How to get over a breakup?

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none …… William Shakespeare.” 

Clarin 25 years old gorgeous working in an MNC, like other parents her parents also have lots of dreams and plans for her marriage. But Clarin doesn’t have any interest in guys and marriage which is the biggest cause of strain for her parents. For others, Clarin’s attitudes are quite abnormal towards guys. She not even ready to talk or take the favor from any guys also nor ready to accept friendship even in Facebook.


 First experience of love and break up……….

Like others, clarin has the past about which she never disclosed with none in her surroundings. Her first love Sam, with whom she explored the essence of love. First love always left an imprint on mind canvas for forever. Clarin still remembers those golden days of her life.

A girl never forget those days of her life when first time someone makes that normal day into a very special day by making her realize that….. how beautiful she is! What importance she has in his life? What qualities she possess which attracts him towards her? How different she is from rest all? What forced him to think only about her?

Yes……….these are all those significant things which first time she gets to heard by someone that makes her feel that she is really very special in someone’s eyes.

The first lip kiss and embrace cultivates her arousal when she began to imagine her man while rolling on the bed. Now with the variant pose at each angle, she views herself in mirror randomly and tries to identify that exact angle of her face which mesmerized her partner. Sam’s pampering made her the most beautiful girl in her college. Days never seemed so beautiful earlier in her life. Her taste and choice now overwhelmed by her beloved’s taste.

Later 7 months suddenly Sam switched off from Clarin’s life exactly at that phase when Clarin’s each thought and desire was completely dependent on him where she couldn’t imagine her life beyond him for a second also. But surely he narrated her the cause of his sudden u-turn that “Clarin you are not my type so better we give pause for our relationship…”

Yes…. she is not at all Sam’s type because Sam wants to physically intimate with her to take the charm of their lovemaking at the hotel room where Clarin’s ethics not allowed her before marriage because she had a fear that if after sexual intimacy Sam left her and not shown his interest in marriage. Her fear came true but not after by surrendering her physic surely before that. She locked her shattered life in the darkness of the room. Time paused for her, her parents noticed her gloomy attitude, no words she had to explain others but carrying huge pain inside.

Have you ever tried to explore yourself? ………

Ask this one single question before someone spits it on your face that does you know your real worth? If you see yourself liking a wrong man, you must ask your mind and heart that, “Why? Who are you? What is wrong with me? Am I an ugly girl? In similar terms, you must have answers to the cited questions. “I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead, they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t …….. Marilyn Monroe.” 

 Self-counseling is needed to change your perspective, “Are you an option for other people? No offense, but never ever give priority to someone for whom you are just an option. Forever remember that the act of inclining towards someone make them aware about your addiction for them, they will make sure that at every moment you suffer from an acute pain of their addiction. Many women affirmed that even after their one hundred percent efforts they failed to give up an addiction, ‘just not happening’ like situation.

Our intense habits couldn’t wave off within a day or year because changing habits isn’t an ease thing to do, but for our betterment, we should have to adopt these. Therefore, one should behave at the size of her brain and not at the size of her shoe. As we all aware that nothing is impossible it’s just our one thought which could really change our life even after the break up of long term relationship.  

Let’s give another chance …………

There are positive and negative waves around us, which respond as per our attitude towards them. Therefore, don’t let the negative waves come near you and always keep the options open.

Later a few years now she joined in an MNC just after completion of her education. Rik, her Boss almost 12 years senior to her proposed her. Needless to explain how she rebuffed his proposal. “Sorry, I can accept your proposal. No offense, but I hate men.”

 There is nothing odd in falling for a wrong person, but the issue arises whenever we failed to recollect ourself after a serious breakup and our suspicious attitude grow for all man.

Rik’s gray hair of matured thinking towards life impressed Clarin and finally, she accepted his proposal with this hope that she had finally got someone who would never go against her affection. Clarin portrayed Rik about the cause of her noninterest towards love that how her first love Sam ditched her in the mid path of their relationship by trampling his all commitment towards Clarin.

Later 6 months of their relationship now Clarin was ready to surrender herself to Rik because this time she doesn’t want to repeat her mistake by disallowing her lover to come physically close to her. So finally they physically intimated.

 But is it really the way, to be physically intimate to make our relationship stronger before we tie up? if yes then why Clarin failed to keep her relationship?

Yes…. after a year she met her second break-up with Rik, but the question is why she had been faced the same? Rik as a senior aged guy who very easily read Clarin’s mind thoroughly, when she narrated him about the cause of her first breakup with Sam. Rik knew that today or tomorrow Clarin will surely agree for physical intimacy with him because this time she wouldn’t take the risk of again lose her lover. But Rik roughly used her emotions because it’s his ploy towards Clarin by showing sympathy for her past and take her in his grip strongly.

Is really solace need to heal our pain?…………

We human being always craved for praise and sympathy and that’s why often bad people plays with our emotions by hiding their original intention towards their fake sympathy. Learn to take self-decisions independently. Always remember, gray hair does not define a person’s maturity level, capabilities of taking decisions for self-does. Therefore, do not let others decide for you, have your own decisions, at last, if something goes wrong you know it is only you responsible for that and it is only you who can rectify it.

Never wait for other’s solace instead stand up straight by holding your two hands strongly and say it loudly that none has the power to break me emotionally as I’m the most beautiful and strongest soul on the earth.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present ……..Bil Keane.”


Negative affect of technology on child development.

 My friend Laura with her family came back to City after a long time. Just after her married, she left the city due to her husband’s transferable job in Defence Army. Now she back after 15 years in her hometown permanently when her elder son Gavin 14 years and Kian 12 years old. Parent’s transferrable job actually troubled children a lot. Every time with the new place they have the strain to cope up with their new peer’s group by left their bestie.


She invited me, on a very fine day I went to meet with her. Post-formal introduction with her family, we sat for our chit chat. We began from where we dropped decades ago. We became engrossed in our past, where I still remember how our mother in our childhood days used to shout on us ‘dont play inside, you are going to break something! Go outside and play with your group.’ Those were the days, but now along with children their parents also wants their kids to stick with their video games, mobile phone, puzzle boxes. Actually, it’s not the mistake of children the reason behind of their love and interest towards indoor games is just because of our causes.

Causes of parents to allow for indoor plays………….

Like my friend Laura who brought up her two sons with her best. She always tried to compete with other parents in respect of her commitment towards her kids. She told me that when Gavin her elder son asked for the cycle on his 5th birthday. They provided him while alerting that he didn’t enter the appropriate age for cycling on the road so he should be allowed for cycling at a specific area in their lawn but kids always waiting for their parent’s diversion of attention upon them particularly when they enjoy their games.

 Gavin met a small accident as he went on the road during cycling, it’s a minor one but still for a mother, it’s a major one so from that onward she even restricted her sons for cycling alone and permitted them with all indoor games. Now Gavin and his younger brother Kian allowed for cycling and playing with their neighbor’s kids only when Laura herself goes with them at evening.

There Laura’s husband Paul always alert her that ‘dont allowed kids with unknown neighbors in her absence.’ It’s quite reasonable for parents unless they get to know their new neighbors thoroughly. Because we often do mistakes by allowing our kids for playing with locality’s children without scrutinized about their attitude and psychology where the risk for chances of bad with them is high.

Reasons whatever its but the children lost their freedom for playing outdoor games just because of their parent’s interference and objection now the thing is neither Laura nor her husband was wrong about their standpoint but for kids, it’s like a punishment.

