When relationship counseling needs for collapsed marriage?

How suddenly the known face became a stranger in life……………The couple who did love marriage but now they behaved like aliens. Lance 45 years old the General Manager of a brand watch company. The company’s brand and the icon itself generates a feeling of dignity for the employees. Lance’s wife Fiona 40 years aged pretty. They had a 9 years old son, studying in standard 4th. Lance’s father renounced his mother and him after being engaged with another woman in his life.


His childhood…………..

 Lance’s father image had been faded from his subconscious as his father renounced him and his mother when he was just a year old. His mother brought up him in a very hard way by stitching clothes at a tailoring shop.

His mother never kept a single photograph of her husband because she hates him a lot so she didn’t want to aware her son about his father’s image.

Lance during his school days often asked his mother about his father, when he found his friend’s father adored their son. His mother often evaded his queries by explaining that “he went far from them to a different country for earning money for them and will come back when he will accumulate good fund.”

Relatives and Society’s ascription……………

Lance’s mother was good looking fair spoken but still, her husband left her and for that her closed ones to society all accused her. During those crucial phases of life when she was in her 25 years old stand alone with a year old baby exactly at that point her in-laws and relatives condemned her about her husband’s sudden renouncing without patronized her and her son.

In fact, her in-laws also denied to gave them the share of their property. For them, she might in relation with another man for which her husband repudiated her in her young ages. Society’s irreverences became painful for her as days passed by. Though all were quite affirmed about his father’s culpable act towards his family but still seemed like they enjoyed by pointing the finger on innocuous.

Lance always found her mother in simple wearing, she never wore colorful because all colors now she loves to used only in her son’s wearing. Her well pleasant look of single status with the small baby was enough to cause for men to emphasized her in the intent of coming close to her.

New beginning ……………………

When she aware that none of her closed ones also would be trustworthy for her credence then she decided to leave her in-laws custody. As up to now, she had been swallowing all those allegations but now after few years when her son became 5 years old She didn’t want that her son would aware of his father’s viciousness with his growing.

So she went far away from her known ones so that the society’s negativism would never touch her son’s present and future. Where none could be recognized her identity and would be interrogated about her husband. Where the darkness of past could never touch her present life.

 Now she stayed with her 5 years old son in a small rent house. She had the urge to nurture her only son Lance in a well-cultured way so that she could feel pride on her fosterage where her husband’s ill impact wouldn’t be overshadowed Lance’s future.

 Later 30 years…………

Lance now became a young exquisite guy in his 35 years old who post completed of his MBA and 10 years tenure of his job in the brand watch multinational company as a General manager. His extrovert and prankish outlook make him influential in his group and office. Lance had been exploring his splendid life every moment with his friends and adorable mother.

His alluring look often influenced him to go near to girls. Also, girls always love his enticing accompany and which slowly elevated his voracity.

His mother now pleased by seeing her son’s growth in his career with time. She had that intense satisfaction that she as a single mother with her low earning from stitching work had been quite skillfully brought up her son Lance.

 She now wants to settle her son’s life by rendering his marriage by fulfilling her ultimate responsibility. But before that, she wanted to reveal her past about his husband’s renouncement. So she summarized her son about his father who never bothered for his wife and son. After known, the truth Lance assured his mother that he wouldn’t definitely do any such act for which she felt ashamed of him.

Love at first sight…………………

 Lance who was one of the senior most of the company also a seducer for his female employee who often used to gift a brand wrist watch to his companion to enhanced their voracity. Lance had an amazing standpoint to weigh his companion while gifting that precious wrist watch of that brand company. He always initially thoroughly read their mind by spending quality time with them because on the basis of their IQ he affirmed the price of his costly gift.

 Where he had the intent of enjoying his lust with his charming companion where he never fell in love with none ever in his professional life because he knew how to overwhelmed with those gorgeous with his honey-tongued seductively. Girls also never deprecated him when they found one the foremost eligible exquisite bachelor had been offering them for their accompany.

Lance’s ever charming look though mesmerized many girls but he was being captivated by gorgeous 25 years old Fiona, who had been newly joined the brand watch company just after completion of her education. Lance’s overlooked in her every mistake in work viewable by all in the office arena. He in his safe net always tried to abolish her errors before it could point out by others. In this way, within a short span, Fiona and Lance became good friends.

How to define the unusual emotions?…….……………….

Lance who up to now never in his life missed anyone’s presence like he had been missing now day by day for Fiona not only that even he felt enough unmindful if he found that Fiona due to any cause did not attend her office any day then he personally called up her queried about her well being and even insist her to joined him at office soon.

Such uneasiness for someone he hadn’t felt earlier so he himself was quite amazed about his such dependency on Fiona. Now at any cost, he wants to overcome from that infatuation so again he applied his old regime of physical intimacy with others. He thought might be he drowned in Fiona’s alluring attitude which enhanced his lust towards her. That’s why he might felt so intensely about her day and night.
Lance in his dream now wants to love her first time because he never gave the place to any girl in his life who would dare to touch his subconscious mind. For him, the relationship with girls means particularly to quenched the desire of lust. He even never turned twice to those girls with whom he once did his physical intimacy.

Would she really meant for him?……..………….

Lance now had the urge to spelled out his feelings towards his dream girl Fiona. He now proposed her “Fiona would you like to spend your whole life with me by accepting me as your husband?”

Fiona has completely differed from other girls she hasn’t possessed a habit of coquettes. She never allowed any men to come near to her without her affirmation then how could she allowed Lance whose philandering attitude already being portrayed by her office colleagues to her. When they found that Lance by overlooking them constantly prioritized to a newcomer then they felt jealous about her presence in Lance’s life.

Fiona in discourteous way affront Lance by saying that “he might in reverie where he always consider girls as per his conclude but this time his assertion had crossed his all limit of his dalliance.”

Lance first time discarded by a girl who was working under him but still showed her extreme prowess towards her senior who could be sacked her out from the company for her such effrontery but still she never bothered for once also about her upbringing career.

Feeling of humiliation………………….

 Unfortunately at the next day was Fiona’s birthday about which Lance didn’t aware. All staffs celebrated their new employee’s birthday. Fiona shared her birthday cake with all from peon to her co-employees and seniors except Lance. But Lance who knew that Fiona would never rebuff him today at least in her birthday because she was in the quite pleasing mood as she had first time celebrated her birthday with her new office peers. Though just before a day they both met with dispute then how could she so easily would grant his wish also?

But Lance was now enough confident about his feeling so he was ready for anything. He now candidly pleaded Fiona that “would she gave him one opportunity to rectify his life?” Without saying any more words now he wished her by gifting the most precious and costly watch to her while gifting that he clarified the uniqueness of that wrist watch which was a rare piece made up one and which he heartily wanted to ties in her right wrist in front of all.

Fiona in her harsh tone replied that he might forget about her yesterday’s replied which she explained to him while make him understand that she didn’t have any such feelings towards him nor she had the urge to accept his precious gift. Lance who never found any girl in his life who upfront denied his gift now his adamancy towards her became more prominent than ever.

Dauntless interpretation…………………..

Lance who had a nickname for his fans of lady killer now became more arrogant towards Fiona which he never pretends in front of his Love Fiona. Lance next day in office at morning sharp at 11 am called up to those employees who last day celebrated Fiona’s birthday and in front of whom, Fiona assaulted Lance.

So he called up all of them in the conference room where he today had been going to acknowledged her that he didn’t have that craze about her Physical look though he still loves her and will forever but he had the urge for some significant confession about him for which he wants his official witness presence. So now he in his plucky confessional speech narrated Fiona that…………………

 “As you all are the employees of this company where I always treat with all of you as your friend more than your boss because as a General Manager of the company my first and foremost priority is my perfection towards work than rest other things. So, in that case, its overall my responsibility to look after my each sole employee’s perfection towards their work and in that case I need a calm and friendly environment where from upper management to the subordinates all were enough free to express their each viewpoint towards the refinement of the company.”

