Is sex really gives us Happiness?

Is sex really gives us happiness? Yes apparently! Sex gives surges of different feelings and actions, which make you feel good. Such feelings can be warmth, heart rate increase, thrilling, the hunger for more, resulting in a body “high arousal” and add to the part where you fully concentrate on the activity at hand, you probably feel great.



Is sex really gives us Happiness?

Then ask a paralysis patient.. a coma patient … an autistic or a physically challenged person…….what is sex?

I have named few such diseases or disorder which is incurable one or carrying an uncertainty for forever in life run, where for the person to do the normal activity or even to take a single breath is very hard to survive then where from the question arise about sex or any other enjoyment of life, because to survive in life is the greatest challenge for those persons where they never even dare to dream about any seductive feelings. Yes, their genitals not even allowed them to visualize about such fantasies.

Without our health, nothing happens, not just sex, but all the other incredible things life offers to us. Someone at a young age will not understand this until much later in life.

Sex doesn’t make you happy prolonged………

Pleasure is physical and mental but happiness is just mental. A typical pleasure is A Sex where climaxing releases chemicals into the bloodstream that gives us a short-lived jolt of extreme happiness which quickly fades. Pleasure does make us happy, but happiness can be accessed directly in pondering, and does not depend on pleasure or any other external actions.

There are many unhappy sex addicts out there. Also, there are many happy asexual people out there. Sex is a physical excitement, a sexual pleasure. It is not the same as happiness.

While sex and our sexuality is a very important part of who we are, because we are born sexual beings, but amongst them, the one that brings total contentment and satisfaction is Ecstasy!  It is thousand times more pleasurable than sex.

Is sex really gives us happiness? There are infinite things that offer more happiness than sex. As a matter of fact, you’ll find having peace of mind is the number one thing that will bring you happiness. All the things that give you peace of mind are so powerful that sex becomes irrelevant and it will subside in itself like your health, stability, healthy relationships, your social status, financial stability all these things are connected to having a healthy sex life.

Sex with your loved ones gives you intense happiness but when someone will have the same sex with a paid sex employee that inner happiness will never found because it’s using to satisfy the desire of the lusty body not for the brain.

It’s all about balance. Energy always tends to flow towards ecstasy. When you indulge in sex, you consider sex as ecstasy. If you look at other beings that we coexist with on earth, mating/sex is important, but all of us need to be healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically. But when you seek for something that transcends sex, that is far more pleasure giving than sex, your energy drifts towards that something.  And that something is nothing else but ECSTASY!

Difference between happiness and pleasure……..

Sex is not happiness but a state of pleasure. Pleasure is a state of being temporary. Whereas Happiness “is a way” to live life. It is based on what and how one thinks rather than depending on the situations that make an impact on his life.

Let’s say, during the course of our lovemaking when we are very eager to follow every step of our desires and after the foreplay when finally the coition happened we say that we are satisfied.

 It means our body has satisfied which gives partial satisfaction to our mind not fully and that’s why just after the coition those stressful thoughts of our life sparks our mind immediately within a fraction of a second, which ultimately many times, turned our pleasure moments into a stressed one. It makes you satisfied…Physically, Sexually not mentally or emotionally.

 It shows that we just give the pleasure to our body to get it to rejuvenate from its daily monotonous schedule and stress. So it’s proved that sex can’t be the solution of abolishing our intense stress from our lives, it’s only a partial remover of stress not the complete one for the cause of our contentedness.

Happiness, on the other hand, is realizing that the state of pleasure/ sorrow is temporary in life and with time they will pass. Happiness is acceptance of what cannot be changed.

Sex, of course, might give you pleasure for 5 minutes or 10 minutes but well life is too short for these kinds of momentary pleasures.

Those “Aha…” moments…………

  • Holding your baby for the first time after giving birth and the first touch of your child when the newly born baby holds you with his/her tiny finger.
  • First Kiss, tight hugs, kissing in rain, the pleasure of sleeping naked and getting cuddled by someone in bed.
  • Some feel happiness when they explore beautiful places throughout the world
  •  A scientist or researcher feels more happiness after solving a puzzle.
  • That smile on street kid’s face when you offer him food, saving someone’s life.
  • When a girl can safely roam around late at night, without getting judged about what she is wearing.
  • The phone call from your best friend when you really needed someone to talk.
  • A weird happiness some politicians get when they won an election. Some even left their family or stay unmarried to be Prime minister.
  • Donating your old books to the underprivileged children, and then get to know after months that the very same child passed out with flying colours, will make you feel great.
  • Bringing a smile to your grandparent’s face by visiting them unannounced will give you the real satisfaction and a smile on your face.
  • Getting forehead kiss from your mother, while sleeping in her lap.
  • A walk with your loved ones and when someone says “I Love You Too”.
  • When someone compliments us as “Beautiful or Handsome” or a random compliment from your crush.
  • When we clear any competitive examination and get our first job appointment letter.
  • A long-term romantic relationship with someone you love that includes sex. But sex doesn’t define the relationship.

