How unplanned pregnancy story embarrasses parents?

 Emily was an intelligent beautiful young teenager girl topper in her class studied at 10th, teachers and parents had a big hope on her board performance. the 1st rank persistence in class since childhood proved her excellence always. Not even she was proud of her parents, but also among her relatives.

How could the pregnancy of her mother become the cause of her ashamed in front of her friends?


Their family……………

Emily’s parents Claire and Ryan were quite young among rest other parents of her school. Claire 40 years old who was by profession a Biology teacher of secondary school and Ryan 48 years old a medical representative.

Ryan and Claire did love marriage and Emily born after 2 years of their marriage during those days Claire taught in a primary school and Ryan was in his beginning at the medical representative field where their income did not suffice to take another child after Emily.

Jia younger sister of Ryan whose marriage responsibility was upon Ryan as their father passed away a few years back so after that Ryan had the responsibility of his mother, sister, and wife.

He and Claire very hardly managed their house with their low earned. After the birth of their first baby, they were really in stressed as Ryan had the pressure of his sister Jia’s marriage where one more additional member in their life stimulated their strain than delighted.

Reaction to good news…………..

Claire still remembered those days when she gets known about her pregnancy news and shared first with her husband and then with her mother-in-law. Ryan as a husband really delighted about that but her mother-n-law after heard that told her that…..

“she had time enough for conceiving then how could she took that decision of getting the mother in that scantiness of life.”

As her mother-in-law thought if Ryan after getting his baby ignore his sister’s marriage responsibility. So her concerned towards her daughter’s marriage was quite justified. Post birth of Emily, Jia had also mistrust about her brother’s intention towards his caring about her.

overtime needs for fulfilling the duties.………….

Ryan now had one more biggest responsibility to brought up his daughter. He now paid his excess hours at work. A medical representative needs to visits variants clinics and hospitals for which they need two-wheelers for their random travel. Whereas Ryan used either public transport by bus or by walking for his random travel purpose because he couldn’t afford two-wheeler.

Even to save the bus fare he preferred for walking. Many nights he couldn’t sleep properly due to his muscle cramps in leg only his wife Claire known about those pains not even Ryan ever told to his mother about that pain because when he found that his mother was more concern about her son’s earning than his health.

Claire couldn’t take part-time tuition class for extra earning after her schooling hours as her baby was small and she needs her mother thorough attention. There Jia who after completing her degree used to sit idle at home whereas her all friends were doing either job or entered for higher study but Jia not even felt necessary to take a single tuition class of lower classes.

Feeling of insecurity……………..

Many times her sister-in-law Claire told her that “she failed to take tuition as part-time extra earning due to her compulsion of attention towards her small baby but you are sitting idle so if I referred your name to my few primary class students for tuition then will you agree to do that?”

So that she could manage to take care of her own small expense but she wasn’t eager to work because for Jia why she would go to earn now where her brother and sister-in-law was working for taking care of her and moreover as per her mother-in-law Jia would not earn at her parents home if she wants to do job then after her marriage when her husband would going to allow her for their requirement, like Claire was doing job in her in-laws home.

Actually, both Jia and her mother had a fear of losing grip on their son’s earning. They thought if Ryan and his wife found that Jia was self-dependent then if he wouldn’t ready to spend on his sister’s marriage where after their childbirth they could now place the excuse for their baby and its expense, then, in that case, Jia would be remained spinster for forever in her brother’s family wherein future Claire might treat Jia as a nanny for her child.

So they want to prove the society and Ryan that Jia was completely dependable on her brother’s income and its Ryan’s responsibility to take care of his sister’s well-established future like his daughter.

The time came to fulfill the accountability……..

Years passed by and finally, the day came when Ryan did his accountability by giving his sister’s marriage with a well-established businessman by investing Lakhs from his hard savings for Jia’s marriage.

Now Emily was 5 years old and started her school. Ryan’s mother was quite happy with her son and daughter-in-law. Jia always carried costly gifts for her mother and Emily whenever she visited her mother’s home with her husband. Ryan’s mother expected the same costly precious gift in returned by Ryan to Jia because of its matter for her prestige in front of her son-in-law.

