How the success of children matters for parents?

You are worthless, nothing could change you nor any power is there who will be capable of changing you. You are just a Stigma in the name of our family. God knows how you took birth in our Jaiswal family. We never want such type of personality for our family. We feel ashamed when we introduce you to our relatives and friends…


Who is this person and upon whom he is showing his such anger?

Before that let me introduce the Jaiswal family.

Mr.Jaiswal a well-established businessman living with his wife and 3 sons. at their 5 storied bungalow, elder son Rishi just completed his Business management course from one of the top B-school, he is no doubt an excellent student having hard confidence in his every performance. Now after completing his study, he is going to join his father’s business.

Younger son Vicky who just completed his Graduation and preparing for taking admission in the same B-school from where his elder brother has passed out. He too doing quite good in his study. Both the brothers have strong bonding.

Now the mid son Abhinav, who is just stepped into college for pursuing his Degree. Vicky often mockery on him about this, because as a younger one he too finished his college and now going to enter at B-School whereas as an elder brother Abhinav not yet passed out his Degree.

Abhinav is the one among 3 brothers who never met the expectations of his parents. In fact, he has been holding his persistence of poor grading since his childhood. Even he failed for constantly 2 years at his school secondary exams. Teachers often complained about him to his parents regarding his poor grading.

Actually, he has less interest in his study, which his parents not ready to accept at any cost. They often scold him for his careless attitude towards his study and placed the example of Rishi and Vicky as a sign of excellence in front of him.

Even their parents in all family functions and parties love to introduce their 2 sons Rishi and Vicky, not to Abhinav, as they feel that their 2 sons in real mean will go to prove as a pride for their Jaiswal family.

Such degrading of behavior lowers his self-esteem. But none of their parents felt that nor his brothers, as for the top scoring in subjects only matters for their show off in society. They not at all pleased with Abhinav for his any work.

Now Rishi is the right hand of his father’s business, he is doing good over here too by showing his strong confidence in his eligibility.  Vicky, too in the same mannered after 3 years passing out from B-school, join with his father and brother in their family business. In this way, both Rishi and Vicky became one of the shareholders of their family business.

And thereafter a period of time, Abhinav ultimately completed his Degree with average grading. His marks at Degree was not up to the criteria for entering at B-school. So, he too quiets sure that his journey of education is now finished over here only.

Whether his father involve him in their family business?

Abhinav was quite sure that his father now in dilemma about his involvement in their business. As for his father, he was a failure who never stands in his own feelings. Moreover, he never went to B-school neither he would understand the hooks and nooks of their business.

So, after a long conversation with all family members, Mr.Jaiswal decided to give their middle son as an opportunity to work under his rest 2 sons, as an employee. So, finally, Abhinav is now going to join in their family business as an employee, not as a shareholder.

Abhinav since from his childhood never disrespects his parent’s decision as he knows very well that he never full filled their expectations. So, whatever his parents decide will for his betterment. He always proved himself as a very obedient son.

Now their parents settle their marriage by giving his 2 sons Rishi and Vicky with their rich business friend’s daughter and for Abhinav they settle with one of their employee’s daughter as they thought if they would have selected for rich family’s daughter like they did for their rest 2 sons then they would might face the query of regarding Abhinav’s status at their business as a shareholder.

Whereas if they would select for their employee’s daughter then, in that case, their employee would dare not to asked such things because as a simple employee of their business they might feel honored for that.

In this way, Mr. Jaiswal fixed up his 3 sons marriage at the same date. Change is the rhythm of life and after the marriage of 3 sons, Jaiswal family is now going to see the color of various changes.

Mr. Jaiswal now divided his business in an odd ratio of 40:40:20. Yes, he gave 40% share to each of his elder and younger sons and rest only 20% to Abhinav.

If at any point of time any short mistake happened by Abhinav while working as an employee under his 2 brothers, his father never left over it, in fact, he openly scolded him in front of his wife Pia, his two sisters-in-law, and rest all family members.

What image creates about Abhinav in front of his wife?

By seeing all those Abhinav’s wife pia, too humiliated him by saying that his parents did wrong by gave her marriage with Abhinav, as they wrongly assumed about his status in their business that he too possesses the same share as like of their brothers but after entering in their family she came to know the truth about her husband that he is just working as an employee.