“Yesterday I proposed Fiona in front of you guys and for which she interpreted me in her standpoint and which is quite justified. Being a philanderer to accept me as faithful is quite awkward for her and which I too realized last night.”

 As a monogamous………………

  “Fiona you may be to a certain extent assumed about my personality but let me clear you now in front of all our employees that I never raped or forced any girl to sleep with me it’s true that in this office there are few with whom I spend my moments and for that I took prior their permission because it’s my desire and every man has a desire for sex then what wrong in that if I offered those girls whom I felt hot and simultaneously the opposite also felt the same unless why could they agreed with my offer?”

“I never built up any relationship with none girl though they always eager to continue with me but I have certain restrict norms in my personal life where after I achieved my Goal never turned to them because I’m not a polygamist.”

“Yes………I slept with them in the hotel room where I sucked and fucked…….them and along with me they also had taken the full pleasure of my foreplay of sex. So in that aspect, I think it’s a mutual acceptance of quenching both sided desires.”

“So now my question to you my dear Fiona (in mockery)! That if along with me the opposite had also enjoyed my 5’11” physique thoroughly which might not they also ever tasted from their so called husband or boyfriend then why my dear Fiona(with a smile) you ONLY blame up my character while pointing this in the sense that I might spoil those women’s life?”

Don’t ever judge in split second………………...

“Then how could you judge me straight away without knowing about me thoroughly. Every human being possessed the positive and negative qualities then without knowing about my good qualities you shouldn’t allow to tag me as a good or bad person and moreover, you joined the company just 2 months ago where hardly anyone aware you about the glossy part of this company. So today let me you aware the other side of mine as the General manager of the company.”

“Listen dear (with a smile) in this company my dedication is far more stronger than my any other competitors of the rest 4 branch of the city. Fiona, you might be noticed while entering the office through the corridor that there is a big golden emblem of our company and beside that one royal image and that particular image you found in my room and here at Board meeting room also where the mid one is our MD CEO Director President of the company and at right the Vice Chairman of the company and at left you found me the General Manager. Only that particular image has placed with the Brand Emblem because we 3 are the one who with their utmost hard dedication ennobled the company at its highest altitude in Country.”

 “Now lastly I personally in front of you all pleading to Fiona that if we both behaved like aliens then it seemed really awkward under the same roof. Even why our work gets hampers for our personal issue and moreover in the professional sphere no such place for emotions and feelings which I always up to now used to tell others now the day come when I have to implement this logic on mine.”

 Feeling of remorse………………

Lance after his thorough interpretation when about to go out then his all employees now remorsefully apologized him for their supportive towards Fiona as for them it’s more significant to keep themselves in their boss good books. His daring confession made her frigid.

Lance exactly from that moment diverted his etiquette towards his all staffs. Suddenly the blithesome personality diverted to morose and which seems cleared by all. Now he paused gazing to girls apart from work now not even he communicated with them.

Fiona now slowly change her mind she actualized that Lance now had been making over himself a loyal one. His every act had been thoroughly scrutinized by Fiona in those past 2 months. Now Fiona described him with her shamefaced that she was wrong with her perception and for that seeking apologize from him.

Finally, emotions grew………………..

Lance with his smile affirmed her. Now they again turned buddy but this time Lance with his full awareness tried to make a distance from his buddy because he didn’t want to smash the relationship with his dream girl again by his any small mistake so he now more alert than earlier.

Lance not even ever touched her hand nor offered her lift in his car ever. Fiona now has fallen in intense love towards him but she wasn’t able to verbalize it with her words as already once she rebuffed him then how could she proclaim him about her strong fondness towards him?

Disclosure of affections……………..

Fiona decided that the way in earlier when Lance proposed her and she rebuffed him in front of office colleagues and again when Lance justified his morals in front of all, exactly now it’s her turn of proclamation about her strong affections.

Finally, after 3 months in front of all employees, she assured Lance that she had been ready to spend her whole life with him. The whole ambiance got a pin of silence as all were waiting for their boss’s affirmation.

They married with their family’s confirmation. Fiona now quit her job as it seemed quite ridiculous to others when they found General Manager’s wife had been working under him as a simple employee.

Later marriage would the love sustain?….……………

Lance’s mother was quite happy for the new beginning of his son’s life. She adored Fiona like her own daughter, in fact, Fiona also in her all issues would like to interact with her mother-in-law more than her husband Lance because Lance always busy with his office so it’s very hard for him to give time to his wife Fiona. Fiona post marriage had a quench to experience her ever romantic husband’s extreme romanticism towards her, which she never get unfortunately from Lance.

In fact, he deliberately used to come home lately from the office which was also being noticed by his mother. He cleverly eloped if his mother queried him about his such avoidance towards his marital life. But Fiona never interrupted him in his work because she was well aware of the significance of Lance’s General Manager status of such big company.

After a year Fiona gave birth to their son. Now Fiona became a mother whose foremost priority now towards her baby then rest all. Lance’s mother now apparently understanding that though her son’s marital life seemed perfect by others but it’s not like that because her son had already cultivated a distance in his marital life.

 The scenario was transparent…..……..

With time Lance’s affection towards his wife faded and which was now quite transparent in his total act of abstinence. His mother now personally queried to her daughter-in-law about their closeness though it’s too confidential but as a mother, she at any cost wished to save her son’s marital life because she had a fear that like her husband renounced her and Lance, then would Lance also going to follow his father’s footstep?

Here Fiona one day while returning from the Pediatrician clinic after regular checkup of her baby suddenly on her way she noticed Lance with some other girl just towards the way of a star hotel. She in her curious followed them and exactly she found which she didn’t want to be the witness. Fiona became stupified about his act because for her Lance was completely changed but she was wrong.

Is history going to repeats again?………..

Now after returned when her mother-in-law asked about her grandson’s health report then Fiona was unable to reply her any query because she was already out of her mind. She stared at her mother-in-law without uttered a single word. Now her mother-in-law when found her unnatural attitude with voiceless she assumed that might be something went wrong which made Fiona nonvocal. She now insists Fiona to spelled out the truth.

Fiona had been wailing with her words that she lost her love for forever because now she understood after crossed more than a year that why Lance was not showed ever any desire towards her. Fiona now told each and everything about Lance’s characteristics, their affairs, his philandering attitude towards office female staffs to her mother-in-law.

Why so stubborn ?……………..

Lance’s mother now presumed that her son also had been following his father footstep of polygamous. She now valiantly interrogated Lance about his such ill character that night when Fiona witnessed that she had seen him in the afternoon when he went to a hotel with some other woman for fulfilling his illegal desires of lust.

Lance when found that both his mother and wife had now caught him then he unmasked his honest intention of marriage with Fiona. He told Fiona that “when she first time insulted him in front of his subordinates on that day itself he had taken a pledge that at any cost he would be forced her to bend in front those employees.”

“As he had given his 10 years of hard dedication to achieved that designation of General Manager of the Company for which if any newcomer would be had the intent to devastate that within a second then it would be ruined his career which none could compensate that. So he just gave a morally rationalized speech in front of all staffs so that in one gun shot he would again earn his honor with sympathy by all includes Fiona and exactly that happened within few days Fiona herself proposed him in front of all.” He also told…….

So it’s was just my gambit by which I regained my everything because I knew how to crack my lost deal and which I cracked finally.”

“But one thing I let you aware Fiona that my father renounced my mother and me when I was just one year old but I will never do any such irrational act because I have a social status for which I need a flawless personal life.”

Is blood really talks?………………….

His mother now first time in her life Slapped him and told she really felt ashamed of his deeds, earlier she felt proud of her son that she won the game of life by given Lance a well respectable life. She left her husband’s house and his linked up everything because she heartily wished that his husband noncommital characteristic would never touch her son’s personality but she proved wrong because blood is after all blood and she couldn’t change that blood.



How to respect your benevolent slut mother?

