How to reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online?

Do you aware of how to reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online? WhatsApp has an amazing trick where you can reply to messages without going online and changing your last seen time mark. 

By using this method you will be marked online and last seen time mark will be changed/updated. However, you can still use this method to reply to a message quickly without opening WhatsApp means without appearing online.

Many times its happened with us that we get engaged with so many things that we deliberately skip WhatsApp messages, in order to avoid the possibility of someone noticing our online presence and trying to hit a chat with us.

And exactly on that busy moment, someone’s important message is waiting for our reply, in that situation their need of help push us to reply them.

 So now you will be glad to know that you can easily reply that particular person but without showing your online presence to others in the WhatsApp contact list. Its a big relief for you especially when your contacts may track your whereabouts via WhatsApp.

Reply WhatsApp messages from your smartwatch

If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can respond to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch and be safe from appearing online. This is even the case if you reply to the message without clicking on Reply by just looking at the whole conversation.

reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online

Two main ways to hide your visibility but still stay active on WhatsApp.

1) Reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online

Switching Off WiFi or Mobile Data connection

#Disable your Wi-Fi, mobile network, or any other internet connection on your smartphone. You can also do it by turning Airplane Mode on.

#Open the WhatsApp and reply that particular person whom you want to reply and Send.

#You will notice that the message will not send. Means it will not show the grey tick mark symbol, instead there will be a clock symbol next to the message. This means that there is no internet connection and thus, the message hasn’t been sent.

#Close WhatsApp completely.

#Now turn on your Internet connectivity or WiFi or by turning airplane mode off in case you have activated it.The text will now send, and the grey tick mark will show up which signifies that the message has been sent. This message will send, without showing that you were online at the time.

Thus, WhatsApp will automatically send your replies without indicating that you were online. This way, it will retain your previous ‘last seen’ status rather than the current one.

2) Reply to WhatsApp message without appearing online from Notifications

Reply from notification feature allows you to send/reply to messages without going online in WhatsApp. Hence replying from notification will not even change your Last Seen time mark.

Reply from ‘Notifications for WhatsApp’

In case anyhow you miss the notification which comes on top of the screen. You can swipe down and go to Notifications Tab. Under the notifications tab swipe left on the message and select Reply.

#Swipe down your mobile.

#Go to the Notifications tab.

#Under the notifications tab swipe left on the message.

#Click on the “Reply” button. 

#Reply to the message. Don’t click on the notification. Instead, input your reply, and then click on “Send”.

Your message is now sent. It won’t state that you are online, but if you click “View” instead, you’ll be taken to the app, and it will show your online status.

Reply to WhatsApp messages on Lock Screen mode

If you get a WhatsApp message notification on the Lock screen when iPhone/iPad is locked then you can simply swipe towards the left of the screen on the notification and Tap Reply.

# If you get a WhatsApp message notification on the Lock screen when iPhone/iPad is locked or lock your screen whenever you want to reply to the particular recipient.

#Simply swipe towards left of the screen on the notification and

# Tap the Reply button to type your message.

#Click the Send button finally.

Your message is now sent without changing your last seen status.


WhatsApp is the most reliable chatting app for our daily usages. Its amazing features and tricks help us to connect with the world in a better and secured way. Hope you will utilize those handy tricks only during your urgency and not in the intent of harassing others.

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