How you satisfy your desires in an illegal relationship…..

Getting a bride for him was not so easy. As whenever any bride’s family came to know about his profile they became unresponsive towards him. Aakash who is doing a job in a private limited company as a salesman, whose salary is on his commission basis, and above that he is not so good looking handsome too.


Among 3 siblings, Rishi the elder one and Ravi the younger one got married only Aakash the mid one left for his settlement. Moreover, when girl’s family came to know about his rest 2 brothers profile they became unresponsive.

As his elder brother, Rishi who is in a government job and younger one Ravi doing the business of garments, both are earning good so, while searching bride for them was not a big deal. Rishi who got married with a girl belonging to a rich family and they have one son. Ravi did love marriage as per his own choice but the girl belonging from a poor family.

Parents wished to settle Aakash’s marriage before Ravi as he is older to Ravi but it couldn’t have happened as of spontaneous rejection from bride’s family and their Ravi didn’t want to postpone his marriage anymore for his elder brother. So after Rishi, Ravi the younger one got married, in this way, Aakash yet to left for his marriage.

Here Rishi’s in-laws gave him a flat as a gift when they became grandparent of their only daughter’s son. So, Rishi with his wife and son stays in that 2500 sq.ft. flat located in posh of the city. While Aakash and Ravi live at his parental big 3 storied house along with their parents.

Now after Ravi’s marriage the real twist begins in the family when Meera, Ravi’s wife entered in the family. Meera, quite beautiful along with intelligent too. She is very extrovert. She designates his brother-in-law Aakash as a brother. In fact, very often she did pranks with her bro-in-law. Initially Aakash was not so comforting with her such open frank behavior but later on, slowly he too mingled with her.

Now they came so near that without sharing their feelings with each other they couldn’t swallow their food too. Ravi and his parents too never felt anything odd in their such closeness and facetiousness as she designates him already as a brother.

Now Aakash sneaked a glance at her. He waited anxiously every day when Meera comes out from the shower in her wet sari with wet hairs. By seeing all those he feels extreme warmth towards her. His unfulfilled sex desires now erupt. He wants to sleep with Meera at any cost at least once in his life. He imagining Meera now in his sex bed every night not only in his dream but in open eyes too.

Meera prefers to wear only light base chiffon georgette sari, she usually pins up her the loose end of the sari all time but unpins it whenever she enters in Aakash’s room to serve tea or breakfast. She intentionally did that because very cleverly she too knows that while serving tea in half bending posture her loose end of sari might be fallen in front of Aakash when he too stares for those with wide open eyes in a thirst way. In this way, both seemed quite eager for surrendering themselves to each other.

Every month 1st Sunday Aakash take his parents for regular health check-up while Ravi with his family used to go for an outing at every weekend by their own car.

Suddenly that Sunday when Aakash was about to go along with his parents for regular Dr. checkup, he suddenly started paining in his left leg due to his leg muscle cramp he was unable to stand straight. So his parents told him to take rest and they decided to go with Ravi for their regular heart check-up.

Only Meera with Aakash now alone at home, where her 2 sons went at neighbors home for playing with other kids.

Meera in her blue chiffon georgette sari caring a pain relief balm in her hand enters at her bro -in-law’s room. While handover that ointment when she turned for going back suddenly hands of Aakash hold her tightly from her backside.

‘’ aa.a…Aakash…are you ok? What about your leg muscle cramp? How could you stand up suddenly on your own feet without anyone’s support?’’ Meera asked all those to Aakash. He laughed at her innocent voice then told her ‘’What happened to me? Nothing! Yes, I’m quite fine today than ever in my life!’’

Meera amazed at his replied then he told her that ‘’why are you reacting like this way as if you don’t know that why I did all those and for whom? Because I don’t have any other way left to spend few moments with you.’’

Without uttering any words further both embraced to each other, Aakash finally got that very special moment when he could daringly hug his fantasy. They finally physically engrossed with each other. His thirst for sex gets fulfilled after a long waiting for his mate.

Post all those physical intimacies Aakash told her that he had been dreaming for a long time for this heavenly thrilling moment. Now Meera very desperately designates him as Aakash by throwing the tag of the brother.

In this way, both gave birth an ill relationship by hiding behind the back of everyone. In this way, days are passing by months.

Now the question arises in mind that why both are doing this by knowing that this is an illegal relationship between them?

For Aakash, it’s quite understandable that as a bachelor when he found his rest 2 brothers were enjoying a good and healthy sex life then it’s quite natural for his eruption of those unfulfilled sex desires. In this 45 years of age he yet not tasted that utmost enjoyment of life, so his only focus is now to sip and sense the flavor of sex.

As of now, not a single girl had entered in his life where he could at least felt that aroma of sex in the name of love too because he was not so good looking. He too aware of this truth that Meera is not at all his love as she is the wife of his younger brother. She is just the instrument of his quench of thirst nothing more.

But what about Meera? When her husband is quite attracted, and impressed towards her then why she did this? What makes her do such act?

The answer is due to the craving for Property! YES……………..

Meera after the step in her in-law’s home found that her elder bro-in-law stayed at their posh residence along with his family and here Aakash and Ravi staying with their parents in this big 3 storied house.

She already knew the truth that due to less source of earning none girls’ family would ready to give their daughter to Aakash for marrying.  She has an intense fear that if in future Aakash get marry then his would be kid will be another sharer of her in-law’s property, which she doesn’t want at any cost.

So, if at anyhow Aakash remained unmarried forever then this 3-storied big house will automatically come under her children’s name. Her only motto was at anyhow this big house and property should come under her bucket.

Moreover when she noticed that Aakash has a weak nerve point towards her then she without delayed for a second thought grab that opportunity. As she can read the mind of Aakash very well that what is his requirement. So she thought if she would serve herself to Aakash for the fulfillment of his desire then he became a puppet for forever of her hand.

She played a good trick like when a baby cry for his mother and at the same time his mother is busy in rest household works then the mother very trick fully hold a toy in the hand of his baby so that her baby get entangled in that toy and in the meanwhile she too can finish her task calmly. Similarly here too she applied the same trick by serving sex to Aakash she just diverted his mind from rest all materialistic thing.

Meera is very desperate she doesn’t have fear of any scenario because she knows very well that if in future she caught in the hand of anyone too then also she has the way of coming out from that tricky game by using her trump card of innocence and by throwing the blame upon her bro in-law’s head.

That as bachelor guy he from the very beginning always stared at her … used to tease her whenever he found her alone at home. And if a married woman having 2 kids pretend all those against anyone by using her crocodile tears then the World is bound to believe on her said utters by showing their utmost sympathy towards her.

In that case, her in-laws to support her by throwing their son Aakash from their house for forever. So, she was quite desperate in her decision of making such illegal relationship.

So she is always in the safety net of judgment whenever anyone dares to point a finger towards her, that much confidence she possessed while tackling this trio relationship. Meera knows how to utilize her five fingers…. her husband, kids, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and Aakash. In fact, she knows how to tie the string to a kite for make it tightens.


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