The inspirational sayings of life!

There is no “Ctrl+Z” command in life. 

Everyone makes mistakes or commit something undesirable at some point in life (at least normal people do). No matter how badly they wish to change it, nothing can be done about it. Everyone has their share of regrets.

Actions once done cannot be undone, words once spoken cannot be taken back, the moment that’s gone is gone forever.


Life doesn’t come with an eraser. Experiences leave their mark, for better or for worse. It’s up to you whether to live with regrets or learn from mistakes and move on.

The family is Everything………..

No matter how much you think that your friends are so important. You will lose most of them, Your family is the only one who will never leave your side. Always take good care of them.

Not even your closest relatives will take your responsibility in times of deepest tragedy. For them, you are a bigger tragedy. You are a burden to everyone except your parents.

You earn well and you are respected in your family tree. No one cares about the struggle except your parents. Only your parents stand by you when you fail. Rest, don’t care.

Money Matters a lot………….

Money rules this world. Money makes this world turn. It makes people everywhere get out of bed to work. It turns people against each other. Whatever people say, we all need money. Money dominates. Say, your 10+ lakh per annum salary matters a lot in your relationship/marriage. Create two profile with same data in the matrimonial website. One with your Facebook profile picture, mention your salary 2 lakh per annum. One with your voter ID card with salary 10+ lakh per annum.

Money can solve 90% of your problems. I know money is not everything but money is very important for your survival. I read somewhere that, To say this line that Money doesn’t bring happiness, You should have at least 1 million dollars in your bank account. Nothing can make your relative happier than you being jobless. Nothing can make your relative more frantic than you getting a better job than their kids. Without Money, you are nothing. Absolutely Nothing!

Career and Health should be top priority……..

Getting a job is not happiness. It is a relief and ego booster. All that glitters is gold in the corporate world. You have good contacts and you can reach good heights. The one who slogs will never be appreciated.

 Your skills and your Health is the only thing which can never betray you. They will always stay with you forever. Learn as much as you can and Never compromise your Health for anything and anyone.

Give time to yourself…………

Nobody will invest in you until you invest in yourself. Most people will never accomplish their dreams, and most who do are still not happy. It wasn’t until I spent uncountable hours on my reading and own ideas that I felt like I had permission to ask others to do the same. It wasn’t until I spend day after day on my writing and refining my content before I felt comfortable asking for people to read my writings. Investing in yourself is the ONLY way to learn to love yourself more and give yourself permission to ask others to do the same. Unless of course, you’re a sociopath, of course. Your unwillingness to make a mistake is the biggest mistake.

Everything is in your hand, don’t blame karma if you can’t give your 100%. But it doesn’t mean, that I am stopping you to do good deeds and provoking you to commit bad ones. Hard work never goes unnoticed. As per Newton’s third law ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” so what goes around, somehow comes around. People’s perception about you is more important than reality, perception is what makes someone guilty not the facts.

Attachment is highly toxic…………

 Attaching too much to a single person leads to Jealousy and Fear of losing that person and both of these things are rust to the relationship. Love is pure but the attachment is toxic. The more you care about someone’s opinion of you, the less they think of you. The person who cares less has the most power in a relationship. You can’t change others. The cute little quirks of today can be the soul-crushing flaws of tomorrow.


Where there is love there is light! Respect your love. Believe me, it is the most beautiful creation of God. Don’t let it go just because of your arrogance or ego or this society. Living practical life is a good thing, but do not materialize your relationship. You can’t always get what you want.

Sometimes people understand the value once they leave their life. Don’t experiment anything, so that you will have to live rest of your life in regret. One day you will never be able to hear your loved one’s voice again so call them today!

Love is about accepting your partner with every flaw, is the biggest lie ever. People hate flaws and so would you. You can love your partner till death and still want to sleep with others. The opposite of well is well-meaning. Men will never know how it feels to be a woman and vice versa. Dark secrets can be damaging but love can heal that damage.

The higher you set the expectations from the beginning, the harder it will be to maintain the relationship. Suppose, send your girlfriend flowers every day and it will be cute for the first three days, cheesy after that, then awkward, and finally unbearable. Love, dating, and relationship can’t be “figured out” logically. They require empathy, vulnerability, and honesty.

You are Replaceable……………

No one will ever be able to make you feel loved unless you love yourself. It doesn’t matter, how much you care for that person, or how strongly you think that that person will never leave you. Most of the times, those persons will find someone better than you and then you are more likely to kill yourself from a breakup than to be killed by ISIS. The more you care about someone’s opinion of you, the less they think of you.

You are the person you’ve chosen to be so it’s your fault if you don’t like who you see in the mirror. We tend to value people who don’t think we’re important and take for granted those who do. Emotions change all the time. It’s possible to think you love someone with all your heart, but then one day you sober up and find out you truly don’t. When in love, everyone becomes an idiot.

