When relationship forced for a forbidden life?


Jaya and Amit had an arranged marriage. Amit who worked in a private company, they have a 2 years’ daughter Hia. Amit’s elder sister Reema already married and have an 8 years’ son Raju, her husband working in a state Government office. Amit’s father passed away 4 years ago, but her mother not dependent on her son for her own expense as she getting her late husband’s pension. Therefore, she was quite independent at her 65 years of age.


Very often her sister-in-law Reema visits her parents’ house to spend time with all, especially for Hia as her son Raju was very attached to his little 2 years’ sister, not only he loves to play with her also Hia too loves his presence. Every Sunday without failed Reema with her son came over there. Sometimes Reema and Jaya go shopping and movie along. Reema often gifted clothes and chocolates to her only niece Hia.

Jaya was delighted in her blissful marital life, both Amit and Jaya love each other too much. In this way, her 3 years of wonderful marriage life was going quite smooth.

Will her happiness sustain for long?

Amit usually after office hours comes straight to home and while returning on his way he often bought toys and chocolates for his sweet baby Hia. He does not have any bad addiction to drinking alcohol or spending long nights with his friends. Just after his office work, he loves to spend his all-time with his adorable wife Jaya and Hia.

That day, unlike other days, Hia and Jaya both were anxiously waiting for him. As its now 8:30, Jaya called him many times but his number was in switched off mode. Now she feels discomfort, as he never used to so late. She called him at his office number but they told that he left over from there at his said time 6:30 pm. Then where he went?

Now Jaya told her mother-in-law and called to Reema. After hearing that, Reema with her husband and son Raju came over there. They all were now quite stressed as it’s 10:30 pm.

In this between Jaya called up her every possible place from friends to relatives everywhere, but all replied same that Amit neither called them nor he went at any of their house or anywhere else along with them.

Then where he went suddenly?

Reema’s husband went to search him along with few friends of Amit at their locality and his office area. However, none response came from anywhere.

There Jaya could not hold her tears now anymore because she now screaming with horrific negative thoughts about her husband. By seeing all those, her mother-in-law and Reema too cried with loud.

Now it’s 12:30 am-midnight, the whole house was screaming with frightening of fear and anguish. None of them in their family neither touched the food nor had slept in that night. Jaya stood like a rock at the gate of their house for the whole night, waiting eagerly for her husband.

Their little Hia cried for hungry as she not eligible to understand the depth of the situation. By seeing that Raju took Hia, in his comfort of the lap and made her sleep by feeding water.

Will the sunrise of next day bring darkness for her life?

Next day at very early morning, Jaya told to that entire she now goes to police station already a night passed and she couldn’t wait for this uncertainty. Therefore, Jaya with Reema and her husband went to local police station for lodge FIR about Amit’s sudden missing.

At the police station, police inspector asked Jaya so many personal things regarding their marital life in front of all, like….

  • How were Amit’s nature and behavior towards all along with Jaya?
  • How was their bonding of relationship?
  • Whether they had any fight between them regarding any issue?
  • How was their physical relationship?
  • Whether Amit was satisfied with her?
  • Has he had any rival at his work field or enemy at outside or in the family?
  • Did he take any Bank loan or he is badly in debt?
  • Did he have any ill addictions like consuming alcohol or drug?
  • Lastly, would he have entangled in any extramarital affairs?

These are those questions, which she faced the first time in her life. Jaya replied to Inspector that ‘Amit is a very good person, he doesn’t have any such ill habits nor he has any ill relations with anyone. In fact, he never did any such work for which his family feels ashamed of him. Moreover, they have very strong love bonding then why should he look at another woman.

Even Reema and her husband told to the inspector that they already searched at all local hospitals but due to God’ grace nothing, such accidental incidents had happened with.

After heard all those Inspector told to Jaya that they already took the complaint of FIR and photograph of Amit, now they could go from there, if they would get any information regarding him then they would inform them.

After police station, they all went to Amit’s office but there also his office colleagues told that neither had he had any fight with anyone nor he had any ill relation with any others, and yesterday too he left office at same time of 6:30 pm, but after that where he went, none of them were aware of that.

Now the series of queries begins in her life…

After giving the confession about her marital life at the police station, now her closed ones mean her in-laws were waiting to throw her bunch of queries one after another.

The first question was asked by her mother-in-law, like

  • What did she tell to Amit for which he took that worst decision?
  • Why he suddenly left his home without informing anyone?
  • What did she demand from her son?
  • How could be it possible that as a wife she does not know about her husband?

Now the second question was asked by her sister-in-law Reema, like

  • What did she do with her younger brother?
  • Did she have a good physical relationship with her husband?
  • Whether Jaya’s family told her brother anything?
  • Did she fight with him?

Here too Jaya replied the same to her closed ones that neither she had any such contradiction between them nor she demanded anything from him and Amit also loves her a lot.

Here 3 more days gone Jaya went to police station to know about her husband along with Reema but they not received any information yet from there. She requested repeatedly but they only consoled Jaya by saying ‘keep your patience’.

In this way, a month passed and in this long month Jaya without failed after every alternate day she used to visit at the police station with this hope that might be this time they show her a ray of light. Even she begged at their feet for getting her husband back in her life, but ultimately no result came out. Only one word that inspector told her repeatedly that ‘keep your patience.’ We are trying our level best to search him.

How suddenly closed ones behave so brutally?

2 months passed now her mother-in-law and Reema quite changed in their behavior towards her. For them, she is responsible for all this unless why their son suddenly left the house. For Reema, might be Jaya did something worst about which when her brother came to know, decided to leave her for forever.

Her mother-in-law knows very well that Jaya and his daughter Hia is completely depended on her pension for their survival. She even started abusing her as an unlucky symbol for her son. Jaya would never have been able to give a reply to her any such harshness.

Both her mother-in-law and Reema now assaulted her boldly and desperately, they abused and blamed her for the sudden vanishing of Amit.

Her mother-in-law now not even touched to Hia nor she allowed that little child to enter her room. Even Reema and her family too behaved in the same way with Jaya and Hia too. Raju who earlier was so close to his sister now he too due to his mother does not turn at Hia.

Little Hia missed all of theirs’s love and caring especially to her brother Raju, but unfortunately, she not able to understand the depth of the situation.

Jaya did all the household chores since morning to night as now neither her mother-in-law nor Reema helped her in any work not even they touched Hia, even if she would be cried for long too then also none of them turned back at her, while Jaya was busy with other work.

Jaya and Hia now became untouchable for them. Jaya understood that now she is no more Amit’s wife as he left her alone, only one identity she has in their family and that is a maid.

Doesn’t she have any other option left?

By seeing all those, Jaya once went to her parents’ home with Hia but there also her one and only elder brother not allowed her as after her father’s death her mother was dependent on her brother, whom he and his wife carrying forcedly as a burden above that how could they take one more burden upon their head?

So ultimately, she came back to her in-law’s home for shelter, she had none another place where she would go to take shelter with her little 2 years’ daughter. She compromised with the circumstances.

In this way 16 years passed away now Hia is 18 years old. In this between her mother-in-law passed away and just after her death Reema and her husband without delayed for a day too harped at her mother-in-law’s home, it seems they both were waiting for that day only, as Amit was not there so her mother-in-law too transferred her all property to her daughter’s name.

They now live at the rented house where Jaya for their survival worked in a small tailor, she stitches clothes for kids and ladies. Hia now goes to college.

Who is responsible?

Jaya in her entire life only got humiliation from her closed ones. She from the very beginning said repeatedly that both she and Amit had been carried a good marital bonding among them then, why her in-laws not ready to listen to her voice?

