Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal launched the home delivery of government services, an Aam Aadmi Party initiative. 

These services will be provided for Rs 50 more and applicants are supposed to call 1076 helpline. Through this number, people will be able to call and get information regarding their requirements from a particular department and service.

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep The Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today rolled out doorstep delivery of public services for Residents of Delhi. The residents of the national capital will get delivery of various government services, including driving license, marriage certificate, and ration card, at the place of their choice from today (10 September 2018 ).

The Delhi government’s ambitious doorstep service is starting today. Under this policy, a helpline number – 1076 – will allow people to reach out to the government and its 40 departments sitting in the comfort of their homes. It will give people the luxury of skipping the long queues in government offices.

According to Delhi minister, the service will be linked to 40 departments by October, this year. Thirty services will be linked in the future and within a span of two to three months, more than 100 services will be provided in the form of home delivery.

How will the new system work?

The Delhi government has granted a contract to VFS Private Limited to work in accordance with the set guidelines and objectives of this ambitious project. VFS’ company head for South Asia business development, Dev Kumar, said that under the scheme, 11 call centers will be set up in 11 districts of the national capital for which a helpline number, 1076, is provided.

How to avail this delivery service?

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep

# In the first phase of the Delhi government’s scheme, 40 services will be provided for a nominal charge of Rs 50.

# VFS Global, one of the biggest visa and passport service providers in the world, has been given the contract to run the project for three years.

# VFS Global has set up a call center and hired ‘mobile sahayaks’, who will go to households for the collection of documents at the scheduled time, they will carry devices to collect biometric data from the people.

# For availing doorstep services, customers will have to dial a helpline number 1076 and place the request.

# The applicant can fix the date and time for mobile sahayaks to visit their house to collect forms, documents, and fees.

# Once the document sought by the customer is ready, it will be sent to their house/office via Speed Post.

# The service will be available from 9 am to 9 pm on all days, including Sundays.

# The fee to avail doorstep services can be paid using debit or credit cards.

# The status of the application can be tracked online through unique IDs. SMS updates will be sent.

# The Aam Aadmi Party government plans to provide a total of 100 services for citizens at their doorstep.

Delhi chief minister Kejriwal made the announcement about the services on Twitter, calling it a “revolution in governance”. This is ‘home delivery of governance’, which is being done for the first time in the country.”

List of services available

Delhi government now delivers these services at your doorstep

# Caste identity proof

# Address proof

# Income certificate 

# Registration of marriage certificate

# Delhi family benefit certificate

# Duplicate registration certificate

# Learner’s license

# Change in name/address in driver’s license or RC

# Old age pension scheme

# New water connection

# New sewer connection

# Food department

# Delhi Jal Board

# Labour department

# E-District and transport services will be home delivered.

How will this service check corruption?

As per the statement of the minister the Delhi government’s transport department is the most corrupt in terms of middlemen and unrequited commission agents.

Also, people suffer wandering from one desk to another repeatedly but all in vain. However, the scheme will put an end to the inception of corruption and people wouldn’t have to waste their time and energy to make sure their work is done.

He further stated if the all goes well, the scheme will be expanded to the provision of ration which will be delivered at their doorstep curbing corruption considerably.

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