How Twitter is working on Secret conversation feature for encrypted DMs?

Twitter Working on Secret conversation feature for encrypted DMs. Twitter is reportedly working on a Secret encrypted messages feature which could make the microblogging platform safer for sensitive communications. Separately, a new option to support FIDO U2F security keys for two-factor authentication. As data security concerns on Facebook and WhatsApp be noticeable.

Twitter new feature Secret conversation

Other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal already provide users with encrypted means of communicating. If Twitter added secret conversations, its direct messages could serve as a convenient alternative to secure, off-platform rivals.

How Twitter is working on Secret conversation feature for encrypted DMs?

Twitter, by design, is a public platform for sharing up to 280 characters at a time. Presently, you send regular text messages privately to one another, but this new mode is on another level which is apparently concealed inside the Twitter for Android app, there is a Secret conversation option which would allow people send encrypted direct messages.

If you want a more private chat, then there are direct messages (DMs), but they can still be tapped on and remain stored as part of your account. However, Twitter is considering a much more private messaging mode named Secret Conversation.

With this new feature of Secret conversation, Twitter is awaited to roll out options about encrypted messaging like starting a Secret Conversation and viewing both sides of the conversation for encryption keys to verify a secure connection.

How encrypted direct messages secured your text?

# The encrypted Direct Message (DM) option was first spotted inside Twitter for APK that contains codes for unreleased features that companies are testing.

# End-to-end encrypted messages are secured with a lock and only the sender and recipient have the special key needed to unlock and read them.

# Instant messaging app WhatsApp uses “end-to-end encryption” in all conversations. This can opt into Messenger.

# For added protection, every message sent has its own unique lock and key. No one can intercept the communications.

# Twitter’s DMs have become a powerful way for people to contact strangers without needing their phone number or email address. Whether it’s to send a reporter a scoop, warn someone of a problem, discuss business or just “slide into their DMs” to flirt.

# Twitter has established one of the most open messaging mediums. But without encryption, those messages are subject to snooping by governments, hackers or Twitter itself.

How this new Twitter feature of Secret conversation acts?

This feature was spotted by one Jane Mabchun Wong and she shared the below screenshot on Twitter.

Twitter new feature Secret conversationPhoto Credit: Jane Manchun Wong/ Twitter:


# As to how Secret conversations would work, Wong describes is simply as end-to-end encrypted secret direct messages. It would mean Twitter conversations carried out using this feature could not be read by anyone other than the Twitter users having the conversation, and deletion is both simple and permanent.

# When you create one, it displays in black that the Secret conversation at the top and the text box message says ‘send an encrypted message’.

# You can even see the encryption keys by tapping on the secret message menu where you can see yours and the recipients, confirming the end to end encryption.

# This feature could be useful for those people willing to send sensitive information via Twitter but are forced to use the likes of Signal to do it. 


For Twitter, the new feature of secret conversation would be a positive move and new competition for encrypted messaging apps such as Signal or Telegram. Rather than leaving Twitter to have a secure chat on another service, secret conversations mean you can simply stay on Twitter’s platform. It could also help attract new users or bring old users back to the platform.

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