What is the frightening consequence of child marriage?

Alka came to her parent’s home waiting at doorstep begging them for open the door. Her parents not opened the door nor respond to her call. Why they didn’t open the door and for what they were being so annoyed at her? Why they behaved so harsh with their elder daughter?

Jack, Alka’s husband waiting for her outside the gate of her parent’s home along with their 3 children, 6 years, 4 years and 3 years’ daughters.


They married just a year ago, …

Alka 20 years old did love marriage with Jack 28 years old just a year ago, Jack and Alka worked at the same NGO. Yes, the age and numbers of children not at all matched with the tenure of their marriage because Alka did second marriage with Jack.

Jack who belonging to an upper-middle-class family, whose parents runs an NGO of tortured women well recognized in society.  Jack the only child of their parents whose parents now detached their all relationship with their only son because he married a divorced woman having 3 children.

Jack loves Alka than anything in this world. In fact, he left his upper-class family and society for the sake of his love Alka. Alka also loves him a lot. Even many of his friends were quite surprised by his such bold decision towards her love when none of his relatives or parents favored him for such act.

 When she did her first marriage?

Neel 42 years old, a government employee got married to Alka when she was 12 years old. One of the relatives of Alka took that marriage proposal for her at her father, when they see beautiful Alka at a marriage function where Neel also invited at the same function.

Alka and her younger sister were coming with their parents to attend that marriage function. Alka wore red silk saree at that day seemed like a 17 years old girl. She carried a good physic which pretends quite older than her exact age.

Why her father accepted that proposal?

Her father who had a small grocery shop, where his income was not sufficient to run the family. Above that, he had the stress regarding his 2-daughter’s marriage. When he got a direct marriage proposal for his elder daughter and most vital where he found that groom had a secure Government job, though his age 42 years old and her daughter 12 years old but by ignoring the 30 years of age gap he accepted that marriage proposal gladly without thinking twice also.

Alka’s mother had strongly opposed on that unmatched proposal but his father was so adamant in his decision that he not also thought for a while that how could his 12 years’ small daughter have coped with such a matured man. Because at any cost he didn’t want to refuse that Government employed groom for her daughter. For him, the profile of Government job is far more attractable than his older age.

As a father he had never been able to give full plate meal to his children then how could he showed his arrogance of rejecting such proposal.

When he found himself that his own entire life had been fighting hard for maintained his family with such low earned so he gave honor to that safest earn mode of a secured Government job for his daughter’s future. As per him at least his daughter would never have met to scarcity and poverty further in her life, she will be always blessed with bread and butter in her rest life.

Next, when he saw the generosity of groom’s parents who don’t want anything (dowry) from them except their daughter, he thought that none other marriage proposals for his daughter would prove as best than this one.

How her mother accepted that proposal?

While for her mother she was ready to fight with their poverty but would never be compromised with her daughter’s future. She wants to educated and established them in their carrier, who always wished that her daughters would be self-dependent in their life.

Moreover, when she found that groom was quite older in comparison to her 12 years’ daughter, who had not yet understood the exact meaning of marriage in her teenage then how could she be able to understand the depth and importance of the marital relationship. She strongly opposed but her husband’s adamancy not allowed to fulfill a mother’s wishes.

After a long controversy between her parents, at last Alka’s marriage was being finalized with Neel. During those days Alka failed to understand that why very often her parents argued about her. She asked once to her mother also but her mother only cried by holding her without replied anything to her.

Then one afternoon her father while doing lunch with her asked ‘’how could she feel when she gets full plate delicious meals two times along with good clothes for wearing?’’ She instantly replied ‘’father it would be a dream for me if any day it will happen to me.’’ Her father told her mother that he got the acceptance of her daughter in her marriage by that way. But as a mother, she understood the immaturity of her daughters said wordings

The first night with her husband ……

Alka got married to Neel on 19 November 2007. At the first night, Alka in her red Banarasi saree sat on the bed. The bed was decorated with red rose flowers. She didn’t know why she had been left alone in that flowered decorated room, so she started playing with those red rose petals on her bed.

As none aware her that she would be going to sleep now for whole life with that unknown stranger whom the world now designated as her husband after those rituals of marriage.  Up to now, she had been quite enjoying with those rituals, foods, and makeup. For her, it’s enough interesting as she received so many gifts from guests. So, she enjoyed thoroughly the day.

By found herself alone in that well-decorated bedroom after a crowd of guests assembled around her throughout the day she took a long breath. Now she felt good by seeing herself in the mirror because first time she had groomed so decent from her top to toe. While seeing herself in the mirror she thought that she would not remove her make until next morning but if she had been asleep suddenly at midnight then her makeup might blot out. so, she decided that she would not fall asleep for the whole night for the sake of her bridal makeup.

Entry of her husband…….

