SBI says husband can’t use wife’s debit card, court agrees

SBI says husband can’t use wife’s debit card… SBI recently made a wild decision saying husband can’t use wife’s debit card, and vice versa court also agreed to this.

SBI says husband can't use wife’s debit card

SBI says husband can’t use wife’s debit card, court agrees

SBI says husband can’t use wife’s debit card, the rule from SBI mentions that no one other than the account holder should use it. It has been stressed a lot many times by the State Bank of India (SBI), that sharing your ATM Card is non-transferable.

Banking rules categorically state that an ATM card is non-transferable and no other person apart from the account holder should use it.

The reality about a loss of Rs. 25,000 – Must read for every Spouse who has SBI debit card 

We all know that sharing of card PIN to unknown people is not allowed, but be very careful next time, even if you are letting your spouse or your parents withdraw money from the ATM using your debit card.

A casual act of letting your spouse or a close relative/friend withdraw money from an ATM using your debit card could prove costly. However, a woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learned the SBI’s rule the hard way and that’s why SBI says husband can’t use wife’s debit card and the court agrees to this.

The way that incident happened:

# The incident goes back to 2013, when Marathahalli (in Bangalore) resident Vandana gave her debit card with the PIN to her husband, Rajesh Kumar, to withdraw Rs 25,000 cash from a local SBI ATM.

# Her husband went to the ATM and swiped the card, the machine delivered a slip showing money was debited, but the amount was never released.

# SBI cites ‘non-transferable’ rule, says account holder was not ATM user, turns down money claims.

# SBI produced documents, which included log records. These records showed that the ATM transaction was successful and was technically correct.

# Before approaching the consumer forum, the couple contacted the bank ombudsman who merely ruled, ‘PIN shared, case closed. The Court finally ruled that Vandana should have given a self-cheque or an authorization letter to her husband for withdrawal of Rs 25,000, instead of sharing the PIN and making him withdraw the money. Thus the court dismissed the case.

# All this was started On November 14, 2013, and the case continued for the next three-and-a-half years and finally, on May 29, 2018, the consumer court dismissed the case.

# Vandana and Rajesh were still short of Rs 25,000 and stood their grounds that SBI should refund their money which could not be recovered due to an ATM flaw.

# However, SBI continued to maintain their stance and cited their rule that sharing ATM PIN with someone else was a violation.


So, guys now be sure before you share your PIN with your spouse. The best option if you both are using jointly, then create a joint bank account. In such situation, both account holders can use the same ATM card. One more option is to give “Authority Letter” to whomsoever we are giving the ATM card. This will creates a rightful authority to use your ATM card.

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