Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2018

How can I find the best water purifier?

Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids. Our body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, the creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.

So we cant compromise with its purity when we aware that without water life is impossible then it’s only in our hand that how we could protect us and our family from its contamination and choose the best pure water purifier for our long healthy life.

There are a plethora of harmful substances that are present in the regular water systems and everyone is aware of this fact. It is definitely a matter of concern because every day there are reports found about dangerous substances and metals found in the tap water. This is the reason you will see people running after best water purifiers, 

 Today’s advanced purifiers are loaded with different types of features that ensure 100% clean drinking water.

 Apart from health burdens many people also suffer from economic burdens, because those families which have low-income cant imagine about affording the costly water purifier. But our government also aware peoples to save the life from contaminated water and that’s why there are basic RO systems that are available at affordable rates in markets now because spending money on a water purifier system is a long-term investment towards your health and a health of your loved ones, mind it.

Check before buying your water purifier

There are many different types of water purifiers system, each uses a different type of technologies to purify water. The Conventional RO water purifiers that are available in the market will remove all the dissolved salts present in the water and can cause a mineral deficiency. Minerals are inorganic substances which are much required for humans to maintain a healthy life. Some of the essential minerals found in the water are Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. So, you should buy an RO water purifier that comes with a TDS Modulator/Controller.

Some of the Top Water purification Brads like Kent, HUL Pureit, Aquaguard are offering RO water purifiers along with a TDS controller. The TDS Modulator can retain the natural minerals present in the water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The RO water purifiers use a very fine membrane to purify the water. Only a Reverse Osmosis water purifier has the capability to remove the dissolved salts present in the water.

TDS …. TDS full form is Total dissolved solids. Minerals, salts or dissolved metals such as calcium, chloride, nitrate, iron, sulfur and some organic matter that dissolved in water commonly referred as TDS. TDS expressed in terms of milligrams (mg) per liter of water, also referred in parts per million (ppm).

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set the acceptable limit of TDS in drinking water at 500 mg/LMost commonly used purification systems to reduce TDS are carbon filter and reverse osmosis(RO).

What is RO MF?

MF is full form of Microfiltration purification technology. In MF purification the water is passed through a special pore-sized membrane to separate microorganisms. Both reverse osmosis and nanofiltration are fundamentally different since the flow goes against the concentration gradient.

In a recent research found that if MF filtration is used as pre-filtration, before RO purification, the purification results are much effective. Kent released such MF + RO purifiers in the market as well.

Why UV + RO Water purifier?

Ultraviolet Water Purification

A UV water purifiers employ a UV Bulb that passes the powerful UV Rays into the water. The UV Rays are 99% capable of killing all the Bacteria, Viruses, and Cysts present in the waterIf you are living in a place where you get water from public water supply or the TDS levels in the water is low, you can opt for a UV water purifier. Please note that an Ultraviolet Water Purifier is not capable of removing the dissolved salts present in the water.

The Combination of RO + UV technologies in the water purifier can save you a healthy and tasty drinking water along with the TDS modulator.

There are different types of water purifiers available in the market and all of them are mentioned below for a better understanding and for making the best choice as per your need and budget.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2018

When you are deciding to buy the best quality water purification system for your home, you would come across many options that become challenging and hard to go through. By comparing these systems, you can easily get what you want for your home. Check out the list of some best water purification systems and choose your needy one:

 1. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Live pure is one of the arising top water purifier brands in India. The Storage capacity of the Livpure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier is 7 liters which make it an ideal choice for a medium-sized family.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Features include:

  • RO + UV water purifier can work with all kinds of water sources like Borewell, Tap water, River water up to 1500 TDS levels.
  • The RO Membrane makes sure that all the Hazardous chemical.
  • UV bulb kills the life-threatening bacteria, virus, protozoa.
  • The sediment filter and Activated carbon filter remove suspended impurities also adsorbs bad taste.
  • The Silver Impregnated Post carbon filter enhances the water taste by removing the volatile organic impurities.


  • RO + UV + Mineralizer
  • TDS Levels up to 1500 ppm
  • 7 Litre Storage
  • Sleek and compact design.


