What is the best age for marraige?

Is it love or Infatuation?………….

The teenage is a phase when we really failed to define the exact definition of Love. For that age, love means only romance with lots dream. When we love to make ourself mesmerize our fantasy person. Where in our conversation no such words you found which have any valid existence in our real practical life. Suddenly we tag that obsession to love which ultimately becomes the cause of our devastation of life and career.


 Pretty Orla and charming Steven both started their journey of the love story in their early sweet 16. They both were my good school friends. After school days I forget when I last interacted with both of them but finally with the aid of social media Facebook at last one of my friend in our group found out Steven. Thank God! We 4 friends now at least had seen a hope of ray to reach to our 5th friend in our group Orla, before we leave the body from this earth. Yes……we 4 friends almost lost all hope about Orla that we would again meet with her in this life.

Our school days…………

At 10th I still remembered how anxious was our parents about our first board exams. Orla’s parents were also one of them like others. Parents to teachers all often aware us about the importance of that exam when we in our teenage failed to understand the significance of boards scoring and its effects on our further study. Too many times we felt like we students lead the lifelike exactly a prisoner who didn’t have any freedom to express themselves. In fact from neighbors to relatives if by chance also met with us while on the way to our school or tuition then they also never missed the chance of giving a short inspirational speech to us.

Orla’s mother’s observation …..

Among 3 sisters Orla the elder one who belongs from a middle-class family. Orla’s mother hasn’t so high educated but like all parents, she had always wished for higher education for her 3 daughters where Orla her elder daughter the most studious among her rest 2 daughters that’s why she wanted that after Orla completed her Degree would do a job so that she would establish in her career.

Orla’s grandparents gave their daughter’s marriage at very early in her 13 years old because she belongs from interior rural state where education wasn’t compulsion for girls and for that girls doesn’t had any strong educational background during her mother’s period that’s why she had been engrossed in family life in her early teens when her physical hormones not supported her to conceived she already gave birth to her 3 daughters in that teenager.

Orla’s mother had experienced throughout her life about the adverse effect of early marriage, where from her in-laws to her own husband never tried to understand her physical and mental aspects ever. So she already planned for her 3 daughters that she would give their marriage at the exact age not before that whatever situation would arise she would face them boldly but would never ever compromised with her 3 daughter’s career.

Orla’s attitude seemed eccentric…….

Orla since few months appeared bit oddish in the sense as earlier we never found her to take off from school but now she at least 1 or 2 days in a week walk out because as a good score achiever she always showed perfection in her study to rest all things like in attendance, in fact, earlier she used to attend school and tuition class even in her high fever of 101 degrees temperature. We 5 friends used to go for tuition on every Sunday sharp at 4 pm and returned home within 6:30 pm.

Then when the board exam was near just after a month then why she now often skipped her attention?

We asked her many times about her cause of inattentive but she tried to kept it secret from her 4 friends. She even stopped sharing her goods and bads with us now. In fact, she did average in her pre-board exams which were a big reason of worried for our class teacher but Orla had no words in her defense.

When rejuvenation needs ………….

After pre-board exams now we friends over sanguined about our percentage of preparation for appearing at final board just after 3 months. So now only spontaneous revision left for us. So we all planned for a short outing as delectation for rejuvenating ourself from the continuous regime of reading and writing.

 Though we can plan for all those amusement after the over of exams also but we couldn’t because among 5 friends, 2 or 3 would go for their natives to meet with their grandparents, for more than 9 months over they when they hadn’t visited their natives because after qualified from 9th standard to 10th, exactly from that onwards our parents had being over possessed towards our study where they left to visit unnecessarily to any such distance places with the intent that it would be clogging our study and tuition class.

But Orla suddenly repudiated to participate with us, she told as she already missed few tuition classes so she wants to compensate those study. But when we told her that what would goes if she would spend her one day with us for relaxation because who knows tomorrow after passing out 10th who would continue her study with the same school or would opt for different course or else because our schooling days now going to over for forever so lets be cheers for that before our exam over.

But Orla wasn’t ready to join us so finally, we 4 friends now started to plan without her presence for our small outing. We felt really bad that how suddenly she became so self-focused. Now her avoidance towards us was quite transparent, even we asked often to her that why she became so divisible with us days by day but she assured us everytime nothing like that.

What mind wants to experience in 15+ years old?………….