Read it then judge it then comment because someone needs the judgment …………..the journey of a  widow mother to a slut………………..

My maid Hantaywee, 53 years old, working in our house for 6 months. She often asked me what I write about others and I replied real life facts and incidents about whom many times we not felt comfort to disclose to others. She asked me ‘can you share my utmost pain of my life if I tell you everything?’ I told her yes but are you ready to unfold your utmost secrets of your life, she agreed because she wants the judgment not from law but from all mothers and from the world. So, it’s my small step to give her the perspective of the world…


Hantaywee has 1 son named Jash 24 years old, her son worked in a gold factory at Ahmedabad, stays over there and visits his mother 3 to 4 times in a year during festive for a week. Her husband died 15 years ago, so she brought up her son in a very hard way.

Humiliation for the blame of stealing………..

Jash once 2 years ago stole  5 lakh valued jewelry from the gold factory and fled to another state. Police while searching came to her mother and harassed her for Jash as corps thought that Jash might after stolen that valuable jewelry would come to his home for hiding them in his mother’s safest custody.

But after the probe investigation when corps failed to found that jewelry then they gave Hantaywee 2 months’ time for returned the 5 lakh rupees to the factory owner. Then only the factory owner would take back the police charge against her son Jash. Until and unless the warrant against his name wouldn’t be withdrawal. The Inspector also told her that her son will be sentenced to jail for many years due to this robbery crime.

View changed…………..

Hantaywee’s neighbors now avoid her when they found police came often to her home and they had been searching Jash with the arrest warrant. She lost her respect. Now her only intention of life was to unblemished her Jash from that police charge. She called him many times but Jash’s mobile always at switched off mode. She understood that due to the fear of police Jash not dared to talk with his mother.

Hantaywee now in open hand asked for help from her owners. She works almost 16 houses. So after sharing her serious problem with all of them even from a sweet shop owner to a newspaper vendor all consoled her but also criticized about her son.

Even now at many houses when she used to went for work she noticed that the housewives whom she designated them as sister-in-law they always kept eyes on her activities till she leaves their home. She understood that they doubt on her nature now. She lost her all respect due to her son from her masters and mistress.

How to arrange that huge amount?

Hantaywee was in need but now the question is who will give a poor maidservant 5 lakh cash? Though men always ready to show their sympathy with utmost care towards a needy woman but when it comes to the question of helping her they unfold their real intention of that excess sympathy.

She worked in a house where her master was an Assistant Commissioner of police. She told him everything with that hope of a ray of light and also asked financial help but when he placed her a condition in return for his help she not only surprised but also realized that those who respect so much not because they were masters of her bread and butter as also they are so highly educated respectable persons of our Society.

  • That police officer told her that if she would satisfy his quench of lust then only she would be paid for that. She not replied anything but asked only one thing that she needs 3 days to think about that.
  • Next, she went to her another master who was a big businessman of sari, here also when she asked finance help for saving her son then he also replied the same that if she fulfilled his desire of sex then only he would help her. She here also replied the same that she need 3 days’ time for thinking about that.
  • Next, she went to another master who was a Lawyer. Here also she met with the same condition in return for his help and again her same replied of 3 days’ time to think about that.
  • Next, she went to her another master who was a builder. Here also the same thing with same replied of her.
  • Last she went to her another master whose wife died a few years ago and he was a priest. only here she was so confident that a priest would never think about such illicit deals with her. But she realized that the world is not like that what we assume as per our perspective. Yes…………here also she received the same deal with her same replied.

Will she found any way in this 3 days?

Hantaywee worked in 16 houses since morning to eve, she thought that if from each house, she gets the loan of Rs.31250 then it’s would be easily solved its need of 5 lakhs. Because she would be then eligible to pay her loan amount to each of her 16 masters by deducting it from her salary where she would be easily freed from the burden of that huge amount of loan within a year only.

After talked with 5 masters she asked 3 days for think about that deal. Now at next day, she without delayed came very earlier at her work. usually, she comes at 7 am but that day she knocked her first working home at 6:30 am because she thought that first by finishing her household chores she would going to talked with her master and mistress about her loan of Rs.31250.

When she told, and asked them for that loan then her mistress told her that now at that moment they couldn’t have that amount and moreover they already have huge expenses in their life like their maintenance of lifestyle, children’s educational expense, their parents medical cost, their bank loan for car and Flat etc.

She asked for that loan from 5 houses on day 1 as after 9 am few of her masters and mistress left their home for their office. Next day she visited earlier first at morning shift to her remained 5 house and she received the same refused tone by them. Now at the 3rd day she went as usual like other 2 days to her remained 6 houses and there also got same replied by all.

Is it excuse or avoid?

Now the thing is she amazed about such common refusing replies by all where all was so eager to show her about their life expense its seemed like as if she had come from any Tax department or any of their personal finance advisor where they opened their spending and expense data sheet to her.

She laughed on her rich masters and mistress about whom she assumed were the kindest hearted one towards a poor maidservant but no she was wrong. Though they all sympathize her a lot when they heard everything from her but their self-seeking attitude not allowed to give Rs.31250 to their poor maidservant from their 2 or 4 lakhs monthly salary (maybe more than that but not less than that). Now she tells about that exact figure of their masters and their wives income because they unfold their gross when she borrowed from them and they told her that they were badly in debt.

How she cracked with those deals?

Hantaywee was under huge stress as she lost her all hope from her working place. There Jash not even called up her so that she would be able to tell him about all those so that he would be returned that stolen jewelry to his boss and made him freed from that arrest warrant. She was awake till late night just one thought in her mind that at any cost she have to release her son from that police charge.

With the first beam of sunlight, she decided that now her 3 days gone, so she didn’t have any way left rather than agreed with her 5 master’s deals.

She did not go for her work that day as she would be visited her 5 masters house. She went to them and told again with holding the ultimate hope in heart that if they would agree to lend 1 lakh rupees cash to their maid which she will return them from her job salary.

Is it humanity ?…………..

  • Her master told her ‘’Hantaywee don’t mind if we failed to trust you it’s because of your son’s crime.’’ She asked not understood my lord what is the connection of my borrowed money with my son’s stealing of jewelry?
  • They told her ‘’jash had been stealing 5 lakhs valued jewelry and he escaped after that where police yet not found him. Now you want 5 lash cash to return the police for the sake of your son to make him free from the police charge. Up to this, we trust yours each said wordings.’’
  • Now ‘’let us assume for the timing that we lend you Rs.1 lakh (1 lakh from 5 people) for this noble cause BUT who will stand as a guarantor for your statement and if you also exactly like your son eloped from here after collecting 5 lakh cash from all of us then who will get back our money in that case.’’
  • ‘’Moreover who knows Jash and you already planned prior for a big robbery from their working place like he steal from his factory and you directly borrowed from your working place means you don’t have any permanent residence address  staying  at rent then in that case if you also leave the place suddenly just after collecting the money  and move to different state and will going to reside over there as  now you both accumulated 10 lakh cash in your hand by which you can easily settle your life again as per your standard of living.’’
  • ‘’So, we don’t want to take any risk that’s why thrown this ‘give and take’ proposal to you and it’s your need, not ours. We have already married and if we want to sleep with another woman then we will pay for that and we feel really bad for you as you don’t have husband above that a poor woman so thought to help you as we are not like others that much humanity we have within us.’’

 Deal with condition finalized………..

They did an illicit deal with Hantaywee that they will pay Rs.1lakh to her and in return, she must satisfy their lust. She asked that up to how long they need from her to fulfill their desire? They told her as they not giving that 1 lakh cash as lend so she not required to repay them with currency BUT in return, she would pay them with her physic means as and when they need her without any excuse she would place herself to them. So its depends on their wish and requirement. She amazed with their inhuman statement.

She understood that now she was the scapegoat in the hand of her 5 masters. Now she also placed a condition before them and that’s ‘’she wouldn’t work as a maidservant further in their house anymore because now it’s hurt her ego if she found herself as a maidservant who worked for their family in front of their wives because for her now she is in business of ‘give and take’ behind the door then why to work as a slave for them.

