visit to college by avoiding her important classes of the final year.

Deprived of mother’s affection………….

 Daria’s mother came to visit her grandchild and daughter in her in-law’s home. At first, she blessed them both with valuable gifts of gold and vital useable stuff for the infant also she wished Daria for die-hard dedication towards her aim and study.

 As a mother only able to read her child’s mind, she understood that how difficult it’s for a new mother to manage her infant and family along with the continuation of the study. When just a few days ago she overcome her labor and exam strain. So she requested her in-laws that “she wants to take her daughter and grandchild along with her for residing in her parent’s house for a month so that Daria could take rest and she takes care of both her grandchild and daughter during that period.”

Invasion by in-laws …………..

Her mother’s used terms of ‘rest’ regarding Daria seemed like became the cause for the beginning of the revolution in the family.

Her mother-in-law aggressively now outbursts upon her mother who told her mother that “What did you think that we all are egoistic over here who not give rest to your adorable daughter during this phase? Moreover, if you take away both of them along with you, then the society and relatives might be criticized about us that how irresponsible we are who left their daughter-in-law and her baby under her lonely mother’s guardianship in this phase when she needs more caring by ours. So we never allowed our grandchild with you, if you want to take your daughter then you can but not our grandchild……”

After listened to the harsh statements from her in-laws, her mother without uttered a single word further with them just left their house.

Objection by husband…………..

Calvin after known all those by Daria now told to his mother that “she by disgrace his mother-in-law made him ashamed in front of Daria’s mother for forever. Moreover, after her marriage, Daria wouldn’t be stayed for at least a day with her mother when her mother needs her the most in her solitariness where already she lost her husband and son a year ago then how could they objected her from staying her parent’s house?”

His mother replied him that “now he taught well that how to protect his wife and do fight on behalf of his wife with his parents.” Calvin understood that his family did all those intentionally so he planned and act in a different way.

He now hired a maidservant and assured his family that the maid only do work on behalf of Daria means whatever work schedule she had now all those would be served by the maid like evening meal preparation and when she would go to college then maid would take care of their baby as a nanny and the salary of maid also given by him.” Daria understood how firmly he again saved her.

When the baby needs his mother only……...

Now her problems partially resolved but what about her baby how could he cope with the nanny? It’s really the biggest issue arose for her when her baby not at all ready to stay with the nanny particularly for those days when she goes to attend for her vital classes at college.

Above all her in-law’s often teased on her higher study like they used to say that “how selfish mother for whom her career was more lovable than her baby and family.” They also often said to Calvin, against her that “look my son for your wife today you are ready to argue with your mother but I’m assuming you, Calvin, she is a very career oriented woman who prioritises her career the first then rest all thing then be aware of her who knows tomorrow after getting established as a Lawyer she might throw you from her life……”

There her results of the 2nd year came out withholding same persistence of good scoring. Now her timing of study increased with passing months when she sat for her study at 10 pm and continued up to 3 or 3:30 am and woke up again at 5 am.

Barbarian behavior towards an infant……….

There as an infant he forever preferred his mother’s lap than others. Daria never took her baby all times in her lap, in fact, she became prudish with her newly born since just after his birth when she only took him in her lap during his feeding time and for changing diapers. Otherwise whatever be the cause whether the cute one laughed or cried in the intent of getting his mother’s 24 hours indulgence, she never touched him in the sense of fear that the overindulgence towards the baby might not be weakened her path.

Even many times when she had been engaging in her study by sitting beside the infant and exactly at that moment the baby cried with his loud for her lap, she just called up the nanny to took him in her lap so that he slowly accustomed to nanny’s lap more than his mother’s lap because she knew firmly that she has to continue her unkindness until her final year exam would let over after a year.

Even every night after feeding her baby, when she left the baby in her husband’s supervision for his sleep and she went to next room for continuing her study up to 3 am, he started to cry loudly then Calvin with his lullaby stopped the baby. Daria amazed when she found a father sang the lullaby for his child.

 Not only that she felt horrible when her crawling baby often at night knocked her room and she not even turned him because she didn’t want to waste her 1 minute also when her exams stand at threshold point. Finally, she now appeared for her final year exam.

Finally, the dream came true………..

Later few months she passed out her degree of Law with her excellence. She thanks to her late father with her tears because he chose Calvin as an honest, affectionate and adjustable husband for her, who in real mean hold her hand until she arrived her goal by defeating against his family.

Apart from her mother and husband, none felt good about her biggest achievement. She never bothered about closed one’s offensive comments nor she ever allowed her physical or any psychological deficiency during her long journey of 3 years.

She cracked her each year of Law’s exam by carrying the baggage of variant blockade. In the first year her father died, the second year, underwent with pregnancy and delivering the baby and in the final year, she agonized her infant which sometimes revealed her monstrosity who didn’t bother about her baby’s agonize in front of her aim.

So she dedicated her achievement first to her late father and brother Evan then to her mother, husband, and baby the most because without their support and sacrifice she wouldn’t be climbed her aim. Daria now after 15 years established as a successful Lawyer upon whom her husband and son forever feel proud.

So many times she cried but again remind herself of her father’s last said word that “nothing could ever be paused her way to reached her goal.”

When depression and breakup slaughter a life?


Omar 28 years old young pleasant engaged in a Government organization. Belongs to a very poor family. Omar’s father died in his childhood days due to some illness when their poverty failed to bear the cost of treatment and as a result, he lost his life by leaving behind his family of 6 members. Yes….6 members, his mother and 4 younger sisters along with him.


Their tormented days ………………

Omar brought up in a slum wherein a small cottage the 6 members survived their life by fighting against with their huge scarcity. His mother’s maidservant job was the sole earning for the sustainability of their life. He still remembered those dark days of his life when his mother how hard-arranged for two times meals for 5 siblings. His younger two sisters were 1 and 2 years old, 3rd sister 5 years old, 4th sister 7 years old and he were 8 years old at that time when his father passed away.

His mother never had two times meals ever. Even in her workplace if any of her masters used to give her any eating item then she without delayed kept that item for her children where she only had water in her lunch.

In fact, she feeds flour mixed with water to her 2 small babies of 1 and 2 years old in substitute of milk. When the babies often vomit that as its tasteless without sweet flavor, couldn’t be swallowed by them. So finally she asked her masters for 2 spoon sugar every day for her 2 little babies. When she never used that sugar in the flour mixture instead she used a trick, during her feeding to the babies she just after every spoon of that tasteless flour mixture gave few grains of sugar in their tongue so that they could felt the sweetness and wouldn’t vomit. So by this way at lunch and dinner, she used 1 spoon sugar for each time feeding for both the babies.

For the sake of 2 spoon sugar, she even hadn’t taken any leave from her working place because her absent in job means her 2 little babies fasting for the whole day as they both were now accustomed to the sweet flavor. That’s why even in her illness she attended her job.

Omar 9 years old, the elder son in the intent of helped his mother started working part-time in a tea stall, where he washed the cups and plates along with the vending newspaper. He and his 8 years old sister Sidra went to Government school for free education and Omar was a studious student forever. He always studies under the street light without bothering about the bad weather during the rainy season. As his only target was to stand up on his own feet and take the liability of his poor family completely for forever.

Slowly days turned later 15 years……………….

The 24 years old handsome Omar passed out his degree with good scoring and on the basis, upon his merit, he got a clerical job in Government organization. Omar never spent a single rupees for his any personal expense. He always loves to hand over his full salary to his mother. He now has the major accountability towards his 4 younger sister’s education and marriage but before that, he wants to buy a 2 room small house because he wanted to get relieved his family from that slum.

 Now Omar was eligible to take the family’s responsibility so he didn’t allow his old mother to continued further her maid job but his mother didn’t agree for her full retirement from work so she insisted her son that her workaholic habit wouldn’t be allowed her to take rest for the whole day and moreover she was eligible to work still in her 60s, because she wants to continue her earning contribution habit for her family.

Omar agreed but he warned her mother for not continued her same maid job instead of that she could begin her own small business of tea and coffee stall. As his experience of working in tea stall since his childhood days was enough to guide his mother.

 After many decades passed now his old mother’s get retired from her maid job.

Finally with his small investment from his savings he opened his own tea and coffee stall for his mother. Within a few days, her mother’s small business grew up.

His stringent regime……….

 In fact, he had been continuing his part-time job habit yet after getting his Government Job. He began his day at 4 am with his first work of vending newspaper then he helped his mother in her business for an hour and finally at 9 am proceed to his office. Again after returned from office at 6 pm he gives tuition up to 9 pm. This was his stringent regime of daily life from where he never took a break for a single day also ever in his life. But he gave his mother off for a day from her business during his off day from office when he looks after the stall for the whole day.

 Among 4 sisters Sidra the elder one, close to her elder brother the most as the sibling have the 1-year gap between them for which they behaved like a friend more than a sibling. In fact, Omar shared his every thought and plans along with his younger sister Sidra. There Sidra also joined in a primary school job after passed out her Degree. So that she could stretch her helping hand towards her brother.

The act of lascivious woman………….

Trixie the 22-year-old tempting extrovert girl working in his office. She belongs to a mid-class life but her way of lifestyle was quite different. She often gets love proposals from her office colleagues where few offered her for marriage while others for timepass outing. Her extrovert casual attitude attracted opposites the most. She had a strange behavior whenever she goes for the outing with any one of her office colleague just from next day she used to tag them as her boyfriend intimate one.

 Actually for her its a give and take, a game where if by spending few hours, with them would give her lucrative earning then why not she grab the opportunity when they invest well on her like for costly dinner, movies and attractive gifts. In this way, her 2 needs, physical desire and other needs of life get fulfilled at free of cost by her time pass boyfriends where she could be saved her full gross earning.

 To destruct the strict regime…………….

 When all bachelors and married male colleagues of the office loves to spend time with her, except Omar who never turned at her and she was quite amazed for that.

 Omar who didn’t have the urge also to give a view on any girl. His strict behavior towards girls never allowed anyone in his life. His colleagues often used to go for amusement at weekends or after office hours but he never turned to all those. His way restricted from home to office and office to home in between no halt for him.

  Trixie tried many times to talk with Omar but he avoided her as Omar didn’t respond to any girl ever in his life then how could he suddenly respond her. His often avoidance to her makes her felt embarrassed in front of her peers, she asked about Omar’s arrogant attitude from her peers and they affirmed her that Omar would never be replied her because he was so hard dedicated towards his honesty, morality, and ethics that her tempting alluring image would never mould him towards her and for that they were ready to thrown challenge to Trixie where she also accepted their challenge boldly that within a month Omar would be under her grip.

Now for Trixie, it’s a challenging factor where at any cost she wished to win the game. From next day her loud makeup turned to simple. Trixie knew very well that if she again tried to talk with him then she would be received the same avoidance from him. As now she aware of his characteristics firmly, so she plans it differently for him.