The new way for amusement………..

Almost all parents decide that they will handover mobile to their kids only after they attend for board exams but the hardest truth is that only 20% parents able to strict on their said statements. Laura now gave video games to her sons, her initial step towards gadget for making them sit at home for indoor amusement. Kids enjoying lots as first time after hard pieces of puzzle game they had been enjoying their games only by using their finger tips. Where no such brain labor or physical exhaustion need for their refreshment not even they need any companion now.

With the increasing of their age and class now the kids were friendly with two more significant gadget of our life, mobile, and computer.

Addiction towards gadget………..

After basic learning lessons of the computer now the kids in their teenage starts exploring the social media. Laura narrated that how her kids slowly addicted towards those gadgets. Initially, kids felt enjoyed by taking selfie only but from the day one when they aware about the internet seemed like they discover the world as per their definition. Now their full concentration absorbed towards the internet, first time Gavin and Kian felt the essence of knowledge with bright live colorful audio video images.

Laura and her husband tried to control their kids sometimes by making them understand the pros and cons of usage of internet constantly or by scold them. Kids adamancy grew with time now Gavin 14years and Kian 12 years old, where their age wasn’t appropriate to scroll the viral section of social media but still they now addicted towards pornography, and this poison now sucking Laura’s kids rapidly which is the evidence of their poor grading in mark cards.

Even they are now so addicted that even ready to fight with their parents often whenever they get objected for having views on that. Her husband stopped for their pocket money even they disconnected the internet connection but nothing paused her kids as they now enjoyed those in their school and tuition by their peer groups.

 The adverse effect of social media…………

No denial, the technology helps us to connect with other people. Social networks are a prime example of this. But, at the same time, once our kids get used to this form of communication, they will avoid all other social contexts.

 Tormentor like to hide behind the screens. Children are still exposed to malice in schools and playgrounds, and if we give them another place where anyone can harass them, we will be generating real disasters in their psyche. The phenomenon of cyber bullying is very common, unfortunately horrific.

Studies so far show that a good number of high school students have faced this at least once in their school life. Viral short movies, text messages or social networks are just some of the things that cause addiction among children who display only a part of theirs. Children don’t always understand the consequences of their actions so they can make bad choices at any time if they are not monitored. Some of them, such as compromising photos that could leave a long lasting impact on their life. In such situation where it’s about protecting their dignity, they deteriorate their self-esteem.

The most unpleasant thing about using the internet is that we cannot preserve anonymity. Even if we have activated the strictest privacy setting, social media accounts can expose us. By mistake, should that data goes in the wrong hand, we can imagine the trouble we could be in. The location is one of them, say our child will make a selfie on the street, and people might realize just depending on where the decor and surroundings. A photo with his classmate at school could reveal learners. We have to think well of all these things before giving the hand a phone.

 Diversion from addiction…………..

Around each corner of the street, we get children under this age playing violent video games and maintaining their social media profile even from their parent’s phone. Therefore it’s very vital not to rush and wait until as a parent we do not feel comfortable with the decision of giving our kid this gadget. If our instincts tell us that it’s too early to do that then we should be mindful of them and postpone the moment.

Laura even acknowledged me that how her kids every day spent constant hours in front of computer, television, tablet, mobile phone, and other similar gadgets. As a parent, she has the responsibility to monitor and even limit the exposure to the media, so as not to affect health and education.

 But the question is will her kids ready to listen to their parent’s voice? The answer is simple NO!… because we must understand their psychology that they are going through the hormonal changes in their teenage where the adamancy and arrogance towards their elders are quite natural. This is the phase where apart from bookish knowledge and loud voice if we implement our wise tricks for diverting their mindset by pampering their desire to channelise it in the right direction then it will work out more effectively than by the usage of the old pattern of scolding to our kids.

But for Laura and her husband they couldn’t keep their eyes on their kids around the clock yet they talked with kids once thoroughly with soft tone for made them understand the hooks and nooks of social media but kids ignored their parent’s soft tone so finally they again use the loud voice to make the thing perfect.

Moreover, when we gift our child such a gadget say mobile phone then that is only his, neither we won’t be able to monitor our kid’s these activities nor we won’t be having any idea about our child’s social and online life. Instead, it’s much easier to lend our phone or tablet for some applications. This way, we can measure the time our kid spend with such activities and we can also supervise the pages he access when using the internet.

Laura’s husband now posts understanding the situation’s gravity decides to send his kids to Army boarding school because as an Army person he failed to implement his strictness 24*365 upon his family so with teary eyed they had taken the decision for kids well being established future.

So at the end of the day, it’s completely our choice that how we brought up our kids either by competing with others or by implementing our strict Army norms with our kids.

 “Why the desire for love is Sin for a woman?”

In my earlier post Why the 30th marriage anniversary devastate her life?” we have seen that how a complete mismatch couple had completed their 30 years of marital life without complaining to each other then how suddenly during their 30th marriage anniversary that courier gift of the property will documents from an alien, had revealed the bitter truth of their marital life?


“An alien has shared his will when he was counting his last breadth with Sylvia where the testator has bequeathed Rs 1 crore along with his house for Sylvia…..because apart from Sylvia none was there in his life whom he could nominee for his property” name of the testator not mentioned anywhere in that docs only the postal address was the single clue for scrutiny about that testator.

Javier who was a highly educated successful businessman married to less educated beautiful Sylvia (a small town girl) where he spent his majority months out of the country. For Sylvia, her husband’s one phone call was the only hope for her alive, above that when she aware that she wouldn’t be blessed with the baby ever due to her internal complication her desire for alive almost shattered for forever.

Now the question arise that is Javier really loves her? Is the medical report tells the truth? Would Sylvia ever get the essence of pure love? Would the small town girl ever be praised for her sole quality? Who will open the eye of Sylvia? Why as a highly educated person he opted for a less educated bride for him? Finally what the real intention of Javier for continuing with Sylvia even after know the biggest secret of his marital life?

Now let’s begin the remaining part of her journey…….

The phase of depression………….

Sylvia slowly became downhearted neither she had the urge to satisfy her husband nor had the desire left to continue her marital life. Javier now really scared by seeing her in such abnormal way where she even forgets to react also.

Their tastes vary but Javier also likes her classical music singing though he never encourages her for all those nor praise. He noticed that now Sylvia even stopped whispering her classical music during her cooking and other household tasks.

 He booked the table for a classical music concert. Sylvia first time reacts after a long, Javier observed that she enjoyed the music till the end. At night he asked Sylvia that why doesn’t she again start her singing practice but for Sylvia, everything had been paused for forever because nothing could quench the desire of her motherhood.

 The affection of spouse……………

Next day at evening someone knocked the door, Sylvia surprised after opened the door, she was speechless by found him on their doorstep. It’s none other than Andre 34 years old handsome, the classical music singer of last night music concert. Before she asks anything to him Javier came to welcome him in their premises. Javier formally introduced his wife with Andre and make him for sit. The couple appreciates his voice now Javier told in front of him to Sylvia that from now onwards Andre will teach her classical music and for that reason, he invited Andre in their home.

He told that Sylvia loves singing but a few days ago she underwent through a trauma for which she lost the urge to sing further, so now he wants that Andre teaches her good classical notes. Sylvia surprised by seeing her husband’s such caring first time towards her when she found that Javier had been seriously thinking about her psychology.

Andre agreed but he told Javier that he would come twice for the week as he attached with a music school so not get time for weekdays only weekends were fine for him, Javier agreed and after few days he returned back to his work schedule.