Marriage and responsibilities………..

Love is glorious at its best till you are dating with your best foot forward. Marriage actually breaks the spell. Marriage does not convert a man/woman to a family person. Even having kids can’t achieve that. The age-old idea that is being fed by the elders “Get him/her married, he/she will become responsible” is a failure. Marriage doesn’t bring two families together. It brings two individuals together who crib about each other’s families meddling their noses between the couple.

Our lives are inconsequential…………

We all die. Both a king and a beggar end up 6 feet under the ground. We are merely tourists here. The universe doesn’t revolve around us. If we all died, nothing would change in the cosmos. Even among humans, no one will even remember we existed in a few hundred years. Maybe even decades.

Ignore your neighbors and relatives………..

Our closed people, on the outside act like wolves but are really like dolphins on the inside, and some people try to act like dolphins but are really sharks.

Your neighbors are not there to help you if you are a single parent. They are there to keep an eye on you to the point that even your brother visiting you raises an alarm in their head. If you’re a single girl, your worth is measured by the number of marriage proposals you are getting. If none, then you are a problematic bone not just to your family (according to the neighbors) but also to the entire neighborhood.

Emotions are dangerous……….

Your emotions, thoughts, memories and everything you experience can be simplified to little pieces of flabby matter in the brain shooting electricity in circles.

 Emotions make us human. But it also severely hinders us. Envy, jealousy, hatred, and love blind us and make us commit irrational and often regrettable actions. We are jealous creatures. Mind you, even if we are happy for our friends, there is somewhere hidden jealousy or let’s say “why not me?” simmering in there.

There are people who are intelligent in some areas but emotionally uneducated when it comes to the emotional reality of others. Even gangsters and criminals can be kinder to children than well-intentioned and better dressed upstanding citizens.

Happiness is within brain………..

Happiness is based on the chemistry of your brain. Some people are just screwed, born with low serotonin levels and are physically incapable of being happy.

Our brain creates the world around us. If you tell yourself you can’t break a bad habit, then you won’t. When next time you are sad that you can’t stop eating fatty foods, just know, the only reason you can’t is that you think you can’t. Then, remind yourself, it’s all in your mind and that despite being aware you have full control of stopping, you have for years still lacked the ability to change, ultimately making you consciously aware that you don’t have power over your mind. And that’s just depressing!

We are civilized animals………..

We aren’t even animals. The animal is a sound we made to represent the living things around us. In the origins of the world, nothing has a name, nothing has an identity. Cats are just things that lounge and whine all day. And they aren’t even cats, we just call them cats. In other words, we aren’t even things. We named ourselves.

In conclusion: We are a self-named, self-dressed animal that can’t work together but have such a sense of superiority that we slaughter all of the animals around us to serve our personal needs which aren’t even needs but we still crave more because we are animals from the jungle trying to survive and have created a world built on sadness to drive solace in material items so we make more stuff which is ultimately sending us spiraling into ecological doom that we’ll never stop because we are animals with egos that can’t work together.

We are editing our own DNA. We are a fucking animal who has literally been able to discover the code that makes us exist and change it.

Life is unfair, cruel even……..

 Why do some people get the top-notch education, the best living conditions, and golden opportunities, while others struggle daily just to survive? Why do some people have longer visits during this life than others? Life can be complex and be challenging regardless of your age.

Chase your passion, instead of chasing a person………

Chasing a person is like a dog chasing a vehicle. Even a dog succeed to chase it, it has no idea what to do with that, except barking. Same goes with people, chase your dream, make your life beautiful. People admire if you are committed to your dream. MS Dhoni is a live example. I don’t want to know about his negative part, but he could have chosen to be a railway TT and lived happily thereafter, but he didn’t.

Perfection is impossible…………

Pursuing perfection is a fool’s errand. There is no such thing as perfection. There’s no perfect design. No perfect form of society. Nothing can be perfect. We all have inner beasts locked up inside of us if the conditions are right, they are unleashed. Even in everyday life, you see glimpses of our inner demons murders, rapes, mass shootings.

Illusions are everywhere………..

 Look around you and you might believe you see the truth. You see something that you believe will make you happy, but once you get it you’re not. You see a happy couple, but you don’t know that they’re actually fighting every day. Someone offers you a free lunch, but there’s a catch. People posting on Instagram/Snapchat about how much fun they’re having, while inside they’re miserable and unhappy. A country might be functioning smoothly, but suddenly collapses within weeks. All Illusions. Take nothing at face value and question everything. Forgiveness and compassion are limitless when tempered with gratitude and humility.



  1. Bonobology says:

    Very inspiring pointers. In this rat race of life we are losing out on crucial factors – family, self – things that matter.

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