If we assume for the timing too that Amit got entangled with any other woman and for that he married and started a new life with his second wife at some different place where none could identify him and his chances of being caught is almost zero, because he doesn’t have that daring to face either Jaya and his family nor to the society. Then, in that case, we might stand a valid cause in front of Jaya as the reason for his such ignored towards her.

Next, if we assume that Amit met any accidental death while returning from his office to home, then also a strong question will arise at the mind that how could be that possible because his office and home covered 5 km. As per the statement of their office colleagues, he left office at his as the usual timing of 6:30 pm at evening when roads were full of rush with traffic then if any such accident happened within this 5km, then the local hospitals might have had the record about that but nothing like that happened too.

Jaya only received a degraded life by marrying with Amit, her in-laws blamed forever her where she herself in the trap of that worst situation but as per Reema she might not be good in bed with her brother for which he might opt for a different life with another woman because he doesn’t want to take Jaya and Hia’s responsibly.

Amit, who is the one for whom two life got smashed but he is really a coward or cheater who didn’t have the guts to face his primary responsibility. In fact, our society too blamed for that act indirectly to innocent Jaya that she didn’t have that capacity to hold her husband forever, so harsh like him.

Whereas he is the blunderer who did such sinful act despite that he might be leading a happy and respectable life by hiding his identity from the society and there for his act Jaya and Hia gave the penalty or compensate for their whole life.

She sacrificed her whole life…

Jaya never did that daring of second marriage nor she left her mother-in-law too despite being so humiliated day by day, she didn’t bother for at least once too about her desire. Her only focus was how to brought up Hia, in those situations.

Their Hia in her entire childhood only forbidden by her closed ones, her grandmother, Raju and by all where once there was a time when this same Hia used to be the apple of her closed one’s eyes. She brought up in such environment where she habituated of seeing such humiliation of her mother every moment in front of her eyes without her mother’s fault at all. Both treated as a pariah.

Hia hates her father and it’s quite justified for her, for her Jaya is everything, in fact, Jaya plays all role in Hia’s life apart from a mother like father, grandmother, brother ……. everything. She idolized Jaya. They both are now quite happy with each other and in those 18 years, Jaya too lost her all hope of returning to her husband.

Jaya as a wife did her all responsibilities with utmost dedication towards Amit’s family. However, she was not bound to do that where her husband himself eloped from his all responsibilities towards his own family.

For Jaya, her entire life was entangled with this one mystery that why Amit had suddenly disappeared from her life in this way?

The new beginning of Hia…

Hia, after passing out her Degree now doing a job at BPO, her mother now worried for her daughter’s marriage as she doesn’t have sufficed wealth for giving Hia’s social marriage. Moreover, after paying the rent of house then the rest amount goes in Hia’s educational and bread expense then from where she would get to save from that small job of tailoring.

Though due to her frugal nature she still saved Rs.1 lakh rupees for her daughter’s marriage expense and as per Hia that was enough for her because as a single mother she did her all duties perfectly. Hia’s BPO job now relieved Jaya to a certain extent regarding her savings for Hia’s marriage purpose.

But above all now the biggest issue which is waiting for Jaya is how she would be going to face the groom ‘s family when they asked about her husband, Hia’s father. This one question now stands as a real hurdle for her daughter’s settlement in life.

Ready to go to any extent…

Jaya who already passed her whole life in humiliation now ready to go to any extent for her daughter’s well-being settled life because now she became bold enough to face the society desperately moreover when the matter relates to her only daughter who is everything for her and for whom she up to now gulped all pain and rejection in her life.

One after another, marriage proposal she refused when this only question about her husband stands as a barrier for her Hia. Because she wants such type groom for her Hia who after knowing all those truths regarding about Amit and their financial condition, desperately and gladly accept her Hia along her qualities not by judging with her parents’ past.

Moreover, apart from a mother as a woman, she doesn’t want such coward typed guy for her Hia who after taking the responsibility of a life suddenly left them at the middle in life like Amit did with her.

At last, she got the groom who was eligible for her Hia and for whom their past doesn’t matter to begin the present. In this way, Hia’s marriage finally fixed upon 22nd Jan.

 The very special day…

Since morning Jaya doing all work by his own hand, as it seems she was waiting for this auspicious marriage day of her Hia in her life, she invited to Reema and her family but they did not come as they broke their all relations with Jaya and Hia long back.

Jaya doesn’t have any relatives whom she called as well-wisher for her, so she invited few neighbors and few friends of tailoring shop. Up to now, she stitches clothes for others but the marriage costume of Hia made by her mother.

Guests were coming one by one gifted Hia as their blessing with wishes. Hia received many gifts but for her, the costume made by Jaya was the most favorable gift for her. Hia finally went her in-laws home to begin a new life with her husband Ajay.

Now her responsibilities finished….

Jaya now completely get alone in her life up to now she survived her life just because she wants to alive for her Hia, but now she did her all responsibilities perfectly so as a mother she feels proud of her, while thinking those thoughts suddenly she saw one wrapped gift was left over at Hia’s small study table.

What makes her shudder?

Jaya opened the box by seeing that she was just shocked, her hands started shivering, her steps trembled. What was in that box which shuddered her?

The pendant which Hia wore after her birth but it was missing with Amit’s sudden disappearance. Even Jaya searched many times to get back that but with time she assumed that it might be lost by Hia when she was just 2 years old. That pendant was gifted by Amit to Hia at her birth.

when Amit left the house and during those crucial phases when Jaya was completely entangled in searching her husband.

Then how after a long gap of 23 years she gets back that pendant. Jaya now over-sanguine about Amit that he came at Hia’s marriage function to see her daughter from far.

Now I can sleep calmly for forever…

In this long 23 years for Jaya, her husband’s suddenly vanishing stands as a mystery for her life. A most difficult puzzle, which she failed to solve. Sometimes she assumed that Amit might die or kidnapped.

After getting back to Hia’s pendant now for Jaya the puzzle gets solved very quickly. She now understood that Amit neither died nor kidnapped. In fact, he leads a happy life with his second wife and family and he doesn’t have that guts to face her in this life, so he hides self from her and society.

She laughed loudly told thanks to that Almighty that at least before her death he aware her by unfold his character.

But the only agony will remain forever for Jaya that if he decided that he doesn’t want to stay with her then at least he could be left a handwritten for her so that she would never hope for his coming back in her life again.

As a woman, she not allowed any man further in her life to fulfill her desires, after all, she too a human being then why she always withheld herself from all those desires because she has the fear of society?  Moreover, she is a mother so she never allowed for such audacity.

Every night in those 23 years, she at least prayed for his well-being but now she gets released from that. Now Jaya is completely alone neither Hia is beside her nor Amit’s thought. She told lastly to God before going to bed that ‘tonight I sleep calmly with my utmost satisfaction of detachment from my all emotions’.

How suddenly positive relationship changed the life?

Bani………. just will you please keep quiet? Why can’t you behave like normal? We all are tired of your such wordings. At least grow up now, you are going to college? What do others think about your such arrogance?


Bani’s family….

Bani’s father Mr. Zitesh, working in a private company, her mother Neru is a homemaker. Her elder brother Rony studying at standard 10th. Hiten, Neru’s elder brother, uncle of Rony and Bani. Hiten who was very close to his one and only younger sister. He has 2 daughters, Hiten and his wife often came to Neru’s home to meet with Bani and Rony. They both love them a lot.

Bani and Rony have a strong bonding, as a younger sister she always takes care of her elder brother since from childhood. They often fight like small kids. Bani’s parents love them a lot. Hiten’s wife often cooked choice able dishes for Bani to feed her.