So, she told them that from now onwards she will not step in their house because she left the job of maidservant from their house.

As from now, they were not at all her masters nor she was the slave for them now they were business partners where both the parties counting its share of profit.

Who would be her first bed sharer among 5?

‘’A priest’s whole life goes in solemnized the holistic rituals. So she thought then a priest might be a pure soul upon whom the blessing of Almighty will remain for forever because for his deeds he never falls under the karma of sin. And she is going to do for a sin for the sake of her son to save his life then if she surrenders her body first before a priest like a Devotee, then God might forgive her this sin.’’

Her body is going to serve first as a devotee to the priest because after he used, her body will become like a Sacrament which is now ready to distribute others for quenching their thirst. Exactly like in temple while distributing the sacrament the priest says, ‘’this is not just a food to eat but the physical presence of God’s blessing to you.’’

Also, she requested the priest that she will surrender herself in the daylight to him exactly like we serve the sacrament to the GOD at the morning after bathing. In that way, she wanted to minimize her sin. So she came next day at morning to fulfill the desire of physic of a priest in a white sari.

She once again wore that white sari which she wore just after her husband’s death but later on, she left that white color because Jash didn’t like to see her mother in white so she again wore all colorful saris for the sake of her son. She wore that white sari for her  Chastity.

After 15 years of her husband’s death now she again going to sleep with a man. The sequence of sex faded from her mind which again devastated her drastically. She opened her white saree before the hands of impurity could touch her. They intimate and in return, she took 1 lakh cash by promising him that she will again come to him when he called her as per dealing. After that day, she never wore that white sari again in her life because for her she now lost her Chastity for forever.

She now ready to served others…………

Hantaywee went next to other masters where they booked the hotel room for the whole night for their enjoyments. They were the really perfect businessman as they know how to value each rupee for that 1 lakh cash, so they used her body randomly for the whole night.  In this way, she accumulated Rs.5 lakh cash from her 5 masters by spending 1 day and 4 nights at the hotel room.

Her private parts pained tremendously as after a long gap she placed her body to various kind of giants. Her breasts were paining with bloody marks due to nonstop sucking and squeezing by stiffy hands.

Her lower parts not ready to even sit for the natural cause. But she wouldn’t tell them as her 50+ years ages not allowed her to take that much strength of physical sexual exhaustion, but her son’s life was more precious to her than her own blood and flesh made up the body.

After returned to the home at early morning by surrendering the whole night to them she took hot and salt water bath to kill her body ache but what about her internal organs pain? How could she gulp that pain?  In this way, her 5 days gone.

She gets freed her son……………..

As she already took a week leave from her working place by telling the lie that she will go to Ahmedabad to visit the owner of that gold factory for request him to take back the police charge against her son.

Now on the 6th day, she went to police station and surrendered the 5 lakh cash to the Police Inspector and released her Jash from the hands of the law. Now the factory owner took back his police charge against Jash.

Only a mother could save her child ……………..

Hantaywee released her son but herself entangled in that illegitimate work for forever. Where only death could release her from that in this life. Because she knows neither she would able to tell her son about the arrangement of that huge 5 lakh cash nor she would ever ask that amount from her son.

She called up his mobile number but it’s still coming switched off. She was quite worried about him. Next day at morning while she had been getting ready to rejoin at her work as her 6 days leave got over then suddenly someone knocked her door she thought who came at that very morning.

Son’s confession……..

While opened the door, she cried by seeing her Jash…………. without uttering a single word Jash just hold her feet and apologized for his crime.

Jash told her that he was fed up with his worker job. For 5 years, he had been working there as a worker now he wants to run his own jewelry business for which he needs the fund so he did that crime. After heard his confession then Hantaywee asked him that ‘where is that 5 lakhs valued jewelry?’

Jash told her that ‘she doesn’t need to worry about that as her son was enough matured to handle his life.’ She realized that as a poor mother she would never be able to fulfill his son’s dream of self-business that’s why his son did not feel necessary to answer about her query of 5 lakhs valued jewelry.

Jash for at least once sake was not asked his mother that how could she arrange that bulk amount within short span? It seemed like he already sanguines that at any cost his mother would release him from the police charge.

After spending 7 days with his mother now he again proceeds towards his old factory job, because now his mother unblamed him. So he again went back and rejoined factory.

Is life normal like earlier for her?   Her organs respond against that animalism……….

She now worked for 11 houses as she left the job of those particular 5 houses with whom she cracked the deal. She now changed her get up because her bed partners need that. As whenever she went with them to the hotel for quenching their sex then Hantaywee make over herself in that way so that none could smell her stinky after that nonstop household chore job since morning to evening.

Here after a year her body also slowly adjusted with variant users. They used her each organ thoroughly because for them 1 lakh will repay her each physical parts of her body that much violent they were with her.

Suddenly she diagnosed by a gynecological disorder in her private parts. After examined Dr. amazed that how could she tolerated up to now in those 1 years. As it’s seemed transparent at examining reports that she had been raped thoroughly in those 1 years because a healthy sex reports shows quite different than that abnormality of her internal organs.

 In fact, now Dr. warned her that…..

  • Any further animalism act upon her lower part will life risk for her because of her 52 years’ age not ready to take that exhaustion, for which Dr. now decided to remove her uterus from her body by operation then only she could survive.
  • No more heavy works she would do further like to lift up the heavy bucket of water.
  • She wouldn’t be allowed to do work by sitting on the floor.

The post following that instruction carefully along with few costly medicines intake then only her body would be ready for operation after a month.

She couldn’t able to told about her disease to her son as its quite ashamed for a mother to talk about that privy disease to her child.

But she told to those 5 giants for whom she had been standing that phase of life. Now those 5 giants scared as they thought if she unfolds to the Dr. about them then would behind the bar for the charge of rape case of a 52 years old woman. So now they released her for the timing until she is cured fully.

But Hantaywee don’t have money by which she made her cure and moreover when those 5 giants offered money for her operation cause then she refused their offers as she knows very well that after get cured they again used her roughly so to stopped that illegitimate game she preferred to live the life with that privy disease, because she knows them well that how brute they were so no more lend from them in this life.

Unmasked the real intention …………

After a year, her son called up her asked about her wellbeing then when she asked him that ‘’when he will come back home to meet with his mother then he told that now he will be going to stay over there for forever as he already married to the factory owner’s daughter, so now he will stay along with them.’’

‘’Moreover, now he has the huge responsibility of handling the factory and family as her father-in-law now gave him the responsibility of his business as he doesn’t have any son so in that case, he is the sole shareholder of his property and business.’’

Hantaywee amazed by his such self-loving thoughts. She busted on him that how could he did that without thought for a second about her mother as she doesn’t have any objection regarding his marriage but surely on his intention to stayed for forever with his in-laws it means he didn’t bother about his old poor mother.

She also told him that she felt ashamed of his shameless and ungrateful attitude towards her mother who saved her life once from the hands of the law, where only she knows that how hardly she arranged that 5-lakh cash to give it to the police.

She understood that Jash’s greedy nature made him so blind that when he found that after stolen that jewelry a year ago, not resolved his desire of starts his own business then he used that shortcut trick by marrying the factory owner’s daughter where he automatically without inserting any hard labor became the owner of his father-in-law’s gold business.

Her own blood used her …………………

By heard such loud voice of his mother he told her mother that ‘’please these are all old talks why to remember old memories and as a mother you save your son from the hands of law so what new or unusual thing in that if any other mother would be in place of yours then surely she also did the same thing which you did so please don’t ever count my mistakes and try to make me feel guilty because it’s your duty to save your child from problems so forget all those old memories…………

……. and moreover, he knows very well that from where she got that big amount within short span by sleeping with those 5 masters of her. So, to arrange the fund for a SLUT is not a big deal as she lost her chastity in his eyes and she died for him now for forever.’’