 The journey begins……………

Like other days after office hours when Omar was about towards his home by bus, Trixie also followed him on the same bus. Now on her way when she was being asked about her fare, she noticed that she left her purse in office. She tried to explained the conductor but they not ready to excuse her. In this way, the argument continued for 10 minutes, suddenly at that moment Omar who observed those from the back row of seat paid the fare of her to the conductor before his depart.

By seeing that kindness Trixie also without delayed for a second depart from the bus. Omar was on his way to home when Trixie just interrupted him for expressing her thanks. He first-time response her reply with humble and the journey began from here.

Next day after office leave Trixie again followed him on his way to home and depart with him at the same halt. She interrupted him and said that “yesterday he saved her from humiliation at public by paying the fare and for that she would be really obliged and thankful but she thought only thanks, wasn’t enough for that generosity so she wished to pay him in return for that and now if she would pay him the fare amount then it might hurt his self-respect so she does not dare to give him money but instead that she would like to offer him something.”

Before Omar object to her, she offered him some sweets which were specially made by her. Omar in his low voice told her that he did for the sake of humanity and accepted her sweets. Omar now slowly began to interact with her.

The first feeling of adoration………………

Within a few days, they came close to each other now they both after office leave spend few moments with each other. Omar now likes her accompany his feeling of love towards her grew up with time. Omar was an introvert and reserved person who never knew that how to express his feelings towards a girl, whereas Trixie as an extrovert knew how to portray her emotions. So finally she proposed him that “would he like to marry with her and ready to take her responsibility for forever?”

Omar cried first time in front of a woman because he never thought in his life that anyone could love him so profoundly because his life was full of struggle where no place for any love and emotions. He aware her about his worst experience of life from his brought up in a slum to up to his Government job achievement. Even his strict regime of life from vending newspaper, to help his mother in her tea stall. Finally, he told her that he needs few times for their marriage as he had huge accountability towards his 4 sister’s marriage and to buy a home for them because as an elder son he would never deny his duty towards his family. After heard all those Trixie assured and promised him that she would be definitely waiting for him.

Confession of inclination ……….

Omar felt so happy that after knowing the truth about his financial status, Trixie still ready to marry him. Now he shared his affair with his younger sister Sidra and told that now the time came when he would be ready to buy a home.

He purchased a small 2 room flat and after few days gave marriage to his 2 younger sisters on the same day in a very simple way. Now only his rest 2 younger sisters left for their settlement. His mother felt proud of his hard dedication towards his family she now wants to settle her elder son’s marriage and aware him about her wish.

Finally, after 3 months the time came, when he was ready to accept his another major responsibility in life towards his love Trixie. He went to office thought to ask her about their marriage date finalization but she not came to office, he called up her but her mobile was switched off mode. He continuously dialed her number for the whole day but its coming same switched off.

He not queried about her absent from any of his peers as he never disclosed about their affair to none of the office staff because he didn’t want that people’s gossip about their affair and that’s the reason for which he never talked with Trixie within office arena.

 The truth of deluding reveals……………..

Next day when he found her again absent in office along with mobile switched off mode now he lost his patience and asked the peon that if he had any info regarding Trixie’s sudden leave from office? The peon surprised affirmed him that how could it be possible that he didn’t aware of the cause of her significant leave.

The peon asked him that “whether she did not invite him for her marriage party as today the whole office would be going to attend the function at evening.”

Omar without spelled a single word just left the office and forward towards her home. On the way to her home, he only thoughts that he fell in love with her when first time he found that extreme affection from her who offered him sweets by her own handmade in returned of his help because up to now in his life apart from his mother none woman had made any food by her hand with such love for him. Again when Trixie herself proposed him for marriage and shown her extreme sympathy towards his struggled life. Then how could suddenly she eloped from her promise as she affirmed him that she would be waiting for him until he finished his accountability?

The trauma waiting for him ………….

He reached her home found that the whole house was decorated with flowers and lightning in that crowd he called up her name loudly “Trixie……Trixie………..where are you? See I came here only for you, post completing my 2 major responsibilities. Now we can marry dear ……but where are and why not coming out for welcoming me? I’m waiting dear…please Trixie come out……………”

Suddenly his loud voice made the noisy ambiance silence and someone asked him “Halo! Who are you and what rubbish you are saying by standing over here? He replied would you please called up my beloved heart ..Trixie… she is my life, mine would be wife. Please, sir, inform her that Omar has been waiting here for her.”

Now the person replied in anger “Hey! the young gentleman, I don’t know who are you and what relation you have with my daughter Trixie but today is her marriage and if you are doing mockery by uttering all those rubbish then please stop this nonsense right now because all my invitees are present over here.”

How could love be so cruel?…………….

After that acknowledgment about her marriage, his all dream shattered within a second. Now only unanswered queries left behind which he tried to solved now on his way to home but before he proceeds for the cab, went to a medical shop and bought medicines and a water bottle. Then he took a cab straight towards his home.

On his way, he only thought that………..

  • He couldn’t understand that why Trixie left him suddenly and decides for marriage with some other guy without prior informed him for at least once?
  • If she already likes someone else then why she played with his emotions and always pretends about her love to him since long?
  • Why did she tell him that she would be waiting for him?
  • Did she invite the whole office colleagues then why not she felt necessary to share this major issue with him?
  • Even 2 days ago, they both spent quality time with each other and she neither seemed stressed nor sad in her conversation, then it’s all her ploy?

“Maybe only I love her aimlessly but she didn’t so dare not to confess that ever when she found that I already emotionally so attached to her since the beginning… I forgive her………………”

  When the pain was unbearable……

After half an hour he reached his destination, the cab driver called him “Sir here is your destination so you may proceed. But no replied came from back row seat then the driver again called up him loudly 3 or 4 times and he found that he was in deep sleep. So finally the pilot left his seat and came out and opened the back door of the cab and pushed him and he noticed that he fainted. He scared shout loudly asking for help, peoples gathered then the pilot explained them thoroughly about his passenger and asked whether anyone know him?

Suddenly one of them from that crowd assured that he knew him he is Omar staying nearby, then they took him to the hospital where Dr. assured his death.

Omar before steeped in the cab swallowed the full bottle of sleeping pills. By showing his mother’s prescription he bought those sleeping pills which he often carries in his wallet so that if any particular medicine would off in middle of continuation then he could buy those while returned from his office to home for his mother.

Horrendous news eradicated his mother……….

Omar’s mother now almost lost her mind after seen that unnatural death of her elder son Omar. Sidra his younger sister when came to know about that dreadful news from her sisters she outbursts with cry along with her rest sisters and mother.

Sidra informed to his office colleagues. The whole office shocked by the traumatic news, they all came for the funeral procession with the white flower bouquet.

They all shocked that what made him so upset that he had taken the worst decision of suicide. Because he never gave up even in his worst days of scarcity, in fact, he was a fighter who defeated the poverty with his strongest willpower then what happened now in this phase of life when everything settled so smoothly after a long battle with struggle and he was about to see his good days of life?

How a mother allows her son’s conflagration………

His mother wasn’t ready to leave the dead body of her son for conflagration because as a mother she had only seen the enormous scramble of her son’s entire life in that slum and when he purchased this small house just 2 months ago for all of them then how could he opt charnel house for himself? His mother while mourning told that “If he already decided to reside in that charnel house by leaving his mother in this concrete house then in that case…I’m his mother who gave him birth so my right comes first to go there before him. Moreover, I couldn’t leave his hand nor give him permission to proceed with the funeral pyre. So we both mother and son along will now proceed for that.”

His 4 sisters strength wouldn’t stop his old mother. The whole house and ambiance mourning with his last journey from his small house to charnel house not for office today because today he changed his destination for forever.

Condemnation for her new beginning of life……...

After attending his funeral at 5 pm, now the whole office had been carrying the same white color flower bouquet went to attend the marriage party of Trixie at 7 pm just after 2 hours.

Each and everyone had known firmly that Trixie was only responsible for Omar’s suicide. Though Omar as an introvert and sensitive guy who never confessed about his affair with none of his peer but what about Trixie, when just a few months ago she had taken that challenge from the office staffs that within a month she will prove that her alluring look possessed the strength even to melt a rigid and honest personality.

They all gifted the same white orchid bouquet to Trixie. Trixie amazed that why all of them seemed so gloomy. She asked in prankish that “Hey buddy! Are you all not feeling pleased about my marriage with this handsome rich guy because it’s seemed like you all came over here for mourning not for enjoying and none had given me a colorful rose, all same white orchid……….”

They replied, “you prompt exactly we all came here after attending the funeral pyre of Omar, so how could we bought the red rose for you differently, after all, you both were in the affair and in that sense we thought to gift the same orchid to the break-up couple.”

The amazing fact about you both that today he left his journey of life and you are going for the new beginning but neither we have come to congratulate you for your married life nor we will touch a glass of water also from this marriage ceremony. Though you never earned a single respect ever from your work arena due to your slattern attitude and now you also degraded for your crime act of deluding an honest and innocent guy.”

 The love story ends with his last journey at pyre…….

There in his family, only Sidra was aware of that affair as Omar shared his all good and bad with his only younger sister Sidra since childhood, both siblings carried a strong bonding. Sidra when found that during funeral each and every one of his office colleagues included the senior management had been present over there except Trixie she suspicioned towards her. Though she never met her personally but that day when Omar shared about his affair with Trixie, he showed her image to Sidra.

Sidra, later on, went to her brother’s office in the intent for met with Trixie and after met with her assured her that “Trixie you are a slattern which my brother’s chastity never realized and he quit his precious life for a strumpet. For you, over time means to sleep with the various man and you got the job may be by using your cheap trick but for my brother, overtime means to work since from 4 am to 9 pm constantly and he got this Government job on the basis of his brainy merit list.”

“I assured you that you never be happy ever in your life because one old woman who already lost her mind with her son’s death never let u forgive for your sin act. We brought up in the slum but never our need made us so greedy that we thought to bluff innocent. We had seen a frightful scramble life but when the time  came for my brother and mother to live the life happily exactly at that moment you came and demolished our life when brother quit his life and due to him my mother lost her mind completely.”

What relationship advice for horrific lascivious sibling?

Immaturity of an unlikely story………………

Elisa 24 years old pursuing her MBA and Kevin 12 years old her younger brother studying in 6th standard. The sibling’s strong affectionate bonding never revealed to outsiders about their long age gap of 12 years between them. Their working parents forever felt blessed for their such strongest caring bonding. Kevin was mostly attached to his elder sister Elisa than his parents. In fact, Elisa was forever the 2nd guardian after parents for her younger brother Kevin.


Parent’s late procreation………………..

When Elisa was 12 years old her mother gave birth to her 2nd child Kevin. Elisa was very excited throughout the pregnancy cycle of her mother. Every evening she anxiously waited for her mother until she returned from her office Elisa wouldn’t ready to go for sleep post dinner. Her parents generally returned at 9 pm when Elisa had already been forward towards her bed.