Rony is a mentally challenged 20 years’ boy. He always needs special take care all time. Neru all time takes care of her son. Even while doing household chores her one eye is always stick on Rony. She not for a second too left her son alone at the house.

Because he do many such unusual things due to his mental disorder like throwing utensils just after finishing his food, shouting and laughing  loudly  without any reason,  drawing at walls, sucking his thumb, his eating habit quite differs from us, he usually intake 2 plate meal at a time that’s why he is bulky, overall his age fluctuates with his mind development which shows  he still behaves exactly like a 5 or 6 years old boy whereas he is now 20 years old.

How did this happen?

Rony not born with that mental disorder. Zitesh and Neru were very happy when Rony their first child was born. Dr. told that their baby was quite healthy and his weight was completely perfect no such internal defects too he had. In fact, up to 3 years, everything was going quite smooth.

Suddenly one day little Rony started behaving abnormally like he throws toys or whatever found under his gripping upon his parents or who so ever came in front of him, then he not felt necessary to reply her parents when Neru called him like he used to do at earlier. They overlooked those as he was too young only 3years old.

But with time his abnormality showed prominent to them. They went to Dr.and after doing all test they confirmed about his mental disorder.

Is it superstition or fact?

As per Neru its all happened due to her, she was responsible for this mishap. As just after the birth of Rony (as per Indian tradition and rituals) eunuch came to bless her one-month-old baby boy while doing those rituals those eunuchs used to dance and sing with that small baby and bless that baby in return the family of that baby gives them money and clothes.

But Neru don’t believe in such orthodox rituals so she laughed by seeing all those eunuchs and insulted them, so while returned back eunuch cursed Neru that ‘the son for which she feels so happy on his birth very soon it turned into a forever sadness, as today she laughed on their physical look exactly one day will soon come in her life when the world will laugh at her son’s physical look.’

So, the curse of eunuch came to true as per Neru. Once she laughed at eunuch’s looks today the world is laughing at her son’s abnormality.

How a parent accepts that trauma?

For any parents on this Earth, it does not so easy to accept that trauma. For Zitesh and Neru it’s like a disaster which they not at all ready to accept at any cost but nothing is in their hand. Neru who became a rock she forgets to react and smile, not even she talked with Zitesh or with anyone else.

Day by day she too turned like a mad by thinking this one thought that their only son is now proved as a mentally challenged and he will lead his whole life under dependence upon her. Her all dreams about her son now suddenly broke in million pieces.  She now forgets to eat and drink water nor she cooked food for Zitesh and for her only she cooked for her son.

Slowly her body too responded to that. Zitesh almost tried his level best to made her normal but as a father, he failed. Hiten and his wife too consoled her but none’s wordings of consolation worked on Neru. For Neru it’s toughest to come out from that trauma.

How crisis change their life?

Here Hiten who had already 2 daughters his wife again going to birth their 3rd child with this hope that this time God might grace upon them by giving them a gift as a son, as they had strongly wished for son consistently after 2 daughters. But this time Hiten’s wife gave birth to another baby girl. After knowing that Hiten and his wife both got upset, as they have now 3 daughters.

Hiten who worked as a storekeeper in a grocery shop, his earning was not sufficed for running the family of 6 members, his parents, wife, 2 daughters and himself above that one additional member of a baby girl.

As a parent Hiten and his wife had already a big stress of how to settle their 2 daughters by giving them arrange marriage because they were poor and for them to sustained the expense of 6 life was really the toughest issue above that one more daughter means one more biggest issue of accumulation of fund for her marriage expense.

Their Zitesh and Neru was going through tremendous pain for their only son’s illness.  Zitesh was now really worried for 2 life one his son another his wife because Neru was slowly going under depression. Dr.now warned Zitesh that before it’s too late he must take utmost care of his wife for getting her normal. Zitesh already lost all hope of life.

When the sacrifice change their life?

By seeing all those Hiten and his wife decided to give their newly born baby girl to his sister Neru. As they thought Neru might come out from that pain if she gets another newly born baby in her lap. So Hiten and his wife finally hand over their baby girl legally to his younger sister Neru and Zitesh.

Zitesh and Neru were speechless about their such sacrifice. For both, it’s like a God’s blessing in their life to live the life again. They with wide arm welcomed their daughter and named her Bani. They forget their utmost pain slowly day by day.

For Zitesh it’s like a daydream about which he never dreamt and moreover, after getting a newly born baby Neru was quite stabilize in those situations. Only baby Bani made her normal again with her innocence. Now for Zitesh and Neru their only focus was how to brought up their 2 kids by throwing all worries about their son’s disease.

Zitesh by seeing again normal to his wife and family, now decide to do something for his brother-in-law Hiten. So, he gave 3 lakhs rupees to Hiten as a gift money as he and Neru want to see her brother settlement in his life.

After getting that bulk amount from Neru, Hiten now started his own grocery shop business. For Hiten and his family to it’s like entering a new life by throwing the poverty from their family for forever. In this way, Hiten and his wife too obliged towards Zitesh and Neru.

A new beginning of life……….

Zitesh and Neru were not ready to share this bitter truth about their son’s illness and the secret of Bani’s birth with the outside world. As for them now Bani is their daughter though legally but not biologically, so they decided that they would change that rented house and would shift to a different locality.

Hiten and his family often came to meet with Bani and Bani too waited anxiously for her uncle, aunt, and her 2 cousin sisters, in fact, Rony to loves their presence, in this way both Hiten and his wife strongly bonded with Bani by caring the relationship of uncle and aunt.

Here Bani and Rony were growing with time. Rony now started to go for mentally retarded school and Bani now just entered at kindergarten school. Now Hiten too doing good in his business. In this way both the families going well.

Zitesh after few years bought a new flat, now they live there. Rony now day by day recovering as per medical supervision and guidance. Bani too completed her 12th board exams. Their Hiten gave marriage to his 2 daughters.

Rony now 21 years old and Bani 18 years old. Both sibling now stepped in adolescence. Bani is now proud of her parents as she cracked her board exams with 78%. Rony now at 10th standard, as he is doing the study as per his mental capability, so his parents are quite happy with his slow progress.

What was the fear?

Neru always had a fear about the secret of her daughter’s birth that what will happen when Bani came to know the truth about her birth? So, she took the promise from her brother Hiten and his wife that at any cost they would not reveal that truth ever in front of Bani.

Zitesh and Neru later realized that the secret may be unknown to the outer world but what about their close relatives, who already known that from the very beginning. Moreover, at the time of giving marriage to Bani, it will mandatory for the groom to make aware of that secret of Bani’s birth.

Moreover, they thought what will happen if any relative tells that truth to Bani in absence of them. Then it will intolerable for Bani to listen to those truths from other’s mouth. So, both Zitesh and Neru decided to unfold that bitter truth when she will step at her adolescence for capable of understanding those life issues.

Why couldn’t she accept the truth? 

Now Bani starts to going college. So, the time came now, when Neru and Zitesh decided to reveal the truth about her birth. Both with holding their breath told that truth with utmost take care of her emotion.

Suddenly for Bani, all tag of relations changed. Now her parents, elder brother changed from a father, mother, brother to uncle, aunt, cousin and her uncle, aunt, cousin sisters turned to a father, mother, elder sisters. She just laughed loudly on her Fate.

Now the soft-spoken Bani suddenly changed her voice tone, seems like feeling exhausted from the relationships. She often talks harshly with all of them now. She now not at all welcoming her uncle and aunt means Hiten and his wife.

Only Rony is the one with whom her behavior was same as like earlier. She still fights with him exactly like kids, played with him, help him in his study, feeds him. Actually, for Bani the definition of the relationship might be changed for all except her elder brother Rony whom she loved the most in this world and Rony too quiet feel comfort in her ambiance only.

