How good looks matter in our life?

Good looks!……..
Life becomes easier. Yes, looks matter in life. It’s a sad truth, but the truth it is. Beautiful face grabs attention and it becomes easy to get your things done. Good looks are captivating. It’s now an accomplished fact that attractive people find it easier to get promotions, crack an interview with the same knowledge as an average looking person and get away with things easily.

People judge you on the basis of looks and you get better treatment just because you look good. Beautiful souls are suffering because of ugly faces. It is definitely an unfair advantage one can get. Isn’t it injustice or unfair? It’s all about the face gifted to you which you never requested to have.


Where look is the ultimate word?……

Looks matter a lot especially in some specific professions like in Customer Care related fields, like in Aviation, hospitality industry, sales and marketing, media(acting, modeling and fashion industry). These are those fields where your look is the ultimate word for survive and its pay you the utmost. It’s a firm belief that if you possess an alluring look then you can easily handle to your most irked customer also because beautiful faces on the average are treated better by most average looking people and peoples usually feel discomfort to shout upon beautiful faces. And that’s the reason why the company feels secured to hired good faces so that they could sell their products into the hands of those beautiful employees. As it’s being easier also to capture the attention of peoples without investing much effort and time to convey any message or to sell up any product of their company.

In specific working area……..

Investment professionals….

Almost always, there’s a trend in the people who are selected for the roles of Investment Bankers. Good-looking, tall, broad shouldered men with a baritone who conduct themselves excellently. Yes, they are pretty attractive. They have good knowledge about Finance, but it’s an undeniable fact that they may be chosen over an average guy with a better knowledge of Finance.

Selling and marketing…….

In a study of nearly 300 Dutch advertising agencies, economists found that firms with better-looking executives had higher revenues overall productivity resulting sales, were greater in companies with more attractive managers, partly because firms with more attractive workers have the competitive advantage when client interactions are involved. Companies with good-looking executives have higher sales.

Aviation industry………

I belong from Aviation background where I have seen in Airport that how peoples flock for viewing the air hostess and pilots. Also, I’m the evidence of those incidents … like in case of delayed flight when passenger lost their temperaments, then suddenly the entry of the Air hostess with her honey tongued message, makes the entire ambiance calm within a second.

Hotel industry………..

In the hospitality industry, good looks with personality are the key resort of survival like for receptionist, bartender. Your boss at work will respect you, especially if your job is about dealing with clients and customers.


Looks are what is noticed first, and they are what make the first impression. And as the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, unless it is deliberately messed up with. There are professions in which you simply won’t make it 99 times out of 100 if you do not have good looks such as fashion, modeling, cinema, media, etc.

 In reality shows like The X Factor, it’s not about who has the most talent, it’s about who’s more attractive because they know that more people will buy albums of attractive people than the latter. Hardly anybody cares about talent and hard work in comparison to the appearance in the music or acting industry, and who knows what other segments of the profession. Like a beautiful actress like Charlize Theron had to show her acting chops playing Aileen Wuornos in Monster before people could look past her pretty face and see her for a talented thespian, not just a model cum actress.

When the good look is mandatory?………..

Dating…..In dating, it matters a lot. It matters a lot for women to be physically attracted to a male. It matters for a man as well but not nearly to the same extent. This is because men are very perceptible when it comes to mate selection.

Marriage…..Marriages fail or even fail to happen in the first place because of looks. There are numerous people who have been rejected or ended their marriages because their partners cheat on them. These are because of attractions and attention outside the marriage. So yeah, if you’re ugly for your spouse or for your would be spouse, then there might be a problem.

Interview………. Looks in the sense of presentation. Always be clean, neat, presentable. Either be clean-shaven or keep that beard nice and well-trimmed/well-formed.
I’m sharing my personal experience at Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess training, one of the worlds number one best air hostess training Institute, where we have been trained and groomed for our overall personality development.

Your personality is what matters always, no matter where, when or with whom you are. Now if your personality is bad, no one is going to hire someone who is bad. Be confident, know what you’re looking for or to say that ”I DONT KNOW THIS”or something such if you don’t know the answer to a particular question, then never underestimate the interviewer’s analysis because it’s wise to surrender that you don’t know the answer than to rather just throwing random crap and hoping it turns to be true.

Advantages of good looks…………

It’s now an established fact that attractive people find it easier to get promotions, crack an interview with the same knowledge as an average looking person and get away with things easily. It matters in your professional and social life as well. For starters, good looking people earn more money and are generally presumed to be more trustworthy.

In educational Institute.…..

It has been found that also in top B-School, there’s a big commonality in the people who get really famous across the batch. It isn’t by the virtue of their academic background or any astounding skill, just by the virtue of their good-looks.

The opposite gender will always be extremely kind to the best-looking lot in the college and they receive a lot of help in many ways like to help them in Assignments of various subjects, Surveys during Marketing Research, Clubs- Committees pre-process etc

 Social connections…..

Beautiful people are usually more confident in social interactions, Specifically when expressing themselves. Apparently, because they feel confident that people won’t judge them.

Attractive people are more socially accepted. They generally have more friends, better jobs, and people like them better and treat them with more respect, more likable and trustworthy. They get mates earlier. They can make more social connections in a short time.

Fairness at Work………..

