How to read deleted WhatsApp messages which someone sent you?

The recently launched WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone feature has given enough relieve to all of us from the discomforts of wrongly sent messages to someone. This new feature became popular instantly. Even most peoples observed a new kind of notification that the sent message was deleted where the feature aid users to delete a WhatsApp text within seven minutes of sending it.

read deleted WhatsApp messages

Is the deleted message really disappear from the phone?

But, Where there is an entryway there must be an exit way. Yes, as per the new report there’s still a way to see those deleted text messages from Whatsapp means there are way out in the feature where even after the sender deletes a text, it still can be read by the recipient as per a Spanish website Android Jefe. The Spanish tech blog has cracked couple of ways to retrieve the deleted texts which quite easy and simple. You can do it either with the phone settings or a dedicated app can be downloaded from PlayStore.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages which someone sent you?

This new way out will let any WhatsApp user see the deleted texts through the notification log that still exists on the receiver’s smartphone it means if the message sent by another user has created a notification in the receiver’s handset then the message can be retrieved from the notification log of Android phone.

 But if the receiver was already active or online either in the chat with the sender or on WhatsApp then, in that case, there will no notification, hence the message cannot be recovered. So following are the two methods to recover the deleted message

Method 1

  1. Go to Google PlayStore.
  2. Download Notification History application.
  3. After installing, open the app and tap the WhatsApp icon in it.
  4. You can access all the Whatsapp texts there.

Method 2

  1. Long press on the home screen of the Android phone.
  2. Select the Widgets option.
  3. Scroll down to Settings widget in the list.
  4. Drag the Settings widget on the home screen.
  5. Multiple options will pop up and select notification history option.
  6. Once the log is open, all the texts of WhatsApp can be seen, along with other details.

Limitations of this application

There are certain limitations to the loophole but any person aware of the loophole can exploit it to see the texts, so you must cautious about your privacy.

  • Out of the entire message, only first 100 characters of the message will be visible.
  • Notification log saves message only for a certain few hours. So after a long time, messages might not be retrievable.
  • Only text messages can be recovered any images, GIFs or even documents, audio or video messages, if deleted by the sender will display the usual message “This message was deleted” and will be permanently deleted.
  •  Somehow if the user runs any cleaner on the phone then the messages will be unrecoverable even from the notification log, because then they will be permanently deleted.


iPhone and iOS users are safe from this loophole as there is no application that registers notifications. The trick worked on an Android device as for mobile phones with ‘pure’ Android, the settings widget is already added to the home screen and you will get the notification registry from there. Allegedly, these methods work only with Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher.

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    how to read whatsapp deleted message before installing this app ?

  2. ARINDAM SEAL says:

    This is a great Article, Thanks For sharing. I use Notification history App to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

    1. Anindita Ghosh says:


  3. Appu says:

    But actually my doubt is that.. How to read the deleted Whatsapp messages before installing an app?

    1. Anindita Ghosh says:

      Dear Appu,
      Currently, it is not possible without the App.

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