Neel entered the room while she was busy with her rose petals. He gifted gold ring to her. She smiled and told thanks for that golden ring exactly the way she told to all guests when they gifted her.  She doesn’t yet understand the meaning of that gift by her husband at that very special night.

Neel holds her hands kissed her forehead, cheeks, shoulders. She felt little uncomforted as she doesn’t understand the meaning of such closeness of her husband. She muttered but Neel was engrossed to quench his thirst for sex. She tried to stop him as she felt pained but her strength was not sufficient to pause him.

Before she understood anything that why and when a man crossed his extreme when he embraced his intimacy. She amazed at such brutality of physical intimacy.

The feeling of first night……

With the beam of the first ray of sunlight she left the bed and went straight to the mirror. She wants to see herself after that painful night. As she thought last night when she glared her makeup at the mirror that she wouldn’t blot out her decent bridal makeup till morning but everything smashed with that horrific darkness of night.

Yes…. she wasn’t being able to sleep last night because she was in intense pain at her whole body. As the night passed she screamed with her pain. Her makeup erased not by the usage of any makeup remover but surely rubbed out by her husband. She now didn’t like to see herself anymore in the mirror because she found herself as some unknown face. Suddenly that 12 years old girl became a woman within a night. There, Neel, her husband was asleep in very deep sleep.

The pregnancy of a teenage girl or wife……………..

Alka now slowly understood the meaning of physical relationship with her husband. Neel almost every night fulfills his physical desires. After few months, she gave birth to a daughter. Her parents came to blessed their grandchild but she did not feel that urge to talk with her father. Now she became a mother in her 13 years of age.

After gave birth to the baby when Neel’s relatives and friends came to see their daughter they all said the same word while gave the compliment to his daughter that ‘’his daughter seemed exactly like his wife….. as beautiful’’ in comparison to him.  His friends mocked at his age by saying that ‘’now when he will go outside with Alka and their daughter, the road passes will have guessed him as the grandfather of his daughter.’’

He was so angered by heard those mockery words from his friends that he slowly behaved abnormally with Alka. He now stopped to go for outing with his wife and daughter. He felt jealous of her look. In this way days passed by and after 2 years, Alka again gave birth to 2 daughters at adjacent years. So, in her teenage, she became a matured mother who gave birth her first daughter at 13 years, next to her 15 years and finally her 3rd daughter in her 16 years of age.

Many times, her gynecologist recommended her husband that it would be quite hazardous to her health and life to give birth in that minor ages where her hormones also not developed to carry the weight of pregnancy labor. But he never tried to understand those.

Feeling of embarrassment………..

After a year when he went to admitted her elder daughter at kindergarten school their principal also amazed by seeing a teenage mother who came for the admission of her 4 years old daughter where she herself not completed her 18th year’s age.

The principal suggested Neel, that he should continue his wife’s education further because as a mother if she would be well learned one then only she would be able to teach her child in their study. Moreover, when they found Alka a teenage mother who stopped her study due to her marital life. As usual here also Neel overlooked those words.

Her marital life……

Neel as a husband since the beginning of his first night in their marital life, always showed his animalism towards his 12 years, aged wife. He as a 42-year aged man ever had been bothered about the physical hormonal strategy of an immature girl. his monstrous stature gave enough pained to Alka.

He never listened to none’s advised whether it’s his friends, Dr. or principal, not even he ever tried to understand the psychology of her wife. He even beats her many times in closed-door when he found Alka interacts with any outsiders or with any relatives. Especially he tried to keep a distance from his friend to Alka. As they often mocked on him by taking the name of his wife because he had been always insecure about his age.

He not even cared for his 3 daughters as when he found their looks resembled their mother, as beautiful. His brutality attitude had never been melted in front of his daughters also. He even stopped allowing his friends and relatives to his home because he had a doubt that if Alka revealed the truth about him to others. His insecurity goes to such level where he locked his family always at home.

Their marriage was dissolved after 6 years…..

Alka in this way passed her 6 years of fearful marital life, where her husband showed his extreme animalism since day 1 up to now, she didn’t have that freedom either to received phone nor to meet with anyone.

At last one day, she with her 3 daughters eloped from the lion’s den. She went to her parents, but after heard all those her father not ready to give her shelter as he had the fear of his son-in-law. So, she took her 3 children went to a nearby NGO because for her none another place would save her from the hand of her husband and at that crucial phase when she needs a shelter for her 3 little daughters.

Neel when found that she escaped from his cage then he immediately went to his in-law’s home because he was quite sure that Alka would surely go to her parents’ home. But when he found that she also not took shelter in their then he was a bit worried about his cruel act.

Fear of law…….