Elisa loved to serve dinner to her mother in those days with the intent that it would serve to her sibling by her indirectly, not only that she loves to sleep with her mother so that she could feel the utmost closeness with her sibling before they stepped in the world. She became so possessive towards her mother’s pregnancy with the extension of months.

Her parents never planned for the 2nd child as a working couple it’s really very toughest to take care of their infant when they both stayed at abroad, not in India where at least you could hope for any helping hand of a maid for homely activities. Her parents planned to terminate the late conceiving. When they found that their teenage 12 years daughter just a few months ago begins her journey of the feminine cycle. But due to late age pregnancy, the abortion might be life risked for her mother when Dr. also not affirmed for that termination. There her parents now in a big strain that how could they disclosed that pregnancy to their daughter Elisa and moreover how would she react on that.

Wished for a live playing doll……

Elisa since her childhood forever missed the accompany of the sibling when she found her alone after returning from school none was there who would play with her. Her working parents had always failed to give her time. They tried to compensate for their absence in her life with the variant of dolls and toys whereas she always demanded live talking doll who would be her forever associate. Elisa still remembered that how badly she waited for the weekend holiday when she could enjoy her full 24 hours with her parents.

She often asked for the sibling from her parents as her buddy but her parents rebuffed her wish by made her understand about their engrossment in the strict regime of life. With time now Elisa accustomed to her loneliness when her growing level of study forced her to wash away from those thoughts of the sibling.

But those phases were no more as now she was a teenage girl with growing hormonal and psychological changes then would she now acknowledge her parent’s late conceiving?

Felt like dream came true………………..

Her mother one night asked her circumstantially that “if now she gets a sibling about whom she had been craving since ages then would she welcome them full heartedly or would else feel as her antagonist who came to share her everything?”

She laughed thought her mother was in prankish queried her but after a pause when she found that her mother does not respond to her laughed then she tried to assume those said statements of her mother. Before she further queried her mother, now her mother taken her little hand and put them on her lower abdomen so that she could feel her sibling.

Elisa delighted by heard that she embraced her mother tightly kissed her cheeks, chest and the most to the lower abdomen. She told her mother while crying that she already forget about her dream but now God has been fulfilling her wish lately so from now onwards her mother’s each small responsibility was upon her.

Since from that day, little Elisa took indirectly the custodianship of her younger coming sibling. She forever wished for a brother so that her makeup items and dresses could be saved from their hand, unless if she would get a sister then she should definitely have to share her all personal items with her.

 To love unconditionally towards her sibling was one side but to share her choice able items with them was on another side, so there she would be a little self-centered, behave like other typical siblings. Actually, she wants to feel all those warmth in that purest loving bonding from love to fighting with her sibling for each small things irrationally when their parents would stand for impartial judgment every time. These were all her hidden long pending wishes which now going to come true very soon for her.

Adorable someone entered ………

Elisa’s mother just before stepped in at operation theater for delivering her baby finally asked her adorable daughter that what she wished brother or sister? She instantly replied brother. Exactly that happened when Dr. affirmed them about their baby boy. Elisa still remembered that since from that day to up to now she adored the most to her loving younger bro……Kevin. Even she was not allowed her parents also to interposed in his any issue. From study to personal issues, everything was under the strict observation of Elisa. Her mother always felt blessed for Elisa as in behalf of her presence Elisa very firmly had taken care of Kevin.

Elisa now became more sincere as days passed by towards her 6 years old brother Kevin. Even in school if any of his classmates hit him while playing, she never let them go without punished them on behalf of her little brother. In fact for Kevin now her elder sister Elisa was the foremost guardian who never skipped from her any duties since birth to till now on behalf of their parents.

Later 6 years ……….

With growing time their bonding became more profound. Now Kevin became 12 years old teenage boy and Elisa the appealing one 24 years old pursuing her final year of Bussiness Management. Kevin possessiveness never allowed to share his sis’s inclination with none in this world. Elisa’s friend often used to come to their house and when he found that his sis hug her friends he just suddenly ran up to her by left his study and hold her tightly in the intent to make realised others that he was the sole one in his sister’s life who had the only right to show his all love and affection towards her, none else.

Kevin now begins his pubescence, the time of life when sex glands become functional, covered with fine soft hairs. Elisa still liked to give her younger brother a bath like his childhood days but Kevin felt sheepish for bare in front of her sis. Even many times his dong becomes rigid when it get the sensation of opposite gender’s touch especially in half bare. For all those causes he now tried to skip for taking a bath by her sis Elisa. But for Elisa her Kevin was still a kid.

The erratic approach of juvenile ……………..

Kevin’s life was entangled with his sis Elisa the most. His attachment with his sis was so profound that he never felt the necessity for any other buddy in his life for sharing his personals with them. He never felt hesitant to share his every issue with her. In fact, up to his 10 years, he had been cuddling his sis, which was being objected many times by his parents but he never heard them.

Both were so accustomed to each other’s exposures that no place for shrink between them. Elisa as 22 years old young gorgeous with good physic was enough exposed in front of Kevin like she often came out from washroom in a towel after had the shower. Not only that she even used to change her jeans in front of her teenage bro when her hams were being gazed by her bro when she in prank used to told him “don’t stare my hot limbs …..bro, better you watch your girlfriend.” Kevin in laughed replied her “why I need any girlfriend because you are my forever girlfriend whom I adored the most….”

Their bad habits or imperfection………………

Elisa while changing often forget to lock doors in her room. In fact, she in her carelessness many times while changing her lingerie forget to lock her room and when Kevin without knocked just entered. There Kevin after had shower often shout for his towel from his sis. Both had an even frailty of entering each other’s room without prior knocked.

Now if they had been questioning by their parents for such negligence then for that they both had enough justified clause to shut their parent’s mouth. Like for Elisa she lead her initial 12 years of life in lonely ambience where she never had that necessity to lock her room while changing her dresses because neither her working parents stayed at home all-time nor she had any companion then, in that case, she was enough accustomed with her freeness in lonely house and when after 12 years Kevin entered in her life then also she didn’t felt that necessity to lock door in front of her infant bro. Which in result became a strong habit.

Now, what about Kevin why he was so careless? The answer was as simple as their casualness, for him, Elisa brought up him since his birth. Everyday Elisa gave him a bath and after that only she wiped him where the towel was being carried by Elisa only, then suddenly in that 12 years old when he was so accustomed to his sis caring how could he remember about such small things.
Finally, they both affirmed that they were so exposed to each other that never felt that necessity for any privacy where they could ask each other’s permission while entering their room.

 They not even felt shy ever due to opposite gender. For them they were sibling had taken birth from the same womb then why they feel shame on each other’s body.

Immaturity when starts to query?…...

Elisa due to her negligent often left over her lingerie on bed after her changing when Kevin was habituated of all those girly things since his childhood but now her childhood days were gone so one day while holding his sister’s bandeau asked in curious to Elisa “sis why you wrap or wore this unusual odd piece because apart from this single piece of wearing almost all dress of ours match equally then why you wore this and why not I need this?”

Elisa laughed like anything on his such whimsical query then replied him “bro… you are still a kid, be grown up, ok let me explain to you because I’m a girl my private organs differ than a boy. Like you have already begun with fine thin lines of mustache which girls never similarly we both have the chest but you will never be grown up in size while mine will and that’s the reason I wear the shapewear and you won’t …..hope you bit understanding my point my little toddler……….”

Preadulescence symptoms erupts……………..

Kevin during his earlier days even helped Elisa for clasped her bandeau from the back but now he had been growing towards his maturity when his sister’s bandeau’s temptation fragrance often tempting him. Elisa never used loud makeup but she loves to use the redolence the most which he likes often to take the aroma from his sister’s bandeau. Kevin now often sneak peek at his sister’s alluring physic while she came out from the shower.

Actually, he tried to compare the physical difference between them because up to now for him they both were siblings with no differences but his immature mindset couldn’t be distinguished the gender.

Now Kevin’s genital glands behaved abnormally whenever he gazed Elisa’s tempting wet physic, her bosom, ham, back…..He tried to understand about his such natural ejection of dong but failed to summarize.

Many times Kevin used his sister’s undies and when Elisa caught him during his changing then he excused her that he loves her brighten colorful undies as his ones were not so colorful designed one so he loves to wear Elisa’s undies.

With passing days his curiosity grew high with his physical visible symptoms. Whatever his query he knew that his sis would definitely solve them by making him a crystal clear understanding.

Feeling of envious towards someone special…

Years passed by, now Kevin 16 years old young ravishing with soft thin mustache and beard. He felt scared the of the blade for his shaving in his initial days when Elisa taught him how to do all those. Very honestly Elisa still shaved him.

Their parents often mockery on Kevin that “now at least he take his own bath but his dependence for his shaving on his adorable sis yet not gone.” With his growth in the mustache, he now begins to feel more possessive towards his sis.

Elegant Elisa 28 years old now working as a software professional in an American company. She was in love, with Perry tall Pleasant guy. She introduced Perry first with her adorable younger bro then her parents and while introducing Kevin, she told Perry about the significance of Kevin in her life. In fact, she also affirmed Perry that “if Kevin wouldn’t accept him as her would be husband then she wouldn’t be affirmed for this relationship.”

Now for Perry, it’s really a complicated matter because he didn’t want to lose Elisa from his life at any cost but their relationship’s acceptability had been depending upon Elisa’s teenage younger brother’s acceptance, was bit amazing for him. As he still failed to understand the intensity of their bonding. Generally, girls always wait for their parent’s acceptance of their affair but first time Perry met with the unusual attachment of sibling where elder sibling depends on her younger’s approval.

Their very private moments……..

 Elisa hugs her friends but the hug was contrast for Perry. Which was only thoroughly observed by Kevin. Her Parents also liked Perry except for Kevin, who couldn’t spare his presence in his sis’s life. Perry often came to their house while dropping her from office they spend few quality moments. One thing Perry knows very well about the significance of Kevin in Elisa’s life so whenever he came to their home he first met and wished Kevin, sat for few minutes with him then to rest others.

 The couple talked for long hours at midnight even her each affectionate words for Perry was enough displeased for Kevin. Now Kevin’s eye was constantly upon his adorable sis’s posture. Not even that many times he narrated Elisa that among her all friends Perry was the one whom he didn’t like. When Elisa asked the reason for his disapproval towards Perry then he unable to give her justified clause against Perry.

Perry and Elisa often enjoyed their very personal moments when Elisa as usual forgets to lock her room due to her old bad habit. Perry sucked her lips for long while necking her he often used to touch her bust and buttock. Elisa with her tongue often licked his cheeks, neck, shoulders…….

Preadulescence emotions erupts……………....

 Kevin first time had gone through such closeness of Elisa with someone else. He felt his ejection firmly now even at night he noticed that something unusual feelings happened to him. He failed to diagnose those ejections he holds his erupted organ and tried to stabilize that but it couldn’t and finally, he oozed first time in his shorts on the bed.

Why did that happen? Which thoughts not allowed to calm his mind? What are those unusual feelings which he failed to control by self?…………………. These were all those thoughts which now not allowing his mind stable.