Though she had the awareness about her son’s earning and their lifestyle but yet often pretend in front of Jia’s in-laws that her son and daughter-in-law both had been earning good.

After 10 years…………

Emily now at standard 10th, Ryan doing good in his job now he had his own two-wheeler. Claire now promoted to secondary school as a biology teacher, where earlier she was science teacher for primary sections.

Jia’s husband bought flat and stayed nuclear with their 2 sons. Ryan’s mother now often stayed for the night at her daughter’s new residence.

Suddenly felt something unusual………..

Claire who was the class teacher of standard 8th was quite friendly with her class than other teachers. She always gentle spoken one for which students of her class never felt any fear from their Biology teacher.

One day while taking the class she fell unconscious on the floor. By seeing that students got scared they tried to wake their madam but couldn’t so they called up to the principal. Principal madam came with the Dr. in her class. After came out from unconscious Dr. told her in front of Class and Principal that she was expecting and congratulate for that.

Claire in front of her class was stupefied. The principal was staring at her. The whole class had been whispering tried to figure out those utters which Dr. Sir told their class teacher madam.

Good news dumbstruck her…..

Claire was awestruck after heard that as she herself not figure out those symptoms. She revealed that to her husband at night after Emily went to sleep.

Ryan after heard that felt like walking on air, he told her that now they both would go to enjoy each phase of pregnancy as during her first pregnancy 15 years back his economic status was not healthy that’s why they couldn’t explore that small enjoyment with the growth of baby every day in its mother’s womb.

They went next day to Dr. for affirmed that. Dr. asked her that isn’t she had been undergoing any physical change within her in those past 3 months. She told that she felt uncomfortable often but avoided as she always busy with her strict scheduled towards her family and job.

she assumed that might be due to the constant workload of family, Emily’s educational stress along with her school job weakened her blood pressure for which she felt that dizziness.

why so condition………...

Her mother-in-law after known about that told her “how could they planned for the second child when their daughter was 15 years old and moreover how would they announced that in front of Emily and to the world?”

Claire was not understood that why her mother-in-law always placed condition with her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy because during her first pregnancy she told her the same utter that “she had time enough for conceiving then how could she took that decision of getting the mother in that scantiness of life.”

Earlier their economic status was stood as the barrier and now their 15 years old daughter became the hindrance of Claire’s pregnancy

How to unwrap the truth…..……….

For Claire and Ryan, it’s embarrassing that how to unfold that truth to their teenage daughter. It’s a serious matter about which they couldn’t hide from Emily. Though they were very friendly with their daughter but this issue was beyond of their friendship discussion.

Finally, Claire asked her daughter that “Emi… dear you always had a desire since childhood that if you also have any little brother or sister with whom you could play like others, so now don’t you miss the same like your childhood days?”

Emily replied, “yes…mom that I always miss yet now but with time I adapted the situation.”

Claire again asked her “if tomorrow her ever wishing of getting sibling became true then how could she like to respond to the situation?”

Now Emily just turned her face towards her mother and with curious, she asked: “Mom then it would be yet the best gift from you to me.”

Claire smiled and took her little hand to let touch the womb and told: “Emi…..your wish come to true very soon because of he/she now also eager to see his/her elder sister.”

Emily triumphed over the sizzling news. She was eager to announce in her full volume to the world that very soon she would going to dominates someone because up to now she was the youngest one upon whom all like to show their dominance but now her time came when she also being a tag for an elder to someone officially.

She in her overjoyed just kissed randomly her mother felt like she got the most precious thing in her life. Now Claire and Ryan were tranquilized over the situation.

But Claire requested her daughter that she wouldn’t announce that good news now to outsiders before her mother step in at her 7 months because Claire didn’t want any excitement in her life regarding that news as she already felt quite an unease due to her late pregnancy again after 15 years of her first child.

What were closed one’s suggestions ………..

