What is fear and its consequences?

  A sentence by ‘Swami Vivekananda’ …….
“Take risks in Your life! If you win you can lead, If you loose you can guide”

We must not regret! We must learn! We must understand.
Regret will make you realize your mistake, but learning out of it will ensure that you won’t do it again and also you advise others not to.


“Do one thing everyday that scares you”… ‘Eleanor Roosevelt.’

What is fear?……….

Fears are nothing more than states of mind. One’s state of mind is subject to control and direction.

Fear is above all a feeling which one developed by its own. Mostly, we feel fear when we are afraid of something, nevertheless, it can be triggered by less unknown events, like confronting an unknown situation or simply a phobia due to an old traumatism.

If you are not at all giving importance to yourself and searching all faults you done so far, will make you feel low and from next time you’ ll start believing that you aren’t able to handle the situations and this feeling is known as fear.
Fear is that soft corner in your heart for a person, or an object, or a dream.

Fear is a negative attachment. 

FEAR has two meanings ………

A phobia … Forget everything and run!

An opportunity… Face everything and rise!

The choice is yours!

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real.

When our mind generates fear?……..

Fear arises due to others when we depend upon others.

Man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent, whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary.

Fear is a response that happens when you feel sense you may lose something important to you. In other words, you value an outcome (it can be keeping what you possess or winning something you want) and you believe that not achieving the outcome is a greater cost than you would rather experience. This, in turn, releases a lot of excited chemicals that lead to effects like increased heartbeat, pulse rate, dry mouth, etc.

Fear is when everything else becomes quiet and the only sound that you can hear is your thumping heart, it’s a choice we can choose to not nourish it.

Where is the fear?………

There are few basic fears, with some combination of which every human suffers at one tune or another…….

    • The fear of death, sudden death at a young age or slow death at an old age.
    • The fear of ending up alone and lonely.
    • The fear of losing all our closed ones and friends.
    • The fear of being abandoned.
    • The fear of not being able to get the love of my life back.
    • The fear of criticism, being seen as a scam, for being someone who was completely fake, untrue to self.  
    • The fear of being poor and unable to reach our dreams and losing absolutely everything we had.
    • The fear of failure and unsuccess.
    • Love engenders fear. Of bereavement. Of grief. Of loss.

Where is the Fear of mine?………..

There are few aspects where I have fear …… I am afraid of wasting today…

  1. Being lonely…. Not having anyone to care around for me. I like people around me, and it really scares the shit out of me to even imagine that someday, there might be no-one around me. I feared to lose my soul.
  2.   Future…. No one knows what will happen in the future. I am really scared with the possibilities of future. I mean there is a positive side to everything, but I just can’t stop thinking about the negative aspects which give me many sleepless nights.
  3. Social Phobia… Fear of criticism, judgment, and rejection… Say I gave my best effort on some said work and the output came out with negative criticism which not only demoralized me but makes me more cautious for further handling that rejection and judgment.
  4.  Claustrophobic…. I have a fear of getting stuck in small places and having no escape point. Yes, I’m Claustrophobic. Going in elevators alone, tunnels, caves or any small spaces make me fear.
  5. Changes….. Change makes me afraid sometimes that whether the change will waver my mind and I will go astray.
  6. I fear of our my mind and its need for silence.
  7. I also fear mind and its immense potential at self-destruction!
  8. I afraid that whether my past haunts me again.
  9. I fear depressive episodes. Or a relapse.
  10. Human Behavior…. It is unpredictable. With my strong observations, I can find some patterns of behavior but still not sure that same behavior will remain same. The behavior of human changes dynamically.
  11. Mistakes….. I am afraid of doing mistakes if there are some other people who get involved in the mistake I have done. When I have some problem, I would definitely analyze where I had made the mistake and then I would check whether it can be solved or not.
  12. Notions….Sometimes my own pre assumptive notions scare me. However, it always comes to check that whether I’m weak and stays only in mind. If I feed it will grow, though in life all that matter is choices, choices I make. To afraid of something is also my choice which I will never make.

So, nothing makes me afraid of anything NOW after I start BLOGGING because now I have that discretion to reveal those conventional ideas and incidents which get suppressed in this busy world.

Where is the fear of others?………..