He noticed firmly that earlier also he couldn’t resist anyone’s presence in his sis’s life but never such physical changes happened. Then why this time? Is their physical intimacy was the root cause of his ejection? Yes…………..he truly found ultimately the real cause.

His feelings now changed drastically towards his sis. He gazed her bare ham. Elisa never used bandeau while she was at home for her ease comforts. When Elisa hugs him he now feels different than earlier, he tried to embrace her in that way the way Perry do with her. His sexuality grew up as days passed by. He now imagining her for all those acts which Perry used to do with her often.

His sneak everytime during their privacy enhanced his manhood rapidly. Now he never shit on his bed, in fact, he now learned slowly for self-gratification. Even now for his arousal, he kept secretly one of his sis’s aromatic bandeau below his pillow, his quench of thirst goes hike with time.

Behavior changed…………….

His definition of emotion towards his sis now diverted to irrational. He now stopped fighting with his sis, nor argued for small things which were the biggest change which was being noticeable by all from parents to Elisa. Elisa if now touched even his any part of the body he reacts to her. He now stopped to undressed his upper body parts in front of her. Locked often his room, hide his every facial expression from Elisa. Even now stopped his random chat with his sis.

Elisa asked him many times about his sudden change but he failed to reply because how could he told her that she was the main cause for his sudden silence. He now anxiously waited for Perry at their home so that he could take the flavor of the aroma of their lovemaking, from where he could learn all those warmth nesses.

When manhood erupts……….

Like other days, Perry came to dropped her when their parents went to a marriage party and would return lately. Perry as usual after spending few minutes with Kevin now followed towards her room. Elisa in her half short jeans with sleeveless beige top looking hot. They begin with their embrace usually but that day their embracement seemed to be turned to the extreme. Perry while playing with her ham and waist when his ejection goes to the extreme. The first time they’re bare in front of each other.

Perry was in his extreme of foreplay when both were ready for their coition. Their every act of carnal knowledge had been grasped thoroughly by Kevin when his private organ became stiff who now wants Elisa for implementing his unfulfilled lust. His anger towards Perry with the feeling of manliness now visible in his mischievous act.

His manliness ego not allowing coition between them. When suddenly he entered the room and hit Perry and by seeing that Elisa now couldn’t resist her younger brother’s innocence and in return she first time scold him in front of Perry that “how could he forget the minimum etiquette of knocking the door when the couple was in their extreme privacy, and moreover they were undressed and he was not so kid that couldn’t understand the depth of their privacy.”

Within a second the whole ambiance turned a pin of silence. Elisa was so ashamed of Kevin’s unusual behavior that before she asked for an apology from Peery, he left her house.

The turmoil in relationship ……..

Elisa cried like anything because the first time she felt embarrassed in front of Perry for her adorable bro. Kevin didn’t know that how could he made her understand that what went under him when he found her sis in nude and was about to surrender her chastity to any other man. He couldn’t tolerate her tears as the first time he found Elisa so upset. He now tried to console her when he holds her in his arm, embraced her with the intent of making her calm down.

Both were emotionally unstable, exactly at that weaken mindset they both lost their sense when both surrender their physic to each other.

Kevin licked her each organ randomly. As a teenager who first time had been taking the flavor of intense lovemaking never behaved harshly with his mating partner because his every attempt of stroke towards his partner always pretends his tenderness like his fine soft hairs of the chest.

Whereas for Elisa who already had experienced harsh sex from a matured man, 34 years old Perry, first time discovered the essence of sex from an immature 16 years old guy. (Yes……….’guy’ not ‘bro’……as she was in her extreme utmost phase of pleasure when mind stopped its natural procedure of thinking)

Elisa sucked his lips, his chest, shoulders. They both take the random flavor of licking, necking. They didn’t take much time for their foreplay as Kevin applied only those tricks and postures which he was up to now learned from Perry while sneaking them from outside during their intimacy. The dalliance last until they reached for coition.

Post-coitus when Kevin in his exhausted was freeze upon Elisa by burned out his all physical strength on her, when the opposite also now wanted to change her posture and the mind now ready to come out from its unconscious level exactly at that crucial phase with their opening of eyes and consciousness hits the mind, within a fraction of second the Cosmos had changed its definition of relationship between them………..

The accusation of the Sin……

Elisa by hardly pushing him back slapped and hit Kevin constantly when he also lost his all strength for forever to defend himself in front of Elisa.

Elisa burst like a volcanic eruption. She told him in her extreme hatred that they did the biggest Sin of life and for that Almighty would never forgive them, forget about this birth but would never in their coming 100 births.

She made him realized that he was her sibling whom she brought up since his birth then how could he forget his limits? How he further define their relationship with sibling or mating partner? What respect now he would hold for her? How he would further designate her ‘Sister’? Would they ever behave normally like earlier?

Along with these also many more queries were there which from now onwards to till their death would be remained unsolved for forever and their utmost pleasant purest bonding of affection now changed to a sinful hatred one.

Elisa also summarized him that now she realized that why Kevin didn’t like Perry and his presence in her life as her lover because Kevin was in manly jealous where he couldn’t tolerate any 2nd man in her life as his ill mindset already forgets the limitation of their relationship.

Finally, she warned him that from now onwards he would never dare to call her Sister as he already lost that right.

Self-actualization wasn’t sufficed to erase the error.…….

It’s true that she adored him the most than others but it doesn’t mean that as a brother he was her only sole relationship in her life. Where his immaturity not allowed him to differentiate the relationship’s definition and its linked up affection.

The 16 years old Kevin within a splash of time just turned into a matured man. It’s true that he trapped under the obsession of immaturity where he never thought that his Sister also has a personal life where she has the full authority to love and care her utmost closed one. As for him, Elisa was completely his own utmost closed one who only had the authority for relished her love and care than in that aspect how could he accept any other in his place.

 Perry entered in her life just a few months ago whereas Kevin was the only man in his sis’s life who begins his journey from his birth with her so in that case, he was the foremost one eternal relationship who would continue the same affection for forever with her in his life. Then in that aspect when he found that Perry came in his sister’s life and within a very short span he became the beloved of his sister who enjoyed thoroughly his sister’s love and utmost affection then he felt enough jealous towards Perry his possessiveness increased like anything.

As he was not accustomed to sharing his Sister’s love with none which slowly turned him violent and the phase came when his immature feeling of enviousness turned to manly ego and exactly at that moment he without thinking for a second just hit Perry. Then he did his coitus because at that crucial phase his manly ego at any cost wants to prove himself as an eligible mating partner for Elisa than Perry. Because his subconscious mind now at any cost wants to get back his sister’s utmost affection by snatching it from Perry by overlooking his consciousness.

When forgive and forget not work out………

Their Parents observed the sudden major changes in between them. Earlier they thought that the siblings might be had a fight but with passing days their ignorance to each other wasn’t swallowed by them as it’s never happened ever when they both extended their tussle for so long. They queried to both personally but both skipped the topic.

Finally, the day came after 6 months when Elisa got married to Perry but before leaving the house for forever Elisa and Kevin want to interrogate with each other. Exactly the night before the day of her marriage Elisa called up him in her room. Kevin in his stammered steps entered after 6 months in her room. Elisa locked the door first time desperately both were quite hesitant for introspection.

Before Elisa could say anything, he just tightly holds his sister’s feet and begged to forgive him. He burst with cry Elisa by seeing that she couldn’t be stopped her also. She holds him and hugs him for making him stopped from cry but his guilt failed to stop him. He asked his sis that would he allow him for last time to lay on her lap exactly like his childhood days?

Kevin in his sis’s lap cried for an hour, seemed like his all remorse of ill thoughts towards his adorable sister washed away with his tears. Elisa cried while consoling him, she affirmed him that not only he alone was responsible for that worst incident, in fact, she equally was responsible for that because up to now she was the one in his life who brought up him under her shield by feeding him with her ethics and knowledge like an instructor. Now when the instructor herself often engrossed in her lovemaking with her boyfriend in front of an underage child openly then it’s quite obvious for his sex eruption and for that moment it’s really difficult to distinguish between unwanted desire and pure affection.

They both with time entangled in their personal life but now that openness in their relationship had washed away after that nightmare left behind the guilt only.

Who is responsible?……….

Then who is responsible for that illegal relationship the western open culture or caste?

Moreover, if both had the intention of illicit then they would continue their physical intimacy after that night also but they never and their repent for that act had already proved their immaturity and carelessness.

Elisa and Kevin both siblings had a long age gap of 12 years where their intense attachment was quite obvious. Generally, siblings with less age gap always grew up with handhold where both were accustomed to similar physical and mental development. But in this case, their huge gap was the main cause for all those ill thoughts cultivation. When Kevin already started to take the aroma of his sis’s lingerie, imagine her for his self-autoeroticism exactly after 12 years of age all those issues popped up within him.

 As a teenage guy, he cultivated such irrational thoughts when he found the opposite sibling’s frank attitude in her postures at full youth from her dressing to her personal affair. Due to carelessness, she forgets to lock her privacy and hide her physic from her growing teenage bro because with time privacy need for each and every relationship for our civilized culture.

What are the problems of early marriage

Orla and Steven 16 years old teenage couple, my best friend, and classmate, who begins their affair when they were at 10th standard. They both fell in love. A teenage of 16 years old defines l..o..v..e.. as per their vocabulary when physical each sensual organ always eager to feel the aroma of those utmost ecstasies of l..u..s..t…


I already narrated about my friend’s beginning of short love story in my earlier post “What is the best age for marriage?” Where the couple had fallen in love and in their 7 months affair finally they eloped from their house to begin their new life with love.

When for the sake of their love they just dropped their 10th board exam and took that daring step of escaping from home prior fortnight at the beginning of board exams. Their fascination with that teenage unceasingly aroused their physical sexual life.

We came to know about our friend Orla’s life after a long gap of 20 years as she left contact with 4 friends of us due to the sense of intense low self-esteem when one of my friends found Steven on Facebook. When after a decade we again interacted initially she cried as she missed us a lot now in her life. Before she portrayed about her life firstly apologized for her acts of avoidance from all of us after fallen in the obsession with Steven. She now stopped using the term love for her life as now she was far matured to categorize between love and infatuation of her tender age of 16 years.

When everything became unvarying after marriage……

In that 15 or 16 years ages when our physical growth with hormonal changes cultivates a subtle feeling towards opposite gender then our mind became rapt towards that only by cut off from all other thoughts of the subconscious. When we rapturously move gently with that passion.

Our sagacity pauses to develop further which finally demoting our education life. As mind now feels the ecstasy in that carnal knowledge. Since nursery to up to now we only felt recreation either in toys, chocolates…ice-cream..or in any delicious items, dresses, comics, music…dance, traveling in the various amusement park or water kingdom, bla..bla….which turned to humdrum with the growth of our hormones. Now first time when we feel something new very special which we had never been gone through earlier with those sizzling feelings then we become ready to surrender our self.