Now the thing was where we go which makes us feel something different from our known taste means the movie, amusement park, restaurant, water kingdom for all those places we all almost visited with our parents. At the age of 15 years where mind wants to observe some spice unusual apart from those monotonous things of life as per hormonal changes.

 Now we all were eager to see what is Love, how couple behaves in their privacy, what are those thrilling sexual moments. As up to now we only accustomed to seeing those lovers only in movies where they talk so decent, embrace each other with the feeling of shrinking when they sing…dance with the feeling of their utmost ecstasy.

 As in our friend’s group, none hadn’t yet fallen in love relationship from where at least we could undergo all those sizzling things of life because we want to learn those passion of life.

Since kindergarten phase to up to now of our 10 years completion of schooling with same monotonous syllabus of English, regional language, science, mathematics, social science, now we want to learn a different subject apart from those bookish ones about practical life where we also take the aroma of those feelings like those movie couples acts in their melodrama.

 Sounds bit Unusual but rational thoughts……………

Friends you might felt awkward while reading this as I’m sharing my those hidden thoughts which often created noise during preadult of 15 years old. So let me share with you about those……

  • The foremost thing why we after a certain age period would love to involves some unknown one in our life means why this compulsion arise suddenly?
  • Do our so many relationships with whom we have been carrying our bonding from family to friends since ages become insufficient for which we run for searching some unknown one relationship?
  • Next, after we found that sole one how we get ready to disclose our all secrets in front of that stranger within a short span of introduction?
  • How suddenly that alien become the most reliable one for us from among all closed relationship of parents, siblings to friends?
  • How that sole alone relationship turned the most significant one for our life even for whom we get ready to leave our most adorable close blood relationship also?

These are those thoughts which not only cultivated in my mind during my preadult but damn sure would definitely be popped up in everyone’s mind more or less during immaturity.

Could lover’s point aid us to understand those viewpoints?……………….

So finally our destination had been decided for Lover’s point. We 4 now at Sunday planned for our outing as just after the finishing of pre-board exam our tuition teacher also gave us a holiday from tuition class on that Sunday so that we could take a partial break from the constant regime of studying.

We 4 friends first time was in a really splendid mind state where we were the first time without our parent’s hand holding went to such place where we felt the essence of adulthood. After entering over there one thing we noticed thoroughly that all couples were so engrossed in themselves that they even hadn’t bothered about others that whosoever had been staring them or whatever. Their full concentration on each other.

We had been met with so many love sequences which we enjoyed thoroughly while watching those live one. Where couples invariant posture sitting while embracing, few lay on their lover’s lap and by seeing that we in our whispering criticized about them that they might be failed to take full 8 hrs sleep last night in their house that’s way opted for the lay in their partner’s lap (so funny for us).

After gazing all those shameless acts in open we chatted about those plucky unaccustomed actions. Even many of them also kissing their partners but one thing which cultivated the sense of spew when we have seen the liplock of one couple. But whatever it’s we entertained those sequences in our chit-chat.

Astonishing phenomenon revealed………………..

While enjoying those live sequences we missed Orla a lot, had been talking about her tried to solve the puzzle about her such detachment from us.

Suddenly one of my friends noticed some known face among the crowd of couples. We shocked by seeing that Orla was with Steven our classmate. They both in the posture of embracing each other while we witnessed those. We thought to call up them but then suddenly we decide that why we interrupt their privacy. Moreover, we became voiceless by seeing her such audacious act which we never dreamt also about her.

Now our all queries got solved like why Orla behaved so detachable from her peer’s group also her inattentive in the study and from rest all thing of life. Now the question was if they both in love then why Orla tried to kept it secret from us because we all her bestie then how could she become so self-seeking suddenly for Steven?

Now we understood that why peoples became so egocentric when they fell in love and how easily they avoid their closed long relation for their newly built up so-called love relationship. We planned for lover’s point because we wanted to see those real couples and their reactions but we never thought that our own close friend would enlighten us about the love relationship and its adverse effects of detachment from rest all relations, it’s just undigestible for us.

We went there to gather practical experience about life but Orla’s affair in one gunshot opened our eyes without making too much effort into adulthood. Our enjoyment all of a sudden turned us gloomy. We never expected her in those postures but now we couldn’t be denied our witnessing of such sequences also.

 Orla’s interpretation………..