How did she reveal the truth?

Day by day she turned to violence against all of them. By seeing all those Neru once told her personally that if she found her mother Neru as a guilty then whatever punishment she would decide for her mother, it would be gladly accepted by her mother.

Bani doesn’t have any allegation towards her mother Neru because, for Bani,  Neru not went to her brother to ask for his newly born daughter as a healer for her. Moreover, Neru already was in trauma when she came to know about her only son’s mental disability.

Her only anger was upon Hiten and his wife because she understood very well that as a parent their 3rd baby girl daughter became the burden of their life. For her, if they weren’t eligible for brought up a child then why should they gave birth.

Moreover, for Bani may be her parents Zitesh and Neru named that donation of baby girl child as a sacrifice of their brother Hiten but for Bani they not at all did any sacrifice because they don’t have money to brought up their unwanted baby girl child so they very trick fully handed over their baby daughter to their utmost close relative with this hope that they would be praised for that noble cause.

Not only Hiten did all those with the hope of praise but also, they taken money from Zitesh and Neru as a gift offered by them for their better future though he personally not demanded any money in return for their so-called sacrifice even they not also denied when Zitesh and Neru offered them as a gift of 3 lakhs.

It shows that Hiten knows very well from the beginning that if he would do this noble work of sacrifice then Zitesh would pay him a huge amount, without thinking 2nd time because for Zitesh, as a gentleman his self-respect would force him to do that. If Hiten did that in a real mean of sacrifice, then he should never accept that money offered by his sister Neru ever.

So, Bani now revealed one more bitter truth which might not be aware by all. She told that by accepting the money Hiten changed the definition of sacrifice into a solid deal for securing his better future. Her biological parents lost their respect for forever in front of her. Now She gladly accepted her legally adoptive parents as her real parents in front of society.

How the success of children matters for parents?

You are worthless, nothing could change you nor any power is there who will be capable of changing you. You are just a Stigma in the name of our family. God knows how you took birth in our Jaiswal family. We never want such type of personality for our family. We feel ashamed when we introduce you to our relatives and friends…


Who is this person and upon whom he is showing his such anger?

Before that let me introduce the Jaiswal family.

Mr.Jaiswal a well-established businessman living with his wife and 3 sons. at their 5 storied bungalow, elder son Rishi just completed his Business management course from one of the top B-school, he is no doubt an excellent student having hard confidence in his every performance. Now after completing his study, he is going to join his father’s business.

Younger son Vicky who just completed his Graduation and preparing for taking admission in the same B-school from where his elder brother has passed out. He too doing quite good in his study. Both the brothers have strong bonding.

Now the mid son Abhinav, who is just stepped into college for pursuing his Degree. Vicky often mockery on him about this, because as a younger one he too finished his college and now going to enter at B-School whereas as an elder brother Abhinav not yet passed out his Degree.

Abhinav is the one among 3 brothers who never met the expectations of his parents. In fact, he has been holding his persistence of poor grading since his childhood. Even he failed for constantly 2 years at his school secondary exams. Teachers often complained about him to his parents regarding his poor grading.

Actually, he has less interest in his study, which his parents not ready to accept at any cost. They often scold him for his careless attitude towards his study and placed the example of Rishi and Vicky as a sign of excellence in front of him.

Even their parents in all family functions and parties love to introduce their 2 sons Rishi and Vicky, not to Abhinav, as they feel that their 2 sons in real mean will go to prove as a pride for their Jaiswal family.

Such degrading of behavior lowers his self-esteem. But none of their parents felt that nor his brothers, as for the top scoring in subjects only matters for their show off in society. They not at all pleased with Abhinav for his any work.

Now Rishi is the right hand of his father’s business, he is doing good over here too by showing his strong confidence in his eligibility.  Vicky, too in the same mannered after 3 years passing out from B-school, join with his father and brother in their family business. In this way, both Rishi and Vicky became one of the shareholders of their family business.

And thereafter a period of time, Abhinav ultimately completed his Degree with average grading. His marks at Degree was not up to the criteria for entering at B-school. So, he too quiets sure that his journey of education is now finished over here only.

Whether his father involve him in their family business?

Abhinav was quite sure that his father now in dilemma about his involvement in their business. As for his father, he was a failure who never stands in his own feelings. Moreover, he never went to B-school neither he would understand the hooks and nooks of their business.

So, after a long conversation with all family members, Mr.Jaiswal decided to give their middle son as an opportunity to work under his rest 2 sons, as an employee. So, finally, Abhinav is now going to join in their family business as an employee, not as a shareholder.

Abhinav since from his childhood never disrespects his parent’s decision as he knows very well that he never full filled their expectations. So, whatever his parents decide will for his betterment. He always proved himself as a very obedient son.

Now their parents settle their marriage by giving his 2 sons Rishi and Vicky with their rich business friend’s daughter and for Abhinav they settle with one of their employee’s daughter as they thought if they would have selected for rich family’s daughter like they did for their rest 2 sons then they would might face the query of regarding Abhinav’s status at their business as a shareholder.

Whereas if they would select for their employee’s daughter then, in that case, their employee would dare not to asked such things because as a simple employee of their business they might feel honored for that.

In this way, Mr. Jaiswal fixed up his 3 sons marriage at the same date. Change is the rhythm of life and after the marriage of 3 sons, Jaiswal family is now going to see the color of various changes.

Mr. Jaiswal now divided his business in an odd ratio of 40:40:20. Yes, he gave 40% share to each of his elder and younger sons and rest only 20% to Abhinav.

If at any point of time any short mistake happened by Abhinav while working as an employee under his 2 brothers, his father never left over it, in fact, he openly scolded him in front of his wife Pia, his two sisters-in-law, and rest all family members.

What image creates about Abhinav in front of his wife?

By seeing all those Abhinav’s wife pia, too humiliated him by saying that his parents did wrong by gave her marriage with Abhinav, as they wrongly assumed about his status in their business that he too possesses the same share as like of their brothers but after entering in their family she came to know the truth about her husband that he is just working as an employee.

Pia never showed her love or respect nor her sympathy towards him, in fact, she always ready to bark him with his bitter wordings of comparison among his 2 brothers-in-law’s with Abhinav. She too exactly behaved like his parents and others. For Abhinav, nothing new is happening with him.

Ultimately Pia tagged him as a ‘’Good for nothing’’

For Abhinav today he gets a real tag which is missing up to now in his life. He told to Pia ‘thanks for giving me this new name, so kind of you Pia.’

While working as an employee under his 2 brothers he very often got humiliated by his father due to his negligence in work but the reality was something different. Upon Rishi, his father had a blind faith that Rishi with his brilliance and innovative ideas will expand their business in future.

Here Rishi and Vicky many times did mistakes either by dealing with wrong associates or by investing in wrong track or by mishandling important docs.

How could be then his father never noticed their such mistakes?

The answer is as simple as due to his 2 brilliant son. Both Rishi and Vicky very wisely manipulated with their brother. They know while doing those very well that neither their father nor Abhinav himself would come to know ever about their such tricky game. As his father had a firm belief in Abhinav’s stupidity and ignorance about business.

In this way, they both using Abhinav as a weapon for hiding their mistakes in front of their father. They were now quite habituated of such tricky games. Here Abhinav whenever tried to say anything against his defense his father never felt for a while too to listen to his voice ever.

By playing such tricks, once both did a big mistake of loss in their business and as usual, they pointed the finger towards Abhinav’s negligence and carelessness attitude in front of their father. But this time Abhinav not at all tolerated their 2-brother’s allegation towards him. He strongly opposed his both brothers but due to insufficient of evidence, he lost the fight.