Orla was a good student who left her study in between post marriage with Steven. When her parents left the place due to the humiliation of the society because they never want that due to Orla, her rest 2 daughters would get suffer (as a cause of impediment for arranging their marriage) in future.

Feel the necessity for erratic coitus………….

Orla and Steven often took the pleasure of lasciviousness, where their journey begins from touching each other’s hands, cheeks, neck, lips. Then they slowly proceed towards one step ahead by necking, petting each other with sucking lips, playing each other’s hairs for stimulation.

Now their hormones erupt as its being aroused by each other’s subtle playing with their visible sexual appealing organs where Steven often sucked her fingers, lips…neck… when their hormones were excited for copulation until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

We 4 friends were damn sure that Orla and Steven had already been a practice on that uttermost degree of coition. When their foreplay wasn’t sufficed to quench that utmost pleasure of lovemaking unless why they took that valiant decision of escaping from home at that crucial phase, 15 days prior to board exams by dodged their bright career.

Here was the real game begins as now both were already relished that physical pleasure which now diverted their focus from each significant aspects of life. Where their physical uttermost pleasure now overwhelmed their mental power. Then they decided to stay 24*365 along, but to live together the society would ask the identity of both’s relationship for that they opted to get married.

Only to quench the thirst of lust ……………

Within a day suddenly the young boy and girl turned to a married man and woman. How suddenly the tag of boy and girl replaced by man and woman.

After getting married secretly Steven has taken Orla to one of his reliable relative’s home, his uncle, and aunt who didn’t have any children that’s why his uncle adored his younger brother’s only son Steven a lot.

Orla for forever left her parents custody without thought for a second about her future just for the sake of fulfilling the desire, her life now begins the journey of self-actualization at every moment for her deeds.

Suddenly habits forced to change……..

Everything was quite alluring for both during their beginning when days and nights seemed like illusory. Where life paused suddenly from the overload of study. Now they both didn’t have any strict regime which they earlier used to follow rather implement that carnal knowledge nothing was left in their life which engrossed them useful for making a good future.

Orla now had been learning those household chores which would constitute her a good housewife. She now washed and ironed Steven’s clothes, tried to cook for him, managing the house neatly.

Steven’s aunt now became Orla’s only teacher to help her out to learn all those household chores neatly. His aunt taught her to make food as she never cooked food at her parent’s house though she helped her mother while cooking like to chopped veggies and to wash them only but now she had been preparing food for Steven. When many times due to the usage of the improper quantity of spice in cooking her cooked items had been thrown to the dustbin.

Orla takes her meal only after she served to their uncle, aunt, and Steven. She even starts to learn all the etiquette of a sincere housewife so that her acts never reveal her immaturity. Even now she had been restricted to speak loud or argue with her husband Steven.

When bachelor days are gone for forever……..

Steven 16 years old boy suddenly became a married man. Suddenly the friendly lover turned to a serious husband. His uncle now became the true advisor of practical life who aware Steven about the responsibility of his wife Orla. So now his focus was how to earn money for survival. Which up to now none hadn’t taught him in any school subjects.

Now the question was who would be going to hire a 9th passed out underage? Even he didn’t aware of how to get a job and what are the selecting criteria of any company for their candidate or what were the aspects of getting a job?

These are all those strainful thoughts which now slowly hits their delusional erotic married life. So, as per his school passed degree he went to search for the job. Finally, his uncle recommended his nephew’s name to a shopping mall where now Steven had been servicing with low earning.

Steven now leaves his uncle’s home sharp at 9 am …not for school but definitely for earning purpose and returned at 9 pm. Where he had only one day off from his job as per rotational shift.

How to portray the good news?….……………….

In this way, their days passed by when after a month of their marriage Orla conceived but the significant issue was before she could understand that phenomenon of procreation. Her aunt observed that when she often spewed and seems pales. Her aunt now affirmed her that she was going to give birth to her baby. Orla didn’t know how to respond to that statement but for her its more fearful news in comparative to good news.

As a teenage girl, she awe towards pregnancy was quite obvious because she had forever the greatest panic of injection then how could be she confronted that utmost painful phase of delivering her baby.

Orla now stated about her pregnancy to her husband Steven when his reaction also unwelcomed on that because just now he joined to his job where he yet not been withdrawn his first-month salary. Now his height of responsibility overloaded.

How they spell out about that news?…

Here days passed by when Orla now passed her 5 months phase now she needs proper medical supervision for extension of her pregnancy. Up to now, they avoid this news from outsiders with the anxiety of humiliation about their early marriage and conceiving. Exactly that happened when Dr. mortified them while came to know about their age.

Nether Orla could terminate her pregnancy nor she was mentally and physically prepared for that. Only suggestion by Dr. to her was to grow up her mental strength which was more in need than her physical strength. She in her every phase now badly need her mother she missed her family now. A woman forever in her those crucial phases of pregnancy feels the most strengthened and protected beside her mother.

She once told about her urge to visit her mother when Steven without bothered about her mindset just rebuffed her. He made her realized that she had already been left her parent’s custodianship for forever where now she couldn’t be returned to her midway of life.

when she became hefty…………………

Steven now when at night tried to foreplay with her, she reacts to his touch. Due to hormonal changes feeling of indignation was quite obvious above that when she was in strain, which Steven was unable to diagnosis. Steven tried to licks her organs the way he used to do often but Orla due to hormonal rapid changes and development her body became too touchy that she even not allowed now Steven to came near to her.

His provocation now aggravated her which slowly disintegrated their relation. Steven was accustomed to his random coition when it’s met with sudden impediment then brawls generated. Sex now almost washed away between them.With the passing of months, Orla became more frightened about her delivery to the baby while for Steven now her stunning and suave Orla now became grotesque and rude.

Post 5 months of her pregnancy she everyday looks in the mirror when the growing of months now visible. She slowly turned hefty which declined rapidly her shape. Especially her bust, waist, and buttocks became heavy with months.

Underage mother…

 Finally Orla by defeated her utmost phobia, deliver her baby boy, the good news enforced Steven’s parents to met with their grandson. Steven with his parents, uncle and aunt now prioritized her son the most, even they did not feel the decorum to asked about her health.

Orla and Steven in their 17 years old now became the parents of their son. When both were in their learning phase where she had been learning those vital tips thoroughly for taking care of her small baby there Steven had been preparing for appearing his coming year board exams. Steven not ready to disclose that he became the father of his peer’s group. In fact, he even hides about marital status also in his working place.

Orla’s prime focus now transferred towards her baby, which was deplorable for her husband. Even for a single kiss from his wife Orla, now Steven had to measure up first her mindset. Steven after returned from his shopping mall job at 9 pm now would sit for his board exam preparation. His low earned salary even not allowed them to spend on amusement.

Why such Psychological changes………….

Later 2 years now they both stepped in their 18 years age where they were ready for the proclamation of their marriage. Steven after passed out his 10th now continued his study. Steven felt jealous when he found his friends who apart from the study didn’t have any excess burden on their head like he has. He just for satisfying the quench of his desires had taken the bold step of marriage.

Orla realized now at her each step when her mother’s rational statement towards life aware her about the consequences of early marriage because her mother herself was the victim of the early marriage. But Orla also trapped in that early marriage by her own choice.

Consequences of early marriage…………

  • Sudden paused in educational career.
  • Abruptly habits changes.
  • Mind diverts from bookish knowledge to carnal knowledge.
  • Immatured organs respond.
  • Feeling of vexation.
  • Foremost to cut off your all small wishes from life for the sake of your family or a forced sacrifice need all time.

 Definition of marriage……..

Our mind loves to flow with innovativeness when they have fallen in Infatuation, the first time they experience the flavor of physical intimacy which aroused their voraciousness as days passed by. When their greed of lust now forced them to take that aroma whenever they feel excited for each other and they opted the only way of marriage. Yes………..they defined marriage means to get the authorization for random lovemaking.

They both were in ignorance about the real definition of marriage where both never thought or realized for a second also that to marry someone means to take responsibility for each other for forever whatever be the circumstances. They both lost their freedom. As a teenager, they defined love and romance as per their vocabulary where they often enjoyed their romanticism. When romanticism valued imagination and emotion over rationality.

Bewailing for their acts……….

Orla realized her biggest mistake of life by eloped from her parent’s house which devastated her career to rest everything in her life. She always achieved the good score in her study but later marriage she wouldn’t be able to continue further her study whereas Steven again started his paused education. Post delivers to her baby her in-laws major concerned was towards their grandson while avoiding towards her health. Throughout her pregnancy to till deliver her baby she badly needs her mother’s presence and caring in her life when Steven rebuffed her wish to meet with them. In fact, post deliver her baby she not even gained that courage to informed about that to her parents but Steven informed his parents and they came for their grandson.

He never helped her in any household chores ever during her crucial phase of pregnancy may be his male ego hurt for doing that. Finally, the most significant one which amazed Orla about Steven that he never tried to understand the psychology of her during her pregnancy when his craving for mating made her enough irritated towards his lascivious attitude. Pregnancy the utmost significant moment of a woman’s life when along with physical her psychological changes demands a persistent support and caring of her closed one with a strain-free mindset which Orla missed throughout the cycle of her pregnancy.

She repents always while thinking about her earlier golden days of romance where her lover Steven had always been pretending about his over possessiveness and caring towards her which washed away when he became her husband Steven.

There Orla’s parents settled her 2 sisters marriage after completion of their Degree with well look established groom as per their status. When her parents went to Orla’s in-laws home for inviting them as with time they also left their all anguish towards Orla. Which was one more cause of her regret when she found her 2 younger sisters now enjoying their marital life with full-hearted.

When sacrifice fluctuates?…..

Before Orla and Steven could understand the proper meaning of marriage, responsibility, caring, duty, etc… they trapped in that when their teenage mind not ready to accept those burden of life, but they never dreamt also that if they would have opted for that major path of life then their vibrant sex life would be suppressed by the overload of constant burden of duties and responsibilities of life. For Steven now Orla was completely changed on his bed when she often rebuffed him for foreplay and mating.

Nether Orla was happy with her work schedule of household chores and changing diapers of her baby nor Steven was satisfied with his 12 hours job for his earning. As now compulsion arose by abolished their wish and desires. Both felt tired after a long exhausting day of the monotonous roster which gradually declined their lovemaking.

 Steven with his wife and son returned to his family after 2 years as now they no need to hide themselves from cops, after completion of their 18 years age.

Steven didn’t need to compromise either to his study nor to his freedoms but what about Orla when her further education now paused as it’s not so mandatory for a mother and housewife. She lost her freedom for forever which bewailed her a lot. Now her affection towards her husband Steven washed away from the core of her heart she realized that her infatuation towards him now made her stand in that phase of life where now she craves for her study life.

 She even now hates to see her image in the mirror because her bubbly look washed away with the delivery of her baby. Now the bubbly girl Orla turned to a responsible mother and housewife whose prime focus on her baby and family than rest all other aspects of life and these two major aspects not allowed her finally at the end of the fully exhausted day that to think about her own career.

