How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number? Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature through which users will be able to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one device.

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow you to use your WhatsApp account on different devices at the same time. This process works on all mobile platforms i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

As per the report of WABetaInfo chats will still be end-to-end encrypted because WhatsApp was developing a new method to assign keys to specific devices.

WhatsApp will also release an iPad version of the app when this feature is ready. This means that you will be able to use your WhatsApp account on iPhone as well as on the iPad.

Users need to verify their number by entering a passcode that is received via SMS on the same number. But WhatsApp has begun testing push notifications that share a passcode on a registered phone in case the account is signed into on a different device.

WhatsApp at present does not allow you to run one account on more than one device. You can use your WhatsApp account only on the device which you have registered.

You will automatically be logged out from the previous WhatsApp if you try using the same account on any other device.

How this will benefit users?

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

# WhatsApp is now sending push notifications to the user via its app on the registered device when someone else tries to sign in using the same number on a different device.

# However, it is currently available for iOS. Trying to sign in to an Android device while an account is already running on an iPhone will send a push notification on the latter device.

# The registration code received via the push notification allows sign-in on a different device.

# WhatsApp shows a pop-up window inside the app that says: “WhatsApp Registration Code Requested”, along with a caution that the code should not be shared with anyone else as it will allow them to access the user’s account.

# Since the messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored locally, previous conversations cannot be accessed on another device. The cloud backup will also not restore the chats on the second device.

#  Its a security measure that ensures the account is not hacked or compromised by anyone else, it could also pave the way for multi-device support that has been in the anticipation. 

How to use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time via WhatsApp Web?

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

For those who have two Android smartphones, this can easily be solved. For the first method, you do not need to install any application to get this one feature. You only need a Chrome browser or Opera on a second Android smartphone.

Why Chrome or Opera? As we can use the new WhatsApp Web feature launched some time ago for this one on both browsers using Chromium.

But, to be able to use it, we need some tricks to be able to use WhatsApp Web on Chrome browser and Opera for Android.

How to install WhatsApp account on two different phones?

How to use WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number?

First method:

# First make sure that you have upgraded WhatsApp application to the latest version on your first Smartphone.

#  Open the Chrome browser on Your second smartphone, then click the menu and tick/select “Request Desktop Site”.

# If you have successfully activated the desktop mode, you will see a QR code appear.

# Using the first phone with WhatsApp installed go to SettingsWhatsApp Web, and you will have a QR Code Scanner appear.

# Open the Whatsapp app on the first Smartphone then open the menu and choose the WhatsApp web. Scan the QR Code from the second Smartphone.

It is to be pointed out that this can be used on a tablet instead of a second phone as well. This way, you can access this coveted account on your tablet and phone.

If you want to disconnect WhatsApp web on the second phone from the primary phone you use, open WhatsApp settings on the first phone, tap on “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” and then choose to log out from all computers.

This technique will only work with two phones that have WhatsApp installed. If you try to connect to a third mobile device, you will be forced to log out of one of the first two devices before you can proceed.

Also note that if the devices are far enough away from one another, WhatsApp Web could automatically disconnect.

Second Method:

For those users who can’t able to visit the website to view the message for them this second method is quite handy to use WhatsApp on 2 different devices with the same number.

Where in this method You need to install the application which is the same as WhatsApp on the second device. Check the below steps for more details.

# Install Whatsapp on 1st Device with the latest updated version as mentioned in the first method above. Because WhatsApp latest app has the Whatsapp Web features whereas it’s missing in the old version.

# Data must be ON in 1st device to receive the message in 2nd device.

# Download and Install this application on your Second Device where you need to Use Whatsapp on Different Phones with the same number.

# After installing the App Open Whatsapp on the 1st device and visit Whatsapp web has mentioned above.

# Now scan the QR code on 2nd device from 1st Device which is used for verification.

# Now you can receive messages on both devices at same time without any browser access.

This is the only way to use Whatsapp on two different devices with the same number. It is pretty much equal to Web method, But you don’t need to visit the website every time, just open the app like the normal version.

To be pointed out that the user will get a notification that someone is using your account in a Web application, so you can’t steal someone’s account data with this method.

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