Give me a chance more to say, you mother!

“If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so.”…Lev Grossman 

Francis with folding hands on his knees in front of Almighty praying for the life of his stepmother. Yes, today he is praying for his stepmother first and last time in his life whom he hates the most because his self-realization needs one confession in the death bed of his stepmother. Now the query is what he wants to confess her when she counts her last breath? Again why he praying for her breadth when he hates her?


Let’s begin the journey…………

The 15 years old Francis lost his mother just 6 months ago when his father married to Myra a widow who had 10 years old son. That night Francis still remembered when like other days he was waiting for his father at dinner and his father entered the house lately along with that stranger woman and her son. He stared at him as he couldn’t understand that who those unknown fellows were when his father introduced him that from now onwards Myra was his new mother and that 10 years old boy was his younger brother.

He in his annoyed told his father that the unknown lady would never be his mother in this life because his mother had already died and none in this world could replace his mother. He often told his father that “how could he forget his late mother so easily within 6 months that he did not feel hesitant once ever to remarry with Myra?”

Would he understand his parents’ mindset?………

Francis never called his stepmother as the mother instead he used to call her as Mrs. Myra. He often cried in the dark when he found how his father adored Myra by forgetting his late mother’s memory, not even he played with his younger stepbrother.

All those badly affected on his 10th board exams so the score wasn’t so good as per his expectations. His father by considering the situation of Francis mental state rather behaved like a typical father he inspired Francis for his further career like always. There Myra who always tries to come near to Francis by making favorite items for him, not only that she always at first served the meal to Francis then others.

His stepmother always justified him that she married his father because they both were in need for their support. As a widow, they both had the responsibility of brought up their only son which forced them to take the decision for remarriage. Francis as a teenager couldn’t understand the psychology of the adults. Moreover, with time his father’s closeness towards Myra made him suspicious towards their true intentions of remarriage.

Neither his father nor his stepmother ever partial in their caring towards their 2 sons but his growing preadolescence psychology never understood that and it’s quite justified for him at those phases when his own mother’s utmost soothing memory yet not had been faded from his subconscious. He was in random searched option for the distance from his family since after his stepmother entered in their house.

Later 10 years…………..

Francis’s wished of staying away from his home became true when he joined at Defence in Army and for that now he posted to a different state where he has fallen in love with Glory and married her. Post married he called up his father and told him about his marriage. His father amazed by the statement he asked Francis that “how could you marry without my grant and presence? Francis replied him exactly like the way you did 10 years ago without my knowledge.”

‘His father in annoyed just narrated him that he remarried because he needs a woman who would look after his child and for that how could he ask sanction from his 15 years old son, that “Son will you give me permission to bring stepmother for you?”

Francis replied harshly to him “yes dad if you asked me on that day I might not give you acceptance because I wasn’t 5 years old at that time who need stepmother for tie up his shoelaces and that’s the reason you without my allowance willingly replaced my late mom with that lady Myra. It proved that you never adored my mom and that’s the cause that her death doesn’t bother by your resettlement in life within few months.”

His father understood that years passed but Francis yet not came out from that incident, so he with his humble just told him that “you will one day appreciate me for my that decision then only it will prove that whether I did wrong or right by marrying with Myra and finally I blessing you that you will forever live a blissful marital life with your wife.”

His father now told Myra regarding his marriage. Myra post listened to that good news just in excitement called up to Francis for congratulating him and she showed her eagerness to talk with her daughter-in-law. Francis introduced her with Glory over the phone. She invited both her son and daughter-in-law at home but Francis refused her invitation as he didn’t have the urge to returned his home with Glory.

Later 2 years Glory lost her parents during an air crash when they had been traveling for their daughter after getting the good news about her conceiving. During her full cycle of pregnancy, she missed the caring of her mother and she also couldn’t expect her stepmother -in-law’s caring when she already aware about Francis’s avoidance towards his parents.

