Happy Father’s Day 2018, the golden memories with my Dad!

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian BloggersHappy Father’s Day 2018, the golden memories with my Dad! Today I cant wish my father because he is no more with us… yes, he demised two years ago ….. I miss you Dad! But I know you can see me from those far distance and also blessing me like you forever! 

Want to tell him how much he means for me, but don’t have the right words. So in the memory of my father today I’d like to share his few thoughts and incidents with lessons of life which I hope will help you, friends, to lighten up your life also. A small gift to you Dad!

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Father’s Day is typically celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 17, 2018, in most countries, including India.

Happy Father's Day 2018, the golden memories with my Dad! 

While we all know the popular holiday of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is equally important but lesser known.

From being the strict father who disciplined us and instilled us with values for lives, to the sweetheart who would listen to our silliest problems with utmost attention, daddies have a special place in our lives and are often the unsung heroes. Dads are often known as our first inspiration, our own superhero without a cape and Father’s Day gives us the perfect occasion to celebrate and honour the sacrifices that he has made for our betterment.

Happy Father’s Day 2018, the golden memories with my Dad!

Happy Father’s Day 2018, the golden memories with my DadToday I’ll share those thoughts and lessons which I have learned from my father, so here are few those incidents and lessons,

# One small incident when I was 5 years old…

Me: Dad, I can’t cycle without those training wheels.

Dad: Don’t worry, you have my back. I’ll be holding you. Let’s hit a lap. Just don’t look back while you cycle.

Me: After cycling for a distance, I turned back only to find out that dad was standing where I had started my lap.

Me: I hit the ground with a thud.

The lessons learned were:

  1.  It’s not the lie that always hurts you. Sometimes, it’s the truth.
  2. You can never move forward if you have an eye back.
  • If you don’t know something, then learn it. There is no need to become sad. Nobody is born genius.
  • Make adjustments. You will not be always provided with the luxuries and the comfort you experience at your home.
  • For him, health comes first and everything else later. If you are healthy and have a good number of Days to live you can reach wherever you want to be.
  • If you want to get your work done in a Government office, call everyone ‘Sir’ there, even the peon. They enjoy the superiority they get and thus will get your work done.

# One more incident of my life when I was 16 years old,

Me: Two boys from my school have asked me out!

Dad: And why is that?

Me: They said that they find me very cute

Dad: You should thank me and your mother then. You should be happy when someone praises your personality or how you talk or what you talk and not when someone appreciates you for something that you have inherited.

Lesson learned:

You own your personality and not how you look. Stop stressing over your looks. Build a good personality!

  • Speak politely to everyone, even if the other one is rude to you. Their actions are powerless without your reaction.
  • Be calm, patient & respectful, whatever may be the situation & whosoever may be the person.
  • Never violate your ethics and morals for anything. Easily achieved things are temporary.
  • If you have a problem, be honest about it, fix it and accept help.
  • Learn to accept things or even better learn to make fun of your own shortcomings, this way no one can ever use it to hurt you.

# Another incident when I was at the hostel,

Something which is not allowed in our Indian Society. Especially when we are talking about Girls. People still believe that if you are a girl, you are not allowed to do such things.

I was raised in the very same atmosphere. Where I cannot have an open conversation about having a boyfriend, with my relatives. I cannot put my own opinion just because they’ll think I am spoiled. Where I have to respect them even when they don’t deserve that.

My Father, who’s very lenient but also can be strict at times don’t believe in such stereotypes. He openly talks to me about whatever I want to discuss with him. He sometimes asks me don’t you have a boyfriend? And when I say NO, the weird expressions on his face questioning WHY is priceless.

Dad: I know in your college life you’ll learn new things, good things, Bad things, but remember you’ll always have a choice. Whatever you are doing with your life, you are doing it for yourself. We are not going to stop you from doing anything. I am not stopping you from drinking, smoking, partying or anything because I know we are not going to be there to guide you every time. It’s only you, who can make the right decision for yourself. But What I know is I believe in you.

This is what he said to me when he was going back from my hostel!

  • Never get yourself in debt... You either can afford something, or you can’t. When you put yourself in debt, you become a slave. Wanna risk a new job? You can’t, next car payment due next month, and every month for the next 2 years. Also, getting in debt is almost always a bad idea. You always end up paying more money, than if you invested the money and waited.
  • Buy from small vendors always... They sell not to build mansions but to earn their daily bread.
  • Try not getting into an argument with everyone and everywhere… People may not understand you and it may backfire on you.
  • Be Flexible... Learn Adjusting to the situation. When you have quite a good money in your hand, fulfil your dreams. When you are in financial crisis, adjust your living conditions with the monetary situation.
  • No matter how big your mistakes are, the only people in this world who can forgive you and call you back home, are your parents.

