What are the problems of early marriage

Orla and Steven 16 years old teenage couple, my best friend, and classmate, who begins their affair when they were at 10th standard. They both fell in love. A teenage of 16 years old defines l..o..v..e.. as per their vocabulary when physical each sensual organ always eager to feel the aroma of those utmost ecstasies of l..u..s..t…


I already narrated about my friend’s beginning of short love story in my earlier post “What is the best age for marriage?” Where the couple had fallen in love and in their 7 months affair finally they eloped from their house to begin their new life with love.

When for the sake of their love they just dropped their 10th board exam and took that daring step of escaping from home prior fortnight at the beginning of board exams. Their fascination with that teenage unceasingly aroused their physical sexual life.

We came to know about our friend Orla’s life after a long gap of 20 years as she left contact with 4 friends of us due to the sense of intense low self-esteem when one of my friends found Steven on Facebook. When after a decade we again interacted initially she cried as she missed us a lot now in her life. Before she portrayed about her life firstly apologized for her acts of avoidance from all of us after fallen in the obsession with Steven. She now stopped using the term love for her life as now she was far matured to categorize between love and infatuation of her tender age of 16 years.

When everything became unvarying after marriage……

In that 15 or 16 years ages when our physical growth with hormonal changes cultivates a subtle feeling towards opposite gender then our mind became rapt towards that only by cut off from all other thoughts of the subconscious. When we rapturously move gently with that passion.

Our sagacity pauses to develop further which finally demoting our education life. As mind now feels the ecstasy in that carnal knowledge. Since nursery to up to now we only felt recreation either in toys, chocolates…ice-cream..or in any delicious items, dresses, comics, music…dance, traveling in the various amusement park or water kingdom, bla..bla….which turned to humdrum with the growth of our hormones. Now first time when we feel something new very special which we had never been gone through earlier with those sizzling feelings then we become ready to surrender our self.

Orla was a good student who left her study in between post marriage with Steven. When her parents left the place due to the humiliation of the society because they never want that due to Orla, her rest 2 daughters would get suffer (as a cause of impediment for arranging their marriage) in future.

Feel the necessity for erratic coitus………….

Orla and Steven often took the pleasure of lasciviousness, where their journey begins from touching each other’s hands, cheeks, neck, lips. Then they slowly proceed towards one step ahead by necking, petting each other with sucking lips, playing each other’s hairs for stimulation.

Now their hormones erupt as its being aroused by each other’s subtle playing with their visible sexual appealing organs where Steven often sucked her fingers, lips…neck… when their hormones were excited for copulation until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

We 4 friends were damn sure that Orla and Steven had already been a practice on that uttermost degree of coition. When their foreplay wasn’t sufficed to quench that utmost pleasure of lovemaking unless why they took that valiant decision of escaping from home at that crucial phase, 15 days prior to board exams by dodged their bright career.

Here was the real game begins as now both were already relished that physical pleasure which now diverted their focus from each significant aspects of life. Where their physical uttermost pleasure now overwhelmed their mental power. Then they decided to stay 24*365 along, but to live together the society would ask the identity of both’s relationship for that they opted to get married.

Only to quench the thirst of lust ……………

Within a day suddenly the young boy and girl turned to a married man and woman. How suddenly the tag of boy and girl replaced by man and woman.

After getting married secretly Steven has taken Orla to one of his reliable relative’s home, his uncle, and aunt who didn’t have any children that’s why his uncle adored his younger brother’s only son Steven a lot.

Orla for forever left her parents custody without thought for a second about her future just for the sake of fulfilling the desire, her life now begins the journey of self-actualization at every moment for her deeds.

Suddenly habits forced to change……..

Everything was quite alluring for both during their beginning when days and nights seemed like illusory. Where life paused suddenly from the overload of study. Now they both didn’t have any strict regime which they earlier used to follow rather implement that carnal knowledge nothing was left in their life which engrossed them useful for making a good future.

Orla now had been learning those household chores which would constitute her a good housewife. She now washed and ironed Steven’s clothes, tried to cook for him, managing the house neatly.

Steven’s aunt now became Orla’s only teacher to help her out to learn all those household chores neatly. His aunt taught her to make food as she never cooked food at her parent’s house though she helped her mother while cooking like to chopped veggies and to wash them only but now she had been preparing food for Steven. When many times due to the usage of the improper quantity of spice in cooking her cooked items had been thrown to the dustbin.