There Francis’s step brother left his parents home after got married with a rich girl where now he stayed with his wife at his in-law’s home. So his parents now stayed alone in their house.

Francis received the transfer order exactly post delivery of his wife. Now he was in big trouble as neither he could take his wife and newly born baby daughter with him to another unknown state nor he would cancel his posting order. Though he tried to portrayed his difficulties to his higher authorities but he received the final order from High Commander official that no such amendment would happen in their Order.

The new beginning of life……………..

At last without finding any substitute way Francis unwillingly went to his parents home along with his wife and baby. Francis who left his home post joined in Army now going to step in the house after a long gap of 8 years. His parents welcomed them. Francis post marriage formal introduction over the phone to his wife with them first time physically introduced Glory with them.

When he affirmed his father that he would never return to home but he bend in from of the circumstances as his in-laws were no more and he didn’t have any other option left in his hand rather compromise with the situation.

 His stepmother welcomed his daughter-in-law along with few rituals and she took her grandchild in her lap by assuring Francis that from now onwards they both were their responsibilities and she would especially take care of her cute grandchild. So he should now join to his new posted working area peacefully by left behind the strain about his family upon them.

Finally, he went back to his new posted field area but before he left the house warned Glory thoroughly about his stepmother that ‘Glory shouldn’t rely on her blindly because she was his stepmother not his own mother.’ If Myra ever tries to harm them in the intent of taking revenge upon her step-grandchild then without delayed she should be informed him. Also before he proceeds to work alert his father about his stepmother that ‘if his wife, Glory would ever complain against Myra then he wouldn’t tolerate them and would take necessary action against her.’

 He left the house with an insecurity about his stepmother. He often called up Glory to query about their well being. Glory found that her stepmother-in-law take care of her little doll more than her. Myra who became alone after her own son left the house, now around the clock engrossed with her little doll. She do everything from feeding to cleaning the baby’s shit without felt tired, she doesn’t let out of sight the baby for a second also from her. Glory amazed by her such kindhearted dedication.

 She told to Francis over the phone about his stepmother’s attachment towards their baby but Francis wasn’t ready to rely on his stepmother so easily. He again warned Glory that it’s his stepmother’s ploy actually Myra knew very well that how to impressed his father, so it’s all her part of the drama and moreover she only loves to her own son, not her stepson and stepgrandchild.

Stepmother-in-law turned to mom….……..

Months passed by now little doll began to crawls, by holding her stepgrandmother’s finger she stretch her small legs for walking. Glory in those past months now became so friendly with her stepmother-in-law that for now, she couldn’t imagine a day without her. Initially her suspicious eyes always on her stepmother -in-law’s each movement but with time now she has firmly assured that none would be proof more reliable than her stepmom-in-law for her baby in this world.

In fact, she often portrayed about all those to her husband but she never received that affirmation from him. So slowly she stopped sharing about her intense bonding between them with her husband. In fact, she often told to her stepmom-in-law that ‘after getting you as my mom-in-law, I forget the utmost pain about my parent’s death because you never act like typical mother-in-law nor like a stepmother. Now she designates her as only Mom and taught her little doll to call her as only Granny….’

Little doll was so accustomed with her granny that she even now felt discomfort in her mother’s lap. Glory often told her father-in-law during mockery that her mom built up bad habit within doll as the baby now not ready to go to others lap apart from her Granny.’ Not only that little doll can stay without her mother but couldn’t her Granny for a moment also.

Glory was over sanguined now about her husband that Francis was completely wrong in his perspective who forever turned his face from his stepmother because he doesn’t wish to replace his own mother with Myra and that’s why he never tried ever to turn towards his stepmother’s affection. Actually, he always skipped from the situation, not possessed the strength to accept the present.

 The auspicious day turned to bad hair day………

 Glory with her in-laws now planning for the one-year birthday celebration of her baby. Here Francis had also been excited to view his little doll’s activities which he missed as a father in the past one year.

