How to link Aadhaar with the Mobile Phone online?

Need of linking Aadhar with Phone………..

The government had announced that all mobile subscribers, including those having pre-paid SIM cards, to have their phone number linked to Aadhar without fail. There are over 100 crore mobile subscribers in India.
The government of India is expanding the scope of Aadhar linkage.The government has already mandated quoting of Aadhaar, the 12-digit Unique Identity Number (UID) issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), for the filing of income tax returns (ITRs) or applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN). All SIMs (mobile phone numbers) not linked with Aadhaar will be deactivated after February 2018, according to a report by news agency Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) citing informed sources.

Aadhaar Linking to Mobile Phones online


The government is moving ahead with linking of Aadhaar with mobile SIM cards, the agency further said. That means mobile phone service users will have to link their Aadhar with mobile numbers. Telecom companies had been earlier instructing users to start the process of linking Aadhaar card with phone numbers

 Sources told news agency IANS that linking of Aadhaar and mobile is being done as per the orders of the Supreme Court passed in February this year in the Lokniti foundation case and all SIM cards have to be verified with Aadhaar within a year from the date of judgement, with all unlinked phones to be deactivated thereafter (after February 2018).

Alert from telecom operators……….

Many Telecom Operators Like Airtel Bharti &Vodafone & IDEA & BSNL is Sending The Below Message to Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number

‘Sarkari Nirdeshanusar, Apke Mobile Number Ko Aadhar Card Se Jodna Aavashyak Hai. Aadhaar Link Karne Ke Liye, Nazdeeki Airtel Retailer se Sampark Karein’ …………

If you had purchased SIM by other documents like id proofs like license, voter id etc, you will have to verify your phone SIM again using Aadhaar Card number.

  Vodafone India said: “Aadhaar based re-verification is to be done only once on a number. As per the instructions received from DoT (Department of Telecommunications), it is mandatory that the E-KYC (Aadhaar-based) re-verification needs to be completed before 6th Feb 2018 by all Telecom operators.”

  According to an Economic Times report, out of an estimated 128 crore mobile phone connections in the country as of July, 33.8 crore SIM cards have been linked by telecom operators using Aadhaar e-KYC. This is 25% of mobile phone customers in India. Failure to link Aadhaar with mobile phone invites deactivation after February 2018. The linking is free of cost. However, the process is offline.

How to link Aadhar with phone Online and Offline?…..

Step#1 Go to your telecom operator shop with Aadhaar Card

Step#2 Ask them to link Aadhaar number with the mobile number by filling up a re-verification form.

Step#3 The operator will send a verification code on the number which you’re going to verify.

Step#4 Provide the verification code to the operator

Step#5 Give you bio-metric expressions

Step#6 You’ll receive a confirmation message, simply type Y & send it to them

Step#7: It will take 24 hours for the verification process to complete.

 If you have more than one connection, no need to provide biometric every time. But you have to verify your number for all the connections individually using the four-digit verification code by visiting the nearest mobile store.

 How To Connect Phone Number With Aadhaar:

If you have opted for ‘eKYC’ – Aadhaar-based activation – by providing the biometrics while applying for the mobile connection, you do not need to go through the Aadhaar-SIM linking process again, Idea Cellular said. Other subscribers need to visit their nearest Idea outlets and follow simple steps to complete the mandated E-KYC process, the telecom company said.
eKYC is an online method of providing details as per Know Your Customer norm

It also said there will be no change in SIM or tariff for the Aadhaar reverification. For its prepaid customers, it said the “prepaid balance will remain unaffected”.

Documents required for linking Aadhaar with the mobile number:

The telecom operator requires the customer to produce Aadhaar card and the mobile on which the connection is being used. It said: “All you need is your Aadhaar card/number and your mobile. You will be required to complete biometric verification. You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be required to complete the process.”

