How age difference in relationship matter?

Is Age really matters for love relationship …………..

Florida 5’5” was stunning in her 27 years old with flawless skin, long hairs, had almost forgotten to look at her own beauty as she already committed to her mother that before her younger brother’s settlement she wouldn’t leave the house for marriage.


  Her mother often repent that the family responsibilities did not permit her daughter to settle in her marital life. She never went for parlor because she couldn’t afford that despite that her heart throbbing looks was enough to mesmerize all.

Her education and career………

Florida after did her triple MA in language took tuitions for their family expense since morning to night as she tried few times for secondary school job but didn’t get. One day her younger brother Sam told her to visit the NGO as they need a qualified girl for handing their overall management work.

As the founder of that NGO was about to leave the country for few years so before leaving the country they wanted to give the incumbency of that NGO to some high qualified trustworthy woman. She went next day for the interview at the NGO and got selected very easily.

Florida’s family………….

Florida belongs from a middle-class family whose father had been suffering from blood cancer and mother a housewife. Her father’s such deadly disease gulped their nominal savings. She was in real need of the job for sustained her father’s treatment, brother’s education and family expense.

So without waiting for a good salaried job as per her high qualification, she abided by the situation. Her younger brother Sam who had been pursuing his 2nd year of the degree. Sam’s every small need was being fulfilled by his elder sister only. Florida was idle of Sam’s life.

 Close mate’s affection………….

Dedrick, Sam’s close mate who belongs to a rich family, often came to his friend’s house for followed tuition from his friend’s elder sister. Sam’s family adored Dedrick unconditionally due to his unpretentious nature. Florida took the class of both Dedrick and Sam along in their small drawing room.

After joining at the NGO job she couldn’t afford time for taking tuition randomly but she never skipped to take the class of Sam and Dedrick. Dedrick’s parents also fond of Sam and especially to Florida. Their affection towards Florida’s family was always indescribable.

Dedrick’s parents helped Florida financially during emergencies many times for her father’s treatment. Which Florida returned as per her ease way.

When emotions respond as per age…………

Florida forever strict about her student’s study. She never differentiates between Sam and Dedrick in any matter. For her Dedrick also liked her younger brother. The ear pulling of Dedrick and Sam went on equally throughout her tuition class. Dedrick often in his prankishness used to tag her Hitler sister.

 Slowly Dedrick’s feelings transformed towards Florida. He now likes to stare her looks. His concentration often diverged from studying now, Florida’s bookish wordings not soothing his ears. He was eager to listen few differ words from Florida’s pink lips. He does not even react now when Florida shout at him for his error at the study.

Many times he holds her hands glared her fingers as if her soothing fingers had been touching his face, shoulders……..

Dedrick started imaging her Hitler sister in his fantasy, where he was bold enough to touch his dream girl Florida (where Hitler sister waved out). He kissed Florida’s lips which he loves the utmost because that moist pink lip was the ONLY sensitive sexual appealing part of Florida which was enough exposure to him since long.

While kissing her lips his hands holds her face where his thumb touched her ears, he told to himself that “many times dear you ear pull of mine while studying now it’s my turn to touch your soft ears.”

He never crossed his limit in his fantasy with his dream girl because he now understood that he has fallen in love with Florida where he wants to play sex with her, only when his love also responds to him.

when love needs comfort to confess…….

He Couldn’t understand that how he spelled out about his feelings towards Florida whom he called the sister. He had a fear of her reaction but he Couldn’t wait anymore as now he needs the answer from his fantasy. So he decided that he would acknowledge his emotions to her.

Unlike other days he seemed quite strained throughout the whole class of 1 hour. Florida generally after taken her 45 minutes of continuous lecture gave a pause where now she raised queries regarding her 45 minutes of nonstop speech on that particular subject. First time Florida found him unresponsive. Usually, both Sam and Dedrick always had a healthy competition in class.

She asked him the cause of his absent-minded but he wasn’t capable of replied her query. She was about to leave the room then suddenly Dedrick called her ………….

Sis..ter.. I want to say you few words would you like to permit? She told why not tell what happened? You seemed inattentive during the class is anything wrong?”

“Dedrick in his stammering voice ……would you allow me to spell your name forever by abolishing the utter sister???? You became the cause of my inattentive in everything nowadays. I don’t know whether you going to slap me or throw me out from your house but I m fair and honest in my decision so I do not feel fear from any because…… I Love You Florida…………”

How to harmonized ……….

