How to grab the best deal in friendship….

 ‘’ Don’t walk in front of me ………I may not follow 

Don’t walk behind me……I may not lead

Walk beside me ……. just be my friend” – By Albert Camus                                                                                            pinky-swear-329329_1280 

Alisha and Payel were best friends since childhood. Alisha belonging to a rich family while Payel from a mid-class family. Payel’s father Mr.Viren Sharma, working as LDC in a State Govt. office, so their lifestyles were not like that of Alisha’s family as her father  Mr.Akash Verma, has an Export-import business so they not at all bothered while comes to the question of expense.

Jayant, Payel’s elder brother. Both siblings were doing quite good in their studies. Jayant after completion of his 12th started to take tuition of science group. At the same time, he completed his B.Sc too. Their mother a simple housewife. Both the parents were leading a very simple life from their eating habit to expense along with children.

After returning from office at 6 pm Mr.Sharma used to take tuition classes of his area’s children up to 10 pm. He doesn’t have any bad habits of smoking and drinking, not even he spends his time with his friends too after office hours. Only Sunday off for both office and tuition as on that day he spends his full time with his family along with his children by taking a class of both. Mr.Sharma working very hard to settle their future as he knows very well that he has the biggest responsibility on his head to establish his children career and marriage.

Here Alisha’s father Mr.Verma, a well-established businessman, living a lavish life with his family. Aman, younger brother of Alisha and mother a homemaker. Mr. Verma who always tend to busy with his business associates and parties, never shown interest in his children educational performance ever. Despite that Aman was doing quite good in his study since childhood, he always stands for 2nd or 3rd rank in his standard.

 While Alisha just a reversed one of Aman. She has shown her arrogance not only in her behavior but in her studies too. In fact to scored 35% of marginal passing marks is really the toughest issue for her since childhood and that’s due to her non-interest in the study. She showed her ill habits which we usually find in children coming from the rich family background.

She doesn’t know even how to speak with elders, due to those poor performances and ill manners, teachers often called up their parent and as usual like every time her mother appeared at school for PTM, because her father has don’t time for all those. But at the end of the result , no used of it as her arrogance towards everyone going increase day by day.

 So, teachers often decided to give her TC from school but every year her father contributes a big fund in the name of donation to the Trustee Board of School Management, so her TC never happened. Teachers often gave the example of Excellence by taking the name of her younger brother Aman who was at 6th standard, to Alisha in front of whole class, so that at least she would feel to some extent of ashamed on her own performance, but as usual, no used of that too.

Alisha’s adamant and arrogant nature had made a gap already with other friends and classmates of her. On the other hand, Payel who ranked 3rd in class has a good rapport with Alisha, in fact, they are best friends.’’ Is it not something strange to hear?’’

The pocket money given by Mr.Verma to his daughter Alisha is the resource for her lavish lifestyles. Every day 100 Rupees for a school going girl, really a big matter for Payel as she gets the same 100 Rs. at the expense of a whole month. During lunch period Payel used to often the same tiffin of made by her mother, roti, and sabji (bread and veg. curry), while Alisha wouldn’t use to carry any tiffin box, instead, she would prefer to canteen & outside stuffs.

How far anyone swallowed the same taste when someone having the variant of taste in front of eyes. So, her voracious appetite made her close day by day to Alisha. Now both have their lunch along at out as the bill was paid by Alisha only.

Now Payel helps her out from all homework which she earlier not used to do. Here Alisha offers for lunch to lure more efficient answers. But it’s of no use of her as her result shown that consistency in grade. In this way, both in greed more than need.

‘’Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed – said by Mahatma Gandhi.’ 

12th June 2005, for Alisha’s parents it’s an amazing news when their daughter cracked her 10th Board exams with the help of Payel, yes… Payel who made notes for her friend in such an easy way so that at least she would score her favorite 35% passing marks. While Payel passed out by 93%. Alisha’s mother only known the truth that without the help of Payel it wouldn’t be possible for her daughter to pass out, so she invited her at home to say at least thanks, which her husband not thought for a second too.

Post-clearance of 10th Board, Payel opted for Science stream and Alisha no other options for her rather than Arts stream. Now in real mean, the issue arose when both entered at a different stream. After diversion of education stream, Alisha realized that how hard it’s for her to get only 35% without her bosom friend’s interference in her study and here for Payel it’s an irony that money is there in the form of her best friend but the thing is how to make it useful for her purpose.

 As both were greedy in their own aspect which made them tied up to now. So, she decided that at anyhow she would again help her out from those hurdles.

Now they were in the 11th standard, so once in a month, they used to go for movies and restaurant where Payel ordered food covetously, where in earlier days they used to go for every weekend.

As Payel was in science stream so she suggested Alisha that better if she takes any tuition class so that whatever notes teachers would provide to her she will make it easy as per her grasping ability so that at least she passed out. Alisha did exactly as per her said words.

In this way, Alisha cracked her 12th Board of exam too, with the help of her intimate friend. Post-clearance of School level both stepped in at same college as their greed not allowed them to prefer different college. At 2010 Payel completed her Degree & then did her Masters too but their Alisha failed constantly for 2 years so she passed out Degree anyhow at 2012 July.  After that, she told her parents that at any cost she will not do any further study.

Now post completion of education of both the girl’s parents getting ready for their marriage. So, started searching groom as per their choice and standard. Mr. Verma went for a well rich businessman for her Alisha so that his daughter’s persistence of lavishness will continue for forever. While searching the groom his only focus is on the groom and his family’s wealth not about his education and others.

As he was quite sure that like his daughter in her earlier schooling days exploited her best friend by spending few bulks with best dealing, so he too exactly going to crack the best deal with a well rich groom for her daughter by spending a huge amount.

 For him ‘’You have succeeded in life when all you really WANT is only what you really NEED – said by Vernon Howard.”

Whereas for Mr.Sharma education and culture of the groom and his family background matters than rest all other things. Every time he used to place first her daughter’s grading Certificate in front of the groom and his family before placing her daughter. As for him, those certificates are the symbol of Excellence of her daughter, which are in real mean the treasure of his entire life. He is deadly against of dowry system.

For him ‘’He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have – said by Socrates.’’

But Mr.Sharma forgot one hard truth of life that in the practical field of life money talks than resting all moral values. Her daughter’s simple look with good education now waited for best dealing. At last, they found the groom, who is a teacher by profession in mathematics at Senior secondary school who to belonging to a middle-class family. In this way, both got married as per their status in the year of 2013.

Is Money really matters to begin a new relationship either it’s a childhood friendship or for a lifelong relationship? So, friends, what you would like to name for their friendship. Would they really meant for this tag of bestie or their needs made them so greedy to pretend as best friend………


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