What is the best age for marraige?

Is it love or Infatuation?………….

The teenage is a phase when we really failed to define the exact definition of Love. For that age, love means only romance with lots dream. When we love to make ourself mesmerize our fantasy person. Where in our conversation no such words you found which have any valid existence in our real practical life. Suddenly we tag that obsession to love which ultimately becomes the cause of our devastation of life and career.


 Pretty Orla and charming Steven both started their journey of the love story in their early sweet 16. They both were my good school friends. After school days I forget when I last interacted with both of them but finally with the aid of social media Facebook at last one of my friend in our group found out Steven. Thank God! We 4 friends now at least had seen a hope of ray to reach to our 5th friend in our group Orla, before we leave the body from this earth. Yes……we 4 friends almost lost all hope about Orla that we would again meet with her in this life.

Our school days…………

At 10th I still remembered how anxious was our parents about our first board exams. Orla’s parents were also one of them like others. Parents to teachers all often aware us about the importance of that exam when we in our teenage failed to understand the significance of boards scoring and its effects on our further study. Too many times we felt like we students lead the lifelike exactly a prisoner who didn’t have any freedom to express themselves. In fact from neighbors to relatives if by chance also met with us while on the way to our school or tuition then they also never missed the chance of giving a short inspirational speech to us.

Orla’s mother’s observation …..

Among 3 sisters Orla the elder one who belongs from a middle-class family. Orla’s mother hasn’t so high educated but like all parents, she had always wished for higher education for her 3 daughters where Orla her elder daughter the most studious among her rest 2 daughters that’s why she wanted that after Orla completed her Degree would do a job so that she would establish in her career.

Orla’s grandparents gave their daughter’s marriage at very early in her 13 years old because she belongs from interior rural state where education wasn’t compulsion for girls and for that girls doesn’t had any strong educational background during her mother’s period that’s why she had been engrossed in family life in her early teens when her physical hormones not supported her to conceived she already gave birth to her 3 daughters in that teenager.

Orla’s mother had experienced throughout her life about the adverse effect of early marriage, where from her in-laws to her own husband never tried to understand her physical and mental aspects ever. So she already planned for her 3 daughters that she would give their marriage at the exact age not before that whatever situation would arise she would face them boldly but would never ever compromised with her 3 daughter’s career.

Orla’s attitude seemed eccentric…….

Orla since few months appeared bit oddish in the sense as earlier we never found her to take off from school but now she at least 1 or 2 days in a week walk out because as a good score achiever she always showed perfection in her study to rest all things like in attendance, in fact, earlier she used to attend school and tuition class even in her high fever of 101 degrees temperature. We 5 friends used to go for tuition on every Sunday sharp at 4 pm and returned home within 6:30 pm.

Then when the board exam was near just after a month then why she now often skipped her attention?

We asked her many times about her cause of inattentive but she tried to kept it secret from her 4 friends. She even stopped sharing her goods and bads with us now. In fact, she did average in her pre-board exams which were a big reason of worried for our class teacher but Orla had no words in her defense.

When rejuvenation needs ………….

After pre-board exams now we friends over sanguined about our percentage of preparation for appearing at final board just after 3 months. So now only spontaneous revision left for us. So we all planned for a short outing as delectation for rejuvenating ourself from the continuous regime of reading and writing.

 Though we can plan for all those amusement after the over of exams also but we couldn’t because among 5 friends, 2 or 3 would go for their natives to meet with their grandparents, for more than 9 months over they when they hadn’t visited their natives because after qualified from 9th standard to 10th, exactly from that onwards our parents had being over possessed towards our study where they left to visit unnecessarily to any such distance places with the intent that it would be clogging our study and tuition class.

But Orla suddenly repudiated to participate with us, she told as she already missed few tuition classes so she wants to compensate those study. But when we told her that what would goes if she would spend her one day with us for relaxation because who knows tomorrow after passing out 10th who would continue her study with the same school or would opt for different course or else because our schooling days now going to over for forever so lets be cheers for that before our exam over.

But Orla wasn’t ready to join us so finally, we 4 friends now started to plan without her presence for our small outing. We felt really bad that how suddenly she became so self-focused. Now her avoidance towards us was quite transparent, even we asked often to her that why she became so divisible with us days by day but she assured us everytime nothing like that.

What mind wants to experience in 15+ years old?………….

Now the thing was where we go which makes us feel something different from our known taste means the movie, amusement park, restaurant, water kingdom for all those places we all almost visited with our parents. At the age of 15 years where mind wants to observe some spice unusual apart from those monotonous things of life as per hormonal changes.

 Now we all were eager to see what is Love, how couple behaves in their privacy, what are those thrilling sexual moments. As up to now we only accustomed to seeing those lovers only in movies where they talk so decent, embrace each other with the feeling of shrinking when they sing…dance with the feeling of their utmost ecstasy.

 As in our friend’s group, none hadn’t yet fallen in love relationship from where at least we could undergo all those sizzling things of life because we want to learn those passion of life.

Since kindergarten phase to up to now of our 10 years completion of schooling with same monotonous syllabus of English, regional language, science, mathematics, social science, now we want to learn a different subject apart from those bookish ones about practical life where we also take the aroma of those feelings like those movie couples acts in their melodrama.

 Sounds bit Unusual but rational thoughts……………

Friends you might felt awkward while reading this as I’m sharing my those hidden thoughts which often created noise during preadult of 15 years old. So let me share with you about those……

  • The foremost thing why we after a certain age period would love to involves some unknown one in our life means why this compulsion arise suddenly?
  • Do our so many relationships with whom we have been carrying our bonding from family to friends since ages become insufficient for which we run for searching some unknown one relationship?
  • Next, after we found that sole one how we get ready to disclose our all secrets in front of that stranger within a short span of introduction?
  • How suddenly that alien become the most reliable one for us from among all closed relationship of parents, siblings to friends?
  • How that sole alone relationship turned the most significant one for our life even for whom we get ready to leave our most adorable close blood relationship also?

These are those thoughts which not only cultivated in my mind during my preadult but damn sure would definitely be popped up in everyone’s mind more or less during immaturity.

Could lover’s point aid us to understand those viewpoints?……………….

So finally our destination had been decided for Lover’s point. We 4 now at Sunday planned for our outing as just after the finishing of pre-board exam our tuition teacher also gave us a holiday from tuition class on that Sunday so that we could take a partial break from the constant regime of studying.

We 4 friends first time was in a really splendid mind state where we were the first time without our parent’s hand holding went to such place where we felt the essence of adulthood. After entering over there one thing we noticed thoroughly that all couples were so engrossed in themselves that they even hadn’t bothered about others that whosoever had been staring them or whatever. Their full concentration on each other.

We had been met with so many love sequences which we enjoyed thoroughly while watching those live one. Where couples invariant posture sitting while embracing, few lay on their lover’s lap and by seeing that we in our whispering criticized about them that they might be failed to take full 8 hrs sleep last night in their house that’s way opted for the lay in their partner’s lap (so funny for us).

After gazing all those shameless acts in open we chatted about those plucky unaccustomed actions. Even many of them also kissing their partners but one thing which cultivated the sense of spew when we have seen the liplock of one couple. But whatever it’s we entertained those sequences in our chit-chat.

Astonishing phenomenon revealed………………..

While enjoying those live sequences we missed Orla a lot, had been talking about her tried to solve the puzzle about her such detachment from us.

Suddenly one of my friends noticed some known face among the crowd of couples. We shocked by seeing that Orla was with Steven our classmate. They both in the posture of embracing each other while we witnessed those. We thought to call up them but then suddenly we decide that why we interrupt their privacy. Moreover, we became voiceless by seeing her such audacious act which we never dreamt also about her.

Now our all queries got solved like why Orla behaved so detachable from her peer’s group also her inattentive in the study and from rest all thing of life. Now the question was if they both in love then why Orla tried to kept it secret from us because we all her bestie then how could she become so self-seeking suddenly for Steven?

Now we understood that why peoples became so egocentric when they fell in love and how easily they avoid their closed long relation for their newly built up so-called love relationship. We planned for lover’s point because we wanted to see those real couples and their reactions but we never thought that our own close friend would enlighten us about the love relationship and its adverse effects of detachment from rest all relations, it’s just undigestible for us.

We went there to gather practical experience about life but Orla’s affair in one gunshot opened our eyes without making too much effort into adulthood. Our enjoyment all of a sudden turned us gloomy. We never expected her in those postures but now we couldn’t be denied our witnessing of such sequences also.

 Orla’s interpretation………..

Next day we 4 friends queried Orla that where she was yesterday? She simply replied that she was at home as her mother’s health was not fine so she went to a hospital with her mother for a check-up. By hearing her such lie I told her and “then we should all friends must go to see aunty after school hours.” Suddenly she told “no don’t need to visit her as she was quite better than earlier and its normal fever and moreover if any serious will arise then will definitely I inform you all as I have all of your landline numbers with me (mobile was not so frequent at that time).

Then we again told her then “why you trying to object us from visiting your home and as far we know aunty she feels good if we visit her during her illness as we all are also like her daughter.”

Orla agitated when she found that we won’t ready to convinced by her statement. Now when she tried to skip from that issue then we interrogated her that…..

 “Orla you seemed quite gorgeous in your new mauve gown at Lover’s point with Steven and moreover you know dear your kissing to each other just an awesome thrilling moment for us. We really don’t know how to portrayed those romantic thrilled live sequences to you but whatever it’s we 4 friends enjoyed thoroughly. Just keep it up…….”

I told her “Orla for your own private cause never say unnecessarily lie about your mother’s health, hope you understanding what I mean to interpret.”

Is to love someone means to avoid others?………..

Orla in her extreme appalled now became voiceless when we revealed her truth. Suddenly her loud voice of debate became soft towards us. Now she tried to give her introspection towards her love relationship but we were not at all in the mind state to listen to any her explanation because for us she duped us by hiding her love story. Then why we now listened to her so-called love story when we caught her?

Moreover in our group we 5 friends always shared our each hooks and nooks of life to each other without bothering about opposite’s reaction because we believe that we will continue our friendship till lifelong but Orla by detaching herself from our group after being fallen in love with Steven proved that she might be found her love more reliable than our so long friendship.

Orla in her utmost justification tried to portrayed her affair when she discovered that she lost the faith of ours by apologizing for her acts. Even she narrated that she was in intense fear about her affair’s disclosure for which she kept secret from us.

The beginning of the love story…………………

Steven and Orla both were good friends like us but when the teenage infatuation wants to define them as love then emotions erupt. Steven proposed Orla when she also accepted him without delayed because of her perception towards him also eager to feel those utmost pleasure, charm, and essence of Love.

Slowly their pattern of communication changed earlier they only talked like casual friends like each other likes and dislikes also about their preparation for Board exams, which turned to bit personal like now they shared their family’s secrets and other confidential ones about which might be we also hadn’t been aware being her best friends.