Entering of someone special………..

Andre the teacher of Sylvia who found that Sylvia was quite hesitant for singing in front of him on the first day. He understood that as a married woman her discomfort was natural, so to make her ease he began to chat with her.

Andre an introvert a soft-spoken guy who led a very naive and unsophisticated lifestyle coincidently Sylvia and Andre possessed the parallel characteristics which made them close very fast. Both began to like each other with their plainness and ingeniousness. Sylvia first time had been appreciated for her naivety by someone in her life which really touched her heart.

Within a short span of an interval, they turned to bestie now they both were quite open to sharing their feelings and emotions. They spent a good hrs to knew them thoroughly. Andre had none in his life whom he called as his closed intimate one because neither his parents were alive nor he had any sibling.

Andre has fallen in love with her and now Sylvia was everything for his life. But he knew firmly that as a married woman if she came to know about his feelings then neither she nor her husband tolerates him for a second also in their premises, for that he never dared to utter his emotions in front of Sylvia. Because he doesn’t want to lose Sylvia from his life. He was satisfied by having a glance on his fantasy woman.

Is it love?…………….

 Sylvia who forgotten to smile and react, once again alive just because of her bestie Andre. Sylvia who never realized the exact definition of love because up to now she always did her responsibilities towards her husband. As a wife, her dependency on her husband was quite justified for her sustenance. She forever tried to come close to her husband but their opposite characteristics always stood as a barrier in their relationship. Javier who never in those 5 years of marital life appreciate his wife even for her single recipe but he always humiliated her whether it’s the matter of wearing lingerie or to have a glance at porn during their physical intimacy.

The small town woman first time had been praised for her each and every quality whether it’s for her scale of voice or for any other household task. They both enjoyed their singing practice thoroughly. Andre amazed by her such good quality of voice, he always encouraged her to take singing professionally but Sylvia’s naivety wasn’t made for to earn few bucks from her music because she never thought like modern women, she learn music just for her inner satisfaction as it gives her the utmost inner pleasure of life, but Andre knew that if she think it seriously for her professional career then she would definitely grow high.

The essence of true love realized once …………

Sylvia never forgets about that day when her favorite monsoon just arrived with the thunderstorm. Andre completely wet knocked the door exactly at his dot timing of 6 pm. When she found him in wet she gave her husband’s cloth to Andre. Then they sat for their music class, by seeing the rain droplets Sylvia in her utmost pleasurable mood sang the monsoon classical rhythm.

 She in her cheerfulness just forget the world by leaving her place, her first steps automatically forward towards the lawn. Now with the rhythm of rain droplets, her first steps began to dance on the velvety wet grass, with her amazing classical song. Andre from balcony gazing her natural beauty suddenly Sylvia’s eyes fall on him, she gesticulated him to come out from the shed, Andre seemed like waiting for that gesticulate. His slow shy hypnotized steps now proceed towards her, now only 2 steps left which could abolish the distance between them, he read her twinkling eye’s expectations.

Andre embraced her by wipe out the gap between them for forever. His strong grip now gave the utmost satisfaction to Sylvia where she was eager to surrender her all strength upon him. They kissed each other but only lip kiss no suck or lick in between them. They just lost their consciousness during that extreme thrilling moment in that heavy rain. Andre took her in his lap and his slow steps now proceed for lovemaking. The first time Sylvia unconsciously flew with those utmost pleasurable moments from where her subconsciousness wasn’t agreed to come out at consciousness.

Post their physical intimacy when Andre held his soulmate Sylvia in a warm embrace suddenly the phone rang up and they both just within a fraction of second reached from their unconscious level to conscious status.

First time in her life when she missed her husband’s call, Javier surprised because she never did it before but he ignored. There Sylvia and Andre when found themselves in that utmost intimate phase they felt so embarrassed that not even ready to look at each other or interact. Their prime reaction of guilt not allowed both to eye contact with each other.

Their last introspection………..

 Sylvia: I cheated my husband and for this one act God will never forgive me ever.

 Andre: Why Sylvia God punish you alone? because I’m the culprit who is responsible equally then how Almighty forgive me?

Sylvia: Andre you know, the first time in my life I get the essence of pure love only from you because you are the one who realized me who I’m and your motivation made me feel that, as a human being I might be also born with few qualities like others.

Andre: Because you changed my life, Sylvia… I have none in this world whom I called as my closed one. I LOVE YOU……. but don’t worry Sylvia in return of my love neither I expect your love nor your accompany because I know you have a respectable family with a lovable husband who adored you the most.

Sylvia: How easily you confess your emotions because you don’t have any boundings but is there anyone who asked me ever that what I wish and wants?

Andre: No dear I’m sorry and I’ve to because I love you without your affirmation but don’t worry I’ll go from your life for forever so that you never felt that insecurity for me.

Sylvia: Crying….about to say something but her voice not supporting her.

Andre: (In her feet holding his hands begging for forgiving) Don’t cry Sylvia, forgive me please..please…I promising you 1st, that I’ll never show my face ever to you. I accepted you from the core of my heart as my wife and for me, nothing is ill in our intimacy and relationship. Now I give you my 2nd promise that I’ll never marry nor touch to any other woman in this life again. Lastly, my 3rd promise that you’ll live in my heart till my last breadth and God will fulfill your all wish without punishing you because from now onwards I grant his all punishment with wide open arms as I don’t have the fear of losing anything from this life…

He left the premises with teary-eyed, Sylvia’s watery eyes signalized him to stay for few more minutes so that she could confess her emotions and few confidential truth about her marital life like Javier’s forever avoidance to her and her medical unfitness for procreation because she never disclosed her personal issues with Andre ever that she was not happy in her marital life unless why she as a married woman has fallen in LOVE with him? Why her desires erupts after getting the aroma of love from Andre? Because that gap had been fulfilled by Andre which she never gets till now from her busy husband.

Dr. opened her eyes ……………

Sylvia’s life once again undergone into an intense depression. Life again within a few days brought her in the previous phase from her she began to stand herself by left behind her all pain.

 Now the question is will she ever come out from this severe depression or she give up from life?

Later 2 months, one day while doing shopping at grocery market suddenly she fell down on road, by seeing that few peoples helped her to reach the nearest hospital. After the checkup, Dr. asked her that whether she felt any discomfort? She told yes since few days she often feeling nausea and fatigue but she ignored initially thought might be due to carelessness towards health would be the reason for those.

Now Dr. affirmed her that from now onwards she should take care of her health cautiously because she was pregnant. Now their introspection………….

 Sylvia: reacts on Dr. how could it be possible means I’m medically unfit for procreation as per the medical reports?

Lady Doctor: What are you saying and moreover can you show me those medical reports?

Sylvia: Sure Dr. I’ll come tomorrow with my reports.

Next day Sylvia entered the hospital with all those medical reports.

Doctor: Come in Sylvia, be relax now and show me those reports.

Sylvia: Handover the medical reports to Dr.

Doctor: (After gone through those reports asked her) Sylvia could you answer me honestly few confidential aspects about your marital life?

Sylvia: (Bit hesitant) why not Dr. you can ask me…

Doctor: How is your relationship with your husband and would he loves you?

Sylvia: Quite good bonding we have and he loves me a lot.

Doctor: Ok… How many years you have completed of your marital life?

Sylvia: We crossed our journey near about 5 years.

Doctor: Have you ever gone through these report carefully or who told you that you are unfit for pregnancy?