Florida was incoherent about his expression. Before she expressed her views Dedrick went away. Florida who almost forgot about the meaning of love in her life, when Dedrick the first man in her life who desperately professed her despite being aware the age gap and status about her. She whole night just thought about his said wordings.

 Next day she asked him that whether he won’t aware of her age as she was 6 years older to him. Dedrick told her that he loves her so her age and status all those don’t matter to him and he wants to marry her.

Florida told him that she needs time to decide that as she couldn’t leave her family now as she had the responsibility towards her family. Dedrick was ready for waiting until she affirmed about their marriage.

The first love of life…………….

Florida was quite hesitant in front of Dedrick during their personal moments as her age paused to expressed her feelings. Florida told to Dedrick that she never thought that one day someone would also propose her for love and marriage because responsibilities of life eliminated those emotions from her life.

One more truth she revealed him that she in her young ages also had the desires of love and romance like others and that’s why when Dedrick the first man in her life whom she knows very well as a bestie of her younger brother, proposed her she avowed because might be her quench of love erupted which not allowed her to disagree.

Their intimate moments………….

Both crossed their every limit during physical intimacy ……..Dedrick always loves to suck her juicy lips the most. They did foreplay for long hours in the hotel room.

Florida always loves to sleep on his hairy bust where she often sucked his tits.

“Florida while playing with his rocky erected cock! Dedrick aaa hh hh……….Florida now it’s my turn……she dodged but Dedrick with his strong hands squeezed her tits ………..uufff…..he sucked uu Ummm……….. her each organ randomly.”

“ Florida told now give a pause darling! Dedrick in his extreme moments … love the main course is yet not over then how could I? she laughed told, You naughty boy………. now Florida once again squeezed his special private organ in a soft supple way……….finally, their intimate course completed.”

They both undressed under the bed shit avowed for their lifelong relationship.

After 8 years ………………

Florida’s NGO job’s earning made Sam lawyer. He completed his practice under his senior Advocate just a few months ago and now had been planning for his own Chamber.

Her father passed away a year ago. Now Florida’s responsibilities over towards her family as her younger brother now well settled in his life. Their Dedrick who became a Chartered Accountant till waiting for his love Florida to marry her. He now had been getting ready to acknowledge all about their intense 8 years affair.

Would they avowed?……………....

Dedrick told his parents about their affair and decision of marriage to Florida. His parents just stupefied after heard the incoherent decision of marriage with an older aged girl. But they not talked with Dedrick regarding their opinion instead they told Dedrick that they want to talk with Sam regarding their marriage issue as he was the close mate of him.

Dedrick’s parents called Sam in absence of their son and told him “Dedrick and you are bosom so for that intense bonding we also tied up a healthy bonding with your family. As a good wisher for that profound bonding, we often helped Florida financially during emergency though she also returned those cash as an ease EMI without interest.”

“But now the thing is when Florida found that now her father died and she couldn’t borrow money from us for the sake of her father’s treatment then she exercised her ploy by practicing her heartwarming with Dedrick.”

“Moreover as an eloquent she imbued with her honey-tongued for affected Dedrick. As he belongs from a rich status and when she found that she still fighting with her bachelorette then she executes her gambit for her well-settled future.”

“Moreover you are the close mate of our son and also the brother of Florida so in that case, you would definitely aware of their affair and also involved with your sister’s ploy. You both sibling just exploited our son for fulfilling your avidity.”

When dream devastates?………….

Sam after heard all those irrational perspective towards her elder sister now decided that within 7 days he would be solemnized his sister’s marriage with some other guy. But from where he found the groom within a week for her highly qualified 35 years old sister?

He told everything to his mother about his sister’s affair with his close mate and the allegation of Dedrick’s parents towards them. He affirmed his mother about his hard decision about his sister’s soon marriage because now its comes to the question of their social reputation with which he was not at all ready to bargain for his sister’s affairs with a younger rich guy.

Finally, after 3 days, he finalized his sister’s marriage with Edwin 65 years old, a principal of a secondary school who was the client of Sam. Suddenly at the 4th day, he acknowledged Florida that he organized her marriage tomorrow so get ready to go to court tomorrow sharp at 11 am.

Decision thunderstruck her……

Before Florida queried for such straightaway decision to Sam her mother entered at room and summarized her that how Dedrick’s parents started a vicious slander against her.

So she told to Florida that Sam as a younger brother of her felt quite ashamed to spelled out those vicious words in front of her so he took that split second decision for saving her veracious sister from vicious slander from society.