  • No water level indicator
  • Water may be wasted.

 2. Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

The 6 Litre HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO + UV is one of the Best water purifiers in 2017. If you are looking for a Budget RO + UV water purifier, Pureit Mineral Classic is the exact choice for your budget with 6-liter capacity.The Pureit Mineral Classic 6 liter RO UV water purifier offers not only tasty and sweet water but also full value for your money and an ideal choice for small and medium-sized families.

Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • The RO Membrane remove Hard Metals and Dangerous salts from water that contain TDS levels as high as 1800ppm.
  • The Weight of the Pureit Classic is Just 7.3 Kg.
  • Made of Food Safe and good-engineering plastic, so no chance for water leakage and bad odor.
  •  Reverse Osmosis membrane removes dissolved salts, the UV Chamber kills the bacteria and virus.
  • There is a Post-RO Carbon Filter for the further cleansing of water and adds minerals post purification to enhance the taste of water.
  • An Advanced Voltage fluctuation guard in the Pureit Classic RO UV that protects the purifier from unexpected voltage change between 165 and 280V.


  • 6 Litre Storage
  • TDS Levels up to 1800 ppm
  • Best and comfort price RO + UV
  • Water-Level Indicator
  • 100% Water passes through RO.


The drawback is water wastage while using.

3. Aquaguard Genius RO + UV +UF water purifier

The three technologies RO, UV, and UF based Aquaguard Genius, is the right choice for a high-end option. It detects the quality of the input water. If the TDS levels in your water are high and you are looking for a Budget RO, the Pureit Classic 5 liters RO+MF is the right choice. This  Water purifier can turn the hard water up to 1800 ppm into the soft and sweet water.

Aquaguard Genius RO + UV +UF water purifier

Features Include:

  • The storage capacity of this water purifier is 7 liters.
  • RO membrane can work with water having TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.
  • The Mineral Guard discards the excess minerals and adds the right amount of minerals in the purified water.
  • You will get a notification to replace the cartridge.
  • Suitable for all types of water sources
  • It comes with a taste enhancer so you will get pure and sweet water.


  • 7 Litre Storage
  • RO + UV + UF + Mineral
  • TDS Levels up to 2000 ppm
  • LED display and water level sensor
  • Helps users to see the water level.
  • Suitable for All Water sources.


  • Higher Maintenace cost.
  • There will be some water wastage.

 4. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

Pureit Ultima from the Hindustan Unilever Limited is specially designed for Indian Homes, with 10 Litre storage tank, appropriate for a Large family. If you are looking for the best water purifier and budget is not your concern, you can opt for Pureit Ultima, it stands among one of the excellent systems available right now. In case you are living in a place where you won’t get water from public water supply or the water contains Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium, you can install the Pureit Ultima, will be the best option.

HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • The Storage capacity of the Pureit Ultima is 10 liters.
  • purity indicator to find the purity levels in the water.
  • It comes with a Superior Digital Alert system, to give prior alert before the Germkill Cartridge runs out of the juice.
  • It can remove Total Dissolved salts in the water (2000 ppm).
  • The combination of RO and UV can kill up to 10 Million virus cells in one liter of water.


  • 10 Litre Storage
  • RO + UV with TDS Controller
  • TDS Levels up to 2000ppm
  • Works with all types of water sources
  • 100% Water passes through RO.


  • Expensive
  • There will be some water wastage.

 5. Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Maxx is the best-rated UV + UF water purifier and is rated five stars by more than 200 customers. So, If you receive water from Public water supply or the water source is soft, you can opt for Kent Maxx.

Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • The UF Purifiers work even if the water contains a lot of dirt.
  • It comes with the combination of UV and UF technologies.
  • The UV Bulb kills all the Virus, Bacteria, and cysts found in the water.
  • The UF Membrane makes the water free from all the suspended impurities.
  • It is made of Food-Grade and non-breakable ABS Plastic with built-in-SMPS.


  • 7 Litre Storage
  • Best Budget UV + UF
  • No water wastage
  • Water-Level Indicator
  • Low Maintenace cost.


