How to get the refund on cancellation of train tickets?

How to get the refund of fare on cancellation of train tickets as per Railway Passengers (Cancellation of Tickets and Refund of Fares) Rules, 2015, now the detail feature of different paths available for a passenger are as below;

cancellation of train tickets

How to get the refund on cancellation of train tickets?

 As per the Government of India, Ministry of Railways, based on the press report, Refund Facilities on cancellation of train tickets

# You will get back the due amount of the train ticket across the reservation/booking counters, after the cancellation of the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter tickets/Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) tickets on surrendering of the original ticket within the mentioned time limit.

# After the cancellation of your E-ticket you must be filed Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) online on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website within the said time limit. Thereafter the refund amount is credited to your account from where the payment for the booking of the ticket has been made.

# Again as per the Refund Rule in exceptional situations, Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) can be filed for getting refund amount beyond the prescribed time limit.

# The Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter tickets can also be canceled through IRCTC website ( or through 139 and you can get back the refund amount across the reservation/booking counters on surrendering of original tickets within the defined time limit.

# During certain exceptional circumstances the Stationmasters of nominated stations have the authority to allow cancellation of tickets and grant refund of ticket fare.

Under exceptional circumstances

As per Railway Passengers (Cancellation of Tickets and Refund of Fares) Rules, 2015, when the e-tickets booked through IRCTC website are canceled then TDR filed through the IRCTC website only within the prescribed time limit. But in certain exceptional situations,

# Passenger may approach IRCTC or Office of Chief Commercial Managers (Refund) of concerned zonal Railways for grant of refund.

# In case your payment is deducted and the Passenger Name Record (PNR)/ticket is not issued due to technical reasons, then the refund is processed by IRCTC automatically on the following day of the transaction made by the user after confirmation through the file of the transaction from bank and PNR generation from PRS.

# Also, Station Managers of nominated stations of Zonal Railways have been authorized to grant refund of fare on counter tickets in exceptional circumstances.

Extra provision to facilitate passengers

# Further to the provision mentioned above, to facilitate the passengers PRS counter tickets are also canceled at relatively smaller stations wherever PRS booking facility is available throughout the day and refund is granted beyond the working hours of PRS counters/current counters.

# Also to facilitate e-tickets passengers in case of cancellation of trains, automatic cancellation is done and refund amount due is credited to the account from which the booking transaction took place. Cancellation or Filing of online TDR is not required in such cases.


This information was given by the Minister of State of Railways Shri Rajen Gohain in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

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