His father shouted at him without hearing his any word by telling that ‘’ he is the one for whom they always felt ashamed. He is not at all eligible for staying with them. He is the stigma of their family. How could he did that audacity of taking birth in their family.’’

Now his father to separate him from their family business and house. So, ultimately, he became the scapegoat, because he doesn’t have any solid proof to place against his defense.

Only last word he told daringly first time with his loud voice to his father that ‘’he never went to such top B-school, then from where he could get to know all the tricks and politics of business and if he is honest then one day it will surely prove and that day will come very soon in their life.

Will he ever establish on his own capability?

Now he starts his new journey of life with his wife at a small rented house of 450 sq.ft. He joined in a private company as he doesn’t have any such management degree but his experience of working as an employee under their brother now in a true sense going to give him a good position in the outer world.

In this way 5 years gone, now they have a 3 years’ daughter. Abhinav now became an Assistant Manager of a multinational company. He bought an 850 sq.ft. flat by his own hard-earned.

And there his two brothers now often missed Abhinav at their business as of now both Rishi and Vicky often blaming each other’s to hide their own mistakes in front of their father. A bitter rivalry has grown up between both.

Now the real game begins …

Their father has a blind faith in his elder son’s confidence in business. But overconfidence is bad. Rishi due to his overconfidence lost not only his own share of 40% but also their house and property due to his worst investment with wrong associates at business.

His father became speechless as they were now on road. Mr. Jaiswal today understood that overconfidence of his elder son smashed everything.

Their Vicky and his wife by seeing all those took separation from their family by snatching his 40% share from their business and family. He now lives with his in-laws at their home and started business separately by investing his 40% share with his brother-in-law. Because he doesn’t want to take the burden of his parents nor his elder brother’s family.

Abhinav by knowing all those went to meet with his parents to bring them to his own home but their parents don’t have that dare to look at his eyes. Abhinav who never full filled their expectations now in real mean proved himself as an eligible and obedient son.

He told to his father that ‘I never met your expectations nor I went to any such big institution for learning the business. Whatever work or responsibility you gave me whether to work as an employee under my brothers or any other work, I always did those contentedly. As I learned one thing in my life that be honest with your work and dedication, then only that gives you a contented life.’

He is not at all any movie hero like Big B, Amitabh Bachchan who after coming out from his parent’s home within a short span will going to create a profile for society, to throw a challenge to his brother by making his own company …10 storied house….4cars…etc.

He is simple Abhinav Jaiswal, who only achieved in those 5 years a small 850 so. ft.flat  and a good job at MNC as an Assistant Manager. Not even he has any car or two-wheeler too.

What is the highest daring promise of his life?

Today is 9th marriage anniversary of Sia and Naren. All of them are eagerly waiting for them. Sia’s three sister-in-law seems the happiest among all. They were decorating the room and bed with roses for their one and only respectable brother and sister-in-law. Yes, today they are in real mean going to spend their first night of marriage. Sia is holding her breath while waiting for her adorable husband, her one and only idol of her life.

Why they took so long time to begin this new life?


Sia belonging to a very rich family, where her parents and 3 elder brothers along with their families loves her a lot as she is the only daughter of 3 elder brothers. Sia just completed her higher secondary exams.

Her 3 brothers were quite established in their family business and were living a happy life along with their wives and kids. Among 3 brothers Sia’s elder brother voice is the final one just after her father.

Naren who was the neighbor of Sia. Both had an intense affair since childhood, about which almost all were aware. Naren who belonging from a poor family whose mother died long back. He has 3 younger sisters and his father had a small tea stall. He is pursuing his 2nd year of commerce. He takes tuition class for bearing the expense of the education of his own and his 3 sisters.

Naren is the ultimate hope for his father. As a poor father his only concerned was about his 3 daughters’ marriage. So, if he would get a good job after completion of his degree then this crisis might get end substantially. Now only a year away when Naren and his family was waiting anxiously for his completion of education.

But Naren had always a fear that Sia’s family would never be going to approved their relationship, while Sia blindly believes upon her brothers. For her, if in future her parents would go against this relationship, then at least her 3 brothers would be convinced her parents and rest all family members because she had a faith that her 3 brothers never let her cry at any cost.

Among 3 brothers Sia is the only sister, so she was most lovable for them and here among 3 sisters Naren is the only brother, so obvious that he too the apple of his sisters’ eyes.

As all were aware of the affair of Sia and Naren where they have strongly opposed this relationship. For them, Naren is not at all eligible for Sia as per their status and standard, so at any cost, they not gave acceptance to this relationship.

Now Sia’s parents and brothers decided to fix up her marriage as soon as, so they already started searching for a well rich groom, because at any cost her parents want to get released their daughter from Naren’s gripping of love.

Sia was so strong in her decision that she prefers to die but would never be going to compromise with her love. Sia and Naren were in intense true love, where the rejection from their family could never allow them to take their step back from their decision of marriage. Both are strongly determined to face the hurdles that would come in their way.

Here Sia’s family already fix up her marriage without her consent and finalized the date too with a well rich groom.

Naren now very desperately came to her house to ask her hand from her parents. He told his parents that he loves their daughter and wants to marry her with their acceptance but before that he needs one year time for his establishment on his own feet.

By listening to his daring confession about love and marriage proposal towards their sister, Sia’s elder brother slapped Naren in front of her whole family. They humiliated him by triggering their richness and his poor status, which made him cry in front of all but he told one word before leaving that if he loved her truly and purely then none could separate them. But none is ready to listen to his voice because at any cost they want to throw him from Sia’s life.

Now for both Sia and Naren, only one option left and that to get married as soon as unless Sia’s brother would give her marriage with some other else as per their status and standard without bothering for Sia’s love and happiness.

At last, they both got married after a long fight in the absence of their family and relatives. Only Naren’s 3 or 4 friends were there as a witness for their marriage registration.

A storm came just after that incident as it was quite expected, but both are now so bold and desperate that they became fearless.

Sia’s whole family along with her parent’s withdrawal their all relations with Sia for forever. Even her elder brother slapped her and now when he raised his hand on Naren then Sia strongly hold her elder brother’s hand against slapping to Naren by telling that ‘’brother you have full right to slap me forever but don’t dare to raise your hand ever against him as of now he is my husband.’’

She stands like a wall in front of Naren to protect him against her family. Her entire family not only abused Naren but also his family too. She defied them.

After a long battle of tussle, they together begin the new journey of life. For Sia, it does not so easy to swallow this agony of her family’s partition of relation from her for forever. This detachment shattered her substantially.

Now Naren is the one and only who with his utmost love and caring could help her to come out from this trauma. Their new journey of life now waiting to show them the real hard path of life.

Now the question arises that whether Sia could able to cope with this new hard rock of life? Let’s see…..in her new beginning ……

Naren’s whole family’s expense depends on his father’s tea stall, but as he grown up to 15 years of age, started taking tuition. So, that at least he could be carried the weight of expense of the education of his own and his 3 sisters. He was a meritorious student since his childhood by holding the grading above 80%.

Naren’s loves his 3 younger sisters as like a mother more than an elder brother. He tolerates their all naggings and pampers them just like a mother because he never wants to realize them the absence of their mother in their life for a second too.

His sisters too love blindly to their one and only brother. Whatever they need always raised their hands in front of their big brother not even to their father also.

So just after married, he took a hard and daring decision which not only amazed Sia but also gave a new way to explore Naren’s new character because as of now she only habituates to see him as a lover …mate.