Orla takes her meal only after she served to their uncle, aunt, and Steven. She even starts to learn all the etiquette of a sincere housewife so that her acts never reveal her immaturity. Even now she had been restricted to speak loud or argue with her husband Steven.

When bachelor days are gone for forever……..

Steven 16 years old boy suddenly became a married man. Suddenly the friendly lover turned to a serious husband. His uncle now became the true advisor of practical life who aware Steven about the responsibility of his wife Orla. So now his focus was how to earn money for survival. Which up to now none hadn’t taught him in any school subjects.

Now the question was who would be going to hire a 9th passed out underage? Even he didn’t aware of how to get a job and what are the selecting criteria of any company for their candidate or what were the aspects of getting a job?

These are all those strainful thoughts which now slowly hits their delusional erotic married life. So, as per his school passed degree he went to search for the job. Finally, his uncle recommended his nephew’s name to a shopping mall where now Steven had been servicing with low earning.

Steven now leaves his uncle’s home sharp at 9 am …not for school but definitely for earning purpose and returned at 9 pm. Where he had only one day off from his job as per rotational shift.

How to portray the good news?….……………….

In this way, their days passed by when after a month of their marriage Orla conceived but the significant issue was before she could understand that phenomenon of procreation. Her aunt observed that when she often spewed and seems pales. Her aunt now affirmed her that she was going to give birth to her baby. Orla didn’t know how to respond to that statement but for her its more fearful news in comparative to good news.

As a teenage girl, she awe towards pregnancy was quite obvious because she had forever the greatest panic of injection then how could be she confronted that utmost painful phase of delivering her baby.

Orla now stated about her pregnancy to her husband Steven when his reaction also unwelcomed on that because just now he joined to his job where he yet not been withdrawn his first-month salary. Now his height of responsibility overloaded.

How they spell out about that news?…

Here days passed by when Orla now passed her 5 months phase now she needs proper medical supervision for extension of her pregnancy. Up to now, they avoid this news from outsiders with the anxiety of humiliation about their early marriage and conceiving. Exactly that happened when Dr. mortified them while came to know about their age.

Nether Orla could terminate her pregnancy nor she was mentally and physically prepared for that. Only suggestion by Dr. to her was to grow up her mental strength which was more in need than her physical strength. She in her every phase now badly need her mother she missed her family now. A woman forever in her those crucial phases of pregnancy feels the most strengthened and protected beside her mother.

She once told about her urge to visit her mother when Steven without bothered about her mindset just rebuffed her. He made her realized that she had already been left her parent’s custodianship for forever where now she couldn’t be returned to her midway of life.

when she became hefty…………………

Steven now when at night tried to foreplay with her, she reacts to his touch. Due to hormonal changes feeling of indignation was quite obvious above that when she was in strain, which Steven was unable to diagnosis. Steven tried to licks her organs the way he used to do often but Orla due to hormonal rapid changes and development her body became too touchy that she even not allowed now Steven to came near to her.

His provocation now aggravated her which slowly disintegrated their relation. Steven was accustomed to his random coition when it’s met with sudden impediment then brawls generated. Sex now almost washed away between them.With the passing of months, Orla became more frightened about her delivery to the baby while for Steven now her stunning and suave Orla now became grotesque and rude.

Post 5 months of her pregnancy she everyday looks in the mirror when the growing of months now visible. She slowly turned hefty which declined rapidly her shape. Especially her bust, waist, and buttocks became heavy with months.

Underage mother…

 Finally Orla by defeated her utmost phobia, deliver her baby boy, the good news enforced Steven’s parents to met with their grandson. Steven with his parents, uncle and aunt now prioritized her son the most, even they did not feel the decorum to asked about her health.

Orla and Steven in their 17 years old now became the parents of their son. When both were in their learning phase where she had been learning those vital tips thoroughly for taking care of her small baby there Steven had been preparing for appearing his coming year board exams. Steven not ready to disclose that he became the father of his peer’s group. In fact, he even hides about marital status also in his working place.

Orla’s prime focus now transferred towards her baby, which was deplorable for her husband. Even for a single kiss from his wife Orla, now Steven had to measure up first her mindset. Steven after returned from his shopping mall job at 9 pm now would sit for his board exam preparation. His low earned salary even not allowed them to spend on amusement.

Why such Psychological changes………….

