Instagram voice and video calling features introducing soon

Instagram voice and video calling features could be introducing soon for its users. As per the report of TechCrunch, it has found hidden icons for “call” and “video call” in the Android Application Packages (or simply APKs) of the standalone direct messaging app.

Instagram voice and video calling features

The addition of Instagram voice and video calling features would make Instagram a better chat alternative to Snapchat, which first launched video calling in 2014 and enhanced the feature with easier access plus audio and video notes in 2016. 

The new Instagram voice and video calling features

Instagram voice and video calling features could soon allow users to make voice and video calling. The popular photo-sharing app is likely to transform into the one-stop shop for social messaging and staying in touch with friends in the future.

APKs often show files for unreleased features that are lying dormant in an app waiting to be surfaced when the company is ready to launch them. While Instagram refused to comment on the existence of these features but the APKs usually contain the upcoming features that the developers plan to add at the later stage. So it appears Instagram is preparing to launch audio and video calling within its Direct messaging system.

How the Instagram voice and video calling features would affect its rival apps?

The voice and video calling features is nothing new for social media users as its already present in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, soon after it launches it’ll make Instagram uniquely situated among a wide variety of apps to serve multiple purposes.

Once applied, Instagram will directly compete against rival Snapchat and other Facebook-owned brands such as Messenger and WhatsApp which already have the voice and video call in place.

Instagram has over 800 million monthly and 500 million daily active users. Meanwhile, Snapchat has over 187 million daily active users.

# This upcoming Instagram voice and video calling features could make Instagram an all-in-one app. The launching of soon Instagram voice and video calling features will likely impact badly upon Snapchat, its closest rival in the social media space.

# Snapchat first implemented the video calling facility in 2014 followed by audio/video notes in 2016. But it’s somewhat concealed, means you have to tap on a friend’s profile and select the call button in their specific chat screen also it doesn’t have a strictly calling feature.

# Facebook Messenger added the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio call facility in 2013 and supplemented it with video calls in 2015. As of 2017, Messenger had 400 million people making use of audio and video calls. 

# Messenger has a dedicated call button on the app’s launch screen.  However, it should be taken into consideration that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp also offering voice and video calling features. Both messaging apps are being used by millions not only to exchange texts but also voice and video chats.

# Similarly, while messaging apps like Skype or WhatsApp will allow you to make calls, they don’t offer the same visual stimulation or effects that Instagram does.


If Instagram can become the best way to communicate visually, no matter the medium, it could steal users from Snapchat and make its app more appealing to people around the world. Instagram doesn’t monetize messaging itself, but becoming a stand-in for people’s phones could lead to spillover usage of its feed and Stories that show ads.

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