After crossed 4months now their communication needs cloistered when their hormones also ready to accept those feelings which were new and very special pleasurable one for them. Steven now apart from her hands begins to touch a girl’s face her shoulder, lips, hairs…..it felt quite good to his pre-adulthood organs. Also, Orla enjoyed his loving touch when she also ready to cross her limits.

Their’s special moments……………… Is it Sex?……….

They embraced the first time then Steven kissed her forehead, then her cheeks finally her juicy lips. They felt shy when they first-time lip kissed to each other. Now they want to move one step ahead from the simple kiss.

Steven came very near to her where now they didn’t have an inch space left between the two bodies firstly sucks her cheeks to make her understand the sensitivity of that then he slowly holds her cheeks and proceeds towards her juicy lips when Orla in shy closed her eyes. He was licking her lips when Orla’s hand which holds his cheeks now slowly moved backside when her fingers love to play with Steven’s hairs.

Steven taught her licking lips when Orla nestled him. They now slowly had been taking the utmost pleasure of sex in their prolonged embrace with licking lips………

When the feeling of lust divert mind?……………

Their board exams were just at the doorstep when both of them often vanished from school and tuition for the intention of spending secluded which clog their study apparently. Steven was an average grade holder student whose lower grades hadn’t been so visible to others in respect of Orla because she never scored below 80% but her preboard score had degraded to 50% which was enough sufficient to prove her negligence towards her concentration.

Our mind always has a tendency to floats with strain-free genial thoughts than the stressed one. When as per the mind’s liking the emotions responded to our every hormone. Mind always loves to play with innovative thoughts with emotions.

For Orla and Steven their first embrace, liplock and those feelings of sex were absolutely new for their mind when subconscious enjoyed those feelings by transferring the focus from study to sex. As sex is a pleasurable feeling which the subconscious mind now feels more relishable than the burden of monotonous subjects of study.

Orla’s daring step…………..….

Orla and Steven now slowly became adamant towards their relationship. They might felt insecure from their friends because of the disclosure of their affair and that’s why they both took the drastic decision of getting married in their 16 years old.

Yes…….they got married secretly in the absence of all by hiding it from their parents to friends just 15 days prior to our board exams. I still remembered that horrific night when before the fortnight of our exam suddenly one night at around 9 pm (forget the exact timing) just after had our dinner when I was about to my room then Orla’s father called up us. Here the phone was received by my father when he said that Orla had been missing since 12 hours………..

After hearing that shocking news I went with my parents at their house when already I found my rest 3 friends with their parents had been getting interrogated about her sudden missing. When her parents constantly inquired to 4 of us because our group of 5 friends had always been carrying a strong bonding since primary standard.

Reveal her affair finally…………

Now we 4 friends really got scared when all of our parents had decided to go for Police complaint and investigation, finally, we in our low tone spelled out about Orla and Steven’s affair. By heard that our parents react like anything upon us without giving us any further scope for justification towards our friend Orla and her acts.

But we heartily tried to convince our parents that she since few months in fact after fallen in love with Steven, cut down her frequency of communication with us because she never felt secured us also to unfold about her affair. But when we caught her just a few days back then only she confessed that she intensely has fallen in love with Steven since 7 months. We told her each act of avoidance in class at tuition everything.

Her parents now came to know the hidden truth about her sudden vanishing they were now quite affirmed that their elder daughter Orla had been taken the irrational step with Steven which now going to devastate her life for forever. Our parents now with them went to Steven’s house at around 10:45 pm for enquired Steven’s parents where Steven also had been missing exactly more than 12 hours and his parents also gone through the same shocked when they came to know about both of their’s affair.

Will Cops found them?……….

Our parents with Orla and Steven’s parents now went for police complain where during probe cops often had been cross-questioning to 4 of us about Orla and Steven they are linked up all issues thoroughly. We 4 friends without hiding a single info shared everything with cops whatever we witnessed in last few months about both.

Post enquired, police assured to both of their parents that as they did the act of eloped from house at their underage for the sake of their love affair in the intention of might be getting marriage, so in that case if they would take the drastic step of getting marriage also then it would not stand as valid in front of Law as both were only 16 years old. But both the parents tried constantly to raise finger on each other’s child by claiming their own child’s innocence.

One week later till cops didn’t found any information about both, here their parents in stressed about their young child. Ultimately fortnight passed when 10th board exams also started. Cops had a hope that both would definitely try to appear in board exams when they would be caught them during that exam period at examination center hall.

Pernicious statement by Police …………...

 Orla’s parents every day visited police station with the hope of getting back to Orla but cops often in prank told them that their 16 years old daughter became lascivious who now no more child who would love to play with toys and books now her pre-adulthood phase wants to experience the adulthood of life unless how could she did so lewd act.

Moreover, all parents always in daydream regarding their children’s innocence during this crucial teenager phase. For parents their young school going children carrying school bag at their back still baby for them who yet not understand the definition of the love affair, sex, life, etc..

When children very firmly spoofed their parents in front of their eyes by covering porn magazines in the history book because now they want to learn the erotica. When in the name of tuition class they even go to the hotel to analysis the essence of obscenity. Parents never cross-checked either their school bags nor with their friend circle and when children do such daredevil act then their eyes open. When nothing would be in our hand to pause them for rectifying their mistake.

When all hope turned fade……………

We cracked with good score but our all enjoyment waved out with Orla’s sudden vanishing from our group of 5 friends. Their Orla’s parents also lost the hope of getting her back so they went away from that place because they have 2 more daughters whom they want to save from the ignominy about their elder daughter’s sudden eloped from the house in her younger age which was quite ashamed for them.

 After 2 years Steven came back at home with his wife Orla and their 1-year-old daughter. When Orla herself tried to contact with her parents but already her parents in ashamed left that society for her lewd act.

Steven’s parents were, later on, get in touch with their son but they warned him that at any cost they wouldn’t be returned home unless police would punish him. So Steven under his parent’s guidance hides in one of his relative’s house with Orla at another state and they returned back when they both completed their 18 years age. As now law wouldn’t be able to punish an adult person of 18 years old.

Both dropped that year of board exam but Steven appeared for board exam just next year but Orla failed as she was about to deliver her baby. Steven continued his study and also finished his degree but Orla failed because the baby’s taking care along with husband and family responsibility all entangled her life for forever. Orla’s mother who herself was the victim of child marriage where her daughter also did the same early marriage by fallen in infatuation.

When relationship counseling needs for collapsed marriage?

How suddenly the known face became a stranger in life……………The couple who did love marriage but now they behaved like aliens. Lance 45 years old the General Manager of a brand watch company. The company’s brand and the icon itself generates a feeling of dignity for the employees. Lance’s wife Fiona 40 years aged pretty. They had a 9 years old son, studying in standard 4th. Lance’s father renounced his mother and him after being engaged with another woman in his life.


His childhood…………..

 Lance’s father image had been faded from his subconscious as his father renounced him and his mother when he was just a year old. His mother brought up him in a very hard way by stitching clothes at a tailoring shop.

His mother never kept a single photograph of her husband because she hates him a lot so she didn’t want to aware her son of his father’s image.

Lance during his school days often asked his mother about his father, when he found his friend’s father adored their son. His mother often evaded his queries by explaining that “he went far from them to a different country for earning money for them and will come back when he will accumulate good fund.”

Relatives and Society’s ascription……………

Lance’s mother was good looking fair-spoken but still, her husband left her and for that her closed ones to society all accused her. During those crucial phases of life when she was in her 25 years old stand alone with a year old baby exactly at that point her in-laws and relatives condemned her about her husband’s sudden renouncing without patronized her and her son.

In fact, her in-laws also denied to give them the share of their property. For them, she might in relation with another man for which her husband repudiated her in her young ages. Society’s irreverences became painful for her as days passed by. Though all were quite affirmed about his father’s culpable act towards his family but still seemed like they enjoyed by pointing the finger on innocuous.

Lance always found her mother in simple wearing, she never wore colorful because all colors now she loves to used only in her son’s wearing. Her well pleasant look of single status with the small baby was enough to cause for men to emphasized her in the intent of coming close to her.

New beginning …………

When she aware that none of her closed ones also would be trustworthy for her credence then she decided to leave her in-laws custody. As up to now, she had been swallowing all those allegations but now after few years when her son became 5 years old, She didn’t want that her son would aware of his father’s viciousness with his growing.

So she went far away from her known ones so that the society’s negativism would never touch her son’s present and future. Where none could be recognized her identity and would be interrogated about her husband. Where the darkness of past could never touch her present life.

 Now she stayed with her 5 years old son in a small rent house. She had the urge to nurture her only son Lance in a well-cultured way so that she could feel pride on her fosterage where her husband’s ill impact wouldn’t be overshadowed Lance’s future.

 Later 30 years…………

Lance now became a young exquisite guy in his 35 years old who post completed his MBA and 10 years tenure of his job in the brand watch multinational company as a General manager. His extrovert and prankish outlook make him influential in his group and office. Lance had been exploring his splendid life every moment with his friends and adorable mother.

His alluring look often influenced him to go near to girls. Also, girls always love his enticing accompany and which slowly elevated his voracity.

His mother now pleased by seeing her son’s growth in his career with time. She had that intense satisfaction that she as a single mother with her low earning from stitching work had been quite skillfully brought up her son Lance.

 She now wants to settle her son’s life by rendering his marriage by fulfilling her ultimate responsibility. But before that, she wanted to reveal her past about his husband’s renouncement. So she summarized her son about his father who never bothered for his wife and son. After known, the truth Lance assured his mother that he wouldn’t definitely do any such act for which she felt ashamed of him.

Love at first sight……..

 Lance who was one of the senior most of the company also a seducer for his female employee who often used to gift a brand wristwatch to his companion to enhanced their voracity. Lance had an amazing standpoint to weigh his companion while gifting that precious wrist watch of that brand company. He always initially thoroughly read their mind by spending quality time with them because on the basis of their IQ he affirmed the price of his costly gift.

 Where he had the intent of enjoying his lust with his charming companion where he never fell in love with any ever in his professional life because he knew how to overwhelmed with those gorgeous with his honey-tongued seductively. Girls also never deprecated him when they found one the foremost eligible exquisite bachelor had been offering them for their accompany.

Lance’s ever-charming look though mesmerized many girls but he was being captivated by gorgeous 25 years old Fiona, who had been newly joined the brand watch company just after completion of her education. Lance’s overlooked in her every mistake in work viewable by all in the office arena. He in his safety net always tried to abolish her errors before it could point out to others. In this way, within a short span, Fiona and Lance became good friends.

How to define the unusual emotions?…….

Lance who up to now never in his life missed anyone’s presence like he had been missing now day by day for Fiona not only that even he felt enough unmindful if he found that Fiona due to any cause did not attend her office any day then he personally called up her queried about her well being and even insist her to join him at office soon.

