Snapchat introduces new Group Video Chat feature for Up to 16 People

The popular image and video sharing app Snapchat has introduced a new of group video chat for users to reconnect with their friends and family.  Users can add up to 16 friends at once to a group video chat, which can be accessed in the app’s messaging section.

Snapchat Group Video Chat feature


Snapchat introduces new Group Video Chat feature for Up to 16 People

Chat even more fun now, users can start the group chats with just a tap on the video icon. Up to 16 friends can video chat together at the same time. Meanwhile, group audio chatting can support 32 friends at once.

Snapchat is introducing two new features for users—group video calling and @ mention tagging, all hoping to connect users in a brand new way.

Now, instead of switching to FaceTime or Facebook for video chatting, users can start a group video chat to chat with friends face-to-face inside the Snapchat app.

As part of an app update, Snapchat had introduced video and voice chat in 2016 for user convenience. With the new update in place, users can now enjoy hands-free communication and get creative with filters on the app. 

How to use Snapchat Group video calls? 

It’s a simple feature to use. When you’re in a group chat on Snapchat,

# Simple tap on the video camera icon and it will invite all of your friends to join in, means each friend will receive a notification inviting them to join the call.

# When a group member opens the call, their name bubble will light up on your keyboard, letting you know they’re on.

# If you’re not looking your best at that moment, no need to worry, you can join the chat with just voice, as well as toggle between video and voice.

# During the call, you can use the Snap filter lenses as well as chat or send messages. Means to make video calls more fun, Snapchat users can also add lenses over their faces, such as puppy ears or others.

To start a voice call with a group, meanwhile, tap on the phone icon. Also, if you’d rather not use your camera during a group video call, you can turn it off and attend the group chat just by voice.

Why Snapchat launch this new feature now?

Facing heavy competition from Instagram, which has already copied a number of Snapchat features, Snapchat is trying to maintain momentum and improve the experience to keep users engaged. It’s constantly adding new or enhanced features and functionality.

For instance, Facebook has been offering group video chats in Messenger since 2016. Admittedly, this allows for chats with up to 50 people, but Snap’s 16-people offering will tempt people away from Messenger. 

Snapchat also introduced “mentions” feature

Beside Snapchat group video chats, Snapchat also introduced a “mentions” feature, which will let people tag each other in videos, and notifies people when they get mentioned. A feature popularised by platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

How to tagging People In Snapchat Stories?

# Users can tag each other in their snaps and Stories by typing ‘@’ before their usernames. In some cases, you may need to type the full username. 

# From there, your viewers will be able to swipe up on your snap to watch the tagged account’s public story or add that person as a friend.

# When someone tags you, you will get a notification in the chat window, alerting you that someone mentioned you in their Snapchat Story.

# The ability to add tags should be particularly useful for influencers or celebrities on the platform, as they will be able to easily tag a company or a brand they’re promoting.


The new group video chat features will start rolling out globally this week, and the tagging feature should as well become available soon. So get ready to use these two new features of Snapchat.

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