How to be taking care of your parent’s emotions?

How to be caring towards our parents?

Every couple post marriage plan for their family. Sometimes its happens without our planning but majority makes their mind after completely planning about that. In earlier decades say in our grandparents period peoples never think about for family planning for them it’s a natural phenomenon which they happily welcomed in their marital life without bothering too much about the financial scenario. But now with this first growing technology, we always proceed our life with solidifying plans whether its relates to our career establishment, financial strategy or family planning.


The intention of brought up ………….

As a parent, we always try to give the best within our range to our children with this intention that they get only the best in every aspect of life since from day one of their birth.

Now the thing is parents never do any act with this intention towards their children that in future how much they will get in return of their caring.

Now when our children climbed up in their professional arena with their each achievement we feel as if it’s the result of our hard dedication which pays us with the growth of their establishment. Where we as parents never expect that in future our children will look after us with their hard earned money in our old age.

Imagine your son get married and he now settled his nuclear family at the posh location and they came for a fortnight to stays your home during the summer vacation of your grandchild with gifts. Now it’s obvious that you treat them with your utmost care and affection. Now when your son ask you about your well being and you by intentionally try to hide him about your crisis but as a son, he is able to read his parent’s forehead stress lines so his insisting finally makes you unfold the truth about your debt under the bank. Yes, the bank loan which you took for your son’s abroad education, his marriage, and house renovation yet not been cleared fully. As you thought that after his career settlement he might contribute you for repaying the loan to come out from that debt but he was so entangled in his own life that waved off about his parent’s debt.

The unexpected returns of brought up ………..

Now the question arise in front of your son that post aware about the situation how he will consider the situation’s depths?

In the first case imagine, He next day while doing breakfast with you assured that he with his family would be going back to their home on that day itself because certain urgency in his work field suddenly popped up and that’s why he have to leave your home in the middle of the vacation. Now you insisting your son to stay for at least another a week by postponing that official vital work but he was adamant in his decision. So finally with the heavy heart, you allowed them to proceed but you packed your handmade lunch with their baggage so that they could skip the outside food.

Before they depart now when you called up your 6 years old grandchild in your bedroom to share few gifts with her and starts crying by holding her little puffy hands as you missed her a lot suddenly your grandchild spelled out by seeing you upset that “why are you crying grandma just because we are leaving your home, don’t cry please! Allow me to enjoy the next trip of hills, as my wish of the glance to the fountain hope God listened last night, that’s why Dad booked our tickets for hills today straight away from here. So we will return our home probably after a week. So be cheer up! But I promise you that next time we will surely stay for long with you and grandpa.”

Now you understood that why your son suddenly lies you by using the fake cause of official work because he wants to elope from the situation. Your son scared as if he would continue to further his vacation and in the mean, while you knocked him for the repay of the loan then he might felt embarrassed to say NO to you in front of his child that’s why he skipped from your home early at next day. So your son opts the easiest way of better to skip from the situation rather say No for it.

Now say, in the second case, at next day he personally visits the bank where his father has been debt badly and asked the officials for the possible options of transferring the file of the loan under his name so that he could now clear the remaining part of that loan amount.

We as a parent never thought for a second time when the question arises about the well being of our child that’s why we often fail to stick with our savings during the emergency needs of our children and ready to surrender the amount in the middle of the maturity tenure. But our children teach us that how to strict with their hard earned money by ignoring the closed one’s significant needs.

When the children give back the love and support which their parents have given to them when they were young, parents feel very happy and proud of them.

The rules of love are different than the rules of business, but the principles of reciprocity are always part of every relationship.

You must always make a rule to pay back everyone who has done any good to you in your life so that you can die free of debt and full of peace.

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