So those above moments are only a few ones to express my ideas but there are infinite reasons for each of us to describe our true happiness and which is priceless for us.

The love hormone released by pituitary gland…….

Sex sometimes can be gratifying, sometimes dissatisfactory, sometimes humdrum. The act of sex itself can make you happy. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be good or very pleasurable to make you happy.

You probably will feel better-having sex with someone you actually love enough to do so. There is a hormone called Oxytocin which basically lets you bond better with people, which are released by the pituitary gland and is responsible for human behaviour associated with relationships and bonding. It’s usually with skin to skin contact. It’s a reason why mothers always play around with babies at first. You will see, if you and your partner were both fully engaged in the sexual activity, regardless if none of you was at your best, will feel a deeper connection due to the events that just occurred. You will feel closer and love the partner more, with a sense of deep connection and sensation, you may feel pretty happy even if the sex itself wasn’t as great. This is the power of Oxytocin.

Again if you’re fully engaged in an activity, which you are probably while having sex, you tend to enjoy it much more. Usually, some actions are crushed by our daily thoughts. But being engaged in the activity, focusing on what’s happening and taking it the manifold sensation in your body will feel much better than doing it disinterestedly.

Can u live a happy life without sex?…….

Everything is possible on this earth only. The thing which is impossible for us may be possible enough for others but we peoples have the tendency to judge others with our majority perspective. What you like to say about those priests and nuns who take the vows of celibacy. They’re a cheery bunch. They really are really happy most of the time.

Apart from them, there are also many peoples in our society who lives a healthy and blissful celibacy life by abolishing the feeling of lust by indulging their life in variant other aspects where they enjoy each activity from their core. Is sex really gives us happiness? It doesn’t mean they not hang out with friends at pub and disco, Yup…they also do what we all love to do but the thing is they enjoy the other aspects of activities more because they just go there for supposing dance, not has any other intention of grab some ass and that makes them and the girl with whom they are dancing with more at ease, enjoying their time fully. That’s not sarcasm. So don’t limit yourselves to the pleasure offered by the senses.

The true symbol of happiness……….

Is sex really gives us happiness? Sex is great and certainly feels great at the moment, but there are many things that give more happiness and which are indescribable………….

    • During those 9 months painful phase of pregnancy, where your Doctor had already informed you about the chances of miscarriage is more than 90% and it’s not being safe to carry your pregnancy exactly at that moment, your strong determination doesn’t allow you for surrendering your pregnancy at the middle of the 9 months journey and at the end, after a deadly fight against the situation, by giving the birth of your baby after enduring lots of physical and emotional trouble you won over the situation. That contentedness is beyond everything in the world and it’s indescribable for a mother.
    • Ask a prostitute when a man offers to marry her by ignoring her status and has shown the guts to hold her hand in front of society by giving his name and respect. The honour and kiss on the forehead an act of caring creates an endless ripple. Nothing can give more happiness than an act of Love and Care with respect.
    • After passing out from college with average grade when not a single company is getting ready to hire you because in this competitive world neither you carrying an MBA degree nor any other professional degree which could lure your resume to get that job among thousands and there your poor family where they are anxiously waiting for getting your job so that you can share the earning of their basic needs.

Months passed by without a single ray of hope when you also standing at the threshold of giving up your overall strength exactly at that moment one phone call changed your life by hiring you with the low package. That exhilaration is beyond everything in this world and its indescribable for that unemployed guy.

What need for the lifetime?……….

Sex can also be a mixture of both love, union, commitment and a bit of kink. Liberty from other’s perspective and mental peace. Liberation and peace create a legitimate life.

Masturbate…. yes….if you can carry the same feelings towards him/her after the masturbation, then you really love them. These are the romantic feelings. If you fail to carry the same feelings after the masturbation towards him/her, then it’s an erotic feeling only.

As I grow older the realization that I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me is sobering. There are many things which give immense pleasure other than sex having someone who understands your mind is a different kind of intimacy.

 So……Luscious sex can bring atrocious momentary gratification. Liberty and Peace bring unsinkable and unfathomable inner joy….only love can please you for a lifetime! 



  1. Sachin mukherjee says:

    I thank you for doing what you do best. You have inspired not only me but also the rest of people. I have never seen such a unique and strong concept. It is a work of art.

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