Pia never showed her love or respect nor her sympathy towards him, in fact, she always ready to bark him with his bitter wordings of comparison among his 2 brothers-in-law’s with Abhinav. She too exactly behaved like his parents and others. For Abhinav, nothing new is happening with him.

Ultimately Pia tagged him as a ‘’Good for nothing’’

For Abhinav today he gets a real tag which is missing up to now in his life. He told to Pia ‘thanks for giving me this new name, so kind of you Pia.’

While working as an employee under his 2 brothers he very often got humiliated by his father due to his negligence in work but the reality was something different. Upon Rishi, his father had a blind faith that Rishi with his brilliance and innovative ideas will expand their business in future.

Here Rishi and Vicky many times did mistakes either by dealing with wrong associates or by investing in wrong track or by mishandling important docs.

How could be then his father never noticed their such mistakes?

The answer is as simple as due to his 2 brilliant son. Both Rishi and Vicky very wisely manipulated with their brother. They know while doing those very well that neither their father nor Abhinav himself would come to know ever about their such tricky game. As his father had a firm belief in Abhinav’s stupidity and ignorance about business.

In this way, they both using Abhinav as a weapon for hiding their mistakes in front of their father. They were now quite habituated of such tricky games. Here Abhinav whenever tried to say anything against his defense his father never felt for a while too to listen to his voice ever.

By playing such tricks, once both did a big mistake of loss in their business and as usual, they pointed the finger towards Abhinav’s negligence and carelessness attitude in front of their father. But this time Abhinav not at all tolerated their 2-brother’s allegation towards him. He strongly opposed his both brothers but due to insufficient of evidence, he lost the fight.

His father shouted at him without hearing his any word by telling that ‘’ he is the one for whom they always felt ashamed. He is not at all eligible for staying with them. He is the stigma of their family. How could he did that audacity of taking birth in their family.’’

Now his father to separate him from their family business and house. So, ultimately, he became the scapegoat, because he doesn’t have any solid proof to place against his defense.

Only last word he told daringly first time with his loud voice to his father that ‘’he never went to such top B-school, then from where he could get to know all the tricks and politics of business and if he is honest then one day it will surely prove and that day will come very soon in their life.

Will he ever establish on his own capability?

Now he starts his new journey of life with his wife at a small rented house of 450 sq.ft. He joined in a private company as he doesn’t have any such management degree but his experience of working as an employee under their brother now in a true sense going to give him a good position in the outer world.

In this way 5 years gone, now they have a 3 years’ daughter. Abhinav now became an Assistant Manager of a multinational company. He bought an 850 sq.ft. flat by his own hard-earned.

And there his two brothers now often missed Abhinav at their business as of now both Rishi and Vicky often blaming each other’s to hide their own mistakes in front of their father. A bitter rivalry has grown up between both.

Now the real game begins …

Their father has a blind faith in his elder son’s confidence in business. But overconfidence is bad. Rishi due to his overconfidence lost not only his own share of 40% but also their house and property due to his worst investment with wrong associates at business.

His father became speechless as they were now on road. Mr. Jaiswal today understood that overconfidence of his elder son smashed everything.

Their Vicky and his wife by seeing all those took separation from their family by snatching his 40% share from their business and family. He now lives with his in-laws at their home and started business separately by investing his 40% share with his brother-in-law. Because he doesn’t want to take the burden of his parents nor his elder brother’s family.

Abhinav by knowing all those went to meet with his parents to bring them to his own home but their parents don’t have that dare to look at his eyes. Abhinav who never full filled their expectations now in real mean proved himself as an eligible and obedient son.

He told to his father that ‘I never met your expectations nor I went to any such big institution for learning the business. Whatever work or responsibility you gave me whether to work as an employee under my brothers or any other work, I always did those contentedly. As I learned one thing in my life that be honest with your work and dedication, then only that gives you a contented life.’

He is not at all any movie hero like Big B, Amitabh Bachchan who after coming out from his parent’s home within a short span will going to create a profile for society, to throw a challenge to his brother by making his own company …10 storied house….4cars…etc.

He is simple Abhinav Jaiswal, who only achieved in those 5 years a small 850 so. ft.flat  and a good job at MNC as an Assistant Manager. Not even he has any car or two-wheeler too.



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