Getting over someone you love!

Olena broke her ex’s, heart. She left Ryan when he wanted to stay. She decided to separate even when Ryan wanted to be together. It’s one of the most difficult decisions of her life though she knew that she was breaking his heart but she also knew that she could never be happy. Olena doesn’t regret the decisions at all but remembers how much it hurt Ryan still brings tears to her eyes.


Beginning of short love story……………..

Olena was in the 1st year and Ryan in 2nd year fallen in love …post meeting they started chatting on Whatsapp for hours together talking about each other life and other liking and disliking. So in that way, their friendship depended into more than friendship… and there used to be days when they cannot live a day without talking to each other!

It’s was one day, that they were talking normally and then he proposed by saying her angel of his life all of a sudden…. She cannot face it immediately so instantly started crying like anything and then asked him to give her one day to think but she actually took a whole week to decide and he patiently waited for her answer… and said plz don’t cry… and then she said yes happily and came to the relationship!

There are certain times and certain relations in life that just aren’t means to be. Ryan is a gem of a person and she not bad either.

Ryan being loyal and kind, he used to really took care of her and Olena always shyly looked at him. They used to help each other in studies and other problems of life which they faced. There were many obstacles in their relationships but yet they solved it naturedly. Olena was so happy as if she was the happiest girl in this world… they also shared their secrets, dreams, and goals of life.. all went well!

The breakup…………

 They both loved each other dearly. But somehow, as partners, they couldn’t work. They wanted such different things, that it was a constant effort.

Post completed 5-6 months of their relationship, there was a change in behavior and one day Ryan told that he wasn’t feeling comfortable in this relationship and said it’s like a burden and wanted to end this for his academics. So Olena understood his problems and she also decided to just break it up, it was really hard to decide but she always wished that for her nobody should get any problems, it’s his principle of life. She took that decision since he was repeatedly asked for the breakup. She was unhappy by heart but cannot continue this relationship!

After a while, they both gave up. They stopped taking efforts. They stopped asking and they stopped responding. They stopped fighting and they stopped disagreeing. They stopped every kind of engagement. While Ryan took it as a normal thing, she couldn’t. It wasn’t normal for her and it wasn’t what she wanted.

Even though Olena broke his heart, Ryan showed enormous courage and bigness of it. Even though Olena broke his heart, very few people know that it broke her as well.

Post break up………….

After break up, she terribly misses him sometimes but still, they were best friends like before and happy that she didn’t lose him completely. Surprisingly, despite the heartbreaks and pain, with time, their friendship grew. As they parted, they understood each other far more than before. They saw each other in a different light and their respect for each other grew.

Olena saw how impatient she had been and Ryan saw how passive he had been. She saw how immature she had been and he saw how much he took her for granted.

They both learned their lessons but they couldn’t go back. They parted as friends. They are still in touch and will be. They will always wish each other well. 


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