By heard the utter of SLUT by her adorable son she not amazed today because she told him that ‘’ today I feel really ashamed on my womb that how I gave birth of such an insensible person who is so thankless that even forget that the respectable life which he is living in society it’s given by THIS SLUT MOTHER. Who herself choose the shabby life for purifying her son’s life. So, it’s my reward of my deed of this bedraggling life for which the law of karma will judge you, my son ……. Take care always yours and don’t ever remember a slut mother….. if possible then forget me for forever………………’’

Hantaywee now not abused her 5 masters because for her they may be showed their animalism at bed with her but never till date uttered her as slut because they know it’s a mother who only can do this for the sake of her child but her own blood today tagged her a SLUT………. as the World is enough selfish than her fanatical imagination. The inhumanity of the son towards his mother was indescribable.



How father murder his sleeping baby?

Shame on you……you are the black spot in the name of a Mother……..how could u did this and that’s too with your own only child……………..

It’s 11:30 am….Arya and Eban waiting anxiously for their judgment at High court, from relatives to friends even the press also eager about the final decision. Post many hearing dates of court at last after 1 year finally the decision came out. Press covering the news of a death of the one-month-old baby daughter.


Arya a mother of a one-month-old daughter who left her baby locked at home alone while she was at out for 1 hr…. how could be a mother so careless?.when she came to know that her baby had no more in this world? The court now adjourned up to lunch.

What happened exactly 2 years ago?

Arya a software professional and Eban an Electrical engineer did arrange marriage 5 years ago, after 3 years they blessed with a baby girl. Eban who often goes to New York for the sake of his work and here Arya too busy with her office and home.

Nancy peer and good friend of Eban since long years, but for Arya they have one step ahead than friendship. Eban always helped Nancy in many personal aspects of life as she is a single mother of an 8 years’ daughter, who divorced her husband. In fact, while doing the job when Nancy found troubled for handling her daughter alone, at that phase Eban who suggested her to send her daughter to boarding school.

Now Nancy’s daughter who stayed at Boarding hostel comes twice in a year to meet her mother, Nancy felt alone and Eban always accompanied her. And by seeing their so close relationship Arya always had been a fight with him regarding this issue. But neither Eban ready to left by giving his accompany to Nancy nor Arya ready to accept both of their only friendship relationships. For Eban Arya always suspicious towards him.

Arya’s childhood…………….

Arya who belongs from a rich family her father Rian worked at Reserve bank of India. Mother a simple homemaker was very beautiful and was a good singer. Arya is a single adorable child of her parents. She was the apple of her parent’s eyes especially to her father, who fulfilled her all naggings without ever interrupt her. Arya always loves to listen to her mother’s lullaby whenever she feels tired apart from bedtime.

While returning home from office her father always carried gifts and chocolates for her. She was being studied at the top convent school of her area, at 6th standard, always ranked 1st in her class. Almost 14 states she traveled in that small age with her parents. In one word her bringing up was exactly like a princess.

Will this happiness last for long?

Arya’s parents one day went for a felicitation party of her father’s colleague, the Grade A officer of the bank where all couples were invited. While returning on their way to the home they met an accident and both lost their life in that mishap. The life suddenly shattered within a second for princess Arya.

One amazing fact might shocked you friends about Arya that she doesn’t know how to cry means she never up to that age of 11 years felt for once at least to cry for anything, as she was quite intelligent in her study and secondary her parents always before she demanded for anything would give in her hand. she became silent.

When closed one unmasked their face…………….

Arya brought up in a joint family with grandmother and her uncle and aunt mean her father’s younger brother and his wife with their 2 sons lived along with them. Like typical uncle and aunt, they also quite jealous about her lavish bringing up. Just after that mishap, her uncle amended the property in his name. Even Her grandmother didn’t have that voice to raise against her son and daughter-in-law in favor of her. She left to going school not even played with friends. Seems that Life was suddenly stopped for forever for her, she not even ready to eat nor sleep, just full stop for everything. Not even her uncle and aunt bothered for at least once for her.

They decided to keep Arya with them for forever as a maid (without paid one). In this way days passed by. Here from school, her principal called to his uncle asked about the reason of her non-attending to school, he told that she wouldn’t’ continued her school further anymore as they decided to change the school because their costly fees were not being affordable by them.

One ray of hope arise …………..

One day while mopping the floor suddenly someone entered at their house. Arya amazed by seeing him she ran up to him tightly hold him as if she seen God. He is none other than Som, who was the best friend of Arya’s father, they both were the childhood friend and worked at the same bank.

For Arya, if anyone in this world who could compete for the same affection and be caring like her parents then it’s only her Som uncle because of Som and Rian (Arya’s father), always carried one entity with the different name. They were so closed that even Som always felt Arya as his own child though he yet not married. He went abroad for 6 months due to some official work and after returned when came to known about that mishap from his colleagues he was completely shattered.

Now after seeing Arya in that way he was speechless, he without a second delayed gave one proposal to all of them (grandmother, uncle, and aunt) that he wants to adopt Arya legally. By heard that her uncle and aunt just barked at him as they don’t want to leave their free of cost maidservant so easily. Som without uttering any word just went back but Arya stared at him as if her last hope of survival also left her alone in that darkness.

Next day Som with his lawyer came to Rian’s home and handover the legal adoption docs to Arya’s grandmother. When her uncle and aunt not get readied to sign at NOC paper then Som told to all of them either they signed that NOC and let enjoyed the whole property alone or  unless he would move to court against them that “ how could a younger brother trick fully took the whole  property completely in his name whereas as per law his elder brother’s share should be nominated to his children’s name until and unless they meet 18 years of age in that case court would be taken care of his elder brother’s share as a legal heir.’’

By heard all those her uncle and aunt without continued further any argument just signed at NOC papers because they don’t want to share their property with Arya. In this way, Som freed Arya from the brutal cage of her relatives.  Arya without turning back just hold her Uncle’s hand and moved away from that cage.

New beginning for Arya……………

Arya begins her journey by throwing all sadness while holding her Som uncle’s hand. She again started to go at her earlier school, playing with her friends, her life once again came on normalcy track. Som always tried to give her all that happiness which her parents used to flourish on her. In this way, Som fostered Arya now both were accustomed to each other.

Here Som’s mother when found such attachment of her bachelor son towards Arya, it made her quite worried regarding his marriage as for her which girl would ready to accept a guy who already adopted his bosom friend’s child. She decided that at anyhow she would have fixed up her son’s marriage so that his life could be settled. She once told to her Son that he could send Arya at boarding school because tomorrow when he would marry then his wife, wouldn’t have allowed Arya in their personal life. But for Som Arya was more significant than his own marriage.

How she shared her uncle with a stranger?

After 2 years Som got married to Pia, who was a professor by profession, a very matured sensible girl. While arranging their marriage when she came to know about Arya, she couldn’t have had any issue regarding that 13 years of a child, in fact, she was very kind towards her.  Som and his mother were really pleased with Pia.  For Arya, Som always obliged towards his wife.

For Arya, it does not so ease to share her Som uncle with any stranger, because up to now she was accustomed to her uncle’s only focus of attention. Moreover, Som was not the only uncle for her, in fact, he played all role in her life from parent to friend. Earlier they used to go for the outing at every weekend now she didn’t ready to share her all place with her New Aunt Pia. Slowly she turned to violent towards her uncle whenever she found her uncle was being closed with his wife. She even not ready to talked with her new Pia aunt. Now her arrogance shows transparent in her every move.

One day Som’s mother advised her daughter-in -law that why not she convinced her husband to send Arya at the hostel.  Arya heard those words behind the door. Now Pia told Som to Send her at the hostel, he gave her a parody of a smile and told ‘’Pia why you did so late for saying that as its already 6 months passed off our marriage……I was waiting for such even proposals, so I not at all either shocked or get hurt by your kind advice.’’

