How father murder his sleeping baby?

Shame on you……you are the black spot in the name of a Mother…… could u did this and that’s too with your own only child……………..

It’s 11:30 am….Arya and Eban waiting anxiously for their judgment at High court, from relatives to friends even the press also eager about the final decision. Post many hearing dates of court at last after 1 year finally the decision came out. Press covering the news of a death of the one-month-old baby daughter.


Arya a mother of a one-month-old daughter who left her baby locked at home alone while she was at out for 1 hr…. how could be a mother so careless?.when she came to know that her baby had no more in this world? The court now adjourned up to lunch.

What happened exactly 2 years ago?

Arya a software professional and Eban an Electrical engineer did arrange marriage 5 years ago, after 3 years they blessed with a baby girl. Eban who often goes to New York for the sake of his work and here Arya too busy with her office and home.

Nancy peer and good friend of Eban since long years, but for Arya they have one step ahead than friendship. Eban always helped Nancy in many personal aspects of life as she is a single mother of an 8 years’ daughter, who divorced her husband. In fact, while doing the job when Nancy found troubled for handling her daughter alone, at that phase Eban who suggested her to send her daughter to boarding school.

Now Nancy’s daughter who stayed at Boarding hostel comes twice in a year to meet her mother, Nancy felt alone and Eban always accompanied her. And by seeing their so close relationship Arya always had been a fight with him regarding this issue. But neither Eban ready to leave by giving his accompany to Nancy nor Arya ready to accept both of their only friendship relationships. For Eban Arya always suspicious towards him.

Arya’s childhood…….

Arya who belongs to a rich family her father Rian worked at Reserve bank of India. Mother a simple homemaker was very beautiful and was a good singer. Arya is a single adorable child of her parents. She was the apple of her parent’s eyes especially to her father, who fulfilled her all naggings without ever interrupt her. Arya always loves to listen to her mother’s lullaby whenever she feels tired apart from bedtime.

While returning home from office her father always carried gifts and chocolates for her. She was being studied at the top convent school in her area, at 6th standard, always ranked 1st in her class. Almost 14 states she traveled in that small age with her parents. In one word her bringing up was exactly like a princess.

Will this happiness last for long?

Arya’s parents one day went for a felicitation party of her father’s colleague, the Grade A officer of the bank where all couples were invited. While returning on their way to the home they met an accident and both lost their lives in that mishap. The life suddenly shattered within a second for princess Arya.

One amazing fact might shocked you friends about Arya that she doesn’t know how to cry means she never up to that age of 11 years felt for once at least to cry for anything, as she was quite intelligent in her study and secondary her parents always before she demanded for anything would give in her hand. she became silent.

When closed one unmasked their face…………….

Arya brought up in a joint family with grandmother and her uncle and aunt mean her father’s younger brother and his wife with their 2 sons lived along with them. Like typical uncle and aunt, they also quite jealous of her lavish bringing up. Just after that mishap, her uncle amended the property in his name. Even Her grandmother didn’t have that voice to raise against her son and daughter-in-law in favor of her. She left to going school not even played with friends. Seems that Life was suddenly stopped for forever for her, she not even ready to eat nor sleep, just full stop for everything. Not even her uncle and aunt bothered for at least once for her.

They decided to keep Arya with them for forever as a maid (without paid one). In this way days passed by. Here from school, her principal called to his uncle asked about the reason of her non-attending to school, he told that she wouldn’t’ continued her school further anymore as they decided to change the school because their costly fees were not being affordable by them.

One ray of hope arise …………..

One day while mopping the floor suddenly someone entered at their house. Arya amazed by seeing him she ran up to him tightly hold him as if she saw God. He is none other than Som, who was the best friend of Arya’s father, they both were the childhood friend and worked at the same bank.

For Arya, if anyone in this world who could compete for the same affection and be caring like her parents then it’s only her Som uncle because of Som and Rian (Arya’s father), always carried one entity with the different name. They were so close that even Som always felt Arya as his own child though he yet not married. He went abroad for 6 months due to some official work and after returned when came to known about that mishap from his colleagues he was completely shattered.

