How to not care in a relationship?

Looks matter……….    

In the Freshers, Welcome function organized by the final year student, the entire College groomed in an eye-catching way. Boys as usual in their flirting mood welcoming the fresh faces. Odalis a final year student of Commerce and Caitlin just entered the first year of Arts,  suddenly in that crowd, he ran up to her. Then by giving a smile to her, he said Halo! His friends amazed by seeing that how they both communicating as if they know each other. The girl replied Halo! ……………….


The journey begins………..

Odalis was a tall 5’8’’ handsome guy, with fair skin tone so girls often love to response him. He was sanguine that Caitlin would surely reply him like other girls and exactly that happened Caitlin welcomed his interaction.

Odalis in his blue Denim and white shirt with folded sleeves looking heartthrob here Caitlin in her blue and beige combo gown also seemed gorgeous in her 18+ years old. Odalis’s compliment about her look made her impressed.  Within a week their closeness seemed by their friends.

Now both are waiting for each other’s, never missed their college, starts avoiding other friends, always engaged with each other without bothering about anyone’s comments. So, all those symptoms were quite apparent about their intense bonding which is now going to define the friendship into one step ahead.

Love at first sight…….

Post fortnight of their profound friendship now Odalis came with red roses to propose her. Caitlin never forgets that special moment of her life when her first love going to proposed her in front of the class. College guys have an intention to prove themselves like a Bollywood hero in front of all and exactly girls also like Heroine.

Odalis came in a yellow shirt with blue Denim by sitting at one leg in half bend posture where left hand folded his backside by holding the bunches of red roses in his right hand proposed in a filmy desperate way in front of her 1st year class of humanities…………….

 ‘’Hey! My dream fantasy I lost my sleep from fortnight after seeing you so will accept me in your life so that it could give me a calm sleep for forever?”

Caitlin had been blushing with her smile she acknowledged red roses of Odalis. The whole class clapped on their fascinating love.

Their golden lovable moments………

They often used to go for long drives, movies, restaurants. Odalis belongs to a rich family so he never faced for any finance scarcity either for spending with his friends or on his dates. Even now they didn’t feel hesitant for lip-lock in front of their friend’s group at last row of movie hall.

They became famous for their extravagant bonding among rest other couples of their college. Caitlin hypnotically just flowed with his love. Days passed by holding each other’s hands with lots of eternal promises for their upcoming life.

A year passed by Odalis cracked his final year with average and their Caitlin finished her 1st year also with average. Average grade proved they’re constant inattentive in the study.  Caitlin was not had that enthuse for her regular college as her beloved had stopped for college after passed out from there.

Eager for official acceptance …………..

They both now spend time at parks and restaurants. Odalis now wants a permanent solution to Caitlin’s presence in his life but Caitlin wants to see his establishment in carrier whereas Odalis didn’t famish for his career because his father’s established readymade business welcomed him with wide hands open. Though Caitlin wished that he made his separate identity in his career but Odalis didn’t bother for that as for him he was the only shareholder of his rich parent’s properties then why should he crave for the job and earn.

Caitlin told her parents about her affairs with Odalis, the only child of his rich parents and post completion of degree he had now joined his father’s business. By heard all those her parents, not at all found any such unique qualities in the guy for which they would give their acceptance for marriage. For them, the groom should be established and known by his self-identity not the carry forward one of his parents.

But love is blind so those justifications not being cared by Caitlin even her younger sister also failed to make her understand that much adamant she was about her decision that she didn’t want to give time for her career also.

Whereas Odalis’s parents didn’t have any objection regarding his marriage issue as they never said no for anything to their adorable son. Even for them why should he take stress for business and career when his father and paid employees were there to looked after those things. Moreover, they wished a strain less life for their son and that’s why they were working so hard for his happiness.

 But the question is will their adorable son well manage their hard earned wealth in his life for sustaining his ever bonny blissful life?

The absence of parents blessing……

Odalis and Caitlin get court marriage in absence of their parents. Caitlin’s parents were against this marriage so detached their all relation with their elder daughter. There Odalis parents welcomed their daughter-in-law with open-hearted.

Caitlin enjoyed thoroughly in her initial days with her husband and his family. They went to Malaysia for their honeymoon.  Now they used to go for late night discotheque, pubs where Odalis accompanied by his wife at his drink. Life seemed like a fantasy for the middle class belonging Caitlin. Up to now, she felt proud of her desperate decision of marriage by denied her parents.

Good news for parents……..

She conceived after few days. She was so excited had been dreaming that how Odalis and his parents would be going to cherish this good news for her. For her it’s the happiest moment of her life even she surprised on her fate that how suddenly God became so graceful on her one after another without her expectations.

She was overconfident with her good news about her husband that after make known to him,  Odalis delightedly take her in his lap. She was counting her seconds of his coming back.

Shocked by their reaction……..

Odalis entered the room while embracing her in his hugged Caitlin told him that she is Pregnant. She is waiting for his cherish reaction. He stared at her just leave her from his hug and asked “what’s this and how could you be so careless about such things………..’’ she said not understanding what you are saying?

He said ‘’Caitlin this is not our time for calling us as parents, in fact, we are so young why to tagged our self as parents and moreover we can plan for it after few years. Why waste time in changing diapers? We just have been married now let’s enjoy us….. forget about all those things.’’