Next day we 4 friends queried Orla that where she was yesterday? She simply replied that she was at home as her mother’s health was not fine so she went to a hospital with her mother for a check-up. By hearing her such lie I told her and “then we should all friends must go to see aunty after school hours.” Suddenly she told “no don’t need to visit her as she was quite better than earlier and its normal fever and moreover if any serious will arise then will definitely I inform you all as I have all of your landline numbers with me (mobile was not so frequent at that time).

Then we again told her then “why you trying to object us from visiting your home and as far we know aunty she feels good if we visit her during her illness as we all are also like her daughter.”

Orla agitated when she found that we won’t ready to convinced by her statement. Now when she tried to skip from that issue then we interrogated her that…..

 “Orla you seemed quite gorgeous in your new mauve gown at Lover’s point with Steven and moreover you know dear your kissing to each other just an awesome thrilling moment for us. We really don’t know how to portrayed those romantic thrilled live sequences to you but whatever it’s we 4 friends enjoyed thoroughly. Just keep it up…….”

I told her “Orla for your own private cause never say unnecessarily lie about your mother’s health, hope you understanding what I mean to interpret.”

Is to love someone means to avoid others?………..

Orla in her extreme appalled now became voiceless when we revealed her truth. Suddenly her loud voice of debate became soft towards us. Now she tried to give her introspection towards her love relationship but we were not at all in the mind state to listen to any her explanation because for us she duped us by hiding her love story. Then why we now listened to her so-called love story when we caught her?

Moreover in our group we 5 friends always shared our each hooks and nooks of life to each other without bothering about opposite’s reaction because we believe that we will continue our friendship till lifelong but Orla by detaching herself from our group after being fallen in love with Steven proved that she might be found her love more reliable than our so long friendship.

Orla in her utmost justification tried to portrayed her affair when she discovered that she lost the faith of ours by apologizing for her acts. Even she narrated that she was in intense fear about her affair’s disclosure for which she kept secret from us.

The beginning of the love story…………………

Steven and Orla both were good friends like us but when the teenage infatuation wants to define them as love then emotions erupt. Steven proposed Orla when she also accepted him without delayed because of her perception towards him also eager to feel those utmost pleasure, charm, and essence of Love.

Slowly their pattern of communication changed earlier they only talked like casual friends like each other likes and dislikes also about their preparation for Board exams, which turned to bit personal like now they shared their family’s secrets and other confidential ones about which might be we also hadn’t been aware being her best friends.

After crossed 4months now their communication needs cloistered when their hormones also ready to accept those feelings which were new and very special pleasurable one for them. Steven now apart from her hands begins to touch a girl’s face her shoulder, lips, hairs…..it felt quite good to his pre-adulthood organs. Also, Orla enjoyed his loving touch when she also ready to cross her limits.

Their’s special moments……………… Is it Sex?……….

They embraced the first time then Steven kissed her forehead, then her cheeks finally her juicy lips. They felt shy when they first-time lip kissed to each other. Now they want to move one step ahead from the simple kiss.

Steven came very near to her where now they didn’t have an inch space left between the two bodies firstly sucks her cheeks to make her understand the sensitivity of that then he slowly holds her cheeks and proceeds towards her juicy lips when Orla in shy closed her eyes. He was licking her lips when Orla’s hand which holds his cheeks now slowly moved backside when her fingers love to play with Steven’s hairs.

Steven taught her licking lips when Orla nestled him. They now slowly had been taking the utmost pleasure of sex in their prolonged embrace with licking lips………

When the feeling of lust divert mind?……………

Their board exams were just at the doorstep when both of them often vanished from school and tuition for the intention of spending secluded which clog their study apparently. Steven was an average grade holder student whose lower grades hadn’t been so visible to others in respect of Orla because she never scored below 80% but her preboard score had degraded to 50% which was enough sufficient to prove her negligence towards her concentration.

Our mind always has a tendency to floats with strain-free genial thoughts than the stressed one. When as per the mind’s liking the emotions responded to our every hormone. Mind always loves to play with innovative thoughts with emotions.

For Orla and Steven their first embrace, liplock and those feelings of sex were absolutely new for their mind when subconscious enjoyed those feelings by transferring the focus from study to sex. As sex is a pleasurable feeling which the subconscious mind now feels more relishable than the burden of monotonous subjects of study.

Orla’s daring step…………..….

Orla and Steven now slowly became adamant towards their relationship. They might felt insecure from their friends because of the disclosure of their affair and that’s why they both took the drastic decision of getting married in their 16 years old.