Now Som was in dilemma but Arya came to him and told directly ‘’uncle I want to go to boarding school, please send me as soon as possible for you.’’  Som understood her psychology as she was a quite intelligent child but still tried to convinced her by saying that whether she could survive without her Som uncle. Arya told her uncle that now he was not only her uncle also the husband of Pia aunt so his first responsibility was towards his wife rather than his adopted daughter. By heard that Som realized that she was quite grown up as per her age due to circumstances.

Finally entered at boarding school……………

Finally, she went to boarding school, Som often went to meet her with her choice able gifts but she now confirmed that like her parents her uncle too left her for the sake of his family. She completed her education and finally completed her management from top B-school. Som did his responsibilities by spending a hefty amount on her fostering and while doing that neither his mother nor wife even dared to interrupt over that, as he kept both of their wishes by sending hostel to his adopted lovable daughter Arya.

In this way, the ebb and flow of her life are controlled by others. She always had the fear of losing her lovable one when she accustomed to them. Her life remained unfulfilled of intense love which she missed up to now as an orphan, for her Som uncle only did his responsibilities and for which she always grateful and obliged towards him.

 Her Marital life ……..

Som arranged her marriage finally with Eban. After their marriage, Arya came to known about Nancy her husband’s best friend. Initially, she doesn’t have any issue about their friendship but later when she found that her husband would have stayed for nights with Nancy then she objected on that and which slowly turned sour to their relationship.

Eban doesn’t fond of kids, in fact after heard the pregnancy news of Arya he suggested her to aborted that. Arya by heard that reacted but he told her directly that he was not at all fond of kids and not being mentally prepared for taking such Diaper responsibilities.

Even when she told about all those to her in-laws with this hope that at least they would definitely be supported her in this significant issue but she amazed more by their views when as a parent they voted for their son’s freedom rather than turned him to responsible familiar person. Now she forcedly tried to protect her pregnancy but it does not so ease for her when already her all closed ones was against of that.

Moreover, she doesn’t have any parents home where she took shelter during those crucial days of pregnancy, where her mother taught her the dos and don ts of those timings.  Her mother-in-law very trick fully served her rich and spicy food made of papaya where her chances of miscarriage were more than 90% and exactly that happened as per their plan. For Arya, it’s another shock in her life when she again lost her closed one after her parents.

 Will fate again favor her?

Now Arya’s in- laws stayed at their native house. Arya here with Eban again by forgetting the past begins the life once again. After a year, she again conceived now this time she decided to hide her pregnancy news from Eban and all until she crossed the phase of 5 months when there wouldn’t be any chance left for further abortion. Moreover, Arya assumed that might be after coming baby Eban’s perspective towards baby and attitude towards her would take a new glossy shape.

In this way, she ultimately succeeds to give birth her daughter though Eban as a father doesn’t adore her baby. Arya got a new life after getting her baby. She was in real mean now in life was blessed by God. She compared that moment exactly when once her life was blessed by  Som uncle when she almost lost her all hope upon life after her parent’ s death.

By heard that good news her Som uncle with his wife Pia came to blessed her baby with a gold chain having a diamond pendant. But her in-laws after heard that neither felt necessary to see their grandchild nor even they called up Arya at least once to wish her. But Arya now doesn’t bother for all those as she was so happy with her daughter and she knows very well that only in this world if anyone is happy for her then that’s only her Som uncle.

Will she come out from her insecurity?

Arya always had a phobia of losing her closed one. She became an orphan at the age of 11 years then when Som got married she again lost her uncle, next to her first baby whom she lost due to miscarriage. Though she wasn’t happy in her marital life always had that insecurity about her husband. Now she had the intense fear about her newly born baby that if her baby also left her any day.

Eban never turned to his baby because he not at all loves kids. Arya noticed that many times even while doing household chores when the baby cried alone missed her parent’s presence, Eban being present at home just overlooked his baby’s crying, not even he had ever been taken their baby in his lap.

 When Inhumanity goes to extreme……………

One night suddenly her baby daughter was not felt comfort due to the stomachache. When she tried to breastfeed her she was not readied to suck just cried loudly. As a prime mother, she doesn’t get that opportunity to learn all those babies take caring tips neither from her in-laws nor her parents alive to guide her in all those. So, she often called her pediatrician if she found hard to manage on her own. Here her baby not at all stopped crying for 3 hours.

She asked Eban for taking their baby to Dr. but he didn’t bother towards her words nor at the baby. Now her tolerance level busted on him because for her a wife can tolerate the negligence of her husband towards her but a mother will never have allowed such negligence towards her child from her husband. They both fight for an hour terrifically, first time Arya busted her all anger upon him so ferociously without caring about anything because she got frightened as never had been her baby cried for so long, so first time by seeing that she thought to take her to Dr.

All possible ways seem closed………..

During that time 48 hours of transport strike had been going on at state because of just 5 days ago, budget released and Government declared for reduction of fare cost of all public transport due to cost reduction of petrol and diesel oil. But private players not ready to cut off the cost of their tagged fare.

In this between Eban’s car went for servicing which yet not returned from service center for 3 days. So Eban using company’s car for office.

Arya failed to take her baby to pediatrician due to transport strike. so for 1-day temporary relief, her Dr. recommended her few light dosage of medicines for stomachache as he failed to check up the baby thoroughly. Dr. recommended her few home remedies so that baby could sleep at least for the night and next day she would collect those medicines. Her baby slept after applied those home tips now So she waited for morning.  she sat whole night beside her baby without touching food or water. Their Eban calmly enjoyed his sleep after finished his dinner.

At morning, Arya called to chemist for supplied those medicines as soon as but they told that their delivery guys were absent since a day and would also not come that day due transport strike so if she needs it urgently then she should collect it by her own because until delivery boys come, home delivery of medicines wouldn’t be possible to none.

Eban, as usual, went to office without asking for once also about his daughter’s health to Arya nor he had given a look at his baby. Just after he went to the office, Arya thought to go for chemist though her baby now seemed better than last night as she was calmly sleeping.

She thought before her baby wakes up she would take medicines from the shop. So before leaving the house, she minimized the AC of their bedroom by covering her baby with the blanket. Arya applied the humidifier at bedroom before locked the door.

Pros and cons of Ac user for infant…………

Babies have the tendency of blocked nose in their first 2 years. Breathing hot steam helps loosen the mucus in baby’s nose to open blocked airways.  As a baby is too small for all those procedures then, in that case, we can use a Humidifier or a mist vaporizer in the room. These keeps the air moist which can prevent baby’s nose from drying out, especially during winter. Besides a stiff nose, dried up mucus cab cause nose bleeds.

Mishap or preplanned?

The chemist was 3 km away from her residence she waited for 20 minutes for a shuttle cab then again while returned to the home she failed to get a transport as already half an hour gone now she without waiting for any more for a cab started walking towards home. She had been tried to covered the distance fast because she was worried for her small baby whom she left alone at home.  It took another half an hour to reached her at home.

Almost an hour she was out of the home while entering the basement the security guard of the apartment told her that just now Eban sir also came but left hurriedly. She did not feel necessary to ask about Eban as she was in hurry for home.

After entered the room she took a long breath of relieved when finding her baby had been sleeping calmly till now. But when she took her baby in her lap she found that she was not responding then she shakes her called her loudly but still she doesn’t react to her any reply or action. Arya screamed she called up to the Dr. and told everything by heard that Dr. came at emergency and told her that her baby had already lost her life……………………..

Everything finished in her life just within a second her life shattered for forever. Arya lost her mind, she since her childhood doesn’t know how to cry. When first she lost her parents, now her last hope of life her daughter also left her alone for forever.

Eban blamed her for his child’s death he moved to court for punishing her and to take divorce from her. After heard all, those her Som uncle came to supported her but she in this long one year of court case not uttered a single word against her defense. As per medical supervision, it’s found that due to blocked nose at AC looked room the one month baby failed to breathe so she lost her life.  She had been charged with a serious offense. The court found her act as a serious carelessness towards her one month baby. She imprisoned jail for 7 years………

What was the truth behind the scene?