Airtel Aadhaar-SIM linking………

Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom operator, said on its website. Bharti Airtel also prescribed its prepaid and postpaid subscribers ways to achieve Aadhaar-SIM linking. It also said there will be no change in SIM or tariff for the Aadhaar reverification. For its prepaid customers, it said the “prepaid balance will remain unaffected”.

 To complete biometric verification, Airtel said customers having its postpaid connections are required to visit the nearest Airtel Store, while prepaid customers can do so by visiting their nearest retailer.
Specifying the documents required for the process…….

# All you need is your Aadhaar card/number and your Mobile.

#You will be required to complete biometric verification.

# You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be required to complete the process.

#Airtel also said upon taking up Aadhar reverification, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours.

Idea Aadhaar-SIM linking………..

Another telecom company Idea Cellular recently notified its customers about the requirement. Idea Cellular gave four steps for its customers to link their Aadhaar with the mobile number.
Here are the four steps specified by Idea Cellular on its mobile app…….
#Visit our nearest Idea center and provide your mobile number and Aadhaar number.
#The Idea store executive will provide a four-digit verification code on your mobile from the re-verification application.
#The subscriber will then provide the verification code to the Idea store executive and provide his or her biometrics.
#After 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS, reply ‘Y’ to complete the EKYC process.

Vodafone Aadhar-SIM linking……….

Steps to link Aadhaar -Vodafone mobile number:

#Visit the nearest Vodafone store or Vodafone recharge vendor. Meet the executive and tell them to link your Aadhaar and mobile number.

#The executive will Enter your Vodafone mobile number in Bio-Metric Aadhaar verification machine. Soon, You will get an OTP on your Vodafone mobile number.

# Share the OTP to the executive. Your biometric details will be captured like the fingerprint for verification.

# Enter you Father name or Husband name and number of connections you have. Confirm the details entered. You will get a message for completing the verification. Reply with YES and your verification will be finalized.

Aircel Aadhar-SIM linking………

 The process to Link Aadhaar Card Number with Aircel Mobile Number:

#Visit nearest Aircel Store with Aadhaar Card and Aircel Mobile Number and provide the same to the office staff.

#Aircel store executive will provide a four-digit verification code on your mobile number from the re-verification application.

#Subscriber to provide the verification code to Aircel store executive.

#Your thumbprint will be captured for biometric verification. Once the verification is authenticated successfully, you are done with adding your Aadhaar Number with your Aircel Mobile Number.

#Confirmation SMS regarding linking Aadhaar Number with Aircel Number.

What if you have multiple SIM cards registered under your name?………

If you have multiple mobile numbers, do you have to link each of them separately? ……. Yes

If you have already given Aadhaar number. while buying new connection then do you have to verify again?

  # If you have done biometric (given fingerprints) along with Aadhaar at the time of taking the connection, you do not have to do this activity again.

  # b) If Aadhaar was given only as an identity or address proof and no biometric was done, please visit your nearest retailer to complete the process.

Once you have entered the necessary details, you will have to sign the form or provide a thumbprint after which you may send the application through the post at the address provided below.

Address 1: Box No.10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001.

Address 2: UIDAI Post Box No.99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034.

Once the form has been sent, you will have to wait for a few days as the authorities will take some time to cross verify your identity. Once they have carried out the necessary verification procedures, you will receive a confirmation message that your registered mobile number has been successfully linked with your Aadhaar Card.

How to link your phone to Aadhar after verification?…….

  • Log in to
  • Choose the ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ option that falls under ‘Aadhaar Services’
  • Enter the 12-digit Aadhaar number, mobile number, email-id and the security code
  • Key in the OTP
  • Click on the ‘Verify OPT’ option
  • If the verification is successful, a green tick will be displayed

Cautions while dealing with this process!……..

Linking Aadhaar with your mobile number is free of cost service, you will be not charged by the mobile Store or Retailer. If any retailer demands charges, you can report it to the customer service center.

“I recommend you complete this process as soon as possible. The last date for the same is 6th Feb 2018.” 



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