How to link Aadhaar with Mobile without visiting stores or retailer?

Earlier to link Aadhaar with your Mobile number, you have to visit the stores or retailer. This seems to be cumbersome for few who are old age, unhealthy or for few who are busy. Hence, to help such people and to enhance the process to next level, now Government introduced the process through which, you can link Aadhaar with Mobile without visiting stores or retailer.

Aadhaar Linking to Mobile Phones online


Three ways to link Aadhaar with Mobile without visiting stores or retailer

Our government has introduced three new methods, including through one-time password (OTP), to ease the process of linking the 12-digit Aadhaar identity number with individual mobile numbers. As per the Supreme Court’s order regarding linking of Aadhaar card with the mobile number and re-verification process of mobile users, the Department of Telecommunications introduced three new rules – through one-time password (OTP), App based and the interactive voice response (IVRS) facility, to link the Aadhaar with the mobile number.

Actually, its an effort taken by the Government for improving comfort by depleting the time and energy spent by the consumers for processing the service. The deadline for linking Aadhaar to various government schemes would be extended till March 31, 2018.

As per the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) though it will take a little time to implement the directions still they are working nearly with the Government to improve and enhance the convenience of their consumers for undertaking Aadhaar based e-KYC linking with the mobile number.

Communication Minister for State Manoj Sinha said “The Aadhaar number system was designed to allow all residents of the country access to critical government services and important information that they may need from time to time. Mobile penetration is increasing rapidly in the country and the subscribers need to be provided with the ease of linking of the Aadhaar number with the mobile number.”

How is it helpful?

In our busy schedule of life, we often ignore our responsibilities towards our nation as a citizen and that’s the reason our Government has made it easier to follow this whole process when the subscribers don’t require to visit any telecom service providers’ stores for linking the Aadhaar with their mobile number.

Also, the Department of Telecommunication has recommended the telecom companies to complete the verification process at subscribers’ doorstep so that it could be easier for Senior citizens and physically challenged peoples along with chronic illness.

DoT has asked the telecom companies to provide an online mechanism for people to request such service and based on availability schedule the visit and complete the procedure.

The privacy cautions by DoT

  • In regard to the consumers, privacy concerns the Department of Telecommunication declared that the Subscribers can verify or re-verify their mobile numbers from anywhere in the country irrespective of which service area their mobile connection belongs to,”
  • Also, it has strictly instructed to the telecom service provider’s agent that they shouldn’t access to the subscribers’ e-KYC data and only the name and address of the subscribers should be visible.
  • DoT had given instructions to the telecom service providers to provide iris or fingerprint-based authentication of Aadhaar and the telecom service providers must deploy iris readers for this purpose within a reasonable geographical area.
  • The Supreme Court had directed the Central government last year in February 2016, to re-verify the phone numbers of all mobile phone users in the country within a year. By following that order, the DoT had asked the telecom operators to verify all phone numbers through the Aadhar eKYC process.

Protest against this process

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused to link her mobile number with Aadhaar. She said: “We will not link mobile with Aadhaar. If we do not have a mobile connection for that, so be it. I challenge that I will not provide my Aadhaar number even if my connection is stopped. I don’t care.” The Chief Minister said linking of Aadhaar with the mobile number was a breach of the right to privacy and the government was trying to intrude into people’s personal life and curb their freedom. “This means even a private conversation between a husband and a wife is going to be tapped,” she said.

My perspective……

The process has raised some contradiction about the security concerns among people and it’s quite obvious. Peoples feels quite insecure about this procedure because many times it has been found that we are not ready to share our personal mobile number with our peers then how could it be possible to share our confidential number with the Governmental informative data.

Aadhaar card is our Governmental identity and the mobile number is our confidential telecommunication so by linking the both now it’s being easier for the Government to fetch out our confidential speech with our closed ones.

Although neither I’m judgemental nor biased about this whole procedure because our Government had forward with many such steps for the betterment of our Nation and to stop the corruption like to act on Demoneytisation then GST which may be seemed a hurdle for the timing but its really a great relieved for forever crime and corruption.

So I hope maybe tomorrow this Aadhaar card linking with our mobile number may end up much such hidden corruption which till date suppress under the crime world.  


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