Sylvia: I’m the only school passed out Dr. so, I can’t understand those medical terms which are written in the report but my husband is highly qualified, he read those reports and affirmed me about those medical terms.

Doctor: Now the last question would you love your husband?

Sylvia: (stand up with annoy) Why you asking me such unparliamentary questions and moreover what’s the link of these queries with my medical report?

Doctor: Sit down Sylvia and be calm down first.

Sylvia: You are my Dr. but how could you ask me such very confidential issues about my marital life and moreover let me know you, my husband and I both loves to each other a lot.

Doctor: Lier………..You are a liar and your husband the biggest liar….

Sylvia: What?……………….. What do you mean by this that we both are lies?

Doctor: Ok…… let me clear you step by step…..First, as per the medical report, you don’t have any complication for conceiving but your husband is unfit for reproduction means uncured complications for which he will never be a father and that’s why he lied that you are unfit to bear his child because he is very shrewd who utilized your ignorance and faith.

Now secondly is. You are pregnant now but the child is not from your husband because he is unfit then it proves that someone X is there who belongs to your child’s biological father.

Finally, neither your husband nor you loves to each other but definitely pretending the society that you are a happy going couple. So, Sylvia hopes now you understood that why I as a Dr. asked you such confidential things.

Sylvia: Her teary-eyed now admitted the truth.

Doctor: I know Sylvia what’s the importance of child in a woman’s life so not only as a Dr. but also as a woman I’m supporting your decision of bear this child. Because nothing wrong in this as like yours case many couples of this society now taking the favor of IVF or Surrogacy for continuing their happy marital life where the sperm and egg donor for procreation is carried by others.

Sylvia stood up from the chair and touched the Doctor’s feet and began to cry like a child. The doctor held her hands and solace her that she would be with her so no need to worry about other things and prescribed few vitamin and iron supplements to Sylvia.

Unmasked the real face ………….

Sylvia after back home from the hospital, outbursts in the cry, she realized that why God sent Andre in her desolate life. She was depressed and desolated after she lost her true love Andre but his purity of love became a blessing for her infertile life. Also, his entrance in her life made her aware about the biggest truth of her husband’s infertility.

 Now Sylvia was in a dilemma that whether his husband grants her child as Javier knows very well that he wasn’t the biological father of this child then how could he tolerate that or how could he reveal about his infertility? She was eager to listen to his reaction and reply over that good news. She called up her husband and affirmed about her pregnancy when Javier amazed with joy and told her that “Sylvia you respond to the treatment of infertility and that’s why God blessed us with baby, thanks to medical science, you make me so happy that I don’t have any word to express my joy over phone, I’m coming soon darling and take care”.

Sylvia shocked by his reply now she overconformed about Javier that he was really a shrewd person who knows well that how to tackle his less educated wife. Now she also confirmed that Javier doesn’t have any issue regarding her pregnancy but Javier lost his respect and love forever from his naive wife.

After 5 years of their infertile marital life now Clive, her son became the only resort of her life. Now neither she waits for her husband’s phone call nor she regrets her intimacy with her love Andre because she understood well that her marital life was meant for adjustment where no such place for emotions and feelings, where only duty and responsibility was the final word for sustenance.

Later her bold proclamation in public………..

 The whole ambiance turned speechless now after an hour of thorough bold confession of Sylvia to her husband in front of her son Clive, Zara’s family and Saul’s family.  Javier stood up from the couch by left his wine glass began to clapping and then slapped Sylvia in front of all.

Javier: “you slattern! after 30 years of marriage, you are pointing on my infertility? I’m a man with flawless character, and moreover, if I’ve any such infertility issue also then does it mean that you as a wife go to sleep with another man for the fulfillment of your desire?”

Sylvia (cried): “you are absolutely correct dear, as a woman I forgot that I shouldn’t have any right to love and desire! Could you tell me as a human bing is there any difference in desire for a man and a woman? If there is no such difference then why my desire for true love became illicit for you because as a husband you never tried to know my emotions unless you couldn’t leave me alone for prolonged years in this house as a caretaker where my only sustenance for alive was the one phone call of yours…….”

Javier: “Yes…. The desire for love is sin for a married woman…. So now I want as the owner of this house and as your legal guardian that you get lost from my house and life.”

Now Clive interrupts his parent’s introspection and warned Sylvia that “none’s ill act could amend my birth identity after 25 years of my birth because for me Javier is my idol father no such poor fellow who devastated our happy family.”

Ultimate truth yet to reveals…………..

Post received humiliation by husband and son when Sylvia was about to left her husband’s house with guilt suddenly Saul paused and said her that he as the bestie of Javier wants to reveal something about him.

Saul acknowledged in front of all that he never thought to disclose about one bitter secret about his bestie but now when he found that Javier was constantly humiliating his innocent wife then he unfolds that….

 “Javier hasn’t loved his wife Sylvia ever in his life because he loves Zinnia, a call girl with whom he is in relation since ages and that’s the real cause of Javier to relocate his business to Singapore. He promised Zinnia that he will never leave her that’s why he stayed mostly out of the country with his choice able woman who had been satisfying his sexual desire as per his eroticism that’s why he never liked his wife’s naivety. Javier as a highly qualified person opted for less educated bride Sylvia because he knew well that Sylvia’s ignorance couldn’t dare to query about his personal and professional life ever, also he will forever treat Sylvia as a puppet of his hand like he did by hiding his infertility written in that medical report.”

 Javier forever shared his ploy with his bestie and that’s the reason Saul aware of his secrets of personal life.

Saul also acknowledged Sylvia that “Javier intentionally appointed Andre for her, when he came to know about his infertility he scared that how could he faced the society, family, and friends when everyone was asking about his paternity. Now for him, only two ways left that whether he proclaimed about his infertility or either make his wife pregnant by someone other where neither Sylvia nor even God will point the finger on his manhood. Now when in that night at music concert he found that Sylvia reacts in her desolation on Andre’s singing then he without delayed invited Andre at the very next day in his house so that he could affix a bonding between Sylvia and Andre and moreover he was quite affirmed by Andre’s nature that he was typically like Sylvia who will easily mingle with her and exactly that happened as per Javier’s wish and plan. So everything was preplanned by Javier where they both acts like a puppet as the string was controlled by him.”

 Now Sylvia clapped and affirmed Javier finally that “I was about to leave the house with this Guilt that I did wrong with you but now I’m proud about my true love with Andre with whom I physically intimate once in my unconsciousness where our sex on bed was completely pure like Andre’s purity who neither sucked or licked me like the way you do with me, it’s symbolized that we did that in our unconsciousness unless if it’s our lust towards each other then we might continue that in your absence where you would never come to know, as you stayed out.”

Zara after heard those bitter truth now declared Clive that ‘she now break up her relationship with timid Clive for whom his mother Sylvia did sin but not his characterless father unless as a son he might hold his father’s hand to slap her mother also if a man failed to respect his mother then how could he respect his wife?”

 Zara held his mother-in-law Sylvia’s hand and assured her that “from now onwards I’m only your daughter, not daughter-in-law and if you feel sad about your ungrateful son then in my standpoint, forget him also because now Zara is your only daughter who will look after you forever proudly.” She left the house with Zara……………..afterall at the end it’s a matter of self-respect of a woman…..” 

Why the 30th marriage anniversary devastate her life?