Now after seeing Arya in that way he was speechless, he without a second delayed gave one proposal to all of them (grandmother, uncle, and aunt) that he wants to adopt Arya legally. By heard that her uncle and aunt just barked at him as they don’t want to leave their free of cost maidservant so easily. Som without uttering any word just went back but Arya stared at him as if her last hope of survival also left her alone in that darkness.

Next day Som with his lawyer came to Rian’s home and handover the legal adoption docs to Arya’s grandmother. When her uncle and aunt not get readied to sign at NOC paper then Som told to all of them either they signed that NOC and let enjoyed the whole property alone or  unless he would move to court against them that “ how could a younger brother trick fully took the whole  property completely in his name whereas as per law his elder brother’s share should be nominated to his children’s name until and unless they meet 18 years of age in that case court would be taken care of his elder brother’s share as a legal heir.’’

By heard all those her uncle and aunt without continued further any argument just signed at NOC papers because they don’t want to share their property with Arya. In this way, Som freed Arya from the brutal cage of her relatives.  Arya without turning back just hold her Uncle’s hand and moved away from that cage.

The new beginning for Arya……

Arya begins her journey by throwing all sadness while holding her Som uncle’s hand. She again started to go to her earlier school, playing with her friends, her life once again came on normalcy track. Som always tried to give her all that happiness which her parents used to flourish on her. In this way, Som fostered Arya now both were accustomed to each other.

Here Som’s mother when found such attachment of her bachelor son towards Arya, it made her quite worried regarding his marriage as for her which girl would ready to accept a guy who already adopted his bosom friend’s child. She decided that at anyhow she would have fixed up her son’s marriage so that his life could be settled. She once told to her Son that he could send Arya at boarding school because tomorrow when he would marry then his wife, wouldn’t have allowed Arya in their personal life. But for Som Arya was more significant than his own marriage.

How she shared her uncle with a stranger?

After 2 years Som got married to Pia, who was a professor by profession, a very matured sensible girl. While arranging their marriage when she came to know about Arya, she couldn’t have had any issue regarding that 13 years of a child, in fact, she was very kind towards her.  Som and his mother were really pleased with Pia.  For Arya, Som always obliged towards his wife.

For Arya, it does not so ease to share her Som uncle with any stranger, because up to now she was accustomed to her uncle’s only focus of attention. Moreover, Som was not the only uncle for her, in fact, he played all role in her life from parent to friend. Earlier they used to go for the outing at every weekend now she didn’t ready to share her all place with her New Aunt Pia. Slowly she turned to violent towards her uncle whenever she found her uncle was being closed with his wife. She even not ready to talk with her new Pia aunt. Now her arrogance shows transparent in her every move.

One day Som’s mother advised her daughter-in-law that why not she convinced her husband to send Arya at the hostel.  Arya heard those words behind the door. Now Pia told Som to Send her at the hostel, he gave her a parody of a smile and told ‘’Pia why you did so late for saying that as its already 6 months passed off our marriage……I was waiting for such even proposals, so I not at all either shocked or get hurt by your kind advice.’’

Now Som was in dilemma but Arya came to him and told directly ‘’uncle I want to go to boarding school, please send me as soon as possible for you.’’  Som understood her psychology as she was a quite intelligent child but still tried to convinced her by saying that whether she could survive without her Som uncle. Arya told her uncle that now he was not only her uncle also the husband of Pia aunt so his first responsibility was towards his wife rather than his adopted daughter. By hearing that Som realized that she was quite grown up as per her age due to circumstances.

Finally entered at boarding school………

Finally, she went to boarding school, Som often went to meet her with her choice able gifts but she now confirmed that like her parents her uncle too left her for the sake of his family. She completed her education and finally completed her management from top B-school. Som did his responsibilities by spending a hefty amount on her fostering and while doing that neither his mother nor wife even dared to interrupt over that, as he kept both of their wishes by sending hostel to his adopted lovable daughter Arya.

In this way, the ebb and flow of her life are controlled by others. She always had the fear of losing her lovable one when she accustomed to them. Her life remained unfulfilled of intense love which she missed up to now as an orphan, for her Som uncle only did his responsibilities and for which she always grateful and obliged towards him.

 Her Marital life ……..

