How to verify genuineness or originality of mobile phone?

Have you heard about the term IMEI or seen it listed on your phone’s original packaging. At first glance, it’s not really clear what exactly you are meant to do with it, or what the IMEI even is. So, what exactly is an IMEI number and how do you find yours?

verify genuiness or originality of mobile phone

How precious your mobile is for you?

My cell phone is very precious for me because it consists of almost all confidential data which is stored in my cell. So it’s a significant device which sole carries my entire details in its storage.

Do you use a simple old-fashioned mobile phone of without camera and internet facility or having a smartphone like Android or iPhone with latest uploaded apps along features?

We worth our usable items as per their price. So in that aspect, if we see around us then we get that almost 8 out of 10 peoples are using Smartphone because of its latest advanced features which help us to connect with the World 24×365. Your smartphone keeps all your significant data includes, the contact number, email address of your friends, videos, conversations, and images of yours.

Now just think for a moment that you lost your cell phone or it gets stolen. Within a second you shatter by visualizing that thought. Because now you are going to suffer more from its misuse apart from losing the data in your device.

In this situation, only IMEI can be your true friend which will help you from the misuse of your device by wrong hand. If you know the IMEI number of your device then you can easily take the help of mobile tracker services. By contact your network service provider and raise a request for blacklisting, to ensure that the person who stole your device is not being able to operate it.

What is IMEI?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique numerical identifier for every mobile device typically found behind the battery. This number helps to differentiate each device from one another. For instance, if you take your device at service center they will track your device by using the IMEI to differentiate it from millions of same models of the similar company. A standard IMEI number is a 14 digit string, with an additional 15th check digit for verifying the entire string. There is also a 16 digit variation that includes information on the device’s software version, known as the IMEISV. The digits comprising the IMEI number represent the origin, model, and the serial number of the mobile device.

How to verify genuineness or originality of mobile phone?

IMEI number comprises of 15 digits out of which the initial 8 digits also known as TAC give a hint about the origin and model of the device. The manufacturer can be identified with the next 6 digits.
For example, the Google Pixel TAC code is 35-161508, while the iPhone 6s Plus is 35-332907. Some models have multiple TACs depending on revision, manufacturing location, and other factors, the iPhone 5C has a total of five different TAC codes. The six C digits represent your device’s unique serial number, and these are defined by the handset manufacturer.

 The last digit is the check digit. The D portion of the IMEI is a check digit that ensures the IMEI meets the allocation and approval guidelines. The check digit is the function of the digits prior to it.

The number consists of four groups currently, the IMEI’s format is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D.

The first set of numbers is the type approval code (TAC). The first two digits represent the country code. The rest make up the final assembly code. The second group of numbers identifies the manufacturer:

01 and 02 = AEG

07 and 40 = Motorola

10 and 20 = Nokia

41and 44 = Siemens

51= Sony, Siemens, Ericsson

The third set is the serial number and a last single digit is an additional number (usually 0) Check Digit of the entire model or 0 (This is an algorithm that validates the ID number).

How to find your IMEI?

There are a couple of ways to finding out your device’s IMEI number. One easy way by dialing *#06# from the same device and the IMEI will be displayed on the screen. If you have an Android or iOS device then the IMEI can be found in Settings too. On iOS head to Settings > General, > About and the IMEI will be displayed. Copying the IMEI is as simple as tapping and holding on the number. Android devices may vary, but generally heading to Settings > About Phone > Status should display the IMEI.

If you can’t access your device, there are other ways to find your IMEI too. You can locate the IMEI number of your cell phone either on the box, or printed inside the battery compartment. The retail packaging should have a label with the IMEI displayed. If your device has a removable battery, then the IMEI is often listed underneath the battery. Many devices have the IMEI printed on the back. Others, including the iPhone 6s and above, have the IMEI inscribed on the SIM tray. A Sony Ericsson mobile phone user can retrieve the IMEI by pressing the following key sequence: right,*, left, left,*, left, *, left.

How IMEI is useful for you?

As smartphones have become more readily available and more valuable they have become a target of thieves around the world or in case of lost your costly device. Under these conditions, the owner can use the IMEI number for preventing further use of the device. The owner needs to call the network service provider and inform them about the stolen or lost. The service provider can block the phone on their network and can also notify the other network providers. 

The SIM number identifies your subscriber account, while the IMEI only identifies the device. Law enforcement often keeps records of lost and recovered phones too, identified by their IMEI. Since there is no good reason to change the device’s IMEI, the practice is illegal in many regions.

While it may be illegal to change the IMEI of a device, it does happen. Thieves, in particular, will attempt to take non-blacklisted numbers and apply them to their stolen devices in order to make them usable again. For this reason, its suggested that you should never share or post your IMEI number online, or else you may find your device cloned.

Advantages of IMEI number

  • Restricting the instances of mobile theft

IMEI number is now a universally accepted measure. To restrict the usage of a stolen device and hence control the instances of theft, IMEI numbers have played a significant active role.
In countries like the UK, the operator can quickly transmit the message with IMEI number to the Central Equipment Identity Register, which subsequently floats it to all other network providers. Devices are blacklisted within 48 hours on all the networks.

  • Tracking the device

The owners can register with the Mobile Tracker service providers using their mobile numbers. Whenever the device is used with a different Sim Card, a notification is sent to the registered mobile number of the owner.

Best Way to Know Your Phone Better

Look at the 7th and 8th digit of your IMEI. These two digits will ensure your phone’s quality.

  • If 7th and 8th digits are 01 or 10, this indicates your cell phone is manufactured in Finland which is high quality.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 13, this indicates your cell phone is assembled in Azerbaijan which is too bad and also dangerous for health.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 02 or 20, this indicates your cell phone is assembled in Emirates which is very poor quality.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 03/30 or 04/40, this indicates your cell phone is made in China but its quality is good but not good as 00,01 or 10.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 05 or 50 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured either in Brazil or Finland or USA.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 06 or 60 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured either in Hong Kong or China or Mexico.
  • If 7th and 8th digits are 08 or 80 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured in Germany which is fair quality.


The IMEI is a useful tool to stop a stolen phone from accessing a network being used. IMEI number is strictly related to the mobile device and has no relation to the user.
Mobile phone owners whose phones have been stolen can contact their mobile network provider and ask them to ban or shut off a phone using its IMEI number.

With an IMEI number, the phone can be banned from the network quickly and easily but swapping a SIM card will not stop a phone from being banned. So keep a record of your IMEI today now itself and never share it with anyone by mistake also.

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