Why the breakup at 30th marriage anniversary…………

 Clive 25 years old handsome, celebrating his parents 30th marriage anniversary.  The couple shining like a new penny still in their 50s. Zara 22 years old fiance of Clive, present over the party along with her parents, Saul, the business partner also bestie of Javier came along with his wife. Zara the would-be daughter-in-law of Javier, forever attracted towards her mother-in-law Sylvia the most just due to her so caring and affectionate nature and moreover as a daughter-in-law what more she wants when God already blessed her with such a softhearted mother-in-law.


The letter by an alien………….

Clive really felt proud about his parents’ such affectionate bonding. Javier in their marriage anniversary going to proclaimed about the final date of marriage of his son Clive with Zara.

All were enjoying the party by endowing the couple. Suddenly one courier came in the name of Sylvia. Her family amazed that who sent the registered documents in the name of her. Her son unsealed the courier found some legal papers with a handwritten letter in his mother name. He was about to read the letter in public but Zara held him as the letter in his mother’s name, so only she had the right to read that at first but for Clive, his mother doesn’t have any personal life secrets which she needs to hide from them. Clive by avoiding Zara’s words read it loudly after gone through the letter Sylvia, Javier and all amazed that how could it be possible? The invitees whispered that definitely, any closed relative had sent such precious gift to the couple?

What’s was written in that letter which amazed all?………

“An alien has shared his will when he was counting his last breadth with Sylvia where the testator has bequeathed Rs 1 crore along with his house for Sylvia…..because apart from Sylvia none was there in his life whom he could nominee for his property” name of the testator not mentioned anywhere in that docs only the postal address was the single clue for scrutiny about that testator.

Sylvia and Javier both were quite surprised and now tried to scrutinize the particular because as far their knowledge neither they have any relative nor friends or known one who belongs from that particular interior state. Then who was that specific alien who transferred his all savings to Sylvia?

Suddenly the letter paused the enjoyment of the anniversary party. Now by overlooked that mystery they both waiting for the over of the party. It’s almost about 10 pm, almost all guests were left except few closed ones like Zara along her family and Saul with his wife, bestie of Javier were still on the premises.

The past revealed the truth………….

Javier who yet not had gifted his beloved wife but was ready for his introspection because for him now its far most significant to digs the truth behind the ‘will’ than to spend quality time with Sylvia, in their very special 30th marriage anniversary. Now the introspection began between the couple….

“Javier: Sylvia tell me now who is that alien?

Sylvia: How should I know because I don’t have any farthest relative also who belong from that interior state.

Javier: Ok…then let us suppose as per your confession that you don’t know him but here is my question then how could a stranger bequeath his all savings in your name?

Sylvia: That’s I too surprised that who is that crazy man whom I don’t know but he knew me?

Javier: Exactly darling you uttered right word ‘crazyman’, yes…..he was crazy but only for you because in this world only Romeo types could do all such things for their Juliet! So now tell me who is that adorable Romeo whose obsession till remembered you in your 50s?

Sylvia: What do you mean by that I’ve extramarital affairs?

Javier: Good to heard the term from your mouth darling and hope those present over here could predict the same like mine.

Sylvia: But why don’t you rely upon my statement that I really don’t know him.

Javier: Oh..kk… so you will not confess that you know him right then take swear in the name of our son Clive.”

Proclamation about her past………..

 Zara and Saul by seeing the humiliation of Sylvia in front of all stopped Javier for his such confidential query to his wife should behind the lock rather in open but Javier was so hyper that his snobbish male ego doesn’t bother about his wife’s self-respect. Now Sylvia was ready for her bold affirmation about her past in front of all because as a mother she would never take swear on his son’s name.

Sylvia Outburst with cry by holding his husband’s feet that she knew him its none other than her music teacher Andre. Javier in pranking told her “oh…kk… that poor fellow! Whom I hired decades ago during our initial years of marriage when I was mostly stayed out of the Country to relocate the business. So now darling, could you portrayed your love story because we all over here were anxiously waiting to listen to those unknown sequences of yours.”

Saul again paused his friend that it’s a very confidential aspect of their life where they need privacy, so they all now proceed for their residence but Javier was so adamant that he wants his wife should be humiliated by all in open not behind the screen so he requested Saul and Zara’s family for witnessing the statement of his beloved wife.

 So darling, now you may proceed about your romantic journey of life and before you start let me clear to all that ‘those who so ever present over here is being requested that don’t interrupt my sweetest wife in mid of her confession unless she might miss those thrilling sequences of life’….(in mockery)

Her marital life………………

 30 years ago when she was 25 years old pretty simple Secondary passed out and Javier 35 years old Masters in Accountancy along with few additional professional degrees, got married as per their parent’s choice. Their parents arranged the marriage with this hope that opposite poles always attracts to each other but the proverb not meant for all. Javier and Sylvia had the only similarity that they both brought up in native culture but still, Javier left his town in his 18 years old for his higher studies and then he never turned at his native. Whereas Sylvia left her native after her marriage.

Sylvia was very introvert and Javier the opposite one, their nature, habits, the attitude not at all matched at any viewpoint. Javier forever loves to see his partner in bold outlook along with aggressive behind the lock on bed whereas Sylvia loves the simplicity and formal about her partner. She was a very good classical singer along with mild spoken. She never believes in showing off about good qualities because for her self-proclaimed reflects the snobbery in personality, unfortunately, her husband was a terrible snob. His tastes if we compare with his wife Sylvia then it’s a complete mismatch. Yet having a complete difference in personality as a matured couple they hadn’t any allegation towards the opposite.

Javier spent his maximum days out of the country for his business when Sylvia here at city stayed alone as her in-laws stayed with their daughter at native home. Sylvia wished to stay with her in-laws but it’s couldn’t happen because of Javier’s unscheduled return and back from the country.

As a newly wedded bride her all desires washed out with time not even she went for honeymoon even Javier left her in the house just after the first night of their marriage. The whole long day in a new place where even she hadn’t anyone with whom she could at least interact, life became horrific. After finished the household chores the only task which left for her was ‘waiting for a single phone call from her husband’. Her eyes always stick on that landline red phone as mobile wasn’t there during those periods. She always received the call just within a fraction of second after it rang up, whatever she was doing either cooking or washing but never gave the chance to Javier to waiting for pick up the call ever whereas  Javier, so careless that even often he waved off to call his newly married wife. She loves music which was another sustenance of her life, every day without failed she sat for practice her classical notes.

There Javier used to come home after every interval of 3 or 5 months with costly gifts of dresses and jewelry though for her those moments along with her husband were far more precious than those costly gift items. She forever told her husband that neither she goes for any outing nor she goes for any job then what’s the usage of those dresses and jewelry in her life.

  He stayed for a week or fortnight then again back to pavilion. For Sylvia, only those 7 or 14 days were not sufficed for her marital life though with time she accustomed.

Their private moments………….

Sylvia during those countable days always tried to explore her marital life with her husband. She prepared all choice able items for him and served it with her utmost care and affection. Not a single second she let go for her own purpose always around the clock beside her husband but for Javier, it’s quite ridiculous.

Whereas for Javier his all love and enjoyment restricted to the bedroom only. He used rough sex with her. He offered her always to have a glance at pornography for innovative posture, to wear lingerie gifted by him during their intimacy but she rebuffed for all those when Javier instantly replied her “I know your taste, Sylvia, you still behaves like a small town woman even after spent 4 years in City, your mindset hasn’t changed in all these.”

A man always loves to see his woman in bed as per his choice whether its comes to the question of wearing lingerie or apply innovative sexual postures.

