Gmail will soon let you send emails with an expiry date – Gmail new features

To enhance the security of the Gmail account users, Google is working on redesigning its popular Gmail service, to bring a variety of features to Gmail. Google will soon let you send emails that Self-destruct.

Gmail new feature - Confidential mode

Gmail will soon let you send emails with an expiry date – Gmail new features

Google is apparently adding some new security features to Gmail according to a recent leak that will add a self-destruct function to emails that are sent. With all these added security functions, users can also configure the expiration date of an email so that it will disappear after a week, month or even after a few years. These are the new Gmail design,

The improved design includes features such as offline support, smart replies, and a snooze option to deal with annoying messages.  

Google will also introduce a new feature, defined Confidential Mode. Gmail will also be getting the ability to self-destruct an email.

With all these added security features, users can also configure the expiration date of an email so that it will disappear after a week, month or even after a few years.

How will the new version of Gmail give users greater controls over their emails?  

There is a new small lock-shaped icon added to the compose screen called ‘Confidential Mode’ that blocks other users from forwarding, copying, downloading and printing the email, follow the steps below

# Clicking on a lock icon in the window will open a popup that tells users they can set a date for when the email will ‘self-destruct’, as in they’ll be destroyed after a certain amount of time expires. 

# The self-destructing e-mail’s time restrict will also be specified by the sender. Means users can set an email to expire after one week, a month or after a couple of years.

# It also gives users the option to turn on confidential mode, which means that the recipient will be unable to forward, download or print the email. They also can’t copy and paste content from the message. 

# Another feature allows users to require recipients to confirm their identity with a passcode to open emails which will be sent via SMS or set an expiration date on sent emails. 

Other features of Gmails:

# Smart Reply – Smart reply refers three responses you might send based on the content of an email you received. Smart replies offer recommends for quick one-line replies within emails. The recipient will have to log into their Google account to view it and you won’t be able to copy and paste the message itself (although you can still apparently screenshot it).

# Snooze option – The snooze button will also temporarily hide emails from user’s inbox until a certain time. Snooze can also bring the email back when you’re at a specific location, which is useful for setting aside personal email for when you get home from work.

# Offline support – Without an internet connection, during Offline you won’t be able to read emails in your browser.

How to Install Snapmail Chrome extension to avail self-destructing emails?

Another option if you want to use the feature of self-destructing emails

# You can do so by installing the Snapmail Chrome extension.

# When you compose a new email, simply click the Snapmail button instead of Send.

# The recipient receives a secure link to the message and once opened, it’ll expire within one minute.


It is also still unconfirmed if these features will work with non-Gmail accounts or if they will only apply to Gmail users. Moreover, the report says that Gmail didn’t point out the mail is encrypted anyplace.

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