Arya was very intelligent she never being so careless about her child then how could she left the baby in AC locked room. She used Humidifier and as per medical supervision only babies get rid of blocked nose when the room is humidified, and before locked the room she used that then why her baby’s nose blocked?

  • Arya and Eban had a long fight about their daughter just the day before the incident at night.
  • Eban that day came back from his way to the office which only Arya knows when her security guard told her about that.
  • Eban loves Nancy but she doesn’t love kid so he already sent Nancy’s child at hostel trick fully.
  • When Arya first conceived, he was not at all ready to accept that so his family trick fully handled her unnatural miscarriage.
  • After the birth of the baby, he and his family never loved or cared about her or her daughter.
  • Even while seeing her baby in her utmost stomachache he not bothered to take her at Dr.

Eban when back from his way to the office on that day he used that mist vaporizer closed to her baby’s nostril so that she stopped her breath by getting such harsh hazardous chemicals. As he wants to get relieved forever from Arya and her daughter. So, he used that trick very wisely so that he get rid of both them at a time in one gun shot.

Arya if tried to save herself from the hand of laws punishment than she could easily place all those grounds as an evidence in her defense then might be Eban today sentenced for behind the bar.

But she didn’t utter a single word in her defense because for her life had already finished with her daughter’s breath so she doesn’t have that interest to prove herself innocent…………………..



When relationship forced for a forbidden life?


Jaya and Amit had an arranged marriage. Amit who worked in a private company, they have a 2 years’ daughter Hia. Amit’s elder sister Reema already married and have an 8 years’ son Raju, her husband working in a state Government office. Amit’s father passed away 4 years ago, but her mother not dependent on her son for her own expense as she getting her late husband’s pension. Therefore, she was quite independent at her 65 years of age.


Very often her sister-in-law Reema visits her parents’ house to spend time with all, especially for Hia as her son Raju was very attached to his little 2 years’ sister, not only he loves to play with her also Hia too loves his presence. Every Sunday without failed Reema with her son came over there. Sometimes Reema and Jaya go for shopping and movie along. Reema often gifted clothes and chocolates to her only niece Hia.

Jaya was delighted in her blissful marital life, both Amit and Jaya loves each other too much. In this way, her 3 years of wonderful marriage life was going quite smooth.

Will her happiness sustain for long?

Amit usually after office hours comes straight to home and while returning on his way he often bought toys and chocolates for his sweet baby Hia. He does not have any bad addiction of drinking alcohol or spending long nights with his friends. Just after his office work, he loves to spend his all time with his adorable wife Jaya and Hia.

That day, unlike other days, Hia and Jaya both were anxiously waiting for him. As its now 8:30, Jaya called him many times but his number was in switched off mode. Now she feels discomfort, as he never used to so late. She called him at his office number but they told that he left over from there at his said time 6:30 pm. Then where he went?

Now Jaya told her mother-in-law and called to Reema. After heard that, Reema with her husband and son Raju came over there. They all were now quite stressed as its 10:30 pm.

In this between Jaya called up her every possible place from friends to relatives everywhere, but all replied same that Amit neither called them nor he went at any of their house or anywhere else along with them.

Then where he went suddenly?

Reema’s husband went to search him along with few friends of Amit at their locality and his office area. However, none response came from anywhere.

There Jaya could not hold her tears now anymore because she now screaming with horrific negative thoughts about her husband. By seeing all those, her mother-in-law and Reema too cried with loud.

Now it’s 12:30 am midnight, the whole house was screaming with frightening of fear and anguish. None of them in their family neither touched the food nor had slept in that night. Jaya stood like a rock at the gate of their house for the whole night, waiting eagerly for her husband.

Their little Hia cried for hungry as she not eligible to understand the depth of the situation. By seeing that Raju took Hia, in his comfort of the lap and made her sleep by feeding water.

Will the sunrise of next day bring darkness for her life?

Next day at very early morning, Jaya told to that entire she now goes to police station already a night passed and she couldn’t wait with this uncertainty. Therefore, Jaya with Reema and her husband went to local police station for lodge FIR about Amit’s sudden missing.

At the police station, police inspector asked Jaya so many personal things regarding their marital life in front of all, like….

  • How were Amit’s nature and behavior towards all along with Jaya?
  • How was their bonding of relationship?
  • Whether they had any fight between them regarding any issue?
  • How was their physical relationship?
  • Whether Amit was satisfied with her?
  • Has he had any rival at his work field or enemy at outside or in the family?
  • Did he take any Bank loan or he is badly in debt?
  • Did he have any ill addictions like consuming alcohol or drug?
  • Lastly, would he have entangled with any extra marital affairs?

These are those questions, which she faced the first time in her life. Jaya replied to Inspector that ‘Amit is a very good person, he doesn’t have any such ill habits nor he has any ill relations with anyone. In fact, he never did any such work for which his family feels ashamed of him. Moreover, they have very strong love bonding then why should he look at another woman.

Even Reema and her husband told to the inspector that they already searched at all local hospitals but due to God’ grace nothing, such accidental incidents had happened with.

After heard all those Inspector told to Jaya that they already took the complaint of FIR and photograph of Amit, now they could go from there, if they would get any information regarding him then they would inform them.

After police station, they all went to Amit’s office but there also his office colleagues told that neither had he had any fight with anyone nor he had any ill relation with any others, and yesterday too he left office at same time of 6:30 pm, but after that where he went, none of them were aware of that.

Now the series of queries begins in her life…

After giving the confession about her marital life at the police station, now her closed ones mean her in-laws were waiting to throw her bunch of queries one after another.

The first question was asked by her mother -in-law, like

  • What she told to Amit for which he took that worst decision?
  • Why he suddenly left his home without informing anyone?
  • What she demanded from her son?
  • How could be it possible that as a wife she does not know about her husband?

Now the second question was asked by her sister-in -law Reema, like

  • What she did with her younger brother?
  • Did she have a good physical relationship with her husband?
  • Whether Jaya’s family told her brother anything?
  • Did she fight with him?

Here too Jaya replied the same to her closed ones that neither she had any such contradiction between them nor she demanded anything from him and Amit also loves her a lot.

Here 3 more days gone Jaya went to police station to know about her husband along with Reema but they not received any information yet from there. She requested repeatedly but they only consoled Jaya by saying ‘keep your patience’.

In this way, a month passed and in this long month Jaya without failed after every alternate day she used to visit at the police station with this hope that might be this time they show her a ray of light. Even she begged at their feet for getting her husband back in her life, but ultimately no result came out. Only one word that inspector told her repeatedly that ‘keep your patience.’ We are trying our level best to search him.

How suddenly closed ones behaves so brutally?

2 months passed now her mother-in-law and Reema quite changed in their behavior towards her. For them, she is responsible for all this unless why their son suddenly left the house. For Reema, might be Jaya did something worst about which when her brother came to know, decided to leave her for forever.

Her mother-in-law knows very well that Jaya and his daughter Hia is completely depended on her pension for their survival. She even started abusing her as an unlucky symbol for her son. Jaya would never have been able to give a reply to her any such harshness.

Both her mother-in-law and Reema now assaulted her boldly and desperately, they abused and blamed her for the sudden vanishing of Amit.

Her mother -in-law now not even touched to Hia nor she allowed that little child to enter her room. Even Reema and her family too behaved in the same way with Jaya and Hia too. Raju who earlier was so close with his sister now he too due to his mother does not turn at Hia.

Little Hia missed all of theirs’s love and caring especially to her brother Raju, but unfortunately, she not able to understand the depth of the situation.

Jaya did all the household chores since morning to night as now neither her mother-in-law nor Reema helped her in any work not even they touched Hia, even if she would be cried for long too then also none of them turned back at her, while Jaya was busy with other work.

Jaya and Hia now became untouchable for them. Jaya understood that now she is no more Amit’s wife as he left her alone, only one identity she has in their family and that is a maid.