Naren told her at marriage first night that ‘’ now he had the dual responsibility in his life first is Sia and next is his family. As of now, his priority is to settle his 3 younger sisters’ life by giving marriage to them, so until and unless he could do that, he would never be going to sleep with Sia. This hardest promise he did with himself.’’

What made Naren take such rigid promise of physical detachment from Sia, even after being legally married to her?

The feeling of guilt in front of his sisters and father forced him to do that. As an elder brother, he always wished that only after giving marriage to his 3 younger sisters then only he would marry Sia, not before that but due to Sia’s families’ pressure upon her which forced him to marry her early before his established on his own feet.

Sia always supported him like a perfectly understandable partner.

Naren now stopped going college just after the next day of their marriage because now the circumstances forcing him to earn and take the responsibility of his wife and family. Now he goes every day for the interview to get a job. But who is going to give him a good salaried job, as he not yet completed his Graduation, so withholding the mark cards of his higher secondary he started roaming here and there for a job.

He can’t wait for getting a job so started working as a newspaper vendor, taking more tuitions. He just working like a mad since morning 5 am to 10 pm. He not even bothered for a while too about his own future and career.

Though he left his study he not at all compromised his 3 sisters along with Sia’s education career

Finally, he got a job of a salesman in a private limited company but the salary was not so good, but he never showed his disrespect to any work whether to sell newspaper or tea or anything else.

So, after many years of struggle and suffering finally, the day come when now his 3 sisters got married after completion of their Graduation and well settled in their life happily.

In this long period of battle, Sia never ever exhausted from a moment too towards her husband’s decision. In fact, she idolized him and always supported him like an eternal soulmate, because for her it does not so ease that even after being married he preferred to live a bachelor life just because of his hardest promise, without escaping from his duty towards her.

Sia just amazed day by day by seeing such eternal bonding of brother and sister relationship. She always compares internally with Naren and his 3 elder brothers.

Here Naren who never thought for a second too about his happiness and desires, always his duties stand first then his priority. He alone settled his 3 younger sisters’ life by giving proper education and marriage, and their Sia’s 3 elder brothers couldn’t able to settle one younger sister’s life. For them, their happiness, name, and fortune always come first in the name of so-called status and society in front of their only sister’s happiness and life.

Naren not only married Sia but also established her in society by giving her higher education. In this way, they crossed their happy married life of 9 years without any physical bonding.

For Sia, Naren is the ultimate man in her life for whom not only she feels pride but also idolized him as an idol of her life.

‘’It is never too late to be what you might have been – said by George Eliot.’’

How you satisfy your desires in an illegal relationship…..

Getting a bride for him was not so easy. As whenever any bride’s family came to know about his profile they became unresponsive towards him. Aakash who is doing a job in a private limited company as a salesman, whose salary is on his commission basis, and above that he is not so good looking handsome too.


Among 3 siblings, Rishi the elder one and Ravi the younger one got married only Aakash the mid one left for his settlement. Moreover, when girl’s family came to know about his rest 2 brothers profile they became unresponsive.

As his elder brother, Rishi who is in a government job and younger one Ravi doing the business of garments, both are earning good so, while searching bride for them was not a big deal. Rishi who got married with a girl belonging to a rich family and they have one son. Ravi did love marriage as per his own choice but the girl belonging from a poor family.

Parents wished to settle Aakash’s marriage before Ravi as he is older to Ravi but it couldn’t have happened as of spontaneous rejection from bride’s family and their Ravi didn’t want to postpone his marriage anymore for his elder brother. So after Rishi, Ravi the younger one got married, in this way, Aakash yet to left for his marriage.

Here Rishi’s in-laws gave him a flat as a gift when they became grandparent of their only daughter’s son. So, Rishi with his wife and son stays in that 2500 sq.ft. flat located in posh of the city. While Aakash and Ravi live at his parental big 3 storied house along with their parents.

Now after Ravi’s marriage the real twist begins in the family when Meera, Ravi’s wife entered in the family. Meera, quite beautiful along with intelligent too. She is very extrovert. She designates his brother-in-law Aakash as a brother. In fact, very often she did pranks with her bro-in-law. Initially Aakash was not so comforting with her such open frank behavior but later on, slowly he too mingled with her.

Now they came so near that without sharing their feelings with each other they couldn’t swallow their food too. Ravi and his parents too never felt anything odd in their such closeness and facetiousness as she designates him already as a brother.

Now Aakash sneaked a glance at her. He waited anxiously every day when Meera comes out from the shower in her wet sari with wet hairs. By seeing all those he feels extreme warmth towards her. His unfulfilled sex desires now erupt. He wants to sleep with Meera at any cost at least once in his life. He imagining Meera now in his sex bed every night not only in his dream but in open eyes too.

Meera prefers to wear only light base chiffon georgette sari, she usually pins up her the loose end of the sari all time but unpins it whenever she enters in Aakash’s room to serve tea or breakfast. She intentionally did that because very cleverly she too knows that while serving tea in half bending posture her loose end of sari might be fallen in front of Aakash when he too stares for those with wide open eyes in a thirst way. In this way, both seemed quite eager for surrendering themselves to each other.

Every month 1st Sunday Aakash take his parents for regular health check-up while Ravi with his family used to go for an outing at every weekend by their own car.

Suddenly that Sunday when Aakash was about to go along with his parents for regular Dr. checkup, he suddenly started paining in his left leg due to his leg muscle cramp he was unable to stand straight. So his parents told him to take rest and they decided to go with Ravi for their regular heart check-up.

Only Meera with Aakash now alone at home, where her 2 sons went at neighbors home for playing with other kids.

Meera in her blue chiffon georgette sari caring a pain relief balm in her hand enters at her bro -in-law’s room. While handover that ointment when she turned for going back suddenly hands of Aakash hold her tightly from her backside.

‘’ aa.a…Aakash…are you ok? What about your leg muscle cramp? How could you stand up suddenly on your own feet without anyone’s support?’’ Meera asked all those to Aakash. He laughed at her innocent voice then told her ‘’What happened to me? Nothing! Yes, I’m quite fine today than ever in my life!’’

Meera amazed at his replied then he told her that ‘’why are you reacting like this way as if you don’t know that why I did all those and for whom? Because I don’t have any other way left to spend few moments with you.’’

Without uttering any words further both embraced to each other, Aakash finally got that very special moment when he could daringly hug his fantasy. They finally physically engrossed with each other. His thirst for sex gets fulfilled after a long waiting for his mate.

Post all those physical intimacies Aakash told her that he had been dreaming for a long time for this heavenly thrilling moment. Now Meera very desperately designates him as Aakash by throwing the tag of the brother.

In this way, both gave birth an ill relationship by hiding behind the back of everyone. In this way, days are passing by months.

Now the question arises in mind that why both are doing this by knowing that this is an illegal relationship between them?

For Aakash, it’s quite understandable that as a bachelor when he found his rest 2 brothers were enjoying a good and healthy sex life then it’s quite natural for his eruption of those unfulfilled sex desires. In this 45 years of age he yet not tasted that utmost enjoyment of life, so his only focus is now to sip and sense the flavor of sex.

As of now, not a single girl had entered in his life where he could at least felt that aroma of sex in the name of love too because he was not so good looking. He too aware of this truth that Meera is not at all his love as she is the wife of his younger brother. She is just the instrument of his quench of thirst nothing more.

But what about Meera? When her husband is quite attracted, and impressed towards her then why she did this? What makes her do such act?

The answer is due to the craving for Property! YES……………..

Meera after the step in her in-law’s home found that her elder bro-in-law stayed at their posh residence along with his family and here Aakash and Ravi staying with their parents in this big 3 storied house.