Such uneasiness for someone he hadn’t felt earlier so he himself was quite amazed about his such dependency on Fiona. Now at any cost, he wants to overcome from that infatuation so again he applied his old regime of physical intimacy with others. He thought might be he drowned in Fiona’s alluring attitude which enhanced his lust towards her. That’s why he might feel so intensely about her day and night.
Lance in his dream now wants to love her first time because he never gave the place to any girl in his life who would dare to touch his subconscious mind. For him, the relationship with girls means particularly to quenched the desire of lust. He even never turned twice to those girls with whom he once did his physical intimacy.

Would she really meant for him?……..

Lance now had the urge to spelled out his feelings towards his dream girl Fiona. He now proposed her “Fiona would you like to spend your whole life with me by accepting me as your husband?”

Fiona has completely differed from other girls she hasn’t possessed a habit of coquettes. She never allowed any men to come near to her without her affirmation then how could she allowed Lance whose philandering attitude already being portrayed by her office colleagues to her. When they found that Lance by overlooking them constantly prioritized to a newcomer then they felt jealous about her presence in Lance’s life.

Fiona in discourteous way affront Lance by saying that “he might in reverie where he always consider girls as per his conclude but this time his assertion had crossed his all limit of his dalliance.”

Lance first time discarded by a girl who was working under him but still showed her extreme prowess towards her senior who could be sacked her out from the company for her such effrontery but still she never bothered for once also about her upbringing career.

Feeling of humiliation…………….

 Unfortunately at the next day was Fiona’s birthday about which Lance didn’t aware. All staffs celebrated their new employee’s birthday. Fiona shared her birthday cake with all from peon to her co-employees and seniors except Lance. But Lance who knew that Fiona would never rebuff him today at least in her birthday because she was in the quite pleasing mood as she had first time celebrated her birthday with her new office peers. Though just before a day they both met with dispute then how could she so easily would grant his wish also?

But Lance was now enough confident about his feeling so he was ready for anything. He now candidly pleaded Fiona that “would she gave him one opportunity to rectify his life?” Without saying any more words now he wished her by gifting the most precious and costly watch to her while gifting that he clarified the uniqueness of that wrist watch which was a rare piece made up one and which he heartily wanted to ties in her right wrist in front of all.

Fiona in her harsh tone replied that he might forget about her yesterday’s replied which she explained to him while making him understand that she didn’t have any such feelings towards him nor she had the urge to accept his precious gift. Lance who never found any girl in his life who upfront denied his gift now his adamancy towards her became more prominent than ever.

Dauntless interpretation…………..

Lance who had a nickname for his fans of lady killer now became more arrogant towards Fiona which he never pretends in front of his Love Fiona. Lance next day in office at morning sharp at 11 am called up to those employees who last day celebrated Fiona’s birthday and in front of whom, Fiona assaulted Lance.

So he called up all of them in the conference room where he today had been going to acknowledged her that he didn’t have that craze about her Physical look though he still loves her and will forever but he had the urge for some significant confession about him for which he wants his official witness presence. So now he in his plucky confessional speech narrated Fiona that…………………

 “As you all are the employees of this company where I always treat with all of you as your friend more than your boss because as a General Manager of the company my first and foremost priority is my perfection towards work than rest other things. So, in that case, its overall my responsibility to look after my every sole employee’s perfection towards their work and in that case I need a calm and friendly environment where from upper management to the subordinates all were enough freedom to express their every viewpoint towards the refinement of the company.”

“Yesterday I proposed Fiona in front of you guys and for which she interpreted me in her standpoint and which is quite justified. Being a philanderer to accept me as faithful is quite awkward for her and which I too realized last night.”

 As a monogamous………………

  “Fiona you may be to a certain extent assumed about my personality but let me clear you now in front of all our employees that I never raped or forced any girl to sleep with me it’s true that in this office there are few with whom I spend my moments and for that I took prior their permission because it’s my desire and every man has a desire for sex then what wrong in that if I offered those girls whom I felt hot and simultaneously the opposite also felt the same unless why could they agreed with my offer?”

“I never built up any relationship with none girl though they always eager to continue with me but I have certain restrict norms in my personal life where after I achieved my Goal never turned to them because I’m not a polygamist.”

“Yes………I slept with them in the hotel room where I sucked and fucked…….them and along with me they also had taken the full pleasure of my foreplay of sex. So in that aspect, I think it’s a mutual acceptance of quenching both sided desires.”

“So now my question to you my dear Fiona (in mockery)! That if along with me the opposite had also enjoyed my 5’11” physique thoroughly which might not they also ever tasted from their so-called husband or boyfriend then why my dear Fiona(with a smile) you ONLY blame up my character while pointing this in the sense that I might spoil those women’s lives?”

Don’t ever judge in split second………….

“Then how could you judge me straight away without knowing about me thoroughly. Every human being possessed the positive and negative qualities then without knowing about my good qualities you shouldn’t allow to tag me as a good or bad person and moreover, you joined the company just 2 months ago where hardly anyone aware you about the glossy part of this company. So today let me you aware the other side of mine as the General manager of the company.”

“Listen dear (with a smile) in this company my dedication is far more stronger than my any other competitors of the rest 4 branch of the city. Fiona, you might be noticed while entering the office through the corridor that there is a big golden emblem of our company and beside that one royal image and that particular image you found in my room and here at Board meeting room also where the mid one is our MD CEO Director President of the company and at right the Vice Chairman of the company and at left you found me the General Manager. Only that particular image has placed with the Brand Emblem because we 3 are the one who with their utmost hard dedication ennobled the company at its highest altitude in Country.”

 “Now lastly I personally in front of you all pleading to Fiona that if we both behaved like aliens then it seemed really awkward under the same roof. Even why our work gets hampers for our personal issue and moreover in the professional sphere no such place for emotions and feelings which I always up to now used to tell others now the day comes when I have to implement this logic on mine.”

 Feeling of remorse………………

Lance after his thorough interpretation when about to go out then his all employees now remorsefully apologized him for their support towards Fiona as for them it’s more significant to keep themselves in their boss good books. His daring confession made her frigid.

Lance exactly from that moment diverted his etiquette towards his all staffs. Suddenly the blithesome personality diverted to morose and which seems cleared by all. Now he paused gazing at girls apart from work now not even he communicated with them.

Fiona now slowly change her mind she actualized that Lance now had been making over himself a loyal one. His every act had been thoroughly scrutinized by Fiona in those past 2 months. Now Fiona described him with her shamefaced that she was wrong with her perception and for that seeking apologize from him.

Finally, emotions grew………………..

Lance with his smile affirmed her. Now they again turned buddy but this time Lance with his full awareness tried to make a distance from his buddy because he didn’t want to smash the relationship with his dream girl again by his any small mistake so he now more alert than earlier.

Lance not even ever touched her hand nor offered her lift in his car ever. Fiona now has fallen in intense love towards him but she wasn’t able to verbalize it with her words as already once she rebuffed him then how could she proclaim him about her strong fondness towards him?

Disclosure of affections……………..

Fiona decided that the way in earlier when Lance proposed her and she rebuffed him in front of office colleagues and again when Lance justified his morals in front of all, exactly how it’s her turn of proclamation about her strong affections.

Finally, after 3 months in front of all employees, she assured Lance that she had been ready to spend her whole life with him. The whole ambiance got a pin of silence as all were waiting for their boss’s affirmation.

They married with their family’s confirmation. Fiona now quit her job as it seemed quite ridiculous to others when they found General Manager’s wife had been working under him as a simple employee.

Later marriage would the love sustain?….

Lance’s mother was quite happy for the new beginning of his son’s life. She adored Fiona like her own daughter, in fact, Fiona also in her all issues would like to interact with her mother-in-law more than her husband Lance because of Lance always busy with his office so it’s very hard for him to give time to his wife Fiona. Fiona post marriage had a quench to experience her ever romantic husband’s extreme romanticism towards her, which she never gets unfortunately from Lance.

In fact, he deliberately used to come home late from the office which was also being noticed by his mother. He cleverly eloped if his mother queried him about his such avoidance towards his marital life. But Fiona never interrupted him in his work because she was well aware of the significance of Lance’s General Manager status of such big company.

After a year Fiona gave birth to their son. Now Fiona became a mother whose foremost priority now towards her baby then rest all. Lance’s mother now apparently understanding that though her son’s marital life seemed perfect by others yet it’s not like that because her son had already cultivated a distance in his marital life.

 The scenario was transparent…..……..

With time Lance’s affection towards his wife faded and which was now quite transparent in his total act of abstinence. His mother now personally queried to her daughter-in-law about their closeness though it’s too confidential yet as a mother, she at any cost wished to save her son’s marital life because she had a fear that like her husband renounced her and Lance, then would Lance also going to follow his father’s footstep?

Here Fiona one day while returning from the Pediatrician clinic after regular checkup of her baby suddenly on her way she noticed Lance with some other girl just towards the way of a star hotel. She in her curious followed them and exactly she found which she didn’t want to be the witness. Fiona became stupified about his act because for her Lance was completely changed but she was wrong.

Is history going to repeats again?………..

Now after returned when her mother-in-law asked about her grandson’s health report then Fiona was unable to reply her any query because she was already out of her mind. She stared at her mother-in-law without uttering a single word. Now her mother-in-law when found her unnatural attitude with voiceless she assumed that might be something went wrong which made Fiona nonvocal. She now insists Fiona to spelled out the truth.

Fiona had been wailing with her words that she lost her love for forever because now she understood after crossed more than a year that why Lance was not showed ever any desire towards her. Fiona now told each and everything about Lance’s characteristics, their affairs, his philandering attitude towards office female staffs to her mother-in-law.

Why so stubborn ?……………..

Lance’s mother now presumed that her son also had been following his father footstep of polygamous. She now valiantly interrogated Lance about his such ill character that night when Fiona witnessed that she had seen him in the afternoon when he went to a hotel with some other woman for fulfilling his illegal desires of lust.

Lance when found that both his mother and wife had now caught him then he unmasked his honest intention of marriage with Fiona. He told Fiona that “when she first time insulted him in front of his subordinates on that day itself he had taken a pledge that at any cost he would be forcing her to bend in front those employees.”

“As he had given his 10 years of hard dedication to achieved that designation of General Manager of the Company for which if any newcomer would be had the intent to devastate that within a second then it would be ruined his career which none could compensate that. So he just gave a morally rationalized speech in front of all staffs so that in one gun shot he would again earn his honor with sympathy by all includes Fiona and exactly that happened within few days Fiona herself proposed him in front of all.” He also told…….

So it’s was just my gambit by which I regained my everything because I knew how to crack my lost deal and which I cracked finally.”

“But one thing I let you aware Fiona that my father renounced my mother and me when I was just one year old but I will never do any such irrational act because I have a social status for which I need a flawless personal life.”

Is blood really talks?………………….

His mother now first time in her life Slapped him and told she really felt ashamed of his deeds, earlier she felt proud of her son that she won the game of life by given Lance a well respectable life. She left her husband’s house and his linked up everything because she heartily wished that his husband noncommital characteristic would never touch her son’s personality but she proved wrong because blood is after all blood and she couldn’t change that blood.