How the law of Karma gives wounderful justice?

How the birth of a child became the cause of justice by Law of Karma followed by 3 generation? Mr. Bingham the first his son Aidan the second and Bhav the third generation …………

Is there any scientific logic behind the Law of Karma if yes then how?


Mr. Bingham the elder Presbyter of Temple whose wife passed away few years ago lived with his only son Aidan whom he brought up with all spiritual knowledge with ethics and moral principles of life.

Live the life with ethics………….

Mr. Bingham has differed from rest others priests of the temple. He never earned a single rupees from the fake cause of ritual by creating fear in peoples in the name of God in his entire life. After his ritual performance, whatever peoples used to pay him as fees with their wish he accepted them gladly for his sustaining of simple life.

His only motto of life was to awaken the society from the darkness of ignorance by spreading free spiritual knowledge about God and its Worship. He wanted to aware peoples from irrational beliefs about God where they often act like a puppet in the hand of a  priest.

He told to peoples that ”never dare to donate a single rupees or any valuable assets in front of  God because he is the Supreme Almighty who made this Universe. Each and every creature of this cosmos is his own creation who has abundant in his hand to feed his every creature.”

Also told ”if you want to donate anything then help  a poor beggar and a handicapped person because they need you and by helping those ailing person you will indirectly serving God as a donation for the noble cause.”

Became the idol for society…………..

Mr. Bingham’s such unconditional dedication towards the society not only made him famous among all other priests but also society idolized him. He always helps poor by providing them free education and knowledge about modern and ancient society.

He never believes in caste for which during his period as an elder Presbyter of the temple peoples from all caste enjoyed every festive thoroughly because he never paused anyone from entering the temple because for him all have been carrying equal status in front of the Supreme Soul.

So, Mr. Bingham and his family stand as an exemplified of honesty. Though he did not earn sufficient wealth for his family but he earned a dignified life. The Society honored him for his good deeds.

When moral hinders ……………..

Earlier peoples often donates good amount to the temple charity purpose where the bulk fund clandestinely swallowed by other clergymen of the temple but post-Priestly Ordination of Mr. Bingham as an elder Presbyter he paused all those ill acts as for him it’s Sin act because people’s faith gave them that honorable status of priest who served the God with utmost faith for serving knowledge the peoples.

Now other clergymen often interrupted by their elder Presbyter because they very often forced peoples for participating in rituals by contributing their open-hearted donation in the temple donation box. Even they pushed peoples for performing various holistic rituals where they could earn with full hands.

Foundation of Priestly Ordination…………….

Now the time came when Mr. Bingham was ready to hand over the responsibility of his work to his only son Aidan 21 years old, whom he brought up under his patronage. So society was quite affirmed about Aidan that he would definitely follow his father’s footstep for build up a polished fearless society who would surely throw all irrational beliefs about rituals and caste which they had been following since ages.

He often found that priest after getting that honorable rank misused that for satisfying their personal desires where the status is symbolized for aware peoples about God and it’s True Worship. So before he handover that highest post to his son he alert and warned him about the significance of that highest rank.

Post rituals and functions of Priestly Ordination where the earlier elder Presbyter Mr. Bingham Solemnized the rituals and gave the responsibility officially to his son Aidan the new elder Presbyter of the temple. All priests blessed and congratulated Aidan with flowers. Aidan was so happy by getting such honor by all clergymen.

 perspective changed ……

With time after a year when Aidan understood the depth of the significance of his head clergy post where he had lots of opportunities to earn with two hands by utilizing the treasure of the temple. His views now changed.

Aidan now charges fees for his ritual performance from peoples which enhanced its aspiration about earning money with easy way. Since his childhood, he found that his father’s honesty only feeds them 2 times meal with a simple lifestyle where he never asked for money from anyone while performing his ritual performance.

But few clergymen in that temple had been following Mr.Bingham’s principles of honesty and discipline with whom Mr. Bingham performed all free spiritual guidance for awakening the society from the ignorance of superstitious notion.

By seeing Aidan’s greediness other clergymen also untied themselves from the strict norms of Mr. Bingham norms of unconditional service of rituals and spreading of spiritual knowledge at free which he imposed during his period.

They all were really pleased with their new elder Presbyter Aidan. Because after a long time those priests got the way again to earn with their two hands. With time now Aidan with rest other greedy priests became desperate with their ill acts of earning money in the name of ritual and festivals.

Proved as a black spot……………. 

When Mr. Bingham came to know from society about his son’s audacity of earning money from poor peoples by the name of God, he warned him for his greediness. But his greediness went on extreme as days passed by and the day came when he along with few other clergies stole gold idols and jewelry from the temple treasure.

After probe investigation, those assets were found at the temple’s gardener’s small hut who was a lower caste poor lived in a small hut at the backside of the temple with his only 18 years old daughter Keeva.