Is everything normal between them for procreation?..………..

In this way, their marital life crossed 4 years of journey. Sylvia randomly insisted him for her procreation because for her Javier spends his maximum days at out of the home and Sylvia at home alone with her loneliness and moreover, her in-laws and relatives often asked about her conceiving. Javier never bothered about all those but now his parents and friends often queried him about their family planning where he skipped the issue by showing the cause that due to business and workload he not yet decide about that.

His parents now forced them to go for medical check up, so that at least they could aware that if the couple had any disorder or not? There for Javier its now question of social status among his peer’s group so finally they both went for medical examination.

Reports came where it’s written that Sylvia has some complications regarding her procreation and if she undergoes with some treatment then its might be cured soon but Javier was perfectly fine with his reproduction strategy.
For a woman, it’s the utmost painful news in her life that she wasn’t Ok for conceiving. She now felt blessed by getting Javier in her life as her husband who after aware the truth still adored his wife equally like earlier. Even she offered Javier that if he would like to marry another woman who would be medically fit to bear his child then he could do this without a single thought where she would definitely release him without asking for a single alimony from him ever.

 Now the question arise that is Javier really loves her? Is the medical report tells the truth? Would Sylvia ever get the essence of pure love? Would the small town girl ever be praised for her sole quality? Who will open the eye of Sylvia? Why as a highly educated person he opted for a less educated bride for him? Finally what the real intention of Javier for continuing with Sylvia even after know the biggest secret of his marital life?

To know the answer of the bitter secret of their marital life follow the remaining part in the continuing postWhy the desire for love is Sin for a woman? 

When my confession devastate my life?

 Quina 25 years old glamorous wife of Devin 28 years old, both were from same IT company. Despite working under one roof they behaved like an alien. Why such rudeness between the newly married couple, who just married 3 months ago? Where the essence of love and romance gone within this short span of an interval?


The beginning of love story……………….

Quina, after completion of education, engrossed professionally. A strange observable thing about her life that she never has fallen in love with none in her young days. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the feeling of romance then why such unusualness? Her parents often asked her that if she has feeling towards anyone in her life but her all time negative reply surprised about her attitude to her parents.

So finally her parents decided about her marriage while searching for groom it’s a coincidence that they liked Devin’s profile in the matrimonial site who belongs from same IT company where Quina added a few months ago. This one coincidence ultimately tied them.

After their engagement, they both went for 3 or 4 personal meeting and during that interval, they both grew up supple feelings towards each other, shared liking and disliking, gifts and romance. Despite belonging from the same company they never blessed for the regular meeting due to rotational shifts.

Later 3 months Quina and Devin finally got married. The first night with thrilling lovemaking began the journey of the couple. The shyness goes away with the profound intimacy. His foreplay of sucking and licking continued for an hour with the ending of coition.

Devin poured his utmost love on his wife. Now the mamma’s boy tied to wife’s apron strings. A day never missed in Quina’s life on those days when her adorable husband missed ever to pamper her beautiful wife.

Moment of embarrassment…………..

Quina still remembered the day while her husband’s flirting and sucking lips had been suddenly noticed by her in-laws as his excitement often skipped to lock the door when her in-laws entered the half door opened the room with the intent to surprise them about the ticket confirmation for their honeymoon. When his parents found that her son was in foreplay mood with his wife when his hands squeezed Quina’s chest and waist in their liplock posture, they just turned back and murmured “why didn’t you lock the room son… from next time please make sure to lock your privacy” and left the room hurriedly with controlled smile, an embarrassing ambience grew up within a fraction of second.

Suddenly Devin’s arousal paused in mid by his mother’s statement and they both were so embarrassed that neither on that day Devin took dinner with his parents nor Quina had continued her etiquette of serving her in-laws at the dinner table.

There her in-laws also felt enough hesitation to call for dinner to both, they understood the newly married couple’s embarrassment. Devin’s father laughs at his son’s craziness, told his wife that by seeing his son in such intimate postures his arousal grows.

Now her in-laws affirmed that their son and daughter-in-law were pleased in their marital life but her mother-in-law now often witnessed to such intimate sequence of kissing and embracing of her son, as she also knew that neither her son would change his habit of locking the door for his naughtiness nor he would ready to leave her daughter-in-law during working hours for have fun.

Confession of past ……………….

 Even post returned both from office, Devin did not allow his wife to spend time in the kitchen. Whenever she proceed for the kitchen with the intent of helping her mother-in-law, he asked her trickily either for the excuse of water or for helping him in search files. All those excuses were easily understandable by her mother-in-law that her son now wants to rejuvenate himself after the long exhausted working day, with his pretty wife by lovemaking.

Later 3 months of their happily marital life now Quina felt the happiest woman on the earth whose husband and in-laws adored her the most. She enjoyed her husband’s utmost attraction towards her thoroughly. For her now Devin was the only authentic person in her life upon whom she could blindly trust. Now, this blind faith made her disclose the horrific past about her life to her husband.

That day Quina was determined about to reveals her past. She makes up her mind just before the attempt for foreplay. Devin was ready for his arousal when she told him that she wants to share something very confidential with him before they proceed for coition. Devin in his romantic mood while embracing and rubbing his nose on her shoulders told her that he wasn’t in his mood to listened to her during their thrilling moments, but Quina now forcedly pause him to utter her confession.

Quina told him that “during her 13 years old she had been raped randomly for a year almost by her cousin when he came to their home for stayed a year for completion of his higher study.” Devin just within a fraction of a second changed his posture, he removed his hands from her waist, took two step back from Quina.

Quina acknowledged him that till date she never disclosed this significant issue with none, neither to her bosom friend nor to her parents because she felt that none couldn’t prove so trustworthy with whom she could share her bitter secret of life without hesitation and fear and that’s the reason for which she confessed those in front of her soulmate who was now the most reliable adorable person in her life upon whom she could reliance without any second though. That’s why earlier she never felt the urge to fallen in love ever in her life but post marriage Devin’s utmost affection helped her to wash away all those from her subconscious and after her affirmation now she felt really light, the heaviness washed away with her confession. 

Opposite’s irrelevant reaction………………..

Devin’s back step from his wife never allowed him further to go near to his wife. He after listened all those became shocked, Quina tried to hold his hand but he went out from the room and they stayed separate overnight. Devin with his shocking heartbroken news spent the night on terrace and Quina with her suppressed pain in the bedroom.

Now from next day morning Devin neither talked with her nor even gave a look on her. Quina expected that reaction from him so she would like to wait for his normalcy. Days passed by but he neither back to his earlier form nor he ready to wave off all those from his subconscious. Even after that night he neither touched her nor shared the bed with her, now he used to sleep on the couch.

Quina randomly tried to convince him with her love but no usage of all those now for him. She now really screamed about Devin’s pause which made her enough worried about her marital life. Post a month one night Quina tried to embrace and kiss him while he was in his intense sleep. Devin in his partial consciousness when found that Quina trying to embrace him, he just woke up instantly and pushed her back and she bumped into a door feet way.

She got hurt on her forehead but he didn’t even bother about her wound. He outburst with annoyed and told her that “she lost her chastity very earlier then why she spoiled his life because he was virgin and expected a virgin bride for her and moreover she wasn’t fit to bear his child.”

She outburst with the cry as his statement of the accusation made her broken from all corner of life because up to now Devin was the only centric focus of her life. She regrets that why she uttered her past?