Research showed that the more attractive person was more likely to get the job and be offered more money even they give a lot of people that one chance which could change their lives forever than the unattractive applicant. Generally, the unattractive will earn about $5000 per year less than the attractive. When submitting work the attractive will be praised for average work and the unattractive will have to submit a high standard to get the same level of praise.

Favour from stranger……..

Also, a good-looking person is more likely to be the beneficiary of help by a random stranger than a person who doesn’t possess good looks be it in getting lifts, seeking assistance in project work, or special favors like jumping the queue by pleading with someone further ahead to buy their tickets.

Allure in court………..

Studies showed in the case of rape…Physically attractive victims and defendants are shown greater sympathy than those lower in physical attractiveness.
Assailants were more likely to be found guilty if the victim was beautiful.
Defendants who were unattractive were found guilty by 82% of jurors
Defendants who were highly attractive were found guilty by only 52% of jurors
For legal crimes and social offenses, the physically attractive are treated more leniently, given milder punishment.

In civil cases receive more favorable outcomes and receive larger amounts of money. It is hard to believe that there are advantages of beauty even for rapists but that is how humans are built and we can’t help ourselves unless we are aware of how pervasive the advantages of beauty.

In relationship ……….

Looks are the first thing that attracts you to a person.If you don’t feel attracted to anyone then you don’t get into any relationship with him/her. Attraction is just the beginning of a relationship but is mandatory. This doesn’t mean that if you feel attracted to someone then you may end up having a relationship with him…But for a relationship mutual attraction is must and that is why looks are very important in a relationship.

Special treatment from majority……

 The advantages of being attractive seem to be endless. Attractive people have an unfair advantage in almost all places, whether it is at school, work, the restaurant or any other place, attractive people receive a special treatment wherever they go, receive compliments from their family, friends and even strangers more often than less attractive people. Especially women, some even get tired of being complimented all the time.

Is Personality matters more than looks?………

 Grooming matters a lot in all aspect of the working field nowadays especially a good hair style, clean and good-smelling skin, clean shaven and well-chosen clothes, etc. Looks matter, but there are many very successful people who do not usually have “good looks.” The thing which matters more is how one presents themselves.

People who definitely don’t take care of themselves, who haven’t trimmed hair are dirty or smelling, who wear clothes that are unkempt, will not be treated as well as people who obviously take care of themselves. This may or may not be fair, but it happens.

Therefore, “presentation” matters more than “looks” even though looks do matter. A charming handsome who not groomed properly or presents neatly is likely to get a worse reception than a bad looking person who is groomed or presents decently.

Looks in the sense of Presentation matters a lot, say in case of your degree is worst it doesn’t matter. It will only get you in through the door and interviewer won’t even ask you about it, because to be very frank, that’s what your resume is for. So what else can you add beyond your resume? YOUR PERSONALITY! So only your Personality can make you unique from thousands of other people applying for that post with similar degrees.

Disadvantages of good looks……….

  • The biggest disadvantage of having good looks is being perceived as a snob. If a beautiful person attains a position of high value, they are often considered to be ‘getting by on their looks’ instead of making it on their skills or talent.
  • People expect you to be less talented. Especially in academics and work-field arena. Good-looking people can get insecure themselves about making it on their skills and not their appearance when they perceive their career progress as unjustified and people who have gotten by on their looks can get into serious psychological problems when their looks start to fade.
  • Beautiful women are much more likely to succumb to eating disorders or plastic surgery to increase their almost flawless beauty to become a 100% beautiful.
  • If you are a woman, men will often assume you are very sexually experienced, because they will assume that it is impossible for a woman so beautiful to be so pure, since men are constantly chasing after her. When you give people an inch, they try to take a yard. You’re surrounded by fake people.
  • Studies found that the ‘halo effect’ claims the perception of physical attractiveness is also a double-edged sword. Where people are likely to ascribe a host of positive qualities to attractive people, they are also more likely to believe that good-looking individuals are vain, dishonest, manipulative and likely to use their attractiveness for deceitful purposes.
  • Insecure men don’t trust their girlfriends and vice versa. People think up excuses to touch you/invade your space/start talking to you/violate your privacy.

What matters truly?…………

Good Looking people might have an advantage in their first impression. But it is totally untrue that first impressions last forever. They Don’t. We humans have always been attracted to emotions rather than looks.

Looks do matter.
They might have an advantage.
But only until you ACT or SPEAK.
Actions always replace looks.

People who depend too much on their looks, might not learn to work as hard as someone who has no option but to get to their goals through their own hard work. The same can be said about money matters. People who come from money have an easier time. Luckily, people who don’t come from money learn how to work harder.

On the contrary, looks may not matter much in the case of hiring a Data Science Ph.D. candidate. Also in some other professions such as Doctor or Engineer hiring people don’t bother much about their looks. Average-looking people who cannot ‘survive’ on their appearance alone, tend to focus on their skills and talents to make themselves successful, and they have fewer problems with growing older and losing their looks.

Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Mick Jagger, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa…These are all those great Idols of our life who achieved the highest position despite being their average looks.

In the end, your skills and talents and how you use them will matter in life. If looks were important to succeed in life, a lot more powerful people would be beautiful as well. Since there are a lot of average looking people who are extremely successful at life, your appearance is only moderately important to succeed, and there are other, more important factors, that will matter in your life.

So don’t crave for what you don’t have in spite grown up your Skill…Experience..Talent…these worth you in real mean till the end of life! 


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