Whom Mr. Bingham appointed as a gardener many years ago. As Mr. Bingham was not believed in caste rather than humanity so during his ruling period as an elder clergy of the temple he gave the job to many lower caste peoples whereas earlier they not even allowed to stand at the temple premises.

Innocent sentenced for Social boycott………………

Now the poor gardener was placed in front of the management and the society for his judgment. The poor old man took oath in the name of the God for proving himself as innocent but due to lack of evidence he found accused and sentenced for social boycott who would be vacant the town with his young daughter within 24 hours for forever. He cried with loud but all were helpless.

The poor old man now in big worried that where he would go at next morning with his young daughter. He told his daughter at night that he in his whole life followed the principles of Mr. Bingham where with honesty whatever he earned from his small gardening job was pleased with that then how suddenly God became so cruel in his judgment that he had been tagged as a thief.

Humiliated by society…………..

The poor old man couldn’t swallow that allegation and he committed suicide due to lack of evidence to prove himself as innocent.

Next morning the whole society was speechless about that worst incident of the suicide of the gardener. Keeva his daughter now ready to leave the town but before leaving the place he told to all and Mr. Bingham which her father told her last night.

Keeva told them that her father took that drastic decision of suicide because when he could n’t be defended him due to lack of evidence then he thought might be his death would be proved his innocence in front of society.

By heard all those now all priests felt ashamed and repent on their such hard taken judgment about their oldest trustworthy employee of the temple. So now they begging to forgive from Keeva for their taken wrong judgment and requested her to stayed over there but Keeva was shattered from that incident and moreover, now she became alone in this world.

Justice is waiting ………………..

Mr. Bingham now told to the society that he had a strong doubt upon his son Aidan and other corrupted priests of the temple management about that stolen of gold idols and assets but due to lack of evidence the suspect was acquitted by the management but now he wants to give justice to that poor girl Keeva.

So, Mr. Bingham without delayed a second just abrogated Aidan from the elder priest rank of the temple by using his senior most power of temple management. Because he never compromised with his ethics with none.  Aidan without had been confessing his crime he simply retracted from his false statement.

Now the next significant decision which he took about Keeva is that he fixed up the marriage of her with his son Aidan. All stare and speechless about that 2 decision as Keeva a gardener’s daughter belonging from a lower cast whereas Aidan a brahmin son belongs to Such high dignified family.

 Life changed ……………...

In this way, Mr. Bingham gave justice to Keeva by giving marriage to her with Aidan. Society once again honored him for his impartial justice.

Mr. Bingham told his son Aidan that he felt ashamed of his deeds  and alert  him about his future also told him that he did the biggest sin of his life by putting his crime upon an innocent poor old honest man and for this he might skip from the world’s law but Law of Karma would definitely punish him for his such  serious offence.

Aidan wasn’t bothered about the justice of Supreme as for him he didn’t act anything wrong by stolen those assets from temple treasure as it’s his birthright upon those valuable assets because his father in his entire life never took a single rupees while performed those spiritual rituals at the temple. So for Aidan, those assets were the savings from his father hard work which his father did at free of cost for that temple and as a son he had full authority over his parent’s savings.

Tit for tat…………….

Now Aidan with those stolen assets started his own business of small jewelry shop with 2 workers. During his initial days, he was quite pleased with his business profits so after 6 months he invested his profit amount in that for his expansion of the business.

Suddenly the day came when Aidan’s  2 workers stole the entire jewelry from his jewelry shop. He lost his all wealth as just a few days ago he invested his 6 months profit amount into that business. Now he was on the road. By seeing that Mr. Bingham told to his son that the law of Karma did justice with his son exactly like he stole the assets from temple treasure.

They became poor but Keeva as a wife supported him in his worst situation also. Aidan neither got a job nor he had left fund by which he could start his self-small business. He started to work at a tea stall. Days were passing horrific in hunger and scarcity. In this way, a year passed away. No hope of ray seems for the family.

 The arrival of new life………….

During that time when they fight with their scarcity, Keeva gave birth to a son. Though they were fighting with the dearth but also quite happy by getting a new life in their family. Mr. Bingham named his grandson as Bhav. They all went to temple after a long time with Bhav for taking the blessing of the God.

With the growing of Bhav after a year, Keeva noticed when all child in their 1 year old learned to crawl but Bhav couldn’t. She told about that unusual thing to her in-law and Aidan. They also tried to make him stand on his feet but Bhav neither crawled nor able to stand.

Life became a hard challenged one..…………

They took him to the hospital where Dr. Told them that Bhav would never be able to stand or walk nor even he would be able to do his natural cause on his own in his entire life because Bhav was suffering from Malnutrition where his bone marrow was not properly developed to carry his body weight.

When they asked the Dr. about the reason for such disorders then he told that during the Pregnancy of a mother if she failed to intake proper 2 times meal with few vitamin supplements also then certain disorders found in the baby because improper diet not allowed to develop a healthy physic.