Life wasn’t ready to give her 2nd chance……………

Quina now understood clearly that Devin lost his all affection and attachment from her. Her past affirmation snatched her blissful life, she forgets to smile suddenly the colorful life turned faded. There her in-laws also observing since a month that suddenly the romantic couple turned to serious and unromantic. Her mother-in-law queried her about their sudden silence but she failed to reply her.

Now the beautiful physic of Quina turned ugly to Devin. In fact, he also affirmed her that now “he felt yak..kk… about her organs with whom up to now he engrossed profoundly.”

Even he hadn’t take meals together at the same table. In this way 3 months passed away now her in-laws also confirmed that something might happen between them. Quina now in the biggest dilemma of her life that how could she reveal the truth about her marital dispute to her parents and in-laws when she firmly knew that her own confession destroyed everything. She not even uttered a single word about her marital dispute with her parents over the phone in those past 3 months whenever they called up her to ask about their well-being. Her parents fixed up their younger daughter’s marriage so they came to Quina’s in-laws home for inviting them.

Now when they asked their son-in-law about his wellbeing, Devin aggressively replied them it’s seemed like he had been anxiously waiting for that moment of their presence so that he could reveal the truth in front of both the family, that “he was in trauma just because of their daughter Quina who made his life miserable. For which he doesn’t want to continue his life anymore with Quina so they should take away their daughter along with them for forever.”

Both the family astonished about Devin’s statement. Now the whole circumstances were waiting for Quina’s upfront confession, elder’s eyes now particularly on her behavior. Quina wasn’t ready to unfold that ill secret in front of all but she withstood her husband’s statement without rebuffed it.

When her parents and in-laws found her speechless then they requested Devin to make it clear for them but Devin wished for Quina’s open proclamation not backdoor.

Finally, he told them that “he wants divorce..…” Quina understood that Devin humiliating her by insisting for open confession but later his begging for divorce forced Quina to replied them that ‘she will only give her confession in front of her lawyer…’

Both the families utmost tried for resolving the popped up issue between them but unless and until they aware about the root cause of the destruction they neither interfered nor came to any conclusion.

Quina’s parents came to their elder daughter’s home for sharing their happiness but while returned they took their daughter along with them for forever with the trauma.

Quina, at last, confessed the bitter truth in front of her parents and finally, they got divorced and there Quina’s younger sister’s marriage broke up with the news of her separation. Her bitter confession devastates not only her but along her sister’s life also.

 She in her defence just uttered finally in bench that “I’m the rape victim of past but I did the crime of uttering the  HONEST CONFESSION to my husband because he is the only trustworthy for mine whom I relied the most, with this hope that he will understand my traumatic pain of past but instead that he accused me that I lost my virginity and now I’m not fit to bear his child. Now my query to the judiciary is will Devin was virgin because neither I went for any medical scrutiny about his virginity nor I would ever go for the query to his peer’s group about his past?”

Quina realised now that Devin taught her the biggest lesson of life that never share the bitter truth ever to your utmost adorable closed one also in the whole life because they are not God, simple human being after all at the end of the day who possess all those 5 emotions of life.. love, hate, jealousy, anger, fear. But we in our profound love often do such mistakes of over faith the opposite and when the breakup happens. She regrets for forever that “If she did not reveal her past on that night then she might be living happily with her husband now!”


Give me a chance more to say, you mother!

“If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so.”…Lev Grossman 

Francis with folding hands on his knees in front of Almighty praying for the life of his stepmother. Yes, today he is praying for his stepmother first and last time in his life whom he hates the most because his self-realization needs one confession in the death bed of his stepmother. Now the query is what he wants to confess her when she counts her last breath? Again why he praying for her breadth when he hates her?


Let’s begin the journey…………

The 15 years old Francis lost his mother just 6 months ago when his father married to Myra a widow who had 10 years old son. That night Francis still remembered when like other days he was waiting for his father at dinner and his father entered the house lately along with that stranger woman and her son. He stared at him as he couldn’t understand that who those unknown fellows were when his father introduced him that from now onwards Myra was his new mother and that 10 years old boy was his younger brother.

He in his annoyed told his father that the unknown lady would never be his mother in this life because his mother had already died and none in this world could replace his mother. He often told his father that “how could he forget his late mother so easily within 6 months that he did not feel hesitant once ever to remarry with Myra?”

Would he understand his parents’ mindset?………

Francis never called his stepmother as the mother instead he used to call her as Mrs. Myra. He often cried in the dark when he found how his father adored Myra by forgetting his late mother’s memory, not even he played with his younger stepbrother.

All those badly affected on his 10th board exams so the score wasn’t so good as per his expectations. His father by considering the situation of Francis mental state rather behaved like a typical father he inspired Francis for his further career like always. There Myra who always tries to come near to Francis by making favorite items for him, not only that she always at first served the meal to Francis then others.

His stepmother always justified him that she married his father because they both were in need for their support. As a widow, they both had the responsibility of brought up their only son which forced them to take the decision for remarriage. Francis as a teenager couldn’t understand the psychology of the adults. Moreover, with time his father’s closeness towards Myra made him suspicious towards their true intentions of remarriage.

Neither his father nor his stepmother ever partial in their caring towards their 2 sons but his growing preadolescence psychology never understood that and it’s quite justified for him at those phases when his own mother’s utmost soothing memory yet not had been faded from his subconscious. He was in random searched option for the distance from his family since after his stepmother entered in their house.

Later 10 years…………..

Francis’s wished of staying away from his home became true when he joined at Defence in Army and for that now he posted to a different state where he has fallen in love with Glory and married her. Post married he called up his father and told him about his marriage. His father amazed by the statement he asked Francis that “how could you marry without my grant and presence? Francis replied him exactly like the way you did 10 years ago without my knowledge.”

‘His father in annoyed just narrated him that he remarried because he needs a woman who would look after his child and for that how could he ask sanction from his 15 years old son, that “Son will you give me permission to bring stepmother for you?”

Francis replied harshly to him “yes dad if you asked me on that day I might not give you acceptance because I wasn’t 5 years old at that time who need stepmother for tie up his shoelaces and that’s the reason you without my allowance willingly replaced my late mom with that lady Myra. It proved that you never adored my mom and that’s the cause that her death doesn’t bother by your resettlement in life within few months.”

His father understood that years passed but Francis yet not came out from that incident, so he with his humble just told him that “you will one day appreciate me for my that decision then only it will prove that whether I did wrong or right by marrying with Myra and finally I blessing you that you will forever live a blissful marital life with your wife.”

His father now told Myra regarding his marriage. Myra post listened to that good news just in excitement called up to Francis for congratulating him and she showed her eagerness to talk with her daughter-in-law. Francis introduced her with Glory over the phone. She invited both her son and daughter-in-law at home but Francis refused her invitation as he didn’t have the urge to returned his home with Glory.

Later 2 years Glory lost her parents during an air crash when they had been traveling for their daughter after getting the good news about her conceiving. During her full cycle of pregnancy, she missed the caring of her mother and she also couldn’t expect her stepmother -in-law’s caring when she already aware about Francis’s avoidance towards his parents.

There Francis’s step brother left his parents home after got married with a rich girl where now he stayed with his wife at his in-law’s home. So his parents now stayed alone in their house.

Francis received the transfer order exactly post delivery of his wife. Now he was in big trouble as neither he could take his wife and newly born baby daughter with him to another unknown state nor he would cancel his posting order. Though he tried to portrayed his difficulties to his higher authorities but he received the final order from High Commander official that no such amendment would happen in their Order.