  • Water purification system is appropriate for low TDS waters.

6. Kent Grand plus TDS 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

It is one of the best-selling in India and is fully automated. It employs a double purification of RO + UV + UF that removes even the Dissolved salts and impurities. The Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier is based on a patented Mineral ROTM technology.

Kent Grand plus TDS 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • It comes with TDS Controller that preserves vital minerals.
  • It has alert alarms about the filter replacement.
  • Auto on-off.
  • A classic design along with a see-through cover.


  • 8 Litre Storage
  • Best Value For Money RO + UV + UF
  • Mineral ROTM technology
  • Water-Level Indicator
  • Suitable for all water sources.


  • Will waste some water.

7. Kent Ace Mineral RO TM RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

It is one of the dominant models of the water purifier from a reputed brand Kent, which has achieved success for a variety of models of purification systems.

Kent Ace Mineral RO TM RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • Storage capacity 7 liters
  • It is RO + UV based water purifier having a storage tank.
  • Filtration capacity is 15 liters
  • An auto shut off feature
  • Effortless onsite cleaning regularly
  • It also runs on the UF technology to filter the dangerous particles from the water.
  • LED indicators are available
  • Made of ABS food grade plastic
  • Suitable for all kinds of water.


  • It has a porous UF membrane
  • It filters completely to provide pure water
  • Less electricity consumption
  • CE Certified and verified due to its performance.


  • Needs regular maintenance biggest headache for users.
  • Appropriate for purification with special abilities of power fluctuation handling only.
  • As per users, frequent repairs are needed.

8. Aquaguard Enhance 7L RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV + TDS water purifier with 7L capacity is the best option TDS level based water purification system. It is focused on providing with water that is entirely healthy, pure, and safe.

Aquaguard Enhance 7L RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • I-Filter technology eliminates the suspended particles from water
  • Taste enhancer cartridge cleans the water that gives safe and pure water
  • Biotron Cartridge is capable of breaking down the water molecules to make them absorb easily
  • Chemi-Block helps to eliminate higher chlorine and organic impurities.


  • It works on the RO + UV filtration systems
  • There is little or no noise at all
  • TDS level based
  • It is completely automatic in nature
  • It completely removes the bacteria.


  • It produces lots of water while ejecting the wastewater through the pipe, which takes it as a big concern.

9. Blue Star Stella RO+UV 8.2 L RO + UV Water Purifier 

The another one of the best RO water purification system of an Ultrahigh feature of the TDS removal with 8.2 Liter capacity gives you the purest and safe drinking water.

Blue Star Stella RO+UV 8.2 L RO + UV Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • It is having a double-layered UV+RO protection.
  • RO removes suspended elements, ions, dissolved impurities, microorganism.
  • UV feature deactivates cysts, bacteria, and deadly viruses.
  • Touch sensor
  • Child lock
  • Enhances taste
  • UV lamp is present
  • Sediment filter with super fine technology
  • Water recovery with superior cleaning up to 33%.


  • Ultra high total dissolved salts removal technology
  • Electronic button for dispensing
  • 250-liter purification capacity
  • RO membrane.


  • Expensive
  • Weekly cleaning required for UF membrane.

10. Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV Water Purifier

The RO + UV water purifier is suitable for water TDS level-up to 2000 ppm. The purifier has a wall-mountable design and a stylish tap that enhance the look of the product. The appliance comes with a voltage spike guard protection from maintaining the voltage fluctuation.

Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV Water Purifier

Features Include:

  • 6-liter water storage capacity
  • Voltage spike guard protection
  • 15ltr/he purification production rate
  • Silver nanotechnology
  • Auto-flushing system.


  • TDS level-up to 2000 ppm.
  • Wall Mountable Design
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Voltage Spike Guard Protection.


  • Low Storage Capacity.


From the list of these top 10 water purifiers from different brands, you can choose the best one that meets your needs and budget. Cost is another factor that you need to consider while selecting the best water purifier for your home. cost of these purifiers can be checked online. Look online for other brands and compare them on the basis of the features, benefits, and much more. So, start your search now and ensure to obtain a right fit for your home!


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