She already knew the truth that due to less source of earning none girls’ family would ready to give their daughter to Aakash for marrying.  She has an intense fear that if in future Aakash get marry then his would be kid will be another sharer of her in-law’s property, which she doesn’t want at any cost.

So, if at anyhow Aakash remained unmarried forever then this 3-storied big house will automatically come under her children’s name. Her only motto was at anyhow this big house and property should come under her bucket.

Moreover when she noticed that Aakash has a weak nerve point towards her then she without delayed for a second thought grab that opportunity. As she can read the mind of Aakash very well that what is his requirement. So she thought if she would serve herself to Aakash for the fulfillment of his desire then he became a puppet for forever of her hand.

She played a good trick like when a baby cry for his mother and at the same time his mother is busy in rest household works then the mother very trick fully hold a toy in the hand of his baby so that her baby get entangled in that toy and in the meanwhile she too can finish her task calmly. Similarly here too she applied the same trick by serving sex to Aakash she just diverted his mind from rest all materialistic thing.

Meera is very desperate she doesn’t have fear of any scenario because she knows very well that if in future she caught in the hand of anyone too then also she has the way of coming out from that tricky game by using her trump card of innocence and by throwing the blame upon her bro in-law’s head.

That as bachelor guy he from the very beginning always stared at her … used to tease her whenever he found her alone at home. And if a married woman having 2 kids pretend all those against anyone by using her crocodile tears then the World is bound to believe on her said utters by showing their utmost sympathy towards her.

In that case, her in-laws to support her by throwing their son Aakash from their house for forever. So, she was quite desperate in her decision of making such illegal relationship.

So she is always in the safety net of judgment whenever anyone dares to point a finger towards her, that much confidence she possessed while tackling this trio relationship. Meera knows how to utilize her five fingers…. her husband, kids, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and Aakash. In fact, she knows how to tie the string to a kite for make it tightens.

How to grab the best deal in friendship….

 ‘’ Don’t walk in front of me ………I may not follow 

Don’t walk behind me……I may not lead

Walk beside me ……. just be my friend” – By Albert Camus                                                                                            pinky-swear-329329_1280 

Alisha and Payel were best friends since childhood. Alisha belonging to a rich family while Payel from a mid-class family. Payel’s father Mr.Viren Sharma, working as LDC in a State Govt. office, so their lifestyles were not like that of Alisha’s family as her father  Mr.Akash Verma, has an Export-import business so they not at all bothered while comes to the question of expense.

Jayant, Payel’s elder brother. Both siblings were doing quite good in their studies. Jayant after completion of his 12th started to take tuition of science group. At the same time, he completed his B.Sc too. Their mother a simple housewife. Both the parents were leading a very simple life from their eating habit to expense along with children.

After returning from office at 6 pm Mr.Sharma used to take tuition classes of his area’s children up to 10 pm. He doesn’t have any bad habits of smoking and drinking, not even he spends his time with his friends too after office hours. Only Sunday off for both office and tuition as on that day he spends his full time with his family along with his children by taking a class of both. Mr.Sharma working very hard to settle their future as he knows very well that he has the biggest responsibility on his head to establish his children career and marriage.

Here Alisha’s father Mr.Verma, a well-established businessman, living a lavish life with his family. Aman, younger brother of Alisha and mother a homemaker. Mr. Verma who always tend to busy with his business associates and parties, never shown interest in his children educational performance ever. Despite that Aman was doing quite good in his study since childhood, he always stands for 2nd or 3rd rank in his standard.

 While Alisha just a reversed one of Aman. She has shown her arrogance not only in her behavior but in her studies too. In fact to scored 35% of marginal passing marks is really the toughest issue for her since childhood and that’s due to her non-interest in the study. She showed her ill habits which we usually find in children coming from the rich family background.

She doesn’t know even how to speak with elders, due to those poor performances and ill manners, teachers often called up their parent and as usual like every time her mother appeared at school for PTM, because her father has don’t time for all those. But at the end of the result , no used of it as her arrogance towards everyone going increase day by day.

 So, teachers often decided to give her TC from school but every year her father contributes a big fund in the name of donation to the Trustee Board of School Management, so her TC never happened. Teachers often gave the example of Excellence by taking the name of her younger brother Aman who was at 6th standard, to Alisha in front of whole class, so that at least she would feel to some extent of ashamed on her own performance, but as usual, no used of that too.

Alisha’s adamant and arrogant nature had made a gap already with other friends and classmates of her. On the other hand, Payel who ranked 3rd in class has a good rapport with Alisha, in fact, they are best friends.’’ Is it not something strange to hear?’’

The pocket money given by Mr.Verma to his daughter Alisha is the resource for her lavish lifestyles. Every day 100 Rupees for a school going girl, really a big matter for Payel as she gets the same 100 Rs. at the expense of a whole month. During lunch period Payel used to often the same tiffin of made by her mother, roti, and sabji (bread and veg. curry), while Alisha wouldn’t use to carry any tiffin box, instead, she would prefer to canteen & outside stuffs.

How far anyone swallowed the same taste when someone having the variant of taste in front of eyes. So, her voracious appetite made her close day by day to Alisha. Now both have their lunch along at out as the bill was paid by Alisha only.

Now Payel helps her out from all homework which she earlier not used to do. Here Alisha offers for lunch to lure more efficient answers. But it’s of no use of her as her result shown that consistency in grade. In this way, both in greed more than need.

‘’Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed – said by Mahatma Gandhi.’ 

12th June 2005, for Alisha’s parents it’s an amazing news when their daughter cracked her 10th Board exams with the help of Payel, yes… Payel who made notes for her friend in such an easy way so that at least she would score her favorite 35% passing marks. While Payel passed out by 93%. Alisha’s mother only known the truth that without the help of Payel it wouldn’t be possible for her daughter to pass out, so she invited her at home to say at least thanks, which her husband not thought for a second too.

Post-clearance of 10th Board, Payel opted for Science stream and Alisha no other options for her rather than Arts stream. Now in real mean, the issue arose when both entered at a different stream. After diversion of education stream, Alisha realized that how hard it’s for her to get only 35% without her bosom friend’s interference in her study and here for Payel it’s an irony that money is there in the form of her best friend but the thing is how to make it useful for her purpose.

 As both were greedy in their own aspect which made them tied up to now. So, she decided that at anyhow she would again help her out from those hurdles.

Now they were in the 11th standard, so once in a month, they used to go for movies and restaurant where Payel ordered food covetously, where in earlier days they used to go for every weekend.

As Payel was in science stream so she suggested Alisha that better if she takes any tuition class so that whatever notes teachers would provide to her she will make it easy as per her grasping ability so that at least she passed out. Alisha did exactly as per her said words.

In this way, Alisha cracked her 12th Board of exam too, with the help of her intimate friend. Post-clearance of School level both stepped in at same college as their greed not allowed them to prefer different college. At 2010 Payel completed her Degree & then did her Masters too but their Alisha failed constantly for 2 years so she passed out Degree anyhow at 2012 July.  After that, she told her parents that at any cost she will not do any further study.

Now post completion of education of both the girl’s parents getting ready for their marriage. So, started searching groom as per their choice and standard. Mr. Verma went for a well rich businessman for her Alisha so that his daughter’s persistence of lavishness will continue for forever. While searching the groom his only focus is on the groom and his family’s wealth not about his education and others.

As he was quite sure that like his daughter in her earlier schooling days exploited her best friend by spending few bulks with best dealing, so he too exactly going to crack the best deal with a well rich groom for her daughter by spending a huge amount.

 For him ‘’You have succeeded in life when all you really WANT is only what you really NEED – said by Vernon Howard.”