Yes…….they got married secretly in the absence of all by hiding it from their parents to friends just 15 days prior to our board exams. I still remembered that horrific night when before the fortnight of our exam suddenly one night at around 9 pm (forget the exact timing) just after had our dinner when I was about to my room then Orla’s father called up us. Here the phone was received by my father when he said that Orla had been missing since 12 hours………..

After hearing that shocking news I went with my parents at their house when already I found my rest 3 friends with their parents had been getting interrogated about her sudden missing. When her parents constantly inquired to 4 of us because our group of 5 friends had always been carrying a strong bonding since primary standard.

Reveal her affair finally…………

Now we 4 friends really got scared when all of our parents had decided to go for Police complaint and investigation, finally, we in our low tone spelled out about Orla and Steven’s affair. By heard that our parents react like anything upon us without giving us any further scope for justification towards our friend Orla and her acts.

But we heartily tried to convince our parents that she since few months in fact after fallen in love with Steven, cut down her frequency of communication with us because she never felt secured us also to unfold about her affair. But when we caught her just a few days back then only she confessed that she intensely has fallen in love with Steven since 7 months. We told her each act of avoidance in class at tuition everything.

Her parents now came to know the hidden truth about her sudden vanishing they were now quite affirmed that their elder daughter Orla had been taken the irrational step with Steven which now going to devastate her life for forever. Our parents now with them went to Steven’s house at around 10:45 pm for enquired Steven’s parents where Steven also had been missing exactly more than 12 hours and his parents also gone through the same shocked when they came to know about both of their’s affair.

Will Cops found them?……….

Our parents with Orla and Steven’s parents now went for police complain where during probe cops often had been cross-questioning to 4 of us about Orla and Steven they are linked up all issues thoroughly. We 4 friends without hiding a single info shared everything with cops whatever we witnessed in last few months about both.

Post enquired, police assured to both of their parents that as they did the act of eloped from house at their underage for the sake of their love affair in the intention of might be getting marriage, so in that case if they would take the drastic step of getting marriage also then it would not stand as valid in front of Law as both were only 16 years old. But both the parents tried constantly to raise finger on each other’s child by claiming their own child’s innocence.

One week later till cops didn’t found any information about both, here their parents in stressed about their young child. Ultimately fortnight passed when 10th board exams also started. Cops had a hope that both would definitely try to appear in board exams when they would be caught them during that exam period at examination center hall.

Pernicious statement by Police …………...

 Orla’s parents every day visited police station with the hope of getting back to Orla but cops often in prank told them that their 16 years old daughter became lascivious who now no more child who would love to play with toys and books now her pre-adulthood phase wants to experience the adulthood of life unless how could she did so lewd act.

Moreover, all parents always in daydream regarding their children’s innocence during this crucial teenager phase. For parents their young school going children carrying school bag at their back still baby for them who yet not understand the definition of the love affair, sex, life, etc..

When children very firmly spoofed their parents in front of their eyes by covering porn magazines in the history book because now they want to learn the erotica. When in the name of tuition class they even go to the hotel to analysis the essence of obscenity. Parents never cross-checked either their school bags nor with their friend circle and when children do such daredevil act then their eyes open. When nothing would be in our hand to pause them for rectifying their mistake.

When all hope turned fade……………

We cracked with good score but our all enjoyment waved out with Orla’s sudden vanishing from our group of 5 friends. Their Orla’s parents also lost the hope of getting her back so they went away from that place because they have 2 more daughters whom they want to save from the ignominy about their elder daughter’s sudden eloped from the house in her younger age which was quite ashamed for them.

 After 2 years Steven came back at home with his wife Orla and their 1-year-old daughter. When Orla herself tried to contact with her parents but already her parents in ashamed left that society for her lewd act.

Steven’s parents were, later on, get in touch with their son but they warned him that at any cost they wouldn’t be returned home unless police would punish him. So Steven under his parent’s guidance hides in one of his relative’s house with Orla at another state and they returned back when they both completed their 18 years age. As now law wouldn’t be able to punish an adult person of 18 years old.

Both dropped that year of board exam but Steven appeared for board exam just next year but Orla failed as she was about to deliver her baby. Steven continued his study and also finished his degree but Orla failed because the baby’s taking care along with husband and family responsibility all entangled her life for forever. Orla’s mother who herself was the victim of child marriage where her daughter also did the same early marriage by fallen in infatuation.



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