The new beginning of life……………..

At last without finding any substitute way Francis unwillingly went to his parents home along with his wife and baby. Francis who left his home post joined in Army now going to step in the house after a long gap of 8 years. His parents welcomed them. Francis post marriage formal introduction over the phone to his wife with them first time physically introduced Glory with them.

When he affirmed his father that he would never return to home but he bend in from of the circumstances as his in-laws were no more and he didn’t have any other option left in his hand rather compromise with the situation.

 His stepmother welcomed his daughter-in-law along with few rituals and she took her grandchild in her lap by assuring Francis that from now onwards they both were their responsibilities and she would especially take care of her cute grandchild. So he should now join to his new posted working area peacefully by left behind the strain about his family upon them.

Finally, he went back to his new posted field area but before he left the house warned Glory thoroughly about his stepmother that ‘Glory shouldn’t rely on her blindly because she was his stepmother not his own mother.’ If Myra ever tries to harm them in the intent of taking revenge upon her step-grandchild then without delayed she should be informed him. Also before he proceeds to work alert his father about his stepmother that ‘if his wife, Glory would ever complain against Myra then he wouldn’t tolerate them and would take necessary action against her.’

 He left the house with an insecurity about his stepmother. He often called up Glory to query about their well being. Glory found that her stepmother-in-law take care of her little doll more than her. Myra who became alone after her own son left the house, now around the clock engrossed with her little doll. She do everything from feeding to cleaning the baby’s shit without felt tired, she doesn’t let out of sight the baby for a second also from her. Glory amazed by her such kindhearted dedication.

 She told to Francis over the phone about his stepmother’s attachment towards their baby but Francis wasn’t ready to rely on his stepmother so easily. He again warned Glory that it’s his stepmother’s ploy actually Myra knew very well that how to impressed his father, so it’s all her part of the drama and moreover she only loves to her own son, not her stepson and stepgrandchild.

Stepmother-in-law turned to mom….……..

Months passed by now little doll began to crawls, by holding her stepgrandmother’s finger she stretch her small legs for walking. Glory in those past months now became so friendly with her stepmother-in-law that for now, she couldn’t imagine a day without her. Initially her suspicious eyes always on her stepmother -in-law’s each movement but with time now she has firmly assured that none would be proof more reliable than her stepmom-in-law for her baby in this world.

In fact, she often portrayed about all those to her husband but she never received that affirmation from him. So slowly she stopped sharing about her intense bonding between them with her husband. In fact, she often told to her stepmom-in-law that ‘after getting you as my mom-in-law, I forget the utmost pain about my parent’s death because you never act like typical mother-in-law nor like a stepmother. Now she designates her as only Mom and taught her little doll to call her as only Granny….’

Little doll was so accustomed with her granny that she even now felt discomfort in her mother’s lap. Glory often told her father-in-law during mockery that her mom built up bad habit within doll as the baby now not ready to go to others lap apart from her Granny.’ Not only that little doll can stay without her mother but couldn’t her Granny for a moment also.

Glory was over sanguined now about her husband that Francis was completely wrong in his perspective who forever turned his face from his stepmother because he doesn’t wish to replace his own mother with Myra and that’s why he never tried ever to turn towards his stepmother’s affection. Actually, he always skipped from the situation, not possessed the strength to accept the present.

 The auspicious day turned to bad hair day………

 Glory with her in-laws now planning for the one-year birthday celebration of her baby. Here Francis had also been excited to view his little doll’s activities which he missed as a father in the past one year.

Finally, the birthday came, since morning they all were busy for the function, his father decorated the whole house like a bride. Glory busy with guests, called up her husband more than 8 times as they all were getting late for the temple where at first the priest would be baptized the one year baby.

Here Francis’s flight got delayed he messaged to Glory that they should proceed for the temple rather waiting for his arrival and he would be directly joined to them at temple unless they get late for performing rituals.

Glory along with her baby and in-laws now proceed for the temple, where on their way by car the baby giggled in her Granny’s lap and Glory was busy with her Android by updating their status over the message to Francis.

They arrived at temple now Glory insisted her mom to keep the baby in the pram and help her to began the rituals as she doesn’t aware about all those. The Little doll, as usual, wasn’t ready to leave her Granny’s lap but her granny by forcedly put her on the pram. 

All were busy in their work when in the mean time the pram skidded towards the highway and when her Granny who kept her eyes on doll found her missing. Suddenly she saw the pram was between the highway, she ran to save her doll as truck speedily was coming straight towards the pram, she just within a fraction of second reached the pram and pushed it from there but she got hit by the heavy loaded truck.

Exactly at that crucial moment, this horrific incident was witnessed by only Francis who just arrived at the temple. Francis hurriedly departs from the car with loud screaming by thrown his bag and all on road. He first went to his stepmother who was in bloody fallen on the road but she only told him in her low sunk voice, “I saved my doll……” He then turned to the pram where the baby was crying as she got afraid, he took her in his lap. Thereafter heard the loud screaming of Francis and peoples, Glory with all reached there fastly.

All moved towards the hospital when Dr. instantly admitted her in ICU. Francis prayed to Almighty first time for his (not step) mother. Dr. after examined her thoroughly told them that “due to her brain hemorrhage her bleeding failed to pause. The patient is really in very bad condition, she is at the mercy of God….”

Give me one more chance………

 All with tears in their eyes entered the ICU room.Glory with her doll and his father both were stood beside the ICU bed and Francis stood beside her right leg. Myra in her half senseless conditioned lay on the bed counting her last breath when doll touched her Granny’s hand actually she tried to say her that she needs her Granny’s lap as she not felt good in her mother’s lap. So called her first-time Gra..nn..yy…

Myra opened her half eyes tried to touch her doll but failed as her strength was sinking to response. She in her murmuring told to Francis “After my death, I will request to the Almighty that in my coming birth he give me the authority, to give birth Francis from my womb and the conflagration of my pyre will be only solemnized by my elder son Francis……..”

She closed her eyes with her last wish now Francis outburst called her “mother wake up.. see your son is calling you first time as MOTHER…Oh, heartless God! please give me one more chance to say her mother so that she can hear this.” He shook her dead body constantly with only one word “Mother..mother…can you hear my voice, see I’m calling you loudly MOTHER…… are the only my mother whom I forever neglected in my ignorance, but you proved after saving your doll that ONLY A MOTHER CAN DO THIS!

 Hey, cruel Almighty I never believe in you because you took my biological mother when I was only 15 years old and exactly from that day I hate you the most in this world. But I was wrong you heard the scream of that 15 years old boy on that day and that’s why you sent Myra as my stepmother, whom I always hate because for me she was not my real mother as I couldn’t recognize her due to my immaturity. Now in this matured age you unrelentingly taught me the biggest lesson of life by slapped on my face by witnessing the horrific accident that she is my real mother who saved her grandchild by hugged to the death.”

Francis during the conflagration of his mother’s pyre told his father “you forgive me, dad, I was wrong the bloodcurdling incident opened my eyes and your decision of remarried with Myra mom become blessed for my life.”

His father told him ‘I knew my son very earlier that one day you will realize that she wasn’t harmful to you ever and that’s why you cried the most among all of us but I never thought that Myra will prove herself about her honesty in front of you by sacrificing her life.’

For Francis and Glory their little daughter’s new life had been given by their MOM so, after few days they baptized their daughter as MYRA…

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.” …Chico Xavier