Gratitude with Appreciation – first outstanding Reward of her life

Annual function day of the Assembly of Christ school at Darjeeling on 17th December 2016.The day when students gathered for receiving their appreciation Reward by showing their gratitude towards their teacher. Teachers were well groomed. Parents are coming one after another with their children.


Puja & Pia Ahuja students of standard 8th & 6th belonging to a middle-class family. Mr. Mrs. Ahuja both doing the job in an MNC earning well. Elder daughter Puja always comes with the good scoring of above 85 to 90% since her childhood, she is doing good in other co-curricular activities too. So all are quite pleased and proud of her outstanding performance. While Pia is just the reversed one. She passed only with the average of 35 to 38%, not at all showed her interest even in other curricular activities too nor she ever received any reward for anything in her life. She is very introvert by nature.

Mother Marry who is the Principal of the school is the best friend of Pia. As a head authority of the school, she never left her motherly caring & kind nature towards each n every child of her school. She is very soft spoken one possessing one special quality which is remarkable. Though she is friendly with all children but those children who are below average and not ready to show interest neither in the study nor in other activities too, she takes special care of those children by herself without complaining to their parents. She tried to help those children by her utmost best, which is really appreciable.

Pia is very close to her, in fact, you may say she comes to a school to meet with her Mother Marry, they shared even their lunch too with each other. Pia may forget to carry her books but she never ever forgets to give a white rose to her mother Marry, her one n only best friend.

Actually, there is a story behind this intense bonding. An incident which happened just 5 months ago. When the school had organized an Excursion tour at hills of Kanchenjunga for standard 5th & 6th.

75 students along with 2 class teacher, Evs teacher & Principal madam on the way of their trip. Students were enjoying the singing song while traveled by Volvo bus. But Pia sitting at last row beside the window, without winking she stared the nature with a bit of smile on her face. After n hour all arrived at their said destination.

Principal madam & teachers already warned the students that no student would go here n there without their permission unless they would be punished for that. Students should always have maintained a group along with their class teacher. So this way all were enjoying. After lunch teachers decided to take all of them at hills by covering up to 2km.Students in a queue forwarded towards hills with singing a Patriotic song.

Rohan of class 5 suddenly missing from their along with Pia which was being noticed while returning back, when teachers called each student by their name among them 2 of them were found missing. Principal & teachers were enough worried about these two missing children. They asked each n every student that when at last time they had seen both of them. As per class teacher they were damn sure that before left for hills they checked each student in the queue along with their name. What happened suddenly where they went? How could it be possible that none had noticed them? These all questions are asked by Principal to the entire group along with teachers as she was an intense fear of how she would be going to face the parents of the kids. Moreover, what she tells to her GOD that due to her negligence the parents lost their kids for forever and for this one crime JESUS will never be going to forgive her in this life.

Teachers searched them thoroughly by shouting their name but no reply from anywhere. They waited for them up to evening 4,  now they could not wait anymore for them as it’s time for dusk, so principal madam told those teachers that they should proceed very cautiously for school campus with utmost take care of rest children. She told all of them that it’s time for her to give the exam to GOD JESUS. Therefore, without bringing both of the kids along with her she would not leave the place at any cost. Before starts searching, she prayed for a minute to JESUS that if she performed all her work in her entire life with outstanding honesty then she would definitely get back to those kids. Later 35 minute of continuous searching suddenly, she saw both the kids were sitting inside a small cave. She ran up to them hold them tightly in her hug and kissed on their cheeks, forehead and started crying, kids too got a bit relieved after saw her as they really frightened while finding themselves in those lonely paths of hills.

Actually while walking on zigzag ways of high hills, Rohan started breathing trouble with the feeling of Nausea. So he has fallen down in the midway, which none noticed in that crowd as rest kids were really fun and singing mood, but only that was noticed by Pia as she was the only one who walks silently as per her nature. She made him sit in a place but Rohan could not breathe properly by seeing that Pia immediately without a second thought took her inhaler from her bag and helped him to inhale 3 or 4 puffs. after a while, he became stabilized with his breathing. After all, those when she turned back found everybody went, none was there. So they both waited for all of them inside that small cave but when it turned to dusk they both got frightened.

Pia explained all those to her Principal Madam after heard all those she told to Pia ‘’don’t call me Principal Madam from now onwards I m your Mother Marry & you are my Little Angel JESUS send u for this noble cause I always be grateful for forever towards you …. thank you, my child”.

While returning on the way she asked Pia, my child why u carry an inhaler? Do u have any Asthmatic issue? Pia told no she doesn’t have right now but just a month ago she was attacked by Bronchitis (an intense cough n cold), so she used that as per Dr.’s recommendation, when later a month she got cured Dr. told her to carry that inhaler along with her whenever she goes out of home until she recovered completely up to next another month.

Principal Madam took back both the kids safely, later on, she came to know that Rohan has some respiratory issue which their parents did not tell to their class teachers before went to excursions.

Now today in this eve of Annual function students are waiting to receive prizes from their Principal Madam. More or less almost all students take part in that biggest cultural program as per their choice, except Pia as she not performing in one of those. So she sitting with her parents wearing white net Gown looking like a pretty doll. Post all cultural program, announcement started for prize distribution. Puja got 3 prizes for her outstanding ranking and other co-curricular activities. Only one Trophy is yet to give someone.

Now Motivational Speech by Principal madam on the podium…she, first of all, congratulates and appreciates to all students of her entire school along with teachers & parents too. Now the time came for her to give that last n final trophy, before that she told ‘’ how a 12 yrs child saved a life, just a few months ago. Though the child did not score top on any subject her one act not only saved a life also saved my life too. Unless I might die with the feeling of guilt in front of my GOD. She applied her instant intelligence at that very crucial moment without waiting for anyone’s help to save that child from death.’’

”Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others – said by Marcus Tullius Cicero.”

”As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them – said by John F. Kennedy.” those are said by principal madam during her speech.

Now all were eagerly waiting for that one name. Principal madam called her ‘there she is that white gown wearing one, my little Angel …Pia Ahuja comes to my Child. All welcomed her with a big clap. Pia wondered herself by the heard first time her name being announced with such appreciation and gratitude. She slowly moved towards the stage. As its first time for her in her life who going to step on a stage. Principal Madam told to come, my child. This Excellence outstanding reward of the year is waiting for you …you deserve this because you are unique.’  

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world – said by Mahatma Gandhi’.

While receiving the Trophy Pia started crying by holding her Mother Marry, Pia uttered with loud ”I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work – said by Thomas A. Edison”. 

Her words made cry her parents with the feeling of Proud for her first time.

Pia showed her Excellence of Intelligence which mesmerized all by saving a life she won an outstanding lifetime achievement reward from her Mother Marry.



  1. Great grand opening…Best of luck and wishing you a great success 🙂

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