Whereas for Mr.Sharma education and culture of the groom and his family background matters than rest all other things. Every time he used to place first her daughter’s grading Certificate in front of the groom and his family before placing her daughter. As for him, those certificates are the symbol of Excellence of her daughter, which are in real mean the treasure of his entire life. He is deadly against of dowry system.

For him ‘’He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have – said by Socrates.’’

But Mr.Sharma forgot one hard truth of life that in the practical field of life money talks than resting all moral values. Her daughter’s simple look with good education now waited for best dealing. At last, they found the groom, who is a teacher by profession in mathematics at Senior secondary school who to belonging to a middle-class family. In this way, both got married as per their status in the year of 2013.

Is Money really matters to begin a new relationship either it’s a childhood friendship or for a lifelong relationship? So, friends, what you would like to name for their friendship. Would they really meant for this tag of bestie or their needs made them so greedy to pretend as best friend………

Gratitude with Appreciation – first outstanding Reward of her life

Annual function day of the Assembly of Christ school at Darjeeling on 17th December 2016.The day when students gathered for receiving their appreciation Reward by showing their gratitude towards their teacher. Teachers were well groomed. Parents are coming one after another with their children.


Puja & Pia Ahuja students of standard 8th & 6th belonging to a middle-class family. Mr. Mrs. Ahuja both doing the job in an MNC earning well. Elder daughter Puja always comes with the good scoring of above 85 to 90% since her childhood, she is doing good in other co-curricular activities too. So all are quite pleased and proud of her outstanding performance. While Pia is just the reversed one. She passed only with the average of 35 to 38%, not at all showed her interest even in other curricular activities too nor she ever received any reward for anything in her life. She is very introvert by nature.

Mother Marry who is the Principal of the school is the best friend of Pia. As a head authority of the school, she never left her motherly caring & kind nature towards each n every child of her school. She is very soft spoken one possessing one special quality which is remarkable. Though she is friendly with all children but those children who are below average and not ready to show interest neither in the study nor in other activities too, she takes special care of those children by herself without complaining to their parents. She tried to help those children by her utmost best, which is really appreciable.

Pia is very close to her, in fact, you may say she comes to a school to meet with her Mother Marry, they shared even their lunch too with each other. Pia may forget to carry her books but she never ever forgets to give a white rose to her mother Marry, her one n only best friend.

Actually, there is a story behind this intense bonding. An incident which happened just 5 months ago. When the school had organized an Excursion tour at hills of Kanchenjunga for standard 5th & 6th.

75 students along with 2 class teacher, Evs teacher & Principal madam on the way of their trip. Students were enjoying the singing song while traveled by Volvo bus. But Pia sitting at last row beside the window, without winking she stared the nature with a bit of smile on her face. After n hour all arrived at their said destination.

Principal madam & teachers already warned the students that no student would go here n there without their permission unless they would be punished for that. Students should always have maintained a group along with their class teacher. So this way all were enjoying. After lunch teachers decided to take all of them at hills by covering up to 2km.Students in a queue forwarded towards hills with singing a Patriotic song.

Rohan of class 5 suddenly missing from their along with Pia which was being noticed while returning back, when teachers called each student by their name among them 2 of them were found missing. Principal & teachers were enough worried about these two missing children. They asked each n every student that when at last time they had seen both of them. As per class teacher they were damn sure that before left for hills they checked each student in the queue along with their name. What happened suddenly where they went? How could it be possible that none had noticed them? These all questions are asked by Principal to the entire group along with teachers as she was an intense fear of how she would be going to face the parents of the kids. Moreover, what she tells to her GOD that due to her negligence the parents lost their kids for forever and for this one crime JESUS will never be going to forgive her in this life.

Teachers searched them thoroughly by shouting their name but no reply from anywhere. They waited for them up to evening 4,  now they could not wait anymore for them as it’s time for dusk, so principal madam told those teachers that they should proceed very cautiously for school campus with utmost take care of rest children. She told all of them that it’s time for her to give the exam to GOD JESUS. Therefore, without bringing both of the kids along with her she would not leave the place at any cost. Before starts searching, she prayed for a minute to JESUS that if she performed all her work in her entire life with outstanding honesty then she would definitely get back to those kids. Later 35 minute of continuous searching suddenly, she saw both the kids were sitting inside a small cave. She ran up to them hold them tightly in her hug and kissed on their cheeks, forehead and started crying, kids too got a bit relieved after saw her as they really frightened while finding themselves in those lonely paths of hills.

Actually while walking on zigzag ways of high hills, Rohan started breathing trouble with the feeling of Nausea. So he has fallen down in the midway, which none noticed in that crowd as rest kids were really fun and singing mood, but only that was noticed by Pia as she was the only one who walks silently as per her nature. She made him sit in a place but Rohan could not breathe properly by seeing that Pia immediately without a second thought took her inhaler from her bag and helped him to inhale 3 or 4 puffs. after a while, he became stabilized with his breathing. After all, those when she turned back found everybody went, none was there. So they both waited for all of them inside that small cave but when it turned to dusk they both got frightened.

Pia explained all those to her Principal Madam after heard all those she told to Pia ‘’don’t call me Principal Madam from now onwards I m your Mother Marry & you are my Little Angel JESUS send u for this noble cause I always be grateful for forever towards you …. thank you, my child”.

While returning on the way she asked Pia, my child why u carry an inhaler? Do u have any Asthmatic issue? Pia told no she doesn’t have right now but just a month ago she was attacked by Bronchitis (an intense cough n cold), so she used that as per Dr.’s recommendation, when later a month she got cured Dr. told her to carry that inhaler along with her whenever she goes out of home until she recovered completely up to next another month.

Principal Madam took back both the kids safely, later on, she came to know that Rohan has some respiratory issue which their parents did not tell to their class teachers before went to excursions.

Now today in this eve of Annual function students are waiting to receive prizes from their Principal Madam. More or less almost all students take part in that biggest cultural program as per their choice, except Pia as she not performing in one of those. So she sitting with her parents wearing white net Gown looking like a pretty doll. Post all cultural program, announcement started for prize distribution. Puja got 3 prizes for her outstanding ranking and other co-curricular activities. Only one Trophy is yet to give someone.

Now Motivational Speech by Principal madam on the podium…she, first of all, congratulates and appreciates to all students of her entire school along with teachers & parents too. Now the time came for her to give that last n final trophy, before that she told ‘’ how a 12 yrs child saved a life, just a few months ago. Though the child did not score top on any subject her one act not only saved a life also saved my life too. Unless I might die with the feeling of guilt in front of my GOD. She applied her instant intelligence at that very crucial moment without waiting for anyone’s help to save that child from death.’’

”Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others – said by Marcus Tullius Cicero.”

”As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them – said by John F. Kennedy.” those are said by principal madam during her speech.

Now all were eagerly waiting for that one name. Principal madam called her ‘there she is that white gown wearing one, my little Angel …Pia Ahuja comes to my Child. All welcomed her with a big clap. Pia wondered herself by the heard first time her name being announced with such appreciation and gratitude. She slowly moved towards the stage. As its first time for her in her life who going to step on a stage. Principal Madam told to come, my child. This Excellence outstanding reward of the year is waiting for you …you deserve this because you are unique.’  

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world – said by Mahatma Gandhi’.

While receiving the Trophy Pia started crying by holding her Mother Marry, Pia uttered with loud ”I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work – said by Thomas A. Edison”. 

Her words made cry her parents with the feeling of Proud for her first time.

Pia showed her Excellence of Intelligence which mesmerized all by saving a life she won an outstanding lifetime achievement reward from her Mother Marry.