How greed and lust cost her life?

Daisy is waiting for Kael since for 2 hours. Today they are going to give a new shape to their relationship after 6 years of an intense affair. She is waiting anxiously for him in her white marriage gown holding white flowers bouquet in her hand. Seems like dreams are coming true. Daisy now called up him, it’s coming switched off………….


Mack living with his 12 years’ son Tej. Tej missed his mother but didn’t dare to tell to his father, as his father did not like to remember his wife anymore. But for a child, it’s hard to judge the right and wrong about his parents.

Mack did love marriage with Daisy 14 years ago, their parents not at all supported to them, as Daisy belongs from a poor family and Mack’s parents don’t found her well matched as per their high status. Daisy who left parents’ home in single wearing by holding the hand of Mack and tie the knot at church.

Mack attached with a recognized organization and earn quite well. Both were happy in their marital life and after 2 years they were blessed with baby boy.

Daisy who brought up in a poor family always wished to see herself as a rich man’s wife, because for her happiness belongs to only rich persons. She thought that after marriage she would bless with Mack’s rich family and she would also get the opportunity to designate herself as rich family’s daughter-in-law where she would be allowed to enter at those events and parties which she had never been seen in her life.

But due to the sake of their son’s happiness, Mack’s parents unwillingly accepted Daisy after the birth of their grandchild. Mack never compromises with his self-respect, so after offered by his parents to stay them along with his family he denied his parents. As after getting married to Daisy he had stayed separately with Daisy in a small rented apartment.

When deprived of desires………

After her marriage when Daisy found that her dream of staying at big bungalow not get fulfilled she dejected but tried to look cheerful in front of Mack. Mack’s decision of denied to stays with their parent’s big bungalow made Daisy quite agitate towards his morality.

Now she not at all ready to see herself as a middle-class family’s wife. As days are passed by her craving goes high. Mack failed now to fulfilled her all unwanted urges. Now friction started between them. Daisy often insulted him as for why she chooses him as a husband in her life as she had been seen those scarcities and poverty very closely in her life since ages. But Mack always consoled her with his love and patience.

Mack at any cost wanted to happy her so he started working hard on fulfilling her all wishes. He started a side business to earn more. Their son now started school. Now they owned a car but small one which didn’t match her choice but for show off to the society she always one step ahead in all those issues. Whereas for Mack all those things don’t matter though he belongs from a high-class family where he was quite accustomed to all those lavish lifestyles but after married to Daisy post separation from his own family he himself thrown his all such desires because he wanted to prove all and Daisy that he had that eligibility to stand on his own without anyone’s support.

Daisy now slowly mingled with high-class women loves to attend those club, parties. She slowly changed her way of living and their Mack for his business expansion often goes to Dubai, even he left his job for grown-up his business. 2 years passed away in this way.

Entry of someone special ……..

Kael, 40 years handsome a finance advisor met with Daisy at an event. Both at their initial days reluctant to disclose their identity of married. Daisy in her 35 years pretending as a single with a sexy look who was in search of a perfect mate. Both exchanged their numbers, hobbies, likes, interest, goals with each other. Now they often met spent long hours at lonely.

Almost 3 months gone when their closeness turned to affair now Daisy had been developing her feelings towards Kael.  Though she had the fear within her that how Kael would react upon her married status when he came to know about that. Moreover, she carried another fear of disclosed her identity truth if by someone else at any party or any event where almost all were aware of her status as a married woman having a 7 years old son then how could she handled that very embarrassing moment. so, she decided to reveal her identity to Kael.

One day when Mack was out of the country for his business, she called Kael to her home when her son Tej was at school and his returned time was at 4:30 pm. She wore a pink chiffon georgette sari. While waiting for him she went on intense brainstorming. It’s 1:30 pm, the doorbell rang up, her heart beats running firstly. She opened the door, welcomed him and made him ease at her drawing room ‘s silence. She offered him coffee and snacks but Kael was not in the mood of had anything. She without delayed just forward to the kitchen for making coffee to him.

Kael while waited for her at sofa his eyeball just supervising to each corner of her house. Suddenly he saw a frame. The image of Daisy with a child where the child kissing her cheek. He took the frame in his hand tried to guess in the meanwhile Daisy entered with hot coffee. By seeing her he placed the frame in its exact place. Daisy noticed that but wouldn’t say anything as she was eager to hear that query about that image from Kael. She gave hot coffee in his hand and told him to sit. While sipping the coffee, he asked her about that child at that image.