Later 2 years now they both stepped in their 18 years age where they were ready for the proclamation of their marriage. Steven after passed out his 10th now continued his study. Steven felt jealous when he found his friends who apart from the study didn’t have any excess burden on their head like he has. He just for satisfying the quench of his desires had taken the bold step of marriage.

Orla realized now at her each step when her mother’s rational statement towards life aware her about the consequences of early marriage because her mother herself was the victim of the early marriage. But Orla also trapped in that early marriage by her own choice.

Consequences of early marriage…………

  • Sudden paused in educational career.
  • Abruptly habits changes.
  • Mind diverts from bookish knowledge to carnal knowledge.
  • Immatured organs respond.
  • Feeling of vexation.
  • Foremost to cut off your all small wishes from life for the sake of your family or a forced sacrifice need all time.

 Definition of marriage……..

Our mind loves to flow with innovativeness when they have fallen in Infatuation, the first time they experience the flavor of physical intimacy which aroused their voraciousness as days passed by. When their greed of lust now forced them to take that aroma whenever they feel excited for each other and they opted the only way of marriage. Yes………..they defined marriage means to get the authorization for random lovemaking.

They both were in ignorance about the real definition of marriage where both never thought or realized for a second also that to marry someone means to take responsibility for each other for forever whatever be the circumstances. They both lost their freedom. As a teenager, they defined love and romance as per their vocabulary where they often enjoyed their romanticism. When romanticism valued imagination and emotion over rationality.

Bewailing for their acts……….

Orla realized her biggest mistake of life by eloped from her parent’s house which devastated her career to rest everything in her life. She always achieved the good score in her study but later marriage she wouldn’t be able to continue further her study whereas Steven again started his paused education. Post delivers to her baby her in-laws major concerned was towards their grandson while avoiding towards her health. Throughout her pregnancy to till deliver her baby she badly needs her mother’s presence and caring in her life when Steven rebuffed her wish to meet with them. In fact, post deliver her baby she not even gained that courage to informed about that to her parents but Steven informed his parents and they came for their grandson.

He never helped her in any household chores ever during her crucial phase of pregnancy may be his male ego hurt for doing that. Finally, the most significant one which amazed Orla about Steven that he never tried to understand the psychology of her during her pregnancy when his craving for mating made her enough irritated towards his lascivious attitude. Pregnancy the utmost significant moment of a woman’s life when along with physical her psychological changes demands a persistent support and caring of her closed one with a strain-free mindset which Orla missed throughout the cycle of her pregnancy.

She repents always while thinking about her earlier golden days of romance where her lover Steven had always been pretending about his over possessiveness and caring towards her which washed away when he became her husband Steven.

There Orla’s parents settled her 2 sisters marriage after completion of their Degree with well look established groom as per their status. When her parents went to Orla’s in-laws home for inviting them as with time they also left their all anguish towards Orla. Which was one more cause of her regret when she found her 2 younger sisters now enjoying their marital life with full-hearted.

When sacrifice fluctuates?…..

Before Orla and Steven could understand the proper meaning of marriage, responsibility, caring, duty, etc… they trapped in that when their teenage mind not ready to accept those burden of life, but they never dreamt also that if they would have opted for that major path of life then their vibrant sex life would be suppressed by the overload of constant burden of duties and responsibilities of life. For Steven now Orla was completely changed on his bed when she often rebuffed him for foreplay and mating.

Nether Orla was happy with her work schedule of household chores and changing diapers of her baby nor Steven was satisfied with his 12 hours job for his earning. As now compulsion arose by abolished their wish and desires. Both felt tired after a long exhausting day of the monotonous roster which gradually declined their lovemaking.

 Steven with his wife and son returned to his family after 2 years as now they no need to hide themselves from cops, after completion of their 18 years age.

Steven didn’t need to compromise either to his study nor to his freedoms but what about Orla when her further education now paused as it’s not so mandatory for a mother and housewife. She lost her freedom for forever which bewailed her a lot. Now her affection towards her husband Steven washed away from the core of her heart she realized that her infatuation towards him now made her stand in that phase of life where now she craves for her study life.

 She even now hates to see her image in the mirror because her bubbly look washed away with the delivery of her baby. Now the bubbly girl Orla turned to a responsible mother and housewife whose prime focus on her baby and family than rest all other aspects of life and these two major aspects not allowed her finally at the end of the fully exhausted day that to think about her own career.


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