How to hide your last name on LinkedIn?

How to hide your last name on LinkedIn? One of LinkedIn’s security settings allows you to hide your last name from those who aren’t connected to you (i.e. second- and third-degree connections), and you should take advantage to boost your privacy.

Hide your last name on LinkedIn

How to hide your last name on LinkedIn?

 Everyone loves their privacy, and even though LinkedIn is all about professionalism. Why you want to hide your last name on LinkedIn there may be plenty of reasons behind that say personal or official or other types of reasons might be urging you to do so.

To take the full advantage of LinkedIn, you have to be honest that you can do maintain your privacy by hiding your last name on LinkedIn. That’s why you should be careful to who you let in and who you show your profile too. It’s always best to hide your personal details from those not directly connected to you.

However many peoples choose to not hide their last name on LinkedIn, as it doesn’t bother them that a lot of people might be seeing their profile. But in regards to safety measures, it is always best that the power to make such decisions lies in your hand.

How is LinkedIn useful for you?

LinkedIn is all about forming and managing professional connections. A professional network site that allows its users say both potential employers and job seekers – post jobs and CVs on their platform. Job seekers could create their profile, attached their CVs alongside a little bit of information about themselves and a contact details like phone number and Gmail Id. Many more data like their previous working experience along with their present working status to till date, etc. Just in case a potential employer comes across your profile.

However, privacy is still a major concern to point even when job hunting. LinkedIn understands that you are the ultimate person who has the right to choose which people can see or cannot see your Linked Profile, so those who are not connected to you wouldn’t even be able to see your complete name. This can particularly come in handy when someone doesn’t want to engage with even second-degree connections.

The 7 steps to hide your last name on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, your 1st-degree connections will always see your full name. But others won’t. It will also turn off your public profile, which will block your LinkedIn profile from appearing in any search engines. The steps below are from the web version of LinkedIn.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and press on the Profile icon.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy.
  3. On top of the Settings page, press on Privacy.
  4. Scroll down and you will see an option of ‘Who can see my last name.’
  5. Click on ‘Change’ written right next to it. Alternatively, you can also click on the option itself to change the settings.
  6. This will show you two options. Among these, one will be your complete name and the other will show the first letter of your last name or abbreviated name.
  7. Select the abbreviated name and it will be saved automatically.

You can also make changes to your account on this particular page. You can even manage who can see your email address or you can manage your connections on the platform.

It also gives you the power to choose how much of your profile should be visible to strangers. Your profile visibility, syncing contacts and calendar, as well as blocking and unfollowing users you do not want to connect with, and various other managing tasks can be done on this platform to show others your account as you wish.


Although hiding your last name on LinkedIn does not completely make it invisible to everyone. Your name will still be visible to your connections even after hiding your last name.

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