By heard all those Keeva with her full family became wordless. Mr. Bingham once again reminds his son about Law of karma and its justice but it’s unfortunate that they were all closed one of Aidan so it’s affected by his closed one’s life also.

Keeva cried now blamed for her son’s ill health to her husband Aidan who as a man not even eligible to feed properly to his wife and family. For Aidan already life was enough cruel to feed 2 times meal to them upon that one more additional trauma where the income didn’t suffice to bring up ill health child.

Time was not ready for compromise….………….

Years passed by slowly with time they came out from that poverty now Aidan got a  job at a private company. Here Bhav now turned to 11 years. He was favorite to his grandfather. Bhav couldn’t able to went school nor he had any friends. Despite that he never felt depleted, so for Bhav school means his grandfather’s class and his one and the only friend also his grandfather.

Mr. Bingham noticed a unique quality in Bhav that as a child he carried such strong memory power that whatever he taught Bhav always perfectly remembered them without any error as Bhav only able read books due to his physical disability he couldn’t write so only reading and listening was his ultimate goal of life.

Prediction about future…………

Keeva always stressed about her son she often cried and told Bhav that what would happen if his mother died by leaving her handicapped son alone in this world then who would feed and do his all work. By listening such saddest words from his mother one-day Bhav told her…………..

”mother you will soon get the release from a big burden of your life means from your son as I will going to leave my body on my 12th birthday.”

By hearing that offensive word of death Keeva just slapped her son the first time she asked him that how could he thought such worst like burden… death….!As a child would never be the cause of burden for his parents whatever disability the child has.

Bhav told her mother that whether she believed it or not that time will prove but now he wanted to reveal one more truth about the nearest future and that was…..

”very soon he will get a cute sister from his parents within the next coming year.”

Now this time Keeva laughed at his words by telling him that he might be daydreaming that’s why saying such unusual things about birth and death.

When daydream became true…………..

Exactly that happened after a year when Keeva gave birth to a baby girl when Bhav was about to 12 years old. The first time a mother did not feel that happiness after gave birth to her 2nd child. Because she was amazed by such strong prediction about future which Bhav told a year ago. Now she screamed about Bhav’s another prediction about his own lifespan.

Keeva told about her fear to her father-in-law whom she respects the most in this world due to his impartial judgment and justice.

By heard everything from Keeva, Mr. Bingham understood that up to now he only saw the tolerable pain of his Aidan’s life now the Law of Karma is going to justice its utmost cruel and intolerable one with Aidan and his whole family.

He told to Keeva that Bhav knows that he was growing towards his adolescence so as a son how could he allowed that his mother would be taken care of his physical adult body for forever. The child doesn’t feel shame to naked in front of their parents but after certain age means 12 years when their body slowly turned towards adolescence they feel shame to undress themselves in front of their parents.

So Bhav knows very well that now his childhood days elapsed so it’s time for saying goodbye to all but before leaving he blessed her mother for a healthy child in her life so that with time she could minimize her utmost pain by getting someone behalf in his place, her little sister.

Countdown begins ……

Keeva every second sunk with that one thought about his son’s lifespan. She once again asked Bhav that why he told those but Bhav was not eager to explain anything regarding that matter only while consoling his mother he told ”Law of Karma is waiting for justice.”

Only a few days left when Bhav would be touch at his 12th year’s age. As a mother Keeva forget the whole world now not even she gave her full concentration on her newly born baby because everytime she used to sit beside her adorable son Bhav whom she not ready to leave at any cost for that even she was ready to serve Bhav as a nurse for her entire life till her last breath, after all, she was a mother none physical disability could barriers her love, affection and caring towards her child.

Bhav also spends his full time with his little sister, grandfather, and mother now. Today the 12th Birthday of Bhav her mother prepared all favorable dishes only for her son since last night as she did not sleep for a second also for those last fortnight. Every second seemed the most precious thing in her life which she didn’t want to lose at any cost.

Law of Karma did his justice………………..

Finally, the time came just exactly at twilight Bhav slept for forever in his mother’s lap…….

Mr. Bingham told to Aidan now the Law of Karma completed its full justice with him because he stole the assets from temple treasure for which his workers also stolen his jewelry from his shop and he came on the road.

For his deeds, they passed from scarcity and poverty due to which Bhav born with the disorder of Malnutrition.

Another sin when  Keeva’s father a poor old gardener committed suicide in his utmost pain because of the fake blame of stolen assets of the temple for which his son Bhav also left his body untimely by giving him the forever pain of life.

He told finally that none could skip from that intense law of Karma and Bhav took birth in their family to minimize his Sin, now the account of Karma is balanced so he was gone.

Aidan burst with cried the first time he apologized from his father by holding his feet and begging for the life of his dead son Bhav. Now he confessed about his all sin deeds in front of his son’s dead body but it’s too late so he has to accept the justice of the Law of Karma.


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