Finally, the birthday came, since morning they all were busy for the function, his father decorated the whole house like a bride. Glory busy with guests, called up her husband more than 8 times as they all were getting late for the temple where at first the priest would be baptized the one year baby.

Here Francis’s flight got delayed he messaged to Glory that they should proceed for the temple rather waiting for his arrival and he would be directly joined to them at temple unless they get late for performing rituals.

Glory along with her baby and in-laws now proceed for the temple, where on their way by car the baby giggled in her Granny’s lap and Glory was busy with her Android by updating their status over the message to Francis.

They arrived at temple now Glory insisted her mom to keep the baby in the pram and help her to began the rituals as she doesn’t aware about all those. The Little doll, as usual, wasn’t ready to leave her Granny’s lap but her granny by forcedly put her on the pram. 

All were busy in their work when in the mean time the pram skidded towards the highway and when her Granny who kept her eyes on doll found her missing. Suddenly she saw the pram was between the highway, she ran to save her doll as truck speedily was coming straight towards the pram, she just within a fraction of second reached the pram and pushed it from there but she got hit by the heavy loaded truck.

Exactly at that crucial moment, this horrific incident was witnessed by only Francis who just arrived at the temple. Francis hurriedly departs from the car with loud screaming by thrown his bag and all on road. He first went to his stepmother who was in bloody fallen on the road but she only told him in her low sunk voice, “I saved my doll……” He then turned to the pram where the baby was crying as she got afraid, he took her in his lap. Thereafter heard the loud screaming of Francis and peoples, Glory with all reached there fastly.

All moved towards the hospital when Dr. instantly admitted her in ICU. Francis prayed to Almighty first time for his (not step) mother. Dr. after examined her thoroughly told them that “due to her brain hemorrhage her bleeding failed to pause. The patient is really in very bad condition, she is at the mercy of God….”

Give me one more chance………

 All with tears in their eyes entered the ICU room.Glory with her doll and his father both were stood beside the ICU bed and Francis stood beside her right leg. Myra in her half senseless conditioned lay on the bed counting her last breath when doll touched her Granny’s hand actually she tried to say her that she needs her Granny’s lap as she not felt good in her mother’s lap. So called her first-time Gra..nn..yy…

Myra opened her half eyes tried to touch her doll but failed as her strength was sinking to response. She in her murmuring told to Francis “After my death, I will request to the Almighty that in my coming birth he give me the authority, to give birth Francis from my womb and the conflagration of my pyre will be only solemnized by my elder son Francis……..”

She closed her eyes with her last wish now Francis outburst called her “mother wake up.. see your son is calling you first time as MOTHER…Oh, heartless God! please give me one more chance to say her mother so that she can hear this.” He shook her dead body constantly with only one word “Mother..mother…can you hear my voice, see I’m calling you loudly MOTHER…… are the only my mother whom I forever neglected in my ignorance, but you proved after saving your doll that ONLY A MOTHER CAN DO THIS!

 Hey, cruel Almighty I never believe in you because you took my biological mother when I was only 15 years old and exactly from that day I hate you the most in this world. But I was wrong you heard the scream of that 15 years old boy on that day and that’s why you sent Myra as my stepmother, whom I always hate because for me she was not my real mother as I couldn’t recognize her due to my immaturity. Now in this matured age you unrelentingly taught me the biggest lesson of life by slapped on my face by witnessing the horrific accident that she is my real mother who saved her grandchild by hugged to the death.”

Francis during the conflagration of his mother’s pyre told his father “you forgive me, dad, I was wrong the bloodcurdling incident opened my eyes and your decision of remarried with Myra mom become blessed for my life.”

His father told him ‘I knew my son very earlier that one day you will realize that she wasn’t harmful to you ever and that’s why you cried the most among all of us but I never thought that Myra will prove herself about her honesty in front of you by sacrificing her life.’

For Francis and Glory their little daughter’s new life had been given by their MOM so, after few days they baptized their daughter as MYRA…

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.” …Chico Xavier




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