Instagram new feature New Posts will make feeds more chronological

Instagram has introduced a new feature called New Posts that will let you keep updated and feel fresher with all the new posts in the app. Instagram is changing its algorithm to make things ensure that the posts you see are timely. The change also gives users more control over their feed.

Instagram's New Posts, new Algorithm For 2018

Instagram new feature New Posts will make feeds more chronological

Instagram’s New Algorithm For 2018 will make posts appear in users’ feeds more chronologically. The change comes after users have complained of seeing old posts in their Instagram feeds following the app’s switch from a chronological-based display back in 2016.

After Instagram switched its algorithm to a nonchronological, users criticised the algorithm, so after months of complaints, now Instagram has made some major changes to its feed.

How this new feature – New Posts will work out?

# With Instagram’s new feature New Posts will show up first again.

# Instagram’s new feature – New Posts button which will let you decide when you want to refresh your feed, instead of the app doing it automatically.

# If the button is tapped it will take you to the new posts at the top of the feed.

# With these changes, your feed will feel fresher, and you won’t miss the moments you care about. Say, if your friend shares a selfie from her party in the UK, it will be waiting for you when you wake up.

# Sometimes, the automatic refresh feature leaves users feeling totally blindsided which Instagram has seemingly come to recognize so they will now be able to refresh on their own

Why has Instagram changed its algorithm again?

As per the report of the Instagram, the company has heard users complaints about its algorithm-based feed, and now it’s making changes to display more photos and videos closer to chronological order.

Means users often complained that when a feed refreshes, it brings them back to the top, making them lose track of updates. That’s why the company has introduced a feature called New Posts.

Instagram originally used a chronological feed, showing the newest Instagram posts first when you opened up the app, but the company changed that in June of 2016 to display posts based on relevancy. The change caused days-old posts to be displayed in some situations, which users were unhappy with. 

As the change caused the worst impact on regular social media users and content creators when they would often bury new posts in favor of bubbling up user content from several days earlier and there was no way for users to choose to view only new content.

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