How suddenly positive relationship changed the life?

Bani………. just will you please keep quiet? Why can’t you behave like normal? We all are tired of your such wordings. At least grow up now, you are going to college? What do others think about your such arrogance?


Bani’s family….

Bani’s father Mr. Zitesh, working in a private company, her mother Neru is a homemaker. Her elder brother Rony studying at standard 10th. Hiten, Neru’s elder brother, uncle of Rony and Bani. Hiten who was very close to his one and only younger sister. He has 2 daughters, Hiten and his wife often came to Neru’s home to meet with Bani and Rony. They both love them a lot.

Bani and Rony have a strong bonding, as a younger sister she always takes care of her elder brother since from childhood. They often fight like small kids. Bani’s parents love them a lot. Hiten’s wife often cooked choice able dishes for Bani to feed her.

Rony is a mentally challenged 20 years’ boy. He always needs special take care all time. Neru all time takes care of her son. Even while doing household chores her one eye is always stick on Rony. She not for a second too left her son alone at the house.

Because he do many such unusual things due to his mental disorder like throwing utensils just after finishing his food, shouting and laughing  loudly  without any reason,  drawing at walls, sucking his thumb, his eating habit quite differs from us, he usually intake 2 plate meal at a time that’s why he is bulky, overall his age fluctuates with his mind development which shows  he still behaves exactly like a 5 or 6 years old boy whereas he is now 20 years old.

How did this happen?

Rony not born with that mental disorder. Zitesh and Neru were very happy when Rony their first child was born. Dr. told that their baby was quite healthy and his weight was completely perfect no such internal defects too he had. In fact, up to 3 years, everything was going quite smooth.

Suddenly one day little Rony started behaving abnormally like he throws toys or whatever found under his gripping upon his parents or who so ever came in front of him, then he not felt necessary to reply her parents when Neru called him like he used to do at earlier. They overlooked those as he was too young only 3years old.

But with time his abnormality showed prominent to them. They went to Dr.and after doing all test they confirmed about his mental disorder.

Is it superstition or fact?

As per Neru its all happened due to her, she was responsible for this mishap. As just after the birth of Rony (as per Indian tradition and rituals) eunuch came to bless her one-month-old baby boy while doing those rituals those eunuchs used to dance and sing with that small baby and bless that baby in return the family of that baby gives them money and clothes.

But Neru don’t believe in such orthodox rituals so she laughed by seeing all those eunuchs and insulted them, so while returned back eunuch cursed Neru that ‘the son for which she feels so happy on his birth very soon it turned into a forever sadness, as today she laughed on their physical look exactly one day will soon come in her life when the world will laugh at her son’s physical look.’

So, the curse of eunuch came to true as per Neru. Once she laughed at eunuch’s looks today the world is laughing at her son’s abnormality.

How a parent accepts that trauma?

For any parents on this Earth, it does not so easy to accept that trauma. For Zitesh and Neru it’s like a disaster which they not at all ready to accept at any cost but nothing is in their hand. Neru who became a rock she forgets to react and smile, not even she talked with Zitesh or with anyone else.

Day by day she too turned like a mad by thinking this one thought that their only son is now proved as a mentally challenged and he will lead his whole life under dependence upon her. Her all dreams about her son now suddenly broke in million pieces.  She now forgets to eat and drink water nor she cooked food for Zitesh and for her only she cooked for her son.

Slowly her body too responded to that. Zitesh almost tried his level best to made her normal but as a father, he failed. Hiten and his wife too consoled her but none’s wordings of consolation worked on Neru. For Neru it’s toughest to come out from that trauma.

How crisis change their life?

Here Hiten who had already 2 daughters his wife again going to birth their 3rd child with this hope that this time God might grace upon them by giving them a gift as a son, as they had strongly wished for son consistently after 2 daughters. But this time Hiten’s wife gave birth to another baby girl. After knowing that Hiten and his wife both got upset, as they have now 3 daughters.

Hiten who worked as a storekeeper in a grocery shop, his earning was not sufficed for running the family of 6 members, his parents, wife, 2 daughters and himself above that one additional member of a baby girl.

As a parent Hiten and his wife had already a big stress of how to settle their 2 daughters by giving them arrange marriage because they were poor and for them to sustained the expense of 6 life was really the toughest issue above that one more daughter means one more biggest issue of accumulation of fund for her marriage expense.

Their Zitesh and Neru was going through tremendous pain for their only son’s illness.  Zitesh was now really worried for 2 life one his son another his wife because Neru was slowly going under depression. warned Zitesh that before it’s too late he must take utmost care of his wife for getting her normal. Zitesh already lost all hope of life.

When the sacrifice change their life?

By seeing all those Hiten and his wife decided to give their newly born baby girl to his sister Neru. As they thought Neru might come out from that pain if she gets another newly born baby in her lap. So Hiten and his wife finally hand over their baby girl legally to his younger sister Neru and Zitesh.

Zitesh and Neru were speechless about their such sacrifice. For both, it’s like a God’s blessing in their life to live the life again. They with wide arm welcomed their daughter and named her Bani. They forget their utmost pain slowly day by day.

