Amazon Key – Receive your Amazon package even in your absence

Amazon gifting Santa to their customers! Ops! Not for a day or a week but for forever…….Yes, Amazon brings Santa for us!

In our busy schedule lifestyle, we all now prefer to buy things from online which gives us the freedom of choosing the items as per our wishes by sitting in our home or at our office or while walking in the street and place order by putting the pin code of our residing area. But in this whole process till date, we faced a problem and that is our absence in our residing area for taking the parcel from the delivery person of the particular company.

Now just think for a second that you are as usual busy in your schedule without bothering about to receive your ordered parcel and ‘Santa Claus’ came to your residence and keep silently your parcel in your drawing room without giving you the headache of your strict presence in your home for receiving that ordered package then how will you react to that circumstance after return at home?

Yes, the first time something unusual happening which makes you mesmerized about the home delivery system of packages by Amazon but definitely not by Santa instead by their driver or delivery person.

Several times, it may happen that we are out of home, and the delivery guy is about to reach our home for package delivery and when they arrive at our home and found that the door has been locked and none is being present over their then those delivery guy at anyhow try to contact us either by calling or sending SMS to our mobile number so that they could hand over the package to us within the said time and after get connecting the call with them when we replied them that we are at the office or at the outing then those delivery guys have to return with the package at their company by receiving only another confirm date of the presence of ours so that they could hand over the parcel to us.

Now in these whole long procedure, both the donor and receiver have been undergone with the trouble because not only the company guys facing the trouble but including the customers also who possess the headache of receiving their parcel by making themselves present in the home by keeping aside their other vital tasks. 

Amazon key will deliver your package even in your absence at home…………..

Amazon Key

Amazon, world’s largest e-commerce portal, and the company which introduced drone-based deliveries of packages, a service that allows a driver not only to drop a package off at your doorstep but also to go inside your home — even when you are not there — to make a delivery, has now introduced Amazon Key, which aims to revolutionize the delivery mechanism.

With Amazon Key, you can allow delivery guys inside your home, even if there is no one present at your home!

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On a first glance, this may seem blasphemous to say the least, but if we understand how it works, and it’s implications for other services, then we will find that the concept is wonderful.

Even magical to some extent.

Now, the only question is.. Will netizens and online shoppers accept this new system?

Cost of Amazon Key: The Mesmerised Concept Of Delivery

The service is called Amazon Key and launches November 8 for Prime members. So, you can allow the delivery personnel to enter your home, and deliver the package. And yes, it is safe as well. Amazon Key contains Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which costs $249.99 or Rs 16,000/- and solves all your problem related to deliveries.

The in-home delivery service will come at no additional cost for the 85 million Amazon Prime subscribers, after they purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, starting at $249.99, which includes the new Amazon Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock.The service can give people “peace of mind” in knowing that their orders “are waiting for them when they walk through their doors.”

How its work?

  •  Amazon Key works by alerting customers by phone when a driver arrives at their home and scans their package. That triggers a signal to the Amazon Cloud that verifies the driver, and then the Amazon Cloud unlocks a smart lock on the front door.
  • Amazon will authorize the delivery and will turn on the camera which will be installed in your home. 
  •  The delivery guy will now open your home because Amazon has authorized it.
  • Meanwhile, a camera inside the home begins recording, and customers can watch the delivery live or watch the video later and get confirmation of the delivery.When the delivery guy leaves, the door is locked again. Refer this video also to know more about how it works.


Is it safe to allow some stranger in our home during our absence?

Observers and analysts have slammed Amazon for introducing this ‘weird’ delivery mechanism, as they claim it can endanger the whole house, and things can get stolen.,

“But we’re opening a whole can of worms by allowing a human inside our homes when we aren’t there: What if he slips and falls? What if Amazon says the package was delivered but it wasn’t? What if the dog gets out?”

For all these queries Amazon focused on many aspects like,

  • “Amazon is really focused on safety and security for all of our customers across the board,” he said. “These drivers are the same drivers that you know and trust to deliver your Amazon packages today. They’re background checked, and they are approved to deliver for Amazon.”
  • Larsen acknowledged the cybersecurity concerns some customers may raise when using technology that controls access into their home, saying “all of the devices are encrypted.”
  • “The data traveling between the devices and the Amazon Cloud is encrypted,” he said, adding that Amazon has an “over-the-air update system so we can update all of the devices if we need to.”
  • Amazon Key users have the option to turn off the smart lock whenever they choose, requiring a physical key for entry.
  • In addition to delivery services, people can use Amazon Key to remotely allow friends or family members to enter their homes without a key. Amazon announced that it hopes to use the new technology to let service providers, such as housekeepers and dog walkers, have access to homes.

Norms for the delivery driver

Amazon says the delivery driver will not be given an access code or key. The service isn’t just for deliveries. Amazon says you can also use it to let family and friends into your house when you’re not home. And it will work for certain services like home cleaners, pet sitters, and dog walkers.

It’s not the first major retailer to experiment with remote delivery access.

Last month, Walmart announced that it was testing a service that allows a delivery driver from the startup delivery into your home, mostly for groceries. It will even give the delivery person access to your refrigerator. In the Walmart service, the driver gets a one-time passcode for a smart lock, and you can watch the delivery on security cameras.

Conditions for Amazon Key

Now, this concept is so cool, that it can be easily implemented for other service providers as well, such as home cleaners, maids, pet sitters and more. Amazon Home Services, the division where service providers enlist their services would be soon combined with Amazon Key. On the other hand, investors have given this new concept a green signal and explain that this is as safe as hiring Uber for a cab or Airbnb for a room.

The crucial aspect here is the authorization, which Amazon provides, and the camera which allows you to witness the whole process.

Only few cities in US are right now eligible for this new Amazon Key powered deliveries right now.

So don’t lose hope friends, that you couldn’t explore this new amazing facility right now but hopefully soon we all get this magical Amazon key for our daily online usage of shopping.


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