We fear what others will think about us. This is the ego talking. The ego identifies with certain traits that can fade money, fame, success. When we try something and fail, our ego tells us that we are not good enough.
A way to combat this fear is to face it to realize that the only person’s opinion that matters is our own. Our own thought about our own self- worth should be the only thing that matters.

Peoples have the biggest fear surrounded by their kids, about their raising to be a good people, the effects of realities and repercussion of today’s first changing life on their kids. They afraid if they won’t be able to protect their kids in case of the violent crime.

Will atheists have lesser fear?……….

An atheist, also have problems in their life, but they don’t turn to any god for help, in-spite they look deep inside, introspect, analyze, and plan forward, sometimes it works, sometimes they make big mistakes, but that’s how they learn.

Yes, they also afraid of making mistakes and they do believe in morals cause whatever they do, they solely take responsibility for it. They think twice about whatever they do because they never do anything to please some supernatural power. They understand their social responsibilities.
Whenever they have problems they try to find out the root cause and fix it in the best possible way they can. They don’t believe in some supernatural power who will fix their problems or whom they can blame for anything bad happened.

Atheists believe in morals and culture. When they have problems, they roll-up their sleeves and get to work fixing it. Atheism has nothing to do with it, morals aren’t derived from faith, they arise out of sense and sensibility.

When the fear is rational?………..

The uncertainty of tomorrow………..

We plan something today by judging what might happen tomorrow. People plan their future, career, partners hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. But at the end, the uncertainty of it can either proliferate our plans or can completely make them go to waste.

Will you be able to do what you are planning or dream today? You are fit and fine today, and tomorrow you land up with a deadly disease.
But then again, uncertainty can be an element of surprise for others.

“A wife who loses a husband is called a widow.

A husband who loses a wife is called a widower.

A child who loses his parents is called an orphan.

But there is no word for a parent who loses a child.

That’s how awful the loss is.”

 How to get rid of fear?………..

  • Garner your self-confidence……

You need to first believe yourself. Start giving importance to yourself not 100 %, minimum 60%. Search happiness in your actions, be truthful to yourself, and best is don’t expect much from life. Expect from yourself, love yourself, respect yourself. But unless you try, you are never going to move forward. The stagnancy will kill you more than the fear. The only cure for paranoia is to be here, just as you are.

  • By reducing our dependency….. 

Anybody who wants to live fearlessly must reduce his or her dependency. As our dependency reduces, we will find that we are becoming more and more fearless. If our dependency keeps on increasing, our fear also keeps on increasing.

As we are human. Humans are imperfect beings and we make mistakes all the time. The point is that we actually want to make mistakes so that we can learn from our mistakes, adapt, overcome and thrive. So, don’t be afraid of mistakes, give mistakes a big hug and make it our friend.

  • Recognize…..

To overcome a problem, the first need is to recognize the problem closely. The closer you observe your problem the higher the probability to overcome it.

  • None can save us if we do not want to be saved…

That is why giving up is the scariest thing in the world to me. Being stuck in the darkest possible place with no one there to help you out and even if someone showed up you would push them away again and again and again…Being in that situation is the scariest thing I can imagine.

  • Stop comparing…..

Don’t ever compare your work with another person. It will make you confuse and you will end up in losing your confidence. Never doubt your ability by seeing others and this will surely make you more confident.

  • As long as we do not give up it isn’t over…..

As long as we keep standing up and keep pushing forward we will keep seeing new heights and our sights. But once we stop it will consume us. If you want to do yourself one favor then never give up on yourself. Keep striving towards your goals and through whatever darkness it might take you! You will reach the light eventually. Stop being less than whether to die or too alive because you have all options to beat the fear say 3 easiest way to die………..

    • Puff a cigarette daily- u will die 10 yrs earlier.
    • Drink alcohol daily – you’ll die 30 yrs earlier.
    • Love someone who doesn’t love you – you’ll die daily.
  • Stop caring about other’s opinion….

You will face so many people who will doubt your ability and make you feel the same. So just ignore and forget that type of people and concentrate on your goal. Find that out which is not given to you by others and live in that. What is that which is not given to you by others? If you live in that, there is no reason to be fear.

  • Meditation…..

Meditation can be a great technique for gaining and boosting our self-confidence and will surely eliminate our self-doubt and our fear.

Become friends with fear. It’s not so terrifying.

Reducing dependencies, finding your authentic self, is the key to living fearlessly. 


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