Som arranged her marriage finally with Eban. After their marriage, Arya came to known about Nancy her husband’s best friend. Initially, she doesn’t have any issue about their friendship but later when she found that her husband would have stayed for nights with Nancy then she objected on that and which slowly turned sour to their relationship.

Eban doesn’t fond of kids, in fact after heard the pregnancy news of Arya he suggested her to aborted that. Arya by heard that reacted but he told her directly that he was not at all fond of kids and not being mentally prepared for taking such Diaper responsibilities.

Even when she told about all those to her in-laws with this hope that at least they would definitely be supported her in this significant issue but she amazed more by their views when as a parent they voted for their son’s freedom rather than turned him to responsible familiar person. Now she forcedly tried to protect her pregnancy but it does not so easy for her when already her all closed ones was against of that.

Moreover, she doesn’t have any parents home where she took shelter during those crucial days of pregnancy, where her mother taught her the dos and don ts of those timings.  Her mother-in-law very trick fully served her rich and spicy food made of papaya where her chances of miscarriage were more than 90% and exactly that happened as per their plan. For Arya, it’s another shock in her life when she again lost her closed one after her parents.

 Will fate again favor her?

Now Arya’s in-laws stayed at their native house. Arya here with Eban again by forgetting the past begins the life once again. After a year, she again conceived now this time she decided to hide her pregnancy news from Eban and all until she crossed the phase of 5 months when there wouldn’t be any chance left for further abortion. Moreover, Arya assumed that might be after coming baby Eban’s perspective towards baby and attitude towards her would take a new glossy shape.

In this way, she ultimately succeeds to give birth her daughter though Eban as a father doesn’t adore her baby. Arya got a new life after getting her baby. She was in real mean now in life was blessed by God. She compared that moment exactly when once her life was blessed by  Som uncle when she almost lost her all hope upon life after her parent’ s death.

By hearing that good news her Som uncle with his wife Pia came to blessed her baby with a gold chain having a diamond pendant. But her in-laws after heard that neither felt necessary to see their grandchild nor even they called up Arya at least once to wish her. But Arya now doesn’t bother for all those as she was so happy with her daughter and she knows very well that only in this world if anyone is happy for her then that’s only her Som uncle.

Will she come out from her insecurity?

Arya always had a phobia of losing her closed one. She became an orphan at the age of 11 years then when Som got married she again lost her uncle, next to her first baby whom she lost due to miscarriage. Though she wasn’t happy in her marital life always had that insecurity about her husband. Now she had the intense fear about her newly born baby that if her baby also left her any day.

Eban never turned to his baby because he not at all loves kids. Arya noticed that many times even while doing household chores when the baby cried alone missed her parent’s presence, Eban being present at home just overlooked his baby’s crying, not even he had ever been taken their baby in his lap.

 When Inhumanity goes to extreme……………

One night suddenly her baby daughter was not felt comfort due to the stomachache. When she tried to breastfeed her she was not readied to suck just cried loudly. As a prime mother, she doesn’t get that opportunity to learn all those babies take caring tips neither from her in-laws nor her parents alive to guide her in all those. So, she often called her pediatrician if she found hard to manage on her own. Here her baby not at all stopped crying for 3 hours.

She asked Eban for taking their baby to Dr. but he didn’t bother towards her words nor at the baby. Now her tolerance level busted on him because for her a wife can tolerate the negligence of her husband towards her but a mother will never have allowed such negligence towards her child from her husband. They both fight for an hour terrifically, first time Arya busted her all anger upon him so ferociously without caring about anything because she got frightened as never had been her baby cried for so long, so first time by seeing that she thought to take her to Dr.

All possible ways seem closed………..

During that time 48 hours of transport strike had been going on at state because of just 5 days ago, budget released and Government declared for reduction of fare cost of all public transport due to cost reduction of petrol and diesel oil. But private players not ready to cut off the cost of their tagged fare.

In this between Eban’s car went for servicing which yet not returned from service center for 3 days. So Eban using company’s car for office.