For Zitesh it’s like a daydream about which he never dreamt and moreover, after getting a newly born baby Neru was quite stabilize in those situations. Only baby Bani made her normal again with her innocence. Now for Zitesh and Neru their only focus was how to brought up their 2 kids by throwing all worries about their son’s disease.

Zitesh by seeing again normal to his wife and family, now decide to do something for his brother-in-law Hiten. So, he gave 3 lakhs rupees to Hiten as a gift money as he and Neru want to see her brother settlement in his life.

After getting that bulk amount from Neru, Hiten now started his own grocery shop business. For Hiten and his family to it’s like entering a new life by throwing the poverty from their family for forever. In this way, Hiten and his wife too obliged towards Zitesh and Neru.

A new beginning of life……….

Zitesh and Neru were not ready to share this bitter truth about their son’s illness and the secret of Bani’s birth with the outside world. As for them now Bani is their daughter though legally but not biologically, so they decided that they would change that rented house and would shift to a different locality.

Hiten and his family often came to meet with Bani and Bani too waited anxiously for her uncle, aunt, and her 2 cousin sisters, in fact, Rony to loves their presence, in this way both Hiten and his wife strongly bonded with Bani by caring the relationship of uncle and aunt.

Here Bani and Rony were growing with time. Rony now started to go for mentally retarded school and Bani now just entered at kindergarten school. Now Hiten too doing good in his business. In this way both the families going well.

Zitesh after few years bought a new flat, now they live there. Rony now day by day recovering as per medical supervision and guidance. Bani too completed her 12th board exams. Their Hiten gave marriage to his 2 daughters.

Rony now 21 years old and Bani 18 years old. Both sibling now stepped in adolescence. Bani is now proud of her parents as she cracked her board exams with 78%. Rony now at 10th standard, as he is doing the study as per his mental capability, so his parents are quite happy with his slow progress.

What was the fear?

Neru always had a fear about the secret of her daughter’s birth that what will happen when Bani came to know the truth about her birth? So, she took the promise from her brother Hiten and his wife that at any cost they would not reveal that truth ever in front of Bani.

Zitesh and Neru later realized that the secret may be unknown to the outer world but what about their close relatives, who already known that from the very beginning. Moreover, at the time of giving marriage to Bani, it will mandatory for the groom to make aware of that secret of Bani’s birth.

Moreover, they thought what will happen if any relative tells that truth to Bani in absence of them. Then it will intolerable for Bani to listen to those truths from other’s mouth. So, both Zitesh and Neru decided to unfold that bitter truth when she will step at her adolescence for capable of understanding those life issues.

Why couldn’t she accept the truth? 

Now Bani starts to going college. So, the time came now, when Neru and Zitesh decided to reveal the truth about her birth. Both with holding their breath told that truth with utmost take care of her emotion.

Suddenly for Bani, all tag of relations changed. Now her parents, elder brother changed from a father, mother, brother to uncle, aunt, cousin and her uncle, aunt, cousin sisters turned to a father, mother, elder sisters. She just laughed loudly on her Fate.

Now the soft-spoken Bani suddenly changed her voice tone, seems like feeling exhausted from the relationships. She often talks harshly with all of them now. She now not at all welcoming her uncle and aunt means Hiten and his wife.

Only Rony is the one with whom her behavior was same as like earlier. She still fights with him exactly like kids, played with him, help him in his study, feeds him. Actually, for Bani the definition of the relationship might be changed for all except her elder brother Rony whom she loved the most in this world and Rony too quiet feel comfort in her ambiance only.

How did she reveal the truth?

Day by day she turned to violence against all of them. By seeing all those Neru once told her personally that if she found her mother Neru as a guilty then whatever punishment she would decide for her mother, it would be gladly accepted by her mother.

Bani doesn’t have any allegation towards her mother Neru because, for Bani,  Neru not went to her brother to ask for his newly born daughter as a healer for her. Moreover, Neru already was in trauma when she came to know about her only son’s mental disability.

Her only anger was upon Hiten and his wife because she understood very well that as a parent their 3rd baby girl daughter became the burden of their life. For her, if they weren’t eligible for brought up a child then why should they gave birth.

Moreover, for Bani may be her parents Zitesh and Neru named that donation of baby girl child as a sacrifice of their brother Hiten but for Bani they not at all did any sacrifice because they don’t have money to brought up their unwanted baby girl child so they very trick fully handed over their baby daughter to their utmost close relative with this hope that they would be praised for that noble cause.

Not only Hiten did all those with the hope of praise but also, they taken money from Zitesh and Neru as a gift offered by them for their better future though he personally not demanded any money in return for their so-called sacrifice even they not also denied when Zitesh and Neru offered them as a gift of 3 lakhs.

It shows that Hiten knows very well from the beginning that if he would do this noble work of sacrifice then Zitesh would pay him a huge amount, without thinking 2nd time because for Zitesh, as a gentleman his self-respect would force him to do that. If Hiten did that in a real mean of sacrifice, then he should never accept that money offered by his sister Neru ever.

So, Bani now revealed one more bitter truth which might not be aware by all. She told that by accepting the money Hiten changed the definition of sacrifice into a solid deal for securing his better future. Her biological parents lost their respect for forever in front of her. Now She gladly accepted her legally adoptive parents as her real parents in front of society.



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