She amazed at his thoughts suddenly she came out from her dream first time she found Odalis a differing one. She told her that how much she adored her baby. She now told her in-laws about their son’s view about that good news with this hope that at least they might be delighted with her good news.

But amazed at their carefree thoughts when they told that ‘’their son was absolutely correct in this aspect as he is not fit for taking responsibility for a child in his 22 years age.’’

Now distance begins……..

Now she decided to give birth to her baby because she does not comfort with abortion in her early 19 years’ age. she tried to convince Odalis by showing her ultrasonography report of the baby’s often movement in her womb but he did not feel that urge in all those.

  • Now Caitlin stopped Odalis when he tried to play those sex games which he often used to do with her earlier for long hours in late nights.
  • Next when he found that his wine accompanist beautiful wife Caitlin now stopped for all those also.
  • Now she stopped for going at discotheque and pubs because she needs a full night calm sleep of 9 hours.
  • Even she now denied for long.

Caitlin’s rejection in bed disturbed his random sex life which made him annoyed and her sudden paused towards all enjoyment of life was suffice for his aggression towards her now. He not even bothered about her nor about her health because for him it’s Caitlin’s self-decision of giving birth of a child.

The colorful love turned to faded…………

Days are passed by, Odalis avoidance now seemed transparent by all. He used to back home at late nights from pubs. He never took her to the gynecologist. Slowly the color of love became fade with time. They are often fighting in bed now proved his lasciviousness towards her which now unfold his real intention of early marriage.

Caitlin told him that he should be focused on his career, but his noninterest in business and carrier upset her often.

Caitlin now slowly realized that Odalis about whom she was so confident turned wrong. The colors of love now faded. The love of her life shuddered her. She now begins to realize about her parents justified clarification about Odalis.

The arrival of new life…..

Now the time came when she delivered a baby girl. Neither her in-laws nor her husband felt that urge to give a look at her baby that much brute they were. She cried first time by holding her baby in her lap asked God that why he became so offended on her even she asked that what crime of that newly born soul who even not glared once by her father and closed ones.

Even none of her in-laws nor Odalis himself came for taking discharge her from the hospital only they cleared the hospital bill because they didn’t want any chaos by hospital authority. She understood that now she is no more alone in her life her daughter is there for accompanied her on this journey.


She realized how she fascinated by his looks and romantic attitudes during her college days when Odalis by his charming handsome look tried to mesmerize all. But those were all fake colors of colored glasses.

She visualized for each second throughout her pregnancy that Odalis a spoiled brat self-loving person for whom Love stands for only Sex, Physical intimacy and to enjoy at late nights. He was not a familiar person, in fact, a seducer who exploited her life.

That’s why he had been so aggressive with her just after she conceived because he didn’t have any urge for entangled his life in the family, the baby also he not showed his interest ever in his career. Though he proposed her for marriage because he wanted a permanent solution for quenching his lust. His lecherous attitudes are quite annoying.

Hard decision of life ………..

Now she decided that she will not back to his in-law’s house again where she and her daughter not bothered by him and his parents. So, she went back to her parents’ home where she knows that they might forgive their daughter and will accept them again. Moreover, she wants to correct her mistakes which she did a year ago by marrying such lecherous good for nothing person.

By seeing Caitlin at the doorstep by carrying her one-day-old daughter in her lap, her parents understood that Caitlin released her mistakes but they were parents who have the full authority to scold her but they would never leave her and their granddaughter alone.

Caitlin sends Odalis the Divorce notice papers as she didn’t want any alimony from him because she was sanguine that if she would have claimed alimony from that good for nothing person then that alimony would be paid by his in-laws which she doesn’t want from them. So, she mutually took the divorce from that great philanderer. In real mean now she grateful towards God’s grace of giving her one more chance in life to rectify the biggest mistake of her life.

Who was responsible?

Odalis is a spoiled brat for whom his parent’s patronage was responsible the most because as a parent they always reinforced his all wrong deeds since ages. Neither they interrupt in his study life, career, marriage not even now when he devastated his marital life.

In fact, in true aspect, if anyone is responsible for this breakup then only his parents because if they strongly opposed him at the beginning when he was eager for marrying Caitlin like Caitlin’s parents did when they found that the groom doesn’t have any personal professional identity.

At that young age when both Odalis and Caitlin were in infatuation for them, marriage means only to make fun where no question arises for taking any responsibility. But with the pregnancy of Caitlin, its cleared that he was not ready to come out from the protective armor of his rich parents which made him so lethargic and nonchalant towards his responsibility.

For Odalis and his parents, his 22+ years old was not eligible for taking the responsibility of a child but was eligible for marriage and take the full-time taste of his desires.

She regretted his past realized that college days’ infatuation couldn’t last for lifelong. She completed her incomplete degree now doing the job in a BPO because she remembered till now that Odalis told her after heard about her pregnancy news that ‘’it’s her self-decision of giving birth to a child so only she will take the responsibility of that baby.’’

By earning money and taking the full responsibility of her daughter as a single mother made her proud of herself and thankful to God for giving her one more chance to live the life with her daughter.


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