Florida requested Sam and her mother that at least before taking that hard decision of marriage with another guy she wanted to speak with Dedrick as she was quite assured that Dedrick was unaware about his parent’s harsh statement and moreover they both loved each other since 8 years. After spent these long years of intense attachment how could she adopt someone else as her life partner?

After the open confessions about her affair now her mother asked her that how could she love with an underaged guy who designated her as a sister.

Suddenly Sam pointed her that “Only because of you, sister that day I felt so embarrassed in front of his parents that I didn’t found any word to defend against their slander. You are idle of my life since ages then how could you become the cause of my ignominy. Today only for you, our intense friendship abraded.”

Decision solemnized……..

 Florida dumbstricken with his younger brother’s statement. She understood that 8 years ago when they underwent in scarcity suddenly one day Sam offered her that NGO job. She affirmed that job without questioning him about her accomplishment where a Graduate degree was sufficed to meet the criteria for Admin job but she as a triple MA above that criteria confirmed that job because her family was in need of money.

Exactly after 8 years when Sam was humiliated for his sister’s affair, he placed instantly 65 years extreme old aged groom for his sister without had a glance upon his sister’s appropriateness.

Florida always fulfilled her younger brother’s every small wish. Whatever it’s she never said no to him ever in her life since childhood whereas Sam as a younger brother couldn’t be able to fulfill her one wish.

Sam’s ungracious immoral determination eradicated Florida’s life for forever. His egoism became more pretentious than his sister’s blissful life.

Sam could choose a better life partner for her sister Florida but he couldn’t wait for that as he wants to solemnize that marriage during that 7 days. As he never bothered his sister’s compatibility.

Why in those short span of 7 days?……….

Dedrick was out of State for 7 days for auditing a company. When his parents called Sam in their house for humiliating and after that Sam decided that split second decision of Florida’s marriage as he was enough assured that after Dedrick returned from his trip he would not be allowed for that audacity of his Fiance’s marriage with someone else.

Florida knew that both the families took the advantage of her lover’s absence but she was helpless because her own family wasn’t ready to give her at least a daytime so that she could chronicle him about the depth of the situation.

Daydream is not supposed for practical………..

Finally at the 5th day at 11 am the registration marriage solemnized between Edwin and Florida at court witnessed by Sam and his mother.

Dedrick post returned from his auditing trip when came to his friend’s house to met with Florida her mother told him that she got married 2 days ago. Dedrick was stupefied about that statement he asked Sam that why they did so?

As Dedrick never confessed his love to his bosom ever so in that aspect Sam now pretended him as unaware of their affair as he was quite assured that Dedrick’s parents definitely not told him about their confidential meeting with him during his absence.

Now Sam asked his bosom that “why you are getting so hyper my dear friend? Yes, it’s true that Florida is also like your elder sister then why you seemed so annoyed instead of being pleased with that news as she already lately married in her 35 years old. So at least you should must happy about her.”

Dedrick burst with cried told that he loved Florida and they were about to marry then how could she suddenly agreed for this marriage where he already spoke with his parents about them and also planned to tell about their affair to Florida’s mother and Sam, just after coming back from his trip.

Now Sam in his extreme loud told him “my dear friend you already late for your confession. I m your best friend where we shared our each like and dislike then how in those 8 years you played so well behind my back that even I couldn’t smelt your affair for at least once?”

“But the game is over now and its unfortunate that you lost the game and one more thing never tried to interrupt my sister’s marital life ever because now you should keep in your mind that your ever close mate now fully aware about you.”

“So my Eyes are now on you for forever if I found any turbulent in her marital life then I will surely forget that who are you and which I don’t want because I’m not like your parents who never thought for a second before their vicious humiliation.”

Is really age matters for love?…………

Sam couldn’t acknowledge his sister’s affair with an underage guy where Florida only 6 years older to Dedrick but he himself appointed a 65 years old man for his adorable sister where they had 30 years of long gap between them.

Florida told to herself that in real mean now Sam proved as a good Lawyer who did well judgment with his sister by crushing her emotions, who made him Lawyer by wasting her time with age.

She told Sam only one word before she left the house that “You will prove as a superb lawyer very soon as you proved already that there is no place for love and emotion in real life, where none feelings or nothing workout only evidence talks.”

Dedrick cried like a mad he understood that from his parents to Sam all taken the advantage of his non-presence of 7 days. All relationship now dead for him whether it’s his parents or bosom because that sole relationship of his and Florida now died so none relationship matters for him.

Florida now admitted her cruel fate where she definitely slept with her 65 years old aged husband but she forgot the essence of sex for forever. As that temptation was gone from her life with her love Dedrick.


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