She doesn’t have any other option left?

By seeing all those, Jaya once went to her parents’ home with Hia but there also her one and only elder brother not allowed her as after her father’s death her mother was dependent on her brother, whom he and his wife carrying forcedly as a burden above that how could they take one more burden upon their head?

So ultimately, she came back to her in-law’s home for shelter, she had none another place where she would go to take shelter with her little 2 years’ daughter. She compromised with the circumstances.

In this way 16 years passed away now Hia is 18 years old. In this between her mother-in-law passed away and just after her death Reema and her husband without delayed for a day too harped at her mother-in-law’s home, it seems they both were waiting for that day only, as Amit was not there so her mother-in-law too transferred her all property to her daughter’s name.

They now live at rented house where Jaya for their survival worked in a small tailor, she stitches clothes for kids and ladies. Hia now goes to college.

Who is responsible?

Jaya in her entire life only got humiliation from her closed ones. She from the very beginning said repeatedly that both she and Amit had been carried a good marital bonding among them then, why her in-laws not ready to listen to her voice?

If we assume for the timing too that Amit got entangled with any other woman and for that he married and started a new life with his second wife at some different place where none could identify him and his chances of being caught is almost zero, because he doesn’t have that daring to face either Jaya and his family nor to the society. Then, in that case, we might stand a valid cause in front of Jaya as the reason of his such ignored towards her.

Next, if we assume that Amit met any accidental death while returning from his office to home, then also a strong question will arise at the mind that how could be that possible because his office and home covered 5 km. As per the statement of their office colleagues, he left office at his as the usual timing of 6:30 pm at evening when roads were full of rush with traffic then if any such accident happened within this 5km, then the local hospitals might have had the record about that but nothing like that happened too.

Jaya only received a degraded life by marrying with Amit, her in-laws blamed forever her where she herself in the trap of that worst situation but as per Reema she might not be good in bed with her brother for which he might opt for a different life with another woman because he doesn’t want to take Jaya and Hia’s responsibly.

Amit, who is the one for whom two life got smashed but he is really a coward or cheater who didn’t have the guts to face his primary responsibility. In fact, our society too blamed for that act indirectly to innocent Jaya that she didn’t have that capacity to hold her husband forever, so harsh like him.

Whereas he is the blunderer who did such sinful act despite that he might be leading a happy and respectable life by hiding his identity from the society and there for his act Jaya and Hia gave the penalty or compensate for their whole life.

She sacrificed her whole life….

Jaya never did that daring of second marriage nor she left her mother -in-law too despite being so humiliated day by day, she didn’t bother for at least once too about her desire. Her only focus was how to brought up Hia, in those situations.

Their Hia in her entire childhood only forbidden by her closed ones, her grandmother, Raju and by all where once there was a time when this same Hia used to be the apple of her closed one’s eyes. She brought up in such environment where she habituated of seeing such humiliation of her mother every moment in front of her eyes without her mother’s fault at all. Both treated as a pariah.

Hia hates her father and it’s quite justified for her, for her Jaya is everything, in fact, Jaya plays all role in Hia’s life apart from a mother like father, grandmother, brother ……. everything. She idolized Jaya. They both are now quite happy with each other and in those 18 years, Jaya too lost her all hope of returning to her husband.

Jaya as a wife did her all responsibilities with utmost dedication towards Amit’s family. However, she was not bound to do that where her husband himself eloped from his all responsibilities towards his own family.

For Jaya, her entire life was entangled with this one mystery that why Amit had suddenly disappeared from her life in this way?

The new beginning of Hia….

Hia, after passed out her Degree now doing a job at BPO, her mother now worried for her daughter’s marriage as she doesn’t have sufficed wealth for giving Hia’s arrange marriage. Moreover, after paying the rent of house then the rest amount goes in Hia’s educational and bread expense then from where she would get to save from that small job of tailoring

Though due to her frugal nature she still saved Rs.1 lakh rupees for her daughter’s marriage expense and as per Hia that was enough for her because as a single mother she did her all duties perfectly. Hia’s BPO job now relieved Jaya to a certain extent regarding her savings for Hia’s marriage purpose.

But above all now the biggest issue which is waiting for Jaya is how she would be going to face the groom ‘s family when they asked about her husband, Hia’s father. This one question now stands as a real hurdle for her daughter’s settlement in life.

Ready to go at any extent……

Jaya who already passed her whole life in humiliation now ready to go to any extent for her daughter’s well-being settled life because now she became bold enough to face the society desperately moreover when the matter relates to her only daughter who is everything for her and for whom she up to now gulped all pain and rejection in her life.

One after another, marriage proposal she refused when this only question about her husband stands as a barrier for her Hia. Because she wants such type groom for her Hia who after knowing all those truths regarding about Amit and their finance condition, desperately and gladly accept her Hia along her qualities not by judging with her parents’ past.

Moreover, apart from a mother as a woman, she doesn’t want such coward typed guy for her Hia who after taking the responsibility of a life suddenly left them at the middle in life like Amit did with her.

At last, she got the groom who was eligible for her Hia and for whom their past doesn’t matter to begin the present. In this way, Hia’s marriage finally fixed up on 22nd Jan.

 The very special day …………

Since morning Jaya doing all work by his own hand, as it seems she was waiting for this auspicious marriage day of her Hia in her life, she invited to Reema and her family but they did not come as they broke their all relations with Jaya and Hia long back.

Jaya doesn’t have any relatives whom she called as well-wisher for her, so she invited few neighbors and few friends of tailoring shop. Up to now, she stitches clothes for others but the marriage costume of Hia made by her mother.

Guests were coming one by one gifted Hia as their blessing with wishes. Hia received many gifts but for her, the costume made by Jaya was the most favorable gift for her. Hia finally went her in-laws home to begin a new life with her husband Ajay.

Now her responsibilities finished……….

Jaya now completely get alone in her life up to now she survived her life just because she wants to alive for her Hia, but now she did her all responsibilities perfectly so as a mother she feels proud of her, while thinking those thoughts suddenly she saw one wrapped gift was left over at Hia’s small study table.

What makes her shudder?

Jaya opened the box by seeing that she was just shocked, her hands started shivering, her steps trembled. What was in that box which shuddered her?

The pendant which Hia wore after her birth but it was missing with Amit’s sudden disappearance. Even Jaya searched many times to get back that but with time she assumed that it might be lost by Hia when she was just 2 years old. That pendant was gifted by Amit to Hia at her birth.

when Amit left the house and during those crucial phases when Jaya was completely entangled in searching her husband.

Then how after a long gap of 23 years she gets back that pendant. Jaya now over-sanguine about Amit that he came at Hia’s marriage function to see her daughter from far.

Now I can sleep calmly for forever………..

In this long 23 years for Jaya, her husband’s suddenly vanishing stands as a mystery for her life. A most difficult puzzle, which she failed to solve. Sometimes she assumed that Amit might die or kidnapped.

After getting back of Hia’s pendant now for Jaya the puzzle gets solved very quickly. She now understood that Amit neither died nor kidnapped. In fact, he leading a happy life with his second wife and family and he doesn’t have that guts to faced her in this life, so he hides self from her and society.

She laughed loudly told thanks to that Almighty that at least before her death he aware her by unfold his character.

But the only agony will remain forever for Jaya that if he decided that he doesn’t want to stay with her then at least he could be left a handwritten for her so that she would never hope for his coming back in her life again.

As a woman, she not allowed any man further in her life to fulfill her desires, after all, she too a human being then why she always withheld herself from all those desires because she has the fear of society?  Moreover, she is a mother so she never allowed for such audacity.

Every night in those 23 years, she at least prayed for his well-being but now she gets released from that. Now Jaya is completely alone neither Hia is beside her nor Amit’s thought. She told lastly to God before going to bed that ‘tonight I sleep calmly with my utmost satisfaction of detachment from my all emotions’.