Jia after heard that told to Claire that “how could she manage her late pregnancy with family pressure. It’s quite shameful for a woman when her elder daughter in her 15 years old found that her mother would be going to deliver another child. So if she didn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of her young child then it’s better to abort her pregnancy. As the right time for the 2nd child had already gone many years ago from their life then why they took that decision of next child in their late ages?”

Claire was surprised about her sister-in-law’s ungenerous views because Jia might forget those days when her brother’s only target of life was to settled his sister’s life for which how hard he managed funds by working day and night constantly. Then during those time how could, they planned for their next child when already that RIGHT TIME was occupied by the strain of Jia’s marriage and family’s responsibility.

Ryan and Claire almost forgot to look at each other because a hectic day scheduled with lots of responsibility and stress not allowed them for romance and sex.

Now Jia’s husband told to Ryan that “if they planned for the 2nd issue then why not implanted earlier? Why now when he was the father of such young girl? Like his 2 sons have only 2 years gap in between them. Moreover, if it’s by mistake happened then he could also be erased that by using strong abortion pills or injections as he is in the medical field so why not utilizing his medical knowledge in his very personal life?”

Humiliation increased with the growth of time……

Now Claire stepped into her 7 months pregnancy which was noticeable by all. Her Colleagues often criticized her late pregnancy that how she being so desperate about her pregnancy in front of her 15 years old daughter.

That day Claire noticed when her 8th standard class students scoffing about her pregnancy by uttering that “Our Biology madam seemed quite monotonous in her theoretical class of reproduction chapter that’s why she executed that reproduction theory in her own life and the result is going to come out with our end of final exam means after 2 months when our final exam will over.”

By heard such parody from outside of class, she felt proud of her daughter Emily who was well-mannered and know how to respect elders than other children.

Suddenly Principal madam called Claire and told her that “her own 8th class students had been scoffing on her pregnancy so it’s better if she takes leave until her delivery because as a Principal of the school she didn’t want to hear any ill remarks against her teachers.”

She tried to fathom the depth of her wordings………..

Claire found that now she had 2 months left for her delivery when her Principal allowed her pre-maternity leave and their also 2 months left for Emily’s final board exam to start so she decided that now she would spend her every moment with her daughter by helping her in her studies.

She was eager to speak with her Emi about her 2 months leave because Emily always had a complaint against her mother that why couldn’t she took leave from her school job just before her exams start so that she could sit with her mother for polishing her subjects as she was well perfect in her study. She was about to speak with her Emi after she returned from her tuition class at 7 pm.

She was about to speak with her Emi after she returned from her tuition class at 7 pm. Suddenly Emily shouted on her mother she told “how could you be so immodest…….have you ever realized that how abashed I was in front of my group of friends when I told them today about my newly coming sibling. They told your parents seemed quite young and sexy till in this age! Look at our parents seemed like almost entered at retirement.”

“Have you ever seen your age means we are all 15 years old teenagers where after few years we will going to touch our 18 years then in this age how could you tolerate such young sibling. When after few years you will turn to 30 years old then your sibling will rock in his/her 15 years ages then in front of him/her you will look like an old woman. Moreover, we all have siblings but with small age difference say 2 or 5 years maximum but in your case its 15 years difference………….”

They also told, “Emily you will see after coming to your sibling your parents will share your each and everything with them then you will be not at all their ONLY adorable daughter so get ready for sharing your room to wardrobe, everything.”

Are they did purposely………..

Claire burst out with cry first time in front of her husband up to now she got humiliated for her late pregnancy by her mother-in-law, Jia, colleagues, own class students and Principal but she didn’t bother to any because her motherhood was far more significant than the world’s irrational words. But today her own blood abused her pregnancy, forced her to feel embarrassed on her deed.

She asked Ryan that would they physically intimate for the purpose of getting their 2nd issue after 15 years of their first child? She told him enough is enough why each and everyone had been accusing her as if she did any crime by conceiving for 2nd child in her late 40 years old.

Ryan and Claire physically intimate not for the intention of getting their 2nd child but after getting known about that they really felt glad but they forget that after a period of time their 2nd issue will need a social and personal affirmation for a place it as honor in our civilized culture.


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