How revealed the truth in their intimate moments …..

Daisy was silent waiting for his last sip of coffee, he compliments few good words about her home and to her, now he finished his coffee. Daisy by crossed her fingers told him that the child whom he saw with her in that image is none other than her only 7 years old son Tej. Her husband Mack, a businessman who goes often out of the country. They did love marriage 9 years ago, without their parent’s acceptance. Daisy was quite serious now she waited for his reaction upon her said wordings.

The total ambiance was pin drop silence, suddenly her phone rang up……..Mack called her but she prioritized at that moment’s seriousness so not received that. After heard all those Kael laughed at her and asked why she didn’t tell him up to now about all those? Daisy failed badly when she found that he gave her a parody of a smile. So, she felt reluctant, for further communication to him.

Kael understood that she might felt embarrassed at that moment so he holds her, kissed her forehead and told “darling I want to forgive you as I also hide about mine personal status.’’

She stared at him told why he wants to forgive her, in fact, she should have apologized for her such lie. Then he told her that ‘’he had divorced and have 2 children of 3 years and 5 years old, both the children stayed with their mother.’’  Now it’s her turn of reacting upon his said wordings. But she also showed her maturity when she found that both did the same act of hiding their past and present to capture each other’s attention.

Now both felt light in each other’s warm hug. Kael slowly kissed her forehead, cheeks, lips…..both engrossed in that very special moment. Distance covered very soon from drawing to the bedroom. They physically intimate by forgetting all past and present status of theirs. Both felt the utmost satisfaction of lust from where they not ready to come out. As if both were waiting for that moment.

Now they became utmost intimate to each other. Daisy’s love towards him became intense as days passed by. His all wordings hinted towards her as if she was the most significant person in his life than rest all others.

Engaged by professionally……

Their Mack became engrossed in his business at its full-fledged. He now stayed for months at Dubai. And usually visited 5 or 7 times to home country for a fortnight.  And here Daisy with Kael. Kael now proposed Daisy to joined in his financial advisory business, Daisy also eager and excited to see herself as self-dependent because as a housewife she was quite bored in his regular regime. First time by getting such direct opportunity from someone made Kael as an idol for her life.

Tricks of profit and loss of business……

Kael now made her learned in all aspects of finance business. Very soon within 6 months, she learned those basics. The main goal of an advisor is how to influence your client by applying your wiser ticks of usage of the fund invariant aspects of investment. overall, it’s a selling procedure of your own choice able product and in return to earn handsome commission on that.

Kael always deals with rich profile clients. Earlier he alone goes to meet with them to convince them for investment where many times clients also felt bored upon his random speech about any product.

Now he takes Daisy along with him to their clients and he found that clients now gave a quick and positive response on the first or second meeting while for the same thing earlier he used to visit them many times to influence them as per his recommendation. So now they both started to visits client along.

Daisy now completely changed her lifestyle and look. She now dressed up bold with high heels and dark glasses. She profoundly engaged in her job. Even now they both often used the bed at hotels. Both crossed the limits of each inch of their illicit relationship.

Daisy now quite happy as she was freed from scarcity in her life from forever, Kael always gave her commission amount timely, she never asked for that to him as he was strict in his profession. Now slowly they turned to the partner of their finance business.

Daisy’s desires of lust were increased day by day seemed like she doesn’t want to come back to her simple housewife lifestyle or ever gave full stop on that. Now she became so desperate that even she compromised bed with rich high profile clients to earn in full hands. Their business now going to touch the hike level. Here Kael also quite pleased by getting such extravagant partner. Now they only deal with strong database profiles.

Within 5 years both became richer. Kael saved the bulk amount in his account and their Daisy also saved but not that much like him. As her big amount goes on her own lavish expense.

How relationships changed suddenly?

Tej, Daisy’s son now 12 years old. Mack now permanently shifted his business to India because in those past 6 years, he worked very hard for establishing his business and he did that by earned bulk amount.

He noticed that her Daisy was completely changed from her looks to the attitude in those long gaps of 6 years.

Even her behavior was quite unusual towards him and their son Tej. So, he asked her about that sudden change. But Daisy overlooked his wordings as she knows very well that she was not at all her wife anymore because Kael was everything for her life. Even now she felt that her freedom of going out would be interrupted by Mack.

Mack tried to felt her special by gifting her precious Diamond sets along with 5* hotel dinner which he failed to fulfill in their initial days. So, he wanted to give her all those things for which she often fights with him. He wants to fulfill those gaps.