When he completely aware that Alka now just touched her 18 years’ age. If she complained to police about her husband, then he would be behind the bar as already he did the biggest crime of marrying an underage girl of 12 years old and above that 3 daughters she gave birth at her teenage and most important when she now confessed against him in standing at her 18 years that how brutally her husband with her up to now then he would be arrested for those crimes.

As he understood very well that Alka now became far more matured with time so he left his desire of getting her back in his life for quenching the thirst of his physical requirement for forever.

NGO turned her home…………

She told her all pain to the Executive Director of that organization. They took few signatures upon her confession and finished all legal formalities. Now she stayed there with her 3 daughters also she further started her free education provided by the organization, besides she worked with other women of that NGO who made all handmade useful household accessories for their earning purpose.

In this way, she now passing her days by holding the supportive hand of that NGO. In fact, all in that NGO loves her 3 daughters exactly like closed ones. Very soon that shelter turned home to her and all presents over there were the family members for her.

When life gives one more chance………………

Jack, who worked for that NGO as a Personal Development faculty who gave free education and knowledge in self-esteem development which is more required than any other bookish knowledge for those suffering women.  He loves kids so every day he entered with various chocolates for those children who stayed there. He met with Alka and her 3 daughters by heard all about her past he motivated her in her all aspect, in fact, he spends his maximum time with Alka’s 3 cutest daughters.

He now hinted Alka many times by his wordings that she and her daughters were the most important for him from rest others in his life. But Alka tried to skip his points as she knows far better that she was not eligible for him.

Finally, on the 6th birthday of Alka’s elder daughter, Jack proposed her in front of all at NGO that ‘’would she like to give the opportunity of being called as father of her 3 little Angel?’’ She cried by heard such open and bold proposal.

As Jack proposed a mother not his beloved. she failed to reply him but all presents over there honored him for such generosity because as a 27 years old guy who got ready of such daring to hold the hand of 3 children’s mother aged 19 years.

Love is blind but not deaf …..

Jack heard about her past life and after that, he took the decision after knowing her thoroughly in those one year. He well knows that his parents might not support him in that decision though they are the Founder of that NGO who gave support to infinite women’s life. But when their own son Jack took the decision for marrying a suffered woman then they unmasked their actual perspective towards those tortured women.

As for Jack if his parents in real mean run that NGO for supporting those sufferers then they would support their son’s decision because in real mean then they will prove as an idle for the society.

For Jack Alka was victimized for no fault of hers, she became the scapegoat in the hand of her father who took that worst decision by gave her marriage without her consent and her mother at that very young age when she was unable to understand the real meaning of marriage, physical relationship, pregnancy and their ill effects. Neel, Alka’s first husband showed his animalism to his wife and daughters. Only a beast could beat his wife.

Alka was speechless about his such bold, daring, caring and justified confession against his parents and society. Moreover, Jack personally told her that if she found him suspicious about his love and caring towards her children then she was quite matured now to take her independent decision about her 2nd marriage.

Alka noticed that her 3 daughters also quite comfortable with Jack. Finally, she accepted Jack’s marriage proposal for the sake of her 3 daughters as she thought that it might easy for her in bringing up her 3 children when she will get a strong hand support of her children’s father.

Finally, they did court marriage. As Alka’s first marriage at 12 years old, was an illegal one as per law which doesn’t have any existence in society.  So, in that case, she doesn’t need any legal formality of divorce from her first husband who never dared to confess to law about their illegal child marriage.

First night with her 2nd husband………

Alka was waiting for Jack just thinking about that painful first night with Neel. Jack entered with her 3 children by seeing that Alka surprised that why he took her little daughters in that bedroom.

Jack along with her 3 daughters gave her flowers as a gift. Alka asked him that why he took her daughters in their bedroom though Alka was in stress about her daughters as they had never slept alone without their mother so she was quite worried about her children but not eager to show her feelings to Jack.

Jack hold her hands and told her that from now onwards these 3 Angels will sleep for forever with their parents not only with their mother but also with their new father. He also told her that he wants to win her heart not her body. They 5 slept along at that flower bed.

Is religion matters than humanity?

Jack loved her and her 3 daughters and did his all responsibilities very well. Alka after their marriage went to take blessing from her parents but her father not even opened the door as when he came to know that his daughter married a Christian guy. He in his orthodox mentality not ready to accept a different religion.

Alka understood that her father never loved her unless today he might be obliged towards his son-in-law who gave a new life to his daughter with pride in society. she compared the role of an idle father, first her father’s role towards her, second Neel as a biological father of her daughters and finally Jack as a step farther. She found that in respect of those biological fathers, Jack as a stepfather proved himself as the idle one for her daughters.

But her mother met with them blessed Jack and all of them, as a mother she not bothered now her husband nor to the society. she often comes to meet with all of them alone because for her Alka and her happiness matters only.

After a year she now gladly accepted Jack not because he is a good father for her daughters but also proved as a well understandable husband.


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