Uber Officially launches Uber Express POOL : Walk a little to save fares

Uber has launched Uber Express POOL officially, a new carpooling service, by offering even cheaper rides that will reduce fares from Uber POOL rates by 20-30 percent, in exchange for a little walking and waiting.

Uber Express POOL

Uber Express POOL is very similar to the current standard Pool with one major difference which is bit annoying with highlighted two key actions as Uber is asking riders to help out with – Walking and waiting. Means instead of the car going to pick up riders one by one, the app will ask riders to walk few meters to a point for easy pickup.

For better understanding let me clarify you that how the service makes a difference from earlier.

How Uber Express POOL differs from Uber POOL?

Uber POOL is a door-to-door carpooling service where drivers drive around to individual pickup locations for customers traveling in the same direction or on the same route, and then drop them off at their respective destinations along the way.

But Uber Express POOL changes this pattern by using a completely new algorithm. Here when passengers hail a cab, they will be asked to walk to a nearby spot or wait a few minutes before the trip starts. It will work in the same way while dropping off.

This will help Uber’s algorithm to go through nearby locations, drivers, and other riders to optimize the route by covering the shortest distance possible so that a higher number of riders can benefit.

How can users save on fares?

According to Uber, the rates for Express Pool will be up to 50% cheaper than the standard Pool.

As now with the new Uber Express POOL service users will get the freedom to choose their ride as per their budget and urgency means if you want to save your few bucks and is ready to walk for a minute or two then you will definitely go with the existing POOL service whereas if you have the urgency in that case without bothering to spend a little more, you can easily go with the new Express POOL service.

How is Uber Express Pool different from Ola’s Share Express?

For Indian rideshare users, Uber is not the first service to offer low prices for less convenient pool rides. The Uber Express Pool feature is similar to Ola’s Ride Express in India, that lets users share cab rides on fixed routes.

But a major difference is that Ola Share Express works along fixed routes that passengers can walk to/from for their pickups and dropoffs.

However, Uber Express POOL is powered by a completely dynamic algorithm this means that pickup and dropoff points and routes may vary depending on who you’re matched with for any given trip.


As of now, Uber is only rolling out the features in selected US cities, such as Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles and San Diego, with more cities across the US to be added in the coming weeks and months.

So if you will going to take a ride on new Uber Express POOL then share your experience with us that how exactly does the new service work.

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