But for Daisy now those Diamonds and 5*hotel dinner were not so precious like earlier, as she had been using those in alternative days with her business clients. She in fact now more eligible than Mack to get that lavishness of life.

Time for taking decision…….

Daisy told everything to Kael, even she told him that she didn’t want to stay with his husband anymore so would he marry her? By hearing that marriage proposal Kael instantly accepted that now they both were quite excited for their upcoming marital life but Kael only conditioned to her that ‘’she will have left her son Tej, at her husband exactly the way he did by left his 2 children at his wife’s custody.

She agreed with his condition as for Daisy now Kael is her everything not even up to these long she had been proved herself as a caring mother nor a wife. She was so attached to her high-class status that for the sake of its sustained she would ready to leave her family without any second thought. As her brought up in poverty and deals scarcity of lavishness in her marital life taught her well that how to become the richest woman in society within a short span.

Alter her marriage when her rich in-laws separated them from their lavish lifestyle she was quite deprived though her husbands earned quite good but it’s failed to fulfill her unwanted lust of life. So, after getting that opportunity by holding the hand of Kael she doesn’t have any objection even by selling herself every night for finalized the deal with her finance business related clients.

Earn from 3 sources from 1 business………………..

In these way, she earned from 3 sources, first, those clients paid her for that night bed sharing, second, the client accepted their investment product from where she would earn the commission amount and finally her partnership in the business where Kael shared the amount with her from their overall business profit as per month.

Life had been changed……

Daisy told Mack that ‘’she now loves someone else because her loneliness in those past 6 years forced her to fall in love again in her life. Kael was the one in her life who killed that vacant in her life once again and who understood her better than anyone else on this Earth. Now she wanted to marry him soon.’’

By hearing her such daring and bold confession, Mack shocked. He told her that whatever he did it’s for the sake of her because she was earlier not pleased with his job’s earning. So, to earned more for fulfilling her lavishness he was engaged at full-fledged in his business and now when he had everything then why she was ready to leave him and their son alone?

Daisy not ready to listen his any voice that much adamant she was in her decision even Mack wanted her to give a more chance to their marital life for the sake of their Son’s future but she doesn’t bother to any.

Finally, after 3 months’ separation, they divorced mutually.

New beginning or the end is waiting …..

18th June 2015 the day when Daisy and Kael going to exchange rings by making promises to stay with each other for forever. Those rings are blessed by priest first to instill love and faith between the two. But will they able to keep those promises for forever?

She was waiting anxiously for him in her white shoulder cutting marriage gown by holding the white bouquet in her hands. 2 hours passed but his mobile was at switched off mode. Now she worried about Kael, as of now he had never been so irresponsible about timing then what made him so late in that very special day of their life?

Now it’s evening, 5 pm she frightened. Due to intense fear her all desires ebbed. She went back by thrown the bouquet on church gate at her rented apartment which Kael had taken for her until they get married. When she returned at home found a letter at the doorstep.

She shocked after read that where he has written that he diverted his mind and not in the mood to marry a slut …

Suddenly the landlord came and told her that she should be left the flat by tomorrow itself as Kael didn’t pay the rent of that and already he served noticed to Kael to vacant that and Kael promised him to vacant the flat on that day itself.

She without delayed a second just ran up to ATM for withdrawal cash to give due rent to her landlord but while swapping the debit card she found its shown zero balance…………….

Next day she went to the bank for scrutinized about her bank savings details and she found her all cash had been withdrawal within that one month. She understood since a month when she was so busy for her upcoming life planning with Kael exactly in those busy scheduled days he took the signature of her by fraudulently in her all savings docs. Now she hadn’t left any money to either for survival or to pay rent.

Kael’s love brings her on road. She released that the way she left her loving husband and son exactly Kael ditched her. He taught her the real lesson of life after 6 years of affairs where she lost her everything neither she could be returned to her family nor she had the money or data to start up her self-business.

Kael used her roughly when she found that she had an intense desire of lust where she gets ready to compromise with her morals very easily. He made money by utilizing her physic. For Kael, it’s not so hard to read her mind when at their earlier days, he found that how a married woman despite having such lovable husband and child hide her original identity just to fulfilled her lavishness.

Though Kael himself also hide his divorced status to her but for Kael, it’s his past which not at all any existence with his present but Daisy denied her present existence for fulfilling the quenched of her thirst.



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