About Us


I have started my journey of Blogging by holding the hand of brave and truth with the intent of revealing the real facts and incidents of lives where I changed the character’s name in regards of the safety measure of the person.

The name itself revealed the daring of telling those bitter truth of our personal lives, which we elope from all. Even sometimes we feel quite uncomfortable to utter those words with our closed ones too. But there is a proverb that if you commit a mistake with your full knowledge too then confess it at least once in a life to anyone …believe me you feel really light. 

Earlier when I read about other’s Blogs then its really makes me puzzled that majority of them are using their Blog as a platform of commercial business where you found someone is promoting their products by highlighting the positive aspects of the material whether its mobile, cosmetics, real estate n property, recipe n restaurant, Finance n Investment, etc with the intent of selling.

Whereas neither I have any commercial purpose to sell up for any particular product which would beneficiate me as monetary nor you will found my Blog is related to any political issues.

I was under procrastination during the initial days of my Blogging, as I really didn’t have any idea that what I’d write, about whom I’d write and how to write because I’m not at all any professional writer who knows that how to control over their wordings, statements, paragraphs, punctuations, and grammar in an overall article.

But slowly Your likes and motivational comments inspired me to follow my persistence in my writing and showed me another direction of my Blogging, to write about the CURRENT EVENTS & NEWS.

Where your every compliment has a clarity that peoples love to read the simple language with more clarity in statements rather than any professional writer’s sophisticated edit dialogues.

So, friends, you are heartily welcome to share your personal ill story with me if you have that daring to share it with the world loudly. 

For safety regard of the character, their name is being changed here only.

Actually, this idea popped up to me when I too personally faced those ill circumstances of my life where I not even ready to share those with none. Basically, I m introvert. Those things you come to know while being with me throughout this journey.


Well, friends myself Anindita Ghosh worked earlier in MNC, belonging to a mid-class family who loves to listen to others. In fact, it’s forced me to not only LISTEN but to write daringly those ill truths and share it with the world. So that people must aware and learn a lesson from those real live facts.  Hope you all be with me on this journey.