Instagram New replay Privacy Controls feature for senders!

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature for senders now allows senders to control whether the recipients can view the images or video only once, replay it temporarily or allow it to view in chat.

Instagram New feature

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature has received direct new replay privacy controls giving complete control to users when they send a photo or video from the Instagram Direct camera. The sender can now choose to allow recipients to view the message once, replay it temporarily, or see a permanent thumbnail in the chat log. 

As per the current setting, Instagram allowed all messages could be replayed temporarily but would later disappear. Means users with Instagram can send Stories privately to each other. Users can then replay the Story until it eventually disappears.

On the flip side, Snapchat doesn’t offer users any control over the nature of private chats. Once a user sends a photo or video, the recipient can replay the message for a brief period, but then it disappears forever, but with this update on new replay privacy controls, users can exercise control over the content being shared. 

How to use the Instagram new replay privacy controls feature?

# First open the camera in the Instagram stories

# Switch to the Type mode, which can be found at the bottom next to the other options – Live, Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind and Hands-free.

# Simply tap on the screen, and you are ready to type your thoughts.

At the bottom lift, one will find a circle dot, to change the best suitable color of the background, while the front styles can be changed form the top. Like any other story, the type stories will also disappear from the user’s profile after 24 hours.

How Instagram new replay privacy controls feature differs from earlier?

Previously Instagram introduced a new Type mode to its platform. The feature will allow users to share their thoughts in form of text without attaching a picture or a video to the background. It is to be noted, that the feature is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Instagram new replay privacy controls feature

Now, the Instagram Direct camera shows “View once”, “Allow replay” and “Keep in chat” options. As you can see in the above image, users will now have three new options to choose from when sending Stories via Direct. They can choose to allow the recipient to view it just once, allow it to be replayed, or keep it in the chat.

Instagrammers with the new replay privacy controls feature can indulge insensitive content by allowing them to prevent replays that can give people time to take a photo of their screen with another camera without triggering a screenshot alert to the sender.

As per an Instagram spokesperson “All these updates are designed to give people more control of what they share with friends in Direct.” The move is meant to give more controls and freedom to the senders and it is aimed at making users send more sensitive imagery by allowing them to prevent replays.


Now, the Instagram new replay privacy controls feature gives you a better control for sensitive or scandalous photos to keep yourself safe with the “view once” opinion. That way, there’s no chance for someone to figure out a way to record. If you want someone to keep looking, choose “allow replay” or “keep it in chat.”

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