Arya failed to take her baby to pediatrician due to transport strike. so for 1-day temporary relief, her Dr. recommended her few light dosages of medicines for stomachache as he failed to check up the baby thoroughly. Dr. recommended her few home remedies so that baby could sleep at least for the night and next day she would collect those medicines. Her baby slept after applied those home tips now So she waited for morning.  she sat whole night beside her baby without touching food or water. Their Eban calmly enjoyed his sleep after finished his dinner.

At morning, Arya called to chemist for supplied those medicines as soon as but they told that their delivery guys were absent since a day and would also not come that day due transport strike so if she needs it urgently then she should collect it by her own because until delivery boys come, home delivery of medicines wouldn’t be possible to any.

Eban, as usual, went to office without asking for once also about his daughter’s health to Arya nor he had given a look at his baby. Just after he went to the office, Arya thought to go for chemist though her baby now seemed better than last night as she was calmly sleeping.

She thought before her baby wakes up she would take medicines from the shop. So before leaving the house, she minimized the AC of their bedroom by covering her baby with the blanket. Arya applied the humidifier at bedroom before locked the door.

Pros and cons of AC user for infant……

Babies have the tendency of the blocked nose in their first 2 years. Breathing hot steam helps loosen the mucus in baby’s nose to open blocked airways.  As a baby is too small for all those procedures then, in that case, we can use a Humidifier or a mist vaporizer in the room. These keep the air moist which can prevent baby’s nose from drying out, especially during winter. Besides a stiff nose, dried up mucus cab cause nosebleeds.

Mishap or preplanned?

The chemist was 3 km away from her residence she waited for 20 minutes for a shuttle cab then again while returned to the home she failed to get a transport as already half an hour gone now she without waiting for any more for a cab started walking towards home. She had been tried to covered the distance fast because she was worried about her small baby whom she left alone at home.  It took another half an hour to reached her at home.

Almost an hour she was out of the home while entering the basement the security guard of the apartment told her that just now Eban sir also came but left hurriedly. She did not feel necessary to ask about Eban as she was in hurry for home.

After entered the room she took a long breath of relieved when finding her baby had been sleeping calmly till now. But when she took her baby in her lap she found that she was not responding then she shakes her called her loudly but still she doesn’t react to her any reply or action. Arya screamed she called up to the Dr. and told everything by heard that Dr. came at emergency and told her that her baby had already lost her life……………………..

Everything finished in her life just within a second her life shattered for forever. Arya lost her mind, she since her childhood doesn’t know how to cry. When first she lost her parents, now her last hope of life her daughter also left her alone for forever.

Eban blamed her for his child’s death he moved to court for punishing her and to take divorce from her. After heard all, those her Som uncle came to supported her but she in this long one year of court case not uttered a single word against her defense. As per medical supervision, it’s found that due to blocked nose at AC looked room the one month baby failed to breathe so she lost her life.  She had been charged with a serious offense. The court found her act as a serious carelessness towards her one month baby. She imprisoned jail for 7 years………

What was the truth behind the scene?

Arya was very intelligent she never being so careless about her child then how could she left the baby in AC locked room. She used Humidifier and as per medical supervision only babies get rid of the blocked nose when the room is humidified, and before locked the room she used that then why her baby’s nose blocked?

  • Arya and Eban had a long fight about their daughter just the day before the incident at night.
  • Eban that day came back from his way to the office which only Arya knows when her security guard told her about that.
  • Eban loves Nancy but she doesn’t love kid so he already sent Nancy’s child at hostel trick fully.
  • When Arya first conceived, he was not at all ready to accept that so his family trick fully handled her unnatural miscarriage.
  • After the birth of the baby, he and his family never loved or cared about her or her daughter.
  • Even while seeing her baby in her utmost stomachache he not bothered to take her at Dr.

Eban when back from his way to the office on that day he used that mist vaporizer closed to her baby’s nostril so that she stopped her breath by getting such harsh hazardous chemicals. As he wants to get relieved forever from Arya and her daughter. So, he used that trick very wisely so that he get rid of both them at a time in one gunshot.

Arya if tried to save herself from the hand of laws punishment than she could easily place all those grounds as an evidence in her defense then might be Eban today sentenced for behind the bar.

But she didn’t utter a single word in her defense because for her life had already finished with her daughter’s breath so she doesn’t have that interest to prove herself innocent………………



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