# One more amazing incident when I was in Love,

Me: Dad, What if I tell you that I love a guy in my college?

Dad: Ok, What is his name?

Me: Abhi, (lied…….Obviously)

Dad: Does he love you?

Me: I don’t know! But I feel he does!

Dad: Ok! (he became silent)

Me: I know, you don’t like such stuff. You want me to focus on studies, get settled and then, I can think about other things.

Dad: I think you should tell him your feelings and wait for his reply.

Me: (Shocked as hell……)What?

Dad: Yes, If his answer is ‘No’, you will get what it is like to get rejected in life. You will know that“you can’t get everything you love in your life”!

Me: Ok, that’s fine. But what if his answer is ‘Yes’?

Dad: Then do what I tell you. Accept his imperfections, his past, present and future. Be with him in every good/bad situation that he faces. Make him Love of your life, ask him to marry you and most importantly, don’t expect that he would do all these things for you!

Me: (Astonished) What the…..But you don’t like this stuff!

Dad: What I don’t like is people commit and then they forget! I just want to tell you three things,

First, Always thinks about possibilities/consequences of your decisions. Once you take them, good/bad, don’t look back, don’t regret!

Second, If you commit to something/someone, do it/be with them till the end of your life. Be it a girl, be it your study or be it your life. If you think, what If I committed to wrong thing/person, then remember the first thing I told and LIFE will guide you.

Third, you can’t control anyone’s life, so don’t expect anything from others!

Me: Oh Dad, I love you so much! You are the best Dad in the world! (hugged him)

  • Never Expect…Expectations are extremely diabolic, as they ruin your whole world that you’ve built inside your mind. Moreover, hopes and expectations are often misunderstood. They are fundamentally different. It’s good to hope, hope keeps you going on.
  • Love unconditionally… Don’t ever put clauses upon the person whom you adore the most because where there is love there should be always freedom of thoughts and actions.
  • If you have given a word to someone, never forget it. If you are uncertain of not fulfilling a promise then never give somebody a false hope.
  • Be honest in what you are doing and give your 100% in your work. There is something called ‘KARMA’. He strongly believes in it. There is one mighty force which is watching us above all. So judge yourself and your intentions before. It will help you to become a better person every day.
  • Never believe anything without questioning it first.

# The eternal truth of life taught by my Dad when I was jobless,

It was back in 20o7 when I was sitting idle in the home, feeling deprived about my unemployment after grabbing so-called Frankfinn degree.

Dad: What will you do when you are in a trouble and all the doors in front of you are closed?

Me: (Give a silent look at him)

Dad: ‘Life is not short there may be chances when you feel low, you won’t be able to think anything struggling with that a problem or many and you have no option, no doors no windows either, at that moment reach out to the closest person to you whether it is your friend, your parents, your siblings, anyone and SHARE. Don’t think for some stupid way out, Don’t let your fear rule you, Don’t let the conditions overcome on you, Don’t ever think of closing yourself in a room… there are hidden doors and windows.. Go talk to the Peoples share your problems work on them BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN’T QUIT !’

  • God is equal to Karma. It will come back to you. Nature doesn’t accept perks and incentives.
  • If we have passed such bad times in life, then this will also pass. After a good time, there is a bad time waiting. And after the bad time, the good time will come for sure. Don’t lose patience. Always have presence and peace of mind.
  • I learned from my dad that you can never compromise on what you truly want, no matter how scary it is.
  • Be truthful and ethical to your profession. Dishonesty may bring you small successes, but it will never earn you respect and pride.
  • Women are above all. From womb to tomb. There is no constant place for her, neither a family name. It keeps changing. She takes birth at one place, grows up and then will be married off to some stranger home… goes on. She is an independent person. So be happy about being a woman. You are brave and men are not like that!   

I’m praying for the Peace of his soul! He makes me a good person, valuing relationships. I know how to make someone feel loved. I miss you Dad… Happy Father’s Day 2018, the golden memories with my Dad!

Thank You, Dad, for being my pillar of strength and fountain of wisdom. Life is more beautiful when you are around. Happy Fathers Day!


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