How your Whatsapp friends could be spying on you by using a new app?

A new app called Chatwatch has launched recently that could let your WhatsApp friends spy on you even with all the security features in place. Chatwatch takes advantage of WhatsApp’s public online/offline status, which lets your friends know when you’re readily available to talk.


It’s a creepy new trick that the app’s developers hope will bring more attention to how Facebook handles our data, along with how other companies access and analyze it. WhatsApp has over a billion users on its platform-sharing information through texts, images, videos and other content.

To make it more private, the company has brought options such as the ‘Last seen’ feature and more. This prevents others from pinging you continuously and gives you a cutoff from the app.

How your WhatsApp friends could be spying on you by using a new app?

If you rely on WhatsApp to message friends and family, it’s important to know that the service lets your contacts know about when you’re available to chat, and whether you’ve read their texts.

Lifehacker recently found a new creepy app named Chatwatch, as the name signifies, watches when you are online on the messaging platform and gives others an insight. Chatwatch aims to help people find out ‘friends, family or employees’ activity’ even when they have hidden the ‘last seen’ function.

Using this data, the app can tell you how often your friends check WhatsApp. It can even estimate what time they go to sleep and wake up each day, potentially making it an invasive app. 

Chatwatch initially launched on iOS but it was later pulled from the App Store by Apple for unspecified reasons. It’s currently available for Android, and the developers are presently working on a web-based version as well.

How the new app Chatwatch workout?

# The app Chatwatch, claims to let you view someone’s online history by scrolling through their activity timeline to see exactly when they were on their phone chatting on Whatsapp or how often your friends check WhatsApp.

# It’s possible to find out if a WhatsApp user is online or not simply by initiating a conversation with them (no messages need to be exchanged for this to work).

# Chatwatch can combine WhatsApp data from two of your contacts means it will also work ‘chat probability’ by comparing two numbers to show how likely it was that they were talking with each other. The app will let bosses track productivity by seeing how much time people spend on Whatsapp during the working day.

# So it’s possible that Chatwatch’s system is automating this process of checking on users and aggregating data to deliver insights.

How to download Chatwatch Apk on Android?

To get Chatwatch apk file. You can use its download button and get it on your android mobile. There are many apk provider websites from where you can get the Chatwatch apk. Just simply go to below-downloading button, and click on it. The Chatwatch apk will be started download automatically.

In case, if you do not have internet connection on your mobile. Download Chatwatch from your desktop/pc or laptop. After that, you can transfer the apk file using Bluetooth or Xender.

How to Install Chatwatch Apk On Android?

It is now available on google play store, so directly you can install from there. Straightly, go to google play store and search Chatwatch there. And first one is the real application. Before installing it, check the review and rating, so you can know it is real or not.

If you got direct apk file, so you can install Chatwatch apk easily. Just open the download Chatwatch apk file, and a message will be shown, that your installation blocked. In order to get it to be installed on your android device. Just go to settings > security and simple tick on unknown sources.

After that, it will redirect you to the installation process. Just click on install and then next. Now the Chatwatch android app will be installed on your android device in few seconds.


Be careful while choosing the new app as Chatwatch isn’t free—it’s actually bit expensive. For $2, you